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Emperor of Corruption

Chandrababu Naidu

The Emperor of Corruption

Andhra Pradesh CM Chandrababu Naidu has achieved a record of
sorts in corruption. Under his leadership, the state has become the
capital of collusive corruption and is underperforming across the
sectors. In the last twenty four months, the quantum of his corruption
has overtaken the total corruption of his previous nine-year tenure
put together. Kickbacks, bribes, shares, commissionsthe name
could differ, but corruption is open and ubiquitous in the state.
The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) Government has unilaterally and
without any obligation under the contract has granted escalations to
the civil contractors with retrospective effect even in Engineering,
Procurement and Construction (EPC) contracts where the Contractor
has undertaken not to claim escalation. While facilitating such
escaltions to the contractors through GO MS No.22, the Chandrababu
government is amassing huge amounts as kickbacks.
Even though the Union Government has an obligation to take over
and completely implement the Polavaram project, the TDP
Government has implemented the ill-advised no storage, temporary
project of Patti Seema at the cost of Rs. 1600 crore just to pocket Rs
500 crore as kick backs by giving the contract. The government gave
the contract at 21.9% excess rate (to the Estimated Project Value) and
in that 16.9% as bonus for completing work in the stipulated time
period of one year. And worse, the bonus clause was not even a part
of the contract when the tenders were called.
Having accomplished that, the TDP Government is now trying to
take over Polavaram project by substantially escalating the project
cost only for pocketing kickbacks, even when the prices of Petrol,
Diesel, Steel, Aluminium and Sand rates have come down, while
cement rates have not gone up.
Today, in Andhra Pradesh, there is nothing that can be done
without a bribe and there is nothing that cannot be done with a bribe.

Emperor of Corruption

From sand reaches to solar plants, tenders in Irrigation Department to

Power Department, Chandrababu ensured that not a single process is
unaffected by the corrupt government. For instance, his government
has made the illicit sand mining a major source of income by almost
all the TDP functionaries starting from MLAs to Ministers and Chief
Minister running as a syndicate. This is running into thousands of
crores of rupees. Chandrababu has focused on the legal plunder from
the day one and corruption was made a systemic practice. The legal
plunder of government has become an open phenomenon in the
After acquiring the ill-gotten money, Chandrababu Naidu has
brazenly started Operation Akarsh whereby MLAs from our party are
being poached on day to day basis using Carrot and Stick policy. If
they join TDP, they are paid a minimum of Rs 20 to 30 crore, the lure
of ministerial berths to our MLAs who got elected on our party B
Form and symbol. Chandrababu Government has so for poached 12
of our MLAs out of our strength of 67 in total. Such blatant display of
ill-gotten money is not being questioned while the Anti Defection
Law what is part of our constitution is being mocked in broad day
light and yet our democracy remains silent.
The TDP is conveying a direct message to opposition MLAs- If
you are with us, there is heaven or else you are in hell. So far, as many
as 12 MLAs and one MLC have openly defected to TDP lured by
money and power and what is worse is that the Chief Minister and
his colleagues in cabinet are giving statements that they would
welcome all the MLAs of the opposition with open arms while
assuring them that they would not be disqualified.
When it comes to Amaravati, the State Government, in the name of
developing a world-class capital city, is doing a world-class real estate
scandal worth Rs. 1 lakh crore. Chandrababu breached the oath of
secrecy as he revealed the details of the actual location of the Capital
city to the members of his coterie. This translates to "Insider trading".
To bring down the value of the lands in the prospective Capital

Emperor of Corruption

location Amaravati, the TDP government through its media friends

propagated that the capital city was going to come up in other
locations- Nuzvid or Nagarjuna university areas. Fooled by this
propaganda, people flocked to these areas and the land value in
Amaravati region came down overnight. Seizing the moment,
Chandrababu cronies, his ministers, MLAs, MPs and leaders bought
land in the Amaravati region at throwaway prices duping the local
farmers. And later after his cronies have finished the purchases then
the capital declaration came on December 28, 2014, paramounting
"Insider trading" breaching "Oath of Secrecy". This scandal has been
brought out by "Sakshi" daily with irrefutable proofs.
In the name of land pooling, the government grabbed the fertile,
irrigated, multi-crop lands of the farmers, while sparing lands
belonging to his cronies. In return, the farmers were supposed to get
paltry extent of residential and commercial plots in their own villages.
Now, there is no clue as to when and where these plots would be
given. Indeed, he did not take some lands as they belonged to his
men and their benamis. The Chief Minister, however, did not spare
those lands without a reason. The CM recieved quid pro quo benefits
for his generosity.
Chief Minister did not stop with this, he has "zoned" the entire two
districts to create demand for his cronies and to favour his cronies.
Lands belonging to his cronies were marked in real estate zones while
others were in "Agri Zone-1"
There is no end to such stories of open corruption by Chandrababu
Naidu. Though experts are of the opinion that 5000-acre land is
enough to build the new Capital, Chandrababu insists on gathering
34,000 acres for the city. He is taking the land from the farmers and
handing them over to private players on settlement basis.
Several proofs and GOs which demonstrate his corruption have
appeared in mainstream media. They are being mentioned in our
discussions in Assembly. However, the government is not ready to
face any investigation. The Chief Minster made it clear that his
government was not going to commission any probe whatsoever!

Emperor of Corruption

Recent Scams List
Capital Robbery
Corruption in Irrigation Department
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Polavaram Project Costs Skyrocketed!
Patti Seema Project Exclusively for Kickbacks
Benami bags Huge Contracts
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Galeru-Nagari Project Escalated!
Mining Barytes Commissions
Imported Coal lasts long!
Solar Golmaal!!
These 10 companies deserve additional incentives!
Pushkaram Funds have gone Godavari Way!
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Exploitation of Sand Mafia
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One hand proposes, another hand approves
4 Departments for Party Cadre
Water, Tree and Evergreen Favouritism
Central Funds Misappropriated
A Friend in Deed
Gift to Galla Family
Special Development Fund No More!
Additional to Nellore Barrage
Boon to Vamsadhara Contractors
Chandrannas Gift
Lokesh Deal with Millers
Kuppam Branch Canal Works only for Stooges
Day-light Robbery in Goddumarri

Emperor of Corruption


Babus Extravagance Costs the State

Scams between 1995-2004
Scams list - 1995 to 2004
Details of Land Gifting
Corruption in the Sale of PSUs
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Murali Mohan - The Real Benami
Ravela Traitor of Dalits
Rs. 295 Crore Dowry to Balakrishnas Relative
Assigned Lands in Prathipatis Account
Quid pro quo with Lingamaneni
One Bit, One Benami
Narayana.. Narayana
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Dhulipalla's Poramboke Lands
Kodelas Son, the Rising Star of the Land!
Kommalapati Perfectly Illegal!
Open Fraud and Deception the Farmers Response
Lingamaneni Ramesh - A King of Encroachments
A Ravan in Every Lanka
Dhulipalla did not Stop
Share of Anjaneyulu is 4.69 acres!
Assigned Lands Alienated
Red Zone in the Name of Green Zone


Emperor of Corruption

Recent Scams of Chandrababu

(In Rs. in Crores)
Corruption in the name of Capital City


Corruption in the Irrigation Department

Gifts from Liquor Syndicate
Kickbacks in Power Projects
Kickbacks from Sand Mafia
Polavaram Project Cost Escalation
Incentives to Industrialists
Water & Tree Scheme Distribution
Benefit from abandoning EPC Method
Fiber Optic grid contract to a benami
Gains from Wadawadalaa Chandranna Scheme
Wastage of Funds for Godavari Pushkarams
Bribes in Patti Seema Lift Irrigation Project
Corruption in AP GENCO Thermal Projects
Nomination works in Irrigation Department
Land at throwaway price to a Friend of Nara Lokesh
Gift to Balakrishna's Son-in-law
Benefit to Contractors in Vamsadhara Project
Kickbacks in Coal Imports
Lokesh Deal with Millers
Gains from Solar Tenders
Additional Payments in Galeru-Nagari and Avuku Projects 153
Kuppam Branch Canal Works to TDP district president
Lands to NTR Trusts (in 2 districts)
Gains from Support to a Minister who masterminded the Cotton Scam 100
Kickbacks from Bitrates Mines Allocation
Money made from Chandranna Gift Scheme
Land gifted to Galla Family
Open Cheating in Goddumarri
Additional Cost of Nellore Barrage


Emperor of Corruption



Rs. 1,00,000 Crore

Capital Robbery
CM Chandrababu leaked vital information regarding the
Capital city location to his benamis and party men
Nara Lokesh, his confidants and TDP leaders
benefitted to the tune of Rs. 1,00,000 crore
The government is doing real estate business
with the lands of farmers
Under the guise of building a world-class capital city, the Andhra

Pradesh Chief Minister is running a real estate business. He leaked the

actual location of the Capital city to his coeteire and helped them
accumulate at least Rs. 1 lakh crore at the cost of fortunes of other
ordinary people. From his swearing till the date of announcement (28th
December 2014) the new capital lands were procured by his cronies.
Even before an official statement was made about the location of the
capital city, the CMs stooges and their benamis bought large extents of
land in this region. However, most of those sale transactions were not
registered officially. Initially, they took the possession of lands with the
help of General Power of Attorney (GPA) documents. The ruling party
realtors got GPAs for thousands of acres as they came to know the
about the Capital city's location. The GPAs helped them to buy more
land with less money, while some were registered by on the
announcement while others were registered after the announcement
with the help of GPAs in their favour.
Showing very clearly how his cronies lands were not taken into "land
pooling" exempting these lands while other farmers lands were taken
either by hook or crook. Land pooling only gave paltry extents of plots
to the owners. For instance, in the case of Lingamaneni Estate and
Ramakrishna Constructions, the Chief Minister first sent a police official
The note issued by the Water
Resources Department
which shows that the
Lingamaneni guest house
was constructed in violation
of River Conservation Act.

Emperor of Corruption

to threaten them. They were told that since their projects also included
assigned lands they breached the laws. Hence, their projects would be
confiscated and used for land pooling. While Lingamaneni Group
bought 804.32 acres, Ramakrishna Constructions bought 179.51 acres.
The owners of both these projects compromised with the CM. CM
protected them from land pooling. The CM also benefitted the ruling
party MLA Kommalapati Sridhar by exempting his 43-acre real estate
venture from land pooling for reason best known to him alone.
Chandrababu bragged that his land pooling scheme is a voluntary
process. He announced that the new Capital city will be built on 29 villages
located in Thullur, Tadepalle and Mangalagiri mandals. It was decided that
a total of 53,743.49 acres needs to be pooled for the capital city. Out of this,
15,010.03 acres is assigned and government land and remaining 38,737.46
acres was to be collected from the farmers. To this effect, the AP
government issued a GO on January 1, 2015.
His cronies have also propagated that the Government would take the
assigned and lanka (riverbed) lands without paying any compensation
from the present owners. These lands were allocated, long back, to the
people belonging to SC, ST and BC communities. The government
officials informed the public that the government could take back the
lands without any compensation as they were distributed without a
cost. Scared by the propaganda, the owners of 1,843 acres of assigned
land and 1,514 acres of lanka (riverbed) land sold their lands to TDP
leaders at cheaper rates. Once these transactions were concluded, the

The AP Government orders issued on

January 1, 2015, which stated that
assigned lands would be pooled
under land pooling process.


Emperor of Corruption

The Government orders issued on

February 17, 2016, specifying the
compensation for assigned lands
after the conclusion of land deals by
TDP realtors

TDP government came up with a generous package for these lands in

February 2016, fourteen months after the first announcement.
According to the international
standards, it costs Rs. 30 lakh for
residential development an acre of
land. About 3000 sq. yard can be
developed on each acre. However,
the government is providing per
acre 1000-yard residential plot and
450-yard commercial plot as
compensation to the farmers. The
government is developing roads,
parks, buildings. His cronies have
come under real estate zone
facilitating their real estate
activities while other farmers lands
have been pushed to "Agri zone-1"
The draft policy guidelines of the
to create demand for his cronies'
CRDA that classified the Capital city
lands. While APZ-1 has a heavy
lands into different zones.
agricultural tilt, the APZ-2 and 3
are going to host Future Urbanised Developable Area, which will be
developed by the government once it has completed the development
of the Capital city limit. TDP leaders and their benamis have bought
about 10,000 acres of land in APZ -2 and 3.
Agriculture Zone - 1
Agriculture Zone - 2
Agriculture Zone - 3




Emperor of Corruption


Rs. 6,000 Crore

Opposition of Two Chief Secretaries could Not Stop

Corruption in Irrigation Department

A scam took place in the
name of cost escalation,
which is worth about

Rs. 6000 crore

The money that

has been offered
as the return gift

Rs. 3000 crore

Some parts of the GOs 153, 154 and 156 which have
finalised the additional payments
The AP government removed the works of Galeru-Nagari Sujala
Sravanthi (GNSS), Handri-Neeva Sujala Sravanti (HNSS) and Gorakallu
projects from previous contractors, which was against the regulations.
Then it escalated the costs of the projects many times and called for new


Emperor of Corruption

tenders without obtaining any administrative permissions for the same.

While tenders have been called for 25 packages, in a strange coincidence,
all the tenders were won by C.M. Ramesh and a few other leaders of the
ruling party.
Thus, a plan was hatched for the open robbery of Rs. 6,000 crore. In all
packages, mobilization advances were issued, about 50 % bills were also
paid before taking any administrative permissions. As the Finance
Department started raising its objections about this illegal process, the
heads of the government used force and silenced the officials, who were
concerned about the issue. Indeed, the making the payment of advances
and bills without administrative permissions is against the law and
attracts audit objections.
Highlighting these intentional lapses, Sakshi daily published
extensive, well-researched stories about the ongoing scam. To make the
Rs. 6,000 crore illegal affair legal, the state government has come out with
new cost escalation proposals. However, given that the escalation was a
sham, both the erstwhile Chief Secretary I.Y.R. Krishna Rao and the
present Chief Secretary S.P. Tucker refused to sign on these escalation
To counter the opposition of the Chief Secretaries, CM Chandrababu
Naidu and his son Nara Lokesh brought the cabinet approval to the fore.
To the horror and shock of bureaucrats, the highly corrupt cabinet
approved the thoughtless cost escalation proposals. Despite the
approval of the cabinet, the Chief Secretaries refused to sign on these
proposals. Due to their opposition, the proposals have gone back to the
cabinet thrice.
A proposal going back to cabinet thrice due to opposition from
bureaucrats could be first of its kind incident in Independent Indias
history. Not just one, but two Chief Secretaries refusing to give nod to the
government proposals indicates the dangerous levels of corruption in
Andhra Pradesh. According to officials of the Irrigation Department Rs.
6,000 crore scam has taken place under the governments watch and half
of the amount i.e. Rs. 3,000 has already changed hands.

Emperor of Corruption


Rs. 1,500 Crore

EPC out, Additional Payments in!!
The additional payment
made to the contractors

The money that was

paid a bribes

Rs. 3,000 crore Rs. 1,500 crore

The GO 22, a generous boon to contractors

The heads of AP government brought GO no: 22 to make additional
payments to contractors. According to this GO, the government can
escalte the costs of the projects that awarded under the Engineering,
Procurement and Construction (EPC) method.
Even though the projects awarded under the EPC need not to be
escalated, the AP government has introduced a new provision for cost
escalation even for project that were tendered under the EPC. That too
with a retrospective effect from 2013. This GO hugely benefits the
favoured contractors, causing a huge loss to the exchequer, and that too
when prices of all commodities like cement, steel and diesel have crashed.
The government is also killing several other prudential practices. For
the first time, it expressed willingness to pay Standard Schedule Rates
(SSR) for concrete works. This is going to burden the exchequer an
additional Rs. 3,000 crore. Half of this money-Rs. 1,500 crore- would be
repaid to the bigwigs of government as the kickback.
Due to the GOs 22 and 63, the rate of cubic meter concrete has gone
up from present Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 4,000. Now, the government has
increased another Rs. 3000 for cubic meter concrete and is ready to pay
Rs. 7,000! These GOs have made provision for generous additional
payments for labour, sand, machinery, dewatering, controlled blasting,
digging of hard soils, digging of hardest soils, among others.


Emperor of Corruption

Rs. 3000 crore

Polavaram Project Costs Skyrocketed!
The cost for Polavaram project
after cost escalation

The money that has changed

hands in this transaction is

Rs. 31,000 crore Rs. 3,000 crore

Two portions of the proceedings that were approved by the

state cabinet for escalating the costs of Polavaram project.
Polavaram project is a national project according to the Section 90 (IV) of
the AP Reorganisation Act. This means it is the responsibility of the Central
government to fund the project, get the required clearances and complete
the project. The Centre has formed Polavaram Project Authority (PPA) take
care of this project. The initial estimated cost of the Polavaram project in
2005-06 was Rs. 10,151.45 crore. The amended estimation of the project in
2010-11 was Rs. 16,010.45 crore and the same was approved by the Planning
Commission. However, the present TDP government has straight away taken
this cost to Rs. 31,000 crore.
The AP government- which doesnt want to hand over this lucrative
project to the Centre- has so far failed to submit certain omissions to the PPA
with the objective to prevent the handing over the process. Since the AP
government has failed to submit the project to the centre, the project is
presently under its watch. The state government is making the most of the
For instance, the value of head works which are being executed by the
present contractor has been increased from present Rs. 4,041 crore to Rs.
6961 crore. According to prevailing norms of kickbacks, Rs. 690 crore will go
the accounts of the bigwigs. Hundreds of crores of rupees have been given as
mobilization advance to the companies such as Transstory India Ltd. The
seventh package works left by undone by L&T valued at Rs. 23 crore was
given on nomination basis for an inflated price of Rs. 73 crore.
In all, according to the officials of the Irrigation Department, 10% of the
total project cost i.e. Rs. 3,000 crore is going into the pockets of the
government heads.

Emperor of Corruption


Rs. 700 crore

Patti Seema Project Exclusively for Kickbacks
After the escalation,
the cost of Patti Seema
project has gone up to

The kickbacks that have been

offered to the government
heads so far are

Rs. 1,600 crore Rs. 450 crore

The total amount

of kickbacks is

Rs. 700 crore

The memo which enabled the contractors to quote 5 % additional amount. The memo said 5 %
additional amount shall be paid to the contractors if they complete the works before the deadline.

Polavaram project is a Gods gift to Andhra Pradesh. Instead of completing this

mega project, Chandrababu Naidu brought forth the Patti Seema project, which
actually is a part of Polavaram project. The project cost was estimated to be a
whopping Rs. 1,300 crore and contract was awarded to a contractor who is close
to the Chandrababu Naidu.
Firstly, some conditions in the tender schedule were tailor-made to suit to a
few companies that are close to the CM. Though Estimated Project Value (EPV)
was Rs. 1300 crore, the bid of the L1 contractor was Rs. 1,600 crore, which was 21.9
% higher than the EPV. According to the rules, any bid that is more than 5 % of the
EPV amount shall be rejected. However, the company was given the contract by
converting the remaining 16.9 % (21.9 % - 5 %) into the bonus for completing the
project in time! Actually, the bonus clause was not even a part of the contract
when the tenders were called. The AP government has added this provision to
Patti Seema project contract to get additional kickbacks. Though there was an
opportunity to bring down the project cost by changing the designs and
reducing the number of motors and pipelines, the government is paying an
additional amount of Rs. 250 crore to the contractor.
The Irrigation Department officials think that the kickbacks were the reason
for governments generosity towards the contractors. The Chief Minister
Chandrababu Naidu and his son Lokesh inflated the cost of Patti Seema project to
Rs. 1,600 crore and are said to be benefitting to the tune of Rs. 700 crore.


Emperor of Corruption

Rs. 1400 crore

Benami bags Huge Contracts
The value of projects that were
awarded to Harikrishna Prasada confidant of Nara Lokesh is

Rs. 2,800 crore

The GO that has finalised the rules

and regulations of the tender

The 50% of kickbacks

in the transaction is

Rs. 1,400 crore

The 5th page of the GO that shows the

appointment of Harikrishna Prasad as a
member of High-Level Tender Approval

An Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) thief, an accused in EVM

tampering case, TDP Information Technology advisor, a key person in
Heritage Group of Chandrababu and his benamiall of them are one and
the same person- Vemuri Harikrishna Prasad.
Though his company Tera Software and its affiliates were blacklisted
by the Andhra Pradesh Technology Services, Chandrababu Naidu
government awarded the works of Fiber Grid project worth Rs. 320.85
crore to this company. U-WIN, a central government project which
collects the data of unorganized labourers was also gifted to the
company of Harikrishna Prasad. While the initial cost of this project cost
was Rs. 45 crore, it was increased to Rs. 180 crore and awarded to Tera
Software. The plans are in the pipeline to award E-pragathi project- which
is worth of Rs. 2,398 crore- to Tera Softwares partner Cisco Software.
While the total value of these projects is Rs. 2,800 crore, half of the money
i.e. Rs. 1,400 was supposed to reach the pockets of the government heads,
according to the officials who dont want to be named.

