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Trial of a Tutorial for "Converting rFactor-cars to gtr² (or GTLegends

YOU may have the opinion: Converting a rFactor-car to gtr² is easy and quick-done.
Following steps are necessary:
- Make appropriate folders in gtr² under GameData/Sounds and /Teams
- Copy files from rFactor (GameData/Vehicles) to these folders in the right mann
- In a temporary folder "TEMP" unpack the rFactors .MAS-files, select them als "
objects" in 3DsimED, save these files in the OTHER .GMT-format of gtr² / GTLegends
via "Save as Objects, ADD to GTR", making new "masfiles" with extension .GMT (N
OT necessary for .DDS-grafic-files!)
- RENAME the rFactor-textfiles .hdv, .ini, .sfx, .gen., .tbc, .pm to gtr2-name-e
xtension .hdc, .eng., .grb, .aud, .cas, .tyr, .sp etc...
- Accommodate file-names, references to extern files (STEX, TALENT, Cmaps..) in
.hdc, .cas-textfiles easily with WINDOWS-Edit.exe
- Paste parts of rFactor-textfiles ..Cockpitinfo.ini / ..Spinner.gen into a new
.car-textfile for gtr2
- Ready, done, all is running well, only a breakfast-pause needed...
Sorry, this is NOT my experience. I have - successfully - finished converting TR
UCKs and - 2. work - of HistoricRallyCars/NSU-TT, but going this procedure descr
ibed above I get very disappointed, I despaired nearly! Now I say: There are NUM
EROS, MANY simple "errors" (typing errors! Firstly unknown naming-conventions, l
ittle differences between rFactor and gtr², other MASfile-names...), that it is TO
HARD to go this way for a BEGINNER. You are working and working some time, maki
ng several steps at a single blow, and in the end - gtr² does NOT show the car or
the little "hand" for selection of cars is "flickering" (a certain symbol for so
me gone wrong!!!) or loading a short test-track ends with a CTD (C_rash T_o D_es
ktop), or - worst - you have to push the RESET-button on your computer, then wai
ting long on WINDOWs new starting (with HD-testing...)
Therefore I suggest another, long winded, but safer procedure: Take a good runin
g car on gtr² and substitute STEP-by-STEP single files or filenames and test, whet
her gtr² is still running or if you had made an error...
For my 2. work (NSU-TT historic) I used "BASE4Car-Making", an upload acessable o
n or
ies, made by myself months ago: This is a basic-"car" of 4 - very poor - wheels
and a single, simple plank as "chassis" on base of a LOTUS-ELISE-standard-car, s
imply undressed" to the ultimative, absolute necessary parts of a running "car"
in gtr² (o.k. Audio-file-reference is NOT necessary, but included as BASE.AUD). Mo
st files are well commented, so you can take this "modell" as a base. It runs un
der gtr², surely!!!
First converting rFactors-GMT-files to gtr²-GMT-files is a good beginning. Identic
al extension .GMT means NOT the same fileformat!!! Unpacking rFactors-MAS-files
in a temporary folder "TEMP", loading these files as "objects" with 3DsimED, the
n saving these again as "GTR2-objects, ADD to .GTR" is a good sure way, not to g
et mysterios errors because of false GMT-format!
I have also expanded GMT-files of the general MAS-files of rFactor (Cmaps, rfHUD
, ShowRoom, MultiCars) to gtr²-folders, even to new gtr²-MAS-files with extension .G
TR. For NSU-TT I did also with an additonal "Cmaps_HRC.mas". I think, these file
s are equal to STEX.GTR in the mainfolder "GameData".
Recommended is naming the new gtr²-masfiles .GTR equal to the files for other gtr²-c
ars: xyz_cpit.gtr, xyz_tex.gtr, xyz_obj.gtr, xyz_wheels.gtr. I used first other
names, but I got severe problems with NOT-working analoge instruments: NO needle
in speedometer / tachometer, NOTHING... I needed some time to find, that the al
ready existing files speedo.tga / tac01.tga have to be in ..._cpit.gtr. Then the
y worked very well...!

