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Current captain of womens hockey team? Ritu Rani
2015 Nobel Prize for lieturate
SONAR full form: Sound Navigation And Ranging
Which is first unmanned satellite launched by ISRO??
CERN related
Make in India emoji related: Twitter
Minimum age of pm: 25 years
Nitrogen %in atmosphere: 78%
First Indian go into space: Rakesh Sharma
Source of Narmada river: Amarkantak
World aids day: 1st Dec
Which is not a fundamental right: Right to Die for Country
US Open women's double winner 2015 : Sania Mirza and Martina Hingis
Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden Situated at : Srinagar
,Kanha National Park situated at : Madhya Prade sh
Capital of Andhra Pradesh : Amravathi

State with Lowest Population Density : Sikkim

Snooker Champion 2015 :
Summer Olympic 2016 Venue : Rio
Hindi Diwas On : 15th Sept
Country winning most Oscar in Foreign Film Category :
Highest Unit Of Data Storage ( Kb, MB,GB,TB,PB,YB) : YB
Self Help Group in A.P. Started by which Internet giant : Google
First state to connect all the Panchayat's via internet : Kerala
Bhagat Singh killed John Saunder's to avenge : To take the revenge of Death of Lala
Lajpath Rai
Milky way is a ? : Galaxy
Who is known to be First Computer Programmer :ADA
Study Of Map is termed as : Cartography
Study Of spiders is called :
Dada Saheb Falke award is related to : Cinema
Which is not an input device(Mouse , Keyboard, Scanner, Moniter): Moniter
Which is a vector quantity(Distance , Speed, Velocity): Velocity
Unit of Pressure: Newton per meter square
RL WL is : Remote Location WaitList
Which metal is obtained from AMALGAM: Mercury
Ajay Jairam is related to which sports? Suttle
Which of the following is not inert gas? Hydrogen
The capital of India was shifted form which place to Delhi ? Kolkata
Reaoning Analysis :

1.One question on box arrangement. 5 boxes were given and 3 condition was given .
We have to make arrangement. (3 Questions).
2. Coding Decoding : 1 question onNumber, 1 Question on Alphabbet(2 Q)
3.Assumption and conclusion (2 Q).
4.Comparision between quantities (like Apple , Watermelon, Orange and Guava and
another question Dog , Painting, Candle, and one more thing) (2Q)
5.Data Sufficiency questions on Seating arrangement like 5 people sitting on a circular
table facing inside and 3 statements were given and question was E is sitting between
whom ?
6.One question like A is called B and B is called C . then if I hve to carry book which will
I call ?(1Q)
7. Blood Relation (3 questions).
8.DI (Graph containing data of 5 people and 5 days ) (3Q)
9. Venn Diagram (3 Question)
Like 30 pple like tea 40 coffee and 15 like both and 10 pple like Milk. Then questions on
10.SI and CI (2 ques)
11. Profit and Loss ( 3 Q)
12 . Simplification ( 3Q)
13.Data sufficiency (3 Q in Maths)
14.English Sentence Rearrangement( 2Q)
15.1 Analogy like Hot : Cold then
16.Time and Work (2 Q)
17. Mean and Median (1Q)
18.Trigonometry (2 Q) : Tan(210)==? And Sin A=3/5 then calculate SinA + Cos2A
19.Time and Distance ( 2ques) : If he walks 2km/h faster then he can reach 10 min
before and some think lyk that.

20.Comparision between terms (1 Q)

1. Who wrote A brief history of seven killings?
Ans. Marlon James
2. Evergreen forests are found around?
Ans. Equatorial regions
3. What acid is used in car batteries?
Ans. Sulphuric acid
4. In which year was the WHO established?
Ans. 1948
5. What place is referred to as Land of the Morning Calm?
Ans. South Korea
6. Who was known as the Father of White Revolution?
Ans. Dr. Varghese Kurien
7. Who wrote The Age of Sustainable Development?
Ans. Jeffrey D. Sachs
8. Which are the Mountain Railways of India?
Ans. Kashmir Railway
9. Molasses from sugarcane are used to extract?
Ans. Alcohol
10. Haemophilia is caused by (virus, blood protein deficiency,
protozoa and one more option)?
Ans. Blood Protein Deficiency
11. Who wrote To the Brink and Back?
Ans. Jairam Ramesh
12. Full form of GSLV?
Ans. Geosynchronous Launch Vehicle
13. Which of the given options is the fastest memory?
Ans. Cache
14. Where was SAADMEX 2015 held?
Ans. Delhi

15. Fruit bats are host to which virus?

Ans. Ebola
16. Who wrote Natya Shastra?
Ans. Sage Bharata
17. Which acid mixes with hydrogen to form CO2 when we press
down on the fire extinguisher?
Ans. Sulphuric Acid
18. Which gas is mixed with cooking gas to give it the peculiar
Ans. Ethyl Mercaptan or Ethanethiol
19. Full form of IPC?
Ans. Indian Penal Code
20. Name the chairman of Bank Board Bureau?
Ans. Former CAG of India Mr. Vinod Rai
21. East Indian Company was also called?
Ans. John Company
22. Which of these is not a UNESCO World Heritage Railway
(Darjeeling, Kashmir, Kalka Shimla, Nilgiri)?
Ans. Kashmir
23. What is the name of the World Heritage Church in Goa?
Ans. Basilica of Bom Jesus
24. Who was the Prime Minister of Bangladesh in 1971?
Ans. Tajuddin Ahmad
25. Full form of PCB?
Ans. Printed Circuit Board
26. Who was the 2nd time chief of UN in 2011?
Ans. Ban-Ki-Moon
27. National Motto of India?
Ans. Satyamev Jayate
28. Who is the Chairperson of National Human Rights Commission?
Ans. H.L. Dattu
29. NASA Act was formed on which date?

Ans. July 29, 1958

30. Ozone hole becomes clearly visible in Antarctic in which
Ans. Summer season (October)
31. Which unit is used for measuring ozone layer thickness?
Ans. Dobson
32. Who is BCCI president?
Ans. Shashank Manohar
33. Odd man Out (Physics, chemistry, biology, social)?
Ans. Social
34. Female anopheles mosquito causes which disease?
Ans. Malaria
35. Land of the morning Clam refers to?
Ans. Korea
36. Zn is present in?
Ans. Wheat Germ
37. ITF Davis CUP 2015 Champion?
Ans. Great Britain
38. Dhamek Stupa Located at?
Ans. Sarnath, UP
39. Name of the Astronaut Who Spend 368 Days in Space?
Ans. Scott Kelly
40. East India company came to India in which year? Ans. 1600
41. INF File (information file) is used for?
Ans. Installation of software and drivers
42. World population day?
Ans. July 11
43. Which vaccination was invented by Edward Jenner?
Ans. Vaccine for smallpox
44. 2017 FIFA U-17 World Cup Host Country?
Ans. India

45. Chicken pox vaccine name?

Ans. Varicella- Zester virus
46. Ellora caves constructed in which century?
Ans. Between 6th and 10th century
47. Where was Golf invented?
Ans. Scotland
48. The shape of orbits of Plant are?
Ans. Elliptical
49. Oral Polio vaccine was invented by?
Ans. Albert Sabin
50. Hridayanth Mangeshkar award 2015 winner?
Ans. AR Rahman
51. Mount Kilimanjaro is in which Country?
Ans. Tanzania
52. What is the name of Subhash chandra Bose military?
Ans. Azad Hind Fauj
53. Light emitting diodes produce which type of waves?
Ans. Electromagnetic waves.

