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A1 (Elementary Level

End-of-Course Examination
1 Complete the sentences. Use
contractions where
Example: We ’re from Italy.
1 __________ he a student?
2 We __________ English. We’re Scottish.
3 ‘Is he in Class 4?’ ‘No, he __________.’
4 ‘Is Marta Spanish?’ ‘Yes, __________ is.’
5 This __________ Chinese food. It’s Japanese.

2 Complete the sentences with the correct
Example: I’m American. My family is from New
My Your Their
1 They’re students. __________ names are James
and Marta.
His Her Their

3 sixty, seventy, eighty, __________
one hundred one thousand ninety
4 Saturday, Sunday, Monday, __________
Wednesday Friday Tuesday
5 fifteen, twenty, twenty-five, __________
thirty thirty-five thirteen

4 Complete the chart.(country-nationality)
Example: Japan Japanese
1 the United States __________
2 Germany __________
3 __________ Italian
4 France __________
5 ___________ Chinese

5 Underline the correct word.
Example: It’s a / an identity card.
1 They’re watches / watchs.
2 What’s this / these? It’s an umbrella.
3 Open a / the door.
4 Those / That students are French.
5 The students are from different countrys /

2 Carlo is Italian, but __________ mother is
his her she

6 Complete the sentences. Use the verbs in
brackets.(Simple Present Tense)

3 It’s a school. __________ name is The English
His Her Its

1 They _______________ (not have) children.
2 I _______________ (work) in a school.
3 The pub _______________ (close) at 11.00
4 She _______________ (not like) coffee.
5 We _______________ (speak) English and

4 We are students. __________ teacher is
Their Our Your
5 This is our director. __________ name is Mark.
His Her He

Example: She lives (live) in a house.

7 Complete the sentences with one word.
(Simple Present Tense)
Example: Do you like Mexican food?

3 Complete the lists with the correct word.
Example: two, four, six, eight
nine eight ten
1 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, __________
Saturday Thursday Friday
2 thirty-seven, thirty-eight, thirty-nine,
forty sixty fifty

1 __________ they live in France?
2 __________ your father work in a restaurant?
3 How old __________ your brother?
4 We __________ live in a house. We live in a
5 What __________ your father do?

8 Underline the correct word or phrase.

(isn’t. Do you like me / I? 2 That’s mine / my car. take go make 3 She __________ school at half past three. Use the verbs in brackets in the past simple.any.(12:15) 4 ___________________________. 4 Can you to play / play chess? 5 Do you can / Can you come to my birthday party? Example: It’s quarter to three.(8:20) 3 ___________________________. Now they live in Poland.’ 5 I often __________ up late on Sundays. Example: I go to the gym in the evenings. 2 There __________ a good film on TV last night. start wake go 12 Underline the correct word or phrase 15 Underline the correct word or phrase .was. 5 I don’t like Charles’s / Charle’s brother. have go take 1 He __________ breakfast every morning. 3 I’m sorry. 2 These are my childrens’ / children’s books.(2:45) 1 ___________________________.(9:00) 5 ___________________________. in each sentence.Example: This is my brothers’ / my brother’s wife. 1 I ________________ (study) for three hours last night. 4 That’s my parents’ / parent’s car. 10 Complete the chart with the opposites. 1 It’s Ben’s / the Ben’s pen. Example: Do you like listening / listen to songs? 9 Write the times. 3 Are there __________ guests at the hotel? 4 There __________ any famous people at the party last week! 5 ‘Were there any ghosts in your room?’ ‘No. but there’s some water. 3 I like the film’s end / end of the film. 4 ________________ you ________________ (watch) that film last night? 5 My grandparents ________________ (live) in Australia. goes does finishes 4 I __________ a shower every morning. 14 Complete the sentences. does goes has 2 We __________ the dog for a walk twice a day. 2 When ________________ the party ________________ (finish) last night? 3 She ________________ (not like) the food in the restaurant. 1 I like you.(6:30) 2 ___________________________. there __________. cheap difficult short dry full safe Example: expensive cheap 1 empty __________ 2 tall __________ 3 dangerous __________ 4 easy __________ 5 wet __________ 11 Complete the sentences with the correct word. I can / can’t play tennis this evening.weren’t(X2)) Example: Is there a TV in my hotel room? 1 There __________ any wine. do get have Example: We worked (work) hard yesterday.(10:50) 13 Complete the sentences.

You’re very ___________. we had a pizza and then took a bus to the train station. She always dresses well. Saturday 18 July We left home early in the morning. Example: How much / many coffee do you drink? 1 We don’t eat much / many bananas in our house. we went for a walk around the city. Example: Your car is more expensive (expensive) than mine. exciting polite careful 5 Jeff is quite __________. 17 Complete the sentences with the correct words. I bought a jacket and some T-shirts. serious aggressive boring 3 She’s very __________. He’s very healthy. . 5 I don’t have much / many free time. 16 Write the comparative or superlative form of the adjective in brackets. and then I had some fruit. Example: Helen’s very quiet. Anna just had toast. In the evening. 4 Winter is the _______________ (dangerous) time of the year for some animals. 3 She eats much / a lot of biscuits. 4 Mark buys many / a lot of fruit. We wanted to get up early the next day and explore Shakespeare’s birthplace. She doesn’t make many mistakes. 5 This year’s work is _______________ (hard) than last year’s work. Buckingham Palace. He doesn’t often laugh or make jokes. I work very hard. We went to our hotel and had an early night. We met some really nice English people and had so much fun that we didn’t get back to the hotel until very late! Sunday 19 July We got up late and had breakfast in a café.in each sentence. We caught an evening train to Stratford-uponAvon and arrived at about nine o’clock. popular difficult serious 18 Reading Read Maria’s diary. We had a quick sandwich in a small café and then headed for Oxford Street. I wasn’t hungry. 2 I didn’t eat no / any cake. We were really tired. When we got to the hotel. Travelling by bus in London is a great way to see the sights. 1 I’m the _______________ (happy) person in the world! 2 She’s the _______________ (good) swimmer in the class. After breakfast. we had a rest and then went out to explore the city. In the afternoon. She loves them. 3 It’s _______________ (hot) in Italy than in Norway. but I couldn’t find one that I liked. we ate in an Italian restaurant and went to a typical English pub in Covent Garden. generous friendly open 2 Don’t be __________! I hate arguing. I had a full English breakfast. and St Paul’s Cathedral. We saw Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square. She never speaks! noisy quiet careful 1 Thank you for the money. but our flight was delayed and we didn’t arrive at Heathrow until late in the afternoon. friendly happy stylish 4 Julie’s very __________. I wanted to buy a bag as well. but we took a bus to our hotel because taxis in London are very expensive.

_____ 4 They talked to some people in the evening. _____ 5 Maria and Anna didn’t like the pub in Covent Garden. _____ GOOD LUCK  . _____ 3 Anna bought a bag in Oxford Street. they went to a café.Are the sentences True (T) or False (F)? Example: Maria and her friend travelled to London by train. _____ 2 After they had a rest at the hotel. F 1 London taxis are usually expensive.