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Volume 39 Issue 2 February 2012

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Report from Sacramento: Pensions, Politics & Memorials 5
Insurance Protection from PPOA 10
Your Rights with ICIB 15


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contract negotiations. all of our bargaining units will see their contracts expire and have to decide whether to open negotiations. v. This is a great website where you can find the truth about pensions. as well as a Motion to Strike (anti-SLAPP statute). not their employees. attends regular meetings in Sacramento with Californians for Retirement Security. Less money to politicians who support the working class and our pensions and more money to politicians who support big business tax breaks. Prohibitions on Contributions to Candidates. Coker et al. we put an end to a lawsuit filed against PPOA by former Office of Public Safety (OPS) officers. There is a lot to work on in 2012! ell. Ballot Initiatives and Elections As previously stated in past Star & Shield issues. continued on page 13 .2012: Preparing for Battle W Brian Moriguchi PPOA President Lieutenant. We saw these attacks taken to the extreme in states like Ohio. it seems to be a good idea and fair. Contract Negotiations and Lawsuits Well. you need to be aware that this initiative is intended to break unions in California. Jim Vogts. Wisconsin and New Jersey to eliminate unions altogether. Every day. Well. and I am confident they will make the right decisions. One such trickery is an initiative that recently qualified for the November ballot: “Prohibits Political Contributions by Payroll Deduction. Except that corporations DO NOT collect political action monies through payroll deduction of its employees. ballot initiatives and elections. Initiative Statute. Regardless of your political party affiliation or political position. We filed a Demurrer asking the court to dismiss the cause of action against PPOA.” This ballot initiative is ironically referred to as “Stop Special Interest Money Now” by its proponents. and it is critical that our voices be heard. It looks like this year will be the busiest year for PPOA in our history with pension reform. we must gear up for the fight that lies ahead. let’s get to it! Pension Reform We continue to fight the attacks against public employee pensions. Less money to political activities by unions and the working class and more money for political activities by big business. 2. lawsuits. Suffice it to say that your bargaining committees are always looking out for your best interests. So these special interest groups and certain politicians have focused on a sneakier It’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to work. such an attack would surely fail. Ending payroll deductions for unions would be catastrophic as it would be very costly to collect money for political action committee (PAC) activity through individual solicitation of funds to members. special interest groups representing big business and certain political agendas are the driving force behind attacks against workers and their unions. This initiative would prohibit payroll deductions for political action activity for labor unions AND corporations. County of Los Angeles et al. take away your pensions and benefits and reduce the rights of employees. a coalition of organizations to protect pensions and dispel untruths about pensions. But it applies to corporations too. The 4 Star&Shield | february 2012 OPS “merger” was handled extraordinarily well by PPOA and the OPS negotiating team for the betterment of OPS officers. We will leave it at that so as not to interfere with the strategies of negotiations. Since that is not so apparent in our near future. The only thing that will stop the hysteria and misrepresentation of pensions is an economic recovery. right? Yep. jail drama and federal investigations looming ahead — all this in addition to our day-to-day operations defending employees’ rights and challenging bad policies and procedures. 2012 certainly started off with a bang. The end result: 1. this year. On the surface. Corporations’ political monies come out of their profits and are controlled by their executives. LASD bmoriguchi@ppoa. In California. (including PPOA). hoping to fool Californians at the ballot box. Check out the “Myths & Facts” page for a quick overview. PPOA prevailed in the Motion to Strike (rendering the Demurrer moot) and was removed as a defendant in the This committee will ultimately propose pension changes to the legislature. there are several articles in local newspapers outlining how public pensions are destroying this country and plunging government further and further into debt. Our lobbyist. Get up-to-date information about our pension battle at www. and we are thankful that the court ruled in our favor and ended this frivolous lawsuit. This past month.LetsTalkPensions. But one needs to dig deeper to understand what is behind this initiative. Jim and I also attended the third meeting of the California legislative committee to address pension issues.

In San Diego. What is paycheck protection (Stop Special Interest Money Now)? It is an initiative to gut the ability of PPOA or any other unions in California to be involved in the political process. The first meeting of the year for the California Peace Officers Memorial Foundation (CPOMF). San Jose and San Diego are attempting to break new ground in restructuring pensions and/ or making peace officers pay more money out of their pockets for the same benefits. and those who stay will have their take-home pay drastically reduced by having to pay increased pension/health care costs. Governor Brown has already released his 12-point pension reform program and numerous initiatives are circulating in attempt to get on the ballot in November 2012. We will have to fend off attacks from many directions on our pensions. CCLEA Meeting Issues The police officers unions in the cities of San Diego and San Jose are under major attacks from their locally elected officials. Paycheck Protection Another major issue discussed at the CCLEA meeting in Sacramento was a new “paycheck protection initiative” that will be on the ballot in November 2012. PPOA. If the mayor is successful. where approximately 40 legislators made it a point to meet with the California law enforcement union representatives. Politics & Memorials E Paul K. 2012 will be a make-or-break year for most law enforcement unions. the PPOA representatives attended three major functions: 1. will continue to monitor these two cities and their test cases and provide whatever assistance we can in helping them fight off these challenges. PPOA will fight any changes adverse to our membership along with our union partners throughout California. if a deal is not worked out by the mayor and the officers’ union. The initiative will stop payroll deduction of any dues earmarked for politics.. The California Coalition of Law Enforcement Association (CCLEA) meeting. How many police officers does San Diego expect to keep when their pension/health care costs will be almost half of their total salary? If a deal is not reached. then whatever success these politicians have in modifying pensions in their cities can easily be exported to other cities and counties across California. it would appear that there may be a “blue flight” from San Diego by a number of police officers. through its membership in CCLEA and SCALE. Roller PPOA Executive Director proller@ppoa. our retiree health care and our ability to continue to be actively involved in the political process both locally and on a statewide level. Since City Council and Board of Supervisors members share information and strategies just like members of CCLEA. Again. Let me highlight some of the issues that were at the forefront of the CCLEA meeting. This new paycheck protection initiative on the November ballot has a misleading title: “Stop Special Interest Money Now. legislative representative.g. In San Jose. very year in early January. In that city. As we expected and have written about many times in the past year in these pages. 3. This year. the employees’ share of the costs for pension and retiree health care looks like it will reach 40 percent of their paychecks by the end of the year. Both cities are fighting off efforts to reduce their pensions and retiree health care for future and current PPOA will fight any changes adverse to our membership along with our union partners throughout California. I am always struck by the commitment our various union partners have for their members and how hard they all work to improve the lives of the law enforcement personnel they represent. (e. PPOA has and will continue to monitor pension reform initiatives and pension reform legislation introduced in Sacramento in 2012. executive director. if he wins in court) you can expect many other local governments to follow the same path toward weakening peace officers’ pensions by using the “fiscal crisis” excuse in local courts. In addition. the mayor is attempting to use a “fiscal crisis” to destroy the pensions of current and future retirees.” Many of you remember that we have fought off this issue twice before in the last 10 years.News from Sacramento: Pensions. 2. All of these January meetings serve as a kickoff to the political and legislative issues that law enforcement unions like PPOA will face in the upcoming year. continued on page 18 february 2012 | Star&Shield 5 . political action committee chairman and this year vice president attend a series of meetings in Sacramento with other law enforcement organizations from across the state. The CCLEA Legislative Reception. PPOA’s president. the situation seems to be even worse. the mayor intends to use a new theory in the courts to rework the peace officers’ pensions.

