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Translated by Swami Shyam Paramahansa for personal correspondence with Swamiji
(Published by The Antarbrahmandiya Sanskriti Kendra - -
"Father, tell me where did the soul of Sati go, what happened to her? What about her love for Lord Shiva? It is
said love never perishes. It is indestructible and contains all ingredients as that of Absolute Truth, the Bramha. Did she
ever meet her spouse whom she loved so much that she died for him. Tell me everything about that great loving lady?"
"You are correct, son. Love has all the qualities as that of Absolute Bramha. Whoever loves purely, honestly,
with all depths of heart, no matter for how short a time, by the power of that love attains the nectarine abode. He/she
moves fast to complete the full course of love which transforms life into immortal, eternal bliss. Bliss and wisdom are
compulsory ingredients of Pure Love.
When Sati died her soul still continued to torment to unite with her spouse. Consequently she was born again as
daughter of Himalaya." Bramha ji explained.
"But father, Himalaya is an inert mountain. How can he have a wife, then how he could have a daughter. That
too, so evolved in love. Where that inert mountain with rocks, clay, avalanches and where soft, delicate heart with
throbbing and pulsating heart in immense love. Father, please solve this riddle for me?" Narada asked.
"Narada, unlike others, Himalaya has two forms. One is inert mountain form and second is an alive, celestial
being form.
"In his mountain form he stands all the way from eastern sea to the western ocean. As if bathing in the Pacific
Ocean at dawn and in Atlantic Ocean at dusk. He stands like a measuring scale or rod of the entire continent. It is
surrounded by lush green herbal blossoming billions of trees. It is shining with its sky scraping snow clad peaks. Lions,
tigers, deers, peacocks, cuckoos, swans and thousands of wild life inhabit it. It is reservoir of gems, jewels and medicinal
herbs. Wonderful panoramic sights adorn it from all sides. Celestial beings, siddhas and nymphs of other planets play and
sport there, and have all along, It is favorite place of Lord Shiva. Best powerful landscape to perform tapas, meditation
and mantra awakening.
"At the same time he is also a very handsome, fine, young, celestial being. He is a portion of Lord Visnu, as so,
very much dear to saints and spiritual seekers.
"Once upon a time, Mr. Young Himalaya wanted to marry to continue his ancestory and enhance the traditional
and righteousness and to benefit gods and manes.
Celestials were pleased with the idea. They had heard about Princess Mena. They approached to the chief of the
Manes called Pitries and convinced them about the greatness of this wedding. They were so happy. Among dance, music
and festivity, wedding took place. Princess Mena came to the capital of Himalayas. Joyful days began."
"Father, please tell me who was Princess Mena?"
"You already know Daksa had sixty great daughters. One of them was Svadha. She was married with Manes.
She had three daughters -- Mena, Dhanya and Kalavati.
"They were all ayonija daughters. They were born of sankalpa of the Pitries. Singing their names is so
auspicious that one can attain one's goal. They are yoginis with free access to all the planets of bramhanda and ocean of
"Once these three sisters were visiting Svetadvipa. They met Lord Visnu and were staying in his guest house.
Great congregation was held. High Sages were coming from far and wide. On the day of convocation they committed an
offense to Sage Sanaka who cursed them to be born as humans. But soon he was pleased and edited his curse as to live on
the earth. He said the first Princess Mena will be married to someone on earth. It will be Himalaya and with him a baby
girl will be born who will be incarnation of Universal Mother, Goddess Umaa Parvati. Yogini Dhanya will be born as
Sunaina. She will be married to King Janak and give birth to Sita. The youngest, Kalavati will be born as Kirti and
become wife of Brisbhanu and give birth to Radha. Parvati will marry with Lord Shiva. Sita will be wife of Lord Rama
and Radha will be the beloved of Lord Krishna.
"Dear Narada, according to edited version of age-old curse, Mena wedded with Himalaya and came to live on
planet Earth in his capital.
"It is said in every Manvantara, there are Sri Rama and Sri Krishna incarnations. Sati met Rama in
Dandakaranya during Rama incarnation in times of King Prachinbarhi. He ruled in Svayambhuv Manvantara. The

available Ramayana is narration of the sixth Rama incarnation later in Vaivasvat Manvantara's Rama incarnation. They
are like a beautiful multi-flowered bouquet." Bramha ji said.
"Thank you father. Past life story of Mena is very interesting. Please narrate the events that happened after their
wedding?" Narada said.
"Wedding festivity continued for a month. Himalaya became very happy. They lived majestically in their capital.
Lord Visnu and Celestials came to visit... Himalaya rushed and offered obeisances, brought them into the palace, offered
seats and worshipped Lord Visnu. Then stood folded palms and with thrills and tears in his eyes he prayed, 'My taking
birth became successful today. My knowledge became successful. All my actions successful. My race too is sanctified.
My wife and my family all are blessed. Consider me, O Lord, your servant and tell me what service can I do?'
'Dear Himalaya, the Universal Mother Umaa had appeared as Sati. She lived with Lord Shiva as his wife for a
long time. In the yajna of Daksa she ended her life. You already know it. If she could be born in your home as your
daughter it will be wonderful.'
'Indeed, that'll be excellent if it could be. But how? I don't know.' Himalaya said.
'You can meditate upon her form. This is her picture. This is how she looks in etheric plane. She will promise
you when she'll be pleased through your meditation.' Lord Visnu said.
Then all gods came to Nanda Devi hilltop. They assembled together and prayed. Suddenly a shining gold chariot
appeared in the space above. Bells ringing sweetly... Soft, silk bed and on that there sat Goddess Sati's soul. Her form was
effulgent like the rising sun.
'O great Lordesss, please incarnate in the home of Himalaya. We would very much like to marry you with Lord
Shiva. He is so lonely without you. We always feel so guilty for causing your disappearance. Please come once again. We
will be blessed.'
'O Lord Visnu, O Bramhaa and gods, please get rid of your pain. I am pleased upon you. Go back to your
planets. Soon I'll incarnate as daughter of Mena. As I'll grow, I'll marry my husband of past life and end his lonely life.'
Umaa said. She vanished in the sky.
Happy, gods bowed to the space where she stood, and returned to their residences.
Mena and Himalaya began their twenty-seven year long meditation. They started on first day of Chaitra (April).
They observed fast on the eighth day. On ninth day they came to the bank of holy Ganga in Osadhiprastha. They made a
clay statue of goddess Umaa and worshipped her with sandalpaste, flowers, sweetballs, kheer-pudis, and lots of perfumes
and ghee flames. Mena would observe fast at times, remain on only water another time, surviving on air other times.
After twenty-seven years, Umaa appeared before her. She said smiling big and wide in the midst of circles of great light.
'I am pleased, O Mena, I am immensely satisfied by your worship. Ask for benediction.' Goddess said.
'O dear Goddess, I would like to pray you but I've no words.' Mena said.
Goddess Kalika pulled her towards her with both of her arms and embraced her. Thus great knowledge spread all
over her brain and she prayed.
"Wow, I know you now. O lotus garlanded one, O grandmom of all, O blissful reality of existence, you appear as
feminine intuition from alpha to omega of creation.
'You are illuminating knowledge of Bramha, you are the nonviolent violence of Atharva Veda. It is you who
combines the formless, invisible sense-cognition with groups of elements. You are their underlying life force. You are
eternal yet like tide in ocean you rise as gigantic feminine power and in sportive way destroy invincible demonicism from
overtaking the world at times. You appear as God the father, the satan and the holy ghost in sematic religions. But your
original form is in single luminous ladyship. You are the warmth in fire, coolness in moon, sharpness in sun and the very
Self of mine in me. I bow down to you, O grandmom.' Mena prayed.
'Ask for benediction. I'll give you definitely.'
'Glory, all glories to thee, Mother of the Universe. If you feel I deserve, give me long lived, one hundred sons.
All powerful and rich with riddhi and siddhi. Then let there be a daughter of mine and, O Mother, you become my
daughter yourself. I'll marry you with Lord Shiva and thus get both of you in my lap.' She requested.
'So be it. Mena, great, I'll be your daughter. Sure.' She said, smiled and vanished.
Mena returned to her capital. United with her husband, she spent hundreds of happy diamond days.
In course of time she became pregnant. A handsome son was born. His name was Mainaka. He befriended with
Sea. He became panoramic beauty to attract millions of Naga maidens. After him, ninety-nine sons were born. They were
all, both Celestial being form as well as inert mountain form. They still stand all across Pacific to Atlantic as ninety-nine
of one hundred twenty-five thousand peaks of mighty Himalayas.
Mena and Himalaya now began to meditate deeply. Goddess Umaa entered into the heart of Himalaya. He
became extra illustrious and effulgent. In an auspicious day he introduced that light of Umaa in the womb of his wife.
Mena's personality dazzled brightly. Himalaya looked and looked and never felt enough. So beautiful she became. Gods
and Sages came to see and prayed her sweetly.
Ten months passed.

It was Spring season. The ninth day of Chaitra. Mrigsira naksatra. Midnight. And lo, as if milky way flowed from
moonbeams, Parvati was born from the womb of Mena. Fragrant, cool and pleasant breeze blew. With slight rain flowers
showered. Lord Visnu, myself, Indra, we came and enjoyed seeing the childhood form of the supreme goddess.
Looking at sapphirish, dazzling, beautiful child of her, Mena became enlightened. She was thrilled and spaced.
'Remember mother and father, I am Universal Mother. You may meditate on me either as translucent light or as
your daughter, both are great. I am coming now. In youth, united with Mahadeva I'll redeem and liberate the gentle ones.'
Announcing thus, Parvati became a baby and began to cry sweetly. As if nectar poured out... the whole palace,
neighborhood and capital heard and came. Holding tributes, whatever best they found, they hurriedly came dressed in
their best dresses and as they joined Mena and Himalaya and saw the sapphirish, lotus soft, luminous baby, they were
absorbed in a sea of great joy.
In auspicious moment, Himalaya gave his daughter sweet names. And she began to grow exactly as Ganga waves
in rainy season, moonshine in autumn and dearness in sunshine in winter.
That amiable, beautiful girl walked and played all around the neighborhood and people called her Parvati. She
grew and grew like beam of moon in bright fortnight. She went to study. She learned all Vedas, Vedangas and Puranas.
All knowledge came... as flocks of swans reach the bank of Svarganga in autumn season and herbal medicinal plants get
their light all by theirselves. She became educated and learned.
It was one of these days, you, Narada visited Himalaya's capital. The King greeted you with all the warmth of
adoration. He offered you a gorgeous seat, called Mena and daughter Parvati and they worshipped you. And asked.
'Holy Sire, you are a great being. You are always busy in helping others. My Lord, please make a horoscope of
my baby and tell us what will become of her life. With whom will she marry? How many million dollars she will have?'
'Okay, dear Himalaya, bring me a pen and paper. Write down her birthdate. Leave it on this table and come back
after twenty minutes.' You, Narada instructed.
'Okay, Holy Sire, thank you.' They said and went away. You were busy in calculations for twenty minutes. They
'Well, O Himalaya, O Mena, your daughter is most fortunate. She will spread the fame of her parents. She will
be an ideal of ladyship. Amiability, gentleness and efficiency -- it is from her people will learn. She will be most loved by
her husband.
'But, but...' Narada became very sad and pale...
'What but, Holy Sire, is everything okay...?' The couple felt sad.
'The husband she will attain will be a dry yogi, not dressing too well, actionless and desireless. He will have
neither father nor mother. He'll not care even for his respect and credentials.'
Mena and Himalaya sank in despondency. Their faces became red, lips parched, tears wet their eyes and they
'Holy Sire, is there some outlet through this unfortunate predicament. We are completely ruined and devastated,
Sire. You are a great master, could you tell us some way out?'
'Whatever is the birthdate, hour, minute, lines of palm and forehead are script of Bramhaa. It never goes in vain.
Your girl will have husband exactly as written in her fate. There is no doubt about it. But, there is one way to escape this
disaster to happen.'
'What is that, Holy Sire, please tell us right away. What is the way to save my baby from such calamity. Husband
is everything. With him one has to live forever. His being a problem is predestined big headache. Save my baby, please.
Himalaya and Mena were crying.
But Parvati was thrilled. She knew who he was. And her love for him grew abundantly.
'Dear Himalaya, there is no doubt your daughter is destined to have such a husband but all these disqualifications
match with Lord Mahadeva of Mount Kailash. He is great. If there are inauspicious items in such great man it does not
bother much. Bad qualities turn out to be good in him. For example, you can see Ganga, fire and sun. Bad qualities are
bothersome only for weak people. Lord Shiva assumes many forms just for lila. Therefore it is my advice you should offer
your daughter only to Lord Shiva in marriage.
'Lord Shiva has a habit he is too innocent and gullible. If your daughter just meditates on him and communicates
telepathically he will be in direct contact.' Narada said.
'Holy Sire, I've heard Lord Shiva is always absorbed in deep meditation. He is unavailable, invisible even to the
gods. How can he care for marrying my daughter. Steady flame of fire in windless spot -- just like that is his mind always
absorbed in Absolute Truth. He doesn't even look at material objects -- visiting Kinnaras have told me like this. That
cannot be wrong.
' One thing more. Lord Shiva had told his wife in antiquity-- 'O Sati, you are my beloved. None else can be my
wife except you.' He had given his words to his former wife. How can he falsify it?' Himalaya said.
'Dear King, do not worry about that. Your daughter was born as Sati in her former life. She was the one whom
he had promised long ago. It was her who left her body in the sacrifice of Daksa. She couldn't bear the insult to her
husband. She is the left half of Lord Shiva.' Narada said.
Hearing the words of Narada the couple was happy. Parvati became shy upon hearing these words of Narada.
Shine of smile spread across her face and she bent her head low. Himalaya was surprised to hear that. He lovingly began
turning his palm on her forehead. He smelt her head and sat her by his side.

That night a great party took place. The entire capital enjoyed the discourse of Narada. He then vanished.
Months passed. Narada's words haunted over Mena's head. So abnormal husband for her daughter... She
worried. Her eyes shed tears at night. Her cheers and laughters were gone. One day she clasped the hands of her husband
and said-'Dear husband, I am so afraid of Narada's words. I am so scared. Let's get our daughter married with some
gentle, handsome and well dressed young man. It will cool my heart. This alone will wipe my tears. This lovely daughter
of mine is so dear to my heart. Let's do something good for her life. I bow down to you. Let's do something great.'
Mena fell down and washed his feet with her tears. Himalaya lifted her and set her beside him.
'Dear wife, I've also been thinking over the matter. But I've come to a different conclusion. If you respect me,
drop illusion. Words of Narada will never go vain. If you love your daughter, educate her to integrate her heart into love
of Lord Shiva. Evolve into enough love that she could be able to do tapas and meditate on Lord Shiva. If she succeeds,
Lord Shiva will accept to be her husband. Then only all the devastating aspect of prediction will turn auspicious.
Therefore although it is very difficult for a loving motherly heart, but for the best benefit of daughter this is the only course
of action, to educate Parvati for tapas.'
Mena was convinced. A ray of hope shimmered through. Next day she went to Parvati. She was sitting in her
study room. She stood up in respect of her mother. Mother embraced her and both sat on the sofa. Looking at the delicate
face and limbs of her baby, Mena sank in great worry as how to say to do tapas. Her eyes became tear-filled. Her limbs
slackened. And even though she wanted to tell her something very important she could not say a single word.
Parvati understood. And she wiped tears of her mom with her sari and said, 'Mother, I saw a dream last night.
Do you want to hear that... I was walking in the grove near the lotus filled pond. Then suddenly an illustrious yogi
appeared from inside the lotus petals and walking through the leaves of the lotus, wearing wooden sandals and white silk;
that long haired and big bearded man stood before me and said, 'Excellent, you'll be great one indeed but you must
perform tapas to awaken your dormant power of love. Meditate until Lord Shiva appears.'
Hearing the words of Parvati, Mena clasped her to her bossom and cried. Holding her chin in her hand she
kissed her. Both came to Himalaya and told him about the dream.
'How strange, what a coincidence -- I also saw a dream last night. An illustrious yogi appeared in one of my hills
and began to meditate. The fragrance of his meditation spread far and wide. I went to visit him with Parvati holding gifts
of fruits and flowers. He opened his eyes. We spoke for awhile. When I requested him to accept our daily services
through my benign daughter he refused. I was at loss. Then this Parvati argued and argued with him until he consented.
He was Lord Shiva Mahadeva himself.'
Hearing the words of Himalaya they became speechless. Parvati stood thrilled with immense joy the future is
holding for her.
'Therefore dear Mena, lets wait a few days to find out the truth of this dream.
Ever since Sati died, Lord Shiva overwhelmed by love of his beloved wife, carried her dead body on his shoulder
and roamed around the world through the space. Singing the songs of her love and dignity -- The way she was adamant in
the assembly, the way she advocated her husband and lectured out to his blasphemers... he remembered over and over and
wouldn't leave her body.
Lord Visnu was concerned. Hidingly he used his discus and began chopping off her limbs one after another one
by one. Wherever her sacred limbs fell became an independent sacred place. They are even till now, spiritually charged
and sanctifying places. Your meditation, prayer, worship and mantra acts as being one hundred fold more powerful. They
are fifty-one most worth visiting holy places on the earth.
When the last limb was also chopped off, Lord entranced in love began wandering everywhere like a mad man.
He did not see Sati anymore. He returned to Mount Kailash. The attendants rushed and welcomed the Lord. Kailash was
decorated like a bride. Lord sat in meditation and sank into such a bottomless trance of his own true Self that he was lost
in oblivion for whole thousand years.
Heat grew. His face became red. Sweat drops shimmered on his forehead. As it spilled onto the ground, a child
was born. He was red complexion, handsome and illustrious. He had four hands. He began crying. Lord Shiva was still
in deep trance. Attendants were away. Presiding deity of the earth assumed a beautiful form of a mother and materialized
herself there. She picked up the child and begam breastfeeding him.
She took him away to her place. When he became young he went to Kashi and studied all knowledges. When he
completed his education he returned to Mount Kailash and served Lord Shiva. By now he was awakened from his
Samadhi -- the Cosmic Trance. He was satisfied on Bhouma so much that he gave him his own planet. He still lives there
beyond Venus.

Whenever breeze came from the West, Lord Shiva used to be thrilled. It carried the perfume of his beloved.
Everyday it happened. Lord would look at that direction smelling and looking far beyond the horizon. He walked
aimlessly and wandered all over the hills and dales. At last he came to Gangavataran (now Gangottari). It was a
picturesque spot. The Lord sat in meditation in an exalted hillside. Nandi, Bringi and so many Parsadas too settled
nearby and absorbed in meditation. Pramathas served. They made a hut, sowed trees and vines, and lo, at once it dazzled
into a beautiful lush green garden all around.
Two of them carefully became gatekeepers. Others too assumed different services. No one spoke out loud. They
kept silence all day. They spoke only through gestures... The Lord is in Cosmic Trance.
The news spread far and wide of the Lord's arrival. Flowers were blooming. Rivers flowed with songs and
dance. Hills popped out with luminous gems and jewels as if looking at the Lord with their thousand eyes. Holding the
fragrance of his meditation, breeze blew. Those who inhaled, thrilled and tears came to their eyes.
The news touched the capital of Himalaya. He heard again and again, yet again. He is preparing today. He will
go to have darshan and offer his gifts. He has come to his locality; he is supposed to go and welcome the Lord.
'Father, where are you going?' Suddenly a music echoed. He looked and there was his daughter chirping like a
nightingale. 'I am going to welcome an honorable guest of our state, Parvati.' He replied.
'Father, let me go with you. I would like to offer my services. According to our previous plan I was already going
to do tapas. Now when he is already here, let me go there with you.'
'Let me first arrange his proper dwelling, my daughter. Next time I'll take you for sure.' Himalaya said and
'Father, offer my obeisances to the Lord.' 'Okay baby.' He said and left.
Himalaya arrived with his ministers at the spot. He saw a serpentine footpath went up hills, blooming perfuming
flowers and medicinal herbs both sides. He saw holy Ganga emanating and dancingly flowing, murmuring and
meandering swift speed. As he washed and sipped the water from the river, two gatekeepers greeted them. Knowing their
desire to see the Lord they escorted them to the cozy corner of the hill.
As they neared they saw on a most picturesque hill there sat the Lord under the open sky. Mild breeze blowing.
His matted locks coiled, shining brown. Bhasma on forehead, wide chest, strong built body. He is seated cross-legged and
eyes closed. Peace and serenity radiating all around. Himalaya approached closer. He saw the blessed Lord first time of
whom he had heard so much since so long. He bowed down humbly.
'My Lord, it is my great good fortune that you came in my land. My life, my land, my eyes became fruitful today.
Accept my as your servant and allow me to serve you.' Himalaya prayed.
Lord Shiva opened his eyes slightly and trying to bring a smile of greeting on his face he said-'O Himalayas, in search of silence I came to this landscape in your territory. I want to meditate here. You should
arrange in a way no one should be able to come here.'
'Great angelic beings try to find you in their deep meditation yet they fail to have a glimpse of your divine form.
With the same transcendental presence you've sanctified my state. It is my great good fortune. Lord, it is all your own
place. My Lord, please meditate here as long as you wish.' Himalaya said.
He managed the surrounding. It became inaccessible. Now he returned to his abode and explained everything to
Mena. The entire capital was happy. But sad, none of them are allowed to visit the Lord or even go that way.
Second day, Himalaya showered, worshipped, meditated and took lots of valuable gems, fruits, flowers and his
daughter. He came happily. As the gatekeepers escorted them to the proximity of the Lord, they offered obeisances. As he
worshipped he offered his daughter too as one of the worship items.
'idam kamal nayanim kanyam samar payami Bhagawan Sadasivay namah.' As he spoke these words Lord opened
his eyes.
'My Lord, this is my daughter. She is so enthusiastic to serve you. With her two of these friends let her be here
and order her service for you.' Himalaya said humbly.
Lord Shiva looked at Parvati and she looked at him... inundating love from the ancient swelled in their heart.
Heart and eyes became wet. Following the pattern of outer effect of long meditation Lord closed his eyes and slipped at
once into deep meditation. They waited and waited. Then from equally depth from his heart, Himalaya requested-'My Lord Mahadev, I am awaiting your response at your feet. Could you please open your eyes and look at me.
You bestow joy and peace to all the world. You dispel all miseries from life. I offer you my obeisances. Please bless me I
can come daily to your darshan with this serviceful daughter of mine.'
Lord opened his eyes as if lotus petals opened and said, 'Himalaya, you can come to visit me without your
daughter. This is my permission.' Shiva said.
'Lord, could you please tell me why I cannot bring my this delicate baby to see you. Without this reception her
heart will break, her face flower wilt. How shall I be able to see her agony. Is she unfit for this service.' Himalayas said.
'Women are well known to be immune to cling onto men nearby. If you don't make your heart firm and renounce
their sensational inertia of their presence they take over and dominate, then confuse you as well as their self. All great
knowledge and meditative attainments are dumped into swampy, muddy ditch never even being able to push and pull to
get out. Because as you try so much you sink. This bad habit is far greater in ladies as much they are extra beautiful. As

much beauty that much ego and perverted sensitivity to feel hurt in common matters. By taking all precautions of not
hurting them you become too materialistic and insensitive to spiritual matters.
'This daughter of yours is the foremost among all beautiful there are in the world, so her presence is
indeed a danger zone. So I must watch out. Beautiful lady is like flame and mind is like moth. It just obsesses and
possesses like a ghost and like a drunk driver of a highway loaded truck, truth searching mind collapses in accident.
Attitude of desire to please her and care for her tangles the mind in unwanted trap of sensational anticipation. Then all
the upliftment in level of consciousness you've earned, punya after punya, using discretion and wisdom all twenty, forty
years; long, hard work earned, processed mercury is flushed down the toilet. Losing upliftment status the seeker has every
possibility to go spiritually impaired or paralyzed. Therefore Himalaya, I care for you, her and myself, and ask you to
come with no daughter with you.' Said the Lord.
Hearing these words, Himalaya became struck with wonder, tormentation and quiet. No one spoke. Silence
spread. At that time, offering him her obeisance, Parvati spoke-'Holy Sire, using the logic of yogis of kindergartner level, trying to escape from seeing me is not very bold of you.
O great yogi, could you please tell me who are you? Aren't you the Truth I'm the myth. With myth, Truth can't be. Aren't
you Pure consciousness, well I am the matter. Without material existence consciousness does not manifest. If you are love
I am the wisdom. Without wisdom love is only a basket of trouble, quarrel and headache. If you are Bramha I am
almighty nature. Holy Sire, man and woman are interrelated, connected, two halves of me. Woman may not be renounced
at any stage. Tell me, who are you?' Parvati demanded.
'Yes, I am Bramha, I am Turiya. I'm nondual love. Through my meditation I wipe out the possibility of the
duality starting with nature. I am one alone Pure existence. The luminous Self, the Isness of universe. I stay, abide in my
own Self, through my Self, for my Self. And I protect all seekers of the world to stay away from the ladies.' Lord Shiva
'Wow, is that so, Holy Sire, then you need no mouth to speak; let me bring needle and thread and sew your lips.
Then also you don't need hands and feet and do nothing. In that case I'm coming with a dose of anesthesia. We will put
you in coma and carry you in our home and keep you there forever. According to your own word I'll get you forever.'
Parvati said and laughed with such strange anticipation of taking him home on a stretcher. Lord Shiva also laughed.
'Although everything is separate and diverse they don't exist in me. I'm alone, one, indivisible and unique.' He
'In that case I don't exist then. Then let me stay here all day and night not existing at all. That's great, Holy Sire,
keep strong in your faith you alone are so that I myself and my service stay not out and apart from you, but in your very
self. Thank you so much; you pulled out words from my mouth.' Parvati was doubly pleased.
'By negating prakriti and her actions I affirm my own true nature, O little girl, what is the use of extra talking.'
'Holy Sire, that's what I am saying. The day you negate nature you are motionless and still, stunned and stoned
out. The moment nature is dismissed you can't speak, see, taste, smell and touch. All are functions of the gunas -attributes of nature.
"guna gunesu vartank"
Nature is part and parcel of purusa, the Self.
Just like dance is one with dancer, song is one with the lover, creation is one with God, same way I am one with you ever
and ever. Those who fail to understand this point remain confused life after life. I and you are one, my Lord. Oneness
expresses in ownness and belongingness. Belongingness expresses itself in the selfless service. Therefore all glories to
you, O Lord, let me serve you and while doing so let me long to belong to you.' Parvati spoke. Her voice echoed and
Himalaya, her friends and ministers, also important attendants of Lord Shiva were shocked with surprise hearing
the wonderful dialogue of Shiva and Shivaa -- the entire existence was thrilled and spaced out. Trees showered flowers,
dripping honey and lotuses bloomed in nearby ponds.
Lord Shiva was pleased. He smiled and said, 'Okay, Parvati, you may serve but let it be according to scriptures
and no violation of it of any kind.'
'All glories to you, my Lord, thank you so much. I appreciate your permission so much. Of course, my service
will be according to the Vedas, according to sixty-four arts and avoiding thirty-two offenses of service.' Parvati said.
'Dear Himalaya, I'll stay here on your hill. I see your permission for it. This land belongs to you. I'm only a
'Lord Mahadeva, this entire world belongs to you. I am insignificant servant of yours. Please instruct me as for
land which is required, I'll make a campus. No one will enter the area and complete peace will be maintained, my Lord.'
Lord Shiva smiled. Parvati loved that beautiful gesture and painted that picture in the canvas of her heart.
Himalaya, Parvati, her friends and ministers returned. They went everyday and experienced the bliss of the
Lord's presence. After a few months, due to state affairs, Himalaya's routine was changed and Parvati came with her
friends Jaya and Vijaya.
Devi Parvati used to give him bath and worship him with sixteen sacred items and wash his lotus feet and drink
the sacred water. Offer ghee flames, incense and perfume. Then sing for her Lord, and returned to her home. Every
morning, thus she served the Lord with great devotion. So many years passed.


"Those days a greatest power rose who conquered the whole world and dictated his own rule. His name was
"Father, please tell me the story of Tarkasur." Narada asked.
"Like fire combusts when two woods are rubbed hard, same way Vajrang was born to Diti and Kashyap. He
became well versed in all scriptures. He asked his mother-'Mother, what can I do for you?'
'Son, Indra has murdered so many of my sons like you. I want you to teach him a good lesson.' Mother said.
'Okay Mom, I am going.' He said.
In a few days he returned to his mother. He had captured Indra like a hunter to a deer. 'Mom, look at this. What
would you like me to do with this jerk?' Vajrang asked.
"Right then, I myself and Kashyap appeared where mother and son were discussing the future of Indra."
"Dear son, we are pleased on your bravery. Look, when an enemy is captured by his enemy and released by the
favor of somebody else, then he is considered equal to a dead man. Therefore there is no need to kill him. He is on an
honorable post which he has won by rigorous performance of one hundred Asvamedha yajnas. As a law of the cosmic-egg
he deserves our protection for years. Your doing a favor on him would be a great honor to me as well as your father
Kashyap." I told him.
"Vajrang was very respectful and Diti was loyal to her husband. They released Indra. I was very pleased and
sent Indra back to his heaven. Then I asked Vajrang if he requires anything in his life."
'Grandpa, I love to meditate. Meditation is the best resort I ever enjoy and wish to be.' Vajrang said.
"All good and great betide you. You really won my heart having such an auspicious desire. No trouble will come
on you. Take this beautiful girl for your wife. Her name is Varangi. She will serve you as your other half." I told him and
giving him a beautiful young girl to be his wife. Then we left.
Vajrang stayed with his wife hosted by his mother for awhile. Then he departed for a scenic hill resort. He turned
the entire riverbed into a well landscaped meditation retreat. He was very handsome, so was his wife. They endeared the
whole surrounding area.
Vajrang's meditation began. He tried the depth of meditation's firmness doing tapas on the bare ground.
Enduring heat, cold, rain and storm. It was well set. He was satisfied. He then spent another thousand years inside the
water. While all this, his wife waited on him at the bank. He was also a great meditator. At last I appeared before Vajrang
and announced, "I'm pleased and he could as for any benediction."
'My lord, let no demonicism violate the purity of my heart which I so laboriously worked to clean up. Let me
have unrestrictable access to all high planets. As long as body survives, let my heart long only to meditate and meditate
and meditate.' He requested.
"So be it." I blessed him and vanished.
As Vajrang came to the riverbank he did not find his wife. He looked here, there and everywhere but wife as
found nowhere. He thought she may have gone to the mother. He was extremely hungry, so he entered the forest to pick
up fruits and roots. There he spotted his wife by a tree, face bent down she was crying. As she saw her husband, sobbingly
she clasped him and cried more bitterly.
'Dear wife, what happened to you. Please let me know. Tell me the name who is desiring to go to hell right now.'
'My dear husband, while you are still alive and near, Indra came here and assaulted me with bitter words and
beatings. It is he who dragged me out here from my hut where I was awaiting your holy arrival. I had decided to give up
my life had you not come today.' Varangi said.
Hearing her words, Vajrang was very angry on Indra. Although he was capable of revenging the assault he
decided to meditate.
Just before he was taking a vow of another long tapas, I appeared and said, "Why again you want to do it, dear
grandson? I already fulfilled your wish." I said.
"Yes, grandpa, but this desire is a new one I just developed. Look, Varangi is badly abused by Indra. Upon your
request I had released him before and look what he did to my wife whom you had given to me. What do you think now.
Shall I go and kill that stupid little jerk?' Vajrang said.
I became concerned and fell in anxiety for awhile. "Dear Vajrang, I considered upon the matter. And I still
believe he doesn't deserve to be killed. The sin he committed is not able to devour all the fruits of his noble deeds which
he earned through his yajnas. But the offense he committed is also very serious. He will pay for it in an enormous
amount. Go home. You will have a son. He will teach a hard lesson to Indra. Don't let anger pollute your heart. Taraka
will be born soon." I assured and vanished.
Now the couple was happy. They returned home. The party continued til late night. Diti was very happy.
Dressed in gorgeous silks and jeweled ornaments she was receiving all guests and supervising the orchestra.
That night the couple celebrated their honeymoon. Varangi became pregnant. It took another one thousand years
(less than three months according to celestial calendar). When the baby was born, earthquake took place in hundreds of
places. Oceans agitated and rose in tides. Varangi looked at the power of her child and she was very happy. More than

that happy was Diti. She came running and embraced and blessed the child. She gave him a name, Tarakasur -- the one
who liberates.
Just in a few months he rose to a strong heroic youth. Grasan, Jambha, Mahis, Kalnemi, Shumbha and hundreds
of ogres joined him. They built a new city and coronated him as king. Wearing a dazzling jeweled, colorful crown, he
gave a fiery lecture. He announced, 'We will meditate and gain power to become invincible.'
He left for Pariyatra hills. He landscaped a vast area and began his meditation. One hundred years he sat in
absolute firmness without eating a single morsel of food. Next one hundred years he sat in between five fires. Next one
years he chewed only leaves. Last one hundred years he lived only on water. By the end of four hundred years his whole
body dazzled as fire of meditation. I appeared and announced my presence. He opened his eyes and looked at me and
bowed down.
"Ask for benediction." I said.
'Make me undying and invincible.' He said.
'To everyone born the death is a must. So O Tarakasur, I make you invincible but choose your end anyway you
like.' I said.
Tarakasur thought for awhile and said. 'Let then a seven day old child be the only means of my death.'
"So be it." I said and vanished.
Tarakasur returned. His capital was waiting fully decorated and welcomed him with most noisy celebrations.
Festivities and parties held ceaselessly at all places. As soon as it was over, Tarakasur called for a special meeting.
Several long sessions of brainstorming resulted in solid master plan of world conquest with all other civilized planets.
Heaven was targeted more violently.
In a few days army was ready. There were top ten such powerful warriors who were able to lead ten million
soldiers each. Jambha was the top Major General. Kujambha was his assistent. Mahis, Kunjar, Megha, Kalnemi, Nimi,
Manthan, Jambhak and Shumbha. These top ten mighty ogres who were able to shake up the entire world were in the
front. Music echoed and army marched. One by one they conquered all nations of the world. Soon they invaded nearby
planets. Now they headed to the heaven. News spread with panic.
'Master, great invasion is at hand upon our planet. What is your advice?' Indra sought counsel of Vrihaspati.
'Indra, if the enemy is too greedy, sama policy will not work. If they are united, well organized and act under one
command with understanding, bheda policy will not work. If they are mightier than you, dama policy will not work. So
only the last is the way -- You've to fight in self defense.'
Indra gave a fiery lecture in the royal assembly. He encouraged and empowered all. Yama became Commanderin-Chief. Agni, Vayu, Varun, Kuber, Chandra and Aditya all united, thirty-three million gods, and waged a terrible war.
Music echoed. Asvini, twenty-two Marudgan, ninteen Sadhyagan, Indra, Yaksas and Gandharvas collectively attacked
Tarakasur with their supersonic weapons, still Tarakasur was unhurt. He stood like a gigantic mountain of thunderbolt.
At last he jumped out of his chariot and crushed about a million gods by the palm of his hand. Looking at his
inconceivable power, gods ran away in all directions. Battlefield was empty but full of riches. Taraka and his army
laughed and roared aloud. They entered the heaven and began enjoying their sovereignty.
Gods assembled in a remote place and headed towards Bramhaa ji's planet. As soon as they were provided
audience they all fell prostrate at his feet.
"Hello gods, how are you -- is everything fine with you? You look to be in bad shape..."
'Lord, nothing is hidden from you.' Vayu spoke. 'Tarakasur invaded our planet. Millions of agres have occupied
earth, heaven and subterreans. New culture and civilization is spreading like a vast wildfire. In that we gods have no
place. We are by birth outlawed. We are supposed to starve to death or be killed with remorse. Godly place of adventure,
Mount Meru stood as the measuring rod of sky and luminaries. Now it is full of garbage cans and trash of ogre tourists
and visitors. It echoes now with sex music and violence promoting movies and television and radios. Tarka and officials
have repaired its hills and dales according to their demonic needs. Respect for ladies and wise man is fast disappearing.
Worse than this is, they do not consider themselves unworthy for such inhumane treatment. Education is such this doesn't
provide knowledge of other advanced civilizations which had higher civil attitudes. Their consciousness is boxified and
criminalized. They are just robots of Taraka directed programmings. Their joy is animalistic. We are doomed.'
"Dear gods, this problem has come upon you by verbal and physical abuse of Indra done on an innocent, chaste
woman, Varangi. This punishment should be taken as medication or debt payment. As far as your remedy is concerned, I
don't see the winner of Taraka has born yet in my bramhanda. He is still undying and invincible as he asked for a boon
long ago. I had given him boon. Accordingly, some seven day old baby alone can kill him. Where could there be so
powerful in age of seven days time. It is only, O gods, when Lord Shiva will get remarried. And a son will be born to
them and your days of doom will come to an end." Bramha ji predicted. He dismissed the assembly and was busy in his
'Oh, what a great wonder... invincible discus of Lord Visnu not only didn't harm him at all but also fell on his
head and adorned him as garland of fire. What a great powerful guy!' Gods began to wonder as they were returning back
to their hideouts.