Emperor of Corruption


Rs. 5,100 crore

Additional Liquor!!
The kickbacks from
the liquor syndicate
in last 20 months

The bribe that was paid by

the Liquor Syndicate for
Karnataka-style liquor policy

Rs. 4,000 crore.

Rs. 1,000 crore

The bribe that was paid

for new distilleries

Rs. 100 crore

The GO that permitted the production of liquor

The Andhra Pradesh government stated in 2015 that it was going to come
up a new liquor policy on the lines of the policies of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.
The thing is in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, the governments run the liquor shops
and there is no place for private individuals in the liquor business. This
statement was indeed an indirect warning to the liquor syndicate of the state
and it was aimed at making them surrender to the government.
As government expected, the liquor syndicate has come for comprise and
allegedly offered a bribe of Rs. 1000 crore to the heads of the government.
Thanks to this understanding, the state government has changed its mind
and finally come up with Karnataka-style liquor policy, where there would be
no active role for the government in the policies liquor business. Had the AP
government come up with Tamil Nadu style policy; the liquor syndicate
would have gone out its business.
There are also allegations that the syndicate members are already paying
Rs. 200 crore every month to sell their liquor products above the Maximum
Retail Price (MRP). That means the bigwigs of the government raked up Rs.
4,000 crore in last 20 months. Besides these earnings, the state government
has invited applications for new distilleries. It has received 12 applications
and gave four permissions. It is learned that these four companies have
already paid Rs. 400 crore to heads of the government. In all, liquor has been
a quite lucrative business for the heads of the government.


Emperor of Corruption

Rs. 153 crore

Galeru-Nagari Project Escalated!
The additional amount paid to TDP MP C M Ramesh in
two packages of Galeru-Nagari Project is

Rs. 153 crore.

In Galeru-Nagari
Sujala Sravanti (GNSS),
the AP government has
increased the project
costs unprecedentedly.
For instance, the leftover
work worth Rs. 10 crore in
the 29th package mere
was removed from the
contractors scope
without any penalties and
the same was retendered.
The cost was increased
to Rs. 115 crore and The memo issued by the Chief Engineer seeking a report on
awarded to Ritvik Projects Avuku tunnel works as there were corruption allegations.
of C.M. Ramesh, an MP of
the ruling party, without even taking administrative permissions. Ironically,
two consecutive Chief Secretaries of the state have objected this
unprecedented escalation of project cost. Despite their opposition, the state
government discussed the proposal in the cabinet and approved. The
Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) model of the Irrigation
Department never allows for project cost escalation.
After making the payment of Rs. 35 crore bill, a dispute arose between
C.M. Ramesh and the Irrigation Minister as to the percentages of the
commissions. Due to this dispute, the truth about the absence of
administrative permissions came out. As a result, further payments were
stopped to the company of C.M. Ramesh. The outraged MP-cum-contractor
exposed the corruption in the Avuku tunnel works (Package No: 30), which is
a part of GNSS project. He wrote a letter to the government stating that the
Irrigation Department officials were making the additional payment of Rs. 44
crore to the contractor, which was against the provisions. In these two
instances, the taxpayers money paid to the contractors were - Rs. 99 crore
and Rs. 44 crore; a total of Rs. 153 crore.

Emperor of Corruption


Rs. 100 crore

Mining Barytes Commissions
The benefit that was given to
private companies in barytes
mineral sale transactions

Rs. 178 crore

The money that changed

hands in this transaction

Rs. 100 crore

The GO that has decreased the basic rates.

At least Rs. 178 crore worth collusive corruption took place in the sale
transactions of barytes mineral. The state government which initially said
that it was inviting global tenders actually colluded with private
companies and awarded the tender to it through Andhra Pradesh
Minerals Development Corporation (APMDC). The tender norms were
tailor-made and only three companies were made eligible for the process.
These three companies that participated in the tender process were
coordinated by the ruling party bigwigs and became a cartel. These
companies were awarded the Mangampet mines in YSR Kadapa district to
these companies. The government has brought down the basic price of
barytes and benefitted these companies to the tune of Rs. 178 crore. The
government issued GO No: 163 in 2015 to facilitate this private gain.
In a bizarre twist, Chandrababu Naidu cancelled the previous tender
that was awarded to Chennai-based Trivnei Earth Movers Private Ltd. and
once again awarded the tender to the same company at more escalated
price. Due this understanding the government is going to pay Rs. 531
crore additional amount to this company. It is estimated that a few
hundreds of crores of rupees would be given as kickbacks to the heads of
the government.


Emperor of Corruption

Rs. 200 crore

Imported Coal lasts long!

The value of a possible scandal in the
coal purchases is

Rs. 500 crore

The money that changed hands in this

transaction is Rs.

200 crore.

The summons issued by the Central Revenue Intelligence Directorate

on the problems in the bills of imported coal.
About Rs. 500 crore taxpayers money was wasted in purchasing the
imported coal for Andhra Pradesh Power Generation Corporation Ltd. (AP
Genco). A Public Interest Litigation (PIL) was filed in the Hyderabad High
Court in this regard. The following is the story. The AP Genco entered into
agreements with the central government units PEC Limited and MSTC Ltd. on
May 6, 2013 to purchase imported coal. Though the tenure of the contract
was only for 6 months, the purchases continued until the end of 2015. Al
though it was the government companies that were on screen, the coal mafia
ran the actual show under the guise of sub-contracts.
While 12 lakh ton coal was purchased during the contract period, 19.25
lakh tons of coal was purchased after the agreement time. The coal rate in the
international market per ton during the contract period was US$ 69.15, it
became US$ 80.15 after the inclusion of sea freight charges of US$ 11.
However, the coal price came down in the international market to US$ 52.40
by March 2015 and its final rate after addition of US$ 7.23 of sea freight
charges was US$ 59.63.
The AP Genco paid additional price of US$ 20.55 for each ton of coal it had
imported. In all, it paid Rs. 246 crore additionally. Though it was the
contractors onus to transport the coal from Krishnapatnam port to the
thermal projects, the AP Genco paid this fee too. For the transportation costs,
the contractors were paid Rs. 100 crore during the contract period and Rs. 200
crore after the contract time was over.
A total of Rs. 546 crore of public money was misused by the government.
According to a highly reliable source, a good amount of that money went into
the pocket of the Chief Minister.

Emperor of Corruption


Rs. 155 crore Solar Golmaal!!

The prospective loss that will have
to be borne by AP Genco, as it had
to allow the highest bidding, is

Rs. 755 crore.

The money that changed

hands in this transaction is

Rs. 155 crore

The new regulations created by the Andhra Pradesh Power Generation

Corporation Ltd. (AP Genco) to select the choicest companies
The AP Genco favoured a few private companies in awarding the
tenders for solar power projects, which are to be established in Anantapur
district. The details are as following.
The AP Genco called for Engineering, Procurement & Construction
(EPC) tenders for its 500-MW solar power project in Talaricheruvu village
near Tadiparti town of Anantapur. The BHEL, which quoted Rs. 6.26 crore
for Mega Watt was selected as L-1 through reverse bidding method.
However, the government strangely gave this project at the same price to
other companies such as Sterling, Tata, L&T and MEGA.
The problem is this price itself is an inflated price. The NTPC which is
establishing a similar thermal power plant in the same district has
finalised the price of Rs. 4.91 crore for MW. According to power sector
experts, Rs. 4.75 crore is the reasonable cost for the production one MW
solar power.
Even the eligibility criteria of the companies have become an issue.
While 17 companies participated in the tender bidding of National
Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC), only five companies got the eligibility
to participate in the tender process of AP Genco. This was because the
important conditions of the tender were tailor-made to suit the interests
of curtained favoured companies. The AP Genco is paying Rs. 1.51 crore
extra for each MW of power, which means the company will be burdened
by Rs. 755 crore. When the scandal was taken up Sakshi daily and a few
PILs were filed in the Hyderabad High Court, the AP government stopped
approval process. It was clear the tender process was initiated to kick start
a scam and finally got stopped due the Court and media intervention.


Emperor of Corruption

Rs. 2,500 crore

These 10 companies deserve additional incentives!
The total value of additional
incentives that were
extended to 10 companies

The kickbacks to the

heads of the government

Rs. 5000 crore Rs. 2,500 crore

Chandrababu gave additional incentives to 10 companies,

going beyond the announced industrial policy. This GO shows the
additional incentives that were showered on Tarakeswara Textiles Pvt. Ltd.
The Chandrababu Naidu Government decided to provide additional
incentives to 10 industries for reasons that were best known to him. Recently, the
Govenrment have released industrial incentives pending for the last few years to
their choicest industries even without asking, setting aside several other
industries which claimed the incentives and are waiting eagerly for the release of
the same. For this, the Government went beyond its present industrial policy and
this decision cost the exchequer Rs. 5000 crore. It is learnt that half of this amount
i.e. Rs. 2500 would reach the government heads. While the new industrial policy
of the state allows only 50 % subsidy in power charges, these 10 companies were
given 100 % reimbursement in VAT and CST!

Emperor of Corruption


Pushkaram Funds
Have gone Godavari Way!
The total funds allocated for
Godavari Pushkarams is

The amount that recycled in

the form of kickbacks is

Rs. 1,500 crore

Rs. 750 crore

The Andhra Pradesh government has allocated Rs. 1,500 crore for the
works of Godavari Pushkarams. However, half of that amount Rs. 750
crore was pocketed by the ruling party leaders and government officials.
Out of the total amount of Rs. 1,500 crore, the Road and Buildings
Department was allocated Rs. 782 crore, the remaining funds were
obligated to other departments. During the execution of these works, all
the rules and regulations were set aside. The works that were below Rs. 10
lakh were given to the ruling party men on nomination basis. The R&B
Department issued an order to this effect.
BJP MLC Somu Verraju complained to the Vigilance Department that
out of Rs. 782 crore, Rs. 400 crore was snatched away due to the
ubiquitous corruption in the works. A probe is going on into this

Mantri has Every Right to Cheat!!

The amount that was appropriated by relatives,
confidants of the Agriculture Minister
Prathipati Pulla Rao is

Rs. 200 crore.

The bribe amount is

Rs. 100 crore

Allegedly the Chief Minster backed a scam which was perpetuated by the
Agriculture Minister Prathipati Pulla Rao; who is playing a crucial role in the Capital
Region Development Authority (CRDA) affairs. He did this scam with help of a
cotton trader from Guntur district. Both of them have cheated the cotton farmers
of the district by selling their cotton to Cotton Corporation of India (CCI) in the
disguise of farmers. They used their relatives and brokers to sell cotton to the CCI.
The Vigilance and Enforcement Department report on this issue has made it clear
that 80 % of the purchases conducted by the CCI in Guntur district were bogus.
Though there was sufficient evidence for the role do the Minister in the
scandal, the Chief Minster rubbished the report and backed the minister. As of
now, the scam is under CBI probe. According to an estimate, the rapacious
minister made Rs. 200 crore by sidelining the farmers and paid Rs. 100 crore to the
Chief Minister for the protection.


Emperor of Corruption

Rs. 3,375 crore

Exploitation of Sand Mafia

The actual income
that was supposed
to be earned by the
state government by
February 2016
through sand mining

Rs. 5,496 crore

The GO. No. 94 which presented the new sand policy

The actual income


Rs. 964 crore

The money that
was swallowed

Rs. 4,500 crore

The 75% of the
amount went to the
Chief Minister
Naidu and his son
Nara Lokesh i.e.

Rs. 3,375 crore

The clipping which shows the state Finance Minister Yanamala

Ramakrishnudu, who was confessing that an open robbery of
Rs. 2000 crore took place in the name of the sand mining

In Andhra Pradesh, the sand mining is taking place in 383 sand

reaches. The state has about 83 major sand reaches on Krishna, Godavari,
Penna and Tungabadhra rivers and 300 minor reaches. If the value of a
lorry of sand is Rs. 15,000 and a minimum of 50 lorries of sand were sold
from each major reach every day, the state government was supposed to
get Rs. 3174 crore income by the end of February 2016. Even if 10 lorries
of sand was sold from each minor reach every day, the government will
add another Rs. 2,295 crore to the state exchequer.
In total, the state government was supposed to get Rs. 5,469 crore
income from the sand mining. However, it has got only Rs. 964 crore. This
effectively means Rs. 4,500 crore of public money had gone to private
pockets. There are allegations that 75% of it (Rs. 3,375 crore) had gone to
the Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu and his son Nara Lokesh. The state
Finance Minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu at a press meet confessed the
sand scandal worth Rs. 2,000 crore.

Emperor of Corruption


Rs. 670 crore

Thermal Projects of Favoritism
The additional payments made by
AP Genco in the two thermal projects

Rs. 2680 crore

The kickbacks

Rs. 670 crore.

The NTPC qualifying requirements which said completion of

one thermal project was sufficient to participate in its tender process

The AP Genco requirements that set the completion of at least

two projects as the eligibility criterion to favour BGR group
Chandrababu Naidu inflated the prices of the works of proposed thermal
power plants at Krishnapatnam and Ibrahimpatnam. The APGenco has
awarded two 800 MW power projects, Krishnapatnam TPP to Tata Projects
Ltd. at Rs. 6.3 crore per MW and Ibrahimpatnam TPP to BGR at Rs. 5.85 crore,
respectively, which are quite high rate by any norms of the industry. While in
other states like Telangana and Gujarat, cost per MW is ranging from Rs. 3.94
crore to Rs. 4.76 crore, that too both these projects are of the same
Though the Boiler, Turbine, Generator contracts of both the plants were
given to BHEL, a government undertaking, the Balance of Plant contracts
were given the private companies.
To award contracts to these companies, the AP Genco adopted a criterion
which was more stringent than those used by the NTPC. Despite its present
financial difficulties, the AP Genco was ready to pay Rs. 2,680 crore extra
money to the contractors. As this transaction was made public by Sakshi daily,
the contract process was halted temporarily.


Emperor of Corruption

Rs. 4000 crore

Huge Scam in
Electricity Department
The differences in power
purchases from
private companies is

The money
that paid
as the bribe is

Rs. 15,000 crore

Rs. 4,000 crore

While the AP Electricity Regulatory Commission has confined the power

purchases to 735 million units, the Discoms have bought 13 million units

There was a huge scam in AP Electricity Board. According to an

estimate, about Rs. 15,000 crore scam has took place in power
purchases from the private power plants. From that amount, bigwigs
of the government have pocketed at least Rs. 4,000 crore.
The Chief Minister and his son displayed extraordinary keenness in
the activities of AP Transco and AP Genco. They micromanaged the
contracts, the power purchases as well as other tenders. Though there
was no need, the government bought power from private suppliers
with the pretext that the state always needs additional power. The

Emperor of Corruption


state government never encouraged AP Genco to increase its power

production and gave priority to private power purchases.
Chandrababu Naidu gave orders to purchase 2000 MW power
right after he took over the office though there was no need. The
Discoms had to take this burden. Between May 2014 and October
2015, a total of 13,180 million units of power was purchased from the
private companies. Its value is not less than Rs. 8,289 crore. Some
portion of this power was bought at a record rate of Rs. 10 per unit
while the Genco could produce the same unit at Rs. 4.50. There has
been a discussion in the Power Department that Nara Lokesh, son of
the CM, took huge kickbacks from the companies that benefited from
these transactions.

Indian Energy Exchange Laid it Bare

The power is available in the open market at the price of Rs. 1.90
per unit (during nights) and Rs. 2.71 per unit (during the day time). This
was made clear by the countrys largest power trading corporation
Indian Energy Exchange (IEX). Despite the availability of power at
lower prices, the power distribution companies (Discoms) of Andhra
Pradesh is buying power at a whooping rate of Rs. 5.11 per unit. The
IEX has reported this questionable practice to the AP Electricity
Regulatory Commission (APERC).


Emperor of Corruption

In 2015-16 too, the maximum price of the power in the open

market was Rs. 3.77 per unit (24 hours). The IEX has questioned why
the AP government could not utilize this opportunity. (The AP Discoms
have placed short-term power purchase orders for more than 16,000
million units of power during this period at higher prices.)
The Discoms have proposed to buy 64,706 million units in 2016-17
financial year. Out of this, the production of AP Genco and the state
share from the central grid account for 39,420 million units. The
Discoms are going to buy remaining 25,286 million units from the
private power companies.

Emperor of Corruption


Rs. 245 crore

Balakrishna's relative is always a worthy man!
The land that is worth of Rs. 250
crore was gifted to a relative of
the Chief Minister for only

Rs. 4.99 crore

They benefitted by

Rs. 245 crore

and above

The GO that allocated 498.93 acres of land to VBC Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd. near
Jaggayyapet, Krishna district. While an acre of land costs Rs. 50 lakh here, it was
allocated for only Rs. 1 lakh

The TDP government gifted the land- which is actually worth Rs. 250
crore for only Rs. 4.99 crore to M.S.P. Rama Rao, a relative of TDP MLA and
actor Balakrishna. The land that was located in Jayanthipuram near
Jaggayyapeta to VBC Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd., which belongs to Mr.
Rao, who is son of former TDP MP M.V.V.S. Murthy, a close confidant of
Chandrababu Naidu.
This land was previously earmarked for an industrial park by AP
Industrial Infrastructure Corporation. A GO (No: 523) was also issued by
the previous government to this effect on September 28 of 2013.
Amending this GO, Chandrababu government issued another GO (No:
269) on July 15, 2015 and allocated the land to VBC Fertilizers and
Chemicals Ltd. for the purpose of establishing a urea manufacturing


Emperor of Corruption

One hand proposes,

another hand approves
The value of land that was allocated to
NTR Trust in three districts is

Rs. 100 crore.

The GO that allocated the land in Kakinada to NTR Trust

Chandrababu Naidu made strategic moves to grab valuable land in all
the district headquarters. As the Chief Minister, he approved the
applications that sought land allocation to NTR Trust. Interestingly, he was
the one who made these applications when he was chairman of the trust.
That means he made an application for the lands with on hand and
approved them with another; after he became the Chief Minister. He is
now going to extend this method to rest of the districts.
In the heart of Srikakulam town, 1.29 acres of land (Survey No: 700-1)
and another 0.71 acres of land (Survey No: 701-1) were allocated to NTR
Trust. This land was earmarked for the needs of the municipal
corporation. However, the same land is allocated to NTR Trust. To this
effect, orders were released on August 4. The land was leased to NTR Trust
for 99 years at annual lease fee of Rs. 25,000! Likewise, the 2000 sq. yards
land that is located in the heart of Kakinada city was also allocated to NTR
Trust. The market value of this land is about Rs. 25 crore. In Kadapa, one
acre land in the located in the centre of the city was also allocated to the
Trust for Rs. 10 lakh. The market value of this land is about Rs. 50 crore. The
decks are being cleared to make similar allocations in rest of the 10

Emperor of Corruption


Rs. 500 crore

4 Departments for Party Cadre

The value of the works
that were allocated on
nomination basis

Rs. 695 crore

75% of it i.e. Rs. 500 crore

was converted into commission
which paid at different levels of

The memo that granted 34 works of the

Irrigation Department worth Rs. 13.66 crore on nomination basis.

The Chandrababu Naidu's government is leaving no stone unturned to

make money for party men. One of the direct ways to do so, is to award them
the work contracts on nomination basis without calling for any tenders. Such
works are majorly available in four departments viz. Irrigation, Municipal
Administration, Panchayat Raj and Roads and Buildings Department. So far,
Rs. 695 crore worth works have been awarded to the ruling party cadre in
these four departments on nomination basis. These works do not include the
works of Water and Tree scheme, which also offers massive work
Rs. 350 crore worth works in Irrigation Department, Rs. 75 crore worth
works in Municipal Department, Rs. 120 crore works in Panchayath Raj
Department were allocated to the TDP cadre. As these are the Rs. 10 lakhbelow works, they are also not being audited. As a result, nobody is actually
caring for the quality of those works and a massive corruption is taking place
right under the nose of the government. Despite the protests from
opposition parties, the government is in no mood to look into the problems
of the nomination based work allocation.
The state Vigilance Department has given a report to the government that
funds have been misused in the nominated works in Guntur and Anantapur
districts. As usual, the government binned the report and nomination spree


Emperor of Corruption

Rs. 1800 crore

Water, Tree and Evergreen Favouritism

The value of the Water and
Tree Scheme works that were
allocated on nomination basis is

Rs. 2,444.90 crore.