1. First transistor invented in 1947

2. Laughing Gas Nitrous oxide.
3. Normal blood pressure of human body- 80/120.
4. Mansarovar lake situated at- Tibet.
5. Rural Development Institute is situated at?- Hyderabad.
6. The statement Every citizen of our country is corrupted given by?- Lord
7. Popular dance of Tamilnadu- Bharatanatyam
8. World population day?- July 11th.
9. Composer of Raghuvamsa- Kalidasa
10. Currency of Myanmar- Burmese kyat
11. Sardar Sarovar pariyojana belongs to which state?- Gujarat.
12. World Health Day April 7
13. Lingraj Temple situated at- Bhubaneswar.
14. Golf invented in which country Scotland
15. Hridaynath mangeshkar award 2015 A.R.Rahman

16. Which Party was founded by Subhash Chandra Bose in the Year 1939
after he broke away from the congress? All India Forward Bloc
17. Smallpox vaccine discovered by- Edward Jenner
18. LPG gas stored in liquid form
19. What are carbon credits?
20. Question related to Reverse Osmosis
21. Question related to Kepler laws
1. What is the name of the project base in the Antarctic Region
recently started by India?
Ans. Bharati
2. Nephron is a type of cell found in?
Ans. Kidneys
3. When was Microsoft founded?
4. Which sport is Syed Modi Grand Prix associated?
5. Which is not a gland(options: Liver,gall bladder,Pituatry,Adrenal)?
Ans. Gall bladder
6. Who is the first woman DG of a paramilitary force in India?
Ans. Archana Ramasundram
7. Washing Soda can be used for?
Ans. Making hard water soft
8. Calcium hydroxide solution is better known as?
Ans. Limewater
9. Which is the largest stadium in America?
Ans. Michigan Stadium
10. Who was known as Badshah Khan?
Ans. Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
11. Full form of OPC?
Ans. Open Platform Communications.
12. When was the Parliament built (1901-1909, 1921-1927, 19251931 and one more option)?
Ans. 1921-1927

13. Who won the Arjuna Award for Wrestling in 2015?

Ans. Babita Kumari
14. Which Indian Naval Ship was inaugurated in 2014 by PM
(Vikrant, Vikramaditya, Viraat and one more option)?
Ans. INS Vikramaditya
15. Smiling Buddha Mission?
Ans. Indias first successful nuclear bomb test
16. Chief Election Commissioner is removed by?
Ans. Parliament with two-thirds majority in Lok Sabha and Rajya
17. Mars is also known as?
Ans. Red Planet
18. Yellow Fever caused by?
Ans. Female Mosquitoes
19. Who won most grandslams in the year 2015?
Ans. Novak Djokovic
20. Parliament name of Afghanistan is known as?
Ans. Shora
21. 1st chairman of ISRO?
Ans. Vikram Sarabhai.
22. Gagan Narang related to which sport?
Ans. Air rifle shooting.
23. The concept of epicenter is related to?
Ans. Earthquakes
24. What is the study of coins called?
Ans. Numismatics
25. Who was the first recipient of Bharat Ratna?
Ans. C.V.Raman
26. Where is the World Future Energy Summit held?
Ans. Abu Dhabi
27. Where is the largest archipelago in the world?
Ans. Indonesia

28. At what age does a judge of the High Court retire?

Ans. 62 years
29. Who beat Viswanathan Anand in World Chess Championship in
Ans. Magnus Carlsen
30. Who received Arjuna Award for Badminton in 2015?
Ans. K. Srikanth
31. Who will act as President in the absence of President and Vice
Ans. Chief Justice of India
32. What force is involved in the rotation of a spinning top
(Centripetal, Centrifugal, Gravitational, Frictional)?
Ans. Centripetal force.
33. Odd Man Out (Silicon Valley, Silent Valley, Indus Valley, Damodar
Ans. Silicon Valley
34. Rupiah is NOT the currency of the following currency (Nepal, Sri
Lanka, Myanmar, Maldives)?
Ans. Myanmar
35. Biggest river in Bangladesh?
Ans. Brahmaputra (In their local language, it's called Jamuna)
36. How Generator works?
Ans. By converting mechanical energy into electrical energy.
37. Ligo mission related to what?
Ans. Black hole.
38. Another name of Leprosy?
Ans. Hansens disease
39. Who build Jantar Mantar in New Delhi?
Ans. Maharaja Jai Singh
40. Laughing gas is name of which gas?
Ans. Nitrous oxide

41. By 2020, how many research centres will India establish in

Ans. Four
42. What was the main motive for Civil Disobedience Movement in
Ans. Against unjust laws
43. Who is the father of Modern Genetics?
Ans. Gregor Mendel
44. Louis Pasteur invented which diesease's vaccine (Smallpox,
Chickenpox, rabies and one more option)?
Ans. Rabies
45. Losoong festival is celebrated in which state?
46. In which year second battle of panipat was fought?
Ans. 1556
47. Which country celebrates Independence Day on 19th August?
Ans. Afghanistan
48. Ashoka Pillar was erected under which rulers dynasty?
Ans. King Ashoka
49. What is the measurement of Volleyball ground?
Ans. 18 meters (59 feet) long and 9 meters (29.5 feet) wide
50. On how many pollutants National Air Quality Index is based?
Ans. 8
51. In which year the first anglo sikh war was fought?
Ans. 1845
52. Who is 8th UN secretary general?
Ans. Ban-ki-moon
53. What is the name of Prince of UAE?
Ans: Mohammed bin zayed al nahyan
54. Who won the hero hockey world league?
Ans. Jaypee Punjab Warriors.
55. Proteins are manufactured in which part of cell?

Ans. Ribosomes
56. Wellington trophy is related to _____.
Ans. Rowing
57. What are court dimensions in tennis doubles?
Ans. 36 feet( 10.97 metres)
58. Blood is originated in ______.
Ans. Bone Marrow
59. Political System of Afghanistan is known as?
Ans. Democratic Republic
60. Name of Ganga in Bangladesh
Ans. Padma
61. What speed needed by jet to escape the earths gravity
Ans. 7 miles per second or 25,000 miles per hour.
62. Himalayan Thrush Bird is found in which state?
Ans. Sikkim
3. Second Battle of Panipat 1556
2. Which country celebrate Independence day on 19th August
3. Dimension of volleyball court 18 metre (59 Feet)
4. 8th UN secretary general Ban-Ki-moon
5. After entering Bangladesh, the main branch of the Ganges is known
as the- Padma.
6. First Anglo-Sikh War was fought between the Sikh Empire and the
East India Company between 1845 and 1846
7. Losoong festival is celebrated in which state? Sikkim
8. Leprosy is also called? Hansens Disease
9. Who is the father of Modern Genetics? Gregor Mendel
10. Louis Pasteur invented vaccine- Rabies
11. National Air Quality Index is based on how many pollutants? Eight
12. Main motive for Civil Disobedience Movement in 1929- Against
unjust laws
13. LIGO related to Laser
14. British decide to grant independence to India- 1947

4. Smiling Buddha Mission? Indias first successful nuclear bomb

5. What is Calcium Hyrdoxide? Lime Water
6. Another Name of Badshah Khan? Abdul Ghaffar Khan
7. First woman DG of paramiltary forces? Archana Ramasundram
8. Syed Modi Grand prix held on which place? Lucknow
9. When was Microsoft founded? 1975

Start Up India launch year? 2016

Which is not a gland(options: Liver,gall
bladder,Pituatry,Adrenal)? Gall Bladder

Parliament Construction year? 1927


Nephron Belongs to? Kidney


British Rule was ended on which year? 1947


Mars is also known as? Red Planet


Yellow Fever caused by? Female Mosquitoes


Who won more grand slams in the year 2015? Novak Djokovic

2015 Arjuna Award given to which female wrestler? Babita

Full Form of RBC? Red Blood Cells


Afghanistans Parliament name is? Shora


Which is the Largest Stadium of America? Michigan Stadium


Who is the Founder of Swaraj Party? Chitranjan Das


Laughing gas is? Nitrous Oxide


Dwarf planet is? Pluto


Loolong festival state?


Shortcut of Paste in MS Word? Ctrl+V


Currency of Myanmar? Kyat


Who built Jantar Mantar of Delhi? Maharaja Jai Singh


Popular dance of TamilNadu? Bharatnatyam


Leprosy also known as? Hansens disease


Ligo a mission is related to? Black Holes


Which of the given option is not a protocol?

By 2020, hoe many research centres to be established in
Antarctica by India?

How generator works? Mechanical to electrical Energy


Which of the following does not come under Home Ministry?

