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Re: Ihre Anfrage: 11.09.16 bis 16.09.16 - Objekt-Nr. 434722
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28. April 2016 um 06:55
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Sep 11, 2016-Sep 16, 2016,
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Name Vermieter


Thanks for your request. These days are still available (up till now). So
I hope to welcome you on my boat.
Please make some time to read the information below. I know it is a lot of
information but it can make your stay an unforgettable one. Even when you
do not take the boat, because there is a lot of useful information about
Amsterdam, and I want to share that with you.
(It is a hobby of mine-this information is also available in French and

It will be a holiday you will never forget, it is a top way of experiencing
Amsterdam. Living on a houseboat is a little bit magical. The comfort of a
home and the charme of a boat in the hart of the Jordaan. 4/28/2016

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It is the most celebrated neighbourhood in the Netherlands. Surprisingly
quiet and safe neighbourhood although 150 meters walk many Café’s,
Restaurants. shops. You can enjoy feeding the various waterfowl and
watching the boats go by.

Below you will find information about
the houseboat, price, sleeping places etc.
during the winter or summer on a houseboat
the location of the Houseboat,
Parking- train - plane
Below something to get in the mood
Amsterdam, ideas for Sightseeings, shops, markets, musea, nightlife,
and more
how to proceed the reservation, pay only € 100,- in advance
Check-In, Check-out

Price for 5 nights Sunday till Friday : € 1.375,- ( max sleep 6 people)
So it is € 275,- per night
When you are with :
6 people it is € 46,- per person per night
Prices 4/28/2016

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High season (from last week of March till the 1st of January) weekend :
€ 375,- per night in the weekend min. 3 nights does not matter with how
many people you are max 6 people. So total € 1.125,High season during the week € 275,- per night
Low Season (January, February, till the 3rd week of March) € 275,- per
night in the weekend min 3 nights/ € 175,-per night during the week.
If you are interested ask me for the price
Last Minute - make your own price and maybe I will accept.
Special holidays € 525,- per night. Min. stay 4 nights. Like : Easter,
Pentecost, Holy Friday, Ascension, Kingsday, Gay Parade, IBC, Marathon, New
Years Eve (min 4 nights).

Payment in advance only € 100,- by bank . The rest to pay cash at your
In some countries - for example America - it is difficult to pay by
bank - or it cost € 45,- .
If that is the case in your country I do not mind if you pay the whole
amount at your arrival.
(the only thing I ask from you - if something happens and you cannot
come - please let me know as soon as possible)
How to proceed the reservation see below.

Your Own Private Place
The price is for the whole houseboat. (nobody else will be there so it is
your own private place). There are two bikes available also towels and
bedlinen and everything to make a nice dinner. Even free wood for the open
fire place is available. 4/28/2016

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No rules whatsoever - the only thing you have to promise me : to be quiet
outside the boat for the neighbours (as well as if you have drunk a little
bit too much)
It is allowed to smoke inside.

A big bath for 2 persons / Dishwasher / Flat screen Television / DVD player
(large collection of dvd’s available. / Oven / Microwave / Washing machine
/ Dryer / Wi-Fi Internet / Stereo audio system /Central heating in every
room / Always Hot water even when you take a shower 20 times a day. / Open
Fireplace (free wood) / games/ Keyboard / Two bikes
Cold in the winter on a houseboat ?
not on this boat because it is like an apartment with central heating
and an open fire place with free wood. .
and when there is ice in the canal it is a lot of fun for skating or
walking on the ice.

Warm in the summer on a houseboat ?
When it is 30 o it is warm on the boat because it has a flat roof
There are electric fans on the boat - most of the time that is enough
couple of days of the year - with the water hose spray water on the roof
than it cools down faster and spraying water all around the boat then it
creates a wind

Low ceiling so when you are tall ? 4/28/2016

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The ceiling is 220 cm so when you are tall it is not nice. Also the
shower can give some problems

Sleeping-places and bathroom
Comfortable enough for 6 persons (only you have to be flexible there is
only one bathroom (with a big bath for 2 persons shower and sink) and a
separate toilet in the hall.
1 bedroom with 2 single beds + a comfortable guest bed = 3 persons
1 bedroom with a bunkbed and a single bed + a comfortable guest bed 4
Livingroom one comfortable sofa 1.40 x 2.00 = 1 or 2 persons
Livingroom and another sofa 1.40 x 2.00 = 1 or 2 persons
and a baby bed till the age of 2 years

My website for photo’s, events, tips etc. :
the pictures of the living room are taken with an angle lens so showing
slightly more spacious than it actually is but as you know everybody does
that on the sites.
To Warm you up a little bit for your adventurous holiday on a Houseboat in
the Center of the Jordaan (-the most wanted area) 4/28/2016

