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Hig & Bq 00, 761K Transportation Battalion 1s, Tlth Beaneportation Ratlwey Shop Battalion Wepaguactszs,,26lth, 2ottene Soon Battal ans. Trcnamns parts Ageiiteroa iret Service Gornond, dore-h 10-25-15 ASFUDG, ny Crieane, Ee. 2orsp 3 wets Op, bALiaré, Bucyrus, onto (P) LeL6=M5 7-36—lh op M. Stendieh Ship S€95-D 7ea7-4h TOL SPOR "MOUNT TeRMUN Teahcty Tate England (3th France (apa) re-ag-b5 (wasator ory ton Bonde Port of Bad. Gans Betrice Beary, fax Tort Bastis, Ta. Jort Ievion, Wass deesahs 12-31-45 Staging Seattle Port of Diteriatton Ship. 2605-2 Pasen, Fores e) Giptasiemaletaine(nese Pes) athe F THADIIYE a ae Bi vr 5 hs 6 ‘pMACTEVATED tation Sar} Haran (eTee) Hye Youshane Aavanced Detachnent Gasp Mitierd Buayrus, Chto Be Hamilton, BY, ship 8e95-0¢ 6-27—imy T-2lt wre “omy sRtdsston® Teas Toaehy Anglend qe2- Rejotnee Republic of Korea Presidential J vroromr) Unit Uitation (29ep50~310u2 52) Da co ua, 1955 un. Unt of ter Fas (3411-13)08-1-SPOPU- jollth Railway Shop Battslion, Transportation Corps is gonstituted on theinactive list - per AO 3% allroad Cospeny, The March 12, 193 (=) per 2nd Int, AB ‘tho’ efftitetion of the T6lth Ballvay Shop Battalion, Transport Central Terzont Ralluay Ing., and the Delavere and Hudson Pailroas 322 (Li, Jun L3) OB-I- cated 26 June 1ol (Open) 76th Fodivey Shop Battal ‘on, "Cte ordered into active: ni ‘yy the Firet Service Command, Genceurently the anit 1s transfer mat prreonpel and equipment, to the etrtion of orgentzt ASFUTC, ew Orleune, La, and'vil? to orcantzed in accordsnce «Ath 95 (Su105) Co! doved 2 April 1glz # 29 Auguet. 192 aasingsd to the Yew Ortenns Port cf Babarkation and organised ch 25 October 1963 ~ per AG 320 (7 Sex V3) OB-E-SFNOUSH 10 Sent Cadre furatehea ty 75]th Relive Vor history-seet Ag 314.7 ~ 764th Fy Shop Bn (2 Oct 45) Sd Ind., dated 15 October 1945. ‘ith Ratlway Shop Ba, 20 vas reorganized effective 25 October 19U3 at ASFUTG, Hew Orleane Staging Area, Hew Urieans, Law ~ Shou Battalion, $C - ver sexe authortty, per Hg Bev Orleans Port of Bab, Poland and Dauphine St, SPMD 322 GA, 23 October 1913. - Tebth Rativey Shop Ba, 40 vill vo reorganised on 10 Decenber 1915 in accordance with 9/0 55-235, 4 October 1945 ~ per AO 322 (1 Hay) Retest 28 vovever 1563 0) . ‘T6lith Bolivay Shop Ba, TC will move fron ASFUIC, Wow Orleans Port of Bab., Hew Orleans, Ln, to Gaap Millard, Bucyrus, Ohto f pernmnent change of station, on or about 11 Decaaber 2913." Upon arrival at destination wit is accigned to the Fifth service Coanane for preparation for extendef fiold eervice ~ por ig, ASP SX 37045 (09 Nov H3)OB-S-SUUTN, 2 Daceader 1915 (3) Tokth Buy Shop Ba, 0 vas reorganized effective 10 Deceader 1943, in accordance with 1/0 55-235, 4 October 1945 at ASFUTO, Yow Ueieane Staging Area, Nev Urloane, ba. per GO # 96 fron ASP Tow Orleans Port of Tab., Yow ‘rleans, a. 6 Deceuber 1983. Toith Huy Shop Ba, M0 departed ASFUNO, Hew Orleans, La, 1% December 1945 arrived Camp Millard, Bucyrus, Ohto 16 Decenber 