DEC 15 1994 The Honorable Phil Gramm United States Senator 2323 Bryan Street, Suite 1500 Dallas

, Texas 75201-2659 Dear Senator Gramm: This letter is in response to your inquiry on behalf of your constituent, Richard L. Myers, concerning the lack of accessible parking for people with disabilities at Del Lago Plaza in Montgomery, Texas, where Mr. Myers' business, Lakefront Properties, Inc., is a tenant. He says that over the years he has asked the owners and managers of the office complex to provide accessible parking spaces for himself and his clients and customers. He asks whether all public office buildings are required to provide accessible parking. Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act requires that existing places of public accommodations -- including restaurants, stores, sales or rental establishments, travel services, and offices of lawyers or doctors -- remove architectural barriers to access where such removal is readily achievable, i.e., easily accomplishable and able to be carried out without much difficulty or expense. The Department of Justice's regulation under title III offers examples of barrier removal including installing ramps, making curb cuts in sidewalks, and creating designated accessible parking spaces. The cost of these actions and the resources of the covered entity are factors in determining what is readily achievable. While the exact nature of Mr. Myers' business is unclear, we assume it is a real estate sales or rental office and that parking spaces are provided for his customers. If this is the case, it is possible that the landlord, the tenant, or both will be responsible for providing accessible parking. For further information, please see § III-1.2000, p.3 of the enclosed title III technical assistance manual. cc: Records, Chrono, Wodatch, McDowney, Bowen, Breen, FOIA, MAF Udd:Bowen:PGramm.Con:Cager 01-03513​

-2I hope this information is useful to you in understanding the requirements of the ADA. You may wish to inform your constituent that further information is available through our Americans with Disabilities Act Information Line at 800-514-0301 (Voice) or 800-514-0383 (TDD) between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, except for Thursday between 1:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. EST. Sincerely, Loretta King Acting Assistant Attorney General Civil Rights Division 01-03514​ REALTOR Lakefront Properties, Inc. MLS

March 15, 1994 Honorable United States Senator Phil Gramm United States Senate Washington, D.C. 20510-4302 RE: Disabled Parking at 15001 Walden Road Montgomery, Texas 77356 Dear Mr. Gramm: I am confused! My original letter to you was in regard to Handicap Parking, which is not provided in the 15,000 square foot office building at 15001 Walden Road and never has been provided since its inception. We are tenants and have made numerous requests to have "Handicap Marked Parking Spaces" provided. The requests were made to: Phillip LeFevre, Manager and/or Lessor, located in the same building, Suite 203. I am on "Life Support Systems" and cannot walk any great distance. Many of our clients or customers are also handicapped.

Perhaps my confusion is your letter states you have contacted officials at "The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission". Are they the government agency that handles handicap parking? Once again, thank you for all your help. Very truly yours, Richard L. Myers Lakefront Properties, Inc. RLM/kb 01-03515​Realtor Lakefront Properties, Inc. March 1, 1994 The Honorable Senator Phil Gramm 2323 Bryan Street, Suite 1500 Dallas, TX 75201-2659 RE: Handicap Parking Office Complex 15,000 sq. ft. Air Conditioned Offices Dear Mr. Gramm: My corporation "Lakefront Properties, Inc.", is a tenant in the "Del Lago Plaza", 15001 Walden Road, Montgomery, Texas 77356 office complex, with approximately 15,000 square feet of air conditioned offices. We lease approximately 1500 square feet and have for a number of years. We have over the years requested the owners and/or managers of the building provide us with handicap parking spaces and have been ignored or told they are working on it. The bottom line is, we still have none and no reason to believe anything will change. The same management company also manages a shopping center near our office complex and did recently paint handicap spaces in the shopping center. Am I mistaken, or don't all public office buildings have to provide handicap spaces for the tenants and the public MLS

for the benefit of people such as myself who are handicapped? The manager of our building is LeFever Management Company. One of the principal owners is Henry Brooks - one of the large beer distributors in Conroe, Texas. Mr. Gramm, any assistance you could give me on this matter would be greatly appreciated, such as what government agency should I contact and if possible, a name of the closest one to Walden, Del Lago, Conroe, Texas or Houston, Texas. Mr. Gramm, thank you for all your assistance in past years on many matters! I look forward to your usual prompt response. Your constituent, Richard L. Myers RLM/kb 01-03516