DEC 9 1996 XX XX XX Dear Ms.

XX :

I am responding to your letter regarding the accessibility of gas stations to people with disabilities. Your letter asks the Department of Justice to take action to compel companies that operate gas stations to provide a "full service" option for their customers. Please excuse our delay in responding. The Department of Justice is responsible for enforcing title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability by places of public accommodation, including gas stations. The ADA requires existing gas stations that are not otherwise being altered to remove architectural barriers to the extent that it is readily achievable to remove them. The Department of Justice regulation implementing title III requires such barrier removal to comply with the ADA Standards for Accessible Design (Standards) for each altered element if it is readily achievable. If a self-service gas station determines that it is not readily achievable to redesign gas pumps to enable people with disabilities to use them, the gas station is not required to make physical modifications to the gas pumps. However, the gas station is required to provide its services to individuals with disabilities through any readily achievable method, such as providing refueling service upon request to an individual with a disability at self-service prices. A service station is not required to provide refueling service to individuals with disabilities at any time when it is operating exclusively on a remote control basis with a single cashier. Similarly, the ADA does not require a self-service gas station to initiate a fullservice operation. cc: Records, Chrono, Wodatch, Blizard, FOIA n:\udd\blizard\drsltrs\gaspumps.ltr 01-04361

-2Because no Federal civil rights law enforced by this Division prohibits the operation of gas stations on a selfservice basis, we can take no further action in response to your request. Sincerely, John L. Wodatch Disability Rights Section Civil Rights Division Enclosures 01-04362​ (HANDWRITTEN) ILLEGIBLE Sirs: My plea is for a full ILLEGIBLE pump at each station ILLEGIBLE tho the law says ILLEGIBLE handicapped person can ILLEGIBLE service at a self serve ILLEGIBLE me give you a horse ILLEGIBLE. But back to my plea ILLEGIBLE are those with ILLEGIBLE in their hands & ILLEGIBLE hold a pump ILLEGIBLE. There are some ILLEGIBLE elderly enough ILLEGIBLE to want to climb ILLEGIBLE of the car to service ILLEGIBLE car. Also the oil & tires etc ILLEGIBLE checking for us ILLEGIBLE & one cannot ILLEGIBLE a full service ILLEGIBLE. It frightens me to get low on gas & cannot

find a full service station. I realize stop & go ILLEGIBLE stores can't do that ILLEGIBLE there are gas station that need to. (Every gas station) I do appreciate the stations that have the service. Exxon & Chevron & not all of them do There are all kinds activity in the ruling group to help the handicapped - why ILLEGIBLE this problem not ILLEGIBLE solved. Sincerely XX XX 01-04363