(Handwritten) ADDRESS: XX XX SEATTLE, WA. XX April 23, 95 Dear President Clinton, I am so sick of the city of Seattle, WA. My name is XX (b)(6).

The right side of my body is paralyzed due to a head injury, documented by a 5 pg. Social Security Report. My husband and I brought a 1916 house that sits right on the alley. It had open concrete stairs, existing, that sit 36" from the alley. I was scared to death of them. They go down tot he ground to the basement. When we bought the house the stair well had no support. Because of my stability, double vision, poor walking conditions due to my paralysis my husband put a wood door height entry way over the steps. He did this because the stairs were already there, they had absolutely no support, and because of my disability he covered them. I am so tired of trying to explain this story, DCLU, Dept. of Construction and Land Use says "tear it down." My husband said, "it provides support for my wife's disability." The Dept. said, "OK, provide doctor's proof of her disability, and you can keep the entry way." We did. The Dept. for 4 months has harassed us. Even if we pay their $1,430 variance fee, 01-03899 we are not sure we can keep it. I need the entry way for my disability. If there wasn't that reason behind the shelter WE WOULD NOT HAVE BUILT IT. My constitutional rights are being broken. The mayor won't even see me about this issue. I've been to his office 4 times. His staff won't even make an appointment for me to see Norm Rice. DCLU won't budge. They keep coming up with stupid reasons. This has gotten so dumb I can't even make sense out of it. My husband and I have been both head injured. We are doing our best. We have explained and re explained the entry way. Again, our last letter, after 4, didn't get through to them. Now, they want us to get a lawyer. We can't afford a lawyer. Let alone anymore missed work trying to solve this or beating our heads against a brick wall. We've written letters, had our entry way and my disability

publicized in a name brand Seattle newspaper, the PI, other people have written letters in support of the entry way and me, phone calls in support. We've been to the complaint dept. at Norm Rice's office, we've been to city council, Senator Patty Murray's office, Governor Mike Lowery's Office, the Coalition of Citizen's with disabilities, Neighborhood Council. 01-3900 I am really getting fed up, 4 months of this torment. Last week, I had to come home from work, April 18th, due to an excruciating head ache. I can not take the pressure DCLU is inflicting on me. My safety, peace of mind, every aspect of my total life is so very important for me to function in this world due to my disability. Every single part of my life has to be enhanced due to my disablement otherwise I fall apart. I have a very supportive husband, I live 5 blocks from work, this house is 1 1/2 blocks from a bus stop, I work in a disabled job program which has been tailored for my conditions. I usually can cope, but this problem we are having with DCLU is breaking me down. Seattle is disregarding my disability. I don't understand. I could go on & on & on. It's pretty bad when I have to rely on the highest power in the country about this matter. The state of Wa., mostly the city of Seattle, "keeps" throwing their hands up and saying "DCLU is the final authority," I don't know where to turn anymore. This is getting ridiculous! I thought we lived in America, where when you had a problem like I am having "you could take it to the so called government, which is supposed 01-3901 to be BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE" and they would help you right the wrong being done. The mayor, Norm Rice, won't even see me and the rest have said, "it's out of our jurisdiction." Will you, President Clinton, help me? My constitutional rights as a disabled person are being broken and I want to know why! I WANT TO LEGALLY KEEP OUR ENTRY WAY BECAUSE WE PUT IT UP FOR MY DISABILITY. The house is illegal, the stairs are illegal, but that's how it has been since 1916. I am sending a packet along about our case.

Please help me! I need to live in that house without pressure. Thank you, XX 01-3902