AUG 10 1992

The Honorable Richard Bilirakis Member, U.S. House of Representatives 4111 Land O'Lakes Boulevard, Suite 306 Land O'Lakes, Florida 34639 Dear Congressman Bilirakis: This is in response to the questions regarding accessibility for individuals with disabilities raised by your constituent, XX of Tampa, Florida. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) covers all of the barriers encountered by XX heavy doors, location of parking spaces, steep incline from accessible parking to entrance of building, and inaccessible bathrooms. For existing facilities, the ADA requires that barriers be removed if it is readily achievable to do so. Please refer to section 36.304 of the title III regulations for information regarding readily achievable barrier removal in existing facilities. I am enclosing a copy of these regulations and a copy of our Title III Technical Assistance Manual. The Department of Justice has established a free telephone information service that provides technical assistance on title III of the ADA. The number is 800-514-0301 (voice) or 800-5140383 (TDD). Publications are available for entities covered by the ADA and for individuals with disabilities protected by the ADA. I hope this information is useful to you in responding to your constituent. Sincerely, Deval L. Patrick Assistant Attorney General Civil Rights Division Enclosures cc: Records Chrono Wodatch Breen Mistler FOIA Friedlander McDowney N:\UDD\MISTLER\CONGRESS.BIL

01-03353 June 1, 1994 XX XX Tampa, FL 33624 Sam M. Gibbons - Congressman 2002 N. Lois Avenue Suite 260 Tampa, FL Dear Congressman Gibbons: Have you, personally, ever had to deal with problems such as these? I had an appointment in 5 minutes, and I thought, "just enough time to go into the ladies/men's room" "Wonderful! Special provisions have been made for the handicapped." However, when I tried to go in, the door was so hard to open it took both arms and all my weight to push the door open. My walker was there between me and the door. I struggled to keep the door open while inching the walker in. Finally, I was in but I thought, "What's this? A baby's dressing table?" The walker can't be put to one side so that I can get out of the way of the door when it closes. The door is so heavy it will knock me down when it closes, I have to get out of the way. I have a few other problems, like getting out of here. The 5 minutes will be long gone. So much for being on time. Again, I had an appointment. It's in a beautiful new professional building. The handicapped parking spaces are in the front - - near the drive - - out of the way. They are on such an incline that a walker is difficult to maneuver, a manual wheelchair could prove to be hazardous. The office I had business in, has no handicapped provisions in the bathroom. A popular fast food restaurant I frequent with a handy drive-thru has two handicapped parking spaces - - out of the way!! The drive-thru goes through the parking lot. I would love to walk faster so that I could get out of harm's way; however, I cannot. I move as fast as I can with my walker to reach those heavy double doors - - my next challenge of the day. 01-03354