they know what we support and what we don’t. there are initiatives out there to either reduce or completely eliminate pubic pensions or defined-benefit pensions as a whole. Unfortunately. It’s scary. salaries and benefits.e. That’s the way it works. opens the door for future attacks on our pensions. In the past year. It’s scary. very hard and deserve a fair retirement system and benefits.” Let’s hope common sense kicks in. Both PPOA and ALADS have a strong voice in Sacramento. PPOA uses your PAC money to fight for many things. My personal belief system lies more in line with a certain group. are illegal).. and they look at the LACERA model as the solution. On the flip side. it is the difference between being represented and being silent to many of these lawmakers. I have been asked several times about it. however. To me. we wouldn’t be able to have your voices heard by people who will protect your pensions and benefits. Instead of being rational about what is fair and not fair. It made no sense to me that many of those with whom I agree on so many issues could have the opinion that cops and firemen don’t deserve a fair pension system. Those who draft them don’t seem to care about those of us who risked our lives for 30 years to keep them safe. I hope all of you understand that we are doing exactly that. promotions at a certain set percentage of any gender. I would wonder. I won’t dwell too much on it.  As to which one. I speculate that if the LACERA model was used statewide. I need to balance my personal political beliefs with choices that will protect our members. I will just say that I have spent many a weekend browsing the archives of a certain library in Simi Valley.  Regarding Promotions Since I last mentioned the promotion process in my article a couple months ago. I encourage you to read the entire text of any bill you vote for. Well. All of the promotional processes should provide fair opportunities for all. You all work very. I must say that in the past. We at PPOA are dedicated to fighting for a fair promotional process — to sergeant (as ALADS should be and I believe is) and lieutenant and even captain and commander. how our unions could support measures or candidates that clearly sit across the aisle from my personal beliefs. I believe that attack is going to continue. They hear your concerns firsthand. Our job as a union is to be your voice. just ask us why. we have all seen the relentless attack on public pensions. I will tell you. With PAC. irrespective of any personal relationships or affiliations. etc. LASD jschallert@ppoa. We are constantly researching and supporting the things that will protect pensions. it would surely be nice if that group as a whole stood up and said. Without this funding. but we fight against any legislative effort that harms your retirement. That is what you elect us to do. I have been “educated” as to why that sometimes happens. it is no longer subject to the federal court monitor. my friends. not the Instead of being rational about what is fair and not fair. While the sergeant promotional process was developed in response to the Bouman lawsuit. While these politicians may somehow believe they are doing the right thing.” They don’t differentiate between the LACERA model — one that works and is fair — and some others that have been labeled excessive.” meaning promotions based upon the genuine needs of the continued on page 21 . This also means it is no longer protected by that suit (i. there are initiatives out there to either reduce or completely eliminate pubic pensions or definedbenefit pensions as a whole. but I will say that with pension protection being our top priority at PPOA. They view all public pensions as “unfair” or “excessive. the legislator who initiated the move would be considered a hero by the vast majority on BOTH sides of the aisle. ethnicity. with the mindset of how it can impact your pension. While we at PPOA understand “executive privilege. As a Board member of your union.Politics: Not Always as They Appear L Jim Schallert PPOA Board Member Sergeant. as many of you surely have. “Leave the cops and firemen alone. I am always open to any questions members have. You elect us to do the research and support the right actions. but upon closer reading. If you do. 6 Star&Shield | february 2012 ike many of you.. You may see PPOA support some issues or candidates over the next year and scratch your head. With all of that said. In the past year. salary or benefits. much of my personal voting history was and continues to be dedicated to a certain political affiliation. Many bills and initiatives are masked as something that my right-brained self would think makes sense. thanks to the PAC. Not only do we fight for laws that keep crooks locked up for as long as possible. Again. it’s scary. that is paramount. I consider myself active in political matters — my home has been a neighborhood polling place for many years — and I often speak with friends and relatives about current matters that impact both us as law enforcement professionals and community members. most of the legislation and initiatives being drafted continue to attack public pensions in general. That is what we at PPOA need to argue for. The shocker to me was that many of these initiatives have been drafted by the side of the aisle I have supported my entire adult life.

As expected. Look at the force issues created by C/As versus deputies. If you want to be a custody deputy. LASD dhazen@ppoa. the union was never consulted. The dynamics are easy. We should not have to go through a full academy. Remember. It is not because C/As are not capable. we were just trained differently. The way it looks now is that you will lose your C/A seniority and have to go through the whole process of being a deputy. and we would be honored to have you join us as a volunteer. C/As could be one of the big solutions. We are doing the work.” What would be wrong with asking a couple of C/As (or even one!) for their perspective? The e-mail I mentioned was done so that they could try to figure how many of you would be interested in becoming a custody deputy! Now. Let’s look at some of the factors that would allow us to save money. united and strong — one for all and all for one. If a video was taken in custody. I’m sure you all received the e-mail sent by the Sheriff ’s Department. Isn’t that what happened to the OPS people? We have a long way to go. All funds raised will benefit those truly in need. That e-mail should not have been sent. including families of fallen officers. but don’t think it is over. Please let us know if you would like to help the Foundation plan any of these worthy causes by calling (323) 261-3010. Announcements for the events below will be published in future issues of Star & Shield. you have to apply like everyone else. 2012 Professional Peace Officers Charitable Foundation Events PPOA’s Charitable Foundation plans to host a handful of exciting events this year. A task force has been set up of about 30-40 Department members (all sworn) to come up with ideas to completely change custody. about the only thing C/As have at this point is seniority. Notice I referenced “sworn. but don’t think it is over. It basically asked custody assistants if we wanted to be custody deputies amongst other questions. irst of all.The Latest from Custody F Danya Hazen PPOA Board Member Custody Assistant. Tax ID We have a long way to go. No promise of a job if you don’t make it. entrant or simply a supporter. the e-mail was pulled very quickly. you would see that C/As are working side-by-side with deputies. • Poker Tournament • Food Truck Rally • Motorcycle Ride • Fitness Challenge • Cigar Night The Professional Peace Officers Charitable Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charity organization. It really is an eye opener. february 2012 | Star&Shield 7 . I have just tried to give you something to think about. We already know that C/As are saving the Department millions. but there seems to be no acknowledgement of that fact. it is important to stand together. It was a prime example of how things are done without going through the proper channels. The Sheriff ’s Department has been trying to stop the slow bleed that we are experiencing. PPOA did not approve of the e-mail — in fact. change the dynamics in custody (lowering force use) and enable deputies to go to patrol or expand their careers in the many directions available to them.

There’s a lot at stake this year.. Social Media: Call Greg Torres Board and Foundation Inquiries. On that note. That will only lead to trouble. I just want to remind you that any passwords and pages you browse on work computers are accessible by supervisors. As I always say: Stay By now. Discount Tickets. Hope to see all of you while you’re out in Vegas or on the run. Make sure to check it out. How many of you have gone to Biscaluz Shooting Range to improve your score and add funds to your paycheck? Make sure to stop by and take advantage.Browsing. so how are you coming along with your yearly promises? Good luck! Some of you are training for Baker-to-Vegas. I hope to see many of you at the PPOA delegates meeting on March 6. Great job. You should also try to attend the ceremony in Sacramento at least once in your career. PPOA. Sheriff ’s personnel. most of you know that PPOA maintains a Facebook page. The goal is always to go home at the end of your shift. Scan and breathe … Whom to Call at PPOA. Make sure to RSVP. Good luck to all of you: runners. and some of you are just training for the enjoyment of it. There is a direct link on PPOA’s website (www. It’s been a few months into the year. Both events are very memorable. Non-Job-Related Legal Consultation: Call Violet Perez Disability. You should also try to attend the ceremony in Sacramento at least once in your career. Please make every effort to attend the Peace Officer’s Memorial Ceremony at STARS Center this year. ood afternoon. so please be aware of what can affect you. How are you all doing so far? Hopefully well. Insurance Benefits: Call Norma Gomez Membership. A reminder for those of you interested in moving within the Department: Make sure to put in your transfer request. Good Please make every effort to attend the Peace Officer’s Memorial Ceremony at STARS Center this year. As openings come up. Dues Deductions: Call Clare Franco Job-Related Labor Representation: Call Teresa Machado Free Notary Services: Call Maricela Villegas Star & Shield. That’s all part of putting in the request. Some of you have also been interested in transferring to another location that uses more of the tools you were trained in. Last but not least. you will get notified. so make sure not to send anything I know some of you have expressed interest in trying something different. support staff and fundraiser participants. Address Updates. some of you have also have been interested in getting closer to home. I have received e-mails from people who wonder whether it’s true that whatever you open on a Sheriff ’s Department computer can be seen (and saved) by proper Sheriff ’s personnel.. Political Action: Call Sandi Bryant (323) 261-3010 8 Star&Shield | february 2012 . and look out for your partners. LASD ggarcia@ppoa. Be patient and you will get there. Shooting and Transferring G Gerry Garcia PPOA Board Member Security Officer. It’s vital to get as many as possible to keep informed on the happenings in the Department and statewide.

