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Florence: A Travel to Medieval Italy

Florence transports you back to the coruscating artistic brilliance of medieval Italy that
engendered the Renaissance. Its ethereal art delights as much as the sunset over the
Arno or the Florentine food and wine. The russet rooftops and soaring domes only
heighten the enchantment. While the earthy and open hearted people add the
human touch to this city of industry and craft, commerce and culture, art and science.
Ideally, travel to Florence during April -June or September/October is ideal. Florence
can be reached easily from all major European cities. Once there, board a bus - most
of the medieval pleasures are clustered together - and you will reach the greatest
Renaissance wonderland of monuments and churches in Italy.
The Duomo stands out even
amongst artistic Florentine skyline.
Yet, Brunelleschi's sloping, redtiled dome is just a precursor to
the countless artistic wonders
inside. Prepare to be astonished
by the neat liveliness that
transfuses through its pink, white
and green marble faade. The
dome itself, though in a state of
disrepair, is an amazing
achievement of design. It tops
the world's fourth-largest
cathedral that took almost 150 years to complete.

Piazza della Signoria

The erstwhile Florentine "Hyde Park "of
the middle ages, it still attracts tourists by
the droves. Don't miss the replicas of
famous sculptures and historical
buildings in the bustle. Benvenuto Cellini's
Perseus, holding Medusa's severed head,
is the finest original work on the piazza.
You can sip coffee, take pictures of the
famous scenes, pose in front of
Ammannati's Mannerist Fountain of
Neptune... the possibilities are endless.
Its one travel destination in Italy that
gives you invaluable political lessons.

Piazza San Lorenzo

Harking back to the days of Medici
domination, the Basilica showcases the
power, and their munificent patronage
of artistic expressions. Marvel at
Donatello's bronze pulpits. Another
attraction, albeit literary, is the
Laurenziana Library, that stacks the
family's enormous collection of books reached through a subtle Michelangelo.
The Medici Chapels are studded with
precious marble and semiprecious stones
as well as Michelangelo's New Sacristy
that contains his Night and Day, Dawn
and Dusk sculptures.
Pitti Palace
Grandness reaches epic heights in
this palace that opulently displays
masterpieces by Raphael, Filippo
Lippi, Tintoretto, Veronese and
Rubens. A gallery of modern art
and a costume collection also wait
to be explored at the palace. Don't
miss, too, the Strozzi Palace, and
the Rucellai Palace - housing a
photographic museum and the
Boboli Gardens.
Santa Croce
The cultural shock and amazement you
experience after visiting the Church of
Santa Croce has even got a medical
name: the Stendhal's Disease. If the
geometric, colored marble that decorate
the building's facade mesmerize, then wait
till you get inside. Tombs of the famous sons
of Italy including those of Michelangelo,
Machiavelli, Galileo and Bardi line the
walls. Masterpieces by Giotto and della
Robbia, line the walls of the chapels while
Brunelleschi's peaceful cloisters provide
ample spaces for gentle repose. You also

find incredible pieces of religious architecture and sculpture at Orsanmichele; Santa

Trinit; All Saints', Santa Maria Novella et al. The entire experience adds a somber note
to your rich medieval experience.

Bargello Museum
Get a close up on the most
comprehensive range of medieval
and Renaissance sculptures in Italy.
Marvel at Michelangelo's drunken
Bacchus, stare in amazement at
Donatello's David, admire
Giambologna's Mercury the list goes
on. Walk across to Mary Magdalene's
chapel decorated by frescoes from
Giotto's workshop.

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