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• Pupils show their • Pupils show • Pupils show

developing their their knowledge
understanding of knowledge and

KS3 History NC Levels Sept 2008 chronology by

their realisation
that the past can
ng of local,
of local,(0.2 some/0.5 sound/0.8
and internationa
be divided into national and l history by
different periods international describing
of time. history by events, people
• Pupils show describing and some
1.1: recognition of some of the features of past
Chronologic some of the main societies and
al similarities and events, periods in the
Understandi differences people and context of their
ng between these periods they developing
periods, and their have chronological
use of dates and studied. framework.
terms. • Pupils are
• Pupils show able to
knowledge and identify
understanding of where these
some of the main fit within a
events, people chronologica
and changes l framework.
• They begin to • Pupils show their • Pupils show
recognise and knowledge and their
describe the understanding of knowledge
nature and local, national and
1.2: extent of and international understanding
Cultural, diversity. history by of local,
Ethnic and beginning to national and
Religious analyse the international
diversity nature and history by
extent of analysing
diversity. historical

• • • • •
• Pupils
Pupils are
beginning to give
Pupils can
They begin to
recognise and
Pupils show their
knowledge and
Pupils show
a few reasons for, characteristi describe the understanding of knowledge
that their
and results of, the c features of nature and local, national and
own lives
main events and past extent of and international understanding
1.3: are
changes. societies change and history by of local,
Change different
and periods continuity. beginning to national and
and from the
to identify analyse the international
Continuity lives of
change and nature and history by
people in
continuity extent of change analysing
the past.
within and and continuity historical
across within and change and
different across different continuity.
periods. periods.
• They are • Pupils are • Pupils begin to • Pupils begin to • Pupils show
beginning able to suggest explain their
to identify relationships relationships knowledge
recognise some causes between between causes. and
that there and causes. understanding
1.4: Cause &
are reasons consequenc of local,
why people es of the national and
in the past main events international
acted as and history by
they did. changes. analysing