1. National sports day August 29

2. Fullform of PDF Portable Document Format
3. Man of the tournament 2011 world cup Yuvraj Singh
4. Healthy blood pH range
5. Indian origin person gets Knighthood from Elizabeth II Harpal Singh
6. Capital of Dadra & Nagar Haveli?- Silvassa
7. Language of Mughal Empire Persian
8. Pitchblende is related to Uranium
9. Who is author of Amar Sonar Bangla(National Anthem of
Bangladesh)?- Rabindranath Tagore
10. Flag code of India- 2002

11. City on bank of Nile river?- Khartoum

12. What is atomic number?The number of protons or electrons normally found in an atom of a
given chemical element.
13. which union territory is considered as smart city?- New Delhi
14. Epidemiology is study of- the distribution and determinants of
health-related states or events in specified populations
15. 1024GB 1TB
16. What is bio diversity?- Variety of life
17. Element responsible for air pollution- sulphur dioxide
18. The largest coal deposit in India Damodar valley
19. Literacy rate of India as per 2011 census?- 74.04%
20. The Biography of Indira Gandhi written by?- Pupul Jayakar
21. Function of Hydrometer?- measures the specific gravity (relative
density) of liquids

1. Nagaland capital? Kohima

2. NASA Headquarters? Wasington DC
3. Stainless steel is- an alloy
4. Gun powder consists of- potassium nitrate
5. When did the british raj start in India? 1858
6. Infrared rays are electromagnetic waves.
7. Tashkent agreement signed after which Indo-Pak war? 1965
8. The length of digestive system?- 30 Feet
9. Where is the statue of liberty? New York, USA
10. Maximum no of Medals in 2012 Olympics? USA
11. Winner of U19 World Cup West Indies
12. Which cricketer hit consecutive three centuries in world cup
cricket?- Kumar Sangakkara
13. Khajuraho temples located in MP
14. Swaraj party Founder chitranjan das
15. Which gas is released during respiration by human beings?carbondioxide
16. State shares boundary with Bangladesh?- Tripura

1.Yellow Fever spread due to?

female Mosquito
2.Milk is sour due to ?
Lactic Acid
3.2015 Arjun Award Wrestler?
Babita Kumari
4.PM is the chairmen of ?
5. ISRO First Chairmen?
Vikaram Sarabhai
6.Gagan Narang?
7.Chief Election Commissioner Can Be Removed By ?
8.HornBill Is The dance of ?
9.Yankee Stadium?
New York
10.Indian Population 2011 Census Per Sq Km?
11.Delhi Parliament Construction Begins?
12.Constitute Assembly Adopted Indian Flag?
22 July 1947
13.British rule end in the year?
14.Badhshaw Khan?
Abdul Khan Guffer Khan
15. Which Air craft carrier includes in the Indian Navy?
INS Vikrant

Question on Area of Circle + Rectangle

On D.I
On North South Arrangement
On Trignometry
1. Shape of the Milky Way?
Ans: - Spiral galaxy
2. Battle of Plassey on which river?
Ans: - Bhagirathi River

3. IPTL Full Form?

Ans: - International Premier Tennis League
4. Southernmost point of Indian mainland?
Ans:- Kanyakumari (formerly called Cape Comorin)
5. Second highest peak of world?
Ans: K2 / Qogir /Godwin Austen
6. Benazir Bhutto was which Prime Minister of Pakistan?
Ans: 11th
7. Bihu festival celebrated in?
Ans: Assam
8. Indian Institute of Vegetable Research
Ans:- Varanasi
9. National game of India?
Ans: Hockey
10. First Indian women who wins gold in Asian games 2014?
Ans: - Jitu Rai (Shooting)
11. Which company developed Macintosh computer?
Ans: - Apple
12. Cuyahoga Valley National Park?
Ans: - Ohio, United States
13. Zika virus transmitted by?
Ans: - Aedes mosquitoes
14. Servants of India Society founded by?
Ans: - Gopal Krishna Gokhale
15. High vitamin A foods include?
Ans: - sweet potatoes, carrots, dark leafy greens, winter squashes
16. UPS Full Form?
Ans: - Uninterruptible Power Supply
17. Albert Einstein got Nobel Prize for his discovery of?
Ans: - the law of the photoelectric effect

18. Why does Government of India act 1935 was important? Ans: It is the main source of Indian Constitution
19. In the rebellion of 1857, maximum number of soldiers were in?
Ans: - Awadh
20. Yellow color in Papaya is because of?
Ans: Carotene
21. 1901 nobel medicine for invention in?
Ans: -Diphtheria
22. Alfred Nobel discovered?
Ans: -dynamite
23. 2010 first face transplant was done inAns: Spain
24. 2005 ukrain, georgia revolutionAns:Orange
25. Rakhal lila is dance of which state?
Ans: -assam
26. Fatehpur sikri made byAns: Akbar
27. Henning brand discovered 1st elementAns: Phosphorus
28. 1st king of north koreaAns: Kim jong-un
29. Tripitaka book ofAns:Buddhism
30. Father of experimental pshycology?
Ans: Wilhelm Wundt
31. Which is not an Operating system(options :OS x,win 98,C+
+,Windows 7)?
Ans: C++
32. Longest railway destination of India?
Ans: Dibrugarh to Kanyakumari.

33. Chipko movement started from where in India?

Ans: Uttrakhand
34. Male is the capital of which country?
Ans: Republic of Maldives
35. Which Vitamin responsible for Blood Clotting?
Ans: Vitamin K
36. Longest river in India which do not fall in sea?
Ans: Yamuna
37.What is Serbian Index?
Ans: capitalization-weighted price index
38. What is the capital of Uganda?
Ans: Kampala
39.Most Peaceful country according to 2015 peace index?
Ans: Iceland
40.Mica is abundant in which state of India?
Ans: Jharkhand
41.Where is Orang Park situated ?
Ans: Assam
42.Cleanest city of India?
Ans: Mysuru
43.New Member of World Trade Organisation?
Ans: Afghanistan
44.Which crop is produced at highest quantity in India?
Ans: Rice
45.H2O is water then what is KOH?
Ans: Potassium Hydroxide
46.1998 pokaran test operation name?
Ans: Operation Shakti
47.Madhubani Paintings Indicates?
Ans: Forest of Honey
48.What is oneirology?

Ans: scientific study of dreams.

49.Modern Olympic 1896 held in which city?
Ans: Athens,Greece
50.Who was Prime Minister of Pakistan in 1999?
Ans: Nawaz Sharif
51.In which year Sikkim get formed?
Ans: 1975
52.what is Sighmo?
Ans: Spring Fesitval
53.Odd one out(ears-hearing,tongue-taste,light-vision,nosesmelling)
Ans: light
54.Holi is Celerbrated with?
Ans: Gulal
55. Which is logo of Make in India?
Ans: Moving Lion
56. What was the duration of PM Modis America visit in 2015?
Ans: 5 days.
57.Adhai Din ka Jhopda is in?
Ans: Ajmer,Rajasthan
58.What is LIGO?
Ans: Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory
59.Who got Olympic quota in wrestling in 2015?
Ans: Narsingh Yadav
60.Most abundant natural combustible gas?
Ans: Methane
61.India got freedom on 15th August in which time
Ans: Midnight
62.What is the foundation year of Arunachal Pradesh?
Ans: 1987

63.Change in position with distance is?

Ans: Magnitude
64. When was Indian National Congress formed?
Ans: December 28, 1885
65. 2015 winner of rugby?
Ans: Australia
66. Sajan prakash related to?
Ans: Swimmer
67. Indian army formed by whom?
Ans: Capitan Mohan Singh
68. Davis cup winner 2015?
Ans: Andy Murray
69. The first nobel price for medicine was given to invention of
vaccine for which disease?
Ans: Diphtheria
70. World wide Web invented by?
Ans: Tim Berners-lee
71. Which of the following is not Jupiter satellite?
Ans: Titan
72. What is the average thickness of human skin?
Ans: 0.10 inch(or) 2-3 mm
73. Where is shore temple located?
Ans: Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu
74. Who was named as the cultural ambassador of Seychelles in
October 2015?
Ans: AR Rahman
75. Which two Indian cities, were added to the creative city network
of UNESCO in Dec 2015?
Ans: Varanasi & Jaipur
76. Thermostat is a device in ovens which help to maintain a
temperature by?

Ans: Regulating flow of heat

77. Who is popularly known as the father of white revolution in
Ans: Verghese Kurien
78. Who wrote the autobiography of an unknown India?
Ans: Nirad C. Chaudhuri
79. In July 1905, who ordered the partition of Bengal?
Lord Curzon
80. Which of the following names is Nilanjana sudeshna, an Indian
American Author popularly known as?
Ans: Jhumpa Lahari
81. What is the name of the Tablet computer produced by Data wind
which is promoted by the GOVT of India as part of an e-learning
Ans: Aakash
82. What is the Laccadive Sea otherwise known as?
Ans: Arabian Sea
83. Who was the Governor General after Mountbatten?
Ans: C. Rajagopalachari
84. The purple frontier, the Earth dragon and the outer fortresses,
all refer to?
Ans: Great wall of china
85. What do the terms Geocentric and Heliocentric refer to?
Ans: Earth centered, Sun centered
86. What did Dmitri Mendeleev formulate?
Ans: Periodic Table
87. Pacific : Ocean : : Bay of Bengal : ?
Ans: Sea
88. Who was Charles Correa?
Ans: Architect
89. What does DNA Stands for in Biology?
Ans: Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid

90. In September 2015 NASA scientists found evidence of flowing

water on which planet outside Earth?
Ans: Mars
91. As of January 2016, where is ISRO Head quarters?
Ans: Bangalore
92. What was the first football player from the Indian Sub continent
to play for a European Club?
Ans: Mohammed Saleem
93. What is the name of the parent company of Google, formed on
2nd October 2015?
Ans: Alphabet Inc
94. What are the 4 key Elements of amino acids?
Ans: Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon
95. What is reason behind yellow colour of Papaya?
Ans: Flavonoids
96. Importance behind gov of India act 1935?
Ans: Main source of Indian constitution
97. World bank given money in DEC?
Ans: swach bharat mission
98. Which country invent pencil
Ans: Switzerland.
99. Who play role of sita in older Ramayana serial
Ans: Deepika Chikhalia.
100. Battle of Plassey war on which river?
Ans: Bhagirathi river 1757
101.1st U.S president to attend republic day parade in india?
Ans: Barack Obama
102. Who commisioned tajmahal?
Ans: Shahjahan
103. First woman doctor in world?
Ans: Elizabeth Blackwell
104. No of Muscles uses for eye ball?