19kj'= per Radiogran fron Wow Orleans POE, 14 Deceaber 1985 (2). octive 1 April 1844 the 704th Bey Ghop Be, Te Ae alloted officer od oreretrenyth in crade seven nboe talbe of organteatton etrength = ner 2000.2 (22 Har 44)" OB-L-thV0UeLi 25 March 1944 (2) ‘Télth Ry Shop Bn, 10 and Advanced Detachaent will nove fron Caxp Millerd Bucyrus, Ohio to either the ew Tork ow Boston, For of Hab. (for ecbeequont movenent to overssan destination) Ship 8695-0, Adv. Dete Ship 695-IK, readiness date 15 July 194, for ev, Bete a) Sone 19UH ~ per WD 370.5 (AY hay Ii) Ob EPMORNKy 27 May 290% (Ch. ‘aay Det, 76lth Buy Shop Ba, 20 arrived Fy Hastlton, 2Y 27 Jase 1904 ~ por ASP MYA Pt Hanttton, WY. 29 June rgb (5) Adve Dots, lth Ray Shop Bay TC doparted HTPE on Woard ‘JIM ERICSSIGH" 2 July 29S, arrived snelend 12 July 1944 ~ por Devarvure and arrival Sheet, 17 July 19M (6) ‘Tebth fury Shop Bn, 10 departed Canp Miierd, Sucyrus, Oko 16 Judy 190%, arrived Camp Myles Standich, EPGH, Masse 17 July 19h ~ per Broop Movenent Table, 17 July 190 (8). Toth Rwy Shop Ba, 20 arrived Zagland 31 July 1944 ~ per Hq Orrice of Chief of Transportation, B70, APO 687, 31 July entiee wu (3). ‘76th Buy Shop Bn, "C departed BPOR on boeré "MOUNT FERNY 24 July 194K - per Departure and Arrival Shoot, 7 Aug 190 (5). fer 1984 (5) Tél Rey Shop Bn, 20 18 reported in France - per Station List, Hq BT, USA, APO 887, 2) Septen 76ut ” Shep bat dite f¢ ‘in the NORTHERN FRANCE. AION, ith Shop entitled to battle cre ror yarticipation in tl Per. eae mcs Ba ee ele fe elton gE TS gS es Pa Tolith Ruy Shop Ba.,00 v/att Ned ts assigned whio #2870 for sovenent fro present station in Bifspaan Medtgr to Fort tr cna ene St tt eee i ee fr tr Oe rea tl at ean a eee te by Wea ce aa oe eimedes wa nS vn BF en ne ee ie ay Ber 764th Bvy Shop Ba, 70 (8 Off, 704 EM) departed Marseilles, France 19 Dec 45 aboard the "Mahanoy City Victory" «per radio ms Re Peeks merry eecas fron 0G, Delta Base Section, Marseilles, ‘td 20 Dec ¥5. Dehen Dar eee Be MMA tanattwatad aff 3) Dan UR onee OO #161. ASP. Baa Gn Patrick Henry. Va. ata %1 Dao Wi. jo¥tn xoaiway Shop Havtal20n, YU organizational records have been shipped to Org, Records Gr., Records Adm. Otr. St. outs, lov ~ per Eovort fnon Baropeen Sheaver Inaotive Records Davot, 22 lay 1946. ‘ith Railay Shop Bn, 10 Ly Fedecignated aa 754th Transportation Batley Shop Battalion, acatered to Chief of feanenarta ttoaand vill be cotiveted ot Fr. dustie, Ye. and organized Linciading Diose! Ree Plat) in seeordqnee with 1/0 & B 55-255, Wooe 5, sath changes 1,2,5; 52 650-60-5, 2f lay 50, with an authorized strength of 21 ofstcers, 6 yexrent officers, 500 tal enlisted nen = per 4040-1 322 Gen ow (26'Jul 50) O2°2, ‘Ap anonded por AGAO-I 322 don Ree (12 Ape $1)-K 22 April 1951. 