75 % of it i.e. Rs. 1,800 crore

has been appropriated
by the leaders of the
government and ruling party.

The GO that increased the monetary limit of the works of

Water and Tree Scheme from Rs. 5 lakh to Rs. 10 lakh.
Corruption spread its tentacles to each village in Andhra Pradesh after
Chandrababu Naidu became the Chief Minister. The Water and Tree
Scheme that was supposed to preserve the ecological environs has
become a major source of corruption in the state and a source of income
to ruling party cadre. As these works are being allocated on nomination
basis, it has become a scheme of ruling partys rank and file.
In 2014-15 financial year, Rs. 2444.90 crore worth works were awarded
on nomination basis under this programme. Though the Chief Minister
talks about financial hardships of the state repetitively, the bills of Water
and Tree Scheme are being paid in time, without any delay. During his last
tenure, the Chief Minister took a loan of Rs. 1400 crore from World Bank
for a similar programme and spent at least half of the amount. However,
now, the ruling party cadre are spending only 25% on the works and rest
of the 75% is being used for distribution among the party cadre, leaders

Emperor of Corruption


and the government officials.

This effectively means the government has abetted corruption worth
of Rs. 1800 crore. The works such as tank desilting, construction of rural
roads, digging works are being taken up under the below-Rs. 10 lakh
category. Most of the times, the ruling party cadre are showing the works
that were already done as new works. Or else they are doing them
partially. As there is no auditing of these works, it was very easy for them
to make money out of these works.

Rules that favour exploitation

The Hyderabad High Court has faulted the awarding of works worth
Rs. 5 lakh and above on nomination basis. However, it did not change a
thing for AP Chief Minster N. Chandrababu Naidu. He rather changed the
rules and started offering works up to Rs. 10 lakh on nomination basis. He
has divided all the works of Water and Tree Scheme into smaller works of
Rs. 10 lakh and distributed them generously among his party men.
The state government issued a memo (No: 1044/CAD-1) on January
27, 2016, ordering the speeding up of the works of Water and Tree
Scheme. On top of it, the Water Resources Department issued another
memo on March 20 directing to pay Rs. 29 for each cubic meter of silt in
desilting works. It ordered to entrust desilting works of the tanks that
have 100 acres and above ayacut to Irrigation Water Committees. On
February 20, the same department issued another memo which stated
that desilting works of tanks that have less than 100 acres ayacut need to
be executed by Janamabhoomi Committees. These memos ensured that
the committees that are dominated by the ruling party members get the
contract works.

The following are the works and their

expenditure under Water and Tree programme:
S.No. Name of Work



15.55 crore cubic meters 1192.52


Tanks desilting
Check dams and percolation tanks
Farm ponds
Other structures of water storage
Revival of lift irrigation schemes



Emperor of Corruption

(in Rs. in Cr)


Rs. 900 crore

Central Funds Misappropriated
The funds released by
the Centre for
village panchayats

Rs.1,217 crore

75% of it i.e.

Rs. 900 crore

has gone into the
pockets of TDP men

Chandrababu Naidus government did not allow the Central

government funds to be spent as per allocation. The central funds of Rs.
1,217 crore were diverted by the AP government and were used for works
of nomination basis. The state government started a new scheme named
Wadawadalaa Chandranna Bata (which translates into Chandrababu's
road in Every Locality) by appropriating the funds of the Finance
Commission and National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme.
In 2015-16 financial year, state government set a target to build 3,043
kilometers rural roads at the cost of Rs. 1,217 crore. Most of these works
were divided into the works of Rs. 5 lakh value and were gifted away to
the TDP men in the villages through the Engineering Division of
Panchayath Raj Department. According to the departmental sources, the
TDP cadre is spending only 25% of the funds and appropriating the
remaining substantial lion's share.
By March 2016, works worth Rs. 685.60 crore were completed and
another Rs. 531.60 crore worth works were yet to be completed. Funds of
the Finance Commission and the NREGS have to be spent under the
supervision of village sarpanches. However, the AP state government
curtailed the rights of local bodies and unethically diverted funds to its
party cadre through nomination method.
While there is an option to take labour component up to 100 %, the
TDP govenrment has confined it to 60 %, bringing down the work days
avialable to the rural poor. As a result, a lot of people are migrating to
other states in search of work.

Emperor of Corruption


Rs. 338 crore

A Friend in Deed

The GO that allocated 50 acres land to Centrical Solutions,

the company of Lokesh friend Sridhar, in Vizag
The state government cleared decks to gift a land worth Rs. 363 crore
at just Rs. 25 crore to the company of a friend of Nara Lokesh. The AP
Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (APIIC) allocated the land to
Centrical Solutions, the company of Sridhar, a friend of Nara Lokesh. While
the AP Land Management Agency (APLMA), which functions under the
Chief Commissioner of Land Administration proposed that the value of an
acre was Rs. 7.26 crore, the state cabinet set aside the agencys
recommendation and decided the land value was Rs. 50 lakh per acre. The
market value of this land is said to be thrice to the price decided by the
The APLMA recommended APIIC that the 50-acre land has to be
allocated at the price of Rs. 363 crore (Rs. 7.26 crore per acre) through its
resolution on October 16, 2015. However, the cabinet decided to gift
away the 50-acre land to Centrical Solutions at the price of only Rs. 25
crore. To this effect, the Revenue Department issued a GO (No: 428) on
November 11, 2105. Because of this cabinet decision, the state exchequer
lost Rs. 338 crore.


Emperor of Corruption

Rs. 40 crore
Gift to Galla Family

The GO that allocated the land to

Mangal Industries, which belongs to Galla family
Chandrababu government gave away the prime land in temple town
Tirupati at a throwaway price to a company which belongs to the TDP MP
Galla Jayadev. The land is located in Karakambadi on Kadapa-Tirupati
highway and its value is Rs. 43.38 crore. However, the land was given to
Mangal Industries of Galla family at just Rs. 4.88 crore. The 21.69 acres land
patch was given to Mangal Industries at the value of Rs. 22.50 lakh per
acre; the GO no: 430 was issued to this effect by the Revenue Department
on November 12, 2015.
It is very difficult to get land in Karakambadi area, which is very near
to Renigunta Airport, Tirupati and Renigunta railways stations, Tirupati
bus stand and Mangalam bus depot. The market value of the land is Rs.
2.5 crore per acre but the government allocated it for Rs. 22.50 lakh per
acre. Galla Aruna Kumari, a former minister and mother of Galla Jayadev,
could not get this thing done while she was a minister in the united AP
cabinet. However, Chandrababu got it done for her very easily as the Chief

Emperor of Corruption


Special Development Fund

No More!

The GO issued Rs. 2 crore to Silpa Chakrapani Reddy by mentioning him as

Srisailam MLA, while the actual MLA is Budda Rajasekhar Reddy from YSRCP.

The GO that issued Rs. 2 crore to Tuni Constituency TDP In-charge

Yanamala Krishnudu, while the actual MLA is Dadisetty Raja from YSRCP.
The misuse of monies of Special Development Fund (SDF) is another
irrefutable proof for the TDP government abuse of public office. The
government was not satisfied with gifting away the liquor shops, lands
and sand reaches; it is also gifting the SDF grants- which are intended for
the development of constituencies- to its party leaders. These funds are
allocated according to the recommendations of local MLAs. However, the
government set aside these regulations to distribute the funds among its
While these funds are to be evenly distributed among the MLAs, the
TDP government is making use of the discretion of CM provision are and
not granting any funds to the opposition YSRCP MLAs. Wherever there are
opposition MLAs, the SDF grants are being granted to TDP constituency
in-charges and thus the government funds are being converted into
party funds. Even the GOs issued by different departments are also
mentioning the TDP in-charges as the elected MLAs!


Emperor of Corruption

The GO that allocated Rs. 2.1 crore funds to

Dhone constituency Telugu Desam Party In-charge K.E. Prataph

SDF has become Kuppam Fund

Meanwhile, Chandrababu Naidu has converted the SDF into a fund for
his own constituency. Now, the fund is being referred Kuppam Fund,
named after his constituency. Chandrababu government allocated Rs.
500 crore to this fund in the 2015-16 budget. Those funds were supposed
to be allocated to all the MLA constituencies. However, the Chief Minister
can use his discretion to make slight adjustments in the funds allocation.
However, Chandrababu Naidu used a major share of this fund, Rs. 273.50
crore for his own constituency Kuppam.
With the GO 349, the state government allocated Rs. 136.13 crore
funds for the construction of pukka roads in Kuppam constituency. Later
the same constituency got Rs. 137.37 crore for construction of cement
roads in 582 habitats. Thus, the Chief Ministers constituency got Rs.
273.50 crore SDF grants in a single financial year. This is more than the
amount allocated to the rest of the 174 constituencies put together!

Rs. 10 crore
Additional to Nellore Barrage
Irrigation Department regulations were set aside to make additional
payments to the contractor of Nellore Barrage. The orders were issued to
pay an additional amount of Rs. 22.68 crore to the contractor at the
behest of the Chief Minister. The state government did not back off
despite a serious objection from the Finance Department to this decision.
In the additional amount, Rs. 10 crore reached the government heads.

Emperor of Corruption


Rs. 214 crore

Boon to Vamsadhara Contractors
The government wants to increase the costs of remaining works in 86,
87 packages of Vamsadhara Project Second Phase from present Rs. 90
crore to Rs. 429 crore. For this, the government weakened the rule which
makes the consent of the High Power Committee headed by the Chief
Secretary mandatory for all the works that are above Rs. 100 crore. As a
result, according to some bureaucrats, the Chief Minister and the
irrigation minister are going to pocket 50 % of the escalated cost i.e. Rs.
214 crore.

Chandrannas Kanuka
Rs. 100 Crore

The GO that issued funds for Chandrannas Gift scheme

The ruling TDP leaders made Rs. 100 crore by supplying sub-standard
provisions to people under the Chandrannas Kanuka scheme during
Sankranti festival of 2016. The government spent Rs. 270 per head and Rs
430 crore in total on this scheme. Though the contractors sourced yellow
lentils at a higher price and supplied inedible jaggery and wheat flour, the
government did not take any action against them!


Emperor of Corruption

Rs. 200 crore

Lokesh Deal with Millers

In March 2015, the AP state cabinet took a decision to waive off VAT
dues to the tune of Rs. 500 crore which the rice millers were supposed to
pay by the date of state bifurcation. Apparently, Nara Lokesh was behind
this deal. He received 200 crore from this decision. The story behind this
decision is as following.
The state government pressurized the millers to pay the VAT dues
through the officials of Commercial Tax Department. At the same time,
Lokesh sent a message to the millers that their dues could be waived off
if they were ready for a deal. The millers responded positively and added
one more demand to their list of wishes i.e. the complete waiver of VAT on
future rice exports. At the behest Lokesh, the government agreed to their
demand and the transaction has been closed successfully.

Rs. 120 crore

Kuppam Branch Canal Works only for Cronies
The Chief Minister insisted that the Kuppam canal branch works will
be awarded to TDP Kadapa district president, which was against the
existing rules. This decision was resisted by Principal Secretary of Finance
Department P.V. Ramesh. However, the Chief Minister prevailed over him
and gifted the contract worth Rs. 430 crore to his party man. Out of this
amount, the contractor is set to pocket Rs. 120 crore.

Rs. 25 crore
Daylight Robbery in Goddumarri
The TDP government, went against the regulations and had given the
Goddumarri barrage contract to its party MP C.M. Ramesh. Though the
officials were not in favour of this award, they could not withstand the
pressure of the MP and gave him the contract worth Rs. 88 crore.
According to Irrigation Department sources, the MP is set to benefit to the
tune of at least Rs. 25 crore.

Emperor of Corruption


Babus Extravagance Costs the State

Rs. 736 crore

Chandrababu Naidu is a byword for extravagance. He started
spending the tax payers money from the day one of his coming into
power. He started it by using charter planes for his oath-taking ceremony
and since then he never stopped his mindless spending spree.
Chandrababu always talks about the financial hardships that the new
state is facing, however, on the other hand he spends money like water.
He has been spending crores of rupees on renovating the CM offices in
Hyderabad, Vijayawada and residential buildings in both the cities. He has
a luxury bus and a convoy of brand new cars, which even the countrys
Prime Minister doesnt have. It seems Chandrababu thinks unmindful
spending of government money is his birthright and his extravagance
knows no limit. Irrespective of the need, he has been appointing
consultants for various tasks and paying them heftily. He also spent
hundreds of crores on multiple groundbreaking ceremonies.

Following is the list of some of his

profligate spendingOn Charter Planes

Rs. 30 crore

On CM office in Hyderabad

Rs. 10 crore

On Madinaaguda Farmhouse and rented houses in Jubilee Hills

Rs. 5.87 crore

On the special bus

Rs. 5.50 crore

On groundbreaking ceremony of the new capital city

Rs. 100 crore

On travels of the officials between Hyderabad and Vijayawada

Rs. 120 crore

On foreign consultants who have prepared the documents of the capital city

Rs. 150 crore

On temporary secretariat
On the master plan of the capital city



Emperor of Corruption

Rs. 300 crore

Rs. 15 crore

Rs. 736.37 crore

The GO that allocated the Rs. 10.20 crore for

renovation of the CMs Camp Office in Vijayawada

Chandrababu Naidu has spent Rs. 45 crore on refurbishing

of CM offices in Hyderabad secretariat and another Rs. 42 crore
on similar facilities in Irrigation Guest House and CM Camp
Office in Vijayawada. The state officials are at a loss why the
government has to spend such whopping amounts or repairs
while new buildings could be built with that that money.
Ever since Chandrababu Naidu became the Chief Minister, he spent Rs.

736 crore on various expenses. He has created a record sorts in

travelling on special charter planes. Probably, there is no other Chief
Minister in the country who had made such through use of charter
planes. Whether the destination is Delhi, Hyderabad or a district
headquarter, Chandrababu travels only in special planes! Until
February 2016, the Finance Department had paid Rs. 15 crore for
plane charge dues and another Rs. 15 crore is due.

Emperor of Corruption


The Chief Minster spent Rs. 10 crore on Lake View Guest House, Rs.

5.87 crore on Madinaaguda Farmhouse and rented houses in Jubilee


another record of sorts, Chandrababu conducted the

groundbreaking ceremony of Amaravati city thrice. For the temporary
arrangements of these festivities, he spent another Rs. 100 crore!

So far Andhra Pradesh government has paid Rs. 120 crore as travel

allowance and dearness allowance to the officials who have been

commuting between Hyderabad and Vijayawada.
The government spent Rs. 150 crore only on preparing documents for

the new capital. It paid another Rs. 15 crore to Singapur based

consultant for preparing the Master Plan of the city.
A lavish bus with a price tag of Rs. 5.50 crore was purchased for the

tours of CM in the state, which is in addition to the charter planes.

For the preparation of Vision 2029 document, the state government

has entered into an agreement with Ernest and Young at a cost of Rs.
12.62 crore. Strangely, the government has paid mobilisation advance
of Rs. 1.12 crore to the consultancy. The mobilisation advance is
generally paid in civil contracts.

What if there was no Extravagance?

The answer is simple. Andhra Pradesh could have got a permanent
Secretariat with that money. The new state so far has no permanent
building for its Secretariat. Chandrababu Naidu has recently started
constructing a temporary secretariat building and he is spending Rs. 300
crore on it. If he could control his unnecessary spending, he could have
built a permanent, world-class secretariat building.


Emperor of Corruption

Scams between 1995-2004

Chandrababu Previous regime
The nine-year rule of Chandrababu Naidu between 1995 and 2004
was an embodiment of corruption. He gifted away lands and contracts to
his confidants, benamis and party men despite widespread criticism. He
branded the public sector units as mad dogs and then killed them. The
assets of these units were sold to his stooges at cheaper prices. He
converted watershed and work guarantee schemes as the major source of
income of his party cadre. During his tenure as an ad hoc Chief Minister
before the 2004 Assembly elections, he allocated 800 acres of land of the
University of Hyderabad to a company called IMG Bharat. This allocation
was later cancelled by Dr. Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddys government.
After Chandrababu decided to build the Hitec City at Madhapur, he
tipped off Murali Mohan, now TDP MP from Rajahamundry, about its
location. Murali Mohan bought all the lands he could around that area
and developed several real estate ventures. Chandrababu used same the
model in case of Amaravati and is making several times more money.
In liquor purchases too, he bent rules for three companies. According
to a report of Vigilance Department, the state lost Rs. 600 crore between
1995 and 2004 because of the policies of Chandrababu Naidu. There was
not even a single project that was awarded without taking commissions
during his first spell.
From the day one, Chandrababu has been gifting away the lands to his
friends, confidants, party men, benamis and stooges. Despite the resistance
from opposition parties, he allocated golf course land in Manikonda and 534
acres land to EMR Properties. Though there was no need, he gave away
17,434 acres of land to industrialists during his tenure and its value is about
Rs. 1.60 lakh crore.

Public sector ruined

If you want to kill a dog, first brand it a mad one and then kill it.
Chandrababu applied this formula and killed several public sector units in
the state successfully. He first made them sick and then sold them away
at throwaway prices. While the value of lands of Hyderabad Allwyn was
Rs. 150 crore, Chandrababu sold it away for just Rs. 3 crore. He also ripped
off Nizam Sugars, which offered a supporting system to the farmers since
Nizams times. Thus, he sold the public sector units worth of Rs. 636 crore
for Rs. 203 crore. According to some officials who worked in government,
he pocketed a good amount of the money from these transactions.

Emperor of Corruption


Scams list - 1995 to 2004


Worth in Rs. (in Crores)

Counterfeit Stamps Scam


Deposits in Urban Banks that were closed 2000

Watershed Scheme Scandal


Gains from Water and You Scheme


Liquor policy favouritism


Food for Work Scheme Scandal


Sale of lands of public sector units


Land allocated for tourism projects


Somasila lands scam


Eleru scam


Scholarships scam


Land allocation to cement factory in Vijayawada55

Land allocation to Rahejas in Madhapur


Timers scam


Chief Ministers Relief Fund



Emperor of Corruption

Details of Land Gifting


Land Worth in Rs.

(in acres) (in Crores)

Shamshabad Airport 5500

IMG Bharath
EMR Properties
Beachsand Trimex
Vizag Pharma City
Krishnapatnam Port 2000
Gangavaram Port
Raheja Group
Agakhan Foundation 100
Kakinada Port
Hitec City (All Phases)
Computer Associates
Malaysia Township
Maheswaram Hardware Park 18
Madhapur IT Park
Singapore Township
Orient Cements





Emperor of Corruption


Corruption in the Sale of PSUs


Market Value

Sold Value Rs.

(in Crores)

Allwyn Sanathnagar unit 150

Republic Forge Company





Madhuranagar Sugar Ltd.



Lachhayyapet Sugar Mill



Montojapally Distillery



Chagallu Distillery


Hanuman Junction Sugars 30


Nandyal Sugars



Palakollu Sugars



Gurajala Sugars



Hindupur Sugars


Inkollu Cotton Mill



Adilabad Cotton Mill


Nellore Cotton Mill



Edlapadu Cotton Mill





Nizam Sugars

Co-operative Mills



Emperor of Corruption

Democracy in Danger!
The Telugu Desham Party in Andhra Pradesh has
brazenly started Operation Akrash whereby MLAs from
our party are being poached on day to day basis using
Carrot and Stick policy. If they join TDP, they are paid a
minimum of Rs 20 to 30 crore, the lure of ministerial
berths to our MLAs who got elected on our party B Form
and symbol. Chandra Babu Government has so for
poached 12 of our MLAs out of our strength of 67 in total.
Such blatant display of ill-gotten money is not being
questioned while the Anti Defection Law what is part of
our constitution is being mocked in broad day light and yet
our democracy remains silent.
Making mockery of democracy once again as never
done in the past, the MLAs who were given constituency
development fund are denied these constituency
development funds and by suspending the Constituency
Development Fund usually operated by MLAs, the Chief

YSRCP MLAs Bhooma Nagi Reddy, Bhooma Akhila Priya, Jaleel Khan, Adinarayana
Reddy and MLC Narayana Reddy Joining TDP Party in Presence of Chandrababu
Naidu at CM Camp Office in Vijayawada on February 22, 2016.