CA 91773 (909) 599-2029 22062 Ventura Blvd. *Special pricing for all services not covered under insurance.In Honor of the Men and Women Who Serve and Protect our Cities General and Cosmetic Dentistry Maher Delta.. D. Woodland Hills. Anthem Blue Cross and Most Insurance Plans Accepted.D.clddentistry.S. Suite A San Dimas. Foothill Blvd. CA 91364 (818) 676-1485 www. Financing Available Happy to announce the grand opening of the treatment center for snoring. 639 E. sleep apnea and tmj! .

A concise review of your insurance needs will be Contact: sbryant@ppoa. In an effort to minimize the time spent in these meetings. Dodgers Register on or before March 14. and a solution will be offered when appropriate. cancer insurance.PPOA Insurance Agency to Provide Complete Protection and Peace of Mind By Eddie Holmes. There will be two services available for you. 5:00 p. However. Los Angeles RSVP no later than February 24. This should take no more than 15 minutes.m. Work Site Visits Our insurance enrollers will visit County facilities to discuss products and services with PPOA members. critical illness insurance. insurance. If you are interested in meeting with one of our agents. If you would like to do an in-depth review of your home owners insurance. hospital indemnity insurance and long-term care programs. 10 Star&Shield | february 2012 .ppoa.000 Team Weight Loss Challenge convenient for you. $50 per person Details at www. This will include the disability insurance. we will do so. If it appears that your need can be cared for at the initial meeting. Comprehensive Evaluation PPOA is proud to offer an in-depth insurance planning service. Dodger Stadium to Host PPOA’s First Delegates Meeting of 2012 May 1-June 5 Register after March 14. Dodger Stadium Club 1000 Elysian Park Avenue. we will get the necessary information and provide you with the solution at a second meeting. car insurance. if you need a complete insurance analysis. This is covered under the comprehensive evaluation service. only the work site insurance programs will be discussed. We will have an initial meeting at a time and location convenient to you to discuss the various insurance programs you have. and the other will be for those of you seeking a more comprehensive evaluation. The amount of time spent at this meeting will depend on the amount of information needed to make an accurate analysis of your insurance needs. We anticipate this to take 30 minutes. PPOA Insurance Agency Manager A s we stated a couple of months ago. we can meet at the PPOA insurance offices or at a time and location PPOA $1. depending on the scope of the meeting. One will be available when we make a work site visit. 2012 (323) 261-3010 Topics include jails. accident insurance. We will prepare a written insurance analysis and provide you with options to meet your needs at the subsequent meeting. PPOA is proud to announce that we will be offering a completely new way for PPOA members to purchase insurance. pensions and Juan Ocampo/L. March 6th. life insurance or other insurance programs. This way.A. please feel free to call us at (909) 599-8627. $40 per person Tuesday. you will not have to spend a large amount of time in one meeting discussing insurance programs.

cigarettes and prescription medication simply by requiring that alcohol be purchased through a sales clerk and not at a self-checkout machine. Governor Brown signed some of my most important bills this year to keep our streets safer. California State Assembly A s the speaker pro tempore and a member of the speaker’s leadership team. poker tourney. If you see a problem that needs to be fixed or want further action on an area to promote public safety in your community. but also raise public awareness surrounding this very important issue. slot tourney. and 2010 Legislative Champion from California Partnership to End Domestic Violence. Working with members from Sheriffs’ Relief. especially when the state continues to grapple with how to best protect the public with fewer state resources and prepare our local jails with state inmates.lasdretired. which helps to prevent raves from harboring drug use and distribution by giving local government and law enforcement the tools for effective public safety through risk assessments and action plans. That’s why I’m so proud of my awards: 2008 Outstanding Legislator from the California State Sheriff ’s Association. RV parking Stop by the PPOA table for a free gift! For more information. station Safe and secure online ordering february 2012 | Star&Shield 11 .  When I was first elected to the Assembly. but it was also one of my favorites. I worked with the law enforcement community to pass important measures to promote public safety.   Thank you for continuing to work with me on issues in your community. As I heard and prepared myself to vote for each bill.   In response to the growing number of drug-related teen deaths at all-night dance parties and raves in California.  Fast forward the clock three years. raffles. AB 183 requires that all alcohol purchases be done with a face-to-face transaction to ensure proper identification and prevent sale to minors and the intoxicated. As chair of the Select Committee on Domestic Violence. especially during these fiscal times. bowling tourney. I am proud to stand up for Californians as I continue my work with law enforcement. My colleagues and I continue to try to ensure that new crimes don’t go unaddressed.Supporting Law Enforcement By Fiona Ma. UCLA conducted a study where 20% of young adults were able to override the system by scanning other items and/or swiping credit cards. I encourage you contact me in my Capitol office. With your tremendous support.  In 2009. district attorneys and advocates to assist victims of violent crime and keep our communities safe.globalringsjewelry. Nevada Prizes. 2008 Legislator of the Year from Crime Victims United. LAPPL. golf tourney. My hope is that the work of this committee will not only lead to new legislative ideas. All jewelry priced with integrity. so thank you for all of your service. Global Rings J E W E L R Y We have all your fine jewelry needs. I have told my colleagues that it was one of the most challenging and heart-wrenching committees to sit on. The events you witness and the stories you hear make my job easier.   This year. I was appointed to serve on the Public Safety Committee when the pressure of the overcrowding crisis was mounting and the federally appointed receiver to address prison medical care was serving his second year. I have been focusing on important issues relating to domestic violence by conducting hearings throughout the state to further examine what the Legislature can do to prevent incidents and protect victims. Speaker Pro Tempore. where we are in the wake of the Plata/ Coleman Decision and Governor Brown’s realignment plan. visit www. I relied on law enforcement to share their stories on the ground and provide very important insight into the evolving nature of certain crimes and how officers on the line would be impacted on a day-to-day www. Visit our store before you leave the building! 2012 LASD Retiree Roundup Owned and operated by active LASD Reserve Deputy Billy Lulo April 1-4. Suite 920 Los Angeles CA 90013 1-888-77-4-GEMS (213) 623-3313 Fax: (213) 623-1274 billy@globalringsjewelry. I introduced AB 74.   I also want to share a little bit about some of the recent work I have been doing in or contact retired Sergeant Moon Mullen at (928) 776-0639. qualification range. PPOA & LAAPOA 550 South Hill St. 2012 40 -70% Discount to Loose Diamonds All Law Enforcement available Personnel in all sizes Riverside Resort and Casino Laughlin. AB 183 at least puts alcohol on par with spray paint.

