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5101 N. Sayre Ave, Chicago, IL 60656 773.875.5505


August 2015 - Current

December 2012

Ph.D., Higher Education,

Loyola University Chicago
M.A., Educational Leadership in Higher Education,
Northeastern Illinois University

June 2007

B.A., Latin American Latino Studies,

University of Illinois - Chicago


Northwestern University, July 2013 Present

Provide logistical support in preparation for 50th Anniversary Celebration & Exhibit of the
Bracero Program at Northwestern University.
Serve as part of the 1st Annual Latino Studies Conference Preparation Committee.
Coordinate and make arrangements for lectures, conferences, and other special events.
Maintain budget oversight in partnership with the Director.
Server as a curator of the Latina and Latino Studies Program office by working to create a safe
space for our students and faculty.
Support production of a periodic newsletter.
Mentor and supervise program Interns.
Coordinate course and teaching schedules, course materials, and book orders. With the director,
assure the timely completion of the quarterly course schedule.
Provide accurate and current information regarding the program's requirements and offerings.
Update the program's web site and social networking outlets on an ongoing basis, including
information about faculty, students, courses, and events.
Respond to inquiries from current and prospective students, community organizations, faculty
and staff.

Wilbur Wright College, Gateway Student Success and Transfer Center, February 2007 July 2013

Supervision and Administration

Manage College Advisor, Clerical, and Student Worker schedules in order to have adequate
coverage based on the needs of the department.
Serve as on-campus administrator for GradesFirst software system.
Oversee and execute Case Management for 23 College Advisors at two college campuses.
Supervise the Student Ambassador program (student worker) through the distribution of
projects, exposing of career development opportunities, assigning of peer mentors within the
department, and evaluation of performance at the end of each semester.
Operate as liaison between the Advising department and English Faculty in the creation and
implementation of yearly reading and writing workshops for incoming freshman.

Operate as liaison between the Dean of Instructions Office and Student Services in the
implementation course-specific Case Management for students enrolled in remedial courses.
Assist in the development of the yearly zero-based budget.

Academic Advising and Registration

Meet regularly with the Associate Dean of Student Services to ensure progress is being
accomplished toward specified departmental objectives.
Co-coordinate the development of on-campus retention and graduation initiatives in an effort to
increase the number of students who attain a two-year degree.
Co-coordinate the development of Wright Colleges ESL & GED Transition workshops.
Co-coordinate the development of Wright Colleges New Student Orientation.
Coordinate the Student Services Fair to expose students to resources and services.
Provide academic advising for undergraduate and non-traditional students.
Manage e-advising email account for the advising and admissions departments.
Create promotional scholarship material for distribution to Wright Colleges Student Body.
Created quarterly Transfer Newsletter containing relevant information regarding transfer events
and the transfer process at Wright College.

Recruitment and Admissions

Co-coordinate Wright Colleges seasonal A Day at Wright recruitment event as well as the
institutions annual Open House.
Collaborate with the Associate Dean to enhance recruitment initiatives.
Produce supporting reports for student recruitment and retention analysis.
Respond to all electronic admission applications and establishing automated response protocols
and materials.
Created and regularly update the databases for AP scores, ACT score inquiries, and recruitment
inquiry cards as well as establish contact with these respective cohorts.

Northeastern Illinois University, Latino Student Survey Research Study, January 2012 May 2013

Recruit Northeastern Illinois University students to participate in a student survey and an interview
regarding their student experience at the University.
Assist in the development of student survey and interview protocols.
Conduct interviews with Northeastern Illinois University students detailing their college experience.
Transcribe data that was collected from student surveys and interviews.
Perform ongoing analysis based on data collected from student surveys and interviews.

El Valor, Youth Enrichment Program Guadalupe Reyes Center, August 2005 January 2007

Co-managed, supervised, and delegated responsibilities to achieve the objectives of seven academic
Shared responsibility for determining the entrance and expulsion of all students in each program.
Built relationships with students, parents and community members.
Co-conducted open houses, graduations and information sessions for members of the community.
Conducted outreach activities to recruit students for year round academic programs.

Provided administrative support to the Youth Enrichment Department.


Ballinas, C.O. (May, 2013) Building the Pipeline to the PhD: Creating Research Opportunities for Latino/a
Graduate Students at a Hispanic Serving Institution. Presented at the Preparate Conference, Chicago, IL.

Ballinas, C.O. (April, 2013) Latino Challenges and Opportunities in a Hispanic Serving Institution: The
Cases of Ethnic Identity Development and Neighborhood Violence. Presented at the 21st Annual ILACHE
Professional and Student Development Conference, Chicago, IL.

Ballinas, C.O. (March, 2013) Latino Students Perceived Barriers to Academic Success at a Four-Year,
Hispanic Serving Institution in Chicago. Presented at the National Association of Chicano and Chicana
Studies Conference, San Antonio, TX.

Ballinas, C.O., (February, 2013). Enhancing the Latino Graduate School Pipeline by Tapping into Our
Funds of Knowledge at a Hispanic Serving Institution. Presented at the 11th Annual Alumni of Color
Conference, Harvard Graduate School of Education, Cambridge, MA.


Serve on the Dream Gala Host Committee,

The Anhelo Project, February April 2014

Serve as Advisor to the Latin American Student Organization (LASO),
Wilbur Wright College, September 2012 July 2013

Serve on the Hispanic Heritage Month Committee,
Wilbur Wright College, September 2007 July 2013

Serve on the Fernando Prieto Scholarship Fund Committee,
Wilbur Wright College, September 2009 July 2013

Serve on the AQUIP (Academic Quality Improvement Program) Steering Committee,
Wilbur Wright College, January 2013 July 2013


Efficient in PeopleSoft, GradesFirst, Microsoft Office, and Prezi.
Bilingual in Spanish.
Exceptional ability to communicate with students to discern and satisfy their needs.
Excellent ability to communicate and coordinate with senior and subordinate level staff to achieve
functional goals and objectives.
Strong problem-solving skills with the ability to properly delegate tasks and manage workflow.