Emperor of Corruption

Minister has been granting official works in various

Assembly Constituencies by creating Special Development
Fund either to TDP MLAs, where they are there or in the
name of defeated candidates of TDP in the constituencies
which are represented by YSRCP. The Government is
directly issuing GOs on their names showing them as
constituency in-charge while denying constituency
development funds to YSRCP MLAs.
The TDP is conveying a direct message If you are with
us, there is heaven or else you are in hell. So far, as many as
12 MLAs and one MLC have openly defected to TDP lured
by money and power and what
is worse is that the Chief
Minister and his colleagues in
cabinet are giving statements
that they would welcome all
the MLAs of the opposition with
open arms while assuring them
that they would not be
Chandrababu is known for
his direct role in the Cash for
Vote case. In the recently
YSRCP Badvel MLA Thiriveddi Jayaramulu
concluded election to the
Joining in TDP in Presence of CM Chandrababu
Naidu in Vijayawada on February 29, 2016 .
Telangana Legislative Council,
with an intention to get is nominee elected though the TDP
didnt have required majority, N Chandrababu Naidu had
stoop down to such a heinous level which is unbecoming of
a political leader let alone a Chief Minister. Embolden by the
abundant ill-gotten money amassed through corruption, he
tried to purchase a TRS MLA by offering lots of money
through one of his trusted lieutenants Mr. Revanth Reddy. In
this process he was caught red-handed in audio and video
tapes. To come out of this Cash for Vote case he had
compromised with the Telangana Chief Minister by
mortgaging the interest of Andhra Pradesh thus causing

Emperor of Corruption


irreparable damage.
When we try to raise these issues in the Assembly, our
Members are suspended and threatened in complete
violation of Business Rules. The Honble Minister for
Legislative Affairs says that Business Rules have no value
and citing the provisions of Art 212 of the Constitution, he
says that no court can call into question any act in the
assembly if it is in gross violation of rules and constitutional
principles of natural justice.
In the just concluded Budget session, when we gave
notice for the No Confidence motion against the Council of
Ministers, the item was taken up
then giving the
opportunity to the defectors
to say that they had no time to
follow the whip.
Similarly, when we gave
notice for Removal of Speaker
71(1) of The Procedure and
Conduct of Business in the A P
Legislative Assembly read with
Article 179 (C) of the
Constitution of India, the
YSRCP MLA from Yerragondapalem Palaparti David
Raju Joining in TDP in Presence Of CM Chandrababu
Speaker took up the matter for
Naidu in Vijayawada in February 28, 2016.
discussion on the same day of
notice by suspending the Rules. While Article 179 (C) of
the Constitution clearly specifies that no discussion on
removal of Speaker can take place without lapsing 14 clear
days. The Assembly Business Rules are subordinate to the
Constitution, despite which it was flouted with impunity,
just to protect the defectors from the whip.
Yet another instance is the division on the
Appropriation Bill 2016. Our Party gave advance intimation
to the Speaker that we are opposing the Appropriation Bill
and that we demand division, despite which, just as in the


Emperor of Corruption

case of Uttarakhand, the Bill was declared passed with

voice vote and without division inspite of our protest and
asking. We wonder whether there is any rule of law in the
The Parliament enacted anti defection law by way of
52nd Constitutional amendment in 1985, which added the
Tenth Schedule to the Constitution with the main intent to
curb the evil of political defections motivated by lure of
office or other similar considerations which endanger the
foundations of our democracy. Not satisfied with the
functioning of the Tenth Schedule, the Parliament amended
the law by way of 91st
Constitutional Amendment in
2003 removing the exemption
available to bulk defections
legislators of a political party.
Now, even if 100% of Members
of a Legislative Party defect to
another political party, all such
disqualified, unless the original
political parties decide to
YSRCP Jaggampet MLA Jyotula Nehru Joining TDP
in Presence of AP CM Chandrababu Naidu in
Vijayawada on April 4, 2016.
Despite such a tough law,
the anti-defection law is being flouted with impunity day in
and day out by our state assembly. As many as 12 out of the
15 elected MLAs belonging to TDP have crossed over to
ruling TRS at different periods of time in the present house.
One of them was even made a Minister in Telangana. No
action has been taken by the Telangana assembly in
pursuance of the provisions of Tenth Schedule so far. All of a
sudden, the Speaker Sri S. Madhusudana Chary on 10th
March 2016 merged the 12 Telugu Desam MLAs who have
defected to the TRS in TRS as they constituted more than

Emperor of Corruption


two-thirds of TDP Legislative strength in the Assembly and,

according to him, this did not invite anti-defection
provisions. This is a strange ruling!
While TDP supremeo shouted a hundred times from
roof tops about the blatant violation and inaction on the
part of the Speaker of Telangana Assembly in recent
events, he himself has started the same unethical and
unconstitutional act of encouraging defections from YSRCP
to TDP by admitting with a great fanfare 4 YSRCP MLAs and
one MLC on 22nd Feb 2016. The figure has gone up to 12
MLAs now. The ruling TDP is openly talking about
masterminding some more
defections with
wealth and lure for ministerial
berths, without any sense of
remorse. What will happen
next is, we will again petition
the Speaker; who will not act.
What can we do and of what
avail is this law?
There should be a national
debate on this unethical and
unconstitutional behavior of
YSRCP MLA Sujaya Krishna Ranga Rao of Bobbili in
Vizianagaram district being inducted into TDP by the
political parties. You may kindly
AP CM Chandrababu Naidu on April 20, 2016.
consider issuing an Ordinance
to remove this from Speakers scope and giving it to the
Election Commissions scope with a specific time limit of
three months for the disposal of all anti-defection cases
from the date of complaint, failing which we will have a
right without a remedy when such right is infringedwhich
is as good as not having a right at all. Alongside this, the
mindless corruption which is the root of the present
defections in AP should also be probed thoroughly.


Emperor of Corruption

A World Class City or A World Class Scam?
Amaravati-the new Capital city of Andhra Pradesh- is supposed to
be a global city of 21st century. However, today it has become a
synonym to a scandal of global standards thanks to the Chief Minister
of the state, N. Chandrababu Naidu. In the name of developing a
world-class Capital city, a world-class real estate scandal worth Rs. 1
lakh crore took place. Chandrababu breached the oath of secrecy as
he revealed the details of the location of the capital city to the
members of his coterie. This translates to "Insider trading".
After revealing the location of the Capital, the TDP government
has made concerted efforts to bring down the value of the lands in
Amaravati region. The government with the help of its media friends
propagated two areas as the prospective locations of the capital city
viz.- Nuzvid or Nagarjuna University area. Fooled by the propaganda,
people flocked to these areas. As a result, the land value in
Amaravati region came down overnight. Seizing the moment,
Chandrababu cronies, his ministers, MLAs, MPs and leaders bought
land in the Amaravati region at throwaway prices duping the local
farmers. After the cronies of Babu have finished the purchases, the
capital declaration came on December 28, 2014, paramounting
"Insider trading" breaching "Oath of Secrecy".
This scandal has been brought out by "Sakshi" daily with
irrefutable proofs. In the name of land pooling, the government
grabbed the fertile lands on which farmers cultivate three crops a
year, while sparing lands belonging to his cronies. In return, the
farmers were supposed to get partly extent of residential and
commercial plots in their own villages. Now, there is no clue as to
when and where these plots would be given. Indeed, the CM did not
take some lands as they belonged to his men and their benamis.
However, he did not spare those lands without a reason, he recieved
quid pro quo benefits for his generosity.
Chief Minister did not stop with this, he has "zoned" the entire two
districts to create demand for the lands of his cronies. Lands
belonging to his cronies were marked in real estate zones while
others were in "Agri Zones" There is no end to such stories of open
corruption by Chandrababu Naidu. Though experts are of the opinion
that 5000-acre land is enough to build the new Capital, Chandrababu
insists on gathering 34,000 acres for the city. He is taking the land
from the farmers and handing them over to private players on
settlement basis.


Emperor of Corruption

Important Abbreviations and Concepts


Andhra Pradesh


Agricultural Protection Zone


General Power of Attorney

CRDA: Capital Region Development Authority


Bharatiya Janata Party


Information Gathering and Retrieval System


Telugu Desam Party

YSRCP:Yuvajana Shramika Rythu Congress Party

Poramboke Lands:

These lands are not assessed to revenue

records and they are outside of the revenue
accounts. These are public lands owned by
the government. When government vacates
people who were making use of those lands
so far, they are not entitled to any

Assigned Lands:

These are the land holdings that were

assigned to the farmers from the SC, ST and
other weaker sections. These are basically
small land entitlements, the size of which
varies from 50 cents to 1 acre in size.

Lanka Lands:

These are riverbed lands or those abetting

the river and are cultivable most of the year.
These were allocated mostly to the SC and
ST families and they have become their sole
source of livelihood ever since the allocation.

Jirayath Lands:

The Jirayath lands are basically dry lands

and cultivation on these lands is largely
dependent on annual rainfall. These lands are
used for cultivating seasonal crops during
the Kharif and Rabi seasons. The agricultural
session of the Kharif crops starts from June
and the agricultural session of the Rabi crops
starts from September-October.

Jaribu Lands:

This is another name for riverbed lands that

are fertile.

Emperor of Corruption


The Daylight Robbery

ndhra Pradesh people mandated them to build a
world-class Capital city. But, they chose to build their
fortunes. They were supposed to protect the interests
of every stakeholder of the state; however, what they did
was to take care of their own coffers. In the guise of making
a world-class city, Chandrababu Naidu-led Telugu Desam
Party (TDP) government made a world-class scam that
rivals the operations of the most sophisticated land mafias.

The TDP leaders misused their privy to the crucial

information on the location of the future city. They
manipulated the realty market by spreading misinformation
about the prospective location of the Capital city. When
people were busy at buying lands at other places, the TDP
ministers, MLAs, MPs, leaders and the son of the Chief
Minister bought lands in the actual capital region and
amassed large amounts of personal wealth.
In all, they have purchased about 25,000 acres of land in
the capital city region at throwaway prices. Now, they are
literally sitting on the wealth of Rs. 1 lakh crore. To further
their interests, they deployed multiple tactics in a highly
coordinated fashion, made full use of public offices, issued
and altered several Government Orders (from now on GO)
and ordinances.
Under the guise of developing a great city, what
Chandrababu Naidu-led government has been doing is
nothing but a great scandal. Since two years, the Capital city
hasn't moved an inch because the CM and his cabinet
members are more focused on building their own fortunes
and less on the city development.
It is high time that the people of Andhra Pradesh
understand the frauds of the government- which severely
debilitate people's rights and lives. We have decided to take


Emperor of Corruption

up the cause of the common people, whose rights to decent

living and fortune have been snatched away.
Sakshi media group has painstakingly collected the
evidence of day-light legal land grabbing by the TDP leaders
and published a series of stories under the title -'The
Captured Capital'. These revelations have stunned the
people of Andhra Pradesh and sent shockwaves through
the state government and the ruling party. With this indepth
series, Sakshi has done what no Telugu media entity could
do so far. It has set a new and unprecedented standard in
Telugu journalism.
These stories have laid bare the government's legal
plunder by presenting absolutely accurate information which
includes the names of the leaders and their benamis, the
number of acres that they bought and the survey numbers
of those lands. For making the original face of the Chief
Minister public, Sakshi daily has been targeted by the
government. It slapped several cases against the Sakshi
reporters and desk journalists and harassing them.
The daylight robbery that is taking place in the name of
developing a world class city must be opposed and stopped
before it destroys lives of many more farmers. For sure,
Sakshi expose has made government's intent of plundering
and cheating people difficult as the public would become
vigilant and oppose such fraudulent mechanisms in future.

Emperor of Corruption


The Devil in Detail

Amaravati- the new Capital city of Andhra Pradesh state - is supposed
to be a global city of 21st century. However, today it has become a
synonym to a scandal of global standards thanks to the Chief Minister
of the state N. Chandrababu Naidu. The multilayered scam began as
heads of the government began to 'leak' information to media about
the proposed location of the new Capital. This was nothing but a
misinformation campaign aimed at misguiding the people.

The scandal was hatched and incubated by the Chief Minister

Chandrababu Naidu, his son Nara Lokesh and a central minister who
is very close to them. Several state ministers and MLAs of the ruling
party, aided by their benamis, ably assisted them to execute the
public scam. By making full use of their public offices, the fraudsters
have snatched away about the 25,000-acre land from the gullible
The first thing these scamsters did was to trash the report of
Sivaramakrishnan Committee, which has toured the state extensively
and took several factors into consideration before finalising the
location of the state Capital. From then onwards, the entire episode
is a series of small and medium size scandals that have become a
global scam with the involvement of several players.
The following are five phases in which the TDP government and
leaders have executed their land grabbing-

Phase -I
AP Chief Minister and his cabinet had already made up their mind
to establish the Capital city in Thullur area, which is located in
between Guntur and Vijayawada. Once they decided on the location,
they diverted the attention of the people and realtors from Thullur
area by giving 'media leaks', which projected that other regions
including those surrounding Acharya Nagarjuna University and
Nuzvid mandal were being considered as the prospective locations
for the capital city.
Their plan did the trick. While most of the people made a beeline
to those areas to purchase plots, the Chief Minister and his men
bought thousands of acres of land in Thullur area through their
benamis at throwaway prices. Once the State government revealed


Emperor of Corruption

its original intention, several farmers and realtors who bought lands
at Nuzvid area incurred heavy losses. On the other hand, the farmers
of Amaravati area also incurred losses as they had to part with their
lands for much cheaper prices. Chandrababu and his men, who were
privy to this information, made at least a lakh crore rupees through
the real estate transactions.

Phase - II
After making a high decibel propaganda about the about-to-comeup world-class Capital city Amaravati, the state government has
brought forth a scandalous concept called 'Land Pooling'. The
government has decided to pool 38,737 acres of fertile, multi-crop
land from 29 villages of the Capital city region. When the farmers
protested the land pooling, the government took the help of its
'friendly' media outlets to dilute public dissent. These media outlets,
which have an extensive reach in AP, created an apocalyptic
atmosphere in the state. They stated that the farmers those who
refuse to part with their lands would be the ultimate losers and scared
the farmers to give away the land.
Thus, the gullible farmers were coerced into the land pooling.
Though the name 'land pooling' suggests that the entire exercise is
voluntary, the actual process was anything but voluntary. While the
government openly used force to collect the lands from several
unwilling farmers, on the other hand, the lands of the CM and his
stooges were fully protected and exempted from land pooling. For
instance, the capital region border stopped exactly 10 meters away
from the Lingamaneni Estates, which belongs to Lingamaneni
Ramesh, a close aid of Chandrababu Naidu. In return, the Chief
Minister received a guest house and company shares from the
Lingamaneni Group.
Chandrababu Naidu not only gave full protection to the lands of
his cronies but also made sure that all development projects come up
near their lands. The man who initially announced that entire land
pooling was voluntary showed his true colours eventually. The
farmers who refused to part ways with the land were constantly
harassed by the government. In some instances, the standing crop of
resisiting farmers was burnt down during the midnights by some
'unknown miscreants'. The police, in these cases, instead of
searching for culprits, slapped false cases against the farmers and
further terrorised them. In some places, the crops and plantations of

Emperor of Corruption


farmers were flattened by bulldozers without any prior information to

them. Though the government had disowned these violent acts,
everybody knew who were behind these incidents.
The government refused to permit agricultural activities in the 29
villages. It actively discouraged agriculture in the Capital region
villages. When the villagers went to High Court and got the reprieve
to cultivate their lands, the government ensured that the farmers
could not access water for irrigation and agricultural loans. Through
these measures, it effectively sabotaged the court order.

Phase - III
After the 'land pooling', Chandrababu announced a compensation
package for the farmers in lieu of their lands. He has announced
unspecified cash compensation and residential and commercial plots
for the farmers. These plots were supposed to be given in the
farmers' own villages. However, eventually, this package has turned
out to be a total farce.
Now, the Chief Minister says that the farmers would be given an
annual amount of Rs. 30,000 or Rs. 50,000 for a period of 10 years,
based on their land type. He is now telling the farmers that they
should not expect the residential plots in their villages. In effect, the
farmers are being asked to relocate on the terms of government. The
government now blames the farmers for their 'greedy expectations'!
It is learnt that the plots that are going to be allocated to farmers are
located in lowlands, which will have the lowest commercial value.
The government is also coming up with several restrictions on the
construction activity in the plots allocated to the farmers. The Chief
Minister, who once promised new houses to all the homeless in the
Capital region, however, he hasn't even provided alternative houses
to those who lost their homes in the development process of the
capital city.

Phase - IV
While the government was busy in pooling the land, the ruling
party vultures targeted the Assigned and Lanka (riverbed) lands,
which are mostly owned by Dalits and BCs. To aid its stooges, the
government created a wave of propaganda threatening that these
lands would be taken back by the government without paying any
compensation to the owners. When the poor farmers sought clarity
from the TDP leaders and revenue officials, they further terrified the


Emperor of Corruption

farmers by telling them that the government had every right to take
back the lands since it was the original owner of the lands.
Thanks to this propaganda, several farmers panicked and sold
away their lands to TDP leaders, who have been brainwashing the
farmers to part ways with the lands for some time. The benamis of
ruling party leaders have bought these lands at a rate as low as Rs.
5 lakh per acre. Thus, Chandrababu and his stooges have pocketed
away 1,848 acres of assigned and lanka lands in this fashion.
To fuel the fear of the marginalised farmers, the government used
several tactics. First of all, it refused to issue the compensation
cheques to the tenant farmers of assigned and lanka lands and cited
the various pending litigations as the cause of the delay. Once all the
assigned and lanka lands were secured by the CM and his stooges,
a generous compensation package was announced for these lands.
The package now benefits a lot of TDP leaders, who have bagged
these lands. Those who bought an acre of land at Rs. 5 lakh rate are
now going to get Rs. 1.90 crore for the same parcel of land.

Phase - V
The zone classification of the Capital region is another scam of
global class. The TDP government has divided the lands of capital
city region into commercial and agricultural zones and restircted the
land use of the latter only to agriculture. This means the value of the
lands in agricultural zones is not on par with the value of the lands of
the commercial zones. Because of this classification, the lands prices
have tanked overnight in many areas. The plot of land which was
once valued at Rs. 4 crore is not being bought for even Rs. 40 lakh.
Even the plots of land that are located next to one another also have
strikingly different prices based on the zones that they have fallen
The zone classification information, which was supposed to be
confidential, was leaked to a privileged few, who bought or sold the
lands based on the information. Today, the lands of Chandrababu
and his stooges are in the high-value commercial zones and lands of
other farmers are in the agricultural zones. Because of this
differentiation, the prices of Babus' lands have skyrocketed at the
cost of farmers, whose lands have lost their value overnight. The
government is gambling with the lives of the farmers and making a
killing out of them.

Emperor of Corruption


Capital Culprits
1. P. Narayana
Position: The Minister of Municipal Administration,
Urban Planning and Development
Land Purchased

Amount paid
Present Value


3,129 acres (including

assigned lands)
Rs. 432 crore
Rs. 10,000 crore and above

Akula Munisankar: He is an electrician in Narayana Medical
College, Nellore, and a distant relative of P. Narayana. He is
related through marriage to the minister and is a brother-in-law to
the minister.
Ravuri Sambasiva Rao: He is the brother-in-law of P. Narayana and
his 'Man Friday'. Sambasiva Rao is the caretaker of all the
financial affairs of the minister.
Potturi Prameela: She is a confidant of Narayana and manages
Narayana group colleges in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.
Apart from these important benamis, several employees of
Narayana group and confidants of the minister bought lands and took
part in the scam.
Areas of Land Purchase: Mandadam, Lingayapalem, Rayapudi,
Uddandarayunipalem, Borupalem of Thullur mandal near Core
Capital region.


Emperor of Corruption

2. Sujana Chowdary
Position: The Union Minister of State for Science
and Technology and Earth Sciences
Land Purchased : 700 acres
Amount paid
: Rs. 35 crore
Present Value
: Rs. 700 crore

Yalamanchili Jatin Kumar: Brother of Sujana Chowdary
Sri Kalinga Green Tech Chemicals: This company belongs to
Harshananda, who is a personal assistant to Jatin Kumar.
Yalamanchili Janardhana Rao: Father of Sujana Chowdary
Y. Sivaramakrishna: Brother of Sujana Chowdary
Areas of Land Purchase: Gudimetla of Chandarlapadu mandal,
Keesara, Veerullapadu of Kanchikacherla mandal of Krishna
district and Mangalagiri mandal of Guntur district.

3. Nara Lokesh
Position: National general secretary of Telugu Desam Party
Son of Chandrababu Naidu
Land Purchased
Amount paid
Present Value


500 acres
Rs. 50 crore
Rs. 650 crore

Vemuri Ravikumar Prasad: A friend of Lokesh
Vemuri Anuradha: Wife of Vemuri Ravikumar
Lands were purchased in the names of Goshpadi Greenfields Pvt.
Ltd., Future Space India Pvt. Ltd. and Net India Pvt. Ltd.
Areas of Land Purchase: Dharanikota and Vaikuntapuram of
Amaravati mandal.

Emperor of Corruption


4. Prathipati Pulla Rao

Position: Minister for Agriculture
Land Purchased

Amount paid
Present Value


196 acres (including

assigned lands)
Rs. 39 crore
Rs. 784 crore

Gummadi Suresh: A confidant of Pulla Rao
Venigalla Raja Reddy: A confidant of Pulla Rao
Venkayamma: Wife of Venigalla Raja Reddy
Areas of Land Purchase: Venkatapalem, Mandadam,
Uddandarayunipalem and Rayapudi of Thullur mandal.

5. Ravela Kishore Babu

Position: Minister for SC, ST Welfare and
Land Purchased

Amount paid
Present Value


55 acres (including
assigned lands)
Rs. 5.5 crore
Rs. 82.5 crore

Ravela Santi Jyothi: Wife of Ravela Kishore Babu
Maitri Infra: A company of Tella Srinivasarao, a confidant of Ravela
Kishore Babu
Areas of Land Purchase: Kuragallu and Navuluru of Mangalagiri

6. Murali Mohan
Position: Member
Land Purchased
Amount paid
Present Value

of Parliament
: 53 acres
: Rs. 16 crore
: Rs. 212 crore

Area of Land Purchase: Kunchanapalli of Tadepalle mandal.


Emperor of Corruption

7. Kommalapati Sridhar
Position: MLA of Pedakurapadu
Land Purchased : 42 acres
Amount paid
: Rs. 1. 26 crore
Present Value
: Rs. 210 crore
Areas of Land Purchase: Lands adjacent to
Amaravati Township at Yerrabalem village.
These lands were exempted from the land pooling and Nara Lokesh
got the shares in the venture as quid pro quo .

8. Kodela Siva Rama Krishna

Position: Son of AP speaker Kodela Siva Prasad Rao
Land Purchased
Amount paid
Present Value


17.3 acres
Rs. 93 lakh
Rs. 18.4 crore

Sasi Infra: This company belongs to Siva Rama Krishnas personal
assistant Gutta Naga Prasad
Area of Land Purchase: Dhulipalla of Sattenapalli mandal

9. Dhulipalla Narendra Chowdary

Position: MLA of Ponnur
Land Purchased : 3.89 acres
(another 50 acres unofficially)
Encroachment of rivulet poramboke
Present Value
: Rs. 5 crore
Devara Pulliah: A close relative of Dhulipalla Narendra Chowdary
Area of Land Encroachment: Nambur

Emperor of Corruption


10. Payyavula Keshav

Position: Ruling party MLC
Land Purchased
Amount paid
Present Value


4.09 acres
Rs. 12.27 lakh
Rs. 8 crore

Payyavula Vikrama Simha: Son of Payyavula Keshav
GPA was made before the announcement of Capital region and the
registration was done after that.
Area of Land Purchase: Inavolu

11. Lingamaneni Ramesh

Position: A confidant of CM N. Chandrababu Naidu
Land Purchased : 804 acres
: Rs 4,000 crore
He has purchased 168 acres at the price ranging between Rs. 10
lakh and Rs. 40 lakh and clubbed them into a single estate.
The entire Lingamaneni Estates has been exempted from land
pooling. The border of the capital region has stopped in Kaza village
just 10 meters away to Lingamaneni Estates.
In return, Chandrababu Naidu has got Lingamaneni Guest House
and Lokesh was given shares in Lingamaneni Estates. About 300
acres of land of poor farmers has been encroached upon and
clubbed into Lingamaneni Estates.

12. M.S.P. Rama Rao

Position: An in-law of Balakrishna
Land : He was allocated 498. 83 acres
Amount paid

Rs. 4.98 crore

Present Value

Rs.300 crore

The lands were allocated in Jayanthipuram of Jaggayyapeta

mandal to Visakha Bottling Company Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd.
Jaggayyapeta was brought under the range of the CRDA to
enhance the value of these lands.


Emperor of Corruption

A World Class Scam

A Perfect Drama of an
Opportune Legal Plunder
Director: Babu / Actors: Benamis

While Chandrababu is the

director of this drama, Lokesh
is its producer.

snatched away by the cronies
of Babu and their benamis.

Narayana, Sujana Chowdary,

Murali Mohan, Prathipati Pulla
Rao, Devineni Umamaheswara
Rao, Ravela Kishore Babuquite a few cronies have benefitted
from the real estate transactions that were made possible due to
the informational advantage they got.

Narayana (3,600 acres), Sujana Chowdary (700 acres), Nara

Lokesh (500 acres), Prathipati Pulla Rao (196 acres) have
profited in thousands of crores of rupees.

Amaravati, the new Capital city of Andhra Pradesh state, is

supposed to be a global city of 21st century. However, today it has
become a byword for a major scam of global standards thanks to
the Chief Minister of the state, N. Chandrababu Naidu.

All started with Media Leaks

Sivaramakrishnan Committee
recommendations on the location of
Capital city have been ignored.

Lies were propagated through the

media which said that the new Capital
will come around Nuzvid area. This
created a real estate buzz in that

Emperor of Corruption


area. As a result, the land prices in Amaravati area plummeted.

When realtors were busy buying plots in Nuzvid area, Babu and
his company purchased huge tracts of land at throwaway prices.

Once the true location of the capital city announced, the gullible
realtors who bought the land around Nuzvid area incurred heavy
losses. The farmers who sold their lands in Amaravati area
realised that they were trapped.

By then, Chandrababu, his stooges and their benamis made a

killing and earned above Rs. 1 lakh crore.

Babu Promises, then Fails

To entrap the farmers of Capital region, Chandrababu made

several false promises.

He boasted that he was going to build a

world-class capital city.

He promised to waive off the farm loans up to

Rs. 15 lakh for the farmers of capital city
region. But, later, he backtracked from his
promise and even commented that, "Farmers
cannot get this greedy. When did I tell them that I would waive
off all the farm loans? I did it whatever I was supposed to do."

He promised a monthly pension of Rs. 2,500 to tenant farmers

and farm labourers of the capital region, but nobody has got the
pension so far.

Chandrababu promised skill training and jobs to the unemployed

youth of the capital region. He got them trained by a nameless
company and finally told them that there were no jobs.

Many a time, he said that not even a single village would be

removed; now three villages are going to be wiped out.

He promised fee reimbursement to all the students, but not even

a single student received the reimbursement so far.

Land Pooling is a Scandal of Global Scale

Chandrababu has implemented a major scandal

called 'Land Pooling' for the capital city.

He decided to collect 38,737 acres fertile, multicrop land from 29 villages.


Emperor of Corruption

Initially, many framers refused to part ways with the land, their
sole source of livelihood.

To trick the reluctant farmers, Chandrababu used several tactics.

He made benamis of his party leaders voluntarily offer their 5000
acres of land. He then used his media friends to create
propaganda that the farmers who refuse to surrender their lands
would be the ultimate losers. This did the trick. The government
and its media could make the farmers cede their lands.

He also used the caste card to 'pool' the land. He divided the
resisting farmers on caste lines by sending the ministers from
the respective castes to counsel the farmers and finally they
were made to give away their lands.

Though the government said the land pooling was a voluntary

process, it was anything but voluntary. While the government
openly used force to collect the lands from reluctant farmers, the
lands of Babu and his cronies were fully protected from the
pooling. For instance, the capital region limit stopped exactly 10
meters away from the Lingamaneni Estates, which belongs to
Lingamaneni Ramesh, a close aid of Chandrababu Naidu. As a
return gift, the Chief Minister got a palace-like gurst house and
shares in Lingamaneni Estates.

Babu not only ensured full protection of the lands of his cronies
and their benamis but also ensured that the development
projects are established near their lands.

Compensation - an Open Fraud

Chandrababu announced the cash

compensation and two plots of land (one
residential and one commercial), for
each acre of land given by the farmers.
Now, there is no clarity as to the location
of the plots or the time frame within
which the allocation will be completed.

He went on altering the the compensation package and finally

said he would give an annual amount of Rs. 50,000 or Rs.
30,000 for 10 years period based on the type the land
surrendered to the cause. Taking advantage of the supposed
ambiguity on the differences between dry lands and fertile 'jaribu'
lands, the government is creating further entanglements in
deciding the status of the lands to delay the payment

Emperor of Corruption


He initially promised to give residential and commercial plots to

the farmers in their own villages. After completion of the land
pooling, Chandrababu is asking how the farmers can expect to
be rehabilitated in the same village.

He then promised to provide housing to each houseless family in

the Capital city region. However, he hasn't provded alternative
housing even to those who lost their houses during the
inauguration of the Capital city.

Chandrababu told the farmers that the residential and

commercial plots that would be given to them will value a lot and
they could become millionaires overnight once they own the
plots. However, now farmers are being allocated plots in
lowlands areas, which have a very little commercial value.

Chandrababu promised to give first preference to the residential

and commercial buildings of farmers.The government is now
coming up with several restrictions on the construction of
buildings in commercial and residential areas.

Cases, Threats and Harassment

Chandrababu- who initially told that entire land pooling was a

voluntary process - showed his true colours eventually.

The farmers who refused to part

ways with the lands were constantly
harassed by the government. In
some cases, the standing crop of
farmers unwilling to surrender their
lands was set afire. The police, in
these cases, instead of identifying
and arresting the culprits slapped
false cases against the farmers and silenced.

In some places, the crops and plantations of farmers were

flattened by bulldozers without any advance notice. Many
farmers were unable to identify their land plots and could only
weep at their plight.

The government also refused to give permission for the farmers

to practice agriculture in the 29 villages in the Capital region.
This was done to discourage the culture of agriculture in the
region. When the villagers approached the High Court and were
granted the permission, the state government denied them
accessing irrigation facilities and agricultural loans. The


Emperor of Corruption

government did not permit soil fertility tests as well.

Dalits Assigned Lands Taken Away

The lands of Dalits were robbed off systematically.

First, the government created a

propaganda that the government was
going to take away lands assigned to
Dalits without paying them any

Dalit farmers who were worried about

such possibility were further persuaded by the TDP leaders and
were finally made to yield their lands at a rate starting from Rs 5
lakh per acre. Chandrababu and his cronies pocketed about
1,848 acres of assigned and lanka lands in this fashion.

Once all the assigned and lanka lands were secured by the CM
and his party men, a generous compensation package was
announced for surrendering those lands. The package benefitted
a lot of TDP leaders who have bagged these lands. Those who
bought an acre of land at Rs. 5 lakh is now going to get Rs. 1.90
crore for the same!

At the end
In the name of Capital city, Chandrababu and his
cronies have made about Rs. 1 lakh crore. The state
government has organized three inaugural ceremonies
for the capital city. The state government's lackluster
efforts have not found much favour with the central
government. Prime Minister Modi attended the
commencement ceremony and he was expected to
announce a package. Instead of the package, given
the sad effort put by the state government, he gave
state four pots filled with mud.

Emperor of Corruption


The new Capital of Andhra Pradesh is in the clutches of land
vultures, who are holding the high offices in the government. Not just
a few, but the quite a lot of TDP leaders under the guidance of
Chandrababu Naidu attacked the capital city and got substantial
amounts of lands registered in their names, or of their benamis.
Chandrababu Naidu concealed the decision that was taken in the first
cabinet meeting about the location of new capital city.
He intentionally confused people with his oft-changed statements.
He terrified the Dalits by initiating a misinformation campaign which
spread the rumour that the government was going to take away
assigned lands without paying any compensation. The enterprising
party leadership used all means at its disposal and succeeded in
making the farmers give up their lands. Thus, they bought 25,000
acres land in 29 villages, which are now part of the new Capital
region, at very low rates.
Once the location of Capital region was announced, the prices of
the lands in Amaravati area skyrocketed overnight. An acre of land
which was bought at Rs 4 lakh is now valued at Rs. 4 crore. This is
the story of Chandrababu and Company. who pocketed Rs. 1 lakh
crore through a scandal that is larger than any major scam in the
history of Independent India. What is presently known is only the tip
of the iceberg!


Emperor of Corruption

Nara Lokesh
and his Benami Inc.
Benamis: Vemuri Ravi Kumar
Prasad and Vemuri Anuradha
Purchased Land: 500 acres
Amount Paid: Rs. 50 crore
Present Value: Rs. 650 crore
The Chief Minister's son Nara Lokesh took on himself to execute
the Capital scam. He purchased huge tracts of land through his
benami Dr. Vemuri Ravi Kumar Prasad. They purchased the land in
several places in the names of different companies. Initially, they
entered into agreements with the farmers and completed the
registrations once the location of the Capital was announced. Here is
the story of Nara Lokesh aka 'China Babu' who successfully fooled
the people by abusing his position!

500 Acres of Foresight

statement on the location
of the Capital region was
announced on September
4, 2015, Lokesh bought
several acres of land near
Amaravati mandal, his
The land that is purchased at
benami could purchase a
higher rate than that of market in the
total of 500 acres. In
name of Vemuri Ravi Kumar.
Dharanikota village, the
lands of survey numbers 59/A2/1, 59/A2/2A, 59/A2/2B1, 59/A2/3A,
59/A/2, 59/B, 61/1A were bought by him. In Vaikuntapuram village of
the same mandal, lands belonging to 25 survey numbers were
bought by Dr. Vemuri and his wife Anuradha for Goshpadi Green
Fields Pvt. Ltd., Future Space India Pvt. Ltd., Net India Pvt. Ltd.,
among others. They agree to pay between Rs. 5 lakh to Rs. 9 lakh
per acre and gave token advances to the farmers. On August 5,

Emperor of Corruption


2015, they went ahead with registrations against the payment of

remaining amount.

Black became White

However, their greed did not end with the accumulation of 500
acres. Lokesh used this occasion to convert black money which he
made after the TDP came to power. In Dharanikota and
Vaikuntapuram, the land price which Dr. Vemuri and his wife
purchased lands for different companies, was priced between Rs. 7
lakh to Rs. 12 lakh per acre. However, they declared that the value
of an acre of a land was Rs. 71,20,108. They inflated the original
price 10 times during the registration. Thus, they converted their
black money into white.

Who is this Ravi Kumar?

Mr. Ravi Kumar is none other than the
brother of Vemuri Hari Krishna, who has a
history of stealing Electronic Voting
Machines (EVMs) and tampering with them.
Hari Krishna was also the in-charge of the
social media campaign of TDP during the
2014 elections. He holds a key position in
Heritage Foods and the TDP. Once
Chandrababu came into power, Hari

The GO of AP Government that shows the appointment

of Vemuri Ravi Kumar Prasad as the Government Advisor
(Non-resident Telugus' Affairs and Investments)
Krishna was appointed as a member of E-governance Authority,
Electronics and IT Agency, and Innovation Society. He was also the
member of the Assessment and Supervision Committee for the
tenders of the first phase of the Rs. 333 crore worth Fiber Grid
project. Ravi Kumar also coordinated the U.S. tour of Chandrababu,
which took place before the 2014 elections. Once Chandrababu
came into power, Ravi Kumar was appointed as Government Advisor
(Non-resident Telugus' Affairs and Investments) on September 9,
2015. Now, Ravi Kumar has bought 500 acres of land.


Emperor of Corruption

Sujana Chowdarys
Land Robbing
Benamis: Sri Kalinga Green Tech
Chemicals and Y. Siva
Purchased Land: 700 acres
Amount Paid: Rs. 35 crore
Present Value: Rs. 700 crore
He is a 'corporate politician' and member of the CM's coterie. He
is specialised in securing huge loans amounting to hundreds of
crores of rupees and successfully defaulting on their repayments.
Impressed with his prowess, Chandrababu Naidu not only made him
a member of Rajya Sabha, but also secured him a berth in Mr. Modi's
cabinet. He is none other than the Union Minister of State for
Science, Technology and Earth Sciences Mr. Y. Satyanarayana
Chowdary aka Sujana Chowdary. He defaulted on the repayment of
Rs. 100 crore to different banks and bought 700 acres in Amaravati
region with that money. He is also putting his best efforts to encroach
upon another 130 acres of forest land in Krishna district.

Brothers PA is Benami
Mr. Harshananda, the
Yalamanchili Jatin Kumar,
brother of Sujana Chowdary,
started a company named Sri
Chemicals. The 126.44 acres
land in Gudimetla village of
Chandarlapadu mandal of
Krishna district was bought in
the name of this company.
The land is located in the
The documents of land purchased by
survey numbers of 399-7,
Central minister Sujana Chowdary in
402-1A, 403-4, 5, 6, 404-1, 5,
Gudimetla of Kanchikacherla mandal.
6, 9B, 11, 12, 410-2, 412,
413, 415, 416, 417,-4, 427, 428-1, 2, 429, 431, 432-1, 433, 434 and
437 at the rate of Rs. 5 lakh per acre. Now, the value of an acre of

Emperor of Corruption


land is Rs. 50 lakh in this village.

This means the Central Minister who was privy to the insider
information has defrauded the farmers of Gudimetla village to the
tune of Rs. 56.89 crore. Besides this land, Sujana Chowdary has
targeted another 130 acres of forest land, which is adjacent to his
land plots. Now, he is practically encroaching that land. The
Gudimetla villagers are complaining that the men appointed by
Sujana Chowdary are restricting their movement into the forest lands,
which is a clear indication of encroachment efforts.

Unstoppalbe Exploitation
Sujana Chowdary's exploitation has spread to Veerullapadu and
Kanchikacherla mandals; of the same district. He 'adopted'
Ponnavaramm of Veerullapadu mandal and bought 5.39 acres land
(Survey No: 38-1) in the name of his father Y. Janardhana Rao and
another 3.5 acres of land (Survey No: 41) in the name of his brother
Y. Siva Rama Krishna. He also bought 3.60 acres of land of survey
number 116/3 at Keesara.
Mr. Chowdary used the same modus operandi to buy 700 acres
of land in the mandals of Chandarlapadu, Kanchikacherla and
Veerullapadu in Krishna district and Mangalagiri mandal of Guntur
district. After the Capital region scandal came out, he stated that he
bought land because he had the money and questioned what's
wrong with that! This statement of him clearly indicates that he was
privy to critical information about the location of the capital region
before it was made public.

Murali Mohan
The Real Benami
Purchased Land: 53 acres
Amount Paid:

Rs. 16 crore

Present Value: Rs. 212 crore

Jayabheri group, the real estate company started by film action
and present MP of TDP Murali Mohan came to limelight in the late
90s. The group could start a lot of ventures around the then booming
Hitec City in Hyderabad. It was possible because of mentorship of


Emperor of Corruption

The MoU of Jayabheri Group for

construction of residential flats.

TDP president and then CM of united Andhra Pradesh Chandrababu

Naidu. Now, the group is once again being patronised by
Chandrababu Naidu in the new Capital city region.

Adjacent to Core Capital

Murali Mohan who benefitted from huge real estate projects in
Hyderabad is now focusing on the Kolkata-Chennai Highway near
the new Capital city. The Jayabheri group is all set to start a
residential project in about 2.775 hectors (about 7 acres) land at
Kunchanapalle village of Tadepalle mandal. The venture is located on
the land that is in eight survey numbers including 81/3C, 80/4B and
81/2, next to the national highway and is very near to Core Capital
On behalf of Jayabheri, Yarlagdda Ravi Kiran, Geetanjali, Nikhil
Aditya, Sridheera and Best Fortune Company entered into an
agreement with the land owners. The CRDA officials hurriedly issued
permissions to Jayabheri's project on July 21, 2015, at the CM's
behest. The group has already sold more than half of the flats from
this project to non-resident Indians. Murali Mohan also purchased
another 53 acres of land nearby this project at the cost of Rs. 30 lakh
per acre. It is learnt that he is going to use this land to build star
hotels, shopping malls and a convention centre.

Emperor of Corruption


Traitor of Dalits
Benami: Wife of the Minister Ravela
Santhi Jyothi
Purchased Land: 55 acres
Amount Paid: Rs. 5.5 crore
Present Value: Rs. 82.5 crore

The AP Social Welfare Minister Mr. Ravela Kishore Babu has

competed with his cabinet colleagues in purchasing assigned and
lanka lands. While others were buying lands through benamis, the
minister has bought the land directly in the name of his wife Ravela
Santhi Jyothi. In this process, he breached the A.P. Assigned Lands
(Prohibition of Transfers) Act, 1977.
In the Capital region, most of the assigned lands belong to Dalit
farmers. By targeting the assigned lands, Ravela has done
irreversible injustice to his Dalit brethren. To induce panic among the
Dalit farmers, the government spread the rumour that the
government would take back the lands assigned without paying any
compensation. This information terrified the Dalits, who then resorted
to a distress sale of their lands. They sold their lands at a price which
ranged from Rs. 10 lakh to Rs. 15 lakh per acre.
A Dalit farmer named Tenali Rubenu had 83 cents assigned land
(Survey No: 563/3) and it was his only source of livelihood. Ravela


Emperor of Corruption

Kishore Babu bought this land and got it registered in the name of his
wife Ravela Santhi Jyothi on August 5, 2015 in Mangalagiri Subregistrar office. He also got GPA on 25 acres of assigned lands. He
bought another 0.75 acres of land (Survey No: 613/2) through a
compnay named Maitri Infra. This company is owned by Mr. Tella
Srinivasa Rao, a confidant of Mr. Kishore Babu. The registration took
place on October 16, 2015. It is learnt that Ravela Kishore Babu
bought a total of 55 acres of both assigned lands and patta lands.

Rs. 295 Crore Dowry

Balakrishnas Son-in law
The GO that shows the
allocation of 498.83
acres of land in
Jaggayyapeta mandal
to Balakrishna's in-law,
who is a benami to
The GO that
under CRDA
purview after two
months of the
land allocation.

This is the heights of abuse of public office by the Chief Minister

Chandrababu Naidu. He allocated 498.93 acres land at
Jayanthipuram village of Jaggayyapeta mandal to a company which
belongs to M.S.P. Rama Rao, a reletive of Mr. Balakrishna, who is
brother-in-law to Chandrababu Naidu and also a TDP MLA. Mr.
Rama Rao is the son of former TDP MP M.V.V.S. Murthy and
Balakrishna's second daughter was recently married to the son of
Rama Rao.
The land allocated to Mr. Rao's company VBC Fertilizers and
Chemicals Ltd. is worth about Rs. 300 crore, however, it was
allocated for Rs. 4.98 crore. Chandrababu Naidu brought
Jaggayyapeta town under the purview of the CRDA with the sole
objective of augmenting the value of land allocated to Mr. Rao. An
order was issued to this effect on September 22, 2015.

Emperor of Corruption


Assigned Lands in
Prathipatis Account
Land Purchased: 196 acres
Amount Paid:

Rs. 39 crore

Present Value: Rs. 784 crore

The Agriculture Minister Prathipati Pulla Rao has been aggressive
in going after the assigned lands of Dalits. He first threatened the
Dalits that their assigned lands won't qualify for compensation under
land pooling scheme. When they panicked, he purchased assigned
lands paying between Rs. 10 lakh to Rs. 20 lakh per acre. Using the
loopholes in the land laws, he got some lands registered in his
benamis' names and got GPA for other lands.

Foresight in Every Step

Since the beginning of land pooling process in the Capital region,
the minister was fully focused on acquiring as much land as possible.
He toured the villages extensively during the land pooling process
and developed a very good rapport with village sarpanches and local
TDP leaders during this time. He gathered the data of poor families
which possessed assigned lands and their financial conditions
through his contacts. With a concentrated efforts, he could buy the
assigned lands from these families with the help of his local TDP
leaders at the price ranging between Rs. 10 lakh to Rs. 20 lakh per
The minister bought a total of 196.4 acres of assigned lands in the
following villages and survey numbers: the lands of survey numbers
293, 294, 295, 296, 379 in Venkatapalem village of Thullur mandal;
the land of survey number 454 in Mandadam village, the lands of
survey numbers 115 and 94 in Uddandarayunipalem and the lands of
survey numbers 377, 386 in Rayapudi village. He got these lands
registered in the name of Guduru Suresh. He got GPAs for another
100 acres in the name of Venigalla Raja Reddy and his wife

Who is this Gummadi Suresh?

Gummadi Suresh is the owner of a famous clothes store in


Emperor of Corruption

The lanka land purchased by Gummadi Suresh, a confidant

of Prathipati Pulla Rao
Bandar Road of Vijayawada. He was a partner in the the minister's
cotton business. However, Suresh is not financially strong enough to
buy 96.4 acres of assigned land. It is also impossible to get the
assigned lands registered in his name. It was the pressure from the
minister that got the work done.

Quid pro quo with

Distance 10 Meters

Pole of Capital Region Limit

Lingamaneni Estate

The Chief Minister, who grabbed fertile, multi-crop lands from the
farmers for the sake of Capital region, did not take a single yard of
land from his benamis. The fact that the Lingamaneni Estate is
located just 10 meters away from the capital region's limits proves
CM's bias. In return, Lingamaneni Ramesh gifted the CM a guest
house that was built on the riverbed, breaching all environmental

Emperor of Corruption


sanctions. It is also an open secret that CM family has shares in

Lingamaneni Estate. Can anybody give a better example for quid pro
quo than the CM protecting the lands of private persons and
accepting gifts in return?

Closeness of Babu and Lingamaneni

Lingamaneni Estates Director Lingamaneni Ramesh Babu is one
of the close confidants of Chandrababu. It was learnt that he had
arranged a special flight to Chandrababu's family for their foreign trip
after the general elections. Lingamaneni family members and group
companies have bought 632 acres of land in Kaza village of
Managalagiri mandal and Kanteru village of Tadikonda mandal in
June 2014. When the CM Chandrababu and Union Minister for Urban
Development M. Venkaiah Naidu gave statements that the Capital
was going to come between Guntur and Vijayawada, Ramesh
lobbied with the Chief Minister for change of the location.

Rs 4,000 crore Profit to Lingamaneni

Once the deal was finalised with Lingamaneni, Babu gave clarity
on the location of Capital region. Then Lingamaneni bought another
168 acres of land between June 8 and September 4 of 2014 at the
rate of Rs. 10 lakh to Rs 40 lakh per acre. He converted the 804.32
acres of land that is adjacent to Kaza and Kanteru villages into an
estate and stopped the movement of people. He erected a fence,
installed check posts and enforced electronic surveillance through
CCTV cameras.
TDP leaders themselves openly accept that the CM's family has
got shares in Lingamaneni Estate. The Chief Minister in tandem
made sure that not even a cent of Lingamaneni Group lands are
taken in the land pooling. The limits of land pooling stopped in
Nidamarru village, which is adjacent to Lingamaneni Estate. The
limits of CRDA ended 10 meters away from the lands of the Estate.
The prices of flats in Lingamaneni Estate have gone up overnight due
to its proximity to the Capital region. Now the value of an acre of land
on this estate is around Rs. 5 crore, this effectively means
Chandrababu benefitted Lingamaneni Ramesh to the tune of Rs.
4,000 crore. The CRDA Master Plan was devised in such a way that
not an inch land of Lingamaneni Group was touched.


Emperor of Corruption

This is Real Quid Pro Quo

The bigwigs of government helped the Lingamaneni Group to sell
its 700 villas and plots in its IJM Apartments at quite high prices.
Once all those plots were sold, the government gave the statement
that the new Capital will come at Thullur village. For this coordinated
delay of the final statement, some shares of Lingamaneni Group
were transferred to the CM's family members. Besides that, the guest
house that was built on the banks of River Krishna without any
permissions was gifted to the Chief Minister.
After accepting the gift, the Chief Minister spent a whooping Rs.
100 crore on to further development of the guest house. It was called
' the unofficial guest house of CM' until December 25. When the Chief
Engineer of Roads and Buildings Department objected to a proposal
to fix electric appliances worth Rs. 2.27 crore in the building, the
government was left with no option but to issue a GO converting the
illegal guest house into 'temporary official guest house' on December
25. Even TDP sources admit that this is a real quid pro quo

800 Acres land exempted from pooling

Lingamaneni group was first formed by Lingamaneni
Agro Developers Pvt. Ltd. and Lingamaneni Info City Pvt.
Ltd. Then, they were converted into Lingamaneni Estate.
Lands were purchased in Kaza, Nidamarru and Kanteru
villages in the names of Lingamaneni family members
Lingamaneni Poorna Bhaskara Rao, Lingamaneni Swarna
Kumari, Lingamaneni Ramesh, Lingamaneni Sumana and
Lingamaneni Prasanthi.

The Survey Numbers of Lands

Purchased by Lingamaneni Group

Lingamaneni Info City Pvt. Ltd: Account No: 100039, Survey

Nos: 221-1B, 219-2, 297, 286-2, 298, 356-B, 360, 365, 366, 368B and 375-C.

Lingamaneni Agro Developers Pvt. Ltd: Account No: 100126,

Survey Nos: 163-3, 187/B, 226-2, 257-A3, 260-A, 260-B, 260-C,

Emperor of Corruption


262-A, 262-B and 358-1B.

Lingamaneni Estates Pvt. Ltd: Account No: 100157, Survey No:


Lingamaneni Prasanthi: Survey Nos: 228-2C, 229-A, 229-B,

276 and 277.

Lingamaneni Swarna Kumari: Account No: 1488, Survey Nos:

238, 239, 240-1 and 240-2.

Lingamaneni Sumana: Account No: 1488, Survey Nos: 278,

279-A, 279-B, 280, 283-1 and 287-5.

Laukya Housing Pvt. Ltd. MD Lingamaneni Sumana: Account

No: 2372, Survey Nos: 372-2A, 372-A.

Besides these, Lingamaneni Ramesh-in the position of the

Director of White City Projects International Pvt. Ltd.- bought
several acres of land belonging to survey numbers of 3350,
3009, 2900, 4893, 4526, 4117, 64/79/2014, 2801, 2237, 2057.
He also bought lands in Kaza village which are in the survey
numbers of 219/2, 365 and 221/18.


Emperor of Corruption

One Bit,
One Benami
Sufficient proof for capital land robbing
The capital city land scandal is ubiquitous. One doesn't need a deep
investigation to obtain the evidence for the involvement of the CM
and his cronies, it is just out there. Thousands of farmers wouldn't
have lost their livelihoods and their prospective fortunes if the ruling
party was fair to them. The cronies of Chandrababu and their
benamis abused their power and wrecked havoc in the lives of the

Emperor of Corruption


farmers of new Capital area. This scandal was scripted and directed
by Chandrababu Naidu under the guise of developing a world-class
city and it rivals any great land scam in the world.
The Minister for Municipal Administration & Urban Development P.
Narayana, who is playing an active role in the CRDA affairs,
personifies this scandal. The minister bought land wherever he could.
45 cents, 87 centshowsoever small the land bit was, he bought the
land. These land bits are bought in the names of his employees,
relatives and even of domestic maids. The minister now has a
footprint in all 29 villages of the Capital region. The CM Chandrababu
Naidu was so impressed with Narayana's penchant for land and
entrusted the complete responsibility of the Capital region to him.
Thus, Narayana became the head of all TDP leaders and MLAs in
Capital region affairs.

Purchase Land: 3,129 acres
Amount Paid: 432 acres
Present Value: Rs. 10,000 crore
The Municipal Adminstration and Urban Development Minister, P.
Narayana, who is an important mandarin in the affairs of Capital
region, is active in purchasing lands across the region. Until 2014,
Narayana was known as the owner of a large education group. He
got his presnt MLC and Minister positions because of his heavy
donations to the TDP during the 2014 elections. Impressed with his
prowess, Chandrababu Naidu stripped the powers of Revenue
Minister and gave the charge of the Capital region affairs to
As part of his 'duties', Narayana toured the Capital region
extensively and conducted several grama sabhas. With the help of
the Sarpanches and TDP leaders, he gathered full details about
assigned and lanka lands. Through them, he spread the rumors that
the government was going to wrest the assigned and lanka lands
without compensating the farmers. When the farmers panicked, he
sent his army of benamis across the Capital region and bought land,
notwithstanding its location and size. He bought 3,129 acres in the


Emperor of Corruption

Magic in bits
The land that was purchased in the name of Avula Munisankar

The land that was purchased in the

name of Ravuri Sambasiva Rao

The land purchased in the name of Prameela

Emperor of Corruption


name of his benamis at the cost per acre ranging between Rs. 10
lakh and Rs. 15 lakh. As the landholdings are smaller in this region,
he even bought a plot of 25 cents.

Total of 3,129 acres

Narayana displayed all his craftiness and experience in the
Capital land purchases. Initially, he paid only Rs. 2 lakh per acre and
made the secret agreements with the farmers in the name of his
benamis. Narayana paid the remaining amount and got the GPA of
those lands transferred to his benamis only after Chandrababu
declared that the government would acknowledge ownership rights
to the most recent owners of the lands. This statement was
particularly important for the assigned and lanka lands. Finally, those
lands were registered in the names of several of his employees and
relatives. To ensure secrecy, he made use of representation system
of online registration. In this format of registration, the seller doesn't
need to see the buyers directly and farmers did not even know who
the actual buyer of the land was.

Too many benami transactions

Akula Munisankar, Ravuri Sambasiva Rao and Potturi Prameela
are some of the benamis of Narayana.
Munisankar bought 1.50 acres of land (Survey No: 126) in
Mandadam village- which is very close to Core Capital- at the cost of
Rs. 2.25 crore from Nootaki Narasimha Naidu, according to the
villagers. While the government rate is Rs. 6 lakh per acre, the
registration documents says that he showed that the land bought the
land for Rs. 9 lakh. Likewise, Munisankar bought 0.37 acre from
(Survey No: 15/1) from Borugadda Ramprakash in Mandadam; 0.56
acre (Survey No: 109/1) from Bodipudi Venkataramana in
Lingayapalem; 0.45 acre (Survey No: 140/A) from Kottapalli Radha
Rani in Lingayapalem; 0.28 acre (Survey No: 188) from Kottapalli
Radha Rani in Lingayapalem; 0.75 acre (Survey Nos: 119/A, 119/F)
from Shaik Hasraf Unnisa and others in Rayapudi; 0.87 acre (Survey
Nos: 354/1A, 354/1B) from Lambu Venkateswarlu and 0.25 acre
(Survey No: 360/1) from Velagaleti Ramadevi. Thus, he purchased
about 30 acres in bits and pieces.
Minister's brother-in-law Ravuri Samabasiva Rao bought about
0.32 acre (Survey No: 465/3B) in Mandadam and in total he has
bought about 29 acres of land. Potturi Prameela bought 15 acres and
the modus operandi was the same. She bought 0.98 acre (Survey
Nos: 51/B, 51/C), 0.45 acre (Survey No: 95/C) in
Uddandarayanipalem, which is near to Thullur.
However, none of them actually have the financial wherewithal to


Emperor of Corruption

own such a significant amount of real estate. Besides these three,

quite a few of his employees and relatives were used by Narayana.
A senior official who mans the CRDA affairs very closely told Sakshi
that the Minister has a total of 3,129 acres in the Capital region.

For sure 400 acres

Borupalem village of Thullur mandal doesn't come under land
pooling scheme. Hence, Narayana mainly focused on this village. He
bought about 50 acres assigned land in that village alone. He bought
another 50 acres of lanka land in the Rayapudi lankas between the
survey numbers of 250 and 400. Tokala Peturu, Tokala Ankulu,
Mendem Nageswara Rao, Mendem Koteswara Rao, Bulleddula
Chinnappa, Valaparla Ramaiah, Laalaadi Aadeyya, Laladi Sundara
Rao from Borupalem and Rayapudi villages told Sakshi that they sold
the lands to Narayana and handed over their land documents to his
benamis. It is learnt that Narayana was behind the government order
to give residential and commercial plots at the same to all those who
gave their lands. According to the senior official, Narayana will get a
minimum of 400 acres of land in the Capital region.

The Three Benamis

Avula Munisankar
He is a distant relative of the minister and worked as a
contract lecturer for four years in VRC College, Nellore.
Munisankar was given the electric works of Narayana
Medical College after Narayana became a minister.
College sources said that they don't have any
information of Munisankar and he would directly take
money from Narayana when he needed. He is from a middle-class
family and lives in a rented apartment near Narayana Medical
College. How such a small-time employee could buy lands worth
crores of rupees is the question that needs to be answered.
Ravuri Sambasiva Rao
He is the own brother-in-law of Narayana and takes care of most
of his personal and financial affairs. Nellore residents said that
Narayana bought a good number of assets in the name of Sambasiva
Rao. Narayana has purchased the lands in the Capital region once
again in his name.
Potturi Prameela
She manages Narayana Colleges in Karnataka and
Tamil Nadu. She belongs to a middle-class family. How
could she purchase several acres of land in the Capital
region without having a strong financial background?

Emperor of Corruption


Rama... Rama
Krishna Krishna
Real Estate Venture: 179.54 acres
Assigned Lands: 54 acres
The collusion between
Some of the farmers of
the realtors and the heads
village who sold their
of the government created
lands to
a conducive atmosphere
Pvt. Ltd.
corruption. After accepting
Land Sold
heavy bribes, the heads of
(In acres)
approved a real estate
Namburu Vijaya Bhaskar
venture that has come up
Namburu Subbamma
on the assigned lands of
Matangi Subbamma
Dalits. Here are the
Namburu Chinna
Matangi Maarthamma
A real estate company
Namburu Maha Lakshmaiah 3.00
Kolakaluri Sambaiah
Housing Pvt. Ltd. came up
Namburu Raju
with a venture on 179.54
Kokkalgadda Ruthamma
acres of land, which is
Bulla Aarogyam
located behind Acharya
Nagarjuna University and
Namburu Rosaiah
Chennai National High
Namburu Koteswaramma
Way. This venture is in the
Namburu Subba Rao
range of Kaza village of
Nambur mandal.
Chilaka Nagewara Rao
It has bought 94 acres
Namburu Nagendram
in Kaza village survey
numbers between 78 and
Nambur Aadeiah
remaining 76 acres from poor farmers. In this process, the company
has acquired 54 acres of assigned lands. Though these lands could
not be registered, the company bribed the officials of Peda Kakani


Emperor of Corruption

Sub-registrar office and got the lands registered. Since, there was no
objection from the Registration Office; the Vijayawada-Guntur-TenaliMangalagiri (VGTM) Urban Development Authority gave the
necessary permissions for commercial development on those lands.
The company started selling villas and plots within no time with the
help of its vast network of marketing staff and of heavy publicity.

Huge share to China Babu

However, the scenario changed after the announcement of
Capital city. The ministers and government officials entered the
scene after the announcement and started threatening the realty
company that its land could be taken in the pooling process as the
venture bought a considerable amount of assigned lands.
The bullied company worked out a compromise with the ruling
party. A central minister facilitated the deal. As a result, the company
was completely backed by the government. Then the company which
initially sold a sq. yard of land for Rs. 4,000 hiked it up to Rs. 25,000.
This entire scandal came out when some of the Dalit farmers
under the leadership of David, a farmer from Nambur, complained
about the existence of assigned lands in the venture to Guntur district
Collector. However, this inquiry produced no result and there are
allegations that government suppressed the probe at the behest of
Nara Lokesh, who in turn received a huge share in the venture. When
Sakshi sought the explanation from Mangalagiri Tehsildar on this
issue, she confirmed that there were canals and poramboke lands in
that venture.

Payyavula Keshav
Land purchased: 4.09 acres
Amount paid: Rs. 12.27 lakh
Present value: Rs. 8 crore
Payyavula Keshav is a clear example of Telugu Desam Party's
favoritism. The party leaders who have access to the inside
information abused their position to make personal gains at the cost
of the ordinary farmers. Right after coming into power, Chandrababu
Naidu announced that he would be building a world class Capital city,

Emperor of Corruption


but confused the people as to its location

by providing two to three choices. Never
mind, he gave sufficient clarity to his
followers on the location of the Capital city.
This informational advantage made the
ruling party MLC Payyavula Keshav to
descend upon the Capital region. He
toured the villages and found out the best
location where the land was currently
cheap, yet would provide returns in the
future. He finally bought land in Inavolu
village, which is adjacent to today's Core
Capital region. He bought 4.09 acres
(Survey Nos: 48/3, 49/3) of land on The documents of land
that was bought in the
October 13, 2014, and got registered in
name of Payyavula
the name of his elder son Payyavula
Vikrama Simha
Vikrama Simha. The in the registration
documents state that he bought land at a
cost of Rs. 3.07 lakh per acre, but the same land now costs Rs. 2
crore in Inavolu. This means his land prices have gone up by at least
50 per cent within a year.
Payyavula Keshav always accuses the Opposition of being
envious of TDP government's achievements. Many a time, he said
the government was building a 'people's capital' and the Opposition
could not stomach this achievement. Now, he must answer why he
deceived the farmers of Capital region by taking advantage of the
crucial information on the location of Capital region.

Poramboke Lands
Encroached land: 50 acres
Registered Land: 3.89 acres
Ever since the Capital city location was announced, the illegal
land grabbing by the MLAs, MPs and the leaders of the ruling party
knew no limits. The assigned lands, lanka lands, rivulet lands and
poramboke lands, they are leaving no land unregistered. They are
creating counterfeit documents, bribing the officials and staff of


Emperor of Corruption

departments and getting the
lands registered in the names of
their benamis.
Narendra Kumar's 'success story'
exemplifies such legal plunder by
the elected representatives in
Andhra Pradesh. After the Capital
city announcement, the prices of
the lands that are adjacent to
Kolkata-Chennai highway went
up. This has 'incetivised' the MLA
to eye the rivulet lands in Nambur
of Peda Kakani mandal.

Registrations under

The documents of the rivulet

land appropriated by Dhulipalla
Narendra in the name of one of
his relatives.

pawns tactically to get 3.80 acres of rivulet land (Survey No: 274)
registered in the name of his benami and close relative Devara
Pullaih. He pressurised the revenue officials and created land
purchase documents numbered 2638, 2639 and 2640 in the names
of his benamis to create link documents.
The first buyer was Pullaiah's son D. Sambasiva Rao. Then he
registered this land in the names of Upputuri Kiran Kumar, Adusumilli
Ravi Kiran and Venna Peda Achhi Reddy. With this process, link
documents were created. Later, these three have 'sold' the land to
Sambasiva Rao's father Devara Pullaiah. Under the pressure from
the ruling party MLA, the officials have divided the land into three
survey numbers viz. -274/B6, B7 and B8 and registered in the name
of Pullaiah. According to present market rate, this land value is up to
Rs. 5 crore.

Encroachment of 50 Acres Poramboke Land

The MLA encroached 50 acres of poramboke land in Peda Kakani
mandal and is converting it into agricultural land with the help of his
men. These men are digging bore wells in these lands. It is learnt that
the MLA had called up the Village Revenue Officer (VRO) and
ordered him to grant permissions to dig borewells on the encroached
land. The entire village knows that these lands are poramboke lands,
but nobody is speaking as they fear that they would be attacked or
would have cases filed against them.

Emperor of Corruption


Kodelas Son, the

Rising Star of the Land!
Land Purchased: 17.3 acres
Amount Paid: Rs. 93 lakh
Present Value: Rs.18.4 Crore

Kodela Siva Rama Krishna, son of AP Speaker Kodela Siva

Prasad Rao, has his own style in grabbing the land. He identifies
the disputed lands and coerces the parties to sell the land at
cheaper prices and simply owns that land. This is what the people
from Narasaraopet and Sattenapalli constituencies experienced so
far. Siva Rama Krishna formed special teams to identify and own
such lands near
the Capital city
limits. The duty of
these teams is to
collect the
information of
disputed lands and
take one party to
Siva Rama
Krishna. Then he
uses various
tactics to force
them sell the land
at a cheaper price
and get it
registered in the
names of his
For instance,
The documents of the land that was bought
there was a
by Kodela Siva Rama Krishna in the name of
dispute between
his benami Gutta Naga Prasad.
two brothers about


Emperor of Corruption

17.3 acres land in survey numbers 167-1A, 167-1C, 168-1 and 1683 in Dhulipalla village of Sattenapalli mandal. Smelling an
opportunity, Siva Rama Krishna summoned one of the brothers and
bought his land for just Rs. 8 lakh per acre while the prevailing
market rate is about Rs. 1.5 crore. Though a case is pending in the
court about this land, the revenue officials hardly cared for that fact
and registered the land in the name of Sasi Infra, in which Gutta
Naga Prasad is a Managing Partner. Kodela Siva Rama Krishna
used the same tactic, of forcibly occupying, to usurp several acres
in Narasaraopet and Sattenapalli constituencies.

Who is this Gutta Naga Prasad?

Gutta Naga Prasad is from Poluru of
Yuddanapudi mandal in Prakasam district.
He belongs to an ordinary family and
completed his B.Tech. When Kodela Siva
Prasad's elder son Satyanarayana died in a
road accident, he got close to Kodela's
family. Kodela Siva Prasada Rao offered him
a job when he was the Chairman of
Institute, Hyderabad.
It was learnt that Kodela got the contract works done in the
hospital through Naga Prasad. Once Kodela resigned from the
Chairmanship of the hospital, Naga Prasad has become his personal
assistant. After Kodela became AP Speaker, Naga Prasad began
working as the personal assistant of his son Kodela Siva Rama
Krishna. He also works as a manager in Honda showroom in Guntur.
Naga Prasad lives in a rented house in Chilakaluripet and manages
the affairs of Kodela family in Narasaraopet and Sattenapalli
constituencies. How could a middle-class man like Naga Prasad buy
the land worth almost Rs. 1 crore? Everybody knows the answer.

Emperor of Corruption


Perfectly Illegal!
Land Purchased: 42 acres
Amount Paid: Rs. 1.26 lakh
Present Value: Rs. 210 Crore
This is a classic example of AP CM Chandrababu Naidu's
favoritism and the rowdyism of ruling party MLAs in the Capital city
region. Once the statement about the location of the Capital was
made, TDP MLA from Pedakurapadu Kommalapati Sridhar who has
a real massive real estate venture stopped transferring the ownership
rights of the plots to the 3,000-odd subscribers to whom he sold the
plots seven years ago. Ever since the announcement of new Capital
city, he has been threatening the subscribers and is asking them to
forget about their land plots. He colluded with the Chief Minister and
got his lands excluded from the land pooling. In return, he gave large
shares in his project to Lokesh, the son of Chandrababu.

Denial of Rights
Kommalapati Sridhar's company Abhinandana Housing Private
Ltd. has been selling plots near Guntur and Vijayawada areas for
some years. The company bought 42 acres of land in Yerrabalem
village in survey numbers between 485 and 500. The sale of flats that
were constructed on this land began in 2009. Each subscriber paid
the initial amount of Rs. 25,000 and paid the remaining amount in
monthly installments by 2012.
However, once he collected the full money, he started showing his
true colours. He branded all the subscribers those who failed to pay
even one installment as defaulters and refused the registration to
majority of the subscribers. Meanwhile, the venture permissions were
stopped as Yerrabalem came under the land pooling range. When
some members approached Sridhar about their plots, he promised
them to allocate land in some other venture and finally gave them
nothing. When they protested, he used his political power and
silenced them. It is learnt that he defrauded on paying Rs. 15 crore
in Yerrabalem venture alone.


Emperor of Corruption

The land documents of Abinandana Real Estate that

belong to Pedakuraadu TDP MLA Kommalapati Sridhar.

Out of the Land Pooling

The government used every available tactic to threaten the
farmers of Yerrabalem to get their land. However, the 42 acres of
Sridhar land was not only exempted from land pooling, but were
also dropped from the Master Plan draft. The officials who do not
wish to be named said the CM was behind this corrupt gesture. It is
learnt that this venture will become the first private real estate
venture in the Capital region.
The name is also decided for this venture i.e. Mega City.
According to TDP sources, the CRDA is giving all necessary
permissions to Mega City thanks to the special interest of Lokesh in
this venture. When contacted, CRDA Deputy Collector Lalita Kuamri
said the 42 acres of land was under the land pooling. However, she
said she informed her higher ups about the non-availability of the
land for the pooling. The CRDA Commissioner Srikanth even
refused to respond to this query.

Emperor of Corruption


Open fraud and

the farmers response
It was a panic sale
I read all the stories of land robbing in Sakshi and they
are completely true. In the beginning, when we refused
to give our lands, the government terrified us.
They said that the lands could be taken away
forcibly if we were not to surrender them
voluntarily. The ruling party leaders and officials
told us that we wouldn't get a compensation of
Rs. 20 lakh if we refuse to part ways with our
lands. We were terrified by the government's
adamant behaviour and sold our lands. Now the same
land value has reached to Rs. 1.40 crore per acre.

- Kommareddy Picchi Reddy, Nidamarru, Mangalagiri mandal.

Government duped us
Ever since the government announced the location of
Capital region, it has been deceiving us. When we were
reluctant to give our lands, they used several
tactics to frighten us. Due to this pressure, we
sold out our lands at cheaper rates. The
ministers and leaders who bought this land from
us told that we wouldn't get the right amount of
compensation in the land pooling scheme and
made us sell our lands. The farmers have
incurred heavy losses as they sold the lands at
throwaway prices.
- Koppolu Venkateswarlu, Bethapudi, Mangalagiri mandal.


Emperor of Corruption

Its all a drama

The stories that appeared in Sakshi daily on Wednesday
are 100 % accurate. Before the Capital region
announcement, the MPs, MLAs and Ministers
came here, scared us and bought our lands. Now,
they keep changing their versions and play
dramas. Financially we lost a lot. There should be
a probe into the real estate transactions of
bigwigs who bought land from the farmers.

- Jonna Sivasankar, Undavalli,

Tadepalli mandal.

They have forced us!

Our lands were fertile and three-crop lands. We were
terrified by the government and ruling party
leaders when we refused to give away our lands.
We were forced to sell the lands at lower prices.
Now we are duped.
-Bethapudi Sambaiah, Nidamarru,
Mangalagiri Mandal.

They told us no compensation to assigned lands

The government delayed the announcement of the
compensation to assigned lands. It announced the
compensation after we had sold all of our lands.
Because of this, we have financially lost a lot. I
have sold my 83 cents land for Rs. 39 lakh. The
same land is now worth about Rs. 1.20 crore. It is
really difficult to digest this fact.

- Ravuri Prabhu Das, Kuragallu,

Managalagiri Mandal.

Emperor of Corruption


It was distress sale!

We sold our lands as we were told that our
lands will be taken away from us for land
pooling. We were told we will not be receiving
any compensation. I have sold half an acre of
my land at Rs. 18 lakh and now it costs about
Rs. 70 lakh. I am not able to put up with this

- Chenchu Rama Rao, Kuragallu,

Managalagiri mandal.

Leaders have cheated us

I bought land in Rayapudi at the cost of Rs. 40 lakh.
Government officials scared me that the land was
under the range of land pooling and a road would
be constructed through my land. The TDP leaders
asked me to sell the land for the same price. Then
they brought the price down to Rs. 35 lakh per
acre. The followers of TDP MLAs decided land
prices here. I lost due to the deception of the TDP

- Dasari Anjaneyulu, Undavalli, Tadepalle mandal.

They have deflated the land prices

An acre land was about Rs. 5 crore before the
announcement of Capital region. But the TDP
leaders created confusion about the land rates.
When farmers wanted to sell the land, they could
not get even Rs. 1 crore. The TDP leaders bought
lands at lower rates. We would like to go to court
on this open fraud.

- Meka Prabhakar Reddy, Penumaka,

Tadepalle Mandal.


Emperor of Corruption

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister

Chandrababu Naidu giving an interivew to
Shekar Gupta from the illegal guest
house gifted to him by Lingamaneni
Ramesh. The AP government earlier
declared the building illegal as it was
breaching the environmental laws.
However, the CM made it a official guest
house once it was gifted to him.

Lingamaneni Ramesh
A King of Encroachments
Very Close to the CM!

Emperor of Corruption


Who is Lingamaneni Ramesh?

He is not only the boss of Aircosta airlines, but also an encroacher
who captured the River Krishna and built a huge palace over its bank.
He then offered this illegal palace to the Chief Minister as a gift for the
favours that he had received. The CM happily took the guest house
and forgot illegeal status.
With the CM's support, Lingamaneni Ramesh took hundreds of
acres of land into his custody between Guntur and Vijayawada. Then
he efficiently built a fence around these occupied lands. His efficiency
was so impeccable that the Capital city region limit came very near
to his estate and then went the other way!
The stories of Chandrababu Naidu's benamis are coming out one

beginning of
Estate at
Kaza village.

This is the end of Nidamarru village.

The CRDA limit ends here.


Emperor of Corruption

after one. Sakshi gathered

another irrefutable evidence for
the link between Andhra
Pradesh CM Chandrababu
Ramesh. To get this evidence,
Sakshi did not have to work.
The poor farmers who lost their
lands to Lingamaneni Ramesh
volunteered to hand over the
evidence that showed how he
had grabbed their land to
extend his estate.
This evidence also demonstrates the CM's preferential
treatment for his benamis and
differential treatment for the
poor farmers. The government
The document that shows
collecting the three-crop lands
the rights of the farmers
from the farmers, but it was
that they could retake the
very generous when it came to
lands after the 99 years'
Lingamaneni Estate lands,
lease period.
Nidamarru village. Here are the
details of the friendliness that were showered by the AP CM on
Lingamaneni Ramesh.
There are about 300 acres of land in Kaza village, which has the
limestone reserves. This land was leased to Mumbai-based
Associated Cement Company for 99 years way back in 1937. Then,
on behalf of MDWH Bennetts company, Kurmaraju Gopala Swamy
entered into agreements with the farmers. He only obtained the sale
contracts from the farmers. In the case of the cement company
stopping the mining on the land, a provision was made in favour of
the farmers that they could take up agriculture in their respective
lands until the end of the lease period.
Once the period is over, the rights of the lands shall return to the
legal heirs of the farmers who originally owned the lands. All these
details were mentioned in the sale contracts. The ACC has stopped
mining on these lands long ago as it had closed down its local unit.
However, once the unit is closed, things haven't taken place as they
were supposed to be and have gone wrong completely.

Emperor of Corruption


Once Chandrababu in Power

Lingamaneni occupied these lands and once Chandrababu came
to power, Lingamaneni had used political power to coerce the
farmers. The farmers had to sign on empty stamp papers and
Lingamaneni and Co. wrote some cooked up content on those
papers and got the lands worth Rs. 1500 crore registered in their
Lingamaneni converted these lands into an 'Estate' by fencing the
land, arranged for security guards and installed CCTV cameras. Now
the land value in this area is Rs. 5 crore per acre. The entire episode
came out as some of the farmers from Kaza village still possess sale
agreement papers. When they tried to locate their lands, they came
to know that the lands were located within the Lingamaneni Estate.

Irrefutable evidence with farmers

The farmers said they have full evidence for their land ownership
and still they were not allowed to visit their lands that are located in
Lingamaneni Estate. They told that they were stopped by the private
army of Lingamaneni Ramesh.
Though farmers have complained about the activities of this land
mafia, there was no use. No revenue or police official had the guts to
go against the will of the CM. According to the farmers, Lingamaneni
had occupied 300 acres of land in the survey numbers of 191, 192,
and 226, among others.
As Sakshi published the stories on manipulative land transactions
of other TDP leaders, the farmers approached Sakshi and shared the
evidence that they have with them. Their contribution has helped
Sakshi nail down the industrialist cum encroacher who is a close aide
of the Chief Minister.


Emperor of Corruption


(6 lankas)
Undavalli lankas

A Ravan in
Every Lanka
They always eyed the lanka (riverbed) lands and
assigned lands from the very beginning.


is the number of lankas (riverbed land areas) the in Capital city

region. While 6 lankas are situated in Rayapudi, 2 belong to
Undavalli. Lingayapalem, Mandadam, Uddandarayunipalem and
Venkatapalem have one each.


acres of lanka and assigned lands are being cultivated

in these villages. Out of this, 574.93 acres are assigned
lands and 1,584.24 acres are lanka lands.


acres of assigned land is being cultivated in the Capital

city region. 1,278 acres of land was assigned in 1954.
The remaining 750 acres were distributed to SC, ST, BC
farmers in later phases.

Emperor of Corruption



acres of lanka and assigned lands were

bought by TDP leaders in the names of
their benamis.

While the erstwhile Ravan abducted Sita, today's Ravans are

trying to capture the lanka lands. Using full force they make strategic
moves to buy the lands that they are no supposed to buy.
To make life easy for the ruling party realtors, the government first
removed lanka lands from land pooling scheme. It then terrified the
small farmers with the rumour that government plans to take back
lanka lands without paying compensation. The government officials
and media outlets of the TDP indulged in Goebbels' campaign and
created fear among the farmers.
Taking advantage of these moves, the ruling party leaders
descended upon lanka villages and bought the lands paying between
Rs. 5 lakh to Rs. 35 per acre. Once these transactions were
concluded, the government announced a compensation package in
lieu of the owners surrendering lanka lands!
Exempted from Notification
In the Capital region, there are 13 lankas (riverbed lands) which
are spread over 29 villages. These riverbeds are being used for
cultivation. There are 574.93 acres of assigned land and 1584.24
acres of lanka land. The government distributed the land between
1954 and 1976 among poor Dalit farmers. They were given land titles
for small holdings that ranged from 77 cents to 1 acre.
These Dalit families built their lives around these small holdings
and for most of them the land offered a dependable livelihood and
hope. However, the trouble started with the issuance of orders for


Emperor of Corruption

land pooling in 29 villages of capital region.

The land pooling orders stated that only assigned and patta lands
would be pooled in the Capital region. Chandrababu Naidu made
sure that those orders did not mention lanka lands. The absence of
any reference to the lanka land created confusion. The confused
farmer became vulnerable.

Real Vultures Exploit

The ministers Narayana, Prathipati Pulla Rao and Devineni
Umamaheswara Rao who toured the villages of Capital city region
extensively for three months during the land pooling process took
advantage of this confusion. They showed the lack of mention of
lanka (riverbed) lands in land pooling orders and instructed their men
to spread the rumour that the government plans to take over the lanka
lands. The misinformation campaign created panic among the farmers
in 13 lanka villages. TDP men visited each house of the farmers of
lanka lands and stated that they (farmers) had no option. The farmers
were pushed to a state where they had to sell their lands off.
The TDP local leaders passed on this information to the ministers
and the ministers promptly sent their benamis to the lanka villages.
According to the information shared by Dalit farmers to Sakshi, Nara
Lokesh bought lanka lands in Uddandarayunipalem and
Lingayapalem lankas, Devineni Umamaheswara Rao and Prathipati
Pulla Rao bought lands in Thallayapalem and Venkatapalem lankas,
Narayana bought in Rayapudi lankas, Balakrishna's in-law bought
lands in Mandadam and Undavalli lankas.
Prathipati Pulla Rao alone bought 96.4 acres of lanka lands in the
name of his benami Gummadi Suresh. However, he has got only
1.01 acres of land registered at Mangalagiri Sub-registrar office. As
the registration officials rejected to register the remaining land, the
minister entered into sale agreements with farmers. Remaining
ministers also entered into sale agreements with the farmers.
However, the vultures took possession of the documents pass books
and assignment documents issued by the government.

Scandal of Rs. 2,500 crore

Once Nara Lokesh, son of Chandrababu Naidu, bought the lanka
lands, the Capital Region Development Authority (CRDA) issued land
pooling notification for 1,093 acres in Rayapudi village limits and
162.50 acres in Undavalli lankas. However, this notification did not
mention the survey numbers of the lands to be pooled due to the fear
that the farmers will know the ownership status. The CRDA officials
themselves are stating that such issuance of notification without

Emperor of Corruption


documents of
lanka lands
bought by
Suresh, a
benami of
Prathipati Pulla


Emperor of Corruption

details is against law. Since the government has agreed to pool these
lands too, their value has now gone up to Rs. 1.75 crore per acre.
The CM recently ordered the Chief Commissioner of Land
Administration that the new owners of the lanka lands should be
given all the benefits instead of the original owners. It is learnt that
through this decision, the CM wants to make his son Nara Lokesh
and his ministers who bought the lanka lands richer by Rs 2,500

TDP leaders bought lanka lands

Most of the Dalit farmers from lanka villages are
illiterates. My elder brother also sold 77 cents land.
These people have blindly trusted the ruling party
leaders. Out of the fear of government's takeover,
they have gone for a panic sale. Brahma Reddy
of Mangalagiri, Gummadi Suresh of Vijayawada
bought 150 acres land in my village for Nara
Lokesh, Balakrishna, ministers Narayana,
Devineni Umamaheswara Rao and MP Galla
Jayadev. As lanka lands are also being pooled
now, their price has gone up.
- Tirumanpalli Jayaprakash, Thallayapalem Lanka.

Sold my land out of fear

The one-acre lanka land was our sole source of
livelihood. As TDP leaders told me that the government
would take over my land, I have sold it for Rs. 22
lakh. Meanwhile, my daughter marriage got
fixed. I was paid Rs. 5 lakh as advance. They
told me that they would give me the remaining
amount of Rs. 17 lakh only if I give my land for
pooling. Now, the government wants to take
lanka lands in land pooling, the land price has
gone up to Rs. 1.50 crore. Because of the ruling
party fear tactics, I have lost a fortune of Rs. 1.28 crore.
- Mandala Mary Babu, Uddandarayunipalem Lanka.

Emperor of Corruption


They have terrified us

In our villages, the ruling party leaders ran a massive
propaganda which said that we were going to lose our
land. When we approached the government
officials, they told us that the government has
every right over the land as they were once given
by the government. Then, I felt that there was no
way-out and sold my 90 cents land for Rs. 16
lakh. Now, the same land is worth Rs. 1.50 crore.
I sold my land as the government has failed to
announce its policy on assigned lands in time.
- Nandigam Nagendramma, Uddandarayanipalem.

I am a TDP cadre and they still deceived me

I have 1.40 acres of land in lankas and I am a strong
backer of the ruling TDP. My party leaders have told me
that the government will take over our lands
without paying us any compensation. As I
trusted them, I sold my land for Rs. 40 lakh. I got
Rs. 10 lakh as advance. Now since the
government has announced that it would take
lanka lands in pooling, the land price has gone
up to Rs. 1.5 crore. I am a panchayat board
member from the ruling party and they still
deceived me. This is something I cannot stomach easily.
- Suddapalli Koteswara Rao, Uddandarayanipalem Lanka.

Officials too have scared us

The CRDA officials told us that we would not
receive compensation for our assigned lands in
case the government decides to take them over.
That is why we sold the land as and when the
buyers were available. Because of this fear, I have
sold my 3 acres of land for Rs. 45 lakh. Now, the
value of an acre land is almost Rs. 2 crore and I
have lost the fortune because of government's
fraudulent maneuvers.

- Puli Subba Rao, Uddandarayanipalem


Emperor of Corruption

Would have sold land if the package was there

The government gave us one acre land 10 years back.
Since then we depended on this land. When I was working
in a field, I overheard people say that the government was
going to take over the assigned lands. I feared that
Chandrababu Naidu would take away my land, that's why I
have sold it for Rs. 20 lakh. Now, the same land value is
about Rs. 1.5 crore. If the government announced the
assigned land policy earlier, I wouldn't have sold my land.

- Mandal Philip, Uddandarayanipalem

did not Stop

The documents of land

bought by Dhulipalla Narendra
Kumar in the name of his

Dhulipalla Narendra Kumar

did not stop with encroaching
the rivulet poramboke lands in
Nambur village of Peda Kakani
mandal. Being tipped off about
the location of the Capital city,
he bought 0.72 acres (Survey
no: 69-1) and 2.86 acres
(Survey no: 69-2) in Inavolu
village, which is quite close to
Core Capital region in the
name of his elder daughter
Dhulipalla Veera Vaishnavi. He
bought this land in 2014 itself
for Rs. 3.80 lakh per acre.
Thus, he pocketed 3.58 acre
land for only Rs. 13.60 lakh.
Now the same land costs
about Rs. 7 crore per acre. It
learnt that Dhulipalla bought a
total of 50 acres land in the
Capital region in the name of
his benamis.

Emperor of Corruption


Share of
is 4.69

The details of the land

bought by the TDP MLA G.V.
Anjaneyulu in the name of
his daughter


Emperor of Corruption

Anjaneyulu, who represents
Vinukonda constituency, also
has his share in the legal
land grab. Having been
informed about the location
of the Capital city, he bought
4.96 acres (2.26 acres of
survey number 77-2, 0.97
acres of survey number 1217 and 1.46 acres of survey
number 137-2) in Inavolu
village, which is very close to
the Core Capital region. He
bought the land in 2014 in
the name of his daughter
Sowjanya. Then, he spent
only Rs. 3.9 lakh on each
acre, now the same land
value is Rs. 2 crore per acre.
This means the land value
has gone up by 50 times.
Anjaneyulu often tells that
hosting the Capital city in
Guntur district is a great
privilege; however, he must
also tell how ethical it was to
cash in on privileged insider
ordinary farmers of their
prospective fortunes.

Assigned Lands

The land pooling orders issued by the government on

January 1, 2015, which has announced the package for
assigned lands.

The package for assigned lands was announced on February 17, 2016
after the ruling party operatives have concluded their land deals.

Emperor of Corruption


The Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu saw a business

opportunity in the assigned lands of Dalit farmers. He prepared a
pukka plan to get their lands at cheapest possible rates. Though the
land pooling notification clearly said the assigned lands would also be
given compensation on par with other lands, a concerted propaganda
was run in the villages of Capital city region that assigned lands
wouldn't be given compensation at all.
To fuel these fears, the state government ordered the CRDA
Commissioner N Srikanth on June 12, 2015, to stop the distribution
of compensation cheques that were supposed to be distributed
among the tenant farmers. The government argued that legal issues
with some of the assigned lands required being resolved before the
cheques could be issued. The CRDA, the organisation that is
instrumental in implementing the real estate plans of the CM,
immediately send the cheques back to the government.
This deed of CRDA once again 'showed' that the government was
ready to take the assigned lands back without paying any
compensation. Giving in to the pressure put up by the government
and ruling party, the assigned landholders sold their lands at the rate
ranging between of Rs. 5 lakh to Rs. 40 lakh per acre. Once these
transactions were concluded, the State government announced the
package for assigned lands and this package as usually inflated rates
of those lands overnight.

Heavy Competition among TDP Bigwigs

The TDP bigwigs competed with each other to get the assigned
lands. Dalit farmers told Sakshi that the son of Chief Minister Nara
Lokesh and Irrigation Minister Devineni Uma Maheswara Rao bought
the assigned lands with the help of benamis and a real estate broker
from Mangalagiri. According to TDP sources, these TDP leaders
bought about 474 acres in Tadepalli, Mangalagiri, Thullur and
Amaravati mandals. Agriculture minister Pratthipati Pulla Rao also
bought assigned lands through his benami Gummadi Suresh. The
TDP leaders outdid each other and usurped about 1,848 acres of
assigned land, which is worth about Rs. 3,234 crore now.

Daylight Deception and Legal Robbery

Purchase of the assigned lands is against law. But the TDP
realtors have shown their impeccable talent in buying those lands.
They paid 25% of the money initially and visually documented the
'payment event'. They got into agreements with the farmers. The
agreements saud the farmers got these lands before 1954 and they
selling them willingly. Then they told the Dalit farmers that remaining


Emperor of Corruption

amount would be given once they give their lands for the pooling, or
else transactions would be cancelled. Some of the leaders used the
loopholes in the Registration Act, bribed the Registration Department
officials and got the lands registered. Some have gone to courts and
got No Objection Certificates (NOC) for the registrations and then got
the land registered.
Sub-registrar Offices of Thullur, Mangalagiri, Amaravati, Peda
Kakani and Guntur done 499 registrations pertaining to 480 acres of
assigned land. They have done another 350 pending registrations
pertaining to sale transactions of 650 acres. In all, the TDP leaders
bought 348.46 acres of assigned land. They also bought another
1200 acres through purchase agreements. Today, here, an acre of
land values about Rs. 1.75 crore, which means the ruling party
operatives made profits of about Rs. 2,775 crore through illicit
transactions of assigned lands.

Tricks of Benami Trade

Though purchase of assigned lands is illegal, the benamis have
shown their panache in buying them. They followed a well thoughtout strategy. First, they submitted the documents for registration
and those documents were promptly rejected by the registration
offices. The benamis then went to court and got NOC for the
registration. This certificate cleared the decks for registration. In
Mangalagiri, 560 documents came for assigned lands' registration.
As per the script, 333 documents were denied by the office.
According to the available information, 107 of those documents
belong to an important minister, who is active in the land grabbing.

Emperor of Corruption


Land Pooling Notification Binned

In the 29 villages of the Capital city region, there were
2,028 acres of assigned land. In this, 1,278 acres of land
was assigned in 1954. The remaining 750 acres were
distributed to SC, ST, OBC farmers in several phases in
one acre and half-acre bits.

The initial orders of the government said compensation would be

given only to assigned patta lands. Those orders said that patta
jareebu (fertile) lands will get annual compensation of Rs. 50,000
and patta arid lands will get Rs. 30,000 for each acre. The owners
of the assigned land also would also be given same
compensation, according to the notification.

The government has also decided to give 1,000 sq. yard

residential plot and 450 sq. yard commercial plot for each acre of
patta jareebu (fertile) land and 1,000 sq. yard residential plot and
200 sq. yard commercial plot for each acre of patta arid lands.

Assigned arid land farmers would get 800 sq. yard residential plot
and 100 sq. yard commercial plot and assigned jareebu (fertile)
land owners would get 800 sq. yard residential plot and 200 sq.
yard commercial plot for each acre of their land.

However, these orders of the notification were not in effect for

some time until the TDP operatives completed their deals in
assigned lands.

Now, We Compensate You Generously

The TDP government has once again declared compensation
package and this time a more generous one. The compensation
package for assigned lands was announced once the leaders of the
ruling party concluded several assigned land deals.
The Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu took this decision in a
high-level review meeting in Vijayawada on December 13, 2015. In
this meeting, it was decided to bestow full entitlements of the lands
to the present owners of the assigned lands. The CM issued an order
to the Chief Commissioner of Land Administration (CCLA) to this
It was clear that this order was given to benefit his son Nara Lokesh
and other members of his inner circle who bought assigned lands on


Emperor of Corruption

a big scale. While, on the one side, the government has decided to
regularize the sale transactions of assigned lands, on the other hand,
announced the compensation package on March 17, 2016.
While the assigned lands that were given before 1954 were given
1,000 sq. yard residential plot and 200 sq. yard commercial plot for
each acre of arid lands and 1,000 sq. yard residential plot and 450
sq. yard commercial plot for each acre of jareebu land. For the lands
that were assigned after 1954, the arid land farmers were announced
800 sq. yard residential plot and 100 sq. yard commercial plot per
each acre and the jareebu land owners would get 800 sq. yard
residential plot and 200 sq. yard commercial plot for each acre of
their land.
But now, the new rules would enable the new owners of the
assigned lands- read TDP ministers, MLAs and MPs- to pocket all the
compensation. They now get annual tenancy of Rs. 50,000 (for
jareebu lands) and Rs. 30,000 (for arid lands) and also the
commercial and residential plots.

Officials Scared Us
The government gave the land to our great grandfathers.
We have been living on our 75 cents lands since then.
We refused to give our land for land pooling for quite
some time. However, the government
officials and TDP leaders scared us telling
that government would take back the
assigned lands without any compensation
and it would better for us to surrender it. So,
we gave away our land. However, we haven't
got any compensation so far. Now, we are
deprived of our only source of livelihood as
we cannot cultivate that land anymore. We
have been making rounds to government
offices for our compensation. We request the
government that it should compensate
assigned lands farmers on par with other
- Pachhala Nageswara Rao,

Mohan Rao, Navuluru.

Emperor of Corruption


It's our land since three generations

We have been cultivating the land given by the
government for three generations. When we have
refused to part ways with our land we were
threatened by the government officials. The
officials said that government has every right to
take back land and if it takes away the land we
will not receive any compensation. We gave
away our lands then. However, we haven't got
any compensation so far. The government must
come to our rescue; we must be treated on par
with other land owners.
- Vemuri Jawaharlal, Navuluru.

Government doesn't care for Dalits

How can families dependent on the land
survive without receiving compensation? We
were given pattas for the assigned lands and we
have been cultivating them for generations. This
government hardly cares for Dalits, that's why
we haven't got our compensation so far. After
this delay, they have announced a lower
package now. We should be compensated on
par with other land owners.


Emperor of Corruption

Vemuri John, Navuluru.

Red Zone in the

Name of Green Zone

Agriculture Protection Zone - 1

Agriculture Protection Zone - 2
Agriculture Protection Zone 3
Present Urban Area
Proposed Urban Area
Proposed Industrial Area

Emperor of Corruption


Zone classification is another stage of the land grab drama staged

by the Telugu Desam Party government. The government decided to
classify the Capital region into commercial and agricultural zones. In
the agricultural zones, the land must be dedicated only to agriculture,
while the commercial zones would have all the commercial
The CM decided under which heads the lands in the Capital
region must be classified under. The classification is based only one
criterion-who owns the land? The CM planned this classification only
to inflate the prices of the lands owned by his son Nara Lokesh, his
ministers, MLAs, MPs and his party leaders. These thieves who
occupy public offices bought huge amounts of land which today fall
inside commercial zones. The lands owned by common people are
clubbed together under the agricultural zones.
The government imposed several restrictions on the usage of
land in agricultural zones. Whether the lands are fertile or not, they
are to be used only for agriculture. This classification has ensured
erosion of land value in some areas and inflation of it in other areas.

This is Green Zone

The CRDA is spread across 58 mandals in Krishna and Guntur
districts in 8,603, 32 sq. kilometers. In the draft Master Plan, 63.23
per cent of the land i.e. 5,940.26 sq. kilometers is shown as
Agricultural Protection Zone (APZ). This is equivalent to 15 lakh
acres. While APZ-1 is Krishna district, the APZ-2 and 3 are in Guntur
Strategic Buyouts
While APZ-1 has a heavy agricultural tilt, the APZ-2 and 3 are
going to host Future Urbanised Developable Area, which will be
developed by the government once it has completed the
development of the Capital city limit. TDP leaders and their benamis
have bought about 10,000 acres of land in APZ 2 and 3. They could
do this because of the insider information about the Capital city
region location. They also knew where the zones are going to be
located. The Perspective Plan of the Capital was prepared and
aligned to suit their interests. The city planners planned the
development projects in the city according to the interests of the TDP
land vultures. This means the government is going to come up with
new constructions near the lands of TDP leaders.
Zone-I is only for Agriculture
In the APZ-1, only the activities related to agriculture, horticulture,


Emperor of Corruption

dairy, poultry and fisheries would be allowed. This point was very
clearly mentioned in the Perspective Plan. The Municipal
Development Minister Narayana declared that the APZ-1 is
dedicated exclusively to agriculture because the lands in this area
were fertile. Indeed, the lands of APZ-2 and 3 are more fertile when
compared to APZ-1. According to the Section 38 of the AP CRDA Act,
any changes could be made to Perspective Plan and Master Plan
only after 10 and 5 years respectively. This means no changes are
possible in the Act as to the zone classification. This provision was
inserted into the act only to benefit TDP land vultures.

Nominal Development
Perspective Plan made it clear that only agriculture and agrirelated industries shall come up in the APZ-1. This region cannot host
either industrial units or service industries and this restriction makes
the region financially unattractive. It is learnt that these lands were
made agriculture-only lands to increase the value of commercial plots
that were allocated to farmers in the Capital city region. However, the
farmers in the APZ-1 are set to lose big time with this decision. The
farmers from this region are feeling bad that they were made
scapegoats. They were used to inflate the prices of the lands which
are held by members of the ruling party men.

Grounded Land Prices, Stalled Transactions

Before the declaration of zone classification, the land price per
acre was about Rs. 3 crore in the villages that now fall under APZ-1.
Chandrababu Naidu declared that he was the raison d'tre for the
growth in the land prices when the land prices were similar across the
Capital city region. But after the announcement of zone classification,
the land prices have plummeted in the Green Zone areas. Now, an
acre of land is valued not more than Rs. 50 lakh. The lands that are
far from villages are being asked for a much lesser price around Rs.
20 lakh to Rs. 40 lakh per acre.
The government has taken away fertile lands. It undertakes
business with foreign firms, but it ensured that its own farmers
wouldn't benefit out of the Capital region. It is learnt that the TDP
leaders are trying to cash in on this unfortunate development. They
are trying to buy land at suppressed rates. Then they intend to sell
the lands to foreign firms, which are keen to undertake large-scale
farming activities. They already own huge land tracts in the villages
Nandigama, Kanchikacherla and Veerullapadu mandals.

Emperor of Corruption


Agitating Farmers
Farmers are very angry with Chandrababu Naidu's policy flipflops, particularly his decision on Green Zones. Chandrababu has
taken the fertile lands and included them in Commercial Zone and
kept the dry lands in agricultural zones. Farmers fear that the
government is setting up another malicious plot.
Of late, the farmers have agitated in Krishna and Guntur districts
under the leadership of YSR Congress Party. They have conducted
dharnas and road blockades in Kankipadu, Vuyyuru,
Penuganchiprolu, Jaggayyapeta, Nandigama, Kanchikacherla and G
Konduru mandals. Several experts have objected the zone
classification of the CRDA. In only one month, 2,000 objections were
registered with the CRDA, which is a serious indication of
dissatisfaction among the people. The village panchayats,
irrespective of the party affiliation of the elected representatives, are
sending formal resolutions to the state government. Farmers are
warning the government of serious consequences if the government
doesn't withdraw its decision.

Agricultural Protection Zone- 1

In Krishna district, Mopidevi, Challapalli, Ghantasala, Movva,
Pedaparupudi, Gudivada Rural, Nandivada, Veerulapaadu,
Vatsavai, Penuganchiprolu, Mylavaram, G. Konduru, and Nuzvid
mandals are completely included in this zone, while Paamarru,
Unguturu, Baavulapaadu, Aarigipalli, Ibrahimpatnam mandals are
partially included in APZ-1.
In Guntur district, Prattipadu, Vatticherukuru, Chebrolu, Chundur,
Amrutaluru, Kolluru, Tenali Rural, Kollipara, Vemuru, Chebrolu,
Battiprolu mandals completely and Ponnur, Pedakakani and
Duggirala mandals are partially included in this zone.

Agricultural Protection Zone- 2

In Krishna district, complete Chandarlapadu mandal,
Kanchikacherla and Jaggayyapet partially are included in this
zone. In Guntur district, Edlapadu, Phirangipuram, Krosuru and
Atchampet mandals completely, Medikonduru and Pedakurapadu
mandals are partially included in this zone.


Emperor of Corruption

Agricultural Protection Zone- 4

In Krishna district, Kanchikacherla mandal is partially included
in this zone. In Guntur district, Tadikonda and Medikondru
mandals completely and Pedakurapadu and Amaravati mandals
are partially brought under this zone. This zone is located to the
west and south of the Capital city.

Green Zone made our future questionable

I am working in a foundry in Autonagar, Vijayawada. I live in a
rented house. We bought 80 cents land in Mutylampadu in
2006. I have sold my land to meet the educational expenses
of my kids as well to construct a house and a foundry. I have
sold the land for Rs. 80 lakh. I was given Rs.15 lakh advance
and an agreement was made.
Upon receiving the advance amount, I started the house
construction in Nidamanuru. Now because of Green Zone
restrictions, the land rates have suddenly plummeted in my
area. Now the buyers are telling me that they could not pay
more than Rs. 40 lakh for my land. Otherwise, they want to
have their advancement back, which is a tricky situation for
me. I am not able to figure out a solution at this point of time.
- S. Rambabu, Foundry Worker, Vijayawada.

Farmers are in full dilemma

The land value which was at Rs. 2 crore per acre
has now come down to Rs. 1 crore. We only
have land, if we cannot convert the land into
money for other usages, how can we benefit
from that land? Our land is located very close to
Vijayawada. But the restrictions in the name of
Green Zone have landed us in trouble.
- Bommareddy Srinivasa Reddy, Chalivendrapalem.

Emperor of Corruption


Only to trouble us
The government restricted us saying that we
should only cultivate the lands that have fallen
under the Green Zone until 2050. Now, nobody
wants to buy our lands at high prices. We want to
sell our lands for our children's education as well
as their marriages, but now the prices are
completely depressed. No one is willing to buy
them at higher rates and we cannot sell them at
such depressed prices.

- Mandala Veera Reddy, Farmer, Nambur.

My daughter marriage is in trouble

I have no option other than suicide. I am serving my
second term as Sarpanch of Gurrajupalem and I have
one-acre land. As the prices were really good
before the enforcement of Green Zone
restrictions, I thought of getting my daughter
married. Buyers asked my land for Rs. 60 lakh, I
wanted to sell it for Rs. 75 lakh. However, the
land price vaporized the land price in G. Konduru
mandal overnight as Green Zone restrictions are
put in place. The latest price quote I got was Rs.
18 lakh!
- Thamatam Venkatramayya, Sarpanch, Gurrajupalem, G.
Konduru mandal.


Emperor of Corruption

Emperor of Corruption


Andhra Pradesh CM Chandrababu Naidu has

achieved a record of sorts in corruption. Under
his leadership, the state has become the capital
of collusive corruption and is underperforming
across the sectors. In the last twenty four
months, the quantum of his corruption has
overtaken the corruption of his previous nineyear tenure put together. Kickbacks, bribes,
shares, commissions the name could differ,
but corruption is open and ubiquitous in the
state. Today, in Andhra Pradesh, there is
nothing that can be done without a bribe and
there is nothing that cannot be done with a
bribe. From sand reaches to solar plants,
tenders in Irrigation Department to Power
Department, Chandrababu made corruption a
systemic practice.