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Another Man's Wife 1998


It's 5:00 in the afternoon - you're out a window with one shoe off and no
pants. You're cheating - and guess what - you're caught! See these unfaithful
whores suck cock and get plowed in every hole with cock that does not
belong to their husbands. These cock greedy bitches prove that variety is the
spice of life!

Amadeus Mozart 1995

You've undoubtedly heard of the famous classical composer Mozart, but you
may not be fully aware as to why he was so damn good on the harpsichord.
You see, more important than Mozart's love for music was his lust for the
opposite sex, and making music was simply his way of getting beautiful
babes to make love to him. But he wasn't without his rivals, other oversexed
prodigies who also knew how to use their talents to seduce the most beautiful
women in Europe- including the queen! Who'd have thought that those guys
in their powdered wigs and dandy costumes were getting so much ass.

Carmen 1998
Carmen is very beautiful and passionate itlyanka falls in love with Don Juan, a
very wealthy landowner but it constantly changes her and she is committed
to revenge, but she takes revenge on unfaithful husband is better to see once
than hear a hundred times, and believe me she is not bad it turns out

Cheating 1994


It's about a surprise birthday party that's a surprise for one reason:
Everyone's cheating. Ashlyn Gere, as usual,is excellent, this time trying
comedy, and she scores well as a boozing, trashy, unfaithful wife, and Colt
Steele almost steals the acting honors from Ashlyn, superbly underplaying his
role as a handsome, but coldhearted stud. Theres a shock ending, something
that you rarely see in porn.

Date Sylvia 1989 Les Rendez-Vous de Sylvia


Marie Noelly is married to Rocco. Bed one night In he is too tired to make love
to her - until she goes out and returns in a red wig and sexy tights. Next day
he goes off about his business and she sees an advert for a parapsychologist

in a magazine. While she goes off to consult him, Rocco sees two women at a
caf (Melodie Kiss and XNK0654) and fantasises about having anal sex with
them. then he goes over to chat them up and gets off with Melodie Kiss. Later
we see the two women together, Melodie using a strap-on dildo on her friend.
The parapsychologist (Philippe Soine) hypnotises Marie and has his way with
her. Meanwhile Rocco runs out of petrol on his way to see a counsellor of his
own (XNK0655) - he fantasizes about having sex with her. Then it seems he is
about to have his dream come true, but she emerges from behind a screen
dressed as a dominatrix to confront him as he kneels naked on the floor in
front of her desk and eh flees with his clothes into a toilet to get dressed.
While inside the cubicle, two girls (Charlotte Stphie and XNK0656) come in
and compare their underwear. He reveals himself and He has both of them.
On his way home, he is picked up at this car stranded by Laura Valrie who
takes him home to her home to have her way with him. Husband Alain L'Yle
watches from the next room, door ajar, masturbating then joins in for a DP.
Rocco breaks away in disgust and goes home

Divorce Court Expose 1987


The court hearing the divorce is accompanied by detailed stories and

impressions on the subject of who is who with whom and how to change

Eros e Tanatos 1997

Sex, intrigue and mayhem--what more could you ask for among the landed
gentry? In a villa tucked somewhere in Italy, the players are so hot and horny
that not a minute goes by before a big breasted chick has a big, throbbing
cock shoved in her face. It's almost like a national pastime that when you
visit a palatial estate, instead of shaking hands, you shake your big, bulging
cock in her face just as she pauses to say ciao! Actually, she even gets a
mouthful in the car on the long drive to the villa. All parties are cock-hungry
and waste no time in getting down to some steamy, hardcore oral and anal
pleasure. Mange!

Exstasy 1995


This is the story of two women, Marissa and Erica, and the wild nights of San
Francisco. Once close friends with Erica, Marissa makes a desperate but
unsuccessful break for a 'normal life' through marriage to a wealthy
businessman. Her reckless quest for excitement brings trouble, and she
helplessly turns to wanton Erica for help. Surrendering to Erica's lusty

encouragement and her own dark desires, Marissa plays the dangerous game
of living a double life. By day she's a proper wife, while at night she steals off
to the outrageously kinky 'Club Exstasy' where she can give free rein to her
primal desires... Meanwhile, Rudy, her husband's employee and a snake in a
Brooks Brothers suit, discovers her secret and sets out to destroy her
marriage and steal her for himself. If only for a night...