Victorville 7:30 a. (714) 962-5862 Inland Empire Old Guys First Wednesday of each month B. Maggie’s Pub. August and November Tournament Players Club restaurant. (559) 683-6320 or walts@sierratel. 2012 Elephant Bar. Info: Wes English. Rancho Cucamonga 11:30 a. Laughlin $29 per person Info: (928) 776-0639 or Firestone Station Retirees Lunch (Others welcome. Pasadena Former L. 2012 Shriefer Residence. San Gabriel (across from Northwoods Inn) 11:30 a. (909) 981-6217 L.m. Info: . Deputy Sheriffs in Texas Annual Luncheon May Lakewood ROMEOs Luncheons Second Monday of each month Los Angeles Retired Deputy Sheriffs (LARDS) Second Monday of each month Bella Italia Retired Marshals Lunch April 4 Northwoods Inn.lasdretired. (661) 943-0125 or valdez5150@msn.A. Downey Desert Heat Lunch Second Wednesday of each month Elks Club. Info: Tony Silas. Las Vegas Info: Hershel Aron. (702) 251-8088 Compton Alumni Association Third Wednesday of each month Crystal Hotel & Casino 12:00 p. Info: Carlos Valdez. Café.m. (909) 941-4416 or cynapete@aol. Investigators Lunch First Wednesday of each month Frantone’s.m.m. Hesperia 11:00 a. 2012 Riverside Resort & Casino. 2012 Sun Coast Hotel & or Jack at fatalitch@ca. too) Fourth Thursday of each month 11:00 Fuzz That Wuzz/Central California Occasional reunion for LASD retirees Info: Walt Scheuerell.m. County Retired Deputies First Wednesday of each month The Motherlode Loafers Second Wednesday of each month Location varies among Grass Valley restaurants Info: ceklasd@earthlink. La Mirada LADA Investigators Reunion April 18-19. Lake Havasu LASD Retiree Roundup April 1-4. Valencia 11:30 a.00 Wuzz Fuzz/Victor Valley Second Tuesday of each month Hometown Buffet. Santa Fe Springs Info: Northern Sierra Retirees Occasional reunion for LASD retirees Info: Drake Deputies-On-The-Go Travel Group Info: Pete Moreno. Cerritos 11:00 Antelope Valley Retirees Last Friday of every month Carrows on Avenue K./$10. Texas Info: Dan Castillo. pokey125@cox. Katy. Info: Dock Parnell. castilloDR2@gmail.rr.Retiree Events Retired Marshals Lunch March 7.A. Lancaster 7:00 a. May. 10808 Alondra Retired Marshals Lunch May 2 Yang Chow.m. dr98lt@sbcglobal.m.rr. Retired D. Santa Clarita Area Retired Sheriff’s Personnel Quarterly Luncheon Second Thursday in February. 12 Star&Shield | february 2012 Retired Deputies in Las Vegas Third Wednesday of each month Blue Ox Tavern on Sahara 12:00 p.A.

To overreact will only lead to more problems. Maybe it’s a systemic problem that has been around for decades. This report claimed that deputies regularly beat inmates and referenced a group of deputies known as the “3000 Boys” who work on the third floor and have “3000” tattooed on their upper backs.Moriguchi continued from page 4 This year. The Los Angeles Times blamed Sheriff Baca for not properly managing the jails. So who is to blame? Is it the deputies (keep in mind that it is a small percentage of deputies accused of excessive force)? Is it the sergeants and lieutenants who are so bogged down with paperwork that they are unable to directly supervise the deputies? Is it management and Department executives who encouraged the use of force even after being told about it by supervisors and managers working jail facilities? I don’t really know the answer.000 deputies in a single year. claiming a lack of supervision of the deputies. you will see many ballot initiatives that impact public employees. The fact that working the jails is looked at as lost time for one’s career and is therefore avoided by most is the problem. PPOA has an exhaustive process before they provide their support and endorsement of any candidate. hard-working deputies. Maybe it’s lack of training. They are forced to do more with less and put in more hours without paid overtime. 2012 Quiet Cannon. the deputies who did./$25 Contact: Sergeant Hutak. Neither is jumping to conclusions or trying to appease the ACLU or avoid a federal consent decree by implementing changes without thinking things through or truly analyzing the situation. 2012 Holiday Inn. (562) 925-0124 february 2012 | Star&Shield 13 . There is a lot to work on in 2012! Retirement Parties Commander Dennis Conte February 23./$35 Contact: Lieutenant Johnson. but certainly pointing fingers isn’t the solution. The use of the jails as a dumping ground for those “not in the car” is the problem. use excessive force are to blame. The supervisors are not to blame. That is when the “blame game” began. Some blamed the lowering of the hiring standards a few years ago when the Sheriff ’s Department hired 1. Long Beach Airport 5:00 p. But the vast majority of deputies are good. The fact that the supervisors are often prevented from doing their jobs by overzealous executives is the problem. the ACLU issued a scathing report about excessive uses of force in the Los Angeles County jails. The fact that there are not enough supervisors is the problem.m. The Sheriff ’s Department needs to slow down and take a deep breath before jumping in the proverbial deep end. Doing it right is far better than doing it fast. 2012 Almansor Court. (626) 296-2102 Custody Assistant Felipe Vazquez February 25./$42 Contact: Lorraine Vazquez. Some put the blame on the LASD supervisors. Maybe keeping newly hired young deputies far too long in the jails is to blame. Some Los Angeles County supervisors blamed the allowance of flashlights in the jails as the problem. Montebello 6:00 p. Maybe encouraging deputy cliques and getting “gang-like” tattoos is part of the problem. Read between the lines and BEWARE of the true intent and consequences of these initiatives. Don’t be fooled by their play on words and fancy terminology. In addition to their support of public safety. It’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to work. PPOA will be actively working to ensure that our elected officials at the local and state levels place public safety as their top priority. specifically Men’s Central Jail. 2012 Industry Hills Expo Center $35 Contact: Mike Alerich. We are hopeful Sheriff Baca does not succumb to outside pressures and will take the time to analyze all his options to ensure it is done right. Sheriff Baca went on the offensive and blamed the FBI for conducting an investigation of the jails without his knowledge. What I do know is that the vast majority of sergeants and lieutenants in our jails are hard-working supervisors who do their best with limited resources and support. (714) 686-2296 Lieutenant Craig Boyett March 16. (909) 518-9009 Sergeant Steve Paul March 29. Alhambra 11:00 a.m. these elected officials must support public employee pensions and recognize that public employees receive REASONABLE compensation for the work they do. And what about the deputies? Are they to blame? Certainly. This being an election year. I don’t know the answer.m. (213) 893-5828 Sergeant Ruben Gracia February 25. The focus should be less on who is to blame and more on identifying problems and finding solutions. The report also described allegations of corruption uncovered by an FBI informant. Check out PPOA’s website as we get closer to election day to find out which candidates support your needs and will fight to protect your pensions. Jail Drama and Federal Investigations In September 2011. Maybe the massive hiring push a few years ago allowed some individuals (who should not have been hired as deputies) to slip through the cracks. 2012 Yorba Linda Community Center 6:00 p.m. in fact. albeit a reasonable use of force. Maybe it’s the fact that inmates are violent people and controlling violent people is difficult to do without the use of force./$35 Contact: Sergeant Romo. Some have been forced to work the jails by unscrupulous Department executives who enjoy using jail assignments as a form of punishment.