Ans: 6 Muscles
105.What is the national game of China?
Ans: Table Tennis
106.Nearest galaxy to milkway?
Ans: Andromeda
107.Who build jantarmater in delhi?
Ans: Maharaja Jai Singh
108. South Africa currency?
Ans: South African Rand
109.No of players in polo?
Ans: 4
110. Acid in grapes?
Ans: Tartar Acid
111. When was India declared polio-free by WHO?
Ans: 2014
112. Who is the composer of the National Pledge?
Ans: Pydimarri Venkata Subba Rao
113. What the average weight of brain?
Ans: About 3 pounds
114. Which one is the tributary of Indus river?
Ans: Jhelum
115. Which is the first planet discovered by a human?
Ans: Uranus
2. What does DNA Stands for in Biology? DEOXYRIBONUCLEIC Acid
3. NASA, the US space agency is planning to move from earth orbit to
space area surrounding CISLUNAR Space? National Aeronautics
and Space Administration
4. In September 2015 NASA scientists found evidence of flowing water
on which planet outside Earth? Mars

5. As of January 2016, where is ISRO Head quarters? Bangalore

6. What was the first football player from the Indian Sub continent to
play for a European Clib? Mohammed Saleem
7. What is the name of the parent company of Google, formed on 2nd
October 2015?ALPHABET INC
8. What are the 4 key Element of amino acids? Hydrogen, Oxygen,
Nitrogen, Carbon
9. Name Indias First Satellite? AryaBhatta
Who was named as the cultural ambassador of Seychelles in
October 2015? AR Rahman
Which year was the economic liberalization in India
Initiated? 1991
Which two Indian citis, were added to the creative city network of
UNESCO in Dec 2015?Varanasi, Jaipur
Thermostat is a device in ovens which helps to maintain a
temperature by? Regulating flow of heat

Who was the Confucius? Chinese Philosopher


Who is popularly known as the father of white revolution in India?


Who wrote the autobiography of an unknown India?


Who is PV Sindu? Badminton Player

Galvanization is a process in which a layer of zinc is put on iron
objects to prvent them from? Rust
What do the terms Geocentric and Heliocentric refer to? Earth
centered, Sun centered

What did Dmitri mendeleev formulate? Periodic Table


What is Electron? -ve


In July 1905, who ordered the partition of Bengal? Lord Curzon


Kangchenjauga is? Himalayas

Which of the folloing names is Nilanjana sudeshna, an Indian
American Author popularly known as? Jhumpa Lahari
What is the name of the Tablet computer produced by Data wind
which is promoted by the GOVT of India as part of an e-learning
program? Aakash
Who replaced viscount Louis Mount batten as the governer
general of Indian? C. Raja Gopala Chari

What is the Laccadive Sea otherwise known as? Arabian Sea

What is the unit of length used in formally to express
astronomical distances? AU

What does the Victoria Memorial Monument serve as?

The purple frontier, the Earth dragon and the outer fortresses, all
refer to? Great wall of china

Pacific : Ocean : : Bay of Bengal : sea


Who was charles correa? Architect

1. Zika virus is spreaded by? Aedes Mosquito

2. IPTL stands for? International Premier tennis league
3. Where is valley international park located? USA
4. What is reason behind yellow colour of Papaya? Flavonoids
5. Who is founder of servant of Indian society? Gopal Krishna
6. UPS stands for? Uninterrupted power supply
7. For which effect Einstien got nobel prize? Law of Photo electric
8. Importance behind gov of India act 1935? Main source of Indian
9. Main source of Vitamin-A? carrots


Indian institute of vegetable research is at? Varanasi


Valley of flowers in which state? uttarkhand


11th Pakistan PM? Benezir Bhoto

World bank given money in December? Swacch bharat

Shape milky way galaxy? spiral


Gold medal boxer in asia? Marry Kom

Hydrogen has how many no.of electrons and protons and

Which country invented pencil? England


Who play role of Sita in older Ramayana serial?


Stand up mission aim? Women and SC/ST empowerment


Bihu, celebrated which where? Assam


Oxygen in photosynthesis is formed from? Water/CO2


Plasi war took place on which river? Bhagirathi river

1st U.S president to attend republic day parade in India? Bill
Einstein got teh Nobel prize for his theory of? Law of
photoelectric effect

yellow color of papaya is due to the presence of? Carotene

In the rebellion of 1857, max. number of soldiers were
in? Awadh

1. Taj Mahal commissioned by ?- Mughal emperor Shah Jahan

2. Acid found in Grapes ?- Tartaric.
3. How many Muscles are used for eye ball? Six

4. How many number of players in POLO game? 4

5. First woman Doctor in the world?- Elizabeth Blackwell
6. What is the nearest Galaxy to Milky Way? Andromeda galaxy
7. Who build Janther Manther in New Delhi? Maharaja Jai Singh II
8. National game of China Table Tennis
9. Why plant leaves are in green colour? Chlorophyll.
10. South Africa Currency South African rand
11. Chief Justice of supreme court retirement age
1. Which country got Independence in 2011?
Ans. South Sudan.
2. Who designed the building of the Indian Parliament?
Ans. Sir Edwin Lutyens.
3. The king Ashoka belonged to which dynasty?
Ans. Maurya dynasty.
4. Jallianwala Bagh Massacre took place in which year?
Ans. 1919.
5. In which Olympic year did women participated in all events for
first time?
Ans. 2012 London Olympics.
6. Scientific name of Human beings?
Ans. Homo Sapiens.
7. Capital of Gujarat?
Ans. Gandhinagar.
8. In which cells Mitochondria doesn't exists?
Ans. Erythrocytes (red blood cells).
9. NaCl is what (Options: Salt, Water, Sugar and one more option)?
Ans. It's a salt.

10. What is minimum age required to become PM of nation?

Ans. 25 years.
11. Fastest acting anti-rabies injection was developed by which
Ans. India.
12. Currency of Korea?
Ans. South Korean Won.
13. X-rays was discovered by?
Ans. Wilhelm Roentgen.
14. River Brahmaputra doesn't flows in which country?
Ans. Myanmar.
15. Which recently discovered creature lives without water for 10
Ans. Kangaroo Rat.
16. Which monument was built by Shah Jahan in Delhi?
Ans. Jama Masjid.
17. Which planet has no satelites?
Ans. Mercury and Venus.
18. From where our Indian Constitution has borrowed Emergency
Ans. Germany.
19. First man who reached outer space?
Ans. Yuri Gagrin.
20. Periodic Table of elements was invented by?
Ans. Dmitri Mendeleev.
21. The term "Wood shot/Hairpin shot" is associated with which
Ans. Badminton.
22. Which country would host 2019 Rugby World Cup?
Ans. Japan.
23. Study of organisms and their environment?
Ans. Ecology.

24. Sri Lanka got Independent in which year?

Ans. 1948.
25. Cultivation of saffron is done in which state?
Ans. Jammu and Kashmir.
26. The image formed on the retina of human eyes is?
Ans. Real and inverted.
27. If we double the resistance of wire, the effect on voltage would
Ans. Voltage would get decrease.
1. What is tri colour ratio of Indian National Flag?
Ans. Width : Length = 2:3
2. First woman President of Pakistan?
Ans. Dr. Fehmida Mirza.
3. National song of India was composed by?
Ans. Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
4. Tennis is played on which surface?
Ans. Hard, Grass and Clay courts.
5. Dog : Kernel :: Bee : ?
Ans. Beehive.
6. Mode of 53, 54, 55, 55, 55, 54, 55, 56, 57, 69 and 37?
Ans. 55.
7. On which planet frozen water is found?
Ans. Pluto.
8. How many bones a Infant baby have?
Ans. Around 300.
9. How many tastes buds are present in tongue?
Ans. 5.
10. Oldest oil reserves in India?
Ans. Digboi.
11. White desert in India?
Ans. Rann of Kuch desert.

