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My choice to pursue a degree course in the field of Social Work was guided by strong desire to work for
betterment of prevailing socio-economic conditions in my native state (Bihar, India). The State of Bihar is
one of the most backward states on all defining parameters of development in the country, even worse
than many sub-Saharan countries. The problems like mass poverty, malnutrition, illiteracy,
unemployment etc. are widespread in the state. These problems served as moral ground for this choice of
mine. I quitted my engineering degree and went to work with an organization in my State. Here, after
working for a year, I felt need for more skill and better understanding and I came to join the countrys
premier Institute in Social Work (Tata Institute of Social Sciences). Now, at the end of the course this
desire has been further strengthened and widened. But in the course of the study there have been indeed a
realization of personal inadequacy in terms of skill, understanding and knowledge of societies and
development processes and their effects both at local and global level. Therefore, I want to pursue my
post-graduate study in development studies to equip myself with necessary knowledge base to effect felt
changes on larger scale in the society.
The process of globalization, which is mainly dominated by economic integration, is being carried
forward in sustained increasing competitive environment. The process in its forward march has not been
only demolishing earlier existing physical barriers and isolation amongst nations but also has been
challenging the concepts like social security and welfare state and, in the worst case, doing away with
these concepts leaving behind a large chunk of populace helpless and vulnerable to unfavourable lifeconditions. The annual Human Development Index Report published by the UNDP is an important
pointer to snowballing of the problem. In the race of economic development, paradigms of development
which may be successful in one country are being blindly emulated by others without careful
consideration resulting failures along with wastage of resources. Such unpleasant situations can easily be
avoided if we develop global and local understanding and perspective simultaneously.
For me, Master in Development Studies being offered by Institute of Development Studies, University of
Sussex is a way ahead for building this understanding and perspective through high standard academic
exercise and exposure to developed European country. I am of belief that this programme will provide me
in-depth knowledge and understanding about international development perspective and practices which
will help me in shaping my future research and work. The course provides excellent opportunity to study
global social problems like poverty, hunger, justice and food security to name a few in the company of
well-known intellectuals and teachers of international repute. The emphasis on high quality research
based pedagogy is one of the biggest motivating factors to apply for the course.
Coming to my degree course, apart from my passion and motivation to work with and work for needy
people, the course, BASW with specialization in Rural Development, has inculcated in me strong sense of
ethical social commitment towards society at large. The field work, being the compulsory and credited
component stretching over entire course duration, has given me opportunity to study, research and
understand rural society and its socio-economic problems, Community Based Organization, NGOs, Civil
Society Organizations, the Government Organizations and interlinking amongst each other. The field
work has helped in developing certain skills like data collection, survey, recording, documentation of
findings of the study, conducting both participatory rural appraisal and rapid rural appraisal. The field

work has been an opportunity to take up small research, engage in participatory research and study local
self-governance. I am hopeful that these skills and learning will be further refined and upgraded and will
be proved useful while pursuing my study in development studies. Moreover, my academic sojourn at
desired university will be an opportunity for me to share my firsthand knowledge, practical experiences
and insights about rural India with my fellow colleague and teachers.
Master in Development Studies which is a multidisciplinary course will provide me knowledge and
understanding of diverse fields and, thus, will help in understanding socioeconomic problems in more
holistic way. Todays socio-economic problems are not caused or affected by one or two reasons but by
plethora of reasons and to tackle such problems multidisciplinary knowledge and approach is required. In
ever increasing situations like these, multidisciplinary course like Development Studies offer the most
relevant understanding and effective solution and, therefore, it becomes the most preferred course for my
study. I am the man of diverse interests, especially in education. So the course which draws lessons from
various fields of social science will help maintain my interest and in the process will sustain my hunger
for new knowledge. In order to understand development practices and debate surrounding them and to
update my knowledge in the field I have been extensively reading works of Prof. Amartya Sen (Nobel
laureate and welfare economist) like Development as Freedom, Inequality Re-examined, and The Idea of
Justice, Poverty and Hunger, Hunger and Public Action etc. These works have not only broadened my
understanding but have further motivated me to pursue my study in development studies.
After completing this course I will continue my higher study (Ph.D.) in development related field with
research orientation towards impact of globalization on poor and vulnerable groups in developing
countries with special focus on India. After this, I wish to take up teaching as my profession in the
relevant field and also engage myself in public policy analysis. I hope this opportunity will bring forth my
best abilities and will nurture my innate desire and aptitude to work for betterment of society by enabling
me to gain required ground by providing best learning-teaching experience.