..000 professional peace officers serving you in California urge your support and participation in this statewide.. up to $300..............  More than 95 cents of every Lottery dollar is returned to the community most worthwhile project..... 2012 10th Street and Capitol Mall... Governor Gray Davis.... signed into law Senate Bill 1230 00 State Children’s Trust Fund for the Prevention of Child Abuse.. These are your total contributions................” said Lottery Director Joan Borucki... • 53 CA Military Family Relief Fund ....... 2011 Officer James Capoot Vallejo Police Dept.. .. We appreciate your support!  in the form of contributions to education................. • 54 CA Sea Otter Fund..............”  Part of the proceeds from the Scratchers ticket. Contributions I 2011 In the Line of Duty Officer Thomas Adams CHP — Garberville EOW: Febrary 15.. The more than 100... $10.......................000 retail locations the ultimate sacrifice........ The process is simple.....   The ticket costs $2 and will appear at more than 20.....• 56 00 00 overt expression of support for our Alzheimer’s Disease/Related Disorders Fund............... • 55 authored by Senator John Burton............ enter a dollar amount under “California Peace Officers’ Memorial Fund” support the foundation.... Giniewicz Signal Hill Police Dept...... California 14 Star&Shield | february 2012 ............... EOW: July 30.....00 Memorial Foundation (CPOMF).. That payment is a licensing fee that will not interfere in the “Contributions” section of your tax form...... the law with the amount of money that the Lottery pays out to education.. • 51 Emergency Food Assistance Program Fund .. 2011 Officer Daniel R....  The partnership is a win-win situation. the Lottery has a Scratchers ticket that pays tribute to peace officers and assists the contributed nearly $21 billion to California schools out of total sales of more than $56 billion.......6 billion in compensation families of their fallen colleagues....... 2011 Officer Ryan Stringer Alhambra Police Dept........ but it also reminds families of those gallant men and women peace officers who have made Californians of the commitment peace officers make day in and day out. Since its inception in 1985... 61 contributions on their personal state income tax returns to the California Peace Officers’ ✔ CA Peace Officer Memorial Foundation Fund...... in an 00 00 CA Seniors Special Fund (see page 60)............... charitable foundation whose mission is to behind by peace officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our state..........000........ Ackerman Buena Park Police Dept.... EOW: August 7.  “We are pleased to team up with the foundation to support the families left since 1985... 2011 California Peace Officers’ Memorial Ceremony May 6-7.............. The California Lottery contributes at least 34 cents of every dollar that players spend Lottery Teams Up with Peace Officers’ Memorial on Lottery products to public education and returns more than 50 percent of Foundation on Scratchers Ticket The California Lottery and CPOMF have joined forces to create sales to players in the form of prizes...... prizes and retail commissions... This 00 law allows taxpayers to make voluntary 61 Add line 50 through line 60..... When completing your California Resident Income Tax Return..... 2011 Officer Jermaine A................California Peace Officers’ Memorial Foundation FORM California State Income Tax California Resident Income Tax Return 2011 540 “Check-Off” Program n 1999.................. CPOMF is a non-profit.........• 58 peace officer heroes and their surviving 00 00 Rare and Endangered Species Preservation Program........................ “Customers can help support the work of recognize and honor California’s peace offers who gave their lives “In the Line of Duty” serving the citizens of this great state and provide support to the foundation by buying the ticket.............................. • 50 CA Firefighters’ Memorial Fund .. • 52 CA Peace Officer Memorial Foundation Fund ... earning $3. EOW: July 10. 2011 Officer Andrew Garton Hawthorne Police Dept.... EOW: March 18......... EOW: December 7..... Not only does it support two great causes. EOW: November 17... Retailers benefit too.... 2011 Officer Anthony A... Importantly...................... according to the CPOMF Board specifies that all contributions must be used to maintain the California Peace Officers’ Memorial and for activities in support of the surviving of Directors........• 59 00 families...... will go to the families left behind...... Gibson Cathedral City Police Dept........... Sacramento.... EOW: May 26.........• 57 00 00 CA Fund for Senior Citizens. 2011 Officer Jeremy Henwood San Diego Police Dept............ 00 CA Breast Cancer Research Fund......

Further. “Why did you call an attorney?” Then. Our presence at these interviews is to ensure that your rights are not violated and that you are not being harassed or intimidated during the interview process. and she contacted PPOA on her way into their offices. Representation on disciplinary matters is one of our biggest responsibilities as a union. Please remember that you are entitled to representation. In one particular situation. You do not have to interview with them. contact PPOA for assistance whenever you come into contact with ICIB investigators. the first question asked of her was.” When it doubt. but if they do. PPOA is here to serve you. IAB will inform you that you have these rights. contact PPOA immediately (PPOA has a 24-hour answering service that will connect you with representation should our offices be closed). When she arrived. She was told she looked nervous and basically was threatened with the possibility of termination by the time she decided to end their line of questioning. and if you are being interviewed as a “subject” or a “witness with subject rights. You only have to speak with IAB. PPOA Intake Representative I ’ve received several calls from members over the last couple of months regarding the Internal Criminal Investigation Bureau (ICIB). invoke your right to representation. whether or not you’ve done anything wrong. an employee was ordered to ICIB by her captain. Should you be ordered by your captain to go to ICIB or Internal Affairs Bureau (IAB) on the same day. before she knew what hit her. and it's time to review your rights. she made the mistake of attempting to explain to this group why she had done nothing wrong. She was then sent back to the captain’s office and relieved of duty. I can be reached just about any time if you need representation by calling (323) 261-3010. you have the right to be represented before making any statements.” you are entitled to representation. The reality is that you do not have to speak with ICIB without representation.   Although the member had done nothing wrong. Do not put yourself in a situation that you may find difficult to get out of by making statements that lead to other statements that lead to other statements — without representation — even if you’re absolutely sure that you’ve done nothing incorrectly or wrong.  It is also important to clarify when contacted by ICIB whether you are a witness or a subject and whether you are being ordered to participate in the interview or if your statements are considered “voluntary. especially if you are the “subject” of an investigation.Know Your Rights When Contacted by ICIB By Teresa Machado. no matter how they try to bait you into it. Further. this allows the union an opportunity to prepare for any possible outcome.  Once you arrive at ICIB. they proceeded to intimidate her into making statements. they do not normally just show up at your door (whether at home or at work). I’ve also come across numerous members who go to these interviews without representation because they don’t understand that it is important to have your union representative with you. february 2012 | Star&Shield 15 .

Visit the PPOA website to stay up to date on the news affecting Los Angeles County’s current and retired peace officers. Law Enforcement Wireless Network Success Still ‘Doubtful’  January 20: Man Falsely Claims He Was Shot by LASD Deputies  January 20: Public Employees Hit Back in Pension Fight  January 20: Deputies Bust Meth Lab in Lancaster Apartment  January 19: Retired LASD Sergeant to Discuss Drugs and Crime in TV Series  January 19: ‘Pot Smoking Sanctuary’ Sparks More Patrols from LASD  January 19: Deputies Arrest NBA Assistant Coach in Marina del Rey  January 19: LA City Council Welcomes Another Police Officer  January 19: LASD Gang Detectives Solve Shooting of Three Women in Florence  January 19: One California Public Pension Initiative Dies. Parolee Arrested  January 20: Deputies Arrest Three Following Home Invasion Robbery  January 20: After $350 Million.” • It’s a sham backed by billionaires and CEOs who want to control our state without any opposition from working people. but we all know that  corporations don’t collect political contributions through payroll deduction. They tried again in 2005 and failed. The Facts • This initiative has nothing to do with “special interests. • It allows corporations to use their mega-profits to contribute as much as they want to politicians who will do whatever they demand.Paycheck Deception is Back! D on’t let the name fool you — the “Stop Special Interest Money Now Act” set to appear on the November 2012 ballot is just another deceptive effort to manipulate voters and silence the voices of California’s working families. The wealthy backers of this initiative claim that this will curtail political contributions from both unions and corporations. LASD and D.’s Office Team Up in 2008 Homeless Murders Case  January 18: Compton City Council Debates LASD Reduction  January 18: Sheriff Baca Seeks More Funds for New Hires 16 Star&Shield | february 2012 . January 20: LASD Deputies Arrest last month. And big business has  always spent far more on initiatives and independent campaigns than on direct candidate Headlines The following is a partial list of breaking news links posted at www.PPOA. they could spend freely on independent campaigns and initiatives. PPOA. Let’s call a third strike and put an end to this deceptive attack on California’s working class. • It takes away our right to make a voluntary paycheck deduction contribution to our union’s political action fund. They tried it in 1998 and failed. While this may prevent corporations from giving directly to candidates. Take 12-Year Old Girl Into Protective Custody Following Statewide Search  January 20: Retired LA Deputy Helps Cops Use Paintball to Learn Ambush Skills  January 20: Suspect Rams LASD Patrol Car After Shots Fired Near School. More Face Looming Deadlines  January 19: LBPD. This is simply an effort to silence unions.A.