12. Which thing was discovered by Alexander Fleming?

Ans. Penicillin.
13. Mughal dynasty was established by?
Ans. Babar.
14. First President of INC?
Ans. W.C. Bonnerjee.
15. Noble prize recipient of India in 2014 for peace?
Ans. Kailash Satyarthi.
16. Kidney stone is caused by?
Ans. Calcium Oxalate.
17. Who introduced Orthodox Christianity in Russia?
Ans. Vladimir.
18. Which of following element is found in room temperature?
Ans. Bromine.
19. Which of following colour has least wavelength?
Ans. Violet.
20. Height of badminton net above ground level?
Ans. 1.524 meter
21. Molecular formula for sugar?
Ans. C12H22011.
22. Which monument was built to commemorate the eradication of
Ans. Charminar.
23. Father of Indian Space Programmes.
Ans. Dr. Vikram Sarabhai.
24. Which was first geostationary satellite launched in India?
Ans. Ariane Passenger Payload Experiment (APPLE) in 1981.
25. World's first space tourist?
Ans. Dennis Tito.
26. Air conditioner was invented by
Ans. Willis Carrier.

1. Pravasi Bhartiya divas is celebrated on?

Ans. January 9
2. What Is English Ivy?
Ans. A flowering Plant found mostly in Europe and Western Asia.
3. Lord Venkateswara Temple Situated at Which Hills?
Ans. Sheshadri
4. The common language used in Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka?
Ans. Tamil
5. What is Geodesy?
Ans. Study of the shape and fundamental properties of the earth
6. Which Indian scientist contradicted Einstein theory of energy
Ans. Scientist Ajay Sharma
7. 2022 Winter Olympic would be held in which year?
Ans. Beijing
8. What is Micology?
Ans. Study Of Fungi
9. Which amongst the following does not come under mammalian
Ans. Lizard
10. Terracotta Army is found in which Country?
Ans. China
11. Who amongst following P.M. was born after independence?
Ans. Narendra Modi
12.What is the highest point of the Aravalli Range?
Ans. GuruShikar
13. When was Einstein's relative mass theory given?
Ans. 1905
14. Where is involuntary Muscles found?
Ans. Inside walls of internal Organs

15. Who is Chanda Kochar?

Ans. MD and CEO of ICICI Bank.
16. "Life on My Terms: From the Grassroots to the Corridors of
Power" is an autobiography of?
Ans. Sharad Pawar.
17. Who quoted the statement: "Live as if you were to die
Ans. Mahatma Gandhi.
18. What material is Brihadeshwara temple made mostly of ?
Ans. Granite
19. When was the theory of relativity proposed?
Ans. In 1915
20. Sanskrit spoken village in India?
Ans. Mattur and Hosahalli, Karnataka.
21. Brhatsamhita was written by?
Ans. Saint Varahamihira.
22.What is melioidosis?
Ans. Disease caused by bacteria
1. What is Exobiology?
Ans. Study of life beyond Earth's atmosphere.
2. A disease where Person can see only nearby objects?
Ans. Myopia
3. Prostate is a type of?
Ans. Gland
4. Total no.of columns in Excel?
Ans. 256
5. Players in each side of volleyball?
Ans. 6
6. Bangladesh got its constitution on?
Ans. 16 December 1972.
7. Legislative powers vested with whom?
Ans. Parliament.

8. AC TO DC current is converted by?

Ans. Rectifier
9. Triratna is related to?
Ans. Buddhism.
10. Grand slam is combination of?
Ans. Aus OPEN, French OPEN, US OPEN and Wimbledon.
11. Which of these is not book by Abdul kalam?
Ans. My Country, My life.
12. Kalpana chawla Space shuttle name?
Ans. Columbia
13. Hirakud is located on bank of river?
Ans. Mahanandi
14. Who is trio of LAL -BAL -PAL?
Ans. Balgangadhar Tilak, Lala Lajpat Rai and Bipin Chandra Pal.
15. Kurukshtera is near to which city?
Ans. Ambala
16. Which authority is elected on the basis of proportional
Ans. President
17. Virat kohli is awarded Arjun award in which year?
Ans. 2013.
18. Founder of slave dynasty?
Ans. Qutub-ud-din Aibak
19. Blue light turns black in red colour because of?
Ans. Dispersion of light
20. Bleaching powder is mostly found in?
Ans. Calcium Oxichloride
21. Study of earth is called?
Ans. Geology.
22. Target year of Swach Bharat Abhiyan Mission?
Ans. 2019.

23. Zika virus is caused by?

Ans. Aedes Mosquito.
1. Rasthriya ektha diwas?
Ans. 31st October.
2. World heritage site by unesco in 1985?
Ans. Kaziranga National Park.
3. Who plays a key role in setting up of Nalanda university?
Ans. Chancellor.
4. Binladen was killed in which town of Pakistan?
Ans. Abottabad.
5. Water droplets cause rainbow due to?
Ans. Reflection, Refraction and Dispersion.
6. 1 rs and 2 rs coins are made of?
Ans. Ferritic Steel.
7. Nfc is based on?
Ans. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification).
8. Odd man out? (Buland Darwaza , Gateway of India , Agra Fort
,Jodhabai palace)
Ans. Gateway of India
9. Odd man out? (malware, phishing , ransom ware , spam)
Ans. Spam
10. Common thing among . Boat , ship , submarine , yatch
Ans. All are water transports.
11. Gandhiji mentor?
Ans. Gopal Krishna Gokhale.
12. Partition of Bengal in 1905 is done by?
Ans. Lord Curzon.
13. IMO full form ______________
Ans. International Maritime Organisation.
14. 1st lady cm of Indian state?
Ans. Suchetra Kriplani.

15. Crop insurance scheme comes under?

Ans. Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana(PMFBY).
16. Nustar x ray is use to detect ______________
Ans. Black Holes.
17. Webpages are written by ______________
Ans. HTML.
18. Captcha is used for ______________
Ans. Human detection.
19. Cricketer to hit 6 6s in a over in T20 is ______________
Ans. Yuvraj Singh.
20. Major tea producing state______________
Ans. Assam and West Bengal.
21. Asian games held in india for first time in ______________
Ans. 1951.
22. Nasa is located at ______________
Ans. Washington DC.
23. Larynx is also called?
Ans. Voice box.
24. 2018 Fifa world cup venue?
Ans. Russia.
25. Green highway policy is for?
Ans. Sustainable Development.
26. 1st Home Minister of India______________
Ans. Sardar Patel.
27. RBI is authority of ?
Ans. India's central banking and monetary authority.
28. Most spread forest in India?
Ans. Tropical Deciduous Forests.
29. Dialysis is treatment for ______________
Ans. Kidneys.
30. Who appoints Governer of state?

Ans. President.
31. Evaporation of liquid to absorb heat is a principle used in
Ans. Reverse Osmosis.
32. 2014 Common Wealth games badminton winner at
Ans. Parupalli Kashyap.
33. Kudankulam nuclear power plant ______________
Ans. Tamil Nadu.
34. Chandrayan-1 was launced in which year ______________
Ans. 2008.
35. Young crocodiles are called
Ans. Hatchlings.
Gk Questions Asked In Today(30.03.2016) RRB Exam Shift-3/Slot-3
Gandhi- Irvin Act
Ans: 5th March 1931

Head Quarter Of ISRO



Percentage Of Nitrozen In Weather



Sachin First Test Match In 1989 Against Which Country?

Ans: Pakistan


First Bank In India

Ans: Bank of Hindustan


First Olympic Games In Which Country

Ans: Athens, Greece.
7. Google CEO?
Ans: Sundar Pichai
8. Check Validity Ans: 3 Months
9. National Science Day?
Ans: Feb 28

10. First Deputy Prime Minster?

Ans: Sardar Vallabhai Patel
11. Secularism
Ans:Secularism is the principle of the separation of government
institutions and persons mandated to represent the state from
religious institutions and religious dignitaries.
12. Shimla Agreement in which place and year?
Ans: Shimla in 1972
13. J&K East boundary options:POK,Jammu,Ladakh,LOC?
Ans: LOC
14. Paracetamol is analgesic/acryptic or both?
Ans: Analgesic
15. After 9/11 Tragedy world Trade center new name?
Ans:One World Trade Center
16. Shortcut for expand browsing screen in web browser(F1/F11/F10/F4)?
17. 2023 cricket world cup Hosting Country?
Ans: India
18. Rupee Symbol in which language?
Ans: Devnagri
19. Paracetamol is analgesic/acryptic or both?
Ans: Analgesic
20.Ganga action plan
Ans: To Purify Ganga River
21.Where Is Located NPK Chandra Raj Garden ?
22.ASCII Stands For
Ans: American Standard Code for Information Interchange
23.astrosat satellite
24.Space Based augmentation system

1.How Many Languages Are There In Indian Currency Note

Ans:17 (2 languages (English & Hindi) which appear on the front of the note.
15 languages on the panel which appear on the reverse of the note.)
2. Who Is 15th Prime Mister Of India
Ans:Narendra Modi much decibel can human hear?
Ans:60-120 Db
4. chicken pox caused by
Ans:Virus(varicella zoster virus)
5.Pre 2005 notes exchange last date ?
Ans:June 30
6.Onerupee note bears signature of?
Ans:Finance Secratary
7. Chemotherapy is used for treatment of?
8.First women to win gold medal in boxing ?
Ans: Nicola Adams
9. Arunachal Pradesh capital?
Ans: Itanagar
10. Commonwealth game first time in India in which year?
11. Jallikattu game state?
Ans:Tamil Nadu
12. Material used in making notes by rbi?
13.which river called South Ganga?
14.Who Invented Audio Headphone in 1910?

