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Netizens’ Guide to May 10 v1.

#juanvote challenges all Filipino netizens

to be champions of Honest, Orderly and
Peaceful Elections by taking action on
May 10.

This May 10 we would have two “firsts”:

The first nationwide automated elections, and the first social media coverage to be mounted
by citizens.

We must not just vote: We must use all our powers as social media users to help others vote
and to guard the vote. Armed with our cellphones, digital cameras, and social media tools, we
can make a difference.

This simple guide aims to empower us with knowledge on what, when and how to report.

Please read, print and distribute copies of this guide. Thanks.

Where you can find #juanvote When to report

• Web/Livestream Timing is important: Immediately report

• Twitter Follow @juanvote or monitor incidents to #juanvote and our partners.
tweets using the hashtag #juanvote
What to report
• Facebook Search for #juanvote
21 (also on livestream at GENERAL RULE: All eligible voters have a right to vote freely and to have those votes counted
• Radio Via Code Radio (NU107/Magic quickly and accurately to determine the winners
89.9/U92.3/Jam88.3) in the electoral contests.
• Other media outlets
Voting Issues
Where to report
• Delays in opening of precincts
#juanvote welcomes all types of reports • Preventing any registered voter to cast
through the following: a vote
• Missing names of registered voters in
• Twitter Use hashtag #juanvote
List of Voters
• Email
• Receiving a ballot that has already been
pre-marked or with shading
REPORT> and send to any of the
• Any person checking out how a voter is
following numbers:
casting a vote (violation of privacy and
o 09274004190
o 09995178201
o 09223913567
• Precinct runs out of ballots (If precinct any candidate, or supporters of any
runs out of ballots, a voter should be candidate or party
allowed to cast votes in next precinct)
COMELEC: Prohibited acts on Election Day
• Precinct runs out of markers
• Precinct has wrong ballot • Campaigning
• Suspension of voting for whatever • Selling, furnishing, offering, buying,
purpose serving or taking intoxicating liquor
• use or unavailability of indelible ink
Non-use • Giving, accepting free transportation,
to mark voters who have already voted food, drinks and things of value
• Premature closing of precincts • Soliciting votes or undertaking any
propaganda for or against any
Automated Election System Issues
candidate or any political party within
• No PCOS machine in precinct the polling place or within thirty
thirt (30)
• PCOS machine malfunctions meters thereof
• PCOS machine rejects ballots • Voting more than once or in
• CF card (memory card) malfunctions substitution of another
• Brownouts at any time on Election Day • Holding of fairs, cockfights, boxing,
at the precincts horse races or other any other similar
• Unauthorized personnel (non
(non- sports
COMELEC) accessing the PCOS machine • Opening of booths or stalls for the sale,
• Stealing or destruction of the PCOS etc., of merchandise, or refreshments
machine within a radius of thirty meters from
the polling place
Election Violence
Other Hotlines
• Unauthorized presence of armed
military or police personnel • COMELEC: 525-9296,
9296, 5259345,
• Unauthorized presence of 5275574, 5271892, 5259335, 5259294,
unidentifiable armed persons (private 5270821, 5259297
armies, militias) • PPCRV: 5253476, 5265694, 5260869,
• Fighting in precincts, polling centers 5261417, 5260012, 5236574, 5254992,
and canvassing centers 5264572, 5262248
• Any physical attack or threat of • NAMFREL: 4704151, 4847590,
4847590 0927-
physical attack against any teacher or 9611524, 0919-3389344
official authorized by the COMELEC
COMELEC, or • KONTRA DAYA: 5693427,
5693427 0921-
against any voter, any group of voters, 2953004, 0915-2332413

#juanvote also
o inc
includes Election Bloggers, Tech Tanod and other groups.

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