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United we stand tall proverb means cooperation and solidarity in the interests of the country.

This concept is so important because the integrity of the country is determined by the people
who have the actual integration . Countries that have not united the people who will receive the
negative impact , especially with the economic and political world that is so relevant to do .
Obviously , this proverb has many interests to be appreciated by our society.
The life of our multi- racial requires the practice of this maxim as an unwise action could affect
the security of the internalized over the years. They should stick to the principle of this proverb
to build the strength of our country again . Multilingual society that exists in the country led to a
feeling of unity was so easily eradicated if we are not careful in doing an action that could bring
down the other face . So , this proverb reminds us of the importance of unity.
In addition , the concept of unity expressed in this proverb is also important in the country's
political atmosphere . Unity is needed in politics because politics can be the lot of the country.
The split that exists in the political system or the national administration could jeopardize the
country's security on the long term without unity nor political system established to ensure that
the people in this country continue to be taken care of .
At the same time , the meaning of solidarity is also important to facilitate the development is
carried out in the country. All activities planned development aims to make the country more
prosperous and developed . Any negative or bad actions can affect the later development of the
standard of living of the people declined dramatically . This condition if sustained will make
people in this country live in an atmosphere that is so sad as the situation in foreign countries
we often watched on television as well.
In fact , this maxim also proclaimed the unity of purpose in the form of cultural integration . We
are aware of this multi- cultural country that requires an integration to make all our culture it is
actually a Malaysian culture . Work practices or blend appreciated by the people of this country
allows all the different cultures it absorbed naturally into the national culture can be the pride of
all citizens of this country .
In conclusion , this proverb has brought a reminder to us all of the importance of the unity or
teamwork . The attitude of blaming any party when experiencing a problem is not the
appropriate action in this country . We must realize that the practice of " like bamboos with
riverbanks " very important practiced in this country .