LASD Professional Staff Day Photos courtesy of Greg Torres Hosted by County Services Bureau Event held at Rancho Los Amigos. Downey february 2012 | Star&Shield 17 .

a new CPOMF Scratchers lottery ticket will be available for purchase. In addition. we will lose one of the major methods in which we are able to maintain wages. This year. As I have discussed in the last two issues of Star & Shield. PPOA expects to play a major role in helping elect those new supervisors. your benefits and your future. we will ask you to help us defeat this initiative. In the 1990s. Later this year. This new proposition is the third time we have fought off this issue in the last 10 years. Both Propositions 75 and 226 were designed to gut public safety unions’ political power by cutting off any deductions from their members for political action. including the L. and through the years many of our Board members have been actively involved in the memorial. The hidden symbol is: j Cash is great. As we approach the November elections. Each issue gives you the latest information on • Contract negotiations • Benefit changes • Retirement considerations This giveaway is open to PPOA members only. all contributions go directly to CPOMF. it is a poison pill for all California labor unions — both private industry unions and public unions like PPOA. This new paycheck protection initiative will be the most important fight we undertake in 2012. As by the end of this month will be entered into a drawing for one of five $100 prizes. 18 Star&Shield | february 2012 • Hot topics on the job • Association news • Upcoming events . County Board of Supervisors. please attempt to give them as gifts whenever possible since all proceeds go directly to CPOMF. hours. benefits and working conditions and fight off initiatives designed to hurt your salary and benefits. Here Are 500 Reasons Why It Pays to Read StarShield & Five $100 prizes Members who find the hidden symbol in Star & Shield and register through our website (www. we will keep you informed of any changes or additional concerns that demand your attention. If we can’t elect statewide officials. you can expect more political attacks on our pensions and our retiree health care without the ability for PPOA to weigh in against those initiatives because the money we use to fight will be lost forever. benefits and terms of conditions of employment. This year. Please help educate California Peace Officers’ Memorial Foundation News As most of you know. your salaries. In the 2000s. your family and your friends so that unions like PPOA can continue to effectively fight for your future. 1. PPOA was an original member of the Foundation. we fought off Governor Schwarzenegger’s Proposition 75. Please remember that your dues and your political donations help make PPOA strong. state senators. If we lose. then-called Proposition 226. You must be 18 or older to win. Basically. hours. PPOA members James Vogts and Al LeBas were two of the original commissioners. This is a charitable foundation that takes on a cause that warrants our support and attention. the CPOMF runs the California state memorial to fallen peace officers in Sacramento and provides financial assistance to families who have endured a loved one killed in the line of duty. there are two ways for line officers and everyday citizens to help support CPOMF. Please help if you can. PPOA President Brian Moriguchi and Vice President Jim Cronin are actively involved in the Foundation. PPOA will no longer be able to be involved in electing politicians at any level. Also this year. No matter how large or small. When filling out your tax forms. all you have to do is place a donation on Line 58 of California Tax Form 540 (see page 14). California law allows taxpayers to make tax deductible donations from their personal taxes to CPOMF. four out of five Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors members will be termed out in the next four years.Roller continued from page 5 yourselves. We use that strength to protect your rights. New supervisors will be elected in their place. The items mentioned above are just a few issues PPOA discussed with our law enforcement partners in Sacramento. state assembly members and local Board of Supervisors members. but our giveaways aren’t the only reasons to read Star & Shield. we fought off this same initiative. 2. PPOA has been very effective in using political action money to help elect politicians who will protect your wages.A. When they become available. If this new paycheck protection initiative (Stop Special Interest Money Now) passes.ppoa.

the defendants retrieved and used the e-mails in their motion for summary judgment.” However. has a privilege to refuse to disclose. plaintiff exchanged e-mails with her attorney on her company e-mail account using her company computer regarding possible legal action against the defendants. according to the Holmes Tony Romo ( Jim Cronin. The court explained that an attorney-client communication “does not lose its privilege character for the sole reason that it is communicated by electronic means or because persons involved in the delivery. LLP) T his article examines a case of first impression in warned that “employees who use the company’s technology resources to create or maintain personal information or messages have no right of privacy with respect to that information or message. The plaintiff felt she was harassed and retaliated against after disclosing one month after her hire date that she was pregnant and would need time off for maternity Directors Danya Hazen (dhazen@ppoa. discloses the information to no third persons others than those who are present to further the interest of the client …” Recent Decision In Holmes v. Holmes suggests that any communication or online activity on a company-owned electronic device may be fair game for the employer to view and exploit in litigation. Shortly thereafter. Treasurer (rmaldonado@ppoa. But would the court have found a reasonable expectation of privacy and/or lack of waiver if Holmes had used a personal e-mail account and/or the company’s computer policy had not clearly warned employees that such communications may be accessed? No. LLC (Cal. The handbook Contact PPOA Executive Board Brian Moriguchi. so that any reasonable person would expect that their discussion of her complaint about her employer would be David Vidal (dvidal@ppoa. Jan. 2011). employees should think twice before communicating with their attorneys via any company-owned electronic device. President (bmoriguchi@ppoa. whether or not a party. a female employee sued her employer for sexual harassment and violation of the right to privacy. Vice President (jcronin@ppoa. Rogelio Maldonado. contained provisions clearly spelling out the policy concerning use of the company’s technology resources. Ct. with the door open. and to prevent another from disclosing. Privacy Rights Issue: Any communication on a company-owned electronic device may be fair game for the employer to view and exploit in litigation. given the uncertainty surrounding the expanse of the Holmes application. Plaintiff objected to the use of the e-mails on the grounds of attorney-client privilege. but prior to her departure. as far as the client is Tab Rhodes (trhodes@ppoa. It appears that the next logical step will be to address the conflict between the employee’s expectation of privacy and the Holmes concision that ownership of the computer trumps all. The court held that by using the company’s computer to communicate with her february 2012 | Star&Shield 19 . App. The court’s holding in Holmes is justified in part by the fact that Holmes used her work e-mail account to exchange communications with her attorney in direct violation of her company’s computer policy. Holmes v. The Attorney-Client Privilege Evidence Code § 954 states in relevant part: “[s]ubject to Section 912 and except as otherwise provided in this Jim Blankenship.Use of Company Computers and Privacy Rights By Muna Busailah. in a loud voice. The defendants’ employee handbook. a confidential communication between client and lawyer …” Evidence Code § 952 provides that a “confidential communication between client and lawyer” is “information transmitted between a client and his lawyer in the course of that relationship and in confidence by a means which. Petrovich. Art Reddy (areddy@ppoa. Petrovich Development Co. The court’s decision could have severe implications for employees who regularly engage in online activities on company-issued electronic devices. which holds that e-mails sent from a work e-mail account on a company computer do not constitute confidential communications for purposes of the attorney-client Gerardo Garcia (ggarcia@ppoa. plaintiff ’s communications were not made in a manner designed to prevent disclosure of the information to anyone other than those who are present to further the client’s interest. plaintiff resigned. the client. knowing the communications violated the company’s computer policy and could be discovered by her employer due to the company policy of monitoring e-mail usage. even from personal password protected e-mail Jim Schallert (jschallert@lasd. among other things. Secretary (jblankenship@ppoa.” After the plaintiff filed her complaint. (Stone Busailah. which the plaintiff admitted reading and signing. The court rejected the plaintiff ’s arguments and determined the plaintiff waived her attorney-client privilege. 13. the e-mails sent via company computer under the circumstances of this case were akin to consulting her lawyer in her employer’s conference room. Until then. facilitation or storage of electronic communication may have access to the content of the communication.