Eternal Desire 1998

The IMMORTAL LEGEND GOES ON !!! ... from a planet many light year away
from us, immortals - The HIGHLANDERS - arrive on Earth where they live a life
of unbridled sex ... One fine day their chief recalls them to their own planet
where he admonishes them for their lecherous way of life and reminds them
that only one of them is immortal, the sole survivor of a series of duels: one
couple rebels against this edict

Flamenco Ecstasy 1996


Leaving behind a tiresome relationship, Carmen spends some days at a

Spanish seaside resort together with her friend Monica in search of erotic

Heartache 1998


The rich fazendeyro serious problems. First, he stumbles upon his beloved
daughter, who selflessly given two blockheads. Very upset, he said, the
purpose of education, arranges a small party, which gradually turns into a
group sex outright. And all would do, but his charming young little wife has
her eye on a new employee. Naturally, they are in the same bed, and it is not
clear who gets seduced. At this point an angry farmer takes up the gun ..

Hercules - A Sex Adventure 2002

Set in the mythical ages of Ancient Greece, this fun film follows the exploits
of Hercules sexy (Hakan Serbes), the illegitimate son of Zeus and a mortal
woman. Hera, Zeus' wife, uses all her powers to make life incredibly difficult
for the bastard son of her husband. Hercules falls in love with the daughter of
King Creon, Magara, who Hera casts a spell on. Magara becomes cold and
indifferent to poor lovestruck Hercules, who keeps making advances, only to
be shunned. So he heads to an Oracle to find out what he must do to cast

away the spell and get under his loved one's toga. Hercules enlists the aid of
his buddy Samson (Frank Gun) and the two guys run off on the quest to save
Magara. But not before partying with a devilishly seductive Hera themselves.
A highlight of this heated threesome is watching Queen Hera take a dick up
her ass and in her twat. Pretty hot under those golden apple trees. Story
starts out relatively slowly but the sex hits with volcanic force. Serbes is a
consistently reliable stud with a hard dick, always happy to fuck any pussy (or
ass) available and the women are so beautiful, they could have been molded
directly from the Greek goddesses themselves.

Homo Erectus 1995

With cavemen grunting and humping their way through a word-less
exercise.which we've seen all the way from those delightful Hammer cave
women movies to QUEST FOR FIRE, of primitive men and women getting it
on. There's conflict between competing tribes, but basically it's all sex.

Justine Nothing to hide 2 1993

The Story Of Two Generations And The Girl Who Loved Them. Officers Mike
Horner and Nick East are father and son, respectively, searching for that
special woman. Enter Roxanne Blaze. Neither men are aware of the other's
affection for the beautiful, young girl. She finds out And about them only by
accident, necessitating a very difficult choice.

L'indecente aux enfers 1997


A young woman visits a psychiatrist, seeking help with her nymphomania.

The sessions with the psychiatrist reveal memories of past lives full of similar
sexual experiences.

La Cousine 1995 Fine Country Living Aka All Grown Up

The cousin (Monica Orsini) of adolescent Francesco Malcom comes to stay
and seems to seduce virtually everyone - in his tormented dreams - but she
makes a man of him in reality. A teenager has just found out about sex when
a beautiful aunt decides to turn him into a man

Laure's Inheritance 1996 L'heritage de Laure

The rich owner of a luxury whorehouse has just passed away. The legitimate
heir occurs to be a beautiful stranger, Laure (Laure Sainclair). Setting up a
'close encounter' with the very sexy girls of the whorehouse, the latter starts
improving their sexual know-how and behavior, preaching by example with
her own bodyguard and various selected clients!

Midnight Obsession 1995

Who'd ever thought that a drug smuggler could find true love, if not true lust,
in a foreign prison? Acclaimed European director Joe D'Amato, that's who. In
this twist on the classic film Midnight Express, D'Amato serves up a tale of a
gorgeous female smuggler who's in the wrong place at the right time, which
lands her in a prison where not just the warden is having affairs with the
female prisoners , but the coed convicts are getting in on it as well! Have
somebody that drug smugglers can find true love in a foreign prison? The film
tells the story of a female smuggler, beauty, caught in the wrong place at the
right time. Once in prison, which, along with the chief and other staff have
links with women prisoners, she finds love. No wonder, because this prison no
one wants to run

Paprika 1995
A young girl begins her life in poverty and loneliness but, through hard work
and a lot of luck, finds riches and true love.

Plainte Contre X 1-2 1994

Mario Salieri has come up with a brand new and particularly hard, perverse
concept: REALITY SEX! We might as well warn you right away: this revolting,
diabolical and unhealthy story, as hard and humiliating as it might be, is in
fact based on a true story and is guaranteed to shock your pants off! Not
recommended for the weak of heart.