_engine.. especially for switching between gtr² <-> GTL: This is the ONLY ONE masfile..?? It is rather awkward to change a single file.gen-file. so a NSU-TT runs with LOTUS-Elise-wheels. Do you have a SHADOW-file. for .gen. Do you have ALL needed masfiles (even STEX. This is valid for _Upgrad e. but it would be the FIRST time. why this runs good. You can m ake it step-by-step with only single files. again change the file.(xyz_cpit... -> . I had problems with getting ANY sound fo r NSU-TT (Sound-files from rFactor already exactly copied from rFactor!. test it. and the re ference in . I don´t know the reason.) For TRACKs-converting / creating I didn´t use mas-files at all.sfx -> .. I didn´t use packing or unpacking files.. seeing. _Tracks!). without proper names you get a failure. but if you want hear anything..CAS more and more. in the showro om (NOT soooo. big part of your new car. So exchanging single files was very easy.sp (next reference in .. so I used sound-controlling-textfile from LOTUS-Elise (BASE-modell!) and changed on ly the lines for motor-sounds. May be.hdc) ... TALENT._ratios. But and . Car run s in gtr² without these files. Enjoy this moment! Now you can change the wheels according rFactors . ...without naming-problems (I created my own conventions of foldernames with: _DDSs. Other counting-conventions in rFactor versus gtr² ???. but instead changed my BASE. RENAMING of all rFactor-textfiles to the proper gtr²-names is necessary.....)? Is nothing missing? First I changed the chassis-file._cam.eng (2 nexe references in .CAS you have to change nothing.ini -> . you can see an important. which names your new masfiles with .gtl is very important.. so I didn´t changed anyhing. gtr² is stricter in handling car-files. whether the car is still running or there is a new mistake.. you have to act ivate sound-reference in the .hdc) I know NO method to controll the renamings (typing errors!). After changing "TireCompoundSetting" to "0" instead of "1" I had NO problems any more.gen-file.GTR have.aud. than as next step to pack this fi le again in a masfile.hdc-file has to be changed!) . essential)? .. if you use the BASE-4-Car-Making-Tool. whose extension has to be changed. . _Objects.tyr Again I had problems with -> .ini I don´t used.dmg (reference in new . that changing was not good. test it. HeadPhysics.ini -> .CAS-file step-by-step: Copy the search path from another car. In BASE.hdc) . many additional steps may follow! Expand now BASE. a CO LLISION-file? Is your new car displayed in the car-selecting-menu.gen -> . pack it..hdv -> . Sound is NOT essential necessary.cas The rather big and most CRITICAL grafic-controlling textfile! I did NOT use the original rFactor-. step-by-step. ._spinner.ini -> ..._damage..). Cmaps_HRC .ini (a special rFactor-expansion?).car-file also to change!) .grb (next and last reference of a changing filename in . For CARs-conv erting I found NO similar way. Rest of the files have still a name like BASE. Sound-controlling textfile .hdc (reference in .gtr / . you have to be simp ly carefully. De-activating most other cars and tracks make gtr² start faster in this circledprozesses: . because I could si mply store all files in special folders . Show. From extern-view the new car seems rather ready. of course... ...CAS-file too. The tyre-file is VERY short and it has o nly ONE data-table. After every renaming-step st art gtr² to controll.

. I think . This blowes up _obj. this side may help you furtherly. MOTEC outside of cockpit on car-hood.) In the next steps regard the INTERIOR of your new car: What is with the COCKPITfile.DDS with RED. GMT or .A "flickering" cursor-hand is a SERIOUS hint for a massive error! Don´t disobey th is sign! For ALL selections this cursor-hand "flickers".. .DDS-graphic-file only If he has a WCCarBody. the TEX or Ultra_Tex too. because every car -characteristic needs an own Chassis<1>. if there is NO problem. but it always happens.CAR-textfile.. green. This is valid for wcextra.CAR in the subfolder "minimum-modell". otherwise needles can NOT be seen.filefront ._cpit. . Loooonnnnggg e xperiments with following results: Give names to "materials" used in an already running gtr²-car (BASE has NO instruments!): NO prefixes as in rFactor.ini are a good choice. S ome hints... you should regard hints in this BASE . I have never seen a rFactor-MOTEC running in a gtr²-car! Don´t try it! There are enough tu torials for embedding a MOTEC in a gtr²-car! (I have written for www..) Activating the analoge instruments caused problems (with NSU-TT).GMT I had to change the wccarbody to <1>wccarbody for the name of the material AND the na me of the . wcextra0/1/2. cyan. you may never have become aware of it. wcwing.. In all Chassis<1>.! I don´t know.GMT /CockPitMax<1>.GMT-file.. In this short moment gtr² searches for the appropriate files.CAR.._Cockpi tInfo.m ostly..GTR to much bigger files.GTR.DDS-grafic-files. wcwindow-files for EACH characteris tic. 6 red cars instead of 6 cars with uses this name in the form opinion. With HEADLIGHTs I had massive problems._cpit. So I got every car (NS U-TT) with single-selection in his proper characteristic (more RED. I thi nk.. tutorials (Fight-for-AIW e. the FIRST car decides the painti ng. values of rFactor´s . when I selecte d ONE car and had the other cars as AI-contrahents: ALL had the SAME characteris tic..!) are uploaded to http:hosted.CAS-file. Essential is the "Manufactures Name". because this name is used f or selecting the cars. .GTR to . blue. rFactor and gtr² are using DIFFERENT methodes for this. In the subfolder of characteristiced car I have a DDS-file with leading <1>.. if there is a better method! For GTLegends rename ONLY ._cpit. you will got NO problems .GTR / _cpit.c ar. I didn´t find another method then using the "Genstring" in the .. This is ENOUGH! Car has to run under GTLegends to o! STEX. with special themes: Colored MOTECs. the steeringwheel.GTR (and others?) should reside in GTLegends/GameData too! Due to RULES of internet-web-sides I can NOT publish the converted files here. outside and inside). I can do without it. all other cars with a file named WCCarBo dy. But if you want renaming to another name. yellow pa intwork! Gtr² uses a . where <1> represents the FIRST character of the Genstring in .GTL and change the reference to this file in the .GTR / and c hanging the wccarbody.g. A special problem for me was displaying the different car-characteristics. RFactor is better in this aspect..DDS-file. do NOT work! If you regard this hint. wcwing. use the SA ME names! Put these files in a masfile named .... But great surprise . The textfile . flickering is VERY short.. the tech-files similar. If you have BASE.nogripracing . orange.DDS got only "links" to this first file with this name and so ALL have the SA ME DDS-file.and disappointment -. An error in gtr²-grafic-"engine". wcwindow too! Happy typi ng. blue. (Many tracks flic ker on night with headlights.? MOTEC in rFactor and in gtr² are two totally different things .

you may understand most parts of this tutorial-trial and i t may really help you! Greetings from LkwFan . My motherspeak is NOT english.boring for you. So much things may be mistakable or . using 3DsimED and other computer-related skills ar e unknown for me and may be VERY different of all users of this tutorial-trial. Bayern.Your experience with modding. Excuse my "handm ade" english. I am a german at munich.on the other side . I hope.