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Schwarzman Scholars

 Undergraduate degree or first degree from an accredited
college or university or its equivalent.
Applicants who are currently enrolled in undergraduate
degree programs must be on track to successfully complete
all degree requirements by June 30, 2016, before orientation
begins. There are no requirements for a specific field of
undergraduate study; all fields are welcome, but it will be
important for applicants, regardless of undergraduate major,
to articulate how participating in Schwarzman Scholars will
help develop their leadership potential within their field.
 English language proficiency.
Applicants must demonstrate strong English language skills,
as all teaching will be conducted in English. If the applicant's
native language is not English, official English proficiency
test scores must be submitted with the application.
Acceptable test options are:
1. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL
2. Internet-based Test of English as a Foreign
Language (TOEFL iBT)
3. International English Language Testing
System (IELTS)
4. Pearson’s (PTE Academic)
This requirement is waived for applicants who graduated
from an undergraduate institution where the primary
language of instruction was English for at least three years
of the applicant’s academic program.
 Age.
Applicants must be at least 18 but not yet 29 years of age as
of June 30, 2016.

The process includes an online application and credentials evaluation as well as in-person regional interviews. but Scholars are expected to live in the dormitory and participate fully in the program like single students. and the most competitive candidates will be among the top students in their graduating class. veteran status. sexual orientation. or disability unrelated to job or course of study requirements. but there is no minimum GPA or class rank required to apply. Spouses/partners may accompany Schwarzman Scholars to Beijing. Spouses/partners may not live in the dormitory.There are no citizenship or nationality requirements. Schwarzman Scholars does not discriminate on the basis of race. There are no course prerequisites for applicants to the program. gender identity. APPLICATION A CALL FOR FUTURE LEADERS Interested candidates will participate in a rigorous and thorough selection process. and no additional funding will be provided to support spouses/partners living off-campus. although some individual classes at Tsinghua University may have prerequisites.  Grade point average/class rank/pre-requisites. sex.THE FOLLOWING ITEMS ARE NOT PART OF MINIMUM ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS:  Marital status. political beliefs. religion. national or ethnic origin. Those selected will have demonstrated their . color. Married applicants may apply and will be at no disadvantage in the application process. Applicants are expected to have demonstrated excellence in their academic studies. designed to identify the most promising young leaders from around the world. age. Academic excellence will be a requirement for successful applicants.

At least one of these letters must come from a recommender who has had direct experience with the candidate and can describe the candidate’s leadership potential. The . we do not expect or encourage applicants to use professional equipment. A video taken on your mobile. Note: the file must be less than 20MB in order for you to upload it to the application. official translations must be included. If transcripts are not in English.  Three electronic letters of recommendation. Describe both your short-term objectives for the 1-3 years after the program and your long-term aspirations. full or part-time. Recommendations must be translated to English by a professional translator if written in another language. Personal Statement (up to 750 words): Describe your professional interests and values and how the Schwarzman Scholars program and deeper knowledge of China will help advance your goals. undergraduate or graduate). REQUIRED FORMS AND RECORDS INCLUDE:  A complete and successfully submitted online application.  Uploaded transcripts/academic records from every college or university attended (degree or non-degree. laptop or digital camera will suffice. production or editing. including the requested personal statement(s) and supplementary components below. Leadership Essay (up to 500 words): Describe one specific example where you exercised leadership.  An essay in three sections: The essay falls into three distinct sections. 1.potential to not only benefit from but also contribute to the Schwarzman Scholars program. Three recommendation letters will be required. Introduce yourself as if you were at a business meeting. How will you contribute to the community of Schwarzman Scholars and to the program’s mission? 2. and all participants at the table were introducing themselves to the group.  Video: Please provide a short video self-introduction of no more than 30 seconds.

environmental. this form should be completed by the Fellowships Office or a comparable university-wide service office. 3. or international leaders should intervene to contribute to a more peaceful and prosperous future. Current Affairs Essay (up to 500 words): Choose an issue in contemporary social. This essay should lay out the current factors and trends influencing the topic and make a realistic recommendation of how local. or any other personal characteristics that you think are key to your success as a leader. More information on the form is available on the Campus Representatives FAQ. In many universities in the United States. it might be completed by the dean of students or the university registrar. the ability to inspire others to join in an effort to create change. business. The form asks brief questions to help the selection committee understand the student in the context of the university and does not consist of a full endorsement letter. Please submit a resume or c. national. international.  Current resume/CV: There is no page limit or required format. values. arts.essay should examine your personal characteristics that constitute your potential for leadership including: the ability to anticipate upcoming trends. This will be completed by different offices. appropriate for any application for employment in your country. In other universities. or other policy that is of interest to you. 2015: Application deadline  October 2015: Reading and selection of semi-finalists .  Institutional Assessment Form: Currently enrolled undergraduate students must request an assessment from their university using the Schwarzman Scholars Institutional Assessment Form. and the character. depending on the university. diplomatic. KEY DATES:  April 2015: Application opens  October 1.v. and determination to persevere despite difficult and changing circumstances.

org/admissions . please checked http://schwarzmanscholars. 2016: Orientation at Tsinghua University begins For more information. Mid-November 2015: Interviews for semi-finalists  Late November 2015: Finalists notified  July 5.