Why do Bangladesh Need International Help.

Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries on earth, on the brink of being a failed state, and that makes it a perfect target for Al-Qaeda and its ever-expanding network of Islamic extremist organizations. Global security agencies say they are "looking closely" at B’desh as Islamic organization proliferate the socio-political & cultural structure of the state. The four party coalitions headed by the B’desh Nationalist Party (BNP) included 3 religious extremist parties, which are staunch supporters of Islamic fundamentalism & theocracy. India, which is a unfortunate neighbor, & a victim of B’desh Jihadi terrorism has had turbulent relations with B’desh since it the revolutionary leader was assassinated by its Islamic Factions since it gained independence from Pakistan in 1971. Moreover confirms that there are 195 camps in B’desh where guerrillas seeking autonomy or independent statehood in North East India are being trained, this has been blatantly denied by the successive rulers of B’desh. The Islamic Fundamentalist soft bed and the recent Pakis friendship are viewed among Muslims as consolidating the Islamic brotherhood. Most Islamic Political party is being aided by Saudi and Paki monetary assistance. The Jihadi Mentality is uprising among Bangladeshi youth. The national identity is being molded with the influence of very fanatic Islamic agenda from Middle East mainly Saudis. The coalition of Jamat is very much in the political path to conquer the mainstream of Bangladeshi people. This poses a serious threat to the livelihood of the more secular neighbor India. Presently Indian Army is protecting the Pakistani border but the Bangladeshi border is wide open for Islamic Terrorist to infiltrate in India that is viewed as a nation of Infidels. This civil unrest might destabilize the region, which contains three nuclear power nations. A war with India and Bangladesh would be the saddest irony since India has helped Bangladesh to be free from Pakistani oppression, not to mention it might result in the most horrific death toll in modern history. This new so-called military backed government in Bangladesh is the exact copy of former Pakistani government led by Army General Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan. The Islamic Union has called for banning free press and is welcomed by the new rulers of Bangladesh. This is the beginning of the end of free press in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is gradually going thru a process of Talibanisition. This threatening force in Bangladesh must be stopped or we will have another country that would fall in to the dark path of wahhabism.