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Nouns plural

We normally form plural nouns by adding -s to the singular noun

book > books

car > cars

student > students

We add -es if the singular noun ends in -s , -sh, -ch or -x.

bus > buses

dish > dishes

church > churches

box > boxes

Some nouns ending in -o add -es to form the plural::

tomato > tomatoes

potato > potatoes

hero > heroes

Other nouns ending in -o, add -s only:

piano > pianos

radio > radios

photo > photos

Nouns ending in consonant + -y, change the -y into -i and add -ies:
city > cities

baby > babies

family > families

country > countries

Most nouns ending in -f or -fe take away the -f/-fe and add -ves.
half > halves

wife > wives

roof > roofs

finish > finishes

chief > chiefs

life > lives

thief > thieves

knife > knives

belief > beliefs

man > men

woman > women

foot > feet

mouse > mice

child > children

sheep > sheep

person > people

tooth > teeth

fish > fish

1. Complete the sentences with the plurals of the nouns in brackets.

1. I like ________________________ and _________________ .(orange/apple/peach/strawberry)
2. They have got four _______________, two ____________ and two _________ . (child / girl / boy)
3. When he fell over, he broke two of his _________________ . (tooth)
4. Do you know those _________________ over there?. (person)
5. We have got some _________________ and _________________, but we havent got any
_________________. (egg / tomato / potato)

2. Write the correctly spelled plural on the line.

1. My brother and cousin are freshmans in high school. _______________________
2. Their classs begin at eight oclock. _______________________
3. Some dayes they stay late for band practice. _______________________
4. One day they went looking for mysterys at the library. _______________________
5. The high shelfs had books by their favorite author. _______________________
6. Brad reached them easily because he is six feets tall. _______________________
3. In each sentence, find and underline the plural that has been formed incorrectly. Write the correctly spelled
plural on the line
1. Some communitys have ethnic food-tasting events. _______________________
2. Its fun to taste dishs from countries around the world. _______________________
3. The womens in Moms club hold food fairs every year. _______________________
4. Tables and chaires are set up near the fieldhouse. _______________________
5. Our family donates boxs of paper goods. _______________________
6. Sharp knifes were needed to cut the pizzas. _______________________
7. They try to keep the childrens busy with games. _______________________
8. Eight mans entertained guests with country music. _______________________
9. The melodys were familiar to most of the guests. _______________________
10. A few senior citizens sat in the shade under tree branchs. _____________________
4. Choose the correct words to complete the sentences.
1. We _______________ about the storm on the news.

Hear / heard

2. They _______________ that it was my birthday.

find out / found out

3. The waiter _______________ us the menu to look at.

Bring / brought

4. I didnt _______________ very well last night.

Sleep / slept

5. Did you _______________ your coat in the cafe?

Leave / left

6. It was so cold that the pipes_______________.

freeze / froze

7. She didnt _______________ us what to do for homework.

Tell / told

5. Put the irregular verb in the past simple tense to fill the gaps
1. I _______________ (buy) some food for lunch.
2. Who _______________ (meet) you at the airport?
3. We all _______________ (have) the same idea.
4. _______________ (do) you speak to Sophie?
5. I _______________ (see) the weather forecast earlier.
6. He _______________ (give) us a lift into town.
7. She _______________ (read) three books in one week!
8. They _______________ (take) a taxi to the hotel
Yesterday Mrs Wall ..(tidy) her house. She (wash) the
windows and .(clean) the floors. Then she (go) to the kitchen
and .(want) to make an apple cake. She ..(take) some apples. But she
. (not+have) any butter. She (is) very sad because she
(like) apple cakes very much.
1.The dog ran in the garden.
Where .
2. He wrote the book last year.
3.He rode the bike very quickly.
4. She had 4 brothers.
How many..
5.Kate washed the windows.

8. Fill in the blanks using the correct PLURAL form.

1. There are four __________ in the room.
A) boxs B) boxes C) boxies
2. We need to peel the __________.
A) potato B) potatos C) potatoes
3. Did you see the new __________?
A) photo B) photos C) photoes
4. The __________ are crying.
A) babys B) babyes C) babies
5. You should brush your __________ at least twice a day.
A) tooth B) tooths C) teeth

9. Translate the following sentences

1. Ea avea nevoie de 2 cafele

2. Ei manacau mereu micul dejun la ora 8

3. John a venit cu soacra lui.

4. Baietii joacau fotbal in fiecare seara.

5. Eu am avut cinci case

6. Sarah nu a gatit sambata.

7. De ce erai trista?

8. De ce nu ai dormit acasa?