20 Star&Shield | february 2012 .m. Also. Auction TPC Valencia 26550 Heritage View Lane Presented by Los Angeles County PPOA and the Professional Peace Officers Charitable Foundation. 10:30 a.6th Annual Peace Officer Memorial Golf Tournament June 4. visit us at www.ppoa. call PPOA at (800) Registration Shotgun Start Banquet. 9:00 a.m. 2012 Please join us as we honor the sacrifices of fallen officers and their loved ones left behind. 4:00 p. Awards. For more info on sponsorship. Raffle.m. or to register to play.

Schallert continued from page 6 Department. Learn more about our program by attending an upcoming Information Session close to your work or home. His goal is to advance to a higher managerial level with his newfound confidence. Let’s make sure the system we use is fair and legal. the genesis of which was a perceived unfair promotional Master the leader in you. None of us wants to see another promotion-related lawsuit. President Moriguchi has already met with the Sheriff and others on the matter. February 22 Tuesday. we believe this privilege should be the occasional exception and not the rule. I am sure each of us could think of ways to use that money to combat crime. and our work continues to ensure the process is fair for all members and legally protects the Department and your tax dollars.” and the money continues to be spent related to that suit. evening and weekend program for working professionals gave Ryan a deeper understanding of his own personal leadership style. The cost of the Bouman lawsuit. The Master of Science in Management and Leadership Our part-time. improve jail facilities or hire more deputies.pepperdine. resulted in tens of millions of tax dollars spent to “right the system. West LA Campus: Wednesday. Los Angeles Police Department Master of Science in Management and Leadership 2009 Irvine and West LA Graduate Campuses february 2012 | Star&Shield 074208.11_PEPUNI_MSML_Star_Shield_Ad_MECH Date: 01/6/12 ROUND #: MECH 21 . Please keep the e-mails and calls coming! Let your inner leader emerge. March 13 bschool. Ryan Lee Officer.

If you were not a PPOA member for the entire calendar year.93 Supv. we need your personal (non-LASD) e-mail address so that we can disseminate important news to you as quickly as possible.00 30.S.94 Civilian Investigator 701. that means:  22 The first PPOA member to identify the two mustachioed mystery men in this photo AND where it was taken will receive a PPOA prize pack.48 Supv.52 Lieutenant.54 Public Response Dispatcher II March 6: PPOA Delegates Meeting Dodger Stadium Club April 21-22: Baker-to-Vegas Challenge Cup Relay May 2-5: California Peace Officer Memorial Bicycle Ride Bakersfield to Sacramento May 7: California Peace Officer Memorial Ceremony Capitol Mall. We have only your LASD-provided e-mail address (which is regularly blocked from receiving PPOA e-mail blasts). Police & Fire Championships San Diego Mystery Photo j Total Dues Paid 2011 The following year-end (2011) dues totals are provided to aid members with tax preparation.52 Sergeant 956.73 Law Enforcement Technician and reference “e-mail updates” in the subject line.08 Crime Lab Tech 487.20 621. DA 956. please contact Clare at (323) 261-3010.56 Security Assistant 264.Calendar of Events February 23: LASD Homicide Comedy Night Steven's Steakhouse Commerce 6:00 p.57 Crime Analyst 684. Unit 612 612 612 612 614 614 614 614 614 621 621 621 621 621 621 621 621 621 621 621 632 632 615 615 615 Classification Full Members Lieutenant 956.C. Either way.93 Public Response Dispatcher Specialist 638.3 Security Officer 419.m.12 Court Services Specialist 453.52 611 611 611 Deputy IV (full member) Deputy (PPOA full member.52 Captain.00 120. Castaic June 4: PPOA 6th Annual Peace Officer Memorial Golf Tournament TPC. Political contributions are not deductible for income tax purposes.facebook. 2. Please e-mail your address to info@ppoa. Sacramento May 15: National Peace Officer Memorial Ceremony Washington. By the way.68 Forensic Identification Specialist I 687.52 Supervising Investigator.52 Criminalist 725. 1. June 2: Stars & Stripes BBQ/Salsa Showdown Jack Bones Equestrian Center. and 8 percent of PPOA dues are used for political contributions. Your e-mail address is not on file with PPOA.01 Custody Assistant 554.00 120. PPOA’s Facebook fans get first crack at our mystery photos online each month! Just one more reason to check out www. Coroner's Investigator ll 873. DA 956. not Alads) Senior Investigator.13 Senior Criminalist 966.37 Forensic Identification Specialist II 831.00 Attention PPOA Members We need your personal (non-LASD) e-mail address! If you have not received an e-mail blast from PPOA in the last six months (we've sent a handful).56 Supervising Public Response Dispatcher 657. Call Greg at (323) 261-3010.41 Public Response Dispatcher I 502. Valencia (see page 20) June 16-23: U.DA 956. Coroner's Investigator l 798. or. Star&Shield | february 2012 .92 496.04 Captain 956. D. DA Service Member Retired Member Retired Member prior 1/1/80 523.52 Commander 956.

More photos from this event (and many others!) can be found on PPOA’s Facebook page and www. Gil Carrillo did wonderful job of coordinating the festivities and even showed impressive vocal range (¡como un pajaro!) when he joined the mariachis on stage. held at Rudy's Baja Grill (the old Shack!). Photos courtesy of Mark Vidal february 2012 | Star&Shield 23 .ppoa.Lobster Fest ELA Station Reunion PPOA was a proud sponsor of this

Letters to PPOA 24 Star&Shield | february 2012 .

Mr. e and to receive the ful years to resolve my cas e that the system provided me. his tenacious approach CERA officials. Presid Association fessional Peace Officers Los Angeles County Pro y 188 East Arrow Highwa 773 91 San Dimas. I am sur ver Sil . It is with great pleasure calculating my retireme in or err an ing olv res supporting my claim in ed.Letters to PPOA January 3. relations is truly apprecia Sincerely. Silver After reading Executiv en Silver as directed by ph Ste y ne tor At r bo La . Mr t tha ce ran support and reassu s continually amazed by Without the personal s lengthy process. 2012 ed Member Nicholas Berkuta.” bu the r actions by n me unde kept me informed of his y would have easily “throw ntl ige dil ver Sil . ence with County and LA nd spo rre co of s pie co providing ed mbers with demonstrat the extra mile for its me ing go for n tio iza an ld of labor the PPOA org ing leadership in the fie nu Again. From Angeles County and LA l benefit allowance. I wa thi g rin Du s. Mr and caring for my cause. I thank you and nti co ur Yo . it took a total of two determined that there wa l contact until last month tia ini my of te da the CERA. u and the PPOA Board yo to n tio cia pre ap e that I offer my sincer nt pension. Retir ent Brian Moriguchi. Nicholas Berkuta february 2012 | Star&Shield 25 . California of Directors for Dear Brian. ms ble pro d ion for their work-relate genuine active compass ted.” I contacted PPOA’s Settlement with Los Lawsuit Helps Retirees a claim under the RASH e rsu pu to n tio nta me s sufficient docu . “PPOA 10 Star & Shield entitl 20 ry ua Jan the in e icl art e Director Paul Roller’s Paul.