'Dear Celestials, even a poison plant is sown the sower is not expected to rip it off, how can Bramha ji kill that
demon whom he once blessed. But be assured O gods, he will perish by his own sin. Try for Lord Shiva's marriage.
Although no one can attract Shiva's heart. Only Parvati can. She is born in the home of Himalayas. She is young. She
goes to serve Lord Mahadev in a silent, lonely place. Try for Shiva's wedding.' Thus they mumbled.
"Meanswhile I approached Tarakasur in heaven. He was seated on Indra's throne." Bramha ji began.
"Dear Tarakasur, you are taking too much. This is far more than for what I had given you boon. I never assured
you empire of heaven. What are you doing, Taraka. This is no good. The heaven is composed of my special sattvic
vibrations. And I've already appointed Indra for more than thirty million years. He has worked hard for it and when I
gave him, he is under my protection. Therefore Taraka, you better leave. Stay on the earth. I promise you all these
heavenly luxuries will be available to you there." I appeared before Taraka in his assembly and convinced him to return
back to the earth. He agreed.
Now he settled in Sonitpur city in the lap of Himalaya. Indra resettled in heaven back to his palace. When Indra
resettled in his planet with all his friends and relatives, he called on his friend, Kama (Cupid).
'Dear friend, unfortunately this serious trouble has fallen on me due to my own offense. Because I beat up his
mother. I am sorry about that but friend is he who helps unconditionally. This problem is such, no one else except you
will be able to solve it. The donor is tested in scarcity. Bravery is tested in dual combat. Friend is tested during trouble
time and noblery of a woman is tested when her husband falls in trouble. It is only when trouble falls on head one's
humility is tested.
'Dear friend, no one else can remove my trouble except you. This is not just my work but it will pacify all beings.
There is no doubt about it.' Indra said.
'Your Majesty, what that man is worth who talks alot in the time of trouble? I'm not interested in talking I want to
see personally the job done. What is to be done why don't you just tell me and see for yourself. I put my life on bet. I'll do
the job or die. Tell me immediately.' Kama said.
'Dear friend, you already know we had lost the war with Tarakasur. Although Bramhaa ji has settled the issue
and he is limited to planet Earth still he is too powerful and will keep causing troubles. I always feel he is a big red sign of
danger zone. His death is destined only by the hands of Lord Shiva's son. Lord Shiva is not married yet. But through
sources I know a certain young lady visits him daily. But Lord Shiva is mostly deeply submerged in trance of his
'I would like you to allure his mind towards the young visitor. If you can bring them to the point that they make
love right away, the great job is done. If it can't be done, if he is too strong on his character stuff then just entice his heart,
fascinate and impassionate them towards each other and we'll have to get them married.
'If you'll do this not only our age-old problem will be solved but also your fame will spread throughout the
history.' Indra explained the plan.
'I'll do it. No matter what it costs. I am prepared to do it.' Kama said with full strength and his bloomed with
enthusiasm. Indra held his hand into his and pressed hard and embraced him. Both dined together and talked for a long
time. Indra sent Rati, Spring, Seasons and various peaks of natural beauty. When Indra and Kama bade goodbye, the
scene was very touching. Celestials kept looking until the party disappeared beyond the clouds.
As the party landed on Ganga Descent Hill vicinty, they observed the plot and carefully decided each one's role.
First Seasons moved in. Passionate longing of Spring, coziness of Winter, beauty of Autumn, expansion of Rainy season,
all combined together and made one beautiful loving weather.
Presiding beings of song, dance and music thrilled the air with mildest touch of their art. The soft echo of
celestial music resounded. About a dozen of nymphs, breeze blew of celestial fragrance. Atmosphere became like cozy
corner lovers. Earth was softened and adorned with lush greeen grasses. Trees and creepers more beautified. Flowers of
all seasons bloomed. Waters became as transparent as mirror.
Right then a divine fragrance spread. Rim jhim of anklets and bangles and golden belts echoed. And to their
utter surprise they saw young Parvati stepping in... She is accompanied by her friends. Jaya and Vijaya are holding all the
plates of worship articles.
Remaining invisible they watched with rapt attention. Their glances followed the footsteps of Parvati. She was
bright gold complexion, wearing yellow silk sari and various gold and gemmed ornaments, decorated well she walked
towards a tree shade. There they saw majestic Lord seated in trance of deep meditation.
"rudrahi dekhi madan bhay mana
duradharsa durgam bhagawana"
Kama became afraid. But like an honest friend he remembered his given word to Indra. And he climbed a nearby tree
and hid among its leaves. Then he fixed an arrow on his mighty bow and waited for the occasion.
With pindrop silence his entire party watched with rapt attention while remaining scattered and keeping the
balance in the artificial nature and weather they had created.

All friends entered into ankle deep water of Holy Ganga and washed their hands and sipped water. Ganas of Lord
Shiva reverently escorted them in and then left to guard the place from outside.
All friends cleaned the cottage and placed the worship articles and went out. Jaya and Vijaya stayed until they
decorated the vessels with their contents. Now they too have left. Parvati alone stayed. One by one she offered each items
and Lord accepted graciously.
'That's the time.' Kama mumbled. And lo, he shot. It was so intense, so forceful, that entire world became
sexually aroused.
Even so, old man or deathbed, long lasting impotents, sick and lost too became stimulated. Sensational
environment spread throughout the existence. Branches of trees bent towards vines. Vines held trees hard. Rivers rushed
faster to the sea. Ponds merged into other ponds. Animals, birds, water creatures, angels, demons, ghosts, spirits and
serpents, all became sexuallually stimulated and rushed to embrace of their female partners. Even great yogis and siddhas
were turned on to lusty, forceful thoughts.
Those who saw Bramha always everywhere, now saw women everywhere. Women too saw passionately to men.
They lost maryada. They forgot their ideal, principles and religious commandments.
But it still didn't effect Lord Shiva at all. Parvati kept worshipping. Kama shot all his five arrows. Right then,
Lord Shiva opened his eyes and saw Parvati, the astoundingly, beautiful one. Her face shining like moon... Eyes like lotus,
teeth like pearls, wearing necklaces, small crown, earrings, her sight in first glance. Shiva looked and looked and looked
lovingly. Her prayerfulness, her love-laden glances, her devotion. Suddenly Shiva felt strong urge to take her in his
embrace and kiss her over and over and over and pour all the love of his heart. Kama watched and felt happy. Next shot.
And Lord felt same urge, strongest. Then suddenly he felt it is not his nature. He witnessed it was not his Being
overflowing. He knew it was an invasion. Somebody is trying to misuse, manipulate him.
'Who is it?' Lord knew now firmly. He then looked around for the culprit. All the way from left to right he
peered. Right then he spotted the troublemaker hiding behind the leaves, seated firmly on the tree branch he was about to
shoot him another bullet -- the invincible one. Seeing his imprudency, Lord Shiva became upset. His wrath sprang out
from his third eye and rushed like a missile. It reached the spot and burned Kama with entire tree. A sigh, a sob,
imcompleted cry and in a moment there was nothing left except handful of ashes.
Everything stopped and stilled into deep silence...
Seeing this, Parvati's face became pale. She was stunned. She offered her obeisances. Finding her everloving Lord so
angry she couldn't bear it; she took leave... Came out and joined her friends. They walked back to their homes. As Lord
Shiva saw her everloving maiden so scared and walking away that way, he called on his ganas and vanished. They
returned back to Mount Kailash.
Rati was a little distance away. When Shiva's wrath fell on Kama it was a tremendous sound. As soon as it
subsided she went to see her husband. But all there was left was ashes, his remains. When she awoke, tears streamed.
She began to cry loudly. She began to embrace that ash and poured it on her head and shouted the name of her husband.
All wild life, aborigines, animals and trees became aggrieved. Her party members came to the spot. They couldn't think
what to do. Lord Shiva had vanished. Parvati had gone. Place laid barren. They stood speechless. One of them went to
heaven and conveyed the message to Indra. All Celestials came rushing down.
'You wretched gods; it is because of you my husband has fallen to parish. You rascal Indra, you go on doing all
kinds of stupid acts and we've to pay such a heavy price for that and you remain all safe and well. Fie upon your
selfishness. Oh my husband, how great handsome you were! I was so proud of you. We made such an excellent pair.
Everyone sighed seeing us passing by. O dear hubby, you too left me so suddenly. Had I know this, I'd never let you come.
O idiot gods, get out of my sight. Go away.' Rati was crying. She was hysterical.
'Rati, please don't insult us like this. Trouble comes on everybody. It's matter of time... sooner or later. All we
must do is to prepare to face it with patience. Wisdom offers patience. Wisdom consists of understanding that no one is
giver of pain to anyone nor pleasure. Everyone goes through his/her own karma. There is still a ray of hope. Drop this
lamenting. Grab a handful of your husband's remains. Lord Shiva might resurrect him. You'll regain your husband.'
Gods said.
Suddenly a new electricity of life energy ran through her nerves and she grabbed a handful of remains and flew
towards Mount Kailash.
She saw that benevolent Lord seated under the age-old, shady fig tree. She ran and fell down at his lotus feet and
cried bitterly. She stood before him, folded palms, looking with tremendous expectation.
'My wrath cannot go in vain. Rati, go away.' Lord's voice echoed in indifference.
'But my Lord, my husband was innocent, top of that he was true to his word given to Indra. Please resurrect my
husband. Make him alive, O Lord of the universe.' She urged.
'If he was true to his word then I bless him to be born again as son of Lord Krishna in Dvarka. His name will be
Pradyumna. Shambarasur will rule his island. He'll kidnap the baby and dump him into the sea. But through a fish he
will reach in your lap. All you need now is get employed in Shambar's island. You'll enjoy about a hundred years of life
with him.' Lord Shiva was compassionate.
Right then all gods came and fell prostrate at the foot stool of the Lord. They prayed long prayers and said-'My Lord, what Kama has done contains no selfishness. We were and still are troubled by constant persecution of
Tarakasur. His death is destined by the son of yours, my Lord. That's why we planned to infuse some sex desire in you so

that you would get married and have your own baby. That baby would favor us, our life. Lord, we gods deserve your
shelter and protection. Make Kama alive.' Gods requested.
'If that's the case, then fine. I make Kama alive only to reside in the heart of unenlightened men and women.
Invisibly he will be director ofall unawakened life. And in that form he will be one of my ganas. This is because he died
for his word. He didn't back out as mousy little helpers of Kali Age. He stood undaunted. He is rewarded to be my gana
and rule over ignorant life of all ages and all nations. That's it. Now no more.' Lord Shiva said and dismissed all people.
He entered his palace.
"That fire of Lord Shiva's wrath did not calm down after turning Kama into ashes. It went on leaping, jumping
on and burning cities, forests, lands and people everywhere. Panic rose so high that I became so concerned. With gods
and Sages I came to the spot and stilled the fire by sprinkling water energized by Shiva mantram. Then I turned that fire
into a horse. I took the horse with me and reached to the sea. Sea assumed the form of a human being and welcomed me
with folded hands.
'Dear sea, this horse is a devastating fire of Lord Shiva's wrath. Could you please offer him a place inside you to
reside.' I asked.
'My Lord, if you say so, I have to. There is no other way to protect the general population anyway. But Sire, what
will he eat?' Sea said.
'Your water will be his food. Hold him on the surface until the delusion occurs. When I come here to reside you
could let him out.' I said.
'Okay, Holy Sire, I accept.' Sea agreed. I left him there. Since then he consumes the waters of the sea always.
That's why ocean never overflows even though it is being filled by thousands of rivers every moment. Now people of the
world breathed in peace.
"Father, that's so wonderful event. Tell me please, when Parvati returned to her palace, then what happened?"
Narada asked.
Bramhaa began, "Great sound filled the entire Himalayan region. Like firecrackers and dynamite it exploded.
Sky echoed around. Parvati and her friends left for home.
"Himalaya was concerned. He rushed to the spot to be of help with his ministers. They saw Parvati is safe and
returning back to the palace. One minister escorted the Princess to the palace. The rest with Himalayas rushed to the
hermitage of Lord Mahadev. There he saw nobody. The cottage was empty. No ganas present. There were embers and
ashes of a tree and someone burned, but there was nothing visible.
"Nothing was clear until the next News Release or arrival of some enlightened being. Himalaya returned. He
conveyed the news. Entire capital was sorrow-stricken. Parvati's heart was in flames. She cried and cried. Tears
wouldn't stop.
'Had I known he would leave the place, I wouldn't have left the place just like that...' She would say and sigh.
'Fie upon me and my courage who left the Lord in danger. I didn't even try to find out who those people were and what is
their purpose. I just escaped. I got scared. I ran to save my own life and left my Lord Mahadev in such an unsafe
condition. He had to leave because we proved to be an unworthy shelter and protector. Oh, where shall I find my Lord
again. Where will I?'
"Parvati constantly reflected over each and every pastimes of Lord Mahadev. She whispered ceaselessly-Shiva Shiva Shiva
Mahadev Mahadev Har Har Shambho
Sadashiv Oh Bholenath!
"Remaining at her father's home, in her mind she would be in close proximity of Lord Shiva. Many times she would
go faint. Himalaya, Mena and brother Mainak would console her and try hard to calm her down. A physician yogi was
brought who always sat in their livingroom. Overtaken by torments of separation from her beloved Mahadev she would
faint off and on. Family members, friends consoled her but she couldn't take Mahadev off her mind.
"It was one of those days, O Narada, you had visited the Himalayan capital. You were welcomed warmly. You
then described unto the family how Kama came to bother Mahadev and fire of his third eye turned him to ashes. How Rati
and gods approached the Lord in Mount Kailash and he gave her boon to reunite with her husband. Then you took Parvati
in private and said-'Although you've done great service of Mahadev but it was contaminated with ego. The Lord of innocence has
destroyed your ego in this way. He destroyed only Kama and left you safe. The only reason is he is merciful. Now you
should do a long meditation and burn all roots and branches of ego completely. When you'll be clean, cultured and
refined, Mahadev will accept you. You will become his own consort. Except none for your husband. No matter how

difficult it takes to burn ego just do it -- Parvati. Please do it. And your union will be life giver solace to the entire
This consoled her aching heart. Sweet smile came across her face. She requested-'Holy Sire, thank you so much for your insight. Please give me a mantra, educate me in a process I can meditate
and burn away my ego and satisfy my Lord.'
'With this mantra you will become other half of Lord Shiva and worshipped by the whole world. Listen Parvati -it is "Namah Shivay". This five letter mantra is so powerful -- just listening it Mahadev becomes pleased. Supreme and
bestower of all fruits. Whispering and reflecting upon this, Lord Mahadev will appear before your eyes. You will then win
his heart. Then you belong to him only. And become world adored one.' You explained to Parvati thus and took leave.
She was so happy as if she had done it and found Lord Shiva in her hand. She began to whisper the holy mantra.
It resonated in and through all her heart and being... vibrating everything all around.
'Father, mother, brothers, please let me go to solitude for long meditation.' Tears came to their eyes as Parvati
asked for their permission. Father and brothers strengthened their heart and consented but mother Mena shedding tears,
slackening limbs, fell and as her daughter walked through the door she shouted, 'Don't go away.' 'Don't go away.' Since
then her name became Umaa. Ma means not, U means going out. But looking at the situation she embraced her and
explained her so much. She asked all her friends to go with her. But Umaa accepted only two of them.
The party of three walked and walked. They came to the same spot where she had been serving Lord Mahadev.
She saw it was still colorful with the memories of those diamond days when she used to see her Lord in front of her eyes
and able to touch his lotus feet. The entire land of Ganga Descent used to be fragrant with aroma of his body. How
beautiful this place used to be with him. And how barren it is now when he is gone so far away.
She looked all places where she used to stroll before or after worship. That's the place where Virbhadra used to
greet me. Here Nandi used to open the gate. There Bringi used to stand and smile at my arrival. That's the technicolor
spot where one morning after service Lord had touched me. As Parvati remembered that event a strong loving
compassionate touch was felt on her shoulder. And she tried to kiss that place. Each and every place of this hill is packed
full with strong memories of that benevolent mystic. She strolled all over the place but now there were only tears in their
Now she came to the stream of Ganga. Here we used to purify ourselves to have darshan of the Lord. But now
today she is taking off her ornaments one by one and dropping them into the waves. Lo, no jewel, no ornament left. Her
crown, earrings, necklaces all are being taken away by Ganga as if she is hurrying to show this great treasure to her
husband. She even took off her sari and dropped it into the waves. She put on tree bark clothes with munja rope belt. She
pasted her long silky hair with milk of fig tree and coiled them on top exactly as her beloved used to have. Instead of
necklaces she wore rudraksa beads; that is what he liked to wear. She sat on a place from where she can see the most
treasured landscape in one glance. It became known as Sringi Tirtha. Now known as Gouri Peak.
She planted many trees. She made a podium in the center. Nearby stood her cottage. Jaya and Vijaya were asked
to make their cottages in a distance and visit her only for an hour everyday at any time. They used to clean up the place
and decorate the worship place everyday.
Now Parvati started her tapas. Watching its hardness even Rishis became so concerned. Many troubles came and
went. But Parvati didn't count them at all.
First year she lived only fruits and milk. Second year she lived on leaves of trees. She continued constant
whisper of "Namah Shivay". So much that her body became still and motionless. Mind stopped. She rose from physical
platform and ascended to the transcendence of Shiva's cosmic-experience.
When she saw even scorching heat of summer failed to deter her heart from her beloved then she burned five fires
all around herself. She sat in the middle. Thus she meditated. But heat didn't pull her down from ascension of Shiva
When Rainy season came and it rained heavily she sat in open showers, in storms, in winds, whispering "Namah
Shivay" and body didn't prove to be too powerful to pull her legs back to physical platform. She continued to be wet but
inside in her dorsal plexus she kept remained, united with her Lord free from pairs of opposites. Heat and cold, hunger
and thirst, pain and pleasure didn't disturb her union with her beloved. And when the winter came she either sat on an ice
slab in the open or entered deep cold water and whispered "Namah Shivay". Meditating thus she spent a thousand years.
By now she transcended earth gravity and physical opacity and stood on her one leg remembering Lord Shiva she
whispered her mantra. Then she dropped any kind of food intake. She lived only on air. Later her metabolism fell so low,
became so reduced, she survived only on her vital energy generated by her immortal love. Three thousand years passed.
Such a strong electro dynamic field was radiated/created that violence became impossible. Cows, lions, deers
roamed together. Serpents and frogs played together. Birds chirped happily. Peacocks danced, cuckoos cooed. Trees clad
with flowers and fruits, ponds were laughing through their blooming lotuses and lilies all day, all night. By the power of
Parvati's meditation all jewels and gems from earth popped out. Mountain peaks were shining by many colors of
diamonds, emeralds, topas and sapphires, etc.

Like still, motionless flame of beauty, grace and peace, Parvati sat on and on and on... eyes closed, spin straight,
absorbed in deep meditation of Lord Shiva.
Parents and brothers saw Parvati is still meditating. Lord Shiva has still not come before her; they were grief
stricken. They came with Meru, Mandar and many well wishers and explained, 'Parvati, it is enough. Let's go home.'
'Although Lord Shiva has burned cupid into ashes and has left this place, still I announce that I will definitely
bring him here. By the power of my tapas, service of Lord Shiva is accessible. I'm telling you the truth.' Saying this she
became quiet and "Namah Shivay" began resounding through her all pores. Bright light spread around, throughout her
form and lightened all directions.
Parvati saw her parents and their friends are worried upon her not being a success yet, so she intensified her
tapas. Stronger, sharper, terrific and rigorous her tapas became. It was so intense that devas, asuras, men, yaksas,
kinneras, charanas, siddhas, guhyakas,, vidyadharas and nagas fell in serious trouble. They did not know why. All gods
then approached to Sage Brihaspati and they came to me... their limbs were burning. Their faces were pale, minds
tormented. They prayed and asked-'My Lord, what is the cause of this aching of the universe?'
"This aching is caused by intense tapas of Parvati." I told them. "But there is no reason to waste time. We must
go to Lord Visnu and then to Lord Shiva." I said.
'Oh, no, Lord Shiva again!' It was Indra and other gods. 'He is very angry god. He turned Kama into ashes. His
wrath destroyed so many cities and forests. I am scared to death facing him. He is not coming to Parvati even by such a
great tapas, that means he is sitting angry. Grandpa, don't take me there. Sooner or later when he discovers I was behind
Kama's instigation I can't guess what he'll do with me. But I go trembled with fear.'
"Well then, stay there in your heaven to get burned alive along with all your friends. Then Americans will eat you
as with their turkey dish and stinking tuna fish. If this is what you want, go ahead." I told him.
'Oh, I'll go but let me stay behind all the others. If he happens to look at me, somebody should cover me.' Indra
Soon they were up in the space heading towards Vaikuntha. They saw Lord Visnu is sitting waiting for them.
"Lord, we've come to find the solution from the heat and ache caused by Parvati's tapas. Please help us." I spoke.
'I know. I just knew the purpose of Parvati's tapas. We all have to go to Mount Kailash and request Lord Shiva to
wed her. For the welfare of the world, Lord Shiva will wed Parvati. We must put our all efforts to let Lord Shiva go to
Parvati and accept her for his wife. Well, I don't see Indra. Where is he...?' Lord Visnu said and looked left and right.
'My Lord, I've been assured to be kept in the back of everyone. So let me be here.' Indra spoke from behind.
"But that's when we reach Lord Shiva. We've not reached there yet. You are misusing the timely privilege." I
'Let me be here please; I'm afraid of everyone who is courageous enough to stand before Lord Shiva.' Indra said.
"Dear gods, all of you just listen, Lord Shiva is the most benevolent and compassionate Lord of all of of us. He
will not burn us away. He will give us new life. We must go to him trusting his blessingful palm."
All boarded their airplanes and like collectivity of lumious stars they flew to the planet Earth. While they flew
over sacred Haridwar they saw at Ganga descent (at Gangotri), young Parvati is absorbed in trance of her deep meditation.
Lord Visnu asked everyone to fly through that tract of land without disturbing anyone. The entire hill was ablaze with the
light of Parvati and all gods merged into it. As fireflies are merged into full moonbeam. As they merged they felt great
rush and gush of transcendence. Soothing stream of serenity and placidity overwhelmed them. They became somehow
afraid as they felt losing their identity and dissolving into Parvati-consciousness which felt as if integral part of Shivaconsciousness. And heaven, their name, address, home, family and costumes felt foreign and unwanted elements. They
soon came out of that electro magnetic field and praising her by heart they all went to Mount Kailash.
Even though they arrived at the door they couldn't dare to step in and announce their presence. They sent you,
Oh Narada; remember I had appointed you to go and see if Lord Shiva is angry still. (I meant who didn't appear to Parvati
even by such outstanding tapas what else could he be doing without being angry). Upon your return you informed us he is
as cheerful as he has always been.
We happily entered with flowers and fruits in our hands. We saw the Lord seated in lotus pose under the fig tree
surrounded by many devotees. He is luminous, beauty, grace and fortune as if dripping from his form. He was explaining
the wisdom of Bramha through gesture of jnan mudra. Soothing light of his face spreading everywhere. All gods bowed
down to him with utmost reverence. Lord Mahadev looked at them and spoke.
"Oh Visnu, oh Bramha, how are you? I am glad to see you. Please let me know if I can do anything for you?"
All gods looked at the face of Lord Visnu who said, "Lord Mahadev, all glories to you. Gods of heaven are
persecuted by Tarakasur. He is invincible. We would like you to help us."
"Well, how would you like me to help you?" Mahadev asked.

"My Lord, all you need to do is just get married. There is an exceedingly beautiful girl out there waiting for you.
Seeing your marriage everything will be accomplished." Lord Visnu said.
"Dear Visnu, thank you for expressing your concern for the Celestials, but my marriage is not appropriate. In
married life sex becomes the center of life. From sex originates violence and that perverts the intellect into delusion and
misconception of almost everything that is born. Wild fire of misunderstanding spreads in all walks of life. Children are
programmed with misunderstanding. From kindergarten, elementary and high schools to college graduates; masters and
doctorate degrees are invented to instill more serious and distructive levels of misunderstanding. Not only that, social,
political and ethical manners and etiquettes are formed to make you proud of remaining blind, deaf and utterly confused
from the point of ultimate reality. When the politics and atomic weapons come in hands of such confused people there
comes the destruction of the world.
"Therefore, O great among the wisemen Lord Visnu, please don't ask me to get married. After marriage children
are born. They scream, holler, yell and cry vehemently. This causes brain damage. It makes a person disqualified for
listening to very subtle matters of life and existence. One becomes more and more insensitive to subtle laws of nature.
Therefore my marriage is not a good idea to propose for any reason. But I am open to any new solution to your problems."
Lord Shiva said. His sweet voice echoed in the sky of Mount Kailash. Deers, cows, peacocks and parrots loved it. Telling
thus, Lord Shiva closed his eyes and entered into trance of deep meditation.
All gods then became sad and hopeless. They consulted Nandi. They requested him to plead for them. Nandi
advised them they can pray for some time and he will not kick them out for next thirty minutes. In fifteen minutes of
prayers, Celestials became so emotional that they began to cry bitterly. At last Lord Shiva opened his eyes. His face was
beaming with compassion. He was relaxed and his eyes were sparkling.
"Dear Celestials, tell me what you really want from me?"
"My Lord, Mother Parvati is meditating so intensely that her light is scorching up the whole world. All our
planets and beings are engulfed by her light. Soon we all will go merged into her. And there will be no world left for
anybody to live in. Reverent Parvati is meditating for you. Just to attain you, O my Lord. On top of this, Taraksur has
grown in power. His life, philosophy and culture is such which is by nature hurting to everyone's spiritual growth.
Although respecting Bramha's advise he has left heaven, still he almost owns planet Earth. Our life in heaven depends on
offerings of yajna made by human beings of the Earth. Our existence is inseparately related with humans. And they are
forcefully molded and remodeled in such a lifestyle which denounces our age-old relationship and interdependence. How
long shall we torture the ignorants and parasites because at the end it backfires on us. Through promoting non-vedic
lifestyle, Tarakasur has invented an infallible way to put an end to all of us. His death is destined by the hands of your
seven day old son, my Lord. It is this why all gods are crying. Look at their poor faces. And look at that Indra so scared
of you, hiding among other gods..."
"Dear gods, listen to my words. Marriage is like heavy metal made handcuffs or legcuffs. Those who get bound
become goners. There are many bad associations. Worst of all of them is company of women. They are like heavy
pressure of passionate binding. But those who have no ray of higher knowledge can hardly see that with their current
associations their head is going more and more stupefied and whimsical and lethargic. To these thick heads, freedom of
enlightenment is inaccessible even in dream. The bondage of attachment in the name of love which is created after
lovemaking is hard to break off. Those who do it often in Americas only fall in similar other pitfalls. They go on hopping
from one hell to fall on another all life. They never think of any better life or special attainment. Therefore a man of
spiritual ambition should transcend the association of woman as heroically as possible along with similar henpecked guys.
Ladies who are bound with men and men who are bound with women are just vegitating in life. They must be bypassed if
you love to attain the Truth." Lord Mahadev said.
"Thank you my Lord for enlightening this matter so vividly. We will like to stay uninvolved with our wife and
always relate intimately with wiseman. My Lord, know for sure the world will be destroyed either by Tarakasur or by the
fire combusted by immense austerity of Mother Parvati. Please accept this bondage for others' sake. You are so great no
bondage can ever touch you. And association of illustrious maiden as Parvati is most sanctifying and divinizing. Please
accept her as your wedded wife. Let's see your wonderful wedding. Ever since you lost Reverend Sati we always felt
guilty. Now we'll feel better as soon as we get you united with Parvati." Gods said. Then they cried bitterly.
"Okay, so be it." Lord Shiva's voice echoed as if nectar poured in their dying life they became so happy.
"Although I know it, still I shall marry with Parvati just for your sake. Your trouble removal is greater than all the
knowledge there is. Your misery and torture fallen on you from both sides indeed my marriage is the solution so get it
done. I am ready." Saying thus, Lord Shiva closed his eyes and went into Samadhi again.
It was time everyone must leave. So Nandi and Virbhadra gave the guests heartfelt farewell. They left with much
joy in anticipation of Lord Shiva's wedding.
Kailashian inhabitants began to decorate the holy city. They landscaped the entire vicinity.
Lord Shiva entered in deep meditation. He became established in his true Self. On the equal level of
consciousness there was Parvati. Swimming in the ocean of Pure awareness she came and grabbed Shiva in her mighty

"Oh Parvati, what are you doing?" Shiva said.

"I just found you after so long. Can't now leave you. You are a big escaper. You sneaked away just like that. You
didn't even tell me you are going." Soul of Parvati said.
"I am sorry. I was in a hurry. Can't you just loosen your grip a little, please." Shiva's soul requested.
"That is possible if you meet me on physical level. This is the four thousandth year of my meditation. Now I've
discovered your hideouts. Now you've to choose." Parvati said.
"That means you'll keep meditating all life and grab me in your caress as soon as I reach to meditational trance?"
"That's right. You escape from the physical reality and hide here all alone, but from now on you'll be no more
alone. I'll be just waiting on you."
"In that case I better choose physical plane to unite with you. Okay, now release me, please."
"Dear, now you are free to move, but don't forget." Parvati said and laughingly disappeared.
Lord Shiva opened his eyes. He went for a walk in the grove. Sitting in the bank of Nandaa river, he
remembered seven Sages -- the Saptarsi. They arrived in ten minutes.
"Welcome O great Sages," Shiva's eyes beamed with delight as he saw Vasistha and the company.
"Lord, we are at your service. Whatever you order, we'll be on a mission." Saptarsi said.
"Certain maiden named Parvati is meditating on the hill of Gouri Sikhar. Her goal is to marry me. She is
accompanied by two of her friends. She has determined to attain her goal. Please go there and test her how much she
loves me. By my grace you'll not be committing a sin by trying to confuse her." Lord Shiva said and looked at them.
"Your order is our goal to accomplish. Oh Lord, we are very fortunate you've chosen us for this most auspicious
act. If we succeeded we'll see your transcendental wedding." They said.
As they flew like clouds above the silvery, emeraldian lush green hills of Himalayas, they saw Ganga Descent hill
full of light and festivity. Only special, highly evolved beings are visiting this hill. For normal, low level of consciousness
the light and peace emanated from Gouri hill was unbearable and somewhat scorching. But those who touched a high
level of spiritual upliftment for all of them it gave a tremendous amount of charm and inner delight. Wisdom, new
understanding, exciting experiences unfolded on its own like reading an open picture book just by coming in proximity of
this hill. Sages were on top high pedestal of consciousness; they were thrilled and perspired. Tears of love and joy came
to their eyes as they landed near one of the silent clusters of bushes of the hill.
This was the time Parvati and her friends had left to water the trees and plants they had sown and also honor the
guests if anyone arrived. Bilva, Amlaa, Rudraksa, Dhartur, Fig, Banion, Palas and so many trees they were watering.
They saw not Parvati but embodied meditation. Meditativeness was imbibed and imprinted on each of her limbs
so deeply that they wondered as if there is presiding goddess of meditation in Bramhalok and it is her who has come here
and watering the plants.
Her sari made of brown tree bark, rudraksa beads on her neck and wrists and biceps. Her hair coiled on top and
that too was tied with strung rudraksa beads. Wearing soft, bright tripundra on her forehead, that lotus eyed, thin lips and
shining countenance Parvati was dazzling with light of love and firm determination. Her friends were helping her by
handing water pitcher into her hands. And she was watering, fondling, patting each of the plants as if they were her
babies and not some inert plants.
"When my beloved Shiva will come what would you offer him, my dear Dipti? Hello Sambhavi, hello Vyali, you
Sarangi, you Trisuli, you Dhurjati, you Mrdani, you Kundali, you Sarvari, tell me what are you going to offer my beloved
Lord?" She was asking to each plant.
"Flowers, fruits... okay, bloom and blossom but that's not enough, offer your heart... But offering of heart you can
express through blooming into big flowers and rising into fruits... so do it... Stay abloomed, dears." Parvati was talking to
each plant and tree and watering them. But it appeared they were more satisfied by Devi's glance and her touches which
indeed she is offering abundantly. Sages saw and saw and stood in utter silence like seven golden statues.
"This embodiment of love and beauty we've come to test... Lord of Love will be sanctified by her mere glance
what doubt is there that Lord has sent us to test her..." Thus they wondered.
"It is just lokasiksa/lokalila. Lord knows her heart, but just to leave a history he is playing this pastimes of trying
to trick her through us... so we've got to play the role efficiently." They decided.
"Wow, we've guests today. All seven of them." It was Vijaya who spotted the party standing behind the cluster of
trees like statues and she shouted. Everyone looked at that direction. Sages were alerted. They walked to the cottage.
Jaya and Vijaya brought them.
"Welcome O great Sages. Thank you for coming. Here is the water pitcher, wash your feet. Please have seats.
And I'm bringing some fruits and roots to sweeten your mouth." As if cuckoo cooed, Parvati's eyes bloomed like flowers in
pleasure. She honored the Sages and feasted them.
"Oh great lady, could you please let us know what for are you doing such a great penance. Which form of God
and which ambition would you like to accomplish? Although it is very personal, but we are saints and we hope we might
enlighten your path." Sages asked, earning her confidence.
"Holy Sires, it is the most secret matter of my life. I'm revealing you in confidence. Please do not laugh at me. I
am trying to erect a huge wall upon the water without a base. I am trying to fly in the open sky without having even
wings. But my Lord Ashutos is so gracious. It is only my trust on his big heartedness that I am continuing to cherish my
sacred longing that Lord Shiva be my husband. I received guidance from Sage Narada." She said.