Private - Gold 54-56 - Gladiator 1-3 2002

A high-budget costume trilogy, Maximus (Toni Ribas), the hero, is a Roman
general who defeats the barbarians and is declared succesor to the aging
Emperor Marcus Aurelius. Vice, corruption and evil plots thwart the hero's

plans for the future. He is betrayed and sold into slavery. Action, fabulous
girls and plenty of hardcore sex. Maximus is a brave general serving under
Roman emperor Marcus Aurellius. When Aurellius tells his evil son Commodus
that he has chosen Maximus as his successor, Commodus has Aurellius killed
and Maximus sold into slavery. Maximus manages to achieve fame and glory
as a fighter in the gladiator games. Of course, all this is accompanied by
hardcore porn sex...

Rags 2 Riches 2001


Jack's wealthy father just gave him an ultimatum; He must leave his
childhood sweetheart and marry the daughter of a wealthy business partner
or be disinherited and penniless forever. At first it seems that money really
can buy happiness but jack's new wife is hiding a deep, dark secret that
threatens to destroy both families.

Red Vibe Diaries 1-3


What would possess the wife of a renowned neurosurgeon to risk everything

to become a prostitute at a high-class Beverly Hills brothel? The danger? The
thrill? The sensual excitement? Witness the erotic transformation of
Samantha Armstrong, a bourgeois woman who seems to have it all.. An
expensive car, a house in Bel Air and a wealthy husband. Nonetheless, she
descends into the dark, foreboding depths of sexual depravity among the rich
and perverted.

Robin Thief of Wives 1995

This time out Robin Hood doesn't want to steal money for the poor but
instead he wants women and will stop at nothing to get them. This includes
going after the Sheriff of Nottingham's woman.Robin and his Merry Maidens
put a twist on the original tale. Rather then rid thy kingdom of its Gold he
frees the Maidens of the king. In this enchanted kingdom chastity belt and
corsets are enforced garments by the King. Robin mesmerized by these
adornments as well as thy women to which they enclose, enjoys the pleasure
with which only these sumptuous maidens can provide.

Rudy The Valentino Story - l'irresistible seducteur 1997

Rudy's next waiting for a gardening job but turned away as none are

available. The sign says "Unemployment Office", but it should have read
Employment Office, a typical goof, as this is where guys are gathering to get
hired, not register for government benefits (which of course hadn't been
invented yet, this being the 1910s).A nice guy Tim Grant hires him as
gardener and lodger, but Rudy humps not only Grant's wife Gloria (styled as a
Southern belle) but his beautiful young daughter Sally (Roxanne Hall, an anal
sweetheart of many a D'Amato opus).He's next hired as a gigolo-styled
dancer, to "lead on" & "make them dream" regarding old ladies. He's paid in
dollar bills, and another goof: they're modern Silver Certificates, not the good
old currency of the early 20th Century.Movie star Alice Lang (well-played by
Kaitlyn Ashley in her post-breast-enlargement phase) is impressed with
Rudy's dancing and asks him to audition for her new film. D'Amato uses very
poorly matched doubles (their faces obscured) for Kaitlyn & Hakan's dance
sequence here -incompetent.Rudy gets the job and the movie's directed, only
slightly confusingly by the porn actor named Valentino. The tall make-up lady
Allison is Rudy's next conquest, and fans dig his appearance opposite Alice in
the finished film FATAL TANGO.He appears opposite her as the sheik in his
breakthrough movie THE EAGLE OF THE SANDS, and D'Amato features some
brief horseback riding on the beach, not a budget-buster, but nice stuff for
porn. Kaitlyn is dressed in an ill-fitting suit which has the widest shoulder
pads I've ever seen -this is the low point of kitsch here.A brunette journalist
arrives on location, and Alice is very jealous when she sees Rudy servicing
her in his tent. At a hotel, Rudy and Valentino (the porn actor -see, it is
confusing) have a foursome with two groupies which was the highlight of the
movie for me. Their double penetration of the fabulously busty Heather Lee is
worth the price of admission.Guy Di Silva pops up as a rival producer, yielding
some mixed combo action, but we're soon back with Hakan dominating the
sex content for a Morgan the Pirate movie. Hilariously inept script has such
clunky dialog as "What does she see? Not filthy, drunken filibusters, stinking
of rum. But the charming smile of Morgan." I guess D'Amato and his idiotic
scenarist "Robert Lyon" can't really figure out the meaning of a "filibuster";
Buster sounds like a guy.After humping his new leading lady, tall Mitzi, Rudy
is finally reunited with Alice by public demand, co-starring in a new movie. At
long last they consummate their romance, with Kaitlyn going anal, definitely
a happy ending for her fans. Our overworked Hakan has delivered nine
ejaculations - anything for his art.