00 14.50 27.75 Cinemark 6.00 The Huntington Library 12.00 64. Zoo 11.00 Magic Mountain Temporarily Unavailable Medieval Times 42.00 94.00 10.50 L.75 All ticket sales are final.50 8.00 San Diego Wild Animal Park 36. Limited to six (6) tickets per member.00 Legoland (Three parks. Prices and details on the PPOA website are subject to change.00 91.00 DisneySelect Premium 476.A. Please call the PPOA office at (323) 261-3010 for more information.50 27.00 67.75 Boomers in Upland 14.75 n/a Pacific 6.50 Pirates Dinner Adventure Temporarily Unavailable Scandia 14.00 Knott’s Berry Farm Temporarily Unavailable Long Beach Aquarium 18.25 n/a Regal/Edwards/UA 6.75 Annual Passes DisneySelect 191.00 129.75 9. get 6 months) 67.00 DisneySelect Deluxe 362.00 12.00 Universal Studios (Buy a day.00 54.75 7.50 San Diego Zoo 36.00 30. Cal 258.00 DisneySelect So.00 Movie Theater Restricted Unrestricted AMC Theatres 6. two-day) 64.25 7.00 46. per venue.00 Disney One-Day Hopper 96. Always call first to confirm prices and availability.00 71.75 Krikorian 7.00 Universal Front of the Line 129.00 77.00 14.75 7.00 Universal Premium Star 134.00 134.Discounted Ticket Prices for PPOA Members Venue Adult Adventure City (Anaheim) Child 9.50 Sea World 46. 26 Star&Shield | february 2012 .00 Universal w/o Blackouts 94.25 Legoland (Two-day) 54.00 Universal w/Blackouts 77.00 Disneyland (One-day) 76.

lincoln rear . Contact Stephen: (909) 618-6921 or (909) 597-8866.000. 40% discount for LASD & family. Call 562355-1486 (0711) 1946 Ford Coupe. 2 bedrooms.800 per month. Police Edition. $400 (half price).com. San Call Art at (562) 943-7972 (0911) PROWLER TRAVEL TRAILER 1997 .com (661) 600-5600 (0212) PPOA classified ads are free and available only to PPOA members (one per month. new awning. all extras. Only 26. (0811) VACATION OWNERSHIP $5000. Large yard in front & back w/ attached garage. sleeps 6. Roof 2 yrs old.31 foot. (0112) timeshare for sale PORTABLE SATELLITE ANTENNA Winegard automatic portable satellite antenna works great. diesel. Summerset 2002. Call Lorraine at (503) 867-9968.  Call (951) 218-9394. 188 E. errands (with my vehicle) & light housekeeping. No smoking. 3 speed column. (1011) Maui Condo Rental Completely remodeled. Four Staterooms. pool.000 per month. (0112) 2009 YAMAHA MAJESTY 400 cc scooter. (1011) Notary Service at CRDF PPOA Delegate Mary Pardo (Custody Assistant) offers free notary service to PPOA members & a discount for all other LA County employees. Call Tony 661-203-8650 (0711) TRUCK/TRAILER FOR SALE 2003 F-250. Room. Call Bill at (707) 3286258.297 miles. great paint and tires. (0811) each item listed. sandy beach. no business ads (0711) 2006 Travel Trailer 35ft. 8000 credits per year. Changed RVs and new one has builtin antenna.. Call (949) 586-7472. Clean $8800 mesarge65@yahoo. $1. Beds for 8 people. (1111) San Juan Capistrano House for Rent Located in historic section. Call (626) 964. Please call (360) 642-2491 (0711) 2001 Sportsman 5th Wheel 30ft KZ Sportsman bunkhouse with two opposing slideouts kitchen / LR. Asking price for the Beretta is $400 and the Smith is $350. All utilities available. power disk brakes. CA 91773 or e-mail to gtorres@ppoa.000. Full kitchen. large slide-out. spa. newly remodeled kitchen & bathroom w/ new appliances. 25 words max). lots of storage. Dark Blue. 2 bath. Contact Rudy at (661) 478-8188. sleeps 4. $11. PPOA is not Shared Ownership (Summer . Rent includes access to community rec. sauna. immaculate. 2 bedroom. Will pay $299 transfer fee. AZ: 3bd/2ba home on the water with private 50’ dock off your back porch for your water toys.2578 or email tohimaui@aol. female retired deputy needed for live-in position. Two full baths.500. tires only 200 miles. no kids. not over the phone. 2 bathrooms. Submissions must be in writing. 1 bathroom. Asking $72. Both guns in great condition. Call (949) 586-7472. Asking $4. clean and excellent condition.5’. only 3. New submissions are added on first come-first served (909) 282-2863 (0811) 2002 Fleetwood RV 2002 Expedition. newly painted & carpeted throughout w/ new drapes & blinds. 1 bedroom. Call Tony at 661203-8650 (0711) 2004 harley davidson Road King. Kaanapali.end. 1 bath. Bob at 805 553-0124 or E-Mail srvalley@roadrunner. 34’ diesel pusher. Call (909) 973-3432. Private party only. Send your ad to: Star & Shield Editor. 5th wheel. 74’X16.  Dark Gray. 3 bedrooms. low miles (56K). excellent condition. Pool. Please send within first week of each month to ensure timely inclusion. This applies to service offered at CRDF. no pets. as new. (0911) 5 ACRES VACANT LAND For sale 5 miles from Grass Valley. pool. Please call Ed (949) 496-6432. 2005 Laredo.PPOA Classifieds MAUI CONDO RENTAL Spectacular oceanfront. Contact ceklasd@earthlink. $2. queen bed. february 2012 | Star&Shield 27 . Payments up to date. Info: (562) 756-5924 / pardo_mary@yahoo. 16000 credits on account. Washer/ dryer located in attached 2-car garage. each issue. spa. Looks new. (1011) TWO GUNS FOR SALE Selling a Beretta 92FM stainless steel as well as a S&W K frame stainless 38. Arrow Highway. Truck $20K / Trailer $18K / Package deal $35K. More info at: worldmarktheclub.500 miles. W& (0811) RIVER HOME FOR RENT In Parker. rooom. $22. from Cal Poly. Pictures available. Sell for balance owed. in immaculate condition. CA. Forrest River. No work numbers Deluxe Lake Powell Houseboat Ads run for 3 months. $6000. $10K. Pictures available. Email: lasd2maui@ yahoo.  Gets nearly 60 miles per gallon. W&D. Wooded with level building pad & slight slops. Sellers are encouraged to list price of Worldmark Trendwest. Pick your dates and villa type at great locations.00 will get you a lifetime ownership to Monarch Grand Vacation Resort. (0112) San Luis Obispo House for Rent Approximately 10 mins. classified ad. 327 chevrolet. extras. board & stipend provided.even years). full kitchen. 27 ft. view of Molokai/Lanai.  Asking $3.900. (0811) Wanted: Live-in Care Mature. Responsibilities include: Call Theresa or Steve @714-2828446 (1111) responsible for any claims made in a may be used in ads.  Retail value is $4.800.295. AC.

00 or double the value of the fraud.Non-Profit Org. medical malpractice and other negligence Serving Ventura. MARENSTEIN.S. CA 91773 PAID Tucson. LLP OVER 36 YEARS OF SERVICE TO SAFETY PERSONNEL AND THEIR FAMILIES Our firm of 15 attorneys and over 50 support staff are dedicated to professional. 188 E. CA 91364 www. WORKERS COMPENSATION State Bar Certified Specialist We have successfully represented over 35. . Our personal injury department has successfully litigated or tried over 5000 claims for automobile injuries. DISABILITY RETIREMENT FOR SAFETY MEMBERS PERSONAL INJURY We have a pension department of 3 attorneys who specialize in this area and have successfully obtained disability pensions for thousands of safety personnel under PERS.000.O. or both imprisonment and fine. Los Angeles and Orange Counties Making a false or fraudulent workers’ compensation claim is a felony subject to up to five years in prison or a fine up to $50. personal service.. Arrow Highway San Dimas.lmwslaw. Our representation continues long after your case is concluded since your right to lifetime medical care may always be challenged. WICKE. Inc.000 safety members. whichever is greater. County 1937 Retirement Act and other county and city systems. Suite 400 Woodland Hills.P. SHERWIN & LEE. products liability. U. Postage P. (818) 703-6000 20750 Ventura Boulevard. az Permit #271 Change Service Requested LEWIS.