At once all the seven laughed and laughed and laughed. As their big belly laughs subsided they spoke, making up
their faces.
"Wow, fair lady, we know Narada very well. We all live together. I'm very sorry to know his trap-net is spread so
long and wide. Perhaps you've not taken history in your college. That's why all this mess. Well, it's our duty to fix it up.
Let me shed a light upon Narada's Imposter Computer Business Ministry. It is going on since so long. I'm surprised no
one has sued him yet. Perhaps this can be started by yourself. Then many more will speak up. You are so nice girl,
although too naive, that's why he was able to fool you. History says, it started out with first set of ten thousand sons of
famed Daksa named Haryasvas. Narada confused them all on a wholesale basis. They were lost forever. Same thing he
did with his second set of one thousand sons; they were known as Sabalasvas. They too were gone never to be seen. Their
father cursed him to remain ever-wanderer mendicant. But that only increased his evil business.
"He ruined Chitraketu's family. He turned Pralhad against his father and caused him terrible percussions and at
last father's assassination by an alien species. That is why we are extremely worried about you. You are so tender, young
age and he put you in such a terrible penance. That too for whom... that's for Shankara who doesn't even know how to
dress properly. And don't you know he burned Kama into ashes. That innocent poor cupid who tried hard that he can also
have a little joy of the world. He couldn't respect somebody's help who came all the way from heaven. What he did -- it
was a murder through arson -- there is too big a prison sentence for that in America.
"Fair lady, we will tell you the secret. Shiva wants to turn the whole world into a nude club. He has started that
campaign from himself. Barely he wears clothes... Remaining like that he is insulting all of us who wear clothes. Same
Shiva had married long ago. He quarreled with her all day and night for just any small thing. It grew so much that she
committed suicide. Oh, poor lady! Since her death, he now lives in isolation. Whoever goes to teach him a lesson he
shoots on him his trident shaped missle or sets fire through his third eye. Oh benign lady, our heart aches looking at your
beautiful face and comparing with him. How would you last a single day in his house. But we do see you too stubborn. If
you do get married, even on honeymoon night check the alarm it is working. Keep the phone by your bedside. As soon as
pillowfight breaks out, call, we'll be there right away. Dear baby, we would like to take you home. If you like to marry we
will set your marriage with Lord Visnu. He lives in the most prosperous planet. He has expressed and proved his
romantic IQ in more than one incarnations. He will be better suitor for you. Please drop Shiva, dump him off. No good."
Thus they said, looking at each other making faces, eyeing each other, then tried hard to change Parvati's mind.
Parvati became grave. She remembered Shiva's lotus feet. Then she spoke gently.
"Holy Sires, thank you for your opinions. It is obvious ice cannot last before fire. It has to melt. So is Kama
before Shiva. Lust and body identification have no room to exist before my Shiva. Sage Narada made all those historical
characters enlightened and he gave a perfect counsel to me as well.
"Holy Sages, I am born of the king of mountains. My decision is as unshakable as mountain. It is based on
Narada's words. No matter how Visnu is prosperous and my Lord Shiva is devoid of luck, I still want to belong to Lord
Shiva. Whether Mt. Meru breaks, fire becomes cold and lotus blooms on rock, Lord Shiva alone I wish to be my husband
or I stay virgin all my life." Parvati said.
"Wow, such a wonderful and exalted state of consciousness you have. We never thought. O Parvati Devi, all
glories to thee. Jay Jay. All great good betide you. Thank you." The Sages said aloud and respectfully bowing down they
took leave.
After hearing the great determination of Parvati, Lord Shiva decided to go by himself and test her love for the last
time. He assumed the form of an old aspirant of Truth. He was holding an umbrella and cane. He landed on the hilltop
where he once lived and walked around. Now as if a newcomer he walked to the cozy spot where Parvati lived.
Parvati saw an illustrious Sage is approaching today. She stood up and came up front and greeted him with
warmth. She offered him a seat, water and flower garland. She offered him fruits, roots and milk.
"Holy Sire, who are you assuming the form of a mendicant, you are illuminating the whole forest. You appear so
wise and affectionate. May I know what service I can do for you." She asked.
"Who... me!!! I'm everybody. I am this bird, that tree, that deer, that lotus, this sky. All I am. I am the universe.
And who are you, O benign lady, why are you meditating in this lonely forest? Are you wife of some great meditator who
left you here and has gone on a holy pilgrimage. No, no, you are so gorgeous you cannot be that ordinary. Are you
embodied meditation; are you Gayatri the mother of the Vedas; are you Laksmi; are you Sarasvati? O great lady, as I see
into your eyes I find you are greater and greater than the greatest I can conceive of. So who are you?" The mendicant
asked enjoying seeing Parvati immensely.
"Holy Sire, are you brother of my beloved Lord Shiva? Oh, the way you move and gesture resembles so much of
my Lord? Sire, it is because of your greatness you conceived great goddesses in me but I am none of them. I was Sati in
past life and Parvati in this life. I've renounced to meditate here so that I can purify myself and attain Lord Shiva.
Wherever I'll be born let my heart strive and soar high to marry that amazing Bholenath." Parvati said.
"Oh Parvati, I know Shiva very very well. In fact, who will not know that ash pasted one, that bull flagged,
matted hair coiled, tiger skin suit wearing one; that serpent garland wearing one; who will not know Parvati to that poison
eating, horrible eyed, spirit and ghost surrounded one. Everyone knows except you. O Parvati, who else could be there
uninformed as yourself. Whose presence is the source of constant fear, whose nearness is the cause of terrible havoc,
staying too long with whom is utterly boaring, to that founder of drug culture, strange music and inauspicious movements
you want to marry. I'm so concerned about you. Are you sure you are not crazy?

Oh Parvati, you are the gem among women. God's amazing grace is shining upon you as I see your immaculate
beauty, sweet voice and magnanimous gestures. But worse pity I felt in my whole life is to hear that you are trying to
marry that awkward guy. You are like one who is trying to exchange his billion dollar necklace with plastic rosary of the
Catholic church. You are pasting mud... dropping musk and saffron mixed sandal paste. You are evading sunshine for
the glitter of fireflies. You are dumping a new silk suit in the trash and taking aborigine's leather garb to wear. O benign
lady, taking Shiva for your husband is worse than all these. Therefore Parvati, please dump Shiva off your mind."
Mendicant said.
"I thought I hosted some wiseman. But O enemy of right understanding, you sound to have taken a vow to stay
complicated and dumb. You are so uninformed that Lord Shiva is ultimate Truth. He is supreme God and by his pleasure
potency he assumes innumerable forms. There are always great reasons for every single act of him. In the beginning of
creation who bestows the knowledge of Vedas to Visnu, who in turn imparted it unto Bramhaa ji and he unto great Sages,
how can that Lord Mahadev be said to be an awkward guy. How can his age be measured with silly calculation method of
numbering the fleeting years that applies only inside the tiny soap bubbles of Bramhandas. Who is that intelligent who
can know the depth of almightyness of my Lord. In front of whom all riddhis, siddhis and nidhis are insignificant maids
who dance before him so that he could be satisfied. Those who serve him become tycoons; those who don't become
paupers for seven lifetimes.
"In whose mouth, this most auspicious two lettered holy name "Shiva", resides all beings who become pure and
sinless just by his darshan; how can any act strange in your stereo-typed view become awkward. He pastes holy ashes but
even gods and Sages crave to find a tiny particle of ash fallen from his limbs. How that glorious one would become known
to an extrovert, materialist headed person like you. Oh, the one who blasphemes and slanders Lord Shiva all his sacred
deeds are turned to ashes. Seeing at the face of you I'm so sad. I must enter the fire so that I shouldn't fall on the level of a
traitor in the eyes of my Lord." Saying thus, Parvati shed tears of agony and she entered the burning fire.
"Wherever I be born, let Lord Shiva be my husband, let Shiva be my husband. Oh the universe, he alone be my
hubby." She whispered and closed her eyes. Fire burned and burned and rose in gigantic flames. Although the guest
mendicant was also shouting, "stop, stop," she jumped into it. But lo, by the power of her tapas fire became cool and
comfortable as sandal paste. Agni dev lifted her up in the air and respectfully placed her on the ground before the
"Oh great one, wonderful, your success of tapas is proven but your goal has yet not been fulfilled. This is a
discrepancy. Tapas is great no doubt about it but the fellow towards whom your tapas is addressed is not a good one.
Otherwise with successful tapas the goal must have been reached. In fact, goal automatically comes. But he did not,
therefore drop Shiva. He is no good." The mendicant argued again.
"This is how you know Shiva, isn't it? Shame, pity, alas you lost your life to utter misfortune by letting it get lost
to the trap by terrible ignorance. Unfortunate mendicant, now-na kevalam bhavet papam
minda kartuh sivasya hi
yo vai srnoti tannindam
papabhak sa bhavedih
(Shiva Puran Parvati Section 28-37)
Terrible disaster becomes destined not only to Shiva-basher sinner but also listener meets the same fate. Therefore, O
evil minded one. Had you not been in wiseman's garb you were to be shot dead. But since you are a bramhin I will give
you a good shoe beating and kick you out of here." Parvati said with anger and pulled out her slippers and as she came
close to beat him up, here flashed an effulgent light and there stood handsome youth Lord Shiva beaming with big smile
across his face. Parvati and her friends were stunned to watch and bashful. He then grabbed her hand and said-"Dear beloved, there is no reason to be angry now. It was all your test. You passed with one thousand percent.
Your firmness is indeed bigger than the Himalayas, your love is deeper than ocean, your vastness vaster than space. I've
become now yours. I belong to you now. I am fascinated by your beauty. I cannot live without you. Please marry me now.
And let us go to my place on Mount Kailash. Now, you are my wife and I am your husband. Jaya and Vijaya, please pack
all your belongings. Both of you are coming with me. Be eternal friends of my wife."
Hearing honey dipped words of her beloved lord, Parvati was overwhelmed with joy, love and fulfillment. Tears
of love flowed from her eyes as she bowed down to his lotus feet. Her face beamed with delight. Jaya and Vijaya were also
standing there shedding tears of joy seeing the so long awaited day of celebration after all did come.
Reciprocating the thrilling bliss of union between Parvati and Shiva flowers showered from above and buds all
bloomed. Woodland greened, birds chirped and animals leaped in ecstasy. Happiness so enhanced that all the three ladies
who had become so lean and thin turned healthy and wonderful. Existence rejoiced. There then echoed cuckoo voice.
"My Lord, you are my eternal husband from all the depths of my Being. It is my humble request, let this wedding
encompass the physicality as well. So many causes have assembled together. Tarakasur is just a gross excuss. The main

purpose is to leave an astoundingly beautiful pastime so that conditioned souls tossing and turning and sinking in the sea
of mud of worldliness (I/my/me notion) will find affinity to be able to remember, sing, dance, meditate and act on its tunes
and their entire life may go transformed into the living Kailash. Lord, I wish, I assist you to fulfill this high cause of
immense gravity, please marry me. Wed with me and become my own necklace gem. Give me opportunity to decorate my
life with love of yours. But my Lord, it will not be a good idea to go with you to your abode just like this. Although my
Lord is beyond the injunctions of Vedic maryadas (regulative principles). We must protect them all as much it does not
violate the beauty and grace of our transcendental pastimes. Your most generous, benign and American sounding
invitation to go with you so graciously formulated. Admiring them alone is loving you, my Lord.
Therefore it is my humble request to my Lord that he should approach my parents. Convince them and earn their
goodwill as well as my hand in wedding. Going away with you right away is so tantalizing and tickling but it is going to
leave impression of running away, or even being kidnapped/coned or insensitive to our parents who so carefully nourished
us in childhood till now. If you please, my Lord, kindly approach my parents. They've seen you already. They've great
devotion at your feet. On top of that it is them who inspired me to perform tapas and win your grace. So let them offer me
to you and I'll with my two friends go with you to Kailash." Parvati spoke.
"Dear beloved, the moment I said, you became my wife. Now what is there in rituals. I am Bramha, you are
Prakriti. I am undercurrent of unity and you are diversity. You are the creation, I'm consciousness. We are always
entwined and combined and united. So let's go to Kailash. The ethics say, as soon as you ask someone "give me" you
become low, small and inferior. One instantaneously turns into a beggar. It is against the code of elegance, majesticity
and heroic nature. I do not wish to descend to such smallness. Let me know what else can I do for you?" Lord responded.
Then Parvati bowed down with great respect and spoke-"Although we are Bramha and Prakriti and unmanifest, free and independent, we always abide in peaks of elegance and
magnificence. Still we manifest. Nirgun becomes Sagar. Nirakar becomes Sakar. When we become Sakar we also
perform many sweet pastimes to enthrall and uplift the heart of devotees. Then the very cause of smallness becomes
dignity and pride of immense nectar. This bestows immortality to love of millions of beings throughout Bramhanda. This
is part of our mission. This act of begging for my hand in marriage from my father would be to honor the love at the same
time my father and mother will attain fortune of giving a gift to the almighty Lord of the Universe. They've been always
so kind and loving to me; let them be honored by you, my Lord. Otherwise the main stream civilization in the future will
follow the same trend. Let's establish a brilliant lighthouse of character."
Hearing such words of Parvati, Lord Shiva began to laugh in consent. Parvati also began to laugh. Seeing both
happily laughing, Jaya and Vijaya also began to laugh and so rapturous joy overflowed all around that the forest became
extremely rich with magnificent minerals, flowers, fountains, gems and sapphires. Flowers showered from the sky.
Nymphs danced. Celestial music resounded. Existence overflooded with bliss, peace and serenity.
Then like perfume in the air, like lightening in the sky, Lord Shiva vanished. He landed on Mount Kailash. He
announced the oncoming wedding. Nandi and Bhringi were so ecstatic they danced about. The news spread throughout
entire Kailash very soon. They began decorating. Sweet music of marriage echoed. Nature appeared adorned with her
entire splendor and grace.
Lord Shiva vanished while his laughters still echoed and reechoed in the Himalayan valley. And his
transcendental form reflected in and out and all around. Parvati and Vijaya embraced each other time and again. Then as
if floating in the air they returned back home.
Himalaya and Mena hearing that their daughter is coming they were thrilled with immense delight and boarded
their chariot. Priest, ministers and citizens rushed out of the city to greet Parvati. Each of them had some gifts to offer.
As they came out of the city they saw beautiful Parvati is coming with her two friends. They resembled
embodiments of beauty and grace. When Parvati saw her parents she ran like a deeress; Himalaya and Mena too jumped
off the chariot and ran. As Parvati bent to touch the feet of her parents they took her in their arms and embraced her.
Shedding tears of joy they lost all other thoughts. As they became aware, the priest, all brothers of Parvati and citizens
greeted her with abundance of love. Wives of her brothers too enbraced her. Garlands and gifts were so much that she
was almost covered by them. Jaya and Vijaya were taken as the best ideal of friendship. They were showered with
questions, as well as gifts.
Parvati with her two friends were seated on tall elephants and the procession entered the city. Roofs were full.
Windows had popped out faces. Both sides of the streets were crowded with people offering gifts. In the round parks of
each Square, mayors stood holding ghee flames on gold plates. As Parvati came closer they offered long circles of flame
waves. Music of flutes, clarinets and drums echoed. Dancers danced before the elephants as they moved from Square to
Square. Ladies showered flowers. Musicians played music. Thus Parvati came to the palace door. Elephant sat. Parvati
walked down the stairs while the crowd looked at her majestic tapas serene face. She entered the palace door.
"All glories to Princess Parvati," citizens shouted as she stood on the porch, smiled and entered the palace.
Mother took her to the gynaeceum and feasted her very well. Jaya and Vijaya were adored by the citizens as goddesses.
Their parents took them to their home and feasted them. With much joy the story of Parvati's success was narrated in the

townhall every evening. Every few days of tapas there were events, happenings and news to tell. Now those treasured
reminiscences were being extolled. Days passed by.
One day a musician arrived in the city. His name was Nataraj. He gave his performances. Citizens loved it so
much that they brought him to the palace.
Himalaya was busy that day in his assembly taking care of some important business. Mena sat in the auditorium
surrounded by her friends. Stage was decorated with gold and flower garlands. And lo, Parvati herself gave an inaugural
speech and then dance started. The musician Nataraj was camphor white. He had long hairs. He had many musical
instruments all around him. And he was dancing and hitting on them with his different limbs and lo, the combined
rhythm and sound which was created was so thrilling and wonderful that the entire audience was thrilled.
Plumerea, Butt Mograw, Jasmine and Cestrum Nocturnum were perfuming and the dancer was dancing. His
large eyes, powerful great hands and brown hair shining. And Nataraj was as if floating in the air riding on the clouds of
perfume. He danced for hours. Himalaya also came. Ministers also, mayors and vips of the State too. Nataraj was
dancing as if whirlwind arising. He had full control over weight of his body. He flies too. He ascends and descends like
cotton or dry leaf. He smiles and lots of Tuscany, Jasmine and Juki bloom at once. He sings and nectar showers. Each
gait of dance his limbs shimmer and shine as lightening. His matted hairs are like a flower of fire.
"damad... damad... damad." His damaru is resounding and very captivating music is echoing. As if through this
he is embracing the whole world. It was so fantastic that flowers of Jasmine and Juki were constantly showering from the
sky. The roof is no longer a barrier. Heavenly music is echoing, angels have run down to see the exquisite dance and
praising him.
Seeing the wonderful dancer, Parvati, who is seated among the Royal ladies became overwhelmed with joy and
love. In her heart the camphor complexioned Lord reflected in his original form. Her eyes were closed and she saw the
merciful Lord who had vanished with soothing laughters. There she sank in his loving embrace and ecstatic gaze.
"I will marry you," he said and vanished. Parvati opened her eyes and began to see the dance. Like lightenings,
rainbows and multicolor gems and jewels uniting and separating, thus the shine spread and hall flooded with light time
and again. As if perfumes of many flowers, beauty of many panoramic sights condensed and revealed one after another.
After hours of dance, Mena, Himalaya, sons and ladies, ministers and citizens were amazed with great delight.
As the actor stopped and sat in rest, audience poured out abundance of wealth. Here Mena walked to the stage with gold
plate filled with diamonds, sapphires, jewels and gems. She pleasantly offered.
"O wonderful dancer Nataraj, you've entertained us well. We've never seen such magnificent dance before in our
life. Please accept this gift. It is the most precious wealth of our empire." Mena said with smile beaming through her
"Her Majesty, this is not worthy of you to dishonor me and my music just by shoving these useless stones in my
bag. They are so cheap and worthless in my hill resort. Don't fool me telling that these are the best gems of your empire.
You do have a gem. And I definitely want to have it." Nataraj said.
"Dear Musician, what are you saying. You amused us all by calling this most precious wealth as stones. If these
are cheap stones we are paupers. We have nothing." She protested.
"Yes, you do have. And you are richest person of the world. You have a gem and I want to have it. If you want
to reward me by heart, figure it out what is the best gem you have. Be sure you are on your word to offer me the best you
have." Dancer said artistically.
Looking at his relaxed gestures, oratory and elegance, everyone developed great trust and honor for him. Mena
and Himalaya said-"Gentle Sir, you amuse us. We offer you, offer our best. And we are on our word. But this is the best gem of not
only our treasury but of the whole world. If you consider we still didn't get it, please let us know. The entire audience is
impatiently waiting." Himalaya requested.
"Wow, what a wonder, really do you not know. You are considered to be a wiseman who gives shelter to the
greatest of wisemen. If you didn't know and I've to tell you then you've to pay me extra. Do you agree?" Dancer said,
making faces and gestures sportively.
"Sir, I give you word. It is yours whatever best we have is yours right from this moment. Oh, your music was so
excellent it transported each one of us into deep trance of nirvikalp samadhi. Yes, your extra charge on my ignorance is
also accepted." Himalaya said.
Actor looked at Mena, she nodded in consent. Then he looked at the audience. They too shook their heads in
"Then listen ladies and gentlemen, whom do you love most? Isn't it this sweet little Gouri, this Parvati. Is not
she the most precious gem of your palace and to the citizens. And by her skyscraping great qualities and big heart is not
she the astoundingly precious gem of the whole Bramhanda. And you have her, dear Sirs, isn't it..? So now I want to have
her for my wife. I will marry her. I will love her so much like no one had ever loved anyone, anywhere in the entire
history. I will make a baby from her. And that baby when he'll become seven days old, then ladies and gentlemen, he'll do

such a tremendously, astounding heroic act that entire Bramhanda will be struck to wonder. His heroic stand will resound
the entire universe. And ladies and gentlemen, as an extra payment I would like to have these two benign ladies, Jaya and
Vijaya to serve my Parvati. Okay. Dear Mena and Himavan, please give me alms of Parvati's hand." Dancer said.
As if thunderbolt fell upon the couple and the audience, they were shocked to hear the matter will take such an
unexpected shape. Turn of event turned them pale and sad.
"Oh, no no no. My baby just came from such a long tapas. And she is so lean and thin. Her wedding with an
unknown, homeless vagabond is unbearable...!" Mena shouted and almost cried. Himalaya was also aggrieved. They
came close to Parvati and took her in their arms and called security forces to stand around and be alert.
"Dancer, dare not talk to me in that manner. I've said wealth. My daughter is an alive being. She is not an
object to give somebody, no matter what. She is the soul of our soul. We all love her the most and love her till our last
breath. Dancer please, don't joke at us. Take the gems. We can offer you our entire treasury. But never think to take my
Parvati.. Never.." Himalaya's voice was stern and kingly.
"Oh, I'll eat poison and die if my baby goes in the hands of this homeless begger." Mena cried.
"If you love the Truth, give me Parvati to marry. Give me Parvati to marry. O Parvati, would you like to marry
me? Come to me, O dear, be entwined with me. Be in my arms. Let us love each other. Let our love encompass the
whole universe. O Parvati, you and me. Our love is the only reality. It is such that the whole world of its past, present
and future are a passing show of motion pictures. They are composed of illusion as dream texture being projected upon
this Truth. Parvati, come benign lady, come, I won you. You are my reward." Dancer sang in a sweet song.
"This is too much, I can't bear it. Parvati is not an object. She is not some furniture or silver cup to give to
somebody. She is the very life of our life. And this silly dancer claims for her. Officers, come and throw this dancer out
of the city with that plate of gems. That is all the reward he can have. It is not Kali-yuga where wicked father and mother
will give away or sell out their own children. Let them go doomed. Go to hell. I can't ever bear to hear it. Guards, get
out out of here." Himalaya who is ever peaceful but to the utter surprise of all he was angry and he shouted on the top of
his voice.
Immediately dozens of police officers jumped on the stage with their handcuffs. As they moved forward to arrest
him, Dancer shone brilliantly in effulgence. To touch him was to touch the blazing embers of fire. He began to dance
again. He sang songs of his love for Parvati and Parvati's great, gigantic meditation. His dance began... It was more
During the dance he assumed the form of great Lord Visnu of sapphirish complexion. He was wearing gorgeous
crown and diadem. His necklaces, yellow silk waving. Four arms shining with conch, discus, mace and lotus. Then he
went back to his dancer form. Then he danced again. Through his dancing rapidly everyone saw he is Bramhaji. His
complexion was red complexion and he was reciting the mantras of the Vedas. Then everyone saw him as effulgent
sunlight, then as Cosmic Virat. Then everyone saw the dancing Nataraj in the form of Absolute Bramha. He showed right
there he is everyone and everything; all past, all future, all present from one edge to another the Bramhanda is expanded
upon a small part of his form. Yet he is not. He is absolute emptiness. He is everything and nothing. He is mysteriously
both together. Then he assumed the form of Lord Shiva and then back to his dancer form. And while still dancing
rhythmically, elegantly, he sang requesting.
"O fortunate Mena, O Himalaya, give your daughter to me, to me, to me..." And he was dancing. "I'll marry her,
I'll marry her, marry her, marry her... I'll love her, love her, love her, love her... O Himalaya, O Mena! Recognize me,
look at me, feel me, give me O the father of my beloved, O my beloved's mom, give me your daughter please, marry me
with her, with her, with her..." Thus Nataraj expressed through the arts of his dance and song.
"No, no, no..." Mena and Himalaya embracing their daughter, young Parvati, who sat still entranced in beauty
and love from her within, from her Shiva consciousness and so much love flooding out from Nataraj, she was transfixed.
She was risen beyond the phenomenal. She had become cosmic. So she couldn't stand up and walk on the stage and
dance with her husband, singing..Yes, I'll marry you, marry you..only, only to you, O beloved Nataraj. She couldn't come
to dance and embrace him on the stage and to dance with him. Parents seated on the throne with Parvati in the middle,
security officers from three sides. And many more trying to catch the dancer but quite unable. He was like fire in touch.
Many felt electric shock and in their efforts to go near him.
Parents were confused as who he is. In great dilemma they kept on denying. They also became afraid that he is
so powerful, singlehanded he might jump and snatch away their daughter as an eagle... So they kept holding her. Now
Nataraj was singing...
"O dear beloved... Look, I came, I came, I came to your door, to your door. And I did beg as you said, as I okayed,
riding on waves and clouds of your love, O Parvati, look I came, I came, I came and I begged for your hand, your hand,
your hand, your those lotus like hands. But alas, I couldn't find you. Oh, I could not find you my love. Now, without you
I'm lost, I'm lost, I'm lost. O my beloved, now without you, Oh without you... as you died for me before so I'm dead, I'm
dead, I'm dead. Lo, I'm dead..." Singing and dancing thus a dance of heartbroken state Nataraj fell down on the ground
but he vanished. He showed everyone his falling but then he became invisible. He left for Kailash.
"Oh my Lord..." A great cry of pain erupted from Parvati which shook the parents, brothers and all the citizens.
Thousands waiting outside. As if a wave of shock everyone woke up from trance of ignorance and unrecognition. As soon
as her cry echoed everyone realized a great mistake had happened. Nataraj was no one else but Lord Shiva himself.
Himalaya and Mena too were shocked and perplexed on their ignorance. They sat slackened and lost... So many ways the

Lord showed them his identification but how come they proved to be so dummy all along... "Oh we failed to recognize
Lord Shiva. Oh we failed to offer him the hands of our child, oh how artistically he begged and begged... And we didn't
offer him his gift. Parvati's cry, her sobbing and sighing touched everyone... "Oh stupid mind, you didn't let us recognize
the Lord who so graciously came asking for the hand of our Princess. And we didn't give him. How unlucky we are..."
"But he loves so much our baby. His love is great." This consoled them, and among all he also asked for Jaya
and Vijaya. These two maidens were also present there. People embraced them and looked respectfully, "The Lord chose
you to take you to his Kailashian palace -- you are very fortunate." Thus they said.
"This is how the maya of Lord Shiva is. Even he comes in the front, the hypnotic spell of maya on human beings
is so strong they can't recognize him."
"tamevaisa vrnute tena labhyah"
That is why Upanishad had to say this -- He who knows whom you let know.
This repentance gave birth to immense tormentation in all beings. The program dismissed. Sculptors made
beautiful statues of Nataraj incarnation of Lord Shiva.
Everybody placed a Nataraj statue on their altar, in their livingroom, kitchen and bedroom. After all he loves
their princess so abundantly perhaps far more than them. They found a link and tie. They became inseparably connected
to Lord Shiva. The entire city prayed and worshipped.
Their prayerfulness was intensive and it reached to Lord Shiva. It touched and tickled him. He opened his eyes.
He rose from the trance of his meditation. He walked around. He was thinking of Parvati. He decided to go... And lo, he
leaped into the sky and flew to the west.
The auditorium was changed into a church of Nataraj Shiva now. All chairs were replaced by meditation seats.
Visitors came all day. All ministers, generals, officials came there and sat in meditation. They all said, Lord Nataraj has
gone nowhere. He is still here. And in deep state of Mystica trancensia they would experience the dancing Lord and his
singing the songs of Parvati's love. When they would open their eyes the inner experience would be infused in their sight
and they would see personally the lilas of Lord Shiva.
Parvati came. She came again and again. People saw her as goddess of yoga entranced in lotus pose. Divine
light surrounded her face. They bowed to her first, then to Nataraj. Due to intense repentance for their disrespect and
offense at the lotus feet of Lord Shiva they performed tapas. Each home, each gathering, each celibration became a
meditation retreat and tapas dedicated to Lord Shiva.
The news spread far and wide. Indra observed. He requested to Bramhaji, who together were taking a walk.
They praised the couple and the capital. They approached the Lord in Mount Kailash and conveyed the news. Lord Shiva
talked to them while they all walked along the banks of Nanda river.
"I went there; they refused. What! You want me to do it again?"
"But, they have now realized their mistake, O Lord, they have cleared themselves. They are now waiting for
you," gods said.
"Okay, I shall go. But do not forget... I don't bear too many insults." Shiva said.
Shortly the gods left. And Lord Shiva was up in the air on his way to Himalaya's capital. Himalaya was seated in
his palace surrounded by his family enjoying conversation. Lord landed outside the city and assumed the form of a
Vaisnava holyman. He was wearing a salagram on his neck and sandal paste on his forehead. Holding an umbrella,
chanting the holy name of Lord Rama on crystal beads he entered the palace.
As Himalaya saw the holyman fast approaching him he stood up, walked up front and greeted the visitor with
great honor. The whole family followed him.
Parvati recognized her beloved. She bowed down at his feet and left for her study room. Holyman gave his
blessing to each family member. Himalaya and Mena set him on a gorgeous throne and worshipped him with flowers,
incense, flame and sweets. At last he asked farewell and then Himalaya asked who he was and what service he can do for
"Dear Mena and Himalaya, I'm a holyman. My profession is to do holy acts for everyone who request. I'm also
past master of astrology. I've free access to all planets and places whether sea depth or highest in space. I love to counsel
people for their bright future. And that is why I've come rushing down." Guest said.
"Holy Sire, what did you hear about us which made you take trouble to come here?"
"Is not it that you both want to give away your daughter to Shiva in marriage? That is what made me come.
"I ask both of you -- are you some butcher or human being. So lovely, delicate and flower like baby you have.
Such a daughter came to your lap by great virtuous deeds of your past. And now you want to throw her in such a terrible
disaster. What bad she has done to you. Enmity of which lifetime you are avenging with that fragile lily of this palace.
Giving her in the hands of Shiva even for a few hours is so painful and indecent then what to speak of giving her for her
whole life. Oh, my heart aches. That is why I came here Himalaya and O Mena, you are a mother. At least you shouldn't
be so cruel to your own daughter. Don't you have a heart at all? My head reels, my heart aches, my stomach feels like
vomiting, Oh God, great Kali-yuga has come even in this Satya-yuga. Parents have stopped caring for their innocent,

fragile, lovely little children. They don't hesitate to throw their babies from the cliff into the sea, into the fire of trouble.
And this Mena is the worst. She is top most among such heartless, stony mothers. Giving one's child in marriage to
Shiva is worse than all kinds of criminal acts America will invent done to one's child." Holy man said.
Hearing such words the couple was aghast. All family members were stunned. They stared in utter blankness.
They stood like lifeless doll. "Holy Sire, is not Lord Shiva the supreme Lord of all gods? That is what Sage Narada said."
"What Narada knows..!!!" Holy man was in a rage upon name of Narada. If he had made any sense of his life
would he have been traveling around in vain all his life? Had Narada felt any concern for others' life, had he not had some
regret upon ruining the life of eleven hundred sons of Daksa. Had it not been a fraudulent act why would that place be
spiritually ruined to be turned into capital of Pakistan. Dump Narada and think of doing something good to that little lily
of your pond. How beautiful she is, your palace is adorned by her presence. You threw that gullable child away on that
hill to do tapas and now you've girdled your loins to ruin her life completely... So that she shouldn't be able to come to your
home again and eat your food and spend extra time in the water of her favorite jacuzzi, is not? Outrageously holy man
went on...
"What right you've got to spoil her life. Once you did this all your citizens too will follow this trend. If it
happened I'm going to sue both of you. You'll go to prison and Parvati will be in a foster child home."
Everyone looked pale as if their life energy was sucked up. Mena and Himalaya couldn't bear. She passed out.
But soon the holy man sprinkled water and she woke up... She heard...
Shiva is ugly, ash smeared, undressed, snake charmer, cemetery dweller, friend and familyless, too old for your
young girl, no birthdate. He is vagabond, aimless, looks like savage of cave man Age. Dear Himalaya and Mena," his
voice was now calm and profound. "I haven't come to hurt you or confuse you. I just came here to give you a piece of
good advise. If my tiny bit of wisdom appeals to you, go and ask everyone if I am wrong. Ask anyone but don't ask
Parvati. She is too immature for such things. This is the benefit of arranged marriage that parents by their lifelong
maturity selects the groom for their daughter. Where this custom is absent they do love marriage out of passion and
excitement and in a few days, months, even years, they return bleeding, bones fractured or heartbroken, physically as well
as emotionally. I'm not for that at all. Don't ask Parvati. Ask all your sons. They are young. Till the age of five you must
love them abundantly. Till age ten educate them well. By the age of sixteen treat them as friends. You have so many sons.
They are all your friends. Before I go let me quote you scripture.
varaya nanu rupay
pita kanyam dadati chat
kama nmoha dbhayallobhat
sa nasto narakam vrajet
(Shiva Purana, Rudra Samhita Parvati Section 33:26)
"Those who being parents wed their daughter with an unqualified, rude and uncultured man whether due to fear,
greed for credit, whatsoever, are punishable with prolonged poverty and hellish type of life.
"Therefore, Oh great beings, I'm sure you are wonderful listeners and receivers of information. I wish you best.
I'm going." Saying thus, holy man walked out. As he left the palace he vanished and materialized himself in Mount
As the holy man departed, Mena ran down to Parvati's room. She grasped her with both hands and began to cry.
She wet her head with tears.
"Husband, I'll not let this marriage happen. I'm not going to. I'll never give my daughter to Shiva. If you insist
me against it I'll die but I'll not let this wedding happen. Oh, my so fragile daughter, lily of my palace and where that
lonely, half naked and inauspicious Shiva! This holy man is right. I believe him fully." Saying thus, throwing her
necklaces and bangles, Mena entered in kopa bhavan (anger chamber) and laid down on the floor. Himalaya and all
guests were shocked and stunned upon the turn of events. Panic spread throughout the capital.
Lord Shiva knew it. He sat in Mount Kailash meditating. Gods and Sages came.
"Oh again! Why did you do this, Oh Lord? We've been waiting so long. We are in such a great trouble and you
go on playing around. Won't you care for us?" They begged in pale faces.
Lord Shiva laughed and laughed seeing the condition of Mena through his far-reaching sight. And said, "I didn't
do any wrong. All I did was a simple test. If I've to marry, why should I not check it properly." Shiva said laughingly.
"But the whole thing is so tangled up. Who will clean up the mess now. It is so difficult. Mena is too strong.
She is a mother after all. Now how the wedding will take place. How Parvati will come here, how will she live with you,"
gods worried and began to collapse in anxiety.
"Lord, to us it is matter of life and death and to you it is just another game. Your maya is invincible. Under the
spell of which these trillions of beings have conditioned themselves with misidentifications. They are cycled and recycled
and recycled over and over yet they fail to look straight and know you as the source of all. They are living life of
somnambulists. How can anyone save himself if you want to play games with their life. Lord, do something. We are
extremely worried," gods said.