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- Just click on the colored name
and you will find you tube films, photo's or information
The Location of the Houseboat -. Canal District
The houseboat lays on the
(one of the main canals
the so called Canal District) and in the centre of the
one of the most wanted area in Amsterdam. A idyllic quiet spot although
only 100 meters walk from shops, markets, cafe's and restaurants.
See the Panoramic view over Brouwersgracht /
See Scating on the
15 min walk from Central Station or taxi € 11,50 ( 4 persons or 15,80 8
to the other centers 15 min walk (or with the bike a couple of minutes)
like with his and monument, Red Light a major
tourist attraction,
famous nightlife;

Brouwersgracht/ Houseboats/ Jordaan
In earlier times, when this canal was still used for freight, was living on
a houseboat a sign of poverty. Nowadays it is the most trendy way of living
especiallity for artists and musicians.
The Jordaan was a former working area. The warehouses are now for yuppies
and is the most wanted area if you don't have children. The prices of an
apartment or a big houseboat are between € 400.000,- and . € 600.000,- for
only 85 m2. A whole Canal-house is more than a million. 4/28/2016

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This new inhabitants of the Jordaan, together with the people that stayed
behind from the early days, make this neighborhood a pleasant place with a
mixture of all kinds of styles and activities.
This is the famous Canal belt and they call it "Venice of the North" so you
can take a Venetian gondola tour through the Canals of the Jordaan,com

When you walk on the canal look up, to the monumental buildings with
different kind of c
andr Artistice /
. Also the famous
symbolic for Amsterdam is
not missing.
And our good friend the
likes cheese and ofcourse fish or meat.
This neighbourhood feels like a village within a big city. And especially
early in the morning or evening a
hangs over the
canals. Romantic
Adventurous holiday Living on a houseboat has something special. It's a
little bit magical. A unique piece of nature between the famous beautiful
historic canal houses in the hart of the Jordaan. The comfort of a home and
the freedom of a ship The Jordaan is the most characterful place of the
city and is described in countless songs and books, It is also the most
celebrated neighbourhood in the Netherlands. And offers a wide variety of
fun and special shops and galleries. Many Café’s and Restaurants.

You can enjoy feeding the various waterfowl/swans/goose/
and other birds and ducks who visit every day. Watching the boats go by, it
is a top way of experiencing Amsterdam
Sailing through the canals of Amsterdam : Hop on hop off boat - all / Canal 4/28/2016

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/ To rent a
boat yourself: and
Shopping and Sightseeing begins around the corner, 100 meters and there
begins the longest shopping promenade : Five streets in a row with
Cafe's, Restaurants, Coffeshops, nice little shops, but also 3
Supermarkets It is a very old Centre so the shops are very small but have
charm. Specialized delicatesse shops
you will find more shops, most of them are food and a lot of
for soft drugs
or lunch.
lot of food and Fashion shops
Fashion what is today "in" and whether the trend will be
,Fashion shops with the department store
a High tea
sightseeings and worthwhile tourist attractions you will find on this nice

, 4/28/2016

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Red Light ,
Amsterdams Historisch
, cinema
, Flower
, Leidse

Markets (100 meters walk from the houseboat
the –
9.00 - 16.00 you will have food and fruits of the best quality – fresh
fish, excellent cheese, good vegetables, as well as clothes, general
goods,flowers, bicycles, DVD’s. and
- 9.00 - 15.00 (100m walk) The Farmers Market is so popular, that it draws
crowds not only from the Jordaan, but also from the whole city. and even
outside the city
the 9.00 - 13.00 most fabrics and food and again the farmer
market (see above)
Wednesday 4/28/2016

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Haarlemmerplein 10:00 tot 17:00 also a Farmer
with biological products .

Restaurants :
something special
the nicest place to eat - with the ambiance of the Cinema Haarlemmerdijk 161-165 The
the corner
also around the corner Cafe Oranjerie Binnen Oranjestraat 15 a small
cosy restaurant.

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Alexander Liebl hat eine Anfrage gesendet

27.04.2016 4/28/2016

Gmail - Re: Ihre Anfrage: 11.09.16 bis 16.09.16 - Objekt-Nr. 434722

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Zeitraum Sep 11, 2016-Sep 16, 2016
Gäste 6 Erwachsene, 0 Kinder
we'd like to know if the apartment stated above is available from September 11 till
September 16 .
We are a group of six people in their mid-twenties currently on internships or writing a
bachelor thesis. Some of us are doing this abroad and we'd like to reunite in
Amsterdam in the middle of September and enjoy the end of the European summer
before going back to Germany and finishing our studies.
I hope to hear from you soon.
Kind regards, Alexander Liebl

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