Ans:Nathaniel Baldwin
15.First Female President of Congress after Independence?
Ans: Sarojni Naidu
16.Wings of Fire written by?
Ans: APJ Abdul Kalam
17.PMJDY 100 % inclusion?
Ans: Kerala
18. By Which Process river release Hydrogen?
19.Indian Flag Designed by?
Ans:Pingali Venkaiah(Ap,Telangana)
20.What is MS office?
Ans:Application Software
21.What is Cloud Computing?
22.which one is not a Search Engine?
23.India signed a contract to increase solar energy with which country?
24. LOC constructed between India and Pakistan in which year?
1.Which PMs name could b seen on indian currency notes?
Ans:Manmohan Singh
2.Capital of j&k in summer?
Ans: Srinagar(
3.full form of IFSC
Ans:Indian financial system code-(

4.Quit India was held in which year

5. Thar desert is in
Ans: rajasthan(
6.the members of rajya sabha are elected byAns: Legislative Assembly of States (
7.Studyof cancer
Ans:oncology- (
8.good governance dayAns:25 DEC
9.constitution day
Ans:-26 nov(
10. coins are made fromAns:Ferritic Stainless Steel
11.venue of cricket world cup 2019Ans:england n wales
12.Hockey league is won by
Ans:- Punjab Warriors
13. UNO HeadquarterAns: Newyork(
14.The excercise meghdoot is held at which place?
Ans: Siachen Glacier,Leh
15.Pressure depends uponAns: Force and Area(
16. Which freedom fighter introduced Western education?
Ans. Raja Ram Mohan Roy. (
17. National Space Society headquarters?
Ans. Washington D.C. (
18. Full form of BIOS?
Ans. Basic Input Output System.

19. From where we get most of Vitamin-D?

Ans. Sunlight. (
20. ISL Champion 2015?
Ans. Chennaiyan FC.
21. Shimla agreement 1972 between?
Ans. Indira Gandhi and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. (
22. CK Naidu Lifetime Achievement award winner?
Ans. Syed Kirmani.
23. Yogini cult has its origin from which state?
Ans. Odisha. (
24.Winner of open competition for rupee symbol?
Ans:D Udaya Kumar(
25. Person recommended english education in india?
Ans:Lord Macaulay(
26.Indias 3rd generation anti-tank missile?
27.Rajiv gandhi khel ratna 2015?
Ans:Sania Mirza(
28. Young India Weekly Journal Started By?
Ans.Gandhiji. (
29. Money Transfer through mobile is called?
Ans. IMPS(Immediate Payment Service).
30. Gas mixed in LPG to identify the smell?
Ans:Ethyl Mercaptan
31. Normal eye vision distance?
Ans. 6 meters. (

1) What is the name of horse of maha rana pratap singh?

2) Karnam Malleswari related to which game?

3) How many moons does mars have?
2 (Phobos and Deimos).
4) Kuchipudi belongs to which state?
Andhra Pradesh.
5) Rowlatt act in which year?
6) World TB day?
24 March.
7) Who gave the slogan "Do or die"?
Mahatma Gandhi.
8) When did Indian constitution came into first amendment?
9) Golden temple of dambulla is present in??
Sri lanka
10) Cyprus capital?
11) Odd one out (external hard disk, cd, keyboard, digital camera)?
12) First international cricket match was played between??
Aus vs. Eng.
13) Sorrow of bengal?
Damodar River.
14) Establishment of the panchayati Raj System was recommended
Balwant Rai Mehta Committee Report 1957.
15) When did Swami Vivekanand delivered his speech in 'World
Religion Conference' in Chicago city?
16) What is Viticulture?
Production of grapes.

17) The words Satyameva jayate inscribed below the base plate of
the emblem of India are taken from ?
Mundak Upanishad
18) By which Constitutional Amendment the voting age was reduced
from 21 years to 18 years?
61st Amendment.
19) Under Article 356 of the Constitution of India, Presidents rule
was imposed for the first time in?
(Patiala and East Punjab States Union (PEPSU) was a state of India
between 1948 and 1956.)
20) The Political parties got the constitutional recognition for the
first time in the year?
21) The Khurda Road division,Odisha of the East Coast Railway
(ECoR) has set a target to install bio-toilets in 2,000 train coaches
during 2016-17 as part of?
Swachh Bharat Mission.
22) Mrinalini Sarabai is related with?
23). Konark Temple made by?
King Narasimhadeva I
24). Smallest Continent of world?
25). Marsh Gas?
26). Name of 1st satellite on Moon?
Sputnik 1.
27). Aruna Asif Ali hoisted flag in which movement?
Quit India Movement.
28). Who discovered penicillin?
Alexander Fleming.
29). Which of following chemicals is called as saltpeter?
Potassium Nitrate.

30). Which boxer is known as 'Real Deal'?

Evander Holyfield.
31). Which number of Lok Sabha was formed during 2014 election?

Section Wise Analysis:

General Intelligence & Reasoning:
Coding-Decoding 3 question
Blood -Relation- 2 question
seating arrangement -5
syllogism -1
Series -2
Profit loss -2 question
time and distance -1 question
trigonometry and Mensuration -2 question each
Number system -3 question
SI/CI 2 question
Time & Work 3 question
General Awareness & General Science:
Current Affairs: 10 Questions
General Science: 20 questions
Static GK: 20 Questions
Some General Awareness Questions asked today:
odd one out (external hard disk, cd, keyboard, digital camera)
first international cricket match was played between??
golden temple of dambulla is present in??
cyprus capital?
who given the slogan do or die
when did Indian constitution came into amendment.
What is the name of horse of maha rana pratap singh?
TB day?
Karnam Malleswari related to which game?

By which Constitutional Amendment the voting age was reduced

from 21 years to 18 years?
first satellite launched to moon?
When did Swami Vivekanand delivered his speech in World Religion
Conference in Chicago city
Aruna Asif Ali is related with which famous incident?
Name of the part of Thar Desert in Pakistan?
Mrinalini Sarabai is related with?
Konark Temple made by?
Smallest Continent?
First indian artificial satellite?
3rd panipat war between?
DRDO established year?
Indian longest canal?
Railway Staff College Situated in?
when Vascodigama came India?

1)international Yoga day...

2)Next winter session Olympic game venue...
3)Oldest dam of india
4)no. of player in kho kho game
5)first indian lady to won gold in asian game
6)first hockey player to get padam shri
7)2 largest country in respect of land area
8)Reuters newspaper head quater
9)no. of fundamental duties
10)winner of men's french open
11)un climate change meeting held in which place
12)country who celebrate 4th january as independence day
13) DMK party is founded by whom?

14)Ethanol is obtained from which?(rice, sugarcane, sunflower,

15)ajanta and ellora cave is located in which state?
16)who got max. oscar award(male)
17)capital of denmark
18)study of birds?
19)den is to lion aviary is to
20)group of dolphin is called
21)polio vaccine is developed by?
22)name of dog who first goes to space
23)father of space research
24)smallest planet

1.Capital of Denmark?
2.Yoga day celebrated on?
Ans:June 21
3.January 4th Independence day of which country?
4.2018 winter session Olympic game venue?
Ans. PyeongChang, South Korea
5.Indias Oldest dam?
Ans.Kallanai Dam, also known as Grand Anicut. It still serves the
people of Tamilnadu, India.
6.First indian lady to won gold in asian games?
Ans.Kamaljeet Sandhu

7.First indian hockey player to awarded padam shri?

Ans.Balbir Singh Dosanjh
8.Rabindnath tagore got noble prize in which year?
9.Ethanol is obtained from?
10.No. of fundamental duties?
11.2015 French open winner?
Ans.Stan Wawrinka(Men), Serena Williams(Women)
12.How many players in kho kho?
13.2 largest country in respect of land area?
14.U.N climate change meeting held in which place?
15.Ajanta and ellora cave is located in which state?
16.Smallest planet?
17.Group of dolphin is called?
Ans.School or Pod
18.Polio vaccine is developed by?
Ans.Jonas Edward SalK
19.Name of dog who first goes to space?
20.Father of space research?
Ans.Vikram Ambalal Sarabhai
21. DMK party is founded by whom?
Ans.M. G. Ramachandran
22.First Lok sabha speaker?