1 dattvated. effective d-mgust” i950 ~ per GO #65,-Mq, Fort Betts, YewaSuauly-1950 (Oorzected Copy). ‘ue enende’ by 00 #78, Hq, Fost Diets, Ve, 31 Auoset 19506 TOith Sransyortation Bativay Shop Battalion wil transfer frou Fort Zustie, Ya. to Fort Lavton, Mash, to the Seattle Port of Hateriation for further movenent to Pusan, Korea on a permanent change of st-tien under shigment No. 2505-3, with a readiness date of 2 August 1950, and ie agsened to Far Zea Command won orrival overseas ~ yor Radio GUAOUP 86665, cl Jely 1950. As econded Wy Ratio Oi-OUR S698, 25 July 1950. Deserted Sentste Port of Teboxietion 30 domust 1950 endggnrdves, i 1 = per Its Let Ind, A, % Aneust, 195. O° Tei Retest: Railvay Shey Battalion 1s essigied to Tghth Army effective upon arrival at Pusan, Korea - per Radio GinT¥ 11, CLIGRE, Tokyo, Japen, 9 August 1950. TGith Traamortetion Railay Shop Battalion 15 attached to Pusan Base Gonmant effective 50 August 1950 - per G0 #53, Hq, Highth United Sistes Avay ores, 5 Smptenber 1350. T6lth Transportation Ratlvay Shop Hattalion is relieved from attachnent to 2 logtstioel Gosnend and is attached to Ha 4 tq 09, 54 Transportation Military Railway Service effective 25 Septeaber 1950 ~ per GO #7, Hq Mehth Unites States Amy Korea, 39 Septaber 1950, Télin Braneyoxtaticn Ratlvay Shop Battalion ts asstmed to Hq, Yorthern Comand effective won exrivel et Gonp Schimmel. pfeonkg, Sendai, Hons, Jagan ~ per Go #29, Bq, Japan Iogisticel Connand, 12 Jamazy 1951, Resoinded ~ per 6O #108, Ta, open Eogistical Comand, 16 February 1952, te volteved frm avsigusont to Highth Amy and is aecimed to ia Conmand, Sch go Fly Hy Japon tngigticna, Goreng, f0 Fetmgany JO°2, ga ges, 9, AE2, gy Bghtnieed “Seabee tree Peteaiay Tost Ut Ls reerel fren avfacioand fe Boag Hs, SOM PMs BASE BEEP screstion Braluay Sion Bestelion Ae entitled to beethe ered "ine Csrenstve uaneign and the Onttee totdene Dedonetve Gemetea, Kevan = por 80S Jeremy 76utH Benen ction Betlwey Som te veltoved “yom east mnent to Honda: Corned, effective vv duly 1951 - per G0 #263, Hondeuortore Javan Logistical Conmend, 22 July 1951. 1 be Anactivated - per AGAO-I 522 (18 Sep 51)G1-H, 2] September 1952, to Bq, depen Loctect Tobin Seaneportation Ratlway Shop Battalion wi tAveted effective 21 ovenber 1951 - yer 60 $3ki, B Le exceste for 2 ted Hettons cren = nex 60 $190, Generel 3a, Fer 20 July 1952. SIAJED 764th Transportation Battalion, ALLOTTED to the Amy Reserve effective 15 Apr }, ASSIGNED 10 First US army, "ACTIVATED at .Grotén, Conn.”:. a5 (Boat Maint) under TOE SES50R, IgSs = MARCO (51 Nar 99)5E3, 16 hye 1989. MENDED = AMO.0 (We COS hoe SODRESS 3 May 19590 Sttwoete 11 May 1959 , with Co A and Med Det ACTIVATED at Groton, Conn; Co B at Bridgeport, Conn and Co C at Stamford - 00 3h, XIII USA sorps, 27 Apr 1959. Go G GAGE LocATION from Stanton, Com. to Jewett City, Come dor 1959. fFective 11 May 1959 - 00 38, XITE US Army Corps, 27 +6561 200 of Fedseg Susy gn TEIK ‘€2t 00 - TOCWTT sennoes3a (a) O-OVOH = GELYALiOME 68 TTP (20m pox PopEToNT) HOTTHINE NOTIN TOdANNY NHL ruoraaiodeurag, watpl ‘esouy puP ePvourr Airy or Jo qumyredeg *gHG TEOLGI WOE +6560 Bev TE ‘#6309 Ay sn THI “19 N CepuoUeT 64 “utp ‘uoReID KOSS NOTLYOOT GEOKTED WOFTHIAeE wOFTeAEdauEsy WaNGL “¥ 0D (00 ~ TEOT FADE ears: