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Resourcing Author File Description or Subject Download

PR 2 Lesley Johnston PPoint A presentation illustrating the electrophilic Download
(CI 12.2) King James's addition of bromine to ethene. It is intended for
School self-study rather than teacher-led demonstration.
Knaresborough Still relevant for the 3rd edition.
PR 2 Lesley Johnston PPoint A timed loop presentation with sound commentary Download
(CI 12.2) King James's and questions on the electrophilic addition of
School bromine to ethene. This, therefore, runs like a
Knaresborough film without the use of the mouse or keyboard. Still
relevant for the 3rd edition.

PR 2 Charlie Butler PPoint A neat and effective presentation on dipoles and Download
(CI 5.3) Mid-Kent College intermolecular forces. May need some tweaking
for the 3rd edition.
PR 2 Katy Fullilove PPoint A presentation on dipoles and intermolecular Download
(CI 5.3) Langley Park Boys forces. Most of this is Katy's own work but she
School acknowledges the contribution made by Charlie
Butler in the previous presentation. May need
some tweaking for the 3rd edition.
PR 4 Jolene Gardner PPoint Slides 1-9: Summary of intermolecular forces, Download
including hydrogen bonding, permanent dipole
(CI 5.3 + forces and instantaneous dipole forces. This
5.4) goes beyond the syllabus in 3rd edition but is still
PR 4 John Hudson PPoint John's contribution is an impressive and effective Download
(CI 5.4) Green School for animated presentation on hydrogen bonding.
Girls Isleworth Slides 1 to 16 make up the presentation, slides 17
to 26 are intended to be printed as a handout, and
slides 4 and 14 are designed as short discussion
activities for small groups. May need some
tweaking for the 3rd edition.
PR 4 Louise Herbert PPoint This presentation is quite challenging and a bit Download
of fun. New for the 3rd edition.
(CI 13.2) King James’s

PR various Sarah Baines Word Students read the Cinderella story then Download
Storylines complete a table with uses, monomer structure
Tadcaster and polymer structure of selected materials.
Grammar school
New for the 3rd edition.
PR 5 Melanie Tyrell PPoint This presentation deals with geometric Download
(CI 3.4) Small Heath School isomerism. Will need some tweaking for the 3rd
Birmingham edition due to the introduction of E/Z isomerism.
PR Louise Herbert Word Triominoes is based on an idea from ALPs. Download
Cards should be cut up before the lesson.
End of topic King James’s Students construct the triangles in twos or
revision school
threes. Will generate discussion. New for the
3rd edition.
PR Eddie Grimble Word An Organic Exercise, based on "text boxes" in Download
A revision Queen Mary Word documents, designed to reinforce students'
one for College knowledge of functional groups.
PR Chris Hall PPoint Chris's presentation Mechanisms in Organic Download
A revision Hele's School Reaction contains a section on electrophilic
on for Plympton addition relevant to this Unit.