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DEPARTSE!T OF THE ARC Office of The Adjutant General Washington 25, D.C. BAB sone ore mo G op $03 aise wey 10: Commanding Genoral, Second army Ghiel of Transportation Tho affiliation agreonent botwcen the Department of the Amy and the Due to the tormination of the Gene: 3s. Concurrontly with inactivation, the unit is transferred to tho control of the Department of the Amy. 4. Records of tho inactivated unit wll be disposed of Ly shignent to the Comanding Officer, Kansas City Records Center, 601 Hardesty Avonuo, Kensas City 1, Missouri, Attention: Fisld Records Division, in accordance with provisions of SR 345-920-1, 15 Karch 1949, as smondeds 5, Personnel rendered surplus will be disposed of in accordance with current procedures. 6. Bquipnont rendered oxcess will be disposed of in accordance with current procedures Qligate funds to the oxtont necessary frox Organized Reserve alloca~ tions available to your headquarters. @, Whon the action directed. herein has bcon accomplished, reports in~ icating the date ani station thercof vill be subaitted to this office, Attontion: AGAO-I3 the Assistant Chicf of Staff,.G-3, ami tho Chiof of Amy Ficld Forces. BY ORDER OF THE SECRETARY OF T!E ATUD Copies furnishet Ghicf of iray Field Forces Assistant Chicfs of Staf: ol GB (Re 1027/1721 ) Chief of Military Kistory Tho Qurtersaster Goneral DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY ~s The Adjutant General's Office Washington 25, D. C. NGAO-I 322 org Res (20 Oct 49)CScoT-M BNoveuber 2989 | SUAIEOE: Activation of Units of the Organized Reserve To: Commanding General Second Army Reference te made to letter, this office, AGAO-I 322 ORC (3 Jun 48) CSCOT-M, 8 June 1948, subject, "Procedures for Activation and Organization of Organized Reserve Units.” ll 3. The following unite are assigned to your command and will be activated and organized as indicated, at the earliest practicable date: Designation Auth Strength nd Affiliation Location st r/ose off WO EM 328th Engr Dredge Crew Norfolk, A 5-6478, 30 Sep 4h 5 HT (Corpa of Engineers, DA) Virginia w/oi; Cir 298, DA, 48, as amended A 55-235, 4 Oct 43 CRIT ¥/01,2,3; Cir 298, pa, 48; as amended 4, Personnel will be provided from sources available to you. 5. Equipment will be requisitioned in accordance with current procedures. 6. Obligate funds to the extent necessary from Organized Reserve allocations available to your headquarters. J. When the actions directed herein have been accomplished, reports indicating the dates and stations thereof will be submitted to this office, Attention: AGAQ-I; the Director of Organization and Training, GSUSA, Attention: Reserve Components Branch and the Chief, Army Field Forces. BY ORDER OF THE SHOREPARY OF THE ARMY: # Final Status copies furnished: L, a Le EE Sag % ra Chief, Army Field Yorces (fatant General Directors of Organization and Training, GSUSA ‘Re: SN 7979) Personne] and Administration, GSUSA onief, Hetorical Division, SSisA The Qlartermoter General, Attn: Heraldic Branch