Ans.Ganesh Vasudev Mavalankar

23.Instrument to detect object under water?
24.Study of birds is called?
25.First governer general of free india?
Ans.Lord Mountbatten
26.Buddha attained enlightenment at?
Ans.Bodh Gaya
27.Another name of computer chip?

1. Pollination by wind is called? -Anemophily

2. Reared for its fleece or Fiber in? -Alpacas
3. Kunchikal water falls? -Karnataka
4. World Environment Day? -June 5
5. Where in the human body can you find islets of langerhans?
6. Brightest star in our sky? -Sirius A
7. Maximum football world cup titles won which country? -Brazil
8. Medieval Indian book of mathematics? -Leelavati
9. Last mugal emperor? -Bahadur Shah Zafar
10. Thailand currency? -Baht
11. Mangalyan launched from? -Sriharikota

12. RBI Nationalised in which year? -1949

13. Queen berry rules in which game? -Boxing
14. "Tee" term used in which game? -Golf
15. A Deep crack in glacier is called? -Crevasse
16. Frontier Gandhi is? -Abdul Ghaffar Khan
17. National song written by? -Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay
18. What did Edward Jenner pioneer? -Vaccination
19. .Which is Always present in organic compound? -Carbon
20. Largest fresh water lake? -Lake Baikal
21. Largest non polar desert? -Sahara
22. Also known as Aurum? -Gold(Au)
23. Which Organ in the human body that can Regrow/Regenerate?
24. Granite is an example of? -Igneous Rock
25. Interpol HQ? Lyon, France(Paris was also in option)
26. UNESCO Head quarters? -Paris, France
27. Din i illahi founder? -Akbar
28. Minimum age to be a member of lok sabha? -25 years
29. Which Indian king used naval power to conquer part of east
Asia? -Chola
30. Paper was invented in which country? -China
31. Island of Seychelles is in which ocean? -Indian Ocean
32. Who first to score a perfect 10 in Olympic in gymnastics? -Nadia
33. Which revolutionary took his own life? -Chandra Shekhar Azad

34. Official language of Brazil? -Portugese(Brazilian was also an

option to confuse)
35. Madhubani painting is native to which state? -Bihar
36. Technology used in compact disc? -Electromagnetic
37. Gases responsible for green house effect? -Carbon dioxide and
38. Punchcard is also called? -Hollerith Card
39. Jimmy wales & Larry Sanger related with? -Wikipedia
40. UNESCO HQ? - France

1) Thomas Cup Related to ?

Answer: Badminton
2) Dadasaheb phalke award 2015
Answer: Sashi Kapur
3) Colour Of octopus blood?
Answer: Blue
4) Other name of chanakya?
Answer: Kautilya, vishnu guptha
5) 2014 miss universe?
Answer: Palunana vega (Colombiya)
6) which metal is noble?

Answer: Gold
7) Who has given Droncharya award 2015?
Answer: Naval Singh, Anup singh, Harbans singh, Swatantar raj,Singh
nihar Ameen
8) Elephanta Caves Situated in ?
Answer: Raigad (Dist) Maharastra
9) Biggest Mammal?
Answer: Blue whale
10) Who invented bramh samaj?
Answer: Raj Ram Mohan Rai
11) Rial is currency of which country?
Answer: Soudi Arabia
12) Which river originates from western ghat?
Answer: Kaveri
13) which city of Australia densely populated
Answer: Sydney
14) Other name of chanakya?
Answer:Vishnu gupta, Kautilya
15) Earths water cycle powered by?
Answer: Sun

16) Energy of sun by which process?

Answer: Nuclear fusion
17) 20 equinox means?
Answer: 20 Faces
18) Father of rabindra nath Tagore ?
Answer: Debendranath tagore
19) Titanic belongs to which country?
Answer: UK And Ireland
20) Indian Institute of science situated at?
Answer: Bangalore
21) Current Chief Justice India?
Answer: T. S. Thakur
22) Oscar for best animated feature film 2015?
Answer: Big Hero 6
23) New name of Bharatpur National Park?
Answer: Keoladeo Ghana National Park
24.real currecncy of which country?
Answer: Brazil
25.Ongc hq?

2nd Shift Asked Questions:

1) Radar full form?
Answer: Radio Detection And Ranging
2) 2015 TIME person of the year?
Answer: Angela Merkel
3) father of geometry?
Answer: Euclid
4) zika virus spread by?
Answer: Mosquito (Aegypti) and Albopictus
5) river flows through karnataka & tamil nadu
Answer: Cauvery
Answer: Diphtheria,Pertussis,Tetanus
7) Oscar winner director from india?
Answer: Bhanu Adithaiya
8) Highest grand slams winner male
Answer: Roger Fedrer
9) what is graphene.?
Answer: An atom thick graphite layer
10) What is umami?
Answer: A flavour
11) Where Is Suez Canal Located ?
Answer: Egypt
12) rhizome example?
Answer: bamboos
13) Latest mineral which is most abundant in earth crust?

Answer: Feldspars
14) Medal for India in Olympics 2012Answer: 6 Medals
15) Baking soda chemical nameAnswer: Sodium hydrogen carbonate
16) Berlin wall demolished yearAnswer: 1989
17) SPM full form?


The Father of Vaccination

Answer: Adward jenner

Quit India Revolution?
Answer: 18th aug 1942 Launched By Mahatma Gandhi

Unesco headquarter?
Answer: Paris


Interpol headquarter located in

Answer: Lyon France


Where paper invented?

Answer: 100 BC In China


Environment day?
Answer: June 5


Thailand currnyAnswer: Thai baht


smallest bone in human body

Answer: - stapes


subhash chandra bhose fathers nameAnswer: Janakinath Bose

10)Who called semant Gandhi?
Answer: Khan Abudal Ghaffar Kahn
11) National song written by?
Answer: Bankam Chandra Chartgi
12)Where do u find Kunchilal water falls?Answer: On Varahi River Udipi Simoga Dist, Karnataka
13) Gases behind greenhouse effect?
Answer: water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and
14) Founder of Weekimedia?
Answer: Jimmy wales
15) Organ that can grow and regenerateAnswer: Liver
16) Land locked country?
Answer: Liechtenstein in Central Europe, surrounded by Switzerland
and Austria.
17) Largest non polar desert in the world?
Answer: Sahara
18) Which is landlocked country?
Answer: Kyrgyzstan
19) Who is Chief justice of India?
Answer: Justice TS Thakur
20. Tee term associated with which sports?
Answer: Golf
21. where is the island of Seychelles located?
Answer: Mahe
22) Last Mughal emperor?
Answer: Bahadur Shah Zafar or Bhadur shah II
23) Who Discover First Vaccine for Smallpox?

Answer: Edward jenner

24.Pollination by wind is called?
Answer: Anemophily or wind pollination
25..Brightest star in our sky?
Answer: Sirius A
26.A Passage to Infinity: Medieval Indian Mathematics from Kerala and Its
Impact written by?
Answer: George Gheverghese Joseph
27.Mangalyan launched from?
Answer: Sriharikota
28.RBI Nationalised in which year?
Answer: 1949
29.Queen berry rules in which game?
Answer: modern boxing
30.A Deep crack in glacier is called?
Answer: crevasse
31.Largest fresh water lake?
Answer: Lake Baikal
32.Granite is an example of?
33.Din-i-illahi founder?
Answer:Mughal emperor Akbar
34. Football world cup team to win maximum no. Of times?
Answer: Brazil.
35. Aurum is which metal?
36. which indian king used naval power to conquer ports of east asia?
Answer: Rajendra chola
37. Largest fresh water lake?
Answer: Wular Lake

38. Queensberry is associated to which sports?

Answer: Boxing
39.Name of the writer of medieval Indian book on maths?
Answer: George Joseph
40. official language of Brazil?
Answer: Portuguese
41.Technology used in compact disc?
Answer: optical laser
42.Minimum age to be a member of lok sabha?
Answer: 25 years
Exam Duration: The duration of Computer Based Test (CBT) will be 90
minutes (120 minutes for PWD candidates with scribe)
Number of questions: 100
Types of questions: Multiple choice questions
Negative Marking: 1/3rd for every incorrect answer.
Exam Languages: English, Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu,
Marathi, Konkani, Odia,
Assamese, Bengali, Manipuri, Malayalam & Urdu (15 languages).
Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) Has Conducted The RRB NTPC
Exam -2016 March 28th (Today) Over The Third Shift Exam.Third Shift
Analysis of the Exam.
In the Topic From Quant Is Given 18 Questions.
Current Affairs Is Given 10 Questions.
General Knowledge from 40 Questions.
Related To Railway From 4 Questions.
Misseliouns 10 Questions
From Reasoning 18 Questions.
RRB Railway Exam-2016: 28th March 3rd Shift Exam Paper Asked
Questions on Memory Based
RRB Exam 28th march 3rd Shift Asked Questions

1) Thomas Cup Related to ?

