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STA —>__ MICROSCOPE OPERATES ON UKE HAVING AN “Sy” OBSERVATORY PEN-LITE - ear BATTERIES Porno ates » This 152 power refractor type tele- SIMPLIFIES me scope enables you to explore the FOCUSING . BX rings of Saturn, the craters of the i pa Is of Mars. For : COMPLETE WITH ew moon, the canals of Mars. F the first time, the most sensa- DISSECTING : tional astronomical telescope _ INSTRUMENTS /¥L ever to hit the market is : %% available at this low, low ea Ng | and CARRYING CASE + Tela | KIT INCLUDES : aS Reg. , $149.95: NOW 138.88 price. @ MICROSCOPE FOR 4 Now @ 2 EvE-PIECES (10x, 15x) Milam INCLUDES ALL OF THIS! @ SIX SLIDES (4 plain 2 prepared) oe ans OBJEC LENS AMAZING, $12.98 | F le ssno macnirie venarseasenbe LOW PRICE © VS2x73x35n28x EYE PIECES « HORIZONTAL, POLAR & DECLINATION MOVEMENTS @5 pc. DISSECTING SET THE PERFECT GIFT FOR ANY OCCASION | [contsting of Iweerer, knlfe, spatula, scissors, and Precision bullt, revolving three turret micro- two inch needie with o RIGHT ANGLE PRISMS scope with achromatic lenses, sub-stage mir- handle}, 34 « SUN RAY & HEAT FILTERS ror and Illumination. Interchangeable eye-plece fe 4 e 6 POWER FINDER WITH CROSS powers of magnifications, as 100-150-200. | @ HARDWOOD j - ere ET uae 300-400-600x. CARRYING CABINET & anne Ned WITH HANDLE ve o SUN SCREEN E EQUIPMENT TRAY « HANDSOME RUGGED WOOD CASE FREE! Premium B with above FREE! Premiums A and C with above BINOCULAR SALE! 7x85 LF. $24.95) picn-tin 7x80 LF, $29.95 esse 8x30 LF. $24.95 | & Straps 16x50 LF. $34.95] Included (ppd) Plus FREE Premium D For center focus, add $5.00 (10% F.E.T. on binoculars) E E 30 POWER TELESCOPE SALE 2 ‘Fae The perfect scope ps for the young as~ ‘ tronomer, offering features usually { associated with SPECIAL! \ telescopes costing Most Powerful |) ‘ much more. Binocular m © @Heavy chrome-plated. Madel GIANT 20x60 mm. New! Center of focus at point of balance. @ Three section tubes. 7 3/4" closed, 13 3/4" extended. @ Fluoride coated. @ Chrome adjustable Leather case swivel tripod. and straps ® Brown Included. leatherette (ppd.) casing. Plus! TASCO PRODUCT _ ocerlts! og - ee § ee FREE! Premium A with above REE! onty *68.88 FREE PREMIUMS! A. “Beginner’s Guide To Astronomy” B. “Hunting With The Microscope” A Fascinating & practical guide to guide to the exciting micro-world planets, moon, stars. of animals and plants. D. — U.S. N. Filtrol. Variable density sports glass. | filter. Esp. use- A guaranteed a — ful in bright sun- $5.95 value! light, etc. Guaranteed $8.00 value. ee Send cash, check or Money Order. Satisfaction or your money back! a California residents add 4% sales tax. RE SALES CO., _bept. Fs10, Box 2133, San Diego 12, Calif. C. Wonderful 3 - power folding Se ADVENTU TELESCOPE SALE! BIG SAVINGS -- FREE PREMIUMS 60 POWER TELESCOPE Prismatic Telespotter with 5 interchange- able eyepieces lox 20x 30x 40x 60x Wide Field-Coated lens. FREE! Premiums A & C (See Opposite Page) Built-in Sunshade Free premiums apply to both telescopes on this page. Smart hardwood carrying i, x case, etc, included. " ee» ——_—_ Reg. $79.95 NOW ONLY $68.88 (F.O.B. Miami) RL Ee nA oe 100 POWER TERRASTRO SCOPE Coated Lens. Includes two- fold tripod, extends 36" to 62’. 20x 50x 100x eyepieces Erecting prism for terrestrial viewing. Right angle prism for astronomical. Special sun glass. Hardwood fitted case. Reg. $69.95 NOW ONLY $58.88 ADVENTURE SALES CO. Dept. S-1 Box 2133 San Diego 12, Calif. \ | EARLE WEITERSHAUSEN | 1441 E. 12th Street i Pueblo, Colorado

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