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APR 12 1996 XX Petaluma, California XX Dear Mr.

XX Congresswoman Woolsey forwarded your correspondence regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) to this office for response. Your letter expressed concern that films shown in movie theaters are not accessible to people with hearing impairments. We apologize for our delay in responding. The ADA prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in employment, the provision of public services, places of public accommodation, and transportation. The ADA also requires all new construction and alterations in public buildings, places of public accommodation, and commercial facilities to be accessible, and it mandates the establishment of telephone relay services. You are correct in your understanding that the ADA does not require movie theaters to show films with open captions. Under the Telecommunications Act of 1996, however, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will investigate the extent to which video programming is currently closed captioned and then promulgate regulations requiring video producers to incorporate captions into production. For more information regarding the Telecommunications Act of 1996, you may contact: The Federal Communications Commission 1919 M Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20554 Attention: Richard Engleman (202) 653-6288 (Voice) (The FCC requests that persons with speech or hearing impairments use the relay service to contact their offices). I hope that this information proves useful to you. Sincerely, John L. Wodatch Chief Disability Rights Section

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Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey

Records; Chrono; Wodatch; Hill; Deykes; McDowney; FOIA udd\deykes\congrsnlXX 01-04208 ​ LYNN WOOLSEY DISTRICT OFFICES: 6th District, California 1101 COLLEGE AVE., SUITE 200 SANTA ROSA, CA 95404 COMMITTEES: TELEPHONE: (707) 542-7182 BUDGET FROM PETALUMA CALL: Congress of the United States (707) 795-1462 ECONOMIC AND EDUCATIONAL NORTHGATE BUILDING OPPORTUNITIES 1050 NORTHGATE DRIVE, SUITE 140 House of Representatives SAN RAFAEL, CA 94903 WASHINGTON OFFICE: TELEPHONE: (415) 507-9554 439 CANNON BUILDING Washington, DC 20515-0506 ADDRESS: WASHINGTON, DC 20515-0506 TELEPHONE: (202) 225-5161 February 22, 1996 Attorney General Janet Reno Department of Justice Constitution Avenue and Tenth Street, NW Washington, DC 20530 Attn: Congressional Liaison Dear Attorney General Reno: Enclosed please find comments from my constituent, XX regarding the limited availability of movie theaters offering open captioned films. Mr. XX is concerned that deaf and hard of hearing Americans are currently unable to enjoy many movies because they lack captions. I would appreciate it if you would respond to Mr. XX concerns in writing. Please respond directly to Mr. XX at the following address: INTERNET

XX XX XX XX and forward a copy of your letter to my Washington, DC office. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Greg Harrison of my staff at (202)225-5161. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Sincerely, Lynn Woolsey Member of Congress 01-04209 Date: Thu, 7 Dec 1995 21:43:28 -0800 From: XX To: Subject: I need your help Dear Valerie, There seems to be a minor loophole in the American Disabilities Act that prevents million of Americans from enjoying the fun and excitement that everyone else takes for granted. This would be going to the Movies. I need somebody that cares and is a public figure to help support a petition that I have started. In its rough draft form, I have included a copy of it here. Would you please review it and give me any suggestions, comments, ideas for improvement that you can think of. A word of endorsement with permission to quote you would also be of great help. Thank you for your support and I look forward to hearing from you. XX XX XX XX Intent of Petition: To provide open captions at movie theaters on first run movies during special engagements.

Reasons: The American Disabilities Act, ADA, does not provide for direct provisions for the hard of hearing and deaf as indicated in Senate Report 101-116, pg 64. The report does state that: "Filmmakers are, however, 'encouraged' to produce and distribute open captioned versions of films and theaters are 'encouraged' to have at least some preannounced screenings of a captioned version of eature films." Results: When was the last time you went to a theater and saw an open captioned movie? Reality: The theaters show, on average, 0% open captioned screening of feature films. In the sense of the ADA, this meets the requirment for 'encouraged to produce' and 'encouraged to have some preannounced screenings'. By signing this petition, you are agreeing that the ADA must amend the two words 'encouraged' and replace them with 'required' on Senate Report 101-116, page 64, as noted above. 01-04210