Answer: Badminton
2)Dadasaheb phalke award 2014?
Answer: Sashi Kapur
3) Colour. Of octopus blood?
Answer: Blue
4) National vigyan sansthan????
5) Other name of chanakya???
Answer: Kautilya, vishnu guptha
6) 2014 miss universe?
Answer: Palunana vega (Colombiya)
7) which metal is noble?
Answer: Gold
8) Who has given Droncharya award 2015?
Answer: Naval Singh, Anup singh, Harbans singh, Swatantar
raj,Singh nihar Ameen
9) Elephanta Caves Situated in ?
Answer: Raigad (Dist) Maharastra
10) Biggest Mammal?
Answer: Blue whale
11) Who invented bramh samaj?
Answer: Raj Ram Mohan Rai
12) Rial is currency of which country?
Answer: Soudi Arabia
13) Which river originates from western ghat?

Answer: Kaveri
14) which city of Australia densely populated
Answer: Sydney
15) which game is now eliminated from olympic?
16) earths water cycle powered by?
Answer: Sun
17) energy of sun by which process?
Answer: Nuclear fusion
18) 20 equinox means?
Answer: 20 Faces
19)father of rabindra nath Tagore ?
Answer: Debendranath tagore
20) Titanic belongs to which country?
Answer: UK And Ireland
21) Indian Institute of science situated at?
Answer: Bangalore
22) current Chief Justice India?
Answer: T. S. Thakur
23) oscar for best animated feature film 2015?
Answer: Big Hero 6
24) New name of bharatpur national park?

Answer: Keoladeo Ghana National Park

25) Ongc headquarter ?
Answer: Uttarakhand

1. Swej nahar is in which country?

Ans. Egypt(Mediterranean Sea to Red Sea).
2. What is graphene?
Ans. Allotrope of carbon.
3.Radar full form?
Ans. RAdio Detection And Ranging.
4. What is umami?
Ans. 5th basic taste of tongue
5. Highest grand slams winner male?
Ans. Roger Federer
6. Oscar winner director from India?
Ans. Satyajit Ray
Ans. Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus
8 Which river flows through Karnataka and TN?
Ans. Kaveri
9.2015 TIME person of the year
Ans. Chancellor Angela Merkel
10. Father of geometry
Ans. Euclid
11. Zika virus spread by
Ans. Aedes mosquito

12. Berlin wall demolished in which year?

Ans. 1989.
13. Which language use ideographs?
Ans. China and Japan.
14. SPM full form?
Ans. Suspended Particulate Matter
15. Tallest building in world?
Ans. Burj Khalifa
16. Who gives oath to the President?
Ans. Chief Justice of India.
17. No. of medals for India in 2012 Olympics?
Ans. 6 medals.
18. Kamarup kingdom is in which state?
Ans. Assam.
19. Chief justice of India retirement age?
Ans. 65 years
20. Chemical name of Baking soda?
Ans. Sodium Bicarbonate
21. Lemur are found in?
Ans. Madagascar.
22. Chandrashekhar Limit is applied to?
Ans. Mass.
23. Bhimbetka caves are approximately how many years old?
Ans. 30,000 years.
24. Maximum gold in olympics by which person?
Ans. Michael Phelps.
25. What is tomato?
Ans. It is a fruit.
21. Which is the only planet in Solar system which doesn't get it's name from Greek God?
Ans. Earth.
22. Current CM of Arunachal Pradesh?
Ans. Kalikho Pul.
23. Measles caused by?
Ans. Rubeola.

24. Father of modern chemistry?

Ans. Antoine Lavoiser.
25. Heart of Asia conference venue in 2015?
Ans. Islamabad, Pakistan
26. Physics nobel prize 2015 winner?
Ans. Takaaki Kajita and Arthur McDonald
27. CFC's full form?
Ans. Chlorofluorocarbons.
28. Abhishek verma belongs to sport?
Ans. Archery
29. Osama Bin Laden killed at which place?
Ans. Abottabad, Pakistan.
30. Pace Maker is related to which human organ?
Ans. Heart
31. TIMEs person of year 2015?
Ans. Angela Merkel.
32. Vidyapthi, the famous poet was famous in which language?
Ans. Maithili.
33. Founder of Pala Dynasty?
Ans. King Gopala
34. First Night Cricket Test was played between?
Ans. Australia vs New Zeland.
35. Muslim League was formed in which year?
Ans. 1906.
36. Medicine to cure malaria is obtained from?
Ans. Cinchona Tree.
37. The particle having no charge at all in atom?
Ans. Neutrino
38. First Hindi Newspaper of India?
Ans. Udant Martand (The Rising Sun).
39. The 'Niagara Falls' of India?
Ans. Chitrakote Falls.
40. Nathu La pass is located at?
Ans. Gangtok, Sikkim.
41. Chinese Grand Prix 2015 winner?
Ans. Lewis Hamilton.
42. Deoxygenated blood is carried by?
Ans. Veins
43. Which was the 1st web browser in the world?
Ans. Mosaic
44. What is the Alt + enter shortcut for?
Ans. Inserting Linebreak/ Feeding a line
45. Who was the advocate of India-Bangladesh partition?
Ans. Sir Cyril Radcliffe
46. Indrayani river originates from?
Ans. Lonavala.
47. Name the Architect of Delhi?
Ans. Edwin Lutyens
48. Who built China Wall?
Ans. Qin Shi Huang

49. Commissioner of Delhi Police before Bhim Sain Bassi?

Ans. Neeraj Kumar
50. Martin Crowe who recently passed away was from which country?
Ans. New Zealand
51. What is quick silver?
Ans. Mercury
52. Name the rays which is used to scan luggage at airport?
Ans. X Rays
53. Who invented Band-Aid?
Ans. Earle Dickson
54. Who Invented bifocal lens?
Ans. Benjamin Franklin
55. Name the process of heating the glass and then cooling it slowly?
Ans. Annealing
56.Koyna dam in which state?
Ans. Maharashtra.
57. Scientist which retuned after 340 days from space?
Ans. Scott Kelly.
58. World Ozone day?
Ans. 16 September
59. Who was the Nepal PM in 2015?
Ans. Sushil Koirala
60. Name the planets similar to earth?
Ans. Kepler 438 B and Kepler 442 B
61. Where is Milk of Magnesia used?
Ans. Antacid.
62. How many people walked the moon till now?
Ans. 12.
63. Valley of Flower national park is located in which state?
Ans. Uttarakhand.
64. Current FIFA chairman?
Ans. Gianni Infantino.
65. Hawa Mahal was built by which ruler?
Ans. Sawai Maharaja Pratap Singh.
66. Mobile phone inventor?
Ans. Martin Cooper
1. Current president of Pakistan?
Ans. Mamnoon Hussain.
2. 2016 Australian open women's double winner?
Ans. sania Mirza and Martina Hingis.
3. World heritage day?
Ans. 18 April
4. Deepika Karmakar is associated with which sport?
Ans. Gymnastic
5. Which PM has hoisted Indian Flag on Red Fort for maximum times?
Ans. Jawahar Lal Nehru.
6. "To kill a mocking word" book was written by?
Ans. Harper Lee.
7. Delhi's only women ruler?
Ans. Razia Sultan.

8. The great Grand Old lady of bollywood who died in 2014?

Ans. Zohra sehgal
9. Atmospheric pressure measured by which instrument?
Ans. Barometer
10. World's most energy efficient city?
Ans. Reykjavik, Iceland
11. Golden Pagoda Temple of Buddhist is located at?
Ans. Myanmar.
12. Funtion of hydro power plant?
Ans. To convert kinetic energy into electrical energy
13. Which dynasty came after Mouryan dynasty?
Ans. Sunga dynasty
14. Famous temple of buddha in Indonesia?
Ans. Borobudur.
15. 1987 Australian world cup winner team captain?
Ans. Allan Border
16. Which is referred as 'black gold'?
Ans. Coal.
17. BARC director?
Ans. Sekhar basu
18. Prime content(element) of diamond?
Ans. Carbon
19. Hottest planet in solar system?
Ans. Venus
20. What does vinegar contains?
Ans. Acetic Aid.

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