Dec 9 1994 XX XX Elko, Nevada XX Dear XX Senator Harry Reid forwarded your letter to this Department and asked

us to respond to your concerns. Your letter indicates that you are paraplegic. You state objections to the passage of gun control legislation that outlaws semi-automatic weapons because such weapons are the only types you can use due to your disability. It appears that congressional action to repeal or modify the legislation is necessary to address your concern. You also seek a personal exemption from "dumb" wilderness laws. You indicate that you are being denied access to wilderness areas because, due to your disability, the only means of access is via a snowmobile or ATV which apparently are not permitted. It is not clear from your letter whether the areas are national or state parks. If the areas are national parks, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act applies and requires modification of policies and procedures where necessary to provide access to persons with disabilities, unless such modifications would create an undue financial or administrative burden or fundamentally alter the nature of the program. The same type of reasonable modification is required under title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act if the areas are state parks. You may wish to inquire of park authorities whether a modification of the vehicle policies will be made for you. We are unfamiliar with the circumstances involved, and take no position on whether the type of modification you seek is reasonable under Section 504 or title II of the ADA. cc: Records; Chrono; Wodatch; Magagna; McDowney; MAF; FOIA udd\magagna\congress\reid 01-03503 -2A copy of this response has been sent to Senator Reid.

Sincerely, John L. Wodatch Chief Public Access Section cc: Senator Harry Reid 01-03504 94 JUN 20 XX Elko, Nevada 89801 XX 11 June 1994 Senator Harry Reid SH-324 Hart Senate Office Bldg. Washington, DC 20510-2803 Please be advised that the current frenzy for legislating against semi-automatics, pistol grips, barrel shroud and threaded muzzles is sheer stupidity. I am a XX paraplegic who uses a Colt AR-15 for everything from deer hunting to plinking at cans. In as much as I do not have back muscle control, as an outcome of the accident and the paraplegia, the semi-auto with a pistol grip and muzzle break are indispensable for me to be able to hold and shoot a rifle other than one of the "Youth Models" which is single shot, a short and very light weight. The solution to the problem is to enforce the more than 22,000 existing laws and leave the law abiding citizen alone. Stop passing cosmetic and "feel good" legislation based on looks and functions of firearms, such as semi-auto, by concentrating on criminal usage and putting the scum bags in jail. Add to that the fact that I am excluded from entering some of the best mountainous areas of my state by the enactment of the dumb wilderness laws. For me to get to some of them, it means either a gasoline powered snowmobile or an ATV. Can I be provided an

exemption under the accommodations of the Americans With Disabilities Act to use what ever means necessary to get there. Thank you. Sincerely, XX 01-03505