Salvatore Giuliano 1995 - Le dernier Sicilien

Hakam seems to be a gangster on the run with friend Valentino, but has to
say goodbye to a couple of females first - Tina Latour and Nicolette. They
'borrow' horses from the baroness (Monica Orsini). Hakam falls ill at his
hideout and is 'nursed' back to health by Beatrice Poggi. They then raid the

baron's house while he and his wife are at dinner. They get the baroness to
show them where the riches are, but there aren't any; so they take payment
in kind from the baroness who leaves with them. Finally Hakam marries
Beatrice and there is a wedding party orgy involving all the girls plus Hakam,
Valentino and two extra males, one of whom is Francesco Malcolm. Little
rhyme or reason to the story but Monica Orsini makes it all worth while for
the viewer as well as the gangsters.

Skin 3 The Third Degree 1989


A young wife is tricked by her husband's lover into taking a course in "slave

Snow White 1993

Once upon a time a bad Queen, was pretending to be the most beautiful
woman of a kingdom. But her young step-daughter, Snow White was really
better .. The rage of the bad Queen became very very hard, so she decided to
eliminate the sweet Snow White for ever! The man-hunter who should have
to kill the girl, did not execute the misfit, because the beauty and the
innocence of Snow White, touched the heart of the man, so he let's her
escape. Running in the woods, she was lucky to find refuge in the house of
seven adorable little dwarfs ..

Sodom & Gamorra 1997

In the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah thrive permissiveness and debauchery.
Sex in the morning until the evening engaged in everything - from the king
and queen and ending captive slaves. The Prophet predicted the imminent
destruction of the inhabitants of these towns, offering people to repent of
their sins. But no one is listening, preferring to continue to enjoy the
pleasures of love.

Strange Curves 1989


Their Chance Meeting Was Accident No Two Men, strangers, meet in a bar.
One has a cheating wife, the other a domineering sister. And they're looking
to be rid of them both.

Tarzan X - Shame of Jane 1994

Jane and her friends are in Africa. When Jane gets lost in the woods and
vanishes, she wakes up at the foot of the ape-man. One thing leads to
another, apeman explores Madame and she does a little exploring herself to
their mutual enjoyment. Turns out the ape mans real name is John, and he is
the son of an aristocrat who was lost in the woods 20 years earlier. John
consoled himself by overthrowing everything that moves to the delight of the

The Animal In Me 1985

A lusty romance-novel writer loves kinky sex games, and competes with her
daughter for the younger girl's succession of young stud boyfriends-especially a new doctor.====Maggie a romantic novelist with two
daughters. One of them Pepper, a nurse (the sensuous Karen Summer) is
saving herself for "Mr Right". On the other hand Maggie who has divorced her
dull but loving husband thinks romance is mainly for fiction and is enthralled
by the likes of her uncouth, sexually aggressive lover Travis (Greg Ruffner),
who is always making a play for Pepper who dislikes him. Pepper falls in love
with a young doctor only for him to be seduced by Maggie, responding to the
"animal in me" A more cynical Pepper turns to Travis...

The Chameleon 1989


Diana sees a shrink to talk about her problem: Marc, her husband, allows her
to do everything with anyone - and she does. She has made a habit out of
seducing men, and he hates it - on the other hand, it turns him on.

The Chastity Belt 1989 La Ceinture De Chastete


How far can the suspicion and jealousy of a husband go towards his young
and too pretty wife? A wild story dominations with, fellatios, daring matings,
double penetrations and mad big boops ... A very perverse outburst.

The Last Fight 1997 The Boxer 3

This tale of betrayal among friends is driven by great sex, hot desires, and a
beautiful cast. But hotter still than the gorgeous beauties populating this film
re the deep-seated passions. Orgies, three-ways, anal fucks, and heavy


The Nurse's Diary 1998

About sex with nurse

Troubled Love 2003


Asia Carrera plays a wife who isn't getting very much attention from her
husband lately. He's far too busy with his work solving murders to spend any
quality time with her. When an old boyfriend suddenly sails back into he life
that's when the fireworks really begins in Troubled Love.

Viva Italia 1-2

Rome, 1940: German soldiers take advantage of the troubled, decadent times
to transform innocent Italians into docile creatures. This shocking "X-istorical"
fresco is signed by that great maestro of European super production, Mario
Salieri who'll lead you into a universe of dementia and pitiless debauchery
where sex and violence are coupled with every possible perversion

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