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: English Language


: 2A


: 14.3.2013 (Thursday)


: 7.45 – 8.45 a.m.


: World of Self, Family and Friends


: Friends

Content Standards

: 4.1

By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will
be able to enjoy and appreciate rhymes, poems and
songs, through performance.


by the end of 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be
able to plan, organize and produce creative works for

Learning Standards

: 4.1.2 Able to sing action songs, recite jazz chants and poems
with correct pronunciation, rhythm and intonation
4.3.2 Able to take part with guidance in a performance based


action songs

: By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:

sing the song with correct pronunciation
follow the tempo of the song using instruments


perform the song using instruments with correct


: Friend, mine, shaking, hands, hips, stamping feet, clapping

Moral values

: Cooperation and friendship

Teaching aids

: Lyrics’ PowerPoint presentation, instruments (spoons,
wooden spatulas, small plastic containers containing sand,

Thinking skill

: Expressing oneself creatively in simple language

Multiple intelligences

: Bodily kinesthetic, interpersonal

Teacher shows how to use the instruments with correct rhythm and tempo. To present the action song (the tune of “The Wheels on the Bus”) 1.Stage/Time Content Activities Resources 1. Teacher randomly Instruments (spoons. Presentation 1. Teacher says ‘Hi’ and waves (5 minutes) interest hands to the class 2. 2. Each group practices their parts using their instruments. Teacher sings the song with actions and pupils follow 1. small plastic containers containing sand. 2. Teacher sings the song. tune ‘The wheels on the Bus’ accompanied by the minus one. Teacher displays the lyrics PowerPoint lyrics of the song using LCD. wooden spatulas. To arouse Set Induction pupils’ 1. 3. To practice Practice the song 1. Teacher assigns a stanza for each group to practice. 5. Teacher reads the lyrics line Minus one for the by line and pupils follow. brushes) . 4. 4. Teacher asks pupils to say ‘Hi’ and wave their hands to the friends who sit on their left and right. line by line and pupils follow. Teacher divides the pupils (20 minutes) using into four groups. To perform 1. Each member of the groups instruments given is given an instrument. 3. Production 1.

Teacher discusses values such as cooperation and friendship. To instill the moral values 2.(15 minutes) the song chooses a group to perform their parts of the song using their instruments. 2. To close the lesson Justification 1. . Closure (5 minutes) 1. Pupils sing the whole song with their respective instruments.

kbyueleven. Therefore. described that bodily-kinesthetic is actually the ability to unite the body and mind in physical movement. the lyrics contain repeated lines like ‘a friend of mine’. but still with the teacher’s guidance. Teacher could conduct this activity during 60minutes class. Then. These words are of one to three syllables only which suits their proficiency level. ‘shaking hips’ and ‘stamping foot’. repetition is the key to development of child’s brain. the song contains simple sentences. The ‘Friend of Mine’ song is very interesting and enjoyable to be taught to the Year 2 pupils because it is a song that is using ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ tune. which suit their level. . which is being repeated for four times in a stanza. For example. which means it could help the pupils’ long-term memory. instruments could increase the expressivity of the human spirit to create. The song is suitable for the intermediate level of pupils’ proficiency since the lyrics is quite long for the group of Year 2 pupils with lower level of proficiency. Besides. pupils could develop their bodily-kinesthetic intelligence by doing the actions like ‘shaking hands’.org (2010). so that the pupils could easily understand the content. The song can be categorized under the theme ‘World of Knowledge’ on the topic ‘Friends’.The ‘Friend of Mine’ song is chosen because it is suitable for Year 2 classes. This means that the pupils are free to produce the music using instruments they have. ‘shaking’. ‘together’ and ‘hands’ are suitable to be taught to them. Besides. Based on their level. the sentence ‘Can you be a friend of mine’ is short. The focused skill for the activity is Language Arts. quoted by Isbell and Raines (2013). the intelligence could be well developed. Repetition helps them a lot in memorizing words. the use of instruments like spoons and wooden spatulas to produce the rhythm for the song actually could give them opportunity to express themselves in music. quoted the words by Perry (2004). Gardner (1983). since this activity involves actions. Apart from that. they could easily follow the song and this could attract the pupils’ interests to sing together with their friends. The ‘Friend of Mine’ song is chosen because it contains very simple vocabulary. When they sing the ‘Friend of Mine’ song. words like ‘friend’. improvise and perform the music sounds. According to Booth and Hachiya (2004). which is quite familiar to them.