OCT 12 1995 XX XX West Bowdoin, Maine 04287 Dear XX I have been asked to respond to your letter to President Clinton

regarding the case of Abbott v. Bragdon. As you know, the case involves a dentist, Dr. Bragdon, who has refused to provide in-office dental treatment to patients (and in particular, Ms. Sidney Abbott) who are HIV-positive. Ms. Abbott alleges that Dr. Bragdon has violated the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The United States became involved in the case after Dr. Bragdon alleged that the ADA is unconstitutional. The ADA is a civil rights statute enacted to protect the civil rights of individuals with disabilities. Under the law, health care providers, including dentists, are required to treat patients without discriminating on the basis of an individual's disability. Persons who are HIV-positive are individuals with disabilities, and so they are protected from discrimination on that basis. However, the ADA would not require a health care provider to treat an individual with a disability if doing so would create a direct threat to health or safety. In this case, Dr. Abbott's argument that it is not safe to treat patients who are HIV-positive in his dental office is not based on scientific fact. The Centers for Disease Control, the American Dental Association and other authorities as well as every court to address this issue have uniformly concluded that providing routine in-office dental care to individuals who are HIV positive does not require any special procedures or expertise and does not endanger the health or safety of the treating dentist. cc: Records, Chrono, Wodatch, McDowney, Blizard, FOIA n:\udd\blizard\drsltrs\hiv\abbott\sc. young-parran 01-03703​ -2The United States' position on this matter and a discussion of the scientific evidence are more fully developed in the Motion for Summary Judgment and Memorandum which we filed with the court

on September 19, 1995. A copy of this document, as well as the accompanying Statement of Uncontested Facts, are enclosed for your information. We hope that this responds to your concerns. Sincerely, John L. Wodatch Chief Disability Rights Section Enclosures 01-03704​ XX 7/23/95 Dear President Clinton: It has come to my attention that there is a lawsuit pending against a dentist in Bangor, M Dr. Randon Brandon, by an HIV + woman because Dr. Brandon (in the intrests of her health as well as the health of the rest of her patients) wants to treat her in the hospital. I have also learned that six lawyers from Att. General Janet Reno's office have been assigned to her case. As a citizen and taxpayer I am appalled that with all the crime and drugs in this nation the Dept. of Justice has nothing better to do than to harass a law abiding citizen like Dr. Brandon and I would hope that you would put an end to this foolishness. Very truly yours, XX 01-03705