"O gods, please don't worry about that. I'll take care about it. But before your anxiety takes you over and you
collapse on my Kailash you all get out. I don't want my attendants to take trouble to keep throwing you into your heaven."
Lord Shiva said.
They all prostrated and left.
Silence prevailed. Lord Shiva sat calm and merged. He remembered Seven Sages. As they felt great melodious
sound is shouting at their eardrums wherever they were in their planets. Lord Shiva's invincible will didn't let them waste
a single moment. They united together out of their planets and flew towards Mount Kailash. Passing many beautiful
planets, stars and panoramic sights they arrived at Mount Kailash. They saw Lord Shiva emanating snow white rays from
his camphor white form sitting under the fig tree in lotus pose. Throne was made of many gems and jewels and radiating
light of many colors. Serene, placid and divine aroma spread all around. They prostrated him from a distance.
"Dear Sages, at this point please go to the capital of Himalaya and get the couple ready for marriage. Specially
Mena has heavy duty confusion. Meet her and make them all favorable to my wedding. Beware, do not use yogic power.
Do not apply hypnosis at all. Just explain politely, humbly with logic, references from Intergalactic History and your
personal experience. Use your patience and art of speaking. Go with your wives." Lord Shiva instructed.
They all bowed down to the Lord and proceeded to the west. When they came to the capital of Himalaya through
the path of sky, seeing the artistic beauty of the city, they were surprised. Every home was made of gems and gold
surrounded by green gardens. Although its path goes through the most difficult tunnel but it was no barrier at all for sky
walker Sages of infinite might. It was inaccessible by common mens' sight. Even some yogis who haven't entered Mystic
Trancensia for long enough time cannot even see. It was just second best to Siddhasram. Many mansions were made in
such an artistic way which resembled as inseparable, integrated part of nature. There were no buildings which appeared
violent as tall skyscrapers of New York and Chicago cities. Many have see through roof tops. Banana trees adorned their
doors. Unique civilization. "Exquisite indeed." Sages whispered and landed at the gate of Himalaya's palace.
As he heard from the gatekeepers, Himalaya rushed. His ministers and maids rushed and stood behind Himalaya
with plates of flower garlands. Himalaya greeted them with garlanding and brought them in his home.
"I'm indeed sanctified by your presence, Holy Sires. Please instruct me what service can I offer unto you."
Himalaya requested.
"We are perennial counsel of the world. Wherever a counsel is desperately required for cosmic purpose anyone of
us materializes and advises properly and guides and watches the job is done well. In this case all the seven of us have
come. Guess the magnitude of task. Considering on the welfare of the world, please arrange the wedding of your
daughter with Lord Shiva. Doing so your life will be a success. You will become honorable father-in-law even to the
beginingless Supreme God of the Universe." The Sages said. And all looked at Himalaya whose face began to change. He
joined his palms, bowed his forehead.
"Holy Sires, I had already decided that since long ago. But some Vaisnavite holy man just came by and poured
out in front of us so much garbage against Shiva that all of us were shaken up from the root. My wife is still in precarious
condition. She is completely uprooted and disoriented. She is lying in the Anger Chamber insisting upon all of us not to
give Parvati to Shiva. Me too, Gentlemen, am not unaffected as all my sons, friends and family members. I've no such
intention any more to marry my baby with Shiva." Himalaya said.
Sages looked at Himalaya, then to his entire family assembled in the livingroom, then they began looking at each
other. Silence prevailed. Sad confusion, hopelessness deepened in stillness.
"Dear Husband, if you allow me I would like to see Mena and try to understand her mind?" Arundhati, the wife
of Sage Vasistha asked her husband for permission.
"Of course, please do so." Sages felt a ray of hope and encouraged her.
"Definitely, let me guide you to the chamber." Himalaya himself stood up and walked with her. He left her at the
door and returned back to the Sages.
Arundhati was very sensitive and wise lady. She opened the door which already was slightly open and spoke
sweetly announcing her presence.
"O queen Mena, look, this is me, Arundhati. I and my husband have come with other Sages to your home. I
wonder if it is possible I can speak to you a few words. If you don't like I'll leave but please just listen to me. Give me a
chance." She tried to make a bridge...
"Wow, O my God, the great historic, chaste lady of antiquity came to my home... and I'm lying here and didn't
come to greet you..." Mena lamentingly rose and rushed. She bowed down to the luminous, sagacious lady. Arundhati
embraced her.
"What a wonder it is the daughter-in-law of Lord Bramhaa herself walked into my house today. Certainly fruit of
some great meritorious deed of my past life suddenly awakened for me. O great holy lady, I and my daughter both are
maids to you, please tell us what can we do for you?" Mena requested.
"Oh Mena, thank you so much for your words of great understanding. Please come with me. Let's have a
meeting." Arundhati brought Mena in the livingroom. She was shy seeing seven illuminating Sages sitting before her
husband and family members. They sat her down respectfully and Arundhati spoke.
"You may have read in history when you were growing up that Lord Bramhaa had appointed my husband and six
others as Interplanetary counselors for a set of several million years. He offered us our own planet, free access to all

planets as well as eyesight to which entire Bramhanda is see through as plastic sheet or pair of eyeglasses. We can also use
our sight as telescope/microscope/stethoscope and so many others. My husband and his six friends materialize themselves,
even take birth on Earth when appropriate. They spread the message of the Vedas or any part of its human evolution free
to give any shape, structure to fit the civilization and culture. They form new religions or regenerate the old or modify
according to the need of the time based on the level of consciousness of the majority. They establish dharma and then
leave a grand history, grand ideal, then disappear. When our counselis for multitudes we are known as
messiah/prophet/redeemer. Many times common men attribute us as God himself. We don't care. In fact, whatever is
most needed, helping it to be available is almost finding God. As much consciousness evolves, the clarity of vision
enhances, so much supreme aspect of godliness is comprehended and one enjoys the experience of Supreme Godhood.
Our efforts are dedicated to this sacred cause that the mankind be uplifted to this level of awareness wherein he/she be able
to be qualified to understand intellectually and feel emotionally and experience atmically. We've been trying our best to
accomplish this purpose.
"When we are not dealing with multitudes but settling an individual's affairs to help solve the biggest problem of
the multitude then we come as we've come now. We've come to you, O Mena. You are great. You gave birth to such a
beautiful baby. Now the entire fate of Bramhanda lays right in your hand.
Its up to you. You destroy it or build it. We've come here to counsel you to not destroy but make it. You will be a
history. You'll be illuminating like one of us. Are you ready, Mena." Saying thus all wives of the Seven Sages surrounded
Mena, touching her gently they awaited her response.
"Holy Sires and Siresses, I... I really don't know what you are talking about. I understand your role in cosmic
evolution of Bramhanda. I already read that in my history book. That's why I tossed away all my anger and pain in your
welcome. But I don't understand how I am aleast related with the good of the multitude. What I can do... What is there
for me to do...
"I mean, there is nothing I can do... Sorry you came to a wrong place. Although you are omniscient but once in
awhile such mistakes do happen. It is understandable. In fact, these days I'm so pained, so heartbroken upon some
mishap related to my baby' I've no mind to think about even myself. What good I can do for the multitude... I'm sorry
great ones. I've to go now." Mena said and stood up to go back to her Anger Chamber.
"Mena please, we aren't finished yet. Please be seated." A Rishi requested. His wife came in front and stood in
the way of Mena, stretching her arms horizontal.
"Husband, why don't you give a nice feast to the Sages and give them farewell. As long as they will remain
hungry they will go on doing mistakes and wouldn't realize. They want us to be some evangelist like them and travel
doing good to multitudes. Why don't you explain them all that my wish is the welfare of my baby. There is no one in the
world but my baby. All I want at all cost is my baby's welfare. I must be careful she not go in the hands of that
inauspicious Shiva." Mena said and tried to walk away.
Now all Sages and their wives stood up. Himalaya ran down and holding her hands lovingly explained her to
calm down and listen to the Sages. They are Atithis (holy guests) after all. It is disrespectful to walk out in the middle
like this. Thank God they haven't cursed."
Mena came back and sat among them.
"Mena, Himalaya and the family, please listen. There are three kinds of counsels expounded in ethics as well as
in the scriptures. First, those words which are palatable and pleasing but in later stage prove to be false and harmful.
Such conselors are intelligent enemies. They are selfish.
"Second, is those counsels which are bitter to hear in the beginning; they take away pleasure but if followed they
bestow happiness in abundance. These are righteous counsels. They are true kinsmen. They know dharma well.
"Third, counsel is one which is like nectar in the beginning. Pleasing and sweet in the middle and fruitful and
blissful to all around. It is based on Truth." There was pause. Silence spread.
"I counsel you to marry your daughter Parvati with Lord Shiva Mahadev. He has no desire for marriage. He has
no selfish sensational motive. He is self-content, yet he agreed to marry because all gods including Visnu and Bramhaa
requested. After long meditation of Parvati this marriage was settled. His word resounds in and throughout the world."
Sage Vasistha said.
"Holy Sires, what to think of godly splendors, I don't see even empirial prosperity around Shiva. He has no
feeling for anyone. He has no possessions and qualifications which must be belonging to a person who could be a suitor.
Therefore I've no desire to give my daughter to Shiva.
"A father who gives his daughter in marriage to a disqualified person whether it is by fear, greed or confusion
goes through hellish psychology and after death through his astral body he goes through immense suffering. You are sons
of Venerated Bramhaa ji, please, consider how can I give my daughter to Shiva... No, no, I'll not give him." Himalaya
said. Silence spread.
"Of course you are right, Himalaya, when you say -- he dungeonizes his own self who dungeonizes his daughter's
life by marrying her with a poor and miserable person. But who can dare to say if he is in right state of mind that Lord
Shiva is poor. He who is a servant is Kuber, the treasurer of Celestial world, whose blessingful glance is strived for by
Indra, Bramha and Visnu approach him off and on to get some help, who is blissful, who is avadhardani and ashutos,
whose mere glance of slight rage created such a wildfire which burned even cupid, who is so magnanimous and honorable
how could he be called poor and miserable. A great opportunity is open for you and Mena and all your kinsmen if you

worship Lord Shiva, with marrying him with your daughter you'll earn great blessing, fame and fulfillment. There is no
doubt about it. Sarasvati is born from his tongue, creator of the world from his right and mountains of the world from his
left. Who has a big mouth to tell him he's poor. Shiva is the king of all tycoons, top most among all scholars and the most
free than anyone on the Earth.
"Your daughter is the consort of that almighty Lord. She is born in every kalpa (after the span of four billion
years) and weds to her eternal spouse. She and he are ever united. Only for play, only fun and pastimes they play lila of
separation. They unite again and stay till the end of creation as excellent object of meditation, prayer and worship for the
seekers of Truth. Therefore you both just wash your hands in flowing Ganga. Win an everlasting fame and merits by
offering your daughter to Lord Shiva. If in case of ignorance you do not offer him, she will go to her beloved's abode as
flow of holy Ganga reaches to the sea.
"Himalaya and the family, let your intellect not go perverted and spoil the great work of gods." Sages said.
"Holy Sire, please tell how we spoil the work of gods if we do not offer our Parvati to Lord Shiva?" The family
"Tarakasur, the invincible demon rose to the height of power that he robbed the empire of Indra. Now although
Bramhaa ji has restricted him only to the planet Earth still he is great persecutor and opposer of them. Now and then he
keeps on bothering them. By a special boon he is unkillable. No one in the whole Bramhanda can ever kill him nor even
death. Boon is very powerful. His death is by the hands of the seven day old child of Lord Shiva and Uma. So as soon as
you agree for the wedding you are doing great favors to all gods and their planet." Sages explained. They told them in
details the story of the birth, rise and ego of the mighty monster.
"Wow, is that so!" The entire family was at surprise-shock. If our child is ever-consort of that benign Lord
Mahadev, who are we to create a hurdle. If we do we are doing an offense. Then this Divine Couple will never forgive us.
Holy Sire, we agree... we agree." Himalaya and Mena exclaimed and looking left and right to all kinsmen. They too
shouted at once... Definitely let this marriage take place immediately. We are so fortunate this benign mother of the
universe has born in our family to grace us. We did not know. Thank you, Holy Sires, for your help. Please tell us the
nearest possible auspicious day for this wedding." Himalaya and Mena asked cheerfully.
"One week from today a most auspicious wedding day is coming. In the month of Margasirsa when moon is the
lord of lagna situated together with his son Budha, star Rohini is also near. It is Monday. This day is great. You should
offer your daughter to the Lord of Lord Mahadev." Vasistha spoke and silenced.
Himalaya family looked at their friends as if asking, "Could we make it... Or it's too short notice..."
Then Meru, Sahya, Gandhamadan, Mandar, Mainak and Vindhya spoke.
"Lord of Lord Mahadev has given his words. Parvati is already his pleasure potency. Like energy and energetic,
beauty and the beautiful, dance and the dancer are one, same way this baby of ours is one with Lord Shiva. By marrying
them soon we'll be doing a great service at their lotus feet. Let's do it. We'll make it. We'll decorate you, the capital and
entire scope of boundary. Please don't worry, we are your servants with our families and friends." Thus spoke all the
presiding angels of the mountains.
"Holy Sires, holy ladies, thank you for your discourse. All clouds of our confusions are disappeared now."
Himalaya said and went inside the gynaceum. He brought Parvati decorated with clothes and ornaments and placed her on
the laps of the Sages. "She is Lord Mahadeva's share. I will give her to him alone. I've firmly decided now." He said and
tears came to his eyes.
"Dear Himalaya, Shiva is receiver. You are donor, Parvati is your supreme gift. You are blessed. All your peaks
will be sacred and pure from now on." The Sages said. They looked and looked at Parvati who was dazzling like
condensed form of blissful devotion of Lord Shiva.
Then the Sage lifted his right hand in the air, moved it in a circle and materialized a shining coconut with yellow
thread bound and a leaf plate of sweetmeats -- cashew burfi, and offered it in the hands of Parvati. Music echoed. Thus
engagement took place. Music of clarinet, flute, sitar and drum echoed. Nymphs danced. Entire hill range became
thrilled and bloomed in flowers and greeneries. Heart flew in fountains and rivers. All citizens danced.
After giving them hearty farewell, Mena and Himalaya felt great peace. They embraced each other and began to
send invitations all around the globe. Sage Gargacharya, the great astrologer, used to meditate those days on one of the
peaks of Himalayas. He was approached. He made thorough lagna patrika. It was sent to Lord Shiva with innumerable
The party went to Mount Kailash. Nandi, Bringi and Virbhadra greeted them well and escorted them to Lord
Shiva. He was seated on a majestic throne adorned with velvety dress and pearls and gems. They pasted sandal and put
sweets in his mouth. Then they placed the wedding time calculation -- all pros and cons. Lord Shiva looked and smiled.
Then he blessed them with his benign glance. "Okay, that's wonderful." Lord approved the proposal.
Many celestials, transcendental beings and enlightened devotees of Shanta-rasa mellows settled in and around
Kailash. They entertained them exquisitely. When they returned, Himalaya was waiting. The whole family jumped up.
Seeing the big smile on their faces, their happiness rose in tides. They hung in embrace. After a large feast they made
plans and programs.

They began sending invitations and storing things of need during the wedding. Wheat, rice, jeogry, sugar, flour,
milk, curd, sweetmeats, vegetables, butter, dry fruits and fruit juice were stored so much that they appeared as mounds and
canals. Gold, silver, gems, silks were enormous. Treasury houses were shining and perfuming.
Soon, not only the palace but entire capital was full of illuminating guests from various planets. They inhabited
their own colony. They had come from far and wide. Of course, only they've access to this physio-astral landscape who
were victorious over their physicality and advanced in yoga and meditation. Such beings from every life form have arrived
here and enjoying every moment, every sight of their glance.
Ladies of the gynaceum performed wedding samskars on the body of Parvati. They adorned her with best clothes
and gems, crown with earrings. They were singing wedding songs so sweet and melodiously. Festivity swelled, bouncing
and leaping around the entire city. All prominent guests started arriving.
Here comes Sumeru in a gorgeous celestial form holding costliest of gems and pearls along with his wife and
sons. Mandar, Asta, Uday, Malay, Dardur, Nisada, Gandhamadan, Karavir, Mahendra, Pariyatra, Kronch, Purusottam
Shail, Nil, Trikut, Chitrakut, Vankat, Sri Shaila, Gokamukha, Narada, Vindhya, Kalanjar and Kailash too came with
dozens and hundreds of their relatives and friends. Adorned with best clothes and ornaments holding innumerable
precious tributes they came from all directions. Their planes landing in all directions resembled a shower of lights or
making a wall of lights. With big smiles on their faces, holding great joy in their heart, walking like dancing, talking like
singing, they came to the palace of Himalaya.
How beautiful the rivers looked. Assuming gorgeous teen-age, beautiful forms, here arrived Godavari, Yamuna,
Sarasvati, Veni, Ganga, Narmada, Shonbhadra and sacred lakes and ponds. Himalaya and the Royal family greeted them
all and hosted them all full well.
Flags and banners are flying. Blue, yellow, golden, red canopies are shining, turning the light of sun into a
multicolor prism. Streets were cleaned and sprinkled with fragrant waters. Banana trees and auspicious water filled gold
pitchers were placed at the doors of homes. Mango leaves were strung on silk strings and made into banners and tied all
over, criss-crossed from one tall place to another. Jasmine, Juhi, Rose, Plumerea, Mograw and Night queen flower
garlands were hanging on the walls of Parvati's palace.
Visvakarma had built all buildings and he was now in charge of all decorations. Gargacharya was official priest.
Wedding pavilion was built in a thousand square foot marble land, well carpeted with thick velvet. All animate and
inanimate artworks looked real. There were so many things which convinced the visitors as best artworks of the whole
Animate appeared exceeded by inanimate statues. Even smart persons couldn't figure out where is water and
where is the land. There were artificial lions, peacocks, flocks of cranes and swans. There were artificial ladies who were
dancing with men. Although they were artworks, yet they looked at passerbys and allured them. Same way, there were
robot guards who were holding their weapons with style and elegance.
At the gate there were statues of goddess Laksmi holding a garland of lotuses, rising from the sea of milk. There
were elephants well decorated. Some were white, yellow, red and dark. They too looked real. There were horses yoked to
chariots moving fast with soldiers.
At the main gate of the pavilion there stood Nandi. Exactly as he was. On top of his back there laid luminous
Puspaka airplane decorated with creepers and white flowers. By the left there were elephants. Their color was like pure
saffron. They had four teeth and were very loving to each other.
Now here was Lord Visnu's statue surrounded by his great parsadas. Visvakarma had built a whole Vaikuntha
planet. There too, he placed Bramhaa accompanied by his sons, Vedas, Puranas and Siddhas. Filled with ecstasy and
enthusiasm there were Galactic Chronicles also which Sri Swami Prem will write later, but cosmic engineer brain of
Visvakarma's past and future all have been seen like a colorful true existence. That statue too was reciting hymns of the
Vedas. Visvakarma had made replicas of Bramha's loka which was illuminating. Visnu's Vaikuntha too was dazzling
abundantly. Indra and other lokapalas had their own residences.
Same way he had made a shining residence of Lord Shiva, the replica of Kailash. All visitors saw and saw and
praised time and again. Just seeing them took them to a trance of wonder and delight.
The entire capital including squares, parks, ponds, homes, all were well decorated. Now the entire preparation
with guests and tributes began to await that Lord of innocents -- the Bholenath.
Lord Shiva was laughing while holding that envelope with the wedding proposal. He was reading it over and
over. His ganas are rejoicing. Rishis are praising. Many attendants are dancing.
"We'll have at last our Empress, our perennial mother." Everyone is happy today in Mount Kailash.
"Please, listen everyone. Who will go and invite all vips of this Bramhanda to participate in the marriage
ceremony?" Lord Shiva's voice echoed.
"I can do that. I've that kind of strength to travel." Virbhadra said.
"Suddenly O Narada, your veena resounded in the midair. And you appeared right then. 'My Lord, that's my
share. You know not only I'm a gifted traveler but also a cursed one to stay vagabond. Remember this what you told to the
Lord at that time.' Bramhaji reminded Narada who was listening intently. Upon whose quest this topic commenced.

"Sure Narada, if you want to do this you are the best one I can ever find. After all it is you by whose inspiration
Parvati performed such an outstanding meditation and made a history. It is this power of her meditation that her arms of
love have enveloped me in her ambrosial embrace. Now the time has come we are going to get married. There are only
seven days until this place will be colorful and there will be a great festival upon this occasion. Narada, go and invite all
vips of the fourteen lokas. Give them my message to come with their families and friends." Lord Shiva directed Narada.
"Okay my Lord, I'm going. I'll invite all of them in your name. They will be here in time. I promise." Assuring
thus, Narada played a music on his veena. He rose in the sky and flew. Inhabitants of Kailash began to celebrate the
festival of Pre-wedding joy of Shiva. Every tree and creeper; every deer, peacock, cow, tiger and monkey was awaiting the
arrival of Mother. Their heart was full of rapturuous joy. They were looking up above again and yet again.
"Lo, a great soothing sapphirish light dazzled in the sky. Strong, entrancing perfume spread in the air. Music
echoed with the tinkle of bells. The light descended on Kailash. Everyone saw it was a divine airplane made of gold set
with gems and jewels. Stepping on velvety red carpet, majestic Jay and Vijay landed and then Nand and Sunand brought
Laksmi and Narayana from inside. There were hundreds of parsadas. The ganas of Lord Shiva surrounded them.
Here comes Virbhadra with his hands outstretched. His face is adorned with a big smile today. It was in the days
of yore that he had fought with Visnu so fiercefully that he ran away from the battlefield, but today he is different. He is
coming today to join the wedding of his Lord. He is so happy that he fell prostrate at the feet of Laksmi and Narayana. "O
Lord, as is my Lord Shiva, so are you. I'm sorry to have broken your bow and pierced your limbs through my weapons.
You are one with Lord Shiva. Offenses to you are offenses to Lord Shiva. Service to you is service to him. Both of you
are one and nondifferent. Please come with me. Lord is waiting for you." Virbhadra said. He offered them big fragrant
Kailashian garlands.
They walked together. As they entered Lord Shiva's palace, they saw that benign Lord of innocents. Before Lord
Visnu would bow down, Lord Shiva picked him up and embraced him. While he was greeting Laksmi and all parsadas, I
also arrived with my gifts surrounded by Sarasvati, Gayatri devi, my sons and Vedas, Puranas and embodiments of
different branches of learning. Bramhaji continued in describing to Narada.
Now here came Indra and Shachi with all gods of his heaven and neighborhood. Ladies were richly decorated.
Varuna, Kuber, Seven Sages, nagas, siddhas, munis, kinnaras, came with their wives and friends. We all bowed down
prostrate at the lotus feet of Lord Shiva. We received blessing through his appreciative, compassionate glance. A new
festivity surged on that hill of Kailash.
Now everyone was struck with wonder. They all watched the multi-color lightening in the sky. As an
illuminating, enrapturing, descending ball of light came closer, it turned out to be a fantastic airplane made of pearlish,
pure consciousness.
As it landed there came ten Mahavidyas. Kali, Tara, Tripur Sundari, Bhuvanesvari, Chhinnamasta Tripur
Bhairavi, Dhumavati, Bagalamukhi, Matangi and Durga, Kamala, Bhadrakali, Daksinkali, Shitala, Katyayini,
Astakinnari, Karna, Pisachini, Vipra Chandalini; eight apsaras -- Shashi, Tilottama, Kanchanmala, Kundala, Ratnamala,
Rambha, Urvashi and Bhusana. They all came majestically holding flower garlands in their hands and offered to Lord
Shiva. He greeted them warmly, spoke and walked with them, and hosted them in the best of his magical palaces.
Today is the seventh day. Music is echoing. Clarinets, flutes, drums, veenas are resounding. Tumburu, Chitrasen
and Parvati are displaying their best. Everyone was performing their duties as Shiva's service. Seven Matrikas came and
began to adorn Lord Shiva with hundreds of ornaments.
Ten Mahavidyas, nine Durgas, eight apsaras and seven Matrikas bathed Lord Shiva in swimming pools of milk,
curd, ghee, honey and rose juice mixed with Ganga water, one by one. Then they carefully wiped his limbs. His tiger skin
assumed the form of a soft silk dress, bhasma turned into paste, serpents became various gem ornaments, and moon turned
into a dazzling white crown.
There stood Lord Shiva wearing the finest silk-pitambara, pasted sandalwood, necklaces, earrings and a gorgeous
crown on top of his long dark silky hair. He looked so handsome that all guest ladies began to faint.
Now all vips assembled together, led by Laksmi Narayana, they came and humbly requested, "O Lord of lords,
Mahadev, please come join us. Please shower your mercy. We will take you to Himalaya's capital and get you married
with Parvati. Let us first perform Abhyudayik karma, Nandimukha sraddha and other rituals so that an ideal can be left
for future generations to educate themselves in weddings that are in tune with the cosmic. Let us Lord, begin the
ceremony." Lord Visnu requested.
Lord Shiva smiled, looking at all the enthusiastic kinsmen. He consented, "Okay, I agree. Let the ceremony be
performed according to the Vedas. Let Bramha of the priesthood, officiate."
"Bravo, bravo!" Everyone exclaimed.
I was thrilled to have the opportunity of the priest. I instructed Kashyap, Atri, Vasistha, Goutam, Bhaguri,
Kanva, Vrihaspati, Shakti, Jamadagni, Parasar, Markandey, Silapak, Arunpal, Akritavran, Agastya, Chyavan, Garga,
Silad, Dadhichi, Upamanyu, Bharadwaj, Pippalad, Kushik and Koutsa to help me in performance of the wedding rites.
Their songs echoed through the hills and dales as they sang selected raksa hymns of Sama, Rig and Yajur-vedas. Then I
performed the auspicious rites, followed by the rites of pacifying the evil planets and their presiding gods.

Asparas danced, gandharvas played their music in tune with the hymns sung by the Sages. As a part of Vedic
rites, Lord Shiva offered salutations to the wisemen and priests.
Now was the most auspicious moment to start the journey. The wedding party was already all dressed in their
best suits and dresses.
"My dear friends," Bramhaa ji instructed, "compose a magnificent, unique procession suitable to the wedding of
an illustrious Lord of the universe. You Lakulish, you Mahakal, you Parijat, Kumud, Kokil, Virupaksa, Amogh, Sanatan,
Virbhadra, Nandi, Bringi, Bhairav and Ksetrapal, be the leaders of this procession. Leave a few of the ganas to protect the
residence and to receive us upon our return."
They, dressed like Lord Shiva -- wearing sacred ashes, necklaces, earrings and crowns, organized the procession
excellently. Chandi Devi came in her ferocious form. She was wearing ornaments of serpents. She was riding on a ghost,
holding on her head a luminous pitcher of gold filled with pomegranate juice. She came and announced herself as sister
of Lord Rudra. The apparition carried her just beside the vehicle of Lord Shiva.
In this procession of Shiva's wedding, hundreds of ghosts, goblins, knowledge monsters, vampires and
apparitions also journied along with the handsome celestial and astral ladies and gents. A dim, dim sound of damaru,
resounding blows of conch and drums filled the entire sky.
In the center of the procession was the throne of Laksmi Narayana upon the back of the huge eagle, Garuda. A
big white, pearl beads-set umbrella stretched overhead. Chamar and chhatra were being waved. Ten Mahavidyas were
next. They were like gorgeous rainbows. Their attendants were thousands of powerful ladies. I was following them along
with Savitri, Gayatri, Sarasvati and embodied Vedas, Upanisadas, Galactic Chronicles and Sanakadis. Next came Indra's
party. He was riding on the white elephant with Shachi, surrounded by innumerable gods. Tamburu, Narada, Haha and
Huhu were floating all over with their musical instruments broadcasting thrilling music.
In the front, guarded by Virbhadra and Lakulish, Lord Shiva was seated on a throne placed on an airplane made
of milk white crystal shaped as a bull. They were adorned with thick garlands made of daffodils, mograw, juhi, jasmine
and gardenias with Bilva leaves set between them. Walls of the airplane, throne and Nandi sitting inside, were all
decorated with twelve foot long and three inches thick garlands of nitidums, volubile, lotuses and tuscany. Iris, comos,
thristile, ivy, hibiscus and orchid flowers were used as a second carpet above the velvety one which was glued to the floor
of the aircraft. Thus Lord Shiva dazzled with his beautiful form and vehicle.
In a few hours this procession arrived near Himalaya's capital. Lord Shiva sent Narada as messenger. As he took
an air tour of the city he was amazed to see its beauty. He landed near the palace. The entire family ran down and
worshipped him. Narada informed them the procession is quite near.
Soon Mainak, Meru, Ganga and Yamuna with their hundreds of kinsmen went to receive the wedding party.
Himalaya himself started with a group of wisemen to see the beloved Lord Mahadev. His heart was overflowing with love.
He was praising his fortune. He saw the huge panoramic procession of celestials of the heavens.
Upon seeing Mahadev, Himalaya bowed down to him. All mountains and wisemen too offered him their
obeisances. The Lord was smiling while seated on his throne upon the bull shaped airplane. He was illuminating all
directions with the light of his body. His silk, his crown, his necklaces and earrings were all gorgeous to behold.
On his left was Lord Visnu and Laksmi. On his right, Bramhaa and Savitri, and on his back were Indra and
Shachi. All vips of the heavens were around him. They were holding gemmed umbrella, fans and chamars. Others were
singing songs of his lilas, while others danced.
The procession halted at a panoramic, scenic spot already richly decorated. It was carpeted well under a large
canopy. Chairs and thrones were placed artistically while fragrant flowering plants surrounded all around. All guests
walked into this place. Himalaya and his kinsmen received each of them with garlands and special sandal paste. He
embraced them hard and strong that their turbans struck each other. Then he sweetened everyone's mouth with burfees
and rasgullas.
Everyone then went to sit on their thrones. Himalaya himself took Mahadev and set him on a lit rainbow-like
gemmed throne. Narayana at his left, Bramhaa on his right and Indra on his back. Ten Mahavidyas, nine Durgas and
apsaras sat in the upper balcony. They were all worshipped well. Then Himalaya stood and read a welcome inauguration.
Mount Meru, Mainak and other mountain lords together with Ganga Godavari and other river lords also read their
Lord Shiva and all guests were thrilled with great pleasure. Himalaya then left for his palace and asked his sons
and brothers to bring Lord Shiva into the guest house near his palace after an hour or so. Meanwhile the dance program
in Himalayan fashion began.
Queen Mena was still with Narada in the palace. She wanted to see her soon to be son-in-law for whom her
daughter had done such a great meditation. Narada took her on the rooftop and began to show her by gesturing to the east.
Mena looked far and wide and there from the hills and dales a procession was approaching slowly and majestically.
Lord Shiva felt a tinge of ego in his mother-in-law. He desired to give her some jerks and jolts which is obvious
with ego. He looked at the celestials and said.
"Dear Visnu, Bramha and Mahavidyas, please proceed. I shall come as soon as the dance ends. Do not wait for
me, please. Settle in the guest houses. I'll come later." Everyone was ordered.
Lord Visnu announced the order of Lord Mahadev and they proceeded with their parties separately one by one.
At first, Yaksa led by Manigriv appeared. Then one by one gandharvas, Vasus, Yama, Nirriti, Varun, Vayu, Kuber, Ishan,

Indra, Chandra, Surya and Sages all came in beautiful procession. They themselves were well dressed and beautiful.
Mena asked Narada, "Is that one my son-in-law Shiva?"
"Oh no, how can that be, he is only an insignificant servant of Lord Shiva Mahadev." Narada would say.
Mena was thrilled with pleasure each time... anticipating Shiva as some beauty incarnate. Then came all
Mahavidyas, Laksmi, Gayatri and Savitri. Mena was thrilled all anew to see them and said, "These are those of whom
I've read and heard about only in the scriptures and from the wisemen."
Then Lord Bramhaa came and she bowed down to her grandpa. Then came Lord Visnu... "Is he my son-in-law,
"No Mena, how can that be. He is only a dear friend of Shiva, his foremost runner. The groom, Lord Shiva, is
more beautiful than all. He is indescribably, inconceivably handsome." Narada explained.
Mena considered her daughter most fortunate in the whole world. She was so happy. "I am so glad to be mother
of Parvati. My whole family is blessed. The more prosperous, most handsome among all those I've seen, is the husband of
my daughter... What a wonderful news to hear. Oh, my baby is so great...!"
As Mena uttered these words, right then appeared Lord Shiva with his party. "Look Mena, there comes Lord
Shiva himself now. In order to attain, for whom your daughter meditated so long." Narada said.
Then Mena's eyeballs rolled left and right and stood fixed on a far distant scene. A huge army of apparitions were
marching. Many were like a storm making noise as the sound of flying flags. Someone's face was crooked, others
horrible, still others had faces full of beards and mustaches. Some were lame, others blind, some holding a mace and club.
Then Mena saw some were driving their vehicle backwards, others played horns, drums and earbreaking music.
Many had no mouth and some had their mouth backwards. Many were multi-faced, others handless, while others had
dozens of hands. Earless and multi-ears, legless and multi-legs. They were innumerable and they had horrible heads.
Seeing this dangerous sight, Mena's heart sank.
"Mena, look at his ganas, then see him also." Narada said. Right then she saw him sitting on top of a staggering,
dying old bull and there was him, the so-called Lord Shiva. He had five fierceful faces with three dreaded red eyes.
Smeared with dusty ashes all over his body and on top he had matted locks of blond hair as dirty as American hippies. He
was wearing a moon shaped tin or aluminum-like crown on top of the coil of that dirty hair. Wearing tiger skins, he was
holding the trident and a pinak bow. His body was coarse and hard like rock. He was looking left and right as if he was
very angry and ready to jump and break some furniture or fight with somebody. Mena trembled with fear. She wished he
would be able to see her.
"Dear Mena, here he is, Lord of lords, Shiva is now before your eyes. How wonderful he is looking." Narada
"What a nausiatic, horrifying face!" Mena said and fell faint. Members of the family rushed. Physicians came
running. They brought her to consciousness.
When Mena opened her eyes and saw all her family members surrounding her, she began to cry. She began to
insult and blame her sons, then to Narada and even to herself.
"Oh, crooked Narada, look what you've done. You've set fire in my prospering family. You cheat, double faced
hypocrite, you came here to see my daughter's palm and predicted if she didn't marry Shiva her life will be ruined. You
made her meditate, and meditate so long. All this for what -- to marry with that ugly, horrible, inauspicious incarnate
Shiva, seeing whom my heart aches, head reels and body collapses. Touch of him is as painful as a scorpion's sting, what
to speak of living with him under the same roof. Oh my god, where will I go, who will dispell my misery. Everything is
parished. My life is destroyed. Where are those Seven Sages? If I find them I will pull out their beards. That wife of
Vasistha too is too big and a con lady. She is the one who was spokesperson for this evil compaign." Mena went on.
Parvati was in her dressing room. Her friends were decorating her with hundreds of beauty items. In a half way,
she heard her mother's condition. She rushed to the spot. As soon as mother saw her she grabbed her in her embrace and
cried so much. She looked and looked at the beautiful face of her baby and wailed...
"Oh my helpless, uninformed baby, paying gold you purchased plastic, abandoning sandal paste you chose mud to
smear on your body. Kicking out the swan you took care of a crow. Throwing away holy Ganga water you cherished water
of a dirty ditch. Leaving the sun you chose a firefly. Throwing away the rice you ate the husk. Throwing away ghee you
drank melted candles. Abandoning the shelter of a lion you chose a fox to take shelter of, dropping bramhavidya you
chose watered down social gossip. Daughter, dropping the most handsome Lord Visnu you chose Shiva for your own utter
misfortune. Fie upon your decision, smartness and education. Fie upon these two both friends of yours too, who served
you in the forest. Shame on we parents too, who didn't find out well enough but just believed the homeless beggars.
"Oh Parvati, taking you in my lap I'll enter the fire, taking you in my arms I'll enter the sea, with you I better
jump off a mountain cliff, but I'll not let you marry with that horrifying faced Shiva." Yelling this, Mena felt great pain
and she fell faint again. Panic arose in the family. It began to spread in the guest houses too. Guests began to worry and
panic. Narada went to the spot and spoke.
"Dear Mena, awake! How come you let yourself fall in the ditch of ignorance. Lord Shiva's face is very
handsome. Out of play and joke he had assumed such a form. It is just his lila. Drop your anger, please, and get ready for
the wedding performances. There is so much to do and everyone awaits your instruction. Come out..." Narada said.

"Get up, O Narada, and get out of here." Mena roared like a tigress. Her eyes were red and limbs shaking. "You
are the top most wicked. I don't want to see you anymore." She said. Now there came Indra surrounded by gods and his
"O benign lady, O baby of Pitris, listen to our words. Lord Shiva alone is supreme personality of Godhead. He is
the ocean of joy. He has shown his true nature to your daughter and promised her to accept as his wife. Let this boon
come true."
"No, no, no one can fool me anymore. Shiva's look is so horrifying. You being gods, why are you conning me,
why are you interested in ruining my life. We aren't doing bad to anybody. Simply passing our days in this silent
wilderness. What has my daughter done wrong to you... Why do you call want to ruin her life..." Mena cried on out at
the top of her voice. Indra fled away.
Now Seven Sages came. "Dear Mena, not ruin but we came to build your life on divine texture. Don't
misunderstand us. Look, how fortunate you are. Lord Shiva himself came to your door to receive your gift." They said.
"Holding my daughter on my breast, I shall better enter the blazing fire but I'll not let her marry with that goateyed Shiva. Now get out! No one should come to me. Leave me alone..." She yelled. Terrible panic spread in and
through the entire palace and neighborhood. Himalaya was troubled. He came himself leaving his busy work in the
middle. He saw his loving wife in such a state of shocking lament.
"Dear wife, listen to my words. Why are you so grief stricken unnecessarily? Look, how many great gods and
saints have come to your home. Why do you insult all these honorable people. They are our guests. Don't you know Lord
Shiva yourself. He may have played some joke on you. I went to greet him and I didn't see him as you describe. I know
him very well. If you take his fun so seriously, in oncoming days of Kali-yuga it will become a custom when a son-in-law
will play a joke on the family of his wife. So wake up dear. You have always been so loving. You are the foremost among
all romantic wives that mankind has ever witnessed. This is the time of the wedding of our most dear daughter. Let's not
spoil her life... Remember, this is the same Shiva who lived outside our state boundary. Our daughter went to him
everyday and served him. You too have seen him many times. You remember how he appeared at our door as Nataraj. He
just keeps on testing the depth of our heart. Poking a cane, a stick and checking how steady we are, that is his habit. Let
us not get him convinced of our shallowness. Get up, shower and dress up immediately and come with me. I'll keep you
right by my side now. Okay..." Himalaya said.
"Husband, listen, I do remember I've seen him before. But what if his, that form might be a cover up of his, this
ugly form. Otherwise, who is that crazy who'll not dress up well at least in times of one's wedding. Even Nataraj form
was not that handsome to me that I give him my beautiful baby to live with. Hubby, seeing this ugly, horrifying face causes
a great headache. It is nauseatic too. What if the form you all saw and see might be artificial and this one is real. I'm
adamant, my husband. I'll not let my baby marry with this Shiva. Taking her on my shoulder I'll jump from the cliff,
enter the sea or fire, but I'll not let Parvati marry with that ugly Shiva. Husband, I'll not let her go with anybody until I see
the groom more handsome than she." Mena said.
"Mother, what is this you are doing to yourself. Don't you see all ten Mahavidyas, Durgas, Visnu, Bramhaa and
Indra with all gods have come to your door like servants -- they are celebrating the festival for him. Even Visnu and
Bramhaa have come to your door, can Lord Shiva be so small and ugly as you have wrongly believed... Mother, I tell you
the truth. I'll not marry with anyone else but Lord Shiva. He is my favorite. Marry me with him only." Parvati said.
"Daughter, is this all the knowledge and smartness you have? You cannot even choose a life companion properly.
You don't understand right and wrong at all. No, I'll not let you marry with Shiva. He is so ugly." Mena said and scolded
her. If anyone spoke she scolded him/her so much that they escaped crying.
Sanak, Sanandan, Sanatan and Sanatkumar, these enlightened four came and explained, but Mena scolded them
too. Panic spread throughout the capital. Lord Visnu heard the matter. He came running. Everyone gave him way as he
came and stood before Mena. She looked and looked at the beautiful face of Lord Visnu.
"Mena, this is me. I came here to tell you that Lord Shiva is both unmanifest and manifest. He is both beautiful
and ugly. All forms are his play. Look, everybody is amazed to see my beauty and power but I am but a small,
insignificant creation of his mulaprakriti -- his chitshakti, Bramhaa too, Indra too. All you consider great and handsome
are the common artwork of his Yogamaya potency. From a bug to Bramhaa, all creation is the manifestation of Shiva.
Good and bad, right and wrong, auspicious and inauspicious are tricks of ego. Ego has tricked you by tangling you in the
network of its spiderweb, and thus you failed to perceive Shiva -- the Bholenath.
"Look at you, so intelligent and wise. I thought Mena you are, but misunderstanding Shiva you broke my heart. I
feel you too are victim of your ego, hanging through the web of the spider's net. Get out of it. Look, Parvati is dressed in
her wedding gown but because of your action she is crying. Himalaya is so sad. All of us are so sad. Lord Shiva, my most
handsome beloved friend is standing at your door in the hope of wife. He is so sensitive. Last time when Sati died, he
carried her corpse on his shoulder all over the world for years. This time if you disturbed his marriage he might collapse
and fall down at your door, then I will carry him on my shoulder. In that case I'll never forgive you, Mena. You have
insulted my most dear, handsome friend." Visnu's voice echoed. Everyone heard. They saw the tightened face of Mena
relaxing. At last she said.
"All these gods and sages, none of these I believe, O Visnu, but your words are so convincing. If you really love
Shiva, he must be a great man. But if you can show me your friend as more handsome than you, I'll gladly give him my
daughter in marriage." Mena said.

"I don't have to present. He already is far greater handsome than all of us. It is from him all the beauty of the
world emanates, emits and spreads in everyone's face. You just come with me and see him by your own eyes. If he is not
more handsome than me, I promise I'll never plead for your marrying Parvati with him."
Holding the hand of Mena, Lord Visnu brought her to the guesthouse where Lord Shiva was hosted. He was
seated in lotus pose on a gorgeous throne. His body was as if compound form of millions of cupids and beauty of nature
combined. She saw and saw and saw. Her eyes wide and full of wonder... she saw him bright, handsome and pleasant,
wearing shining silks and gold gem ornaments. He was bright, sweet, smiling, wearing crown and earrings. His eyes
were like lotus petals. His hair like silk, dark and shiny. All gods were serving him. Eight siddhis, nine nidhis were
dancing before him.
Looking at the beautiful form of Lord Shiva, Mena became stuck like a painted picture. All her confusion and
arrogance faded away. She spoke.
"My Lord Mahadev, please forgive me my offense. My baby is so fortunate. Be the groom of my baby. You alone
will be my son-in-law and no one else, O Mahadev." Mena said with tear-filled eyes and folded palms. She was so happy,
yet pained over her folly. She joined her palms and bowed to him. Then she felt shy. All her confusion and bitterness
vanished at once and she became blissful. Celebration of Shiva-darshan spread far and wide. Many ladies of the capital
ran down and saw Shiva and bliss permeated in and through them. They became timeless, egoless and bodiless. They
became uplifted in consciousness of ecstasy in transcendental consciousness. They said.
"Wow, what a wonderful incarnation of beauty and bliss. In deed our Princess has done mountainous noble deeds
that she found such a wonderful husband. Even a moment with him is so love enlightening she will remain with him all
day long every moment of the day. Her life is a success. We are fortunate that we are able to see his blissful countenance.
Mena is blessed." They worshipped the Lord with sandal paste, flowers, bilva leaves and sweets. They showered flowers
over them. Lord Shiva was very pleased. He smiled.
Now it was evening and Lord Shiva and the wedding party came to the door of Mena. Hearing the news of the
beauty-love of Mena, all Celestials were concerned about their dress and proper etiquette. They presented themselves in
excellent and vigilant shape and gestures. Mahavidyas, Visnu, Bramhaa, Indra were standing beside him.
Mena came with all goddesses of the sacred rivers in the world. She offered waves of ghee flames over and above
them. Then hundreds of gold and gem inlaid plates they moved in circles around the groom and his friends and his party
Mena looked lovingly at her son-in-law who was standing on a mystic diagram of pearls made in the gold floor.
His complexion was like the blooming flowers of plumerea (champa). He was very handsome, smiling face, wearing silk,
necklaces, rings and a crown. Laying over the top was a garland of tuscany (Mograw) and jasmine (Chameli). His crown
and earrings too were backed by flower crowns. His wrists and biseps were adorned by gemmed bangles and flower
garlands. He was wearing paste of sandal powder, agar, musk and kumkum. His face was illuminating with the shine of
thousands of moonbeams and his large eyes had ointment of black collyrium. Seeing such a handsome Shiva, Mena's all
anxieties disappeared and she became blissed out.
Seeing the beauty of Shiva with unwinking eyes, she was offering ghee flames... Thrills came again and again. A
serene smile of love and trust adorned her face. She was thinking about the beauty Parvati had described, but thought,
"There is far more beauty I'm seeing in his face now. Oh, indeed Shiva is inconceivable and indescribable. I am so
thankful Visnu showed me the realty."
"Blessed is our Umaa who will have such a fantastic husband. Great is her luck." One lady said.
"Well, she is Durga herself. Another one said.
"Wow, I never saw such a gorgeous groom!" still another one spoke up. "I never saw one even in dream or
"Well, now we have seen; it will remain an unforgettable eve. Who knows, this memory, this sight, this
realization may go so bright and brightest and dazzle so effulgently that all our life activities, world and engagements
become fleeting illusions, dream-like. And this... shimmering of this sight of Shiva become a live reality of our life and
our world."
"Wow, that's great!. I won't lose anything. Already in comparison to this joy, all our formerly enjoyed objects and
events are mere labors. We have been working hard, laboring hard even while living the best moments of our enjoyment.
But this has been realized only after seeing the blissful countenance of Lord Shiva." Ladies went on talking endlessly.
Perfume of Lord Shiva's limbs spread all around. All Celestials were fascinated and intoxicated. Gandharvas
began to sing, Apsaras danced, while musicians played clarinets, flutes and sitars.
Himachal and Mena performed "parichhan". Lord Shiva was shining like a transparent gem and so were all his
friends. Now the ritual was done and they were being led to their assigned guest houses.
Now the ladies of Himalaya's palace led Parvati for worship of the goddess of weddings. They walked slowly and
gently towards the hilltop. Young maidens, all her friends of her age surrounded her as soft music was echoing. Security
officers were roaming around. Holding worship articles in their hands, ladies followed as Parvati was ascending the stairs
of a small hill on top of which was a beautiful temple of gold, shining brilliantly. A lotus filled pond, bushes covering the
terrain in a green grass carpeted garden surrounded the temple.

Although any small aircraft could have been easily used to place the party on top of the hill, but Parvati liked to
walk. Perhaps it was her last walk on this trail which she traversed umpteen times since her childhood. As she began to
ascend the stairs, Celestials and citizens rushed to the rooftops to see the sight. Many flew in thier planes,
Although all beings watched her and she at times looked around by her sidelong glances, yet it was all for Lord
Shiva. Her hair flowed downward like a river. Flowers of juhi, mograw, champa and jasmine were strewn throughout her
braids. Artwork of leaves and flowers on her rosy cheeks were gorgeous. The red dot of vermillion mixed with musk
adorned her forehead. Her fragrant lips were red like limba fruit, and her teeth white as pearls or jasmine buds. Earrings
attached to her crown on top dangled with movement as soon as she looked left or right and spoke with her friends. Her
breasts were moving with the necklaces of pearls, sapphires and diamonds on gold. Same way, keyur, valay and kankan
adorned her hands. The soles of her feet were red as lotus and anklets rang as she walked. The mixture of perfumes from
the sandal, agar, musk, saffron and kumkum spread as the breeze blew touching her. Celestials respectfully offered
obeisances as they saw the Divine Mother Parvati was almost ascending the hilltop to worship the wedding goddess,
Ambika Devi.
Lord Shiva had already reached on the hilltop by his bull shaped airplane. Sitting in a cozy corner with Visnu he
was watching the ascension of his fiance. He saw the beauty of her and was thrilled. His pain of separation vanished. His
limbs thrilled and he looked at her with unwinking eyes. Gouri overfilled her eyes, her heart and entire life with sacred
remembrances of beloved Lord Shiva.
Parvati, Jaya, Vijaya and friends, washed their hands and feet in the pond and entered the temple while Lord
Shiva with Visnu, Indra and Celestials performed necessary wedding rites on the other side of the hill from where they
were able to see each other. The temple door opened into the direction where gods were performing rites on Shiva.
She worshipped and worshipped and worshipped with alternate glances to her beloved. In a way, she worshipped
both her beloved as well as the goddess. Her worship reached both. She received the boon from both. She was fulfilled.
She was blessed that now the goddess of wedding would retire and ambikahood would be bestowed upon her. Since then,
after her marriage, Parvati herself became Ambika. It became history everywhere that the princess worshipped Parvati as
Ambika before the wedding. As Vyasahood, Seven Sageshood, Manu, Indra and Bramhahood are posts where souls come
and go and new souls resume, same way Ambikahood. And that post Parvati assumed.
After Ambika worship, Lord Shiva and Parvati were brought in the wedding pavilion. Jaya and Vijaya adorned
Parvati with ornaments Lord Shiva had brought for her. Dazzling with sixteen decorations, thinking on Shiva, she was
sitting in antarvedi on the altar anticipating her diamond days which was the fruit of her hard penance and rock solid
Festivity began. Charity began. Song and music echoed... Groom was sitting near the wedding fire. The groom
party sat surrounding him from all sides. Lord Visnu and Indra with all Celestials sat nearby and in back of him.
Mena came with ghee flames among fragrant flowers on a gold plate. She offered arati. Her friends and kinsmen
too waved flames around magnificent Shiva, around Visnu and his friends too. Bramha ji tells to Narada, that as the priest
accompanied with his sons, the Sages, he recited Vedic hymns melodiously.
As it completed, Parvati came. Like an embodiment of lightening, like a picturesque figure of the rainbow, like
the condensed form of noble deeds of the world, she appeared. Ladies, gents, gods and Sages became struck with wonder
and delight. Their eyes and mouth circle opened in Aha-experience. They bowed down humbly to that Divine Mother of
the universe. She was backed by Himalaya. As she sat beside Shiva, Sage Garga began the rites of marriage. He gave
yellow rice, flowers and sandal paste in the hands of Parvati. He sprinkled sacred water with mantra resounding in the air.
Now she began to worship Lord Shiva with curd, musk, garlands, sweet meats and ghee flame. Waving the flame
she looked at the beauty of Shiva. She looked and looked and looked. Rapturous joy overflowed inside and out. She
looked with her lotus petal, loving eyes.
Now it was Shiva's turn. He began to worship her with garlands, vermillion, ornaments, sweet meats and waving
a flame around her magnificent face.
He looked and looked and looked. His large eyes too became surrendered into her sea of beauty -- through loving
This lila of exchanging glancia ambrosia went on. Not to disturb the love-affair of the Lord and Lordess of the
universe, Gargacharya lowered his voice while chanting the mantras and indicated through his eyes, now to begin worship
of the couple, the bride and groom. Lo, now Laksmi, Gayatri, Sarasvati and Mahavidyas, Visnu, Bramhaa and Sages are
Flowers, kumkum, sacred ashes, bilva leaves, incense, flame, dry fruits, perfume and so many items in their
worship is going on, and Parvati and Paramesvar are absorbed in glancia ambrosia exchangia. Now Lord Visnu
worshipped. Vrihaspati, Indra, Kuber, Varun and all Celestials are worshipping one by one and then with the group.
The bliss and perfume was spreading in and through the entire hall. From the love of Lord and Lordess, intense
perfume and rapturous joy was emanating. It was hitting everyone, dashing down impurities, misunderstandings and
whatever barriers one had -- merging them into the ocean of wisdom and pure consciousness. It was felt so real, so true,
that all else felt like just illusion projected upon this loving form of the Divine.
Now soft music echoed. Garga ordered everyone to sit at their places. Mena and Himalaya came forward. They
sat beside Parvati while Visnu and Narada sat beside Lord Shiva.

"Now, please pronounce the names of my ancestors from the beginning of the world to me and Parvati." He asked
the priest. And they did. Now he looked at Lord Shiva.
"O Shambho, please introduce your pravar, kul, gotra, name, veda and sakha so that further performances can be
carried on."
Hearing the words of Himalaya, Shiva became worried. The entire assembly looked at Shiva. But no words came
from his lips. Pin drop silence spread. Then Narada stood up and began to laugh whole heartedly. and said.
"O Himalaya. your question is laughable. It denotes your extrovert nature. Origin of Shiva is untraceable even by
Bramha and Visnu, what to speak of others. It is him in whose one single day billions of Bramhaas are born, rise and
dissolve. It is him, Lord Shiva, who is solid reality of the universe upon whom civilizations and creations rise and
collapse, but he remains immaculately clean, untainted snow white Absolute reality. To that magnificent Lord you have
been able to see as your son-in-law by the devotion filled penance of your daughter.
"He is formless. He is beyond gotra, pravar, name and ancestors. But he is extremely merciful too. It is out of
his love and mercy for his devotees he has assumed the form of Shiva Mahadev. Being nameless he accepted one thousand
"No one can know Shiva, O Himalaya, no matter how great, smart and educated one becomes. He is known only
by one whom he lets know. Unless he wishes so you cannot know him. All you can do is to surrender your intellect unto
him. Unto this surrendered intellect he will fill it with the honey of love. Thus your fortune sores high and reaches
beyond the high heavens to Shivaloka and he emits his knowledge, his reality, his Truth and you become enlightened."
Pin drop silence spread. Everyone listened carefully. Narada continued.
"But that is then, for now let me give you a helping hand on it. The gotra, kul and origin of Lord Shiva is
ceaseless, perpetual sound
Aum. This perpetual sound and Shiva are synonymous. They are one. It is because of this
I've taken up my veena, this sitar, and playing on its strings Aum emanated music. I travel in and through all planets,
nations and townships. In music I find the embrace of Lord Shiva. In it I unite with him." Narada's words echoed and
Now Shiva smiled. All gods and Sages praised and thanked Narada. Himalaya was happy.
Mena and HImalaya looked at Shiva and bowed down to the Lord and also their daughter whose undaunted,
powerful will surpassed all hurdles created by everyone of them.
They took the hand of their daughter and spoke this wedding mantra.
"imam kanyam tubhyamaham
dadami paramesvar
bharyartham parigrhnisva
prasid sakalesvar"
"My Lord, please accept this innocent but mighty willed daughter of ours to make your wife. Please be pleased upon us
with this offering of Parvati at your lotus feet."
Pronouncing this, Mena and Himalaya offered the hand of their daughter into the hand of Lord Shiva. He held
Parvati's hand into his. And pronounced-"kodatkasma adatkamo
adatkama yadatkamo
data kamah prati
grhita kamaitatte"
(Shukla Yajurved 7-48)
Thus Lord Shiva accepted the gift of Parvati. Their clothes were tied together in a knot. Garga announced, "The couple
should stand up and walk around the sacred fire."
Lord Shiva and Parvati now stood up and walked seven times around the fire.
"Bravo! Bravo!... Jay Jay Jay" echoed all over the world. The citizens were filled with great joy and began to
shower petals of fragrant flowers. Nymphs began to dance, gandharvas played music. A cool, soft and perfumed breeze
began to blow.
Lotuses bloomed in the ponds, harvests greened in the field, fruits ripened in the trees. The waves of rivers and
oceans scattered gems and pearls on their beaches. Mountain tops and rocks turned into sapphires, diamonds and crystals.
Himalaya offered a dowry of cows, horses, gold chariots, elephants, all one hundred thousand along with trillions
of gold dollars and things of daily use.
Mena and Himalaya were satisfied with this sacred act. All gods were pleased on them and each gave them
boons. The couple then prayed Lord Shiva through hymns of Yajurved (Madhyandini Section).
Now the Sages stood up and abhisek ceremony began. Again a new set of mantras, a new tune of music and
dance commenced.
Shiva and Parvati returned to the fire and sat near it. They began to offer oblations. The fire rose high in flames
as if too hungry to grab the offering right away. Shiva and Parvati kept offering with salected mantras of the Vedas. At

last Mainak offered the oblation of popped rice. They circumambulated it and then the couple came out and walked onto
the roof. Wisemen showed them the Pole Star. Then they embraced each other. They looked at the open, vast sky with
white clouds and embraced each other again and again.
The couple returned from the roof and took their seats. Everyone was sitting on their chairs. Svastivachan rite
began. Now again, Gargacharya pronounced a new custom. Lord Shiva began to put musk mixed vermillion on the line
of parted hair on Parvati's head. Then he put a big red dot on her forehead, right in the middle. It shone brilliantly. The
couple then sat in one throne and drank samstrava. And the wedding was completed.
Now Lord Shiva's turn came. He stood up and embraced Visnu and began to offer donations. He was moving his
hand in the air and materializing gems, diamonds and jewels of all kinds. He donated luminous gems in the millions.
Each and every guest present, wisemen, priests, received all whatever they had anticipated.
Music was echoing and charity was going on, on and on.
Now the wedding assembly was dismissed. Everybody went to their residence. The group of vip ladies picked up
the couple and brought them into Kohabar. They made the couple do certain more rituals. Seeing them do all that so
innocently, they were very happy. They brought them into a new room called Vasabhavan and certain more rituals took
place. Now they took them in still another room called Kelibhavan. Now they untied their knot. They offered them a
gorgeous loveseat shining with innumerable gems and jewels, silk velvet cushions so soft.
As the couple sat on the loveseat there came sixteen Celestial great ladies. They introduced themselves one by
one. They were offered gorgeous conches.
Sarasvati, Laksmi, Savitri, Ganga, Aditi, Shachi, Lopamudra, Arundhati, Ahalya, Tulasi, Svaha, Rohini, Prithvi,
Shatrupa, Samjna and Rati -- came like a storm. They offered a new throne for the newly wedded couple to sit on. As they
sat, many Dev, Naga and Muni ladies came and the hall was full wall to wall.
On the stage Shiva and Parvati were offered a delicious lunch. They were feasting each other filled with the sea
of love in their eyes and gestures. Sixteen guests also offered their self-cooked items and to their immense pleasure they
observed Shiva and Parvati accepted them to feast each other.
Lunch was over. Laksmi stepped forward and offered water to wash hands and mouth. Sarasvati offered betel
leaf with nuts and camphor. Each of them then asked various questions. Many tried to defeat Shiva in argument, logic
and style of talk. But Shiva's oratory and instant reply skill was exemplary. Ladies were amazed, happy and contented.
Great happiness and festivity floated in the air.
Suddenly a requesting voice said. "My Lord, be pleased on me.
"Pahi mam pahi mam."
Please look at me. In your marriage everybody is so happy except me. I am also one of your guests. Do not exclude me.
In the festivity of your wedding let me too be festive. O great merciful couple, O divine groom, O exquisite bride, give life
to my husband. Resurrect my husband on this happy occasion of your wedding. It is by resurrection of my husband that
your conjugal life will be complete. Bring my husband to life. Bring him to life for me, for you, for all, to infuse a new
zest in your married life, O Mahadev, please resurrect my hubby." Rati saw the opportunity was now. Shiva was so happy
and it was his wedding eve. She took a chance where she had put the ashes of her husband's body. She untied the knot in
the corner of her sari and lo, she poured them in front of him and cried bitterly. Many of the ladies also began to cry.
"Lord, you are so merciful. Make this sad lady happy on this occasion. Let her also get to enjoy as a reward in
your wedding." Sarasvati pleaded for Rati and so were a few others also pleading.
"Okay," Lord Shiva said and he looked straight on the ash.
As soon as his nectar showery glance fell on the ash a miracle happened. A most handsome, young man,
Kamadev, materialized as he was a million years ago. Same age, same dress, same form, garments and ornaments; he
appeared as if he was hiding somewhere. He stood happily, smiling he offered obeisances to Lord Mahadev.
Lo, as Rati saw, she leaped up and grabbed her husband in her embrace.
Kamadev was holding the same bow and arrows, holding which he had died thousands of years ago. Rati was
shocked with surprise. She ran and hung long in his embrace. Both now prayed the Lord. He was pleased instantly and
said, "Ask for benediction?"
Kama was overwhelmed. Tears came to his eyes. He said in a choking voice and joined palms. "My Lord, be
merciful to me. Forgive my former offences. Give me love in your lotus feet and friendship with your devotees."
"Very well Kama, have it. Don't bother my devotees at all from now on. Now fear not. Go to Lord Visnu. Keep
out of this house, okay." Lord Shiva said, smilingly.
Kama bowed to the Lord and walked out. Rati also went with him, happy, dancing and singing.
Now Lord Shiva began to feast Parvati and Parvati to Lord Shiva.
Great talking and teasing contest began between Shiva and all assembled ladies.
Now they came out of the Keligriha. He was escorted to his residence. Four kinds of music echoed. All Sages,
gods, Lord Visnu and myself, Bramha ji, received the Lord in the livingroom on his way to his room. As a custom, he
bowed to Lord Visnu, myself and the Sages. Considering himself youngest of the trinity. All gods bowed down to him.
Lord Shiva went to his room and all gods then retired to their rooms.
Entire Vasabhavan was made of gems and jewels. There were diamond flames on gold pitchers. Chandeliers
were made of crystal and pearls. The furniture and utensils were made of opals, emeralds, jade and sapphires. Curtains
were all of velvets and silks. Sofa sets, couches and chairs were made of rubies, topaz and lapis lazuli with velvet cushions

and the floors were full of artworks. Perfume of sandal and agar was spreading thoughout. A soft foam pillow was on a
water bed covered with soft, smooth, milk white sheets shining on a gold bed and canopy. Jasmine, mograw, nightqueen,
gardenias, rosemary, champa and juhi were blooming artistically, climbing on the walls. Many pictures, mirrors and
garlands were placed in appropriate places. It was named as Shivaloka. Lord Shiva and his attendants were highly
pleased to see this place. They prayed Himalaya and Visvakarma and bade farewell.
Lord Shiva then slept through his lila sakti. Night was passed. Dawn broke. Sun rose. Ultra red light spread
and music echoed. Veenas, flutes, clarinets and soft drums resounded. All the guests rose remembering Lord Shiva. They
showered, worshipped and meditated. As they came out, they found Lord Shiva was still in his bedroom. Lord Visnu sent
Dharma to awaken the Lord.
"My Lord, O ever wakeful one, please dismiss now the lila of sleep. Perform now the lila of awaking. We are
awaiting with all gods with the whole world. Please, get up and come out." Dharma entered the bedroom and gently
Lord Shiva opened his eyes and smilingly said, "Okay, fine, go ahead. I am coming soon."
As he came out he offered respect to the elders. Ladies sang songs. Wisemen chanted the hymns of the Vedas.
Great rejoicing errupted from all hearts and permeated in and through all. Inert and alive both became thrilled.
Three days passed in feasting and entertaining the guests. On the fourth day, Himalaya performed Chaturthi
karma without which marriage remains incomplete. In this occasion another set of ceremonies, song and dance
commenced. By the fifth day all rituals had been completed and guests expressed their desire to return to their homes.
Himalaya humbly folded his palms and requested them to stay more days, and his logic and arguments with
humility were so excellent that gods had to stay. They stayed for many days, although there was new festivity each day,
still it was taking too long. Gods then sent Saptarsis to Himalaya. The group met the couple and they educated them in
Shivatatva. Their hearts illuminated with the wisdom of Absolute Truth they consented to give them farewell.
The procession was now ready. Lord Shiva met his mother-in-law. She burst into tears and spoke-"O Merciful One, you are Ashutos. Please take care of my baby. Forgive her thousands of faults and offenses.
My child has been in love with you from last many of her lifetimes. Waking, dreaming, sleeping, she had nothing but you,
your talk and things related to you. Remembering you shedding tears of love, she used to become thrilled and happy.
Hearing things against you she would go mum as if gone dead." Mena said. She brought Parvati and placed her hand into
Shivas and wept aloud and passed out.
"Mother, Mother-in-law." Voice of Parvati and Shiva echoed jointly. They lifted her and placed her on a couch
and brought her to consciousness. "Please, don't be so sad. I'll keep her as my outer soul. I'll care for her as you did ever
since her childhood. Mena, believe me, she'll be as happy as she was in her home with you. You can come often and see
her yourself." Lord Shiva said and clasped the hand of Parvati.
Mena looked and looked at them, her beautiful daughter and ever youthful Shiva made an astoundingly beautiful
couple. She gazed and gazed in ecstasy. Tears came to her eyes. "O my beloved son-in-law, please talk to my baby here
before my eyes. Let me see how you do. I don't want to leave her in utter strangeness. Please converse with her before
me." Mena said, still in tears.
Shiva and Parvati looked straight into each others eyes. Shiva embraced her and Parvati held him in her caress.
Mena saw it was so loving with all warmth of belongingness.
"Dear wife, are you ready to start a new life with me in Kailash? I've collected everything for your pleasure.
Please tell your mom not to worry at all for you." Lord Shiva said sweetly.
"Beloved husband, I'll be happy with you ever and ever. We'll travel around the world, in and through galaxies
and universes. I wish to be beside you and journey throughout Bramhanda. We'll do yajna and invite my mother and
father." Parvati said.
This consoled Mena and she became very happy. She gave them both an affectionate embrace, but then she began
to cry again.
"Beloved wife, please console your mom and all family members and come out to the city gate. We'll be waiting
for you there." Lord Shiva said and he walked out and joined the party of Visnu and Bramhaa who were waiting for him
at a short distance.
Together with them the procession moved through the street. Ladies and gents crowded both sides of the road.
Many climbed the rooftops, many sat near windows, others climbed the trees to get a better view. All doors were crowded.
Footpaths were packed with people. Lord Shiva was going back. He was riding on his holy bull. Visnu and Laksmi on
his eagle, and Bramhaa on his swan. Indra, Kuber, Varun and all Celestials were on their favorite vehicles. Flowers were
showering from windows and rooftops. At every Square, citizens were offering arati and garlanding their favorite god
with gorgeous flower wreaths.
"Wow, how fortunate, for whom just to see even Dhruva, Pralhad and so many illustrious kings, and Sages who
went through years of long tapas. We are seeing that Lord Visnu so easily without doing anything. To attain a sight of
whom, great kings have meditated long, renounced all joys of the world, to that Mahadev we are seeing so easily without
doing anything. Oh, look in order to please whom even that tough Ravan did a ten thousand years long tapas, to that
Bramha we see so comfortably. We can just go and grab any of them and obtain any boon we like. But what is the need
for any boon. We are so content. Parvati belongs to us. Can she ever renounce or even forget that we belong to the town
she grew up in. When she belongs to us, we to her, who cares about anything else. The whole world is a toy. All we want

is that she remain happy as the necklace gem in the heart of Lord Mahadev the Bholenath." Thus citizens were talking,
looking at the procession with wonder-filled eyes.
While the procession was passing through the royal path, Seven Sages approached Himalaya and reminded him
to make a decent farewell to Princess Parvati. He then joined Mena. Together they asked her friends, Jaya and Vijaya, to
adorn her friends with all the best valuable gems, ornaments and clothes they have in the palace. Himalaya opened his
Both took the best. They took Parvati into her private chamber. They dressed her in the finest bridal attire.
Wearing a golden silk sari and crown, as she appeared before the parents with thousands of relatives and ministers, they
wept in her oncoming separation. Mena and Himalaya embraced their daughter and set her on their lap and gave her to
wear twelve more ornaments and gem embroidered clothes. They performed the ritual of departure.
Parvati then sat on the throne and a wise lady sat beside her. She spoke words of wisdom which will preserve her
married life to be ever green and every night a golden night, and every appearance of husband as an upsurge of the
fountain of bliss.
From wall to wall the hall was full. Ladies and gents in wedding dresses stood silently for the last sight of
Parvati. Music stopped. Pindrop silence prevailed. Parents, brothers, guests, mountains and rivers assuming gods and
goddesses forms were sitting there, looking at the majestic face of Parvati. Who herself is going to be recruited as one of
the most prominent goddesses. Her power will be infinite. Her grace will be sought by all beings. Her benedictions will
be invincible. Her words will stay like rock throughout the onslaught of adversity of time and situations. She, the same
Parvati is standing here, whose heart is full of love for Shiva, Shiva and Shiva.
Shiva is her world. Shiva is her life. Entwinement with Shiva is her identity. She belongs to Shiva and Shiva to
her. She and Shiva are one and nondifferent. So much so that when Shiva becomes unmanifest inner light of Bramha,
Parvati becomes power and reality of manifested existence. Energy and energetic are always the same. Exactly as dancer
and dance, musician and music, singer and song, runner and running, speaker and speaking. Without speaking, speaker is
no more a speaker but something else. Without manifestation of world Shiva is not creator, maintainer and dissolver
through Bramhaa, Visnu and Rudra. But he is pure Shiva in pure consciousness ever and ever entwined and carressed
with lightening of Parvati Devi. Same Parvati is sitting here. To fulfill the custom, wise lady spoke.
"Dear Princess, this is the last day of your virgin life. From tomorrow you are entering your husband's home and
start an excellent married life. Please listen to my words if you wish to make your married life studded with diamond days
and everlasting golden nights. Apply my counsels with all the power you have.
"Please know for sure, it is the life of wife dedicated to marriage and normal standard of nobility that is the best
and supreme. She becomes so powerful that all yogic and tantric powers become small and insignificant in comparison to
her elevation. How to reach and master this elevation, I am telling you. Sight of such a dedicated wife of big smile is the
most auspicious thing in the world. Her glance is sin absolver. Her appearance in your home is like fire to all
"Savitri, Lopamudra, Arundhati, Shandili, Shatrupa, Anusuya, Laksmi, Svadha, Sati, Samjna, Sumati, Sraddha,
Mena and Svaha with many others, are considered marriage dedicated ladies.
"Just by a single quality of their marriage dedication they became honorable by all gods and Sages. Therefore you
too attain the same noble standard. It excells all religions, all sadhanas, all rituals, whatsoever.
"It begins with projecting ultimate godliness in one's husband. Parents have already considered pros and cons of
the groom before marriage. He has all the qualities to be the best srivigraha to worship the Supreme God of the universe
right among the four walls of your sweet home. You don't have to waste time in that consideration. Use your time, energy
and intelligence in how to evolve oneself and if there is anything lacking in him, then how to be vigorously strong enough
in love and service to transform him in the real image of Supreme God.
"The best way to practice or express love is to take your meals only with your husband or after he has taken.
When husband stands, you too stand up. Be seated after he sits or asks you to be seated. Sleep after he has fallen asleep
and awake before he awakes. Never break an agreement nor apply double facedness.
"Always present yourself well dressed and well decorated before your husband. When husband is out of
station/out of country, do not use decoration items. Be very simple. Do not call husband by his name. Always be
respectful. When he says harsh words, do not strike back with equally harsh words.
"When husband calls you, drop all other engagements and run down hurriedly and use words similiar to this--'Beloved, Sir, may I know what I can do for you.'
Whatever he says, follow it with passionate devotion. If his instruction contains a lack of ethics or discrepancy, express
extra humility and ultimate politeness and present the better idea that you can invent. Do not watch other men's exposers.
Do not stay overnight in other men's homes. Do not talk personal matters to other people.
"Organize husband's meditation room and items of his worship long before you are asked. You must always await
to do something that is needed at the time to your husband. Do not make a pilgrimage without consent of your husband.
Postpone joining/participating, visiting crowded places, assemblies, fairs or festivals without husband. Whenever you wish

to have the fruit of a pilgrimage, drink panchamrit of your husband. In it is all the sacred places, all holy rivers and
ponds. Do not even doubt it. (For details, see Shiva Purana, Rudra Samhita Parvati Section 54: 9,10-25.)
"After you prepared lunch, share its portions to the Celestials, pitris, uninvited guests, friends, servants, cows and
beggars. Then feast your husband lovingly. Whatever remnants he gives you, eat with great pleasure projecting your
condensed will that it is as powerful as food tasted by God.
"Marriage dedicated wife should keep all things of the house organized and safe. Place things in their proper
places so you can find them instantly whenever needed.
"You should be efficient, smart, fast and always cheerful. You must not be an overspender. You should neither
fast nor take a vow without consent of your husband. If you do you get no merits nor heaven.
"When husband is sitting happily or entertaining himself, you must not raise some point which bothers him and
causes him to lose his cool. Try to be part of his pleasure and meritorious deeds.
"Even when husband has fallen in trouble, sick; gone old, impotent, extremely irritated and miserable, wife
should still not betray him neither by action nor by unhealthy words or thoughts.
"During the days of menses stay in hide. When it ends and you bathe, wear fresh clothes, see only and only the
face of your husband. Or remembering husband look at the orb of the sun.
"The wife tho is well-wisher of her husband must adorn herself with good hygenic clothes, ornaments, having
oiled and fragrant hair braided and flower garlanded. Use of tumeric, vermillion, earrings and wrist ornaments must not
be taken away.
"Do not make luckless or adulterous women as your friends, neither be with nuns and shallow ladies. One who
averses her husband you must not talk to her either. Never bathe naked. Do not be imprudent before your husband except
in times of love making. Whatever husband likes, you too develop a liking for that. Be happy in happiness of the
husband. Be sad in his sadness. Act in a way he feels you love him. Stay in rock-like love which never breaks in tough
times nor feel ashamed of your love when you become a tycoon. Never get irritated. Never lose your balance. Stay
patient, calm, cool and collected. The woman who yells or screams at her husband for any reason becomes a bitch in next
life, then she is born as wife of a fox in a lonely jungle.
"Do not sit on a seat higher than your husbands. Do not approach a wicked person. Do not grumble, complain,
blaspheme or act quarrelsome. When elders are sitting, do not laugh too loudly nor talk too loudly.
"As soon as you see husband arriving from outside exhausted, run and offer him a cup of fruit juice, shower, fresh
clothes, meditation seat, silence, lunch/dinner and speak sweet words of interest. Doing so you satisfy the whole world.
Cosmic Virat becomes satiated and becomes blessingful to you.
"Parents, brothers, sons and friends bestow upon you pleasures but what husband offers is a million times greater
than all of them. Therefore take your husband as supreme God and rever him as a great guru, great evangelist and great
sanctifying sanctuary. Abandoning all, renouncing all, not bothering about anything, just love your husband. Just love
your husband, love him, love him and love him. (Shiva Purana, Rudra Samhit, Parvati Section 54:43 - 51)
"Those ladies who sneak out of the house or bluff their husband and have sex with other men become cruel like a
wolf hidden in a ditch of a tree. Those who look at other men with passionate or flirting glances become cross-eyed
women in next life. Those who starve their husband and eat delicious food with ther boyfriends, become pigs and survive
on filth.
"Those who refer to their husband as idiot, rascal, scum or dumb become dumb in next life. A wife who feels
jealous with every other lady who tries to help her husband in any small way becomes devoid of luck. Her life in next life
becomes ruined in series. One who fools her husband and has relationships with others and when caught yells and
screams instead of apologizing, becomes of crooked mouth and ugly with a heavy accent. Those who change husbands for
pleasure become of split personality and schizophrenic.
"Dear Parvati, I know you are top high among marriage dedicated wives of antiquity as well as today.
Husbandless women, even though bathed well remain impure and unclean. Just like a lifeless body becomes impure
"That mother is blessed, that father is blessed, that husband is blessed, in whose house a marriage dedicated wife
lives. By power of merits of a dedicated wife, three generations in each of the race of father, mother and husband are
delivered to the heavenly abode.
"Those who bring a blot to their dedication by sexual misconduct push the ancestors of three races into the ditch
of miserable existence where suffering is immense.
"Wherever a dedicated wife steps, that land becomes holy, sacred and a kind of sanctury. (Shiva Puran 54:58-70)
Even Surya, Chandra, Vayu and other gods seek the touch of her feet to sanctify themselves.
"Water too, Varun Dev too, tries to touch her feet, and feels it has gotten rid of its inertness and it becomes
sanctifying to all bathers. Wife is the root of family life. Wife is the root of all pleasures. Through wife all fruits of
dharma are gained. Wife alone is the way to God and enlightenment.
"There is no difference between Ganga and a dedicated wife. Seeing her is equal to taking a bath in holy Ganga.
He alone has a family, he alone is householder who has a dedicated wife well versed in chastity and honesty. Through such
a wife alone a man can conquer the world and heavens. He alone has right to perform devayajna, pitriyajna and

"Husband is pranav -- the holy AUM and wife is the hymn of the Vedas. Husband is tapa, wife is forgiveness.
Woman is meritorious deed, husband is its fruit. Dear Parvati, dedicated wife and her husband both are symbols of
ultimate sanctity.
"Dear Parvati, there are four standards of wives. The wife to whom her husband appears as full one hundred
percent God. She looks as her husband and she finds as if he is a television screen and the entire lila of Lord Shiva, Lord
Rama or Lord Krishna is eternally going on. The wife whose heart never slips away from her husband even in dream, who
always loves her husband when awake, in dreams and in visions too, is the top high standard. She sees only her husband
and husband as a living screen to flash all pastimes described in the Vedas, Upanisadas, Puranas and Gitas.
"Second grade wife of medium standard is she who finds her husband great among all heroes, braves and
honorable beings. She is dedicated. She looks at elders as parents, equals as brothers and sisters, younger as sons and
"Third standard is that kind of wife whose mind goes to another man or men but counsels her mind and controls
it with the education of words of scriptures. Only because it is anti-religious/anti-righteous to go to another man/men she
is of good conduct. She earns superior power through struggle and strife and she wins. This is the third.
"Fourth standard is of that kind of wife who has no concern for scriptures. But she is afraid of losing prestige,
credit, insult, slander, etc., because of these she does not indulge in sexual misconduct with other men, is the last.
"All these four are called dedicated and sooner or later they receive gifts of great inner power and bliss in their
"All these four kinds of wives are sin absolvers of the world. They are sanctifiers of society. Such ladies gain so
much power that against a great yogi, tantrik or meditator. The luminous high heavens they have conquered by their
dedication has no end. They surpass all vips of the world. They can resurrect the dead, perform miracles, deliver one
from great trouble and heal from deadly diseases.
"Therefore O dear Parvati, you be the foremost dedicated wife, so high that all the four standards could take
lessons from your lifestyle. Just thinking of you will irradicate the miseries and troubles of watered down people of the
world. Just by thinking of you, ladies will turn into a dedicated wife. You already know it all. I am just a toy to play a
role in your divine pastimes. O Parvati, I am blessed. Indeed I'm glorified to speak for you in this most auspicious
moment of your departure."
Discourse of the wise lady completed and everyone felt elated into her wisdom. Parvati offered her obeisances
and felt great jubilation anticipating her husband, the Supreme Lord of the universe.
"Oh magnanimous queen Mena, please prepare now for farewell." Wise lady announced.
"Very well!" Said Mena and suddenly tide of love overwhelmed her. She clasped her daughter by her heart and
began crying. Parvati also began to cry. Fear of separation, fear of the oncoming days of separation choked them deeply.
Heart sank. Cry overflowed. Sighing and sobbing grew in all ladies and gents that were present. All rivers and
mountains too began to cry. Many fell fainted.
Himalaya came running. He too embraced Parvati and began to cry. "Daughter, where are you going leaving
me... alone!" Considering the whole world empty and lifeless without Parvati they began to cry.
Garga appeared now. He gave them knowledge of Absolute Truth. Thus he calmed them. Parvati bowed down to
her parents and Sage Garga, the family priest. As she walked she began crying again. With her Mena too, Himalaya too
and wives of her brothers too began to cry. Garga took care. Everyone understood. "The auspicious moment for farewell
has come." Garga announced.
Palanquin came and stood in the yard. Friends helped Parvati to enter in. All began to bless her. Mother and
father offered her gifts, the best they had. Parvati bowed her head to all elders with respect and four muscular men took
the rods on their shoulders. Now they moved. All kinsmen ran along side as Parvati moved.
Soon Parvati arrived where Lord Shiva was waiting for her with his party. She stepped out and bowed down to
her Lord and all the elders. Lord Shiva tood her hand into his and ascended his bull shaped crystal airplane.
Himalaya, Mena, Menak, all ministers and citizens looked and looked with unwinking eyes as the couple entered
the airplane. They stood speechless. The plane rose up, up, in the air.
Visnu's eagle shaped and Bramhaa's swan shaped airplanes flew up above in the air. All people stood calm, silent
and still, folded joined palms, tear wet eyes looking up above in the sky where their Princess was going away with her
beloved Lord Shiva whom she longed and longed and longed to live with. Along with her went her two friends Jaya and
Vijaya. Blessed was their life who served her since her childhood. During her daily worship days, during her hard
penance days, they didn't leave her. They suffered with her, for her. Now theirs is the life of success. Thanks Jaya, thanks
Vijaya. You won at last.
What a great joy, our Princess is joined with her beloved whom she ever longed for and what are we doing... are
we crazy or something... we are crying... we must rejoice. We must... no matter what it costs... rejoice the union of
Parvati with Shiva. Thus they concluded after long staring into the sky where all airplanes have vanished. They returned.

Shining gold, crystal, sapphire peaks, Lord Shiva is showing his hill to Parvati. Soon the plane took a few circles
and landed on the Kailash. Holding her hands into his, Lord Shiva brought his wife into his palace. The servants were
overjoyed to see that now they have their Lordess. They welcomed her with heaps of Kailashian flowers, fruits and
garlands. Smiling face of Parvati adorned in her wedding gown cheered their hearts.
"Goddess Parvati, you have been my beloved wife ever and ever, do you remember your former life when you
were here? Could you tell me something you recollect?" Lord asked her as soon as they arrived in a cozy corner.
"Dear beloved, I do remember all and everything. But right now, let us complete our most appropriate duty of the
time." Parvati said with a big smile on her face.
Lord Shiva was so very happy. He conducted a grand feast for all the wedding party. He fed Lord Visnu with his
own hand. Kheer and pudis, rasgullas and burfis, jackfruit and ladyfinger vegetables deliciously cooked with garam
masalas and hing, cumin. All dined... Music echoed. Dance continued all day till afternoon. By evening all gods took
leave. They boarded their planes with their wife and friends. Lord Shiva gave them innumerable gifts. And bowing down
again and again they flew into the space looking over and over again to Shiva and Parvati who are newly wedded.
Lord Shiva offered respect to Bramhaa and Visnu exactly as Vaman did to Sage Kashyap. Lord Visnu prayed to
him revealing his Absolute Bramhahood. Praising the wedding with all their heart, gods flew, echoing music in the sky.
Lord Shiva and Parvati entered this night in a new chamber specially decorated by all gunas. They are coming,
walking together, their perfume, their footsteps echoing...
Lord Shiva and Parvati have new sports and adventures everyday and thus a long time passed. The pastimes of
Lord Shiva and Parvati on Mount Kailash are sacred objects of meditation for aspiring yogis and intimate devotees. These
pastimes reflect at times of their own accord as you advance in your meditation. Visions of Lord Shiva alone or his
amorous plays with his consort are symptoms of one's advancement in meditation.
Bramhaaji says, "O Narada, this narration of the holy lila of Shiva and Shivaa is torture absolving, blissemitting, wealth and life enhancing. One who holding great love in his/her heart listens or discourses this wonderful
event of antiquity, attains Shivaloka.
"It awakens intelligence and discretion. In all important festivities of life when this narration is discoursed and
listened to brings fulfillment to life. Listening to this, all plans and projects come to an elegant perfection. This is true.
This is true. O Narada, this is absolutely true."
hara girija vihar nita nayau
ehi bidhi bipul kal chali gayau
taba janmer sat vadan kumara
taraku asur samar jehi mara
Here ends Parvati Section
of Rudra Samhita--in
Galactic Chronicles of Ashutos Age
vande vandana tusta manas
premapriyam premadam
purnam purnakaram prapurna nikhilai
svaryaika vasam sivam
satyam satyamayam trisatya vibhavam
satyapriyam satyadam
visnu bramhanutam
svakiya krpayo pattakrtim sankaram
By offering obeisances big smile of cheer spreads across whose countenance, whom love is very dear to his heart, who
bestows lovetrance upon whomever he loves, who is full of bliss, who satisfies all desires of those who love him, who is the
very abode of all prosperity and magnificence, who is full of auspiciousness, whose very form is composed of the Truth of
all relative truths, who is filled with the Truth to the brim, whose splendor is unconditional from past, present and future;
who loves truth, who bestows truth, whom Bramhaa and Visnu offer their prayers, I offer my respectful obeisances to that
benign Lord Mahadev who assumes any form anytime as he likes most.

"Reverend Father," Narada asked Bramhaaji. "Lord Shiva is almighty, self realized and self satisfied atmarama.
Being self-contained how he was able to love his wife and how he gave birth to a child and how he was able to conquer the
mighty Tarakasur? Please narrate all these to me and also other sweet pastimes I haven't asked." Narada looked at his
Bramhaa ji smiled... a pleasant smile and spoke gently. "Dear Narada, Lord Shiva now with Parvati began to
stroll in the panoramic woods and groves of Mount Kailash. He loved Parvati and Parvati to him. When they sang,
seasons and moments assumed the beautiful forms and danced in ecstasy. Many times they swam in rivers, hiked the
hilltops, ran across the valleys and walked along the holy bank of Ganga. At times they flew in the sky and floated with
the white clouds of autumn. They visited various stars and planets surprising their intimate devotees. At times, Shiva and
Parvati enjoyed skiing on the ice clad landscapes. Other times they planted trees and vines. One such day when Parvati
was planting a new Ashok tree, a sagacious priest of Indra who was just passing by asked with curiosity.
"Her Divinity, would you please enlighten us what is the fruit of planting a tree?"
Parvati was thrilled and said-"Sire, one who makes a well in a village which has no water reservoir, as many drops of water that well will have, that
many years he/she will live in heaven. If he makes a pond, that is ten times more merits added to your bank balance to be
hosted in a luminous celestial planet. Ten times that pond equals merits of giving birth to a daughter. Equal to ten times
merits is that of planting a tree. That again enhances depending on the kind of tree. Neem, amala, bilva, fig, banion;
palash entwined with jasmine, juhi, champa vines are extra fortune. If you grow mograw, tulasi, nightqueen, lotuses,
lilies, gardenias and rose bushes in between, that is extra meritorious deeds. Wherever the sower/planter goes to live, his
fortune follows him like a shadow. Come Sire, take these seeds and plant them wherever you make your ashram." Parvati
Parvati sowed great trees entwined with vines adorned with bushes of fragrant leaves. In the middle there came a
pond of crystal clear water with moonstone bottom and edges. It was so exquisite that six goddesses of beauty known as
krittikas began to live there with permission of Parvati. And there stood their new mansion all made of gold and
diamonds. Pillars were of lapis lazuli, chandeliers were made of pearls and crystals. Dining tables were made of garnets
and rubies and the other furniture of topaz, opals, jade and moonstones. The beds were made of reddish gold with pearl
canopies and snow-white silk sheets.
Peacocks, parrots, swans and deers roamed around. Green grass spread all over outside like a colorful carpet.
Sporting in this divine abode, one thousand years passed. Love of Shiva-Parvati echoed and perfumed everywhere around
on the Earth and in the sky.
Young krittikas always awaited the arrival of Parvati. While waiting they decorated the pond and surrounding
area so much that there was always something new. Everyday the area looked new and gorgeous. They were so talkative
and Parvati so innocent that they took words from her that her first son will take them too as his mothers. She was very
happy and Krittikas were very happy.
Once upon a time, Lord Shiva and Parvati were walking in the forest, hand in hand embraced into each other's
arms. Their love assumed the form of a baby boy who was laying on the green grass. Krittikas found him. He was so
loving that all Krittikas kept him with them. He grew fast. In six days he became young and powerful. They loved him
so much that they gave him the name, Kartikey (mothered by Krittikas). For their pleasure he assumed six faces. One for
each and thus his name became Sanmukha. Now they brought him to Lord Shiva and Parvati and introduced him as their
son. Lord Shiva took him on his lap and loved him. Parvati was thrilled to be a mother. She offered him lots of boons
and everlasting life.
News spread far and wide. All gods and goddesses rushed to the spot. Goddess Laksmi offered him prosperity
and a garland. Savitri offered him all siddhis (ESP powers). Festivity spread. Lord Visnu, Bramhaa, Indra and all
Celestials arrived. They offered him gifts, inner and outer.
Ku means ugly, unrighteous. Mar means terminator.
"Kumar" means terminator of all unrighteous VIPs and their powers.
Lord Visnu gave him this name and empowered him. He began to shine and illuminate all directions. He stood straight.
Celestials knelt down and offered him prayers. Kumar spoke, "Dear Celestials, tell me what can I do for you? Even it is
impossible, take it as done."
"Dear Kumar, there is the most wicked monster Tarakasur, so powerful, who bothers us all the time. He is too
haughty, wrathful and vulgar. We wish you could protect us from him." Celestials said.
"So be it. Even though I would have to terminate him, I will do it for you." Kumar said.
"Dear Kumar, your word is a perfect match with your dignity. Kindly be our commander-in-chief." Celestials
Kumar looked at Mother Parvati and Father Shiva. Their hearts melted and they approved imparting great power
upon him. The coronation ceremony began. Six day old young boy was being coronated as Supreme General of the
Celestial army. It was fantastic.
Mount Kailash had been decorated royally. Visitors from the heavens had crowded the hill, but it is so magical
that it accommodated all, yet there was no sign of a crowd. It was flexible, stretchy and elastic.

Celestials prayed to Shiva and Parvati. They cried over their condition and again the couple melted. They
embraced Kartikey over and over, empowering him with tremendous energy and intelligence and sent him with the
As the army marched, Tarakasur too marched with his army. He knew they have found some tough helper. But
soon he found out it was a seven day old boy and he just laughed on the poor intelligence of the Celestials. He also felt
great anger for their sudden disturbance.
Both armies assembled in Mahisagar Sangam where Narmada river unites with the Arabian sea. War music
echoed. Taraka's soldiers were roaring and the earth shook by their jumping. Indra offered Kartikey an elephant and the
war began.
Soon Kartikey felt uncomfortable on the elephant. He returned it back to Indra and accepted an airplane made of
gems and jewels shaped in a huge peacock. All weapons were accummulated. A fierceful fight started and soon the
battlefield was surrounded by dead bodies and broken vehicles with weapons.
Taraka assumed ten thousand arms. He rode on a lion holding a supersonic weapon shaped like a trident.
Virabhadra came to confront him and a fierceful fight ensued. Pramathas fought dangerously with the demons and
scattered them away. Taraka was very angry that he started ferociously killing the pramathas. Virabhadra's eyes became
red and he took a dangerous trident. The sky became illumined by its light. Swami Kartik saw it and came forward. He
ordered him to stop. Virabhadra followed the command. Then Lord Visnu came to the front. Soon a great fight ensued
between them. It went on for a very long time. At last the Lord shot him with his discus. It rose like a garland of blazing
fire and hit Taraka hard. He fell down on the ground but soon he rose up and broke the discus into pieces. He then
attacked on Lord Visnu with tremendous force and both warriors began to fight with a terrible force.
"O Narada," Bramhaaji continued his discourse, addressing to his son. "I approached Swami Kartik and
requested. "O mighty baby of Uma, Bhagavati Parvati, you are great among all Celestials. Please see the fight between
Lord Visnu and Taraka, it does not look good. Because I have given him a boon to be invincible among all except you, his
death is in your hand. O dearest one, after a long await we have finally found you. Please do not let us down again even
in front of you. You are a living death to this Taraka. Girdle your loin."
Hearing these words of mine, Kartikey laughed wholeheartedly. He decided to fight Taraka singlehandedly. He
pulled out his blazing weapon called Shakti, jumped off his airplane and came before Taraka.
"O Mahasen, all glories to you. Your complexion is like a new born, fresh lotus petal. You are like wild fire to
the demons. O Vishakha, O seven day old General of the Celestial army, on your shoulders is the responsibility of
protection of the world. Please get ready. Time has come." Soldiers prayed.
Taraka overheard and he remembered the boon given to him in the far off olden days. His heart trembled. His
following of mighty soldiers too fell in agony including Kalnemi.
Pushing this cloud of anxiety aside he came to the front. "Child, being just a baby, why have you come to the
battlefield. Go back to your mom. Play with your teddybear. They are at an injustice who placed so much burden upon
you. You need a brain to think of your good. Understand. Get out of here!" Taraka said.
"Listen Taraka, what is the use of wasting time in idiotic talks... Not by slipping your tongue back and forth will
you be taken as a warrior, but exhibiting your IQ level in operating your these weapons so stupidly you have loaded them
on you.
Not doing the right thing but only catharsing the itches of your tongue you will prove yourself nothing but an
overloaded donkey. So come on ass, fight with me!" Swami Kartikey challenged.
Before Kartikey completed his last word, Taraka hurled his mudgar and shot it upon him. Swami Kartik hurled
his discus and shot down his mudgar. Demon then shot a huge club. Kartik grabbed it in his hand like a baseball and shot
it back. It hit the demon hard on his chest and he shook, vomiting blood. He now believed this is the boy who is equal to
his death but he did not back out. He called all his soldiers and began to fight. Kartikey singlehandedly killed them all.
Now again Taraka felt his death approaching fast.
He began to fight very carefully assembling all his power. A fierceful dual ensued. Celestials, devas, kinnaras
and gandharvas stood still and watched this terrible fight. They were amazed. Even the air stilled. Sunrays became faint.
Earth with all her forests and mountains shook. Oceans rose in high tidal waves. Himalaya and his kinsmen
overwhelmed with love ran down to help the baby of their baby. Kumar saw and he said.
"Dear grandpa, thank you so much for your concern but please don't worry about me at all. I feel almost almighty
as I am well empowered by my mother and father. Just watch how I am going to wipe out this demon from the face of the
globe along with his army."
Consoling thus he tightened his belt firmly and resumed fighting. It was so interesting to watch that it appeared
less a fighting and more an olympic game. Empowered by Lord Shiva and Parvati, their seven day old child felt that the
mightiest monster of the world could only be a toy in his hand to play with. So he played and played and played. Rishis,
nymphs, celestial musicians came and stood in the sky watching. When all the assembled gathering was well entertained
he took a weapon, a shakti, in his hand and lo, he shot. It dazzled like lightening and struck his body. As it struck
Taraka's mountainous body it was scattered in pieces and he fell down on the ground.

His army attacked ferociously. Celestials fought and killed them. Many joined palms in surrender and they were
saved. Many escaped to the subterranean planets. Nymphs showered flowers. Musicians sang and played tunes of peace.
The news of victory spread all over the world. Himalaya and Mena came running and embraced their baby. Then to their
utter surprise they saw the northern sky as if effulgent light of the sun emanating in all directions. It came closer and
closer and stood on the earth. Everybody saw they were Shiva and Parvati surrounded by the group of their Kailashian
Mother Parvati like embodied sea of motherly love picked up Kumar in her lap and touched those limbs which
were red with exertion.
Flowers showered. Music echoed. "Jaya, jaya" resounded in all directions. One by one all different groups of
Celestials came and offered their gratitude. Each of them gave Kumar new boons.
Kumar looked at his grandpa, his kinsmen and friends. He said to them all, "You will be loved and adored by
the sagacious, enlightened beings. From now on in the world, anywhere, whenever anyone will develop a quest for Truth,
he/she will develop immense fascination for Himalaya. Meditation, prayers and religious rites done on any of the twentyfive thousand hills of Himalaya will be a hundred times more than done anywhere else."
All kinsmen of Himalaya were very happy to hear that. Now they requested humbly, looking at the illuminating
face of young Kartikey, "Kumar look, your parents are eager to take you back home. We would like to celebrate the
victory on Mount Kailash. Please come."
Kartikey looked for his vehicle, the peacock shaped, gemmed airplane. There it was. Mother, Father, all
attendants, boarded the plane and it rose into the sky and headed toward Mount Kailash.
Celestials too gave them hearty farewell and proceeded to their planets.
Sutaji continued. "Dear Sages, hearing the wonderful topic of Shiva Parvati wedding and the birth and power of
Swami Kartikey, Narada was very pleased. He requested again. 'Dear Father, I am so happy, now I want to hear about
Lord Ganesha. His birth, his actions and his lilas, please tell me all you can recollect. Oh, this is so auspicious and
Bramhaa ji continued--"Dear Narada, there are various stories about Lord Ganesh's birth and an accident because of which he gained the
elephant head. These stories are historical narrations of different Kalpas. Listen, I'm telling you the story which occured
in Sveta Varah Kalpa...
Once Jaya and Vijaya approached Parvati and requested. "Dear Friend, although there are countless parsadas to
serve us, still we feel lonely and alienated. They are all here from long before we came or even before we were born.
Therefore we do not feel honored enough. Our Kartikey is always too busy ever since he became General of the Celestial
army. He is always away on some trips. Could you please create at least one attendant who will be completely ours?"
"Certainly, I would do it, my friends. Tell me what shape shall I give?" Parvati asked smilingly.
"Let him be young, handsome and powerful." They said with immense curiosity.
"So be it." Said Parvati laughingly and whatever vermilion was left in the home after long use she assembled
together and gave it a form of a young, handsome child. For sometime everyone smiled with curiosity and laughed in
anticipation, in a fun. But soon their laughter stopped and all became silent and still when they saw the vermilion red,
handsome boy suddenly become alive and offering his obeisances to his creator and Mother Parvati and also her friends.
Everyone of them felt respected in Kailash for the first time.
"Mother, what service can I do for you?" His sweet, humble voice rumbled as a cloud.
"You stand by the door, son, and don't let anyone enter until we have taken our bath in that swimming pool. Stay
firm and undaunted, okay." Parvati instructed.
"Sure mom, your order is upon my head. I will follow it till my last breath." Said the boy who now began to
grow and as the natural quality of the age his body became developed as of a sixteen year old.
"You are good. You are great. You are my son. Okay son, go there, stay outside the door and lock it. It should
be opened only when we have completed our swimming contest which has been postponed since so long due to lack of
enough privacy. We will be in our bathing suits and will be swimming. No man should enter the door, okay." Parvati
patted the boy's shoulder and lo, he was empowered immensely.
As he stood upright with a cane outside the door, Parvati and her dozens of friends dressed in bathing suits,
jumped in the pool of sparkling water. The bottom and edges were plastered with silver and crystal. The floor deck
around it was made of reddish gold. The five hundred foot long by three hundred foot wide pool was sparkling in the
sunlight. Many easy chairs were placed on the lawn of green, lush grasses which carpeted all around. Champa, juhi,
jasmine, mograw, tulasi and nightqueen were blooming and the breeze was blowing with the perfumes of sougandhic lotus
from the far distance.
The swimming contest began and it developed into a fantastic great fun. It went on for hours. Swimming fast in
the water, friends of Parvati resembled arrows of gold moving through a blue sky. Their faces resembled blooming lotuses.
They were happy. It was the first time they were enjoying a free swim after leaving their capital. Their giggles echoed far
and wide. Birds too chirped in tune with them. Cuckoos cooed. Bumble bees and humming birds hummed from flower to

flower and Parvati was swimming with her friends. Jaya, Vijaya, Sumana, Shandili, all were ecstatic. They were
splashing water on each other while singing songs of joy and togetherness.
It was in the late hours of the day and time for Lord Shiva's return, but everyone was sunk in the joy of happiness
of Parvati who too was lost in the happiness of her friends.
Lord Shiva walked with long strides, "It was too late. What my beloved Parvati will be doing? I am so late, what
she will be thinking..."
As Lord Shiva approached the door he saw a handsome, red complexioned youth guarding it, who thought Shiva
might be some visitor to his mother. When he saw the new visitor entering the door straight away without caring for his
permission, he moved and stopped him with his cane.
"Sire, halt right there. You need permission from Mother to enter the door. Until then you have to wait. In fact,
right now she is not available as she is too busy. So, why don't you go back to your home and come when it is
appropriate." Ganesh said.
"Boy, you don't know whom you are talking to. Now, before our wrath falls upon you, get out of here or you will
be finished." The attendants of Shiva were amazed to see the imprudency of this unknown little boy.
"I know whom I am talking to, gentlemen, because I don't need to know who you are. Because I know who I am.
I am the mighty son of Mother Parvati and I don't care in the world for anybody who doesn't care for her permission. Now
what do you want. Would you voluntarily depart or do I teach you a lesson?" Ganesh said fearlessly.
"Whosoever you are, Ganesh, we haven't beaten you up only because we expect you to show some respect for Lord
Shiva who is waiting to enter the door. It is because of you he is being delayed. So get out if you don't intend to meet your
death right this moment." Attendants tried to scare him.
"Good fellows, here is no pumpkin to be scared by your empty threat. If you've power, come on. Try your
strength." Ganesh challenged.
Attendants went to Lord Shiva and reported the matter. "Why you are reporting this to me like impotents. Why
haven't you taken care of the stubborn boy and cleared my way. Get out!" Lord Shiva knew he wanted to play a new lila
through which he was willing to balance the ego of some of his attendants and exhibit the shining rise of Ganesh.
Finally war became inevitable. All the attendants well equipped with weapons were defeated by the single
handed, cane holding Ganesh in the vast area of the doorfront. The large garden and lawn of green grasses were covered
with the bodies of the attendants. All great warriors of the world came and fought with Ganesh. At last they died. Now
came Lord Shiva. He shot at him by his trident. It went straight and sliced his head off. Ganesh's handsome face
instantly vanished, as it was made of Parvati's vermilion.
Hearing the sound of fighting, Parvati and her friends were worried. They stopped their play, put on their saris
and opened the door. As soon as they saw the horrifying scene of Ganesh's death they were shocked. Some ran down and
conveyed the message to Parvati. She became angry. From her anger rose innumerable forms of female power. They
began to fight. One by one all gods came and fought but were defeated by the Shaktis. A great destruction began and the
entire world was being destroyed.
Door was still closed. Parvati entered her private chamber inaccessible to all. Shaktis resumed the great battle
with whomsoever came.
Soon it was realized that no power of the world can win over these Shaktis of Parvati. Great Sages were
approached for counsel and help. They advised to approach Parvati and eulogize her. At last the Sages and Celestials
appeared before Parvati. They prayed and offered obeisances.
"Sages, I'll withdraw my Shaktis if you resurrect my baby and make him the leading personality among all of
you." Parvati proposed.
"Okay Parvati, we'll inform the gods and let you know what they say." Sages replied.
When the condition of peace was reported to the gods they became sad. They requested Lord Shiva for counsel.
"That's okay, do it. Peace must be restored at all cost." Lord Shiva said.
Sages were informed of the decision. They reported the agreement to Parvati and she withdrew her Shaktis right
Lord Shiva then asked everyone to look for the missing head. Everyone was busy but how can they find it when it
evaporated as soon as it was cut off. At last Lord Shiva ordered them to proceed to the north and bring whatever they can
Gods went to the north and returned with an elephant head which had only one tooth. They handed it to Lord
Shiva and requested, "Let the same power of you enter the body of this boy from which all of us have been born." Prayed
Lord Visnu.
Lord Shiva took the head and joined it with the trunk of the young boy. As it was united his power also entered
his body and the boy awoke like awakened from sleep.
His green-red complexion was beautiful. Light of his power and talents illuminating. He was looking all around
with his innocent eyes.
All gods became very happy. They picked him up and brought him to Mother Parvati. She was very happy now.
She sat Ganesh on a gorgeous throne. She kissed on his head and placing her palm on his head said, "My son, oh what a
great trouble you went through for me. But now no trouble will ever touch you, rather remembering you all troubles will
be simply evaporated. You'll be foremost among all gods. Those who'll worship you with vermilion, flowers, sandal,

perfume, delicious food, ghee flame, betel leaf and donation along with circumambulation and obeisances, all siddhis will
come onto him/her, all the troubles will be cleared off."
Lord Shiva blessed him, placing his palm on his head, "Oh gods, this is my second son."
Immediately Ganesh stood up and bowed down to him like a humble son. He also bowed down to Mother
Parvati, Visnu, Bramhaa and all Sages. "It is the very nature of an alive being to express ego. I am no exception. Please
forgive me."
Bramhaa, Visnu and Shiva lovingly blessed him with many boons and announced, "From now on, O Celestials,
the world should worship Ganesh first, then to us. Then only it will be acceptable, otherwise the fruit of worship won't be
valid. Ganesh is the supermost "sarvadhyaksa" as we entitled him."
They performed abhiseka and perfume spread everywhere.
"Dear Ganesh," Lord Shiva said again. "Your name will be the foremost in trouble terminators. You'll be the
president among my ganas. You were born on the fourth day of dark fortnight of Bhadra month, at the eve of moonrise
when the first prahar of night was passing, therefore your fast will be started on that day, exactly from that time. This fast
will be bestower of great siddhis. It will be done twenty-four times in a year.
"Those who aim at series of happiness in family, social and national life should worship you on the fourth day of
every fortnight.
"When this sacred fourth comes in Margasirsa's dark fortnight, one should bathe early morning, take a vow of
fast; then make your statue of metal, munga, white mandar or clay. Then do prana pratistha (enlivening process). Then
worship with devotion with sandal paste and flowers. When night comes and first three hours have passed, take a bath
again and begin worship with grass which has no root, which is twelve inches long and has three knots. This grass should
be either one hundred one or twenty-one. Then offer incense, flame, delicious items of food, betel leaf, arghya and many
other things. Then offer obeisances. Then worship batachandra, then worship wisemen. Feast them with palatable items
of food. Then one should break the fast with saltless food. It should be delicious, but no salt of any kind.
"At last read, listen or discourse on the story of your birth, resurrection and accomplishments.
"Thus when one completes a course of twenty-four fasts in a year, then at last he should perform udyapan
(dismissal process). In it he/she should make an altar. Draw an eight petaled lotus. Place a pitcher on the center. Place
your statue upon it. Worship with vermilion, sandal, rice and ketaki flowers, etc. Drop miserliness at least for this time.
Then worship two ladies and two boys before the deity, feast them, stay awake all night. In the morning worship again.
Then dismiss with an invitation to come again.
"Receive blessing from the boys. Get svastivachan (Vedic hymns to invoke auspiciousness) done. Then offer
puspanjali (handful of flowers at the feet) for fulfillment of fast. Offer obeisances. Dear Ganesh, who will worship you
thus, all his troubles, problems and sufferings will be terminated and evaporated forever. This process is open for all,
specially ladies. Royal family, politicians should also perform this worship if he/she has high ambition and to get out of
troubles. Whatsoever is his/her desires will be instantly fulfilled." Lord Shiva's voice echoed.
All gods, Sages and ladies shouted "bravo" and affirmed. They worshipped Ganesh right there and opened the
possibility for all.
Parvati and her friends were so happy. They found their own boy almost almighty. Great joy and smile spread
across their faces. Celestial drums resounded, nymphs danced, gandharvas sang and flowers showered on and on. A great
festival was being celebrated and world peace was established. The perfume of serenity became intense throughout the
Receiving gifts from Shiva and Parvati, all guests boarded their planes and departed.
Narada, then I and Visnu both stayed in service of great Lord Ashutos and Umaa for awhile, then we too received
permission and departed to our planet.
This narration is sacred. It bestows wealth to the poor, baby to the barren, wife to the rejected bachelors, health
to the sick, fortune to the unfortunates and union of the beloved to the long separated ones.
"Dear father, I am so happy to hear the story of Ganesha's birth and his rise. Could you please describe now
about his fantastic wedding?" Narada asked Bramhaaji
"Swami Kartik and Ganesh began to play in and out of the palace as well as all over Mount Kailash. Their
pastimes were captivating. Their play, their sports, jokes and debates were all full of great reverence to their mother and
father. Krittikas loved them and always waited on them in the groves as forest goddesses. They served their parents with
utmost devotion. The grace and blessings of Shiva and Parvati showered prefusely upon both brothers. Now they
anticipated their wedding.
"They are grown into most charming youths. How to get them married... At the same time, Lord and Lordess
wished to propagate the greatness of devotion to one's parents by a son. He wanted to show the world his power manifests
through rightous parents when adored by their son. Their desire reflected upon the minds of both brothers, who then
began to argue and debate insisting, "I want to get married first."
Hearing their words, Shiva and Parvati became surprised. Soon after, one day they called both sons---

"Dear sons, we love you so much. You know that very well, but we have made a rule regarding marriage. We
hope it will be comfortable to you too. The rule is, any one of you would return first after circumambulating the entire
earth, his marriage will take place first. So please come first soon." Smiling faces of Shiva and Parvati dazzled upon the
speechless faces of both brothers.
"Okay Mother, okay Father, if you have decided it we are going. See you soon." Both came out of the chamber.
Swami Kartikey did not waste time. He bade goodbye to Ganesh and left. Ganesh stood silently gazing to the
direction his brother disappeared in. He was in deep thought as what to do now. "In no way can I do it faster." So he
concluded a new way. He returned to his apartment. He took a bath, wore fresh clothes and approached his parents and
said--"Father, Mother, could you please be seated on this seat which I have spread for both of you. I just want to
worship you." Ganesh requested.
He had made a gorgeous seat in his apartment that day. All the perfuming soft flower petals could find he had
picked and made a gorgeous seat. He also collected sandal paste, holy ash, lotus flowers, bilva leaves, kheer-pudis and
necklaces and bangles made of juhi, jasmine and champa flowers. Now with immense devotion he began to worship them.
He then prostrated at their feet, and then he circumambulated them seven times.
"Mother, Father, please get me married immediately." Ganesh said.
"Son, tell us really, when did you go around the earth seven times?" Parents asked.
"Vedas and Shastras say, for a son his parents and for a wife her husband is a sacred tirtha circumambulating
around them, one attains the merits of going around the entire earth with its forests, oceans and cities. I've gone around
you seven times. So whether you get me married or just proclaim out that Vedas and Shastras are no longer valid; they are
false. Among these both, please do whatever you feel right." Ganesh said.
Parvati and Shiva looked at each other's face and smiled. "Son, one whose intellect is sharpened upon the fall of
trouble his miseries vanish away as fog upon the rise of the sun. One who has intellect he/she alone is powerful. We both
have nothing but praise for your bright intelligence. The words of Vedas are true as it has always been and in the future
too it will always be. We promise we will get you married." Parents assured Ganesh. He became happy.
Now the news spread in Mount Kailash. The hill station was being richly decorated.
Prajapati Visvarupa had two beautiful daughters named Siddhi and Buddhi. They were shining like two full
moons. Soft lotus petal limbs, musky perfume, musical tone of voice, they walked like dancing and spoke like singing.
Their every action was a labor of love.
Lord Shiva and Parvati saw these good girls and they both liked them. Among great festivity the betrothal took
place. There was no delay. The marriage too, took place in just a few days.
Ganesh was going around the wedding fire with his brides Siddhi and Buddhi; clarinets, flutes, sitars and drums
were resounding. People were complimenting and the entire hill was celebrating the wedding festival.
Swami Kartikey heard this music and the news of Ganesh's marriage. He decided not to marry at all. He left
Kailash and settled in Mount Krouncha. He inhabited a new hill station and a serene, clean, fragrant breeze blew.
All dignitaries went to him and settled around him. It is still located in South of Bharata (India) and is visited by
millions of pilgrims every year. People called him Lord Muruga.
As soon as the wedding took place, Ganesh's honeymoon nights were highly colorful. Both wives became
pregnant. Siddhi gave birth to a handsome son who was named Ksema, meaning, wellness. Buddhi gave birth to another
handsome son and he became famous by the name Labha, meaning, profit. Ganesh's family life was wonderful. Lord
Shiva and Parvati offered each of them a special blessing and benediction.
But they missed their son Kartikeya very much. At last they too settled there by their planery expansion. This
new abode of Lord Shiva and Umaa is still famous as Mallikarjun. It is one of the famous Jyotirlingas.
On the 15th of every dark fortnight, Lord Shiva goes to visit Kartikey on Mount Krouncha. On the 15th of every
bright fortnight Mother Parvati goes to visit her son.
On the full moon day of Kartik month (November and December) when Krittika star rises on this night, anyone
who visits Swami Kartikey on Mount Krouncha washes away all his bad karmas. He/she attains fulfillment of their desire
no matter how difficult it is.
This sacred narration, O Narada, bestows upon the listeners, discourser and readers the rewards of fame, joy,
longevity, richness and understanding of the mysteries of Shiva and Parvati.
Here Ends Kumar Section
of Rudra Samhita
"Aum Namah Shivay"

"Father, now I would like to hear about the tri-city. How Lord Shiva handled those invincible demons." Narada
asked his father Bramhaa.
"Dear son, the same question was asked by Vyasa to Sanat Kumar. Then what he told I am relating them to you."
Bramhaa continued. "When Tarakasur was killed his sons sank in utter sadness. Of the three brothers, Tarakaksa was the
eldest, Vidyunmali was the second, and Kamalaksa was the youngest. They were equally powerful. They kept their senses
under control, were always eager to move to action and were well organized, honest, determined, valorious and staunch
opposers of Celestial beings.
The separation of father infused in them a strong force of detachment. Their sadness was so energetic, it moved
them to a new wave of tremendous creativity. They walked away. They entered the cave of Mount Meru. In the valley, in
the bank of that sweet river and panoramic sight, they began meditation. The goal of their meditation was to attain special
favor of Bramhaa ji. They continued penance for thousands of years. At last Bramhaa ji appeared.
In front of the three of them a dazzling light shone. And inside they found their object of meditation. They were
thrilled upon their success.
"O mighty demons, I am satisfied on your severe penance. I'm ready to offer you boon. Tell me what do you
want?" All demons offered their respect and spoke--"If you are satisfied with our meditation, O Lord, then give us boon that we become immortal. Never ever
disease, old-age and death should reach us and we remain powerful, almighty and young ever and ever." The three
demons said.
Bramha began to reflect upon the lotus feet of Lord Shiva. "Dear Tarakaksa and brothers, whoever is born will
die sooner or later. It is the law of this planet. You can ask for such a boon by which you can trick around the death and
which is impossible in its shape." Bramhaa ji said.
Demons began to ponder. They said--"Give us three airplanes strong and big as three planets. We'll build our city inside. My city should be made of pure gold
and remain invisible from human eyes. Let it be as fast as light and electricity." Tarakaksa said excitedly.
"Let mine be made of pure silver. We should be flying in and around the entire universe unobstructedly."
Kamalaksa said.
"Let mine be made of stainless steel and magnesium. My plane should keep flying with the speed of lightening.
We should only meet once in a thousand years upon the mist of the blue cloud. Then only and only in that moment while
we unite, if Lord Shiva seated on an impossible chariot, using inconceivable arrows shoots us only at midday in abhijit
muhurta while the moon is settled in Pusya star, then and then only let our death occur. Until then let no power of the
world anytime be able to kill anyone of us." Vidyunmali was equally smart. He always filled in if there was any loophole.
They were very happy upon the structure of the boon.
"Okay, so be it... evamastu..." Bramhaa said smilingly remembering Lord Shiva. And he then remembered Maya
who instantly appeared before him.
"Build three planet-size, city-like airplanes. One should be made of all solid gold, second of silver and third of
stainless steel. Give them to these mighty brothers." Ordering thus, Bramhaa departed to his planet.
Maya became busy. Soon he completed the assigned task. They were fantastic masterpieces. Each of them were
equipped with palacial buildings, halls, parks, forts and various roads. One was shining golden, second and third were
shining white. They were waterproof, iceproof, heatproof and strong. They were so magnificent that Maya himself got
allured. He asked for permission to be one of the citizens in there. They were glad to accept him as their first citizen. As
the planes were handed over to them news spread and nymphs, musicians, siddhas, charanas and innumerable beings
applied for accommodation.
They were gladly accepted as citizens. They were provided facilities to practice their own way of life and belief.
There was a temple of Lord Shiva and a yajna pit in every home. Shaivate wisemen lived there. Lotus filled ponds, green
grasses adorned around their residences. Lush green trees stood entwined with vines covered with perfuming flowers and
ripened fruits. There were mountains and rivers big as well as small which were as if smiling and laughing with their
budding and blooming lilies and lotuses. There was wildlife in the forests too and ashrams resounded with hymns of the
Pious, chaste and dedicated wives had also sanctified those cities by their residences. Powerful Daityas, Vedic
bramhins and ambitious merchants too lived there with their wife and children. Roads, lawns, parks and riverbanks
became crowded with dark blue haired, rounded arms, wide chest, educated youths who were overflowing with enthusiasm
to fight for a just cause. Their way of warring was clean and honest purified by the worship of Lord Bramhaa and Lord
Shiva. They were powerful as Surya, Marutgan and Indra. They were churner of gods in battle.
However vast, different and diverse dharmas are expounded in the Vedas, Shastras and Puranas, all of them were
present in those cities. Groups of scholars debated them often and they were extensively studied in libraries as well as
colleges and universities. Each of these planes were will-driven and required no gas nor fuel.
Thus Tarakaksa took charge of his gold made planet-size plane, Vidyunmali took charge of his silver made plane
and Kamalaksa took charge of his bright steel made plane. Immortalized by the electric-like empowering boons they
drove their planes here, there and everywhere. They landed wherever they wanted and did whatever they wished. They
traveled all over the world, universe, space in Bhuh and Bhuvah realms. They parked their planet-size city plane in any
forest, hillside or valley or even they parked in the space and used ladders to descend on the planet they wished to see.

Thus thousands of years passed and they still longed and hankered for more and more pleasure. In search of
pleasure, to find a thrill of adventure they invented new games and sports which involved mass killing of multitudes.
Their killer games were mostly addressed to planet Earth and the residences of Celestials. They saved and protected their
own citizens but ruthlessly slaughtered outsiders.
At times they landed their aircraft on a crowded city and ruined millions of buildings, killed millions of people
and destroyed billions of dollars in properties in an hour. While all this went on the citizens inside did not know of these
criminal actions going on by the kings themselves, therefore there was no protest.
According to the boon they met together every one thousand years. Three planets stood on one vertical line.
They feasted, danced, sang and gave grand parties. Three brothers meeting once in a thousand years was so interesting.
But their killer spirit went on growing and growing and growing. Celestials and humans went on and on bearing it until
one day it burst out.
Oppressed by these demons' percussions all humans and Celestials became sad. They counseled. At last they
decided to go to Bramhaloka. They collected all evidences, prepared their request. By the time they reached the gate there
were hundreds of them. Gatekeeps welcomed and escorted them to Bramhaa ji.
In a gorgeous assembly, Bramhaa was dazzling seated on his multi-gemmed throne. Great Sages, enlightened
Beings, embodied Wisdoms surrounded him. Bramhaa welcomed the guests and addressed directly upon the matter.
"Dear gods, it is myself whom they worshipped through great penances, again it was my boon they are
prospering; it is not good for me to put an end to the life I implanted. On top of that, throughout the three planets they
own Vedic meritorious deeds which are extensively being performed. Their merits are constantly growing in leaps and
bounds. In this context I can do nothing for you. But there is one hope. You came to my place and I can offer you one
opening. That is to approach Lord Shiva. If you can convince him you won the battle." Bramhaa ji said.
Gods were despondent. After a short talk they proceeded to Mount Kailash. They saw the perennial beauty of
Lord Shiva and his abode. He was still sitting under the great fig tree surrounded by Himalayan wisemen. Peacocks were
dancing in the distance, parrots were flying, cuckoos cooing. White cows were strolling and bulls playing. And Lord
Shiva was now seated with Parvati. His family had grown and so had the music and festivity on the hill. Both daughtersin-law of Lord Shiva, Siddhi and Buddhi, were adorned with valuable gems and silk saris moving all over managing the
affairs of the hill station. Ksema and Labha were grand receptionists. They took every step to fill the heart of every visitor
with deep satisfaction.
Lord Shiva and Parvati were seated under the tree. On gem studded floors of crystal were many mystic diagrams
which were artistically drawn on which sat a dozen of Celestial Sages. They were intently listening to the words -- nectar
dripping from the lips of the Lord. His hand lifted in jnanamudra.
Gods saw this transcendental, heart-soothing sight and offered their obeisances by touching the earth with their
eight limbs. They waited until the discourse was complete. With a glance of recognition, Lord Shiva looked at them.
They came closer. Tears were dripping from their eyes and sadness reflected on their faces. Their appearance conveyed
they were in need of desperate help.
"Dear gods, please be relaxed and let me know what can I do for you?" Lord spoke.
"My Lord, nothing is hidden from you. So all you need is to look. Swami Kartikey destroyed Tarakasur, but in
the joy of success we forgot to uproot his race. Now his sons have arisen into great powers. They have turned into three
most dangerous terminators the world has ever seen. They go on persecuting the righteous and religious. They have
enslaved rishis. They grab the oblations being carried by Agni for us. They are empowered by robbing our share of
livelihood. They have banned all Vedic performances which are dedicated to strengthen the bonds of humans and
Celestials. They are breaking all old established customs and laws. They have now control over all the natural laws.
Therefore, Lord Mahadev, we offer you humble obeisances and request you to save the world before they destroy it." Gods
"Dear gods, wisemen have prescribed confession for purification of robbers, drunkards, bramhin killers and
breakers of vows but have prescribed no prayaschitta for a traitor. Look, these demons are worshipping me. Their homes
and forests resound by the echo of Vedic hymns. They are doing yajnas all over. Tell me, knowing dharma well how can I
lift my weapon on them. You too have studied the Vedas, please consider it. It is the law that whosoever is engaged in
meritorious deeds one must not think of their destruction. I know your problem, but punyawise they are immensely
powerful. Please don't ask me to do anything against them. Since you have approached me, it becomes my duty to protect
my nobility by not letting you return empty handed. Therefore, I ask you to go to Visnu and tell him it is my order to help
you." Lord Shiva said and glanced with compassion.
Soon gods departed. They entered Ramaa Vaikuntha door. Escorted by Jay and Vijay they entered Lord Visnu's
assembly. On a gorgeous throne he was sitting with goddess of prosperity Laksmi. Hundreds of citizens of Vaikuntha have
packed the hall wall to wall. Discourse on the lilas of Mahadev Shiva was going on. Lord Visnu saw the despondent
celestials. He didn't want the discourse to be disturbed so he gave them audience in a cozy corner.
"Just by seeing you your problem flashed on my sight. In your sadness is inscribed and video pictured all those
that are the cause of your problems. I have a solution but you have to do some dirty laundry. In fact those who, what to

speak of helping others, approaching a person in trouble times not only do not lend their heart, hands and wealth but, are
so mean to even persecute them, destroy them, who invent their joy in making them suffer, do not deserve the gift of great
understanding in Shiva-experience. If they have it, it is bound to be complicated, debated and confused. The very law of
karma is such he/she will soon be losing his/her faith and go tossed and turned round and around by situations and
Same kind of package of confusion and utter complication which you have reserved for India in Kali-yuga for
pre-Mogal and British empires, as well as during the first phase of their so-called independence, the same package should
be hurled upon these three gigantic cities. So remember, help yourself first, then my share of help will follow you. Then
we appraoch to Lord Shiva and he'll do the rest. You must not approach an emperor just for begging an axe to chop wood.
No, never do that.
In fact you should have done this long ago. A non-helper of his fellow beings, whose heart doesn't melt in
causeless, unconditional help for trouble fallen ones, no matter how devout Hindu he/she is doesn't deserve worship of
Lord Shiva nor me nor you. For them you must create bloodshed either by Muslims or skinheads or create another Hitler
just for Hindus. Those who don't rush down to help his fellow beings or help those who are already helping him/her are
traitors to their religion, their very humanness and nobility. They have no right to utter even the name of God. It is
illegal. Drop them in a communist country where they will be tortured to death for taking our names. So dear gods, go
and help yourself first. Then I'll help, then Lord Shiva will definitely help.
Soon from the forest started coming false prophets. They began preaching that the Vedas were songs of the
shephards. There was no wisdom in them. By worshipping idols you become childish, immature and merely an idolator.
And there is no difference between you and a child playing with his teddybear. Ladies are not the toys of man. Men have
no rights to use them. They have equal rights and they have rights to have free sex. If they have group sex they will be
considered more modern and smart.
It was third generation growing up. They listened intently. They were impressed. They were tired of all the old
customs and old people. They began abandoning their forefathers' way of life. Everything began changing. Ladies began
recognizing their worth only in being sex symbols and a fascination to the men. Men began exploiting them. Marriage
became a commodity to be dismissed at anytime for any reason. Temples and discourse centers were turned into cassinos
and Vedic schools into dance schools. They became so busy in works that they could find time to take bath only at night.
Consequently flowers became perfumeless, fruits tasteless. Robbers and murders began to patrol the lands.
Kamalaksa, Vidyunmali and Tarakaksa mostly spent their times in joy of wine, sex and parties. Because of the
power of their tapas the time did not effect their body but they had to change governors and mayors time and again. They
were all from new generations with new materialistic trend of ambitions and rough life style.
Soon floods, tornados and thickets began destroying the wealth and life of people. Many sex diseases spread
which had no cure. Things became expensive in the markets and people had to work so hard all day. Taxes increased. At
the same time they invented new vehicles, homes, stores and factories that produced heavy pollution in the air. Killer bees
and termites boomed scaring all people to hell. For all these troubles they blamed God. They became against Shiva. They
accused him for being not available even though their forefathers had worshipped him well and long.
In such an air of doubt, confusion and utter choas the three cities were disoriented. Each one wanted to discuss
about the drastic change that had occurred in this century. They wanted to have private meetings and detailed sessions on
this topic. One thousandth year of their visit was fast approaching. Governors and mayors and all Vips were preparing for
the oncoming grand feast and meeting with their old friends as well as sightseeing panoramic views of a couple of new
planets. Same way each planet was being cleaned from top to bottom. They were decorating all tourist attractions for
their friends and relatives. Doing so, innumerable kinds of injustices, crimes and oppressions took place. Righteousness
was debated. God became a mental son of man or an excuse for survival of the weak. Women became like whores and
men almost womenhunters. Women too were trained to feel their worth in staying fascinating to people and no inner
growth. Attitudes of sharing disappeared. Government became a legal robber and citizens survivalists. Citizens became
hopelessly illiterate in the field of couscious evolution, yet felt themselves most educated in the entire history. Poverty and
stereotype life became the regular norm.
Of course it took many years, but Celestials did their work and waited patiently. At last they observed their
intellect had become perverted to a degree that they were heading towards destruction so they approached Lord Bramha.
Then all approached Lord Visnu, then all approached Lord Shiva. He was beautifully adorned with flowers, half moon
shining on top of his coil of matted hair. His bhasma, rudraksa, snakes, tigerskin clothing were dazzling. Parvati, Siddhi
and Buddhi were serving nearby. Virbhadra, Ganesh, Nandi and others were strolling around in the garden. Lord Shiva
was speaking on Shivatatva that day. Sages from Jan and Mah lokas were listening to his discourse.
As the discourse completed, Ganesh led them to the Lord. They all prostrated and prayed with joined palms.
"O blue necked, snowwhite, dazzling consciousness personified, illustrious Lord, we bow down to you. You have
always rescued us from great troubles. Please protect us from this one. You are subtler than atoms, subtlest than all
thoughts and larger than the entire bramhand. You have faces, eyes, ears and mouths all around you. They are extended
to every corner of existence. We offer you our obeisances from all directions.

"There are innumerable aspects of life beyond our understanding but it is you whose wish upholds and sustains
them. O most intelligent one, we have become deluded by your maya. We have followed the procedure indicated by Lord
Visnu. We have done our share of the work. Now please O lord, do your part. Thank you, thank you my Lord, thank
Lord Mahadeva's pleasant smile illuminated all directions. His merciful glance soothed everyone's heart. He
looked at Parvati. She looked at the guests and to the Lord and consented.
"Sure, definitely my Lord, devas must be helped." Lord Shiva stoop up and took Lord Visnu in his embrace.
Looking at the huge party of the Celestials he spoke. His voice echoed in all directions.
"Are these demons worthy to be killed by me? After all their forefathers were devotees of mine. Although they
have abandoned the path of righteousness still why have I to destroy them? Why not someone from you do this job? Lord
Visnu became sad. Celestials too became nervous. Bramhaa said--"Ultimately all beings are sons of God. All are your own. But when their decisions and judgements go on rolling
down to the steep ditches of violence, anger, sex, and they chose to stay hopelessly misunderstood about the Truth they are
worth destruction.
"We know your inspiration, my Lord. They were not causeless, unconditional helpers of all but oppressors and
hardheaded judgementals of the typical kind, therefore they had no right on your holy name. But as they did relish your
name, your meditation, they achieved great power. That power has been misused ever since. Now they have lost your holy
name. They have no contact with you yet their unrighteous conducts are indiscriminately growing. They have become a
sore in the neck of existence. They need to be wiped out. You are the God, the King; Lord Visnu is the Prince Regent. I
am the Prime Minister. All Sages, yajnas, Vedas, scriptures, natural panoramas are your citizens. They abide by your law.
Oppressing them, the demons have challenged your power and integrity. They must be responded by you, my Lord, by you
Lord Shiva's face became lit with another dazzle of a big smile. He spoke slowly.
"Well, dear friends, if it is so, where is my empirial attires? If I am your King then where is my chariot,
charioteer and weapons with which I could challenge those oppressors of yours?" Lord Shiva said and became quiet.
All Celestials became sad and worried. They soon found that they had been congregationally teleported to a far
distant land from Mount Kailash. Feeling themselves kicked out, all gods began crying. Then Lord Visnu said--"Dear gods, drop your anxiety. Cry not. Listen to my word respectfully. It is not always easy to attain the mercy
of a great Being. Many troubles have to be gone through. Even then when you stand upright, undaunted and enthusiastic,
Lord melts. His big smiles illuminate your life and his compassion enlightens your heart. Lord Mahadeva is Ashutos. He
will definitely shower his mercy. All we need to do is girdle our loin to do something wonderful. Therefore take this
mantra from me. It has just started resounding inside and out of me. I feel it is Lord Shiva's instruction, a message to me
for you, for all of us to receive his grace.
"Aum namah sivaya subham subham kuru kuru sivaya namah Aum." This is the most powerful mantra. Please
learn to whisper it. Then take a vow to whisper it one hundred million times. Upon the completion, Lord Shiva will
definitely appear before us and fulfill our wish."
Soon all the Celestials learned it and they sat in different caves of Himalayas. They began to whisper. The
warmth of their whisper became so blissful that snow melted, flowers blossomed. Cool, fragrant and mild breeze began to
blow. And lo, then one day suddenly a stroke of pleasant wind touched everyone wherever they were and suddenly love
and light spread, as if music echoed without musicians, as if a shower of bliss overwhelmed all in and through. And
everyone saw with amaze and awe that most benign Lord Bholenath had come. That most awaited Beloved Lord was
standing in their midst. Great uproar of rejoice resounded. And lo, Mahadev's smile radiated--"Varam bruhi, O wonderful beings, ask for benediction. Hurry up, right now, as long as I'm pleased get attained
whatever you want." Lord Shiva said, his face beaming with delight.
"My Lord, thank you so much for appearance. We are troubled by villainous power of Tripur demons. Please
help us." Gods said.
"Consider from today Tripur demons are dead. All you need to do is bring a strong chariot, bow and arrows.
Decorate me with emperial shining items. And just watch my combat. The mantra you whispered is highly meritorious,
powerful and bestower of material and spiritual wealth. It is wish fulfiller and satisfier of me. In the future whosoever
will whisper will attain prosperity, fame and longevity." Lord Shiv said with a big smiling face.
Right then, Visvakarma came forward. He instantly created a dazzling new chariot, all made of reddish gold. Its
right wheel was made of the sun and his twelve powers while the left wheel was made of the moon and his sixteen powers.
Six seasons became the axle. Ether (antariksa) became the front portion, Mandarachal became the back. Uday and Asta
mountains became its kubar. Meru became the base. Samvatsar became its speed, uttarayan and daksinayan became the
iron nails. Five elements became its strength. Bramhaa became the charioteer. Aum became the whip in his hand. Vedas
became the horses. Himalaya became the mighty bow. Shesh became the string in it. Sarasvati became the bells. Lord
Visnu became the arrows, fire became the tip of the arrows. Vayu became the war music. Halahal became the army.
Ganga and all rivers assumed the form of maidens to fan the Lord while he was fighting. Puskar and holy places became
the flag on the chariot.
Great mantras became the gangs, Puranas and six philosophies became various ornaments. Faith became the fast
tempo of the chariot. Prakriti became isadand, buddhi nadwal, ego the corners and Abhramu (wife of Eairavat) and

Kamedhenu became juva. Whatever there was in the bramhand everyone donated their essence and power. Thus a great
chariot stood in their front dazzling like a second fire, moon and sun. Now Bramhaa ji yoked the horses and requested
Lord Shiva to get in. All gods stood watching. Sages chanted auspicious mantras of the Vedas. Ladies showered flowers.
Parvati came running and gave him a great embrace and kiss. Siddhi and Buddhi sang songs of grace. Visnu stood
singing songs of prayers.
"My Lord, get in." Everyone requested.
As Lord Shiva stepped into the chariot, suddenly the horses stumbled. They fell down on the earth on the head
part down. Earth and mountains shook. Shesh trembled. Nandin rushed and went under the chariot and lifted it up.
Lord Shiva ordered Bramhaa to drive on. He took his seat. Lord Shiva now settled on his seat, then aiming to the three
planets he drove the chariot to the sky.
Right then came the union day of the three cities. They parked together in one verticle line. The long awaited
session began. Party continued and long separated relatives, friends and kinsmen were embracing each other. Great
festival was going on. Demons were oblivious of the situation but then they heard a great sound of war.
"My Lord, this is no way to win the war. First worship Ganesh. As you have offered him boon, let it be true.
Please worship Ganesh." The sky voice echoed. Everyone heard.
"Demons, this is no time to sleep in common entertainments. Girdle your loins and stand up to fight." A pause,
then silence.
"This is me, Shiva Mahadev, I challenge you to come and fight. Eulogized by gods, satisfied I have given them
the boon to eliminate their oppressors. Today is your last day. You have time until I complete worship of my son Ganesh."
Voice was loud and clear.
They have enough time to prepare. They were happy that they were together. Their power was three fold more.
Maybe they will win. There is always hope, demons concluded. They were now ready. All the armies were equipped with
weapons and dressed jumped on their vehicles. They settled on the bottom flat of their plane ready with millions of
granades, machine guns and bombs. And they began dropping them one by one by one and collectively.
"Maya, you have still time left if you foresee the future, get away. Leave the plane and run away to your
subterranean residence." Lord Shiva's voice echoed after Bhadrakali completed the worship of Ganesh.
And lo, Maya dumped his belongings in his suitcase and dumped them into his little private plane and flew away.
Nobody cared. They were too busy to notice, but Maya was saved. He landed on the landscape now known as Central part
of America. His civilization and culture spread far and wide. He was very concerned of destructive modes of technology
of which he was master of. His new culture was based on nature and its gifts.
Even now his soul and spirits of his disciples roam around the U.S. imspiring the genius, the scientists to invent
newer and newer technology, medicine and quantum machines. Alchemy, nuclear physics and space travel were his most
favorite hobbies.
As soon as Bhadrakali completed worship of Ganesh, war bugle resounded. Suryavarcha, Mahajvar, Sundar,
Himakar, Karpurputan, Ahankarkarak and others followed Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva then stood on his chariot. He set
Pashupat arrow on his bow. His face red with devastating anger. He was licking his lips holding the middle part of his
bow while his chariot sped through the space like a rocket. Right then he spotted the tri-city in the sky and demons
showering weapons on him and his army.
"My Lord look, those are them. The terror of the world. Don't miss, don't play too long. We are right under
them and their weapons will roast us in a moment. Please do something quick." Gods shouted on the top of their voices.
It was midday. Abhijit muhurt was in process. Lord Shiva resounded his bow and roared aloud. Then he pulled
his arrow back all the way to his ear and lo, he shot towards the tri-city. As if a great blast of dynamite, blazing like one
thousand suns the pasupat weapon flew like lightening. All one could see was devastating fire. Arrow had pierced all the
three planet big airplanes in an instant and blasted into cosmic dynamite. All demons, citizens, ladies, gents, treasuries
burned into ashes. Tarakaksa, Vdyunmali and Kamalaksa were burning in the fire. They lamented on their reckless
behavior towards all beings. They prayed.
"Ok my Lord, we are getting punished. In whatever specie we take birth let our intellect remain filled with love
of yours." Thus they cried. While they were praying, fire stood and awaited the order of Lord Shiva. Receiving his
consent he burned them. Entire city of all inhabitants were burned. The remaining shape of tri-city fell on the earth. It is
said that they fell in the shore of the Mediterranean sea. Now that place is known as Tripoli. It is a city in Egypt.
Beings from all nearby planets as well as sky travelers saw as if three seas of fire falling from the sky. They were
happy. They saw Lord Mahadev and all gods. Mahadev was standing there still angry and red faced. He was like another
blaze of devastating fire. When gods turned their face they became scared.
They went near him and stood surrounding him and prayed and prayed and prayed. Every Vip among the gods
eulogized with the best of words his heart could manifest. Thus in a long time Lord Shiva was pleased.
"I am pleased O devas, ask for benedictions." He said
"Thank you my Lord, thank you. Whenever trouble falls on our head please help us kindly." They requested.
"So be it."
While this was going on, Maya Danav came and fell down at his lotus feet. Love and gratefulness filled his heart.
He prayed and prayed with tears in his eyes.
"I am pleased, ask whatever you wish." Lord Shiva's voice echoed.

"Mahadev, offer me eternal devotion to you. Let friendship with your devotees, mercy to the poor, avoidance to
the wicked, be my second nature. Let no demonicism ever arise in me. I ever and ever love you." Maya Danav said.
"Given. You are my devotee. I give you long life. Go and settle in Vital region of subterranean planet. It is more
beautiful than heaven. Now and then you can live also on planet Earth." Lord Shiva said and sent him away.
Now Lord Shiva, Parvati, Ganesh and all his parsadas looking at all assembled gods smiling and blessing, all
disappeared. Upon their vanishing the chariot; arrows, bow also vanished in thin air. All gods rejoiced. They were free
from a long time headache. Devas, munis, gandharvas, kinnars, nagas, sarpas, apsaras and humans began to celebrate a
festival. They began to sing the glories of Lord Shiva and proceeded to their planet.
One of the thirteen daughters of Daksa who married with Sage Kashyap was Danu. She was extremely beautiful
and fortunate. She became pregnant hundreds of times and gave birth to a powerful race of demons which became famous
as Danavas.
One of them rose as mighty Viprachitti. He gave birth to a son named Dambha who was very organized and
dedicated to Lord Visnu. He was married and he enjoyed all his youth. In late age no child was born as usual. He
approached Sage Shukracharya and received a mantra of Lord Krishna. He went to Puskar and sat in a strong and hard
posture. Then he began his meditation. It is said one hundred thousand years passed. Blazing light of his meditation
spread and filled all over the cosmic egg -- bramhand. The heat began to burn the heaven of Indra. He wondered what
was going on, but he failed to understand. He went to Bramhaa ji with his friends. Bramhaa thought it was a good
opportunity to visit Lord Visnu and have some nice talk. When they arrived at Vaikuntha, Lord Visnu greeted them with a
big smile and said.
"Don't worry about that light and heat. I'll take care of him. I'm sorry, I should have met him before." Lord
Visnu knew their puzzle and he assured to solve the problem. They all joined in a big feast and long gossip. They
Lord Visnu appeared before Dambha. He opened his eyes, overwhelmed with devotion, he fell prostrate at his
feet. He sang a song of devotion.
"Ask for benediction." Lord Visnu said smilingly.
"Oh lotus eyed Lord, offer me such a mighty son who will be a great devotee of yours, who will win all over the
world and who will be invincible even for all gods." Dambha said.
"So be it." Lord Visnu said and he smiled and vanished. As the Lord disappeared, Dambha rose happy and
peaceful. The blaze of his willpower to draw the Lord had cooled down. He prostrated at the direction where the light of
the Lord vanished and returned home. His wife became pregnant.
Sudama, one of the friends of Lord Krishna in Golok was cursed by Sri Radha to fall from the transcendence into
the demons. It is him whose soul entered her womb. In due course of time a handsome baby boy was born. His father
Dambha celebrated a great festival. Priests came and made a horoscope and his name became Shankhachud. He began to
grow like the rise of moon in bright fortnight. He was illustrious. He learned all knowledge very fast. His child and
boyhood plays were pleasing to his parents and neighborhood. Everyone loved him.
He grew as a teen-age luminous, bright youth. He met Sage Jaigisavya and received knowledge of meditation.
He went to Puskar and sat in deep meditation to get Bramhaa ji to appear before him. He was so organized and focused to
his goal that Bramhaa ji couldn't stop himself for too long to appear. He appeared. Shankhachud saw a reddish light
filled all directions. He opened his eyes and saw a handsome, young, red complexioned four faced, swan riding Lord came
to see him. He bowed down in reverence and prayed.
"Ask for benediction." Bramhaa ji's words echoed.
"Let me become invincible and almighty even to all gods. Give me a fierce nature that is wise and extremely
"So be it. You will be so. Have this Krishna-kavacha. It will serve as an invisible wall of protection around you.
Now you must go to Badrinath forest near the Valley of Flowers. There is a beautiful girl, Tulasi. She is meditating. She
is daughter of great Dharmadhvaj. Go and talk to her and if she likes you, marry with her." Bramhaa ji said and
Shankhachud wore the Krishna armor on his neck. He walked to the hill of Badrinath. After a short
investigation he spotted the maiden. He saw she is extremely beautiful and she had just opened her eyes after her long
meditation. He greeted her with joining his palms in respect. She welcomed him with a faint smile.
"O the beautiful one, who are you, what is the goal of your meditation. If you feel me deserving, please tell me all
about you." Shankhachud spoke.
"I am the daughter of Dharmadhvaj. I am just meditating these days with no particular goal. I just enjoy doing
it. I have no one to love. Without love life is like a desert. In such a life meditation is like an oasis. May I know who are
you please and why have you disturbed me, coming here... And," with a sweet smile she added, "Don't you know ladies
in lonely places grab one's consciousness like an alligator. And it then no longer is able to move towards growth

"Reverend Maidan, you may be right. But I know by my heart I am not that weak to be lured so easily and you
too are not so loose. Don't you know me, I am Shankhachud who scatters the army of gods in all directions. In my past
life I was citizen of Golok. I committed an offense and cursed by Sri Radha I've born in the family of Dambha. I wish you
could be my wife. Please marry me. I will love you all my life." Shankhachud said.
"Gentleman, he alone is blessed in his life who is not possessed by a woman. One who becomes obsessed by
women remains impure regardless of his great righteous conduct. In birth of a child and in death, bramhins take ten days
to be pure, ksatriyas take twelve days, Vaisyas fifteen days, Sudra one month, but one who is henpecked and obsessed by
womens' enticements is always impure until his body has dropped dead and dumped into the flames of fire. His pitries do
not accept his offerings gladly. Gods too do not accept his gifts of flowers and fruits. A woman possess minded person
when she does meditation, japa, yajna, worship, donation and hears great knowledge, all what good is it for? It all goes
fruitless. But I know you are not that, dear Sir; I reminded you just in case." Tulasi said.
Right then, Bramhaa ji appeared and said--"You Tulasi, you Shankhachud, what debate have you started in here. You know such talk is of no use. It doesn't apply to
anyone of you. Well, I've come now. Get ready. Get married right now. Tulasi is a gem among ladies and you
Shankhachud, a gem among men. Let's have the wedding take place. Bramhaa ji asked them to hold hand in hand. A
fire began to burn. A bridal dress appeared. They were dressed and lo, mantras echoed of their union. They were
circumambulating the sacred fire.
Music echoed. Sages blessed them. Flowers showered. A sweet, fragrant breeze blew and cuckoos cooed and
they were now married.
They both offered their obeisances to Bramhaa ji. Smiling and blessing them he departed to his planet. Holding
hand in hand, looking at each other, newly married Tulasi and Shankahchud came to their home. Festivity rang out.
Festivity of Shankhachud's return and wedding continued for months. News spread all around. Daityas and
Danavas were very glad. They found a shelter on planet Earth. Under the leadership of Shukracharya, demons came out
of their cavities and joined Shankhachud. He together with Tulasi greeted the guru and welcomed all Danavas. They
made him their king. For months the coronation ceremony continued. Looking at this beautiful pair of Tulasi and
Shankhachud, Danavas couldn't blink. The pair became not only their king and Queen, but also a symbol of topmost
After becoming Emperor, Shankhachud invaded all prominent rulers of the Earth. He conquered them. Then he
attacked higher planets, even heaven was not a exception. It was taken over. Celestial beings fled in all directions and hid
in caves, seaside places and bay areas. Danavas took over all rights of the Celestials. Shankhachud became sovereign
emperor Indra. He began eating the oblations of yajna addressed to the Celestials. He appointed his own officers who
performed duties of Kuber, Soma, Surya, Agni, Yama and Vayu. Thousands of years passed happily.
In his reign there was never famine nor disease nor influence of inauspicious planets. Earth produced harvest
without ploughing and sowing. Innumerable medicinal herbs abounded on the Earth. Fruits were juicy and sweet. Mines
of gems and pearls were countless. The sea used to scatter gems on its shores. Trees were always clad with blooming
flowers of the season. Rivers flowed dancingly with abundance of crystal clean water. Varnas and Ashramas were well
established. No one was miserable except the Celestial beings. It was only due to aversion towards their own brothers.
Shankhachud was friend of Lord Krishna in Golok. He was dedicated to sakhya rasa mellow of paramount state
of devotion. He was born in the race of Danavas due to curse. Even he was a demon no demonic intention ever possessed
Celestials approached Bramhaa ji. Together with Bramhaa they then approached Lord Visnu. They prayed and
cried in pain.
"My abode is inaccessible even for the great yogis. Why have you come here so sad and desperate?" Lord Visnu
"Oppressed by Shankhachud these Celestials came to me, O Lord, I wish you could solve this problem." Bramhaa
ji said.
Lord Visnu laughed and revealing a new mystery he said--"I know Shankhachud. He was an illustrious being in his past life. In Golok Lord Krishna lives. He is my own
expansion. His wife is Radha and she is fifth great expansion of my yogamaya. She rules Golok. Thousands of
milkmaids and milkmen manifested from her form. They follow and serve them. The eternal couple sports with them. In
one of the sports he had committed a mistake and Sri Radha's wrath sent him here as a prison sentence. He is locked out
of Golok. But even that which is prison in comparison to Golok, see how glorious, joyous and prosperous it is. Even an
exiled, banished and kicked out person from transcendental plane of Existence is so heroic, fortunate and emperor on the
physical plane of Existence. Similar is the case with Hiranyakasipu, Ravan and this Shankhachud.
"Therefore Celestials this suffering is a great lesson. No matter how paramount state of glory and joy you attain
you'll still be in a less fortunate state than a locked out dismissed prisoner from transcendental plane of Existence.

"If your heaven is a hell in comparison to the beauty and joy of my planet then what to speak of America, Europe
and all third world countries. They are dungeons and nothing else, but see the ignorance of human beings. They are
educated well still hopelessly illiterate to know the real situation.
"You came to my residence and I assure you. Soon he will be slain by the trident of Lord Shiva. That is how
Krishna has predestined his death. He will be back to his original status. Therefore, please don't worry. Go to Mount
Kailash. Wait, wait, this is a wonderful opportunity for me too, to have darshan of the Lord Bholenath. So let me join
you." Saying this, Lord Visnu took leave from his devotees and accompanied the party.
Now this party of Celestials flew towards Mount Kailash. Whispering his mantra, remembering his lilas,
meditating on his dazzling beauty they arrived at the transcendental Kailash. They were welcomed by Nandi and Bhringi,
escorted by Ganesh they entered the assembly of Lord Shiva. It was crowded by parsadas of Shiva who had luminous
The hall was even and square made by moonstones. Light of the moonshine was emanating from each stone. It
was adorned with diamond chandeliers and gold furniture, gem necklaces and lotus garlands. It had sapphire pillars.
Pure and fragrant air blew. More than ten thousand square feet of that hall was crowded by luminous beings who were full
of devotion and dedicated to Lord Shiva. They were all handsome wearing good silk and gems with sacred ash on their
forehead and rudraksa beads on their neck. They were taken through all assembled crowds. They saw there on top, on a
high stage, a gorgeous throne. It was made of shining gems with velvet love seats. There was a pearl canopy on top with
jasmine, juhi, plumeria and mograw garlands hanging all around it.
Upon that beautiful throne there sat great Lord Shiva and Lordess Parvati. They resembled moon couple
surrounded by stars. They wore shining crowns, diadems and necklaces. Sacred ash and rudraksa beads adorned the
Lord. Holding lotus blossom, ecstatic Shiva was chewing a fragrant betal leaf given by Parvati. Parsadas were serving
lovingly. Both were embodied pure-consciousness or composed of sacred sound of mantra.
Lord Visnu and Bramhaa with all Celestials offered the Lord their obeisances and eulogized him in sweet artistic
language. Shiva and Parvati smiled and spoke--"Dear Visnu, dear Bramhaa, drop your fear of Shankhachud. Although he knows dharma well yet he is troubling
the Celestials out of ignorance. Please go to Shiva of Himalayan Kailash. He is my own expansion. To fulfill the task of
devas I've manifested that form of mine. I'll take care of the situation." Lord Ashutos said.
The party landed on Mount Himalaya. They ascended Mount Kailash and they approached Lord Shiva and
"Don't worry about that. Please return to your planets. I shall take care of Shankhachud." Lord Shiva assured.
They were happy and they returned.
Lord Shiva called his devotee Puspadant also known as Chitrarath -- the topmost among Celestial musicians.
Who once fell in trouble and eulogized Lord Shiva by verses known as Shiva-Mahimna-Stotra. He sent him to
"Dear Shankhachud, I'm the messenger of Mahadev. I request you to return the kingdom to the Celestials. It
really belongs to them." Puspadant reached heaven and told him.
"I've decided not to return it. I've won it by my strength and it belongs to me. If the Celestials want it they must
come and fight with me. If they won, all is theirs. This is the law. Tell this to Shiva. Let him do what he wants." Was
the stern response of Shankhachud.
Puspadant returned and reported the matter. Lord Shiva looked at Virbhadra, Nandi, Bhairav and Ksetrapal. He
ordered them to inform Kartikey and Ganesh to prepare for war. He sent a message to Bhadrakali to be present in the war.
Soon the army of Lord Shiva arrived on the bank of Chandrabhaga river.
The army which joined Lord Shiva was in several millions. There were eight Bhairavas, eleven Rudras, eight
Vasus, Indra, twelve Adityas, Agni, Chandra, Asvinikumar, Kuber, Yama, Nirriti, Nalkuber, Vayu, Varun and nine planets
with parsadas of Shiva. Bhadrakali herself joined the army expanding her one hundred arms, pasted with red sandal,
adorned in red clothes. She was laughing, dancing and singing loudly. She was brandishing her red long tongue. She
was holding a conch, discus, mace, sword, bow arrow, huge trident, thunderbolt and countless supersonic weapons.
Lord Skanda also arrived. He bowed down to the Lord. By his permission he took care of his side.
Shankhachud heard this news. He ordered his army to prepare for war. He went to his wife and talked to her.
She tried hard to stop this battle. She argued, "We've more than enough. And although we've won the heaven but even
though we return it to them, still we've billions of dollars and a vast empire on other planets to enjoy. Let's get in peace
with the Celestials." But her husband was not for it. All night they debated, but he didn't accept. Morning light spread.
He went to the bathroom, showered, dressed, wore ornaments and came to the livingroom. He gave charity, then he called
his son. He coronated him as his successor and gave him all his prosperity. As he marched with his army, Queen Tulasi
ran down crying. Shankhachud told many stories and consoled her. As the army proceeded, Tulasi waved her hands still

Eighty-six troops of Daityas, fifty troops of Asuras, one hundred troops of Dhoumras, Kalakeyas, Mouryas,
Dourhrdayas and Kalakas. Total of three hundred thousand soldiers marched to the battlefield. Shankhachuda chose to
use one of his war planes.
North of Sri Shaila, south of Gandhamadan, west from Mount Malaya and east from Arabian sea, it was
expanded in the length of five hundred miles and width of five miles. Puspabhadra and Sarasvati rise from the Himalayas
and flowing all the way unite with the Arabian sea at the left of Gomantak hill ranges. There Shankhachuda and his
soldiers saw the colorful army of Lord Mahadev.
Shankhachuda saw even his beloved Lord Visnu is there and he felt uncomfortable. He sent a messenger to Lord
Shiva and requested him for peace. Lord Shiva proposed to return the kingdom of heaven.
"Lord, let the peace be unconditional." Messenger argued.
"Demon, look I neither in my Shiva form nor in Visnu form nor in Maa Kali form am free and independent. I am
always under the lead of my devotees. One who loves me unconditionally how can I avoid his/her welfare? A while ago I
put an end to three mighty beings, who had invincible cities. For Pralhad I assumed Nrisimha form. To put an end to
Mahisasur I assumed Maa Kali form. These are all to save the righteous path. In ultimate peak of piousness alone the
true love of mine arises. Therefore the protection of one who has attained my love, is like protecting myself from perish.
Therefore take it or leave it. If you want peace you've to get out of heaven. I've provided it to Indra and it belongs to him
as long as he lives. If anyone wants to be Indra he/she has to perform one hundred asvamedha yajnas (the real one not the
one done by Rama Sharma and his organization). Then wait until your turn comes. This is the law I've made. I don't like
violations or tresspassing of any kind. In that case war is inevitable. Tell Shankhachuda and inform me his decision."
Lord Shiva said and dismissed the messenger.
The messenger returned to Shankhachuda and related the words of Lord Shiva. He concluded in war. He ordered
war music which resounded. Now both armies' war music echoed. A fierceful fight began.
Indra was fighting with Vrisaparva. Viprachitti (the grandpa) was fighting with Surya. Lord Visnu was fighting
with Dambha (the father), Kuber with Kalkey, Visvakarma with Maya, Nalkubar with Dhumra, Dharma with Dhurandhar,
Adityas with Palashas, Rudras with Asuras, Shikra was fighting with Vrihaspati. Virbhadra was fighting with
Shankhachuda. Battlefield was flooded with blood. Broken limbs, weapons, chariot parts floated on it...
Now Bhadrakali came and roared loudly. It was so heartrending that all Danavas fainted. She laughed like
thunder and lightening over and over. She then drank wine and began dancing in the battlefield. Ugradamstra,
Ugradanda, Kotavi and other Kalis also drank and began dancing like her. Now she saw Shankhachuda was coming and
she artistically shot him with a blazing Ajneyastra. He calmed it with Vaisnavastra. She shot Narayanastra and as it
rushed in flames of devastating fire, Shankhachuda announced all to get down on their knees and he bowed down humbly
and it calmed. She shot Bramhastra at him and he bowed down to it just standing.
Now Shankhachuda became so angry that he began to shower divastating arrows on Kali. But she opened her big
mouth and swallowed them all. She began to laugh uproariously. Danavas became scared. Now Shankhachuda shot at
her a Shakti of one hundred feet long (originally saying eight hundred miles long) but Kali broke it in millions of pieces.
Their fight went on and on.
Now Kali took a leap in the air. Doing a fantastic somersault she slugged him by her strong fist right on his
chest. Shankhachuda reeled around and fell down unconscious. His army began to lament, but soon he recovered like
terminator and resumed fighting. Kali grabbed him and lifted him up and began hurling him in the sky and dashed him
on the ground. But Shankachuda rose up fresh and alive. He fought vigorously. Kali picked him up again and hurled
around and dashed him on the ground. This happened many times, but Shankhachuda rose each time alive, fresh and
laughing, full of vigor. While he was being hurled for the last time he leaped into his gemmed ariel car waiting in the sky
and bade her goodbye.
"O great Kali, leave Shankhachuda. He is invincible for you, but there are one hundred fifty thousand demonic
soldirs of him. You can destroy them." Sky voice echoed.
Now Kali was very hungry. She began grabbing the demons like handfuls of garbanzos with pop corn and began
eating them. She drank their blood. It was so frightening.
When she was satisfied she approached Lord Shiva and reported the matter. Lord Shiva laughed and he called all
his ganas -- Virabhadra, Ksetrapal, Bhairav all came.
"Now follow me. I'll fight with Shankachuda. Lord Shiva boarded on his Nandi bull shaped aircraft and
assumed a warrior form. He was adorned with gold armor and shield. His hair was set in a crown. Two earrings were
dangling by his ears. Surrounded by his ganas Lord Shiva came to the battlefield. Shankhachuda saw. He ran down. He
prostrated at his feet from a distance. Then he stood up, picked up his weapons and settled in his gorgeous aircraft.
"So you are that mischievous Shankhachuda who has stolen away Indra's heaven. Come on fight with me if
you've power." Lord Shiva challenged.
"O Lord, I haven't stolen, I've conquered it. You already know I am a Danav. We enjoy only what we can win. If
you do not agree with the principle of my culture then definitely I'll fight with you." Shankhachuda responded.
A fierceful fight ensued. This fight continued for about one hundred years. At last he decided to use his
invincible weapon. He took his trident and as he was going to charge it, sky voice echoed--"My Lord, wait wait. Stop please. Entire bramhand, this Cosmic universe will be devastated. Shankhachuda has
two powers -- one is gift of Lord Visnu an impenetrable armor and second he is protected by unbroken chastity of his wife

Tulasi. As long as these two protective major powers will not be broken, he will remain immortal. If anyone kills him in
the process the whole world will be destroyed." Voice stopped.
Lord Shiva too withdrew his trident and looked at Lord Visnu. "Now, Visnu, it is your responsibility to clear the
path. I give you one month." He said.
"Okay my Lord." Visnu agreed.
Visnu flew. Next week early morning he appeared in a priestly form in the camp of Danavas. He spotted the
royal residence made of clothes. He came in. Gate keeper sat him in the livingroom. Shankhachuda came. He was
impressed by illustrious appearance of his visitor. He respectfully asked.
"What can I do for you, sir?"
"Well His Majesty, your glory and fame is spreading all over the world. Oh what a great power. You are fighting
even great Lord Shiva. You are wonderful." He praised.
"That's okay, what can I do for you." Shankhachuda said.
"Well His Majesty, I definitely need something but I'll tell you only when you promise me to offer." He said.
"Okay, I promise then." Shnakhachuda agreed.
"Then I need your armor. Wow, that's o shiny, isn't it..."
"Okay, that's fine. Here take." Shankhachuda pulled his armor off and gave it to the visitor.
Visnu took it and vanished.
Now Visnu flew. He came to the capital of Shankhachuda. He assumed his form. Wore his armor and
surrounded by maya created Danav soldiers he arrived at the palace. He announced victory. Drum was being beaten. The
whole city rejoiced hearing the great news.
Tulasi heard as if pour of nectar into her ears. She came running and embraced him in great reception. In
Shankhachuda's form he embraced her again and again. Sun was setting. They watched the sunset from the rooftop.
They dined the best dinner that night. Everyone left for rest. Visnu took the hand of Tulasi and carried her to the
"Oh, I'm so tired Tulasi fighting all along. Without you I was so lonely and desperate. Come let me cool off with
the touch of your diamond body. Let me unclothe you and we rest." He proposed.
"That's wonderful my beloved husband. Let me unclothe you too." Tulasi unclothed him.
Both embraced each other. Touched all parts of the body they became excited. Clinging passionately they fell on
the bed. They made love all night long.
At last when passion receded, Tulasi felt something unusual which her husband never did during lovemaking.
She was alarmed. She felt confident if was not her husband. She was startled. She jumped up covering up her body and
she yelled--"Who are you? Tell me right now or I curse you. You've destroyed my chastity. Why, why, you did it?"
Visnu immediately assumed his original form. His sapphirish illuminating form adorned with golden silk and
gem ornaments. Tulasi was still so furious. "Tulasi please, listen to me. It was very important for me to make love to you.
There was no other way. You are bighearted lady you can forgive." Visnu tried to console her.
"Visnu, being so great person you broke my chastity. Chastity is the highest valuable wealth to the women and
you destroyed it just like this. And you justify your action as it was very important. Your heart is like stone. You've no
compassion. To kill my husband you've done all this. You didn't love me. Your love has hypocrisy. You played it just to
go inside me so that my husband will go powerless and be dead easily. Stonehearted being, crooked minded guy. Go, I
curse you to become a stone with crooked lines." Tulasi said and began to cry.
Lord Shiva appeared right in her bedroom. She wiped her tears and bowed down to him still sobbing.
"Dear Tulasi, toss away your lamentation. It is not worthy of you. Your whole life was a mistake of ignorance.
Just like whole prosperity of the Americas is a mistake of ignorance of the Europeans original search for Bharat which
stands for wisdom and prosperity. Prosperity without wisdom leads to life of manipulation and exploitation of other
humans, nature, earth, water, sky, everything. Then to confusion and destruction.
"Remember you were meditating in the Himalayas in your teen-age. You had always wanted to attain the
indescrible glory and grace. And this guy popped up in the middle. You were captivated by the proposal of enjoying life
with Shankhachuda. United together you both grew into greatest of the powers. You enjoyed together for eons and eons.
"You completely forgot your original quest. But we never do. See, with this man your whole life was a mess, but
you never knew. You've no grounds to discover your life's messiness. But one thing was there, you were honest in your
relationship with this guy. It is the power of your honesty in love that served the purpose. It attracted and inspired me to
get you out of this hell. Visnu is no other than myself. What he did is all fine. You got to value his action. Action is right
or wrong according to intention, motive, attitude. Visnu's motive was great to deliver your husband who is a cursed being
from Golok. He will be back there. How long you want him to remain an exile? It is you who is holding him here.
Celestials will regain their lost planet. Citizens will be relieved. And you will gain for what you always longed for." Lord
Shiva explained.
"Wow, is that so, I'm sorry my Lord. You are right. I was sunk in maya. I was under a hypnotic spell all along in
my life. Thank you for eliminating this dreaded spell. All glories to you for giving me life in your love and devotion. I'm
very sorry to curse Lord Visnu. I am so ungratful. Visnu's lovemaking was so great. It was so blissful. Due to attachment
of mortal being I ignored it to be dissolved into it. But I wish, I long always to be with Visnu."

"O great Visnu, please pardon me. Thank you for all you did. You are wonderful. I long to be with you." Tulasi
apologized. Tears came to her eyes. She fell at the feet of Lord Shiva.
"Don't worry about it anymore. I already took care of it. Since you are a chaste wife, to protect the maryada for
the whole world I'll not let your curse go in vain. It will come true. Lord Visnu will become stone -- called Saligram. He
will be worshipped by millions for millenia. This worship of Saligram will be extra powerful. As soon as you drop your
body it will turn into a sacred river called Gandaki. Your soul will enter Vaikuntha. You will be a companion of Laksmi.
You will sport with Visnu and Laksmi in Vaikuntha. In the waters of your river Visnu will reside in the form of stone.
Worms will make curves and lines crooked and round, like wheels and shapes. Accordingly the stone will be qualified to
represent differnt incarnations of Visnu and their worship will be instant fruit bearer.
"There again O Tulasi, you will be born as the holy plant Tulasi, highly medicinal and fragrant. Your leaf will be
compulsory item in worship of saligram. Saligram and your leaf will always stay united. Anyone who will separate them
will suffer separation with his wife or husband. Same way who will remove the conch (Shankha) away from Saligram
and Tulasi he/she too will be disqualified for marriage and sick for a long time. Tulasi, I made a new law from now on for
you -- Saligram sila, tulasi and conch all together united, one who worships, he will be loved by Lord Visnu who is I
myself, only the form is different."
Tulasi was consoled. She became so happy that her happiness became uncontainable in her body. The days of
teen-age meditation were renewed. All former attainments just zoomed up. Bliss inundated her heart. Body was left, soul
arose. Lord Visnu took her with him to Vaikuntha and introduced her to Laksmi. She accepted her as intimate friend.
"You are so fortunate O Tulasi, my husband went for you. You are adorable. Come and be with me as this is also
your planet now." Laksmi welcomed showing her her own palace.
As soon as Visnu returned to the battlefield, Lord Shiva announced to resume the war. Shankhachuda ordered his
army to play the war music. On both sides the music echoed while both armies stood facing each other.
"Now fight..." order came and lo, it began. After five long hours of fight Lord Shiva came before Shankhachuda.
Both fought for half an hour. Then he took his trident and it was blazing like fire. It was known as Vijay. It lit the entire
earth and sky. As Lord Shiva hurled it it swam through the sky like a fish. It was one thousand feet long and one hundred
feet wide. It flew like lightening. It went straight towards Shankhachuda. He too shot all the weapons he had. His
generals and majors too saw. They shot all the weapons they had but they all burned in the blaze of the trident like a moth
in a fire. Trident moved on and on and on. It fell on Shankhachuda turning him into a heap of ash. Then it returned back
to Lord Shiva.
Flowers showered from above. Nymphs danced. Gandharva music and song resounded. Kinnaras began to
dance, Celestials and Sages began to pray to the Lord. The heap of ash was dropped in the river and river took it to the
By the bones of Shankhachuda-conch a new specie was born. The shell is white. It looks beautiful. When the
creature dies its outer shell is curved and cleaned. It is used during worship. All Celestials and gods love water offered to
them through the conch. But Shiva doesn't like it.
Everyone loved the conch. Lord Shiva blessed all. Celestials were happy now. Peace spread. Transference of
power was celebrated worldwide. Sky became clean and joyous. World peace was established full well. Lord Shiva,
Ganesh, Skanda and ganas boarded the plane and similingly flew towards Mount Kailash. On their way many gifts were
offered to them.
Long ago, long before this White Boar Cosmic Day (Svet Varah Kalpa) Lord Shiva wanted to make Varanasi
(Kashi) his capital. He announced it among all his ganas and they were happy to have a new change.
Parvati, Ganesh, Siddhi and Buddhi with hundreds of ganas all dressed well, happily journied to the planes
below the Himalayan ranges. As soon as they arrived they ordered Visvakarma to construct a city. In a few weeks he took
the party on a tour. It was magnificent and gorgeous. Lord Shiva and Parvati smiled and said--"It is so wonderful!!!"
"Thank you my Lord."
"Take this pitcher filled with ten billion dollars. You have done a fine job." Parvati handed him a gold pitcher
and entered the city. It was made of gold with palacial buildings of emeralds, jades, pearls, rubies surrounded by greening
gardens with perfuming flowers. Bhairav was appointed as guardian angel of the new city. Now transcendental frolics of
Shiva and Parvati started filling the whole world with the fragrance of divine ecstasy and love.
Once Lord Shiva and Parvati were enjoying a pleasant walk on the hills of Mandarachal. The pastimes began to
roll and flow in streams of nectar, murmuring, meandering, flowing fast to the sea of Shiva-consciousness.
After a prolonged sport, Shiva sat on the green grass carpeted hill overlooking the valley below and long stretch
of panoramic landscape. Parvati came quietly from behind and closed his eyes with both of her pinkish palms. It is said,
pitch darkness spread all around in the world. The fire element of his eyes moved to the third and perspired him. Sweat
began to flow from his forehead. So many drops fell below that they assembled in a pot and it began taking form of a
fetus. He grew fast and began to cry. It resounded as if a great roar.
Parvati took her hands off. Lord Shiva saw. Light spread all around. People relaxed.

"What is it, my Lord, this cry. Who is it?" Parvati asked.

Both looked down below. A child had been born. He was blind and they found he was ugly with a harsh voice.
"Look, this child is born from my sweat but the soul which is in his body has to go through an immense storage of
karmas. He has to go through his demonic ambitions unfulfilled in his past life, but he is our child. We have to arrange
for him an appropriate place." Lord Shiva replied.
Parvati asked her friends to take care of the child and she will see him when he is finished with his unfinished
business. Accordingly, Vijaya arranged a place in the outskirts of the city. Some ganas took charge of nourishing him with
all the best.
In the next winter, Hiranyaksa came to the nearby forest. He began to meditate in order to obtain a son. Lord
Shiva was satisfied by his long meditation and he appeared before him.
"Trouble not to yourself O Hiranyaksa, every achievement is the result of a noble deed. There exists none in your
past that can bestow a son for you. Hence you have done meditation for me and I am satisfied and I give you one." Lord
Shiva said.
Then he indicated to his attendants. They brought Andhak with them and handed him over to the demon. He
was happy. He prayed to the Lord and left for his capital.
Hiranyaksa rose to the height of power and glory. He then turned into a persecutor of the righteous and innocents
and began harrassing the Celestials and Sages. Lord Visnu assumed the form of a huge white boar, eighty miles tall and
strong. He fought with him and at last killed him.
After his death his brother lamented the loss of his companion. His anger flared up. He went to Mandar hill and
began his penance, standing upright. Later when his body became so weightless that he stood just on one toe of his foot,
hands raised up, eyes staring at the sky. Ninety-six thousand years passed. By the power of his stare smoke began to rise.
Heat, intense heat, burned all people of the entire cosmic egg.
Bramhaa came to him with Bhrigu and Daksa and enlivening the heart of that demon said, "Ask for
"I want to be invincible and immortal. No one should be able to kill me."
"Well, that is where you don't understand. Everyone who is born has to die some way. I don't want to crowd my
creation that people begin to live on top of each other. Ask for a loophole or I am gone." Bramhaa ji said.
"Okay, then give me a boon -- no one from your creation neither above nor below, neither in day nor in night,
neither by weapon nor element could ever kill me." He requested.
"So be it." Bramhaa said remembering the Lord in his heart.
"Don't worry, I'll take care of it. All you
need to do is just be widehearted, sea-like generous and open. And I am with you." Lord Shiva's voice echoed in deeper
recesses of his being.
As Bramhaa journeyed to his planet, Hiranyakasipu was returning to his capital. Great enthusiasm of the demons
welcomed him. He became the sovereign king. He conquered all different planets as he was so advanced that whether it
was the physical, astral, celestial plane didn't make much difference to him. Wherever he saw someone powerful he
invaded. And he won with dignity and grace. When the heaven was invaded and robbed the Celestials had only to escape.
They began living in the far distant, secret corners of the hideouts. Thousands of years passed.
Those days his wife Kayadhu gave birth to a most fragile loving son. His name was Pralhad. As he grew the
devotional trance grew in his heart too. He had no fascination for toys of the worldly ambitions, nor physical necessities.
He saw in the depth of his heart the transcendental pastimes of the Lord. He saw the world intoxicated in love and all
what he could feel and perceive was God himself in the most beautiful, charming, fascinating and alluring forms.
Hiranyakasipu explained to him that he was the only God and none else, but it didn't fit in his mind. At last he
began to persecute his own son. He made his FBI throw him from the rooftop but he was as if taken by God in his velvety
lap. He was dashed from a hilltop into the sea. He was rescued. He was dropped among the serpents and he survived. He
was thrown into the fire and he remained safe. All his attempts failed. At last he took off his sword and threatened to kill
him if he didn't come to his senses. He asked, "Where is your God?"
"Right here father, don't you see him." Pralhad said indicating a pillar.
"Where, I don't see him. You can't fool me just like this..." Saying thus he dashed his sword on the pillar with
full force. The pillar broke but from there arose a gigantic being. He had a face of a ferocious lion. His body was like that
of a human. He was tall and fiery-eyed with long golden hair. His weapons blazed and he roared shaking the entire
"Father, see this is God. He is so beautiful but since you are inimical he is appearing to you very dreadful. I can
see your gesture of waging an attack on him. Drop your anger father and bow down to his feet." Pralhad warned.
"Son, you are too timid. Such a cowardish boy is not worthy to be my son. I shall kill this beast then I'll kill you
too." Hiranyakasipu yelled furiously.
"I am neither human nor animal; it is neither day nor night but evening. It is neither in nor out but a doorway. O
demon, come fight with me. All I need is to figure out the place which is neither earth nor above and you are dead meat.
There is no use to persecute an innocent little child. If you have dignity, confront me, I am Nrisimha." Thus God said.
"No matter what you call yourself, to me you are just a wild beast and this is not a jungle. It is a palace of mine.
Bear the dash of my power." Hiranyakasipu shouted and hurled his mace with full force and dashed it on him, but
Nrisimha hurled his mace and dashed it on him. Both maces crashed in mid air. Sparks flashed with a deafening sound.

Now both warriors began to fight a fierceful war. Thus they broke all their weapons. At last Nrisimha grabbed
Hirnanyakasipu onto his lap and tore his belly open. Then wearing the garland of his intestines he roared aloud.
His roar echoed in all directions. Soldiers came running. They attacked Nrisimha but he killed them all. Panic
rose. The capital was full of people running helter skelter and all demons escaped.
Pralhad was coronated and a government of righteousness was established. He returned planets and lands to their
original owners. He lived with all beings as brotherly as possible.
After the death of Hiranyaksa his son was coronated and he became the sovereign king of his land. His brothers
always mocked and disrespected him for his blindness. "Why are you here... Blind man, you are not even the real son of
our father. Before we take a bold step against you, just get out of here." They yelled.
Andhak was heartbroken. He considered a long time and decided to leave. He left in the middle of night. He
reached a silent forest and began to meditate. It continued for thousands of years. His body turned lean and thin. At last
he decided to offer it as an oblation to the sacred fire. So it was the last day. He bathed early morning and the fire was
burning. He retreated backwards and did a somersault, but before he would fall into the flames of the fire, Bramhaa ji
appeared and picked him up and placed him on his seat.
"Demon, I am pleased on your sacrifice. You left everything for something invisible and indefinite. You were so
determined. You have earned a great deal of merits, ask anything you wish."
"My Lord, thank you so much for saving my life and your merciful gesture. Let all my kinsmen who have robbed
my state become my servants. Let me achieve the finest eyesight. All Celestials become my taxpayers. Make me
invincible from all beings of the world. Do this for me immediately." Andhak said.
"Andhak, you know immortality doesn't exist. It is just a word without meaning. I can give you amazing
longevity but then you have to leave one door open to the beyond." Bramhaa said.
"Well, then when I lust for my own mother death may pick me up." He asked, knowing he has no mother.
"That is fine. So be it." Bramhaa said smilingly and vanished.
Soon his body became healthy, strong and handsome. Youth became perpetual. When his kinsmen saw him
returning with unimaginable strength and fortune they came to greet him. They offered him his state and accepted his
Andhak's rule was cruel and exploiting. He went on a world conquest expedition. He won all kinds of people
and turned them into his taxpayers. He took trillions of gifts along with beautiful ladies from all planets.
He became the top most man, ever young, rich and famous. Now he started enjoying all kinds of food and the
ladies. And once you step in that direction your hankering grows to an endless pursuit. He was always surrounded by the
best of ladies. Yet his FBI agents brought him more and more, newer and newer. There was a well paid team of
investigators who discovered new ladies exceedingly beautiful for each new day, each new night and hour. Those who
were left became victims of his ministers' lust. It went on for thousands of years.
All the while his merits of powerful meditation kept offering him new security, opportunities, successes and
victory that no matter what he wanted he accomplished. Right and wrong ceased to have meaning for him. He had
achieved sharp and finest eyesight but his eyes of wisdom were still broken. In fact as days passed it became more and
more incurable. Now his dreaded days were at hand but he was blindly enjoying with the charming ladies. The sense lure,
the passion, the sex, the romances, the relations with charming ladies were such a hard blindfold he could not take it off.
This blindfold is in all of us thiner or thicker, regardless of its quality, we are hopelessly helpless to take it off and
see the reality face to face. We all fail just like Andhaka. In his case his meditation saved him but in ours we helplessly
grow old and die, take birth again and go through it all over again. A merry go round is going on. We never realize.
Andhaka had three intimate friends -- Duryodhan, Vaidhas and Hasti. One day all three of them with their
families went for a hike on Mount Mandar and enjoyed a picnic. When they went to the river they saw a magnificent
woman. They just stared at her. She lived in a nearby cave with her husband who was very fond of meditation. She
walked fast and disappeared in the bushes and they returned home from their hike.
Then one morning in the winter sun, Andhaka was sitting in his park by his favorite swimming pool. Those three
friends were also lying nearby on reclining chairs in their shorts. They were gossiping on all kinds of subjects when
suddenly they described about the exceedingly beautiful lady they saw on the hillside. "She was so young, tender like a
flower petal, fragrant as jasmine and luminous as sapphires. She was a gem among the ladies." They went on describing.
Andhaka grew lustful. His sexual instincts rose. He ordered them to go and bring the young lady before him.
Lord Shiva had gone on a long journey those days. He had appointed Virakas to take care of Parvati. She was
waiting in this cave while Lord Shiva was engaged in Pasupat Vratam.
Virakas confronted the belligerent monsters. The battle lasted for five hundred and five days and nights.
Nandisvara's body was pierced from all sides. He fell at the door blocking the entrance into the cave where Parvati lived.
Daityas soon began to terminate him. Virakas came but they lost the battle. As she heard the advancing steps of the
demons breaking the door, she remembered Lord Visnu and Bramhaa. Soon they arrived assuming the forms of ladies
Narayani, Bramhi, Varuni, Kouberi, etc., equipped with weapons of all kinds. They fought terribly and forced the demons
to step back.

Andhakasur came. Right then Lord Shiva's eyes opened. His vow completed. He heard the news. He took his
weapons and came to the battlefield. Millions died. Andhaka went to Shukracharya and requested him.
"Holy Sire, we are in serious trouble. All our armies are just dead. If you don't help we are finished."
"What I can do, Andhaka, tell me I'll definitely do it for you."
"Holy Sire, thank you for your big heart. Please come with me and applying your resurrection secret make all my
dead friends alive. Just be with us in the battlefield and whoever dies, just heal them. Bring them back to life." Andhaka
"Okay, I can do that." Shukracharya accompanied him. Now Shukracharya came on the battlefield and turned all
the dead corpses alive. The fight continued long and fierceful.
As soon as soldiers would die, Shukracharya brought them to life. Exactly as fruits of the well studied knowledge
of the Vedas, respectfully offered as donation to the wise one's rises up straight in the times of trouble to help, same way
the dead soldiers began to rise and stand and resume the fighting. They began beating Pramathas so badly that they
reported the matter to Lord Shiva.
"Nandin, please go right now and bring Shukracharya before me. Pick him up as an eagle grabs its prey." He
Nandi came to the battlefield and roared. He did a fantastic somersault and landed right in the middle of the
demons where Shukracharya was healing the dead fast. Guards came to stop him but he ground them all at once. Then he
grabbed Shukracharya by his powerful hand and shoved him in his armpit and pressed hard. Shukracharya's clothes
slackened, hair scattered, ornaments fell off and he screamed, "What trouble is this..."
Demons rushed. They showered weapons on Nandi, but he was like a blazing fire. He turned them all into a
heap of ashes. Squeezing Shukracharya hard in his armpit he took a long leap and landed near Lord Shiva. Releasing
Shukracharya respectfully, he said. "My Lord, here is the most wanted Shukracharya. Do whatever is needed to do to
him." Nandin said.
Lord Shiva without saying a word as if a gift from a pious person picked Shukracharya up in his hand and lo, just
like a fruit he put him in his mouth and swallowed him. Demons heard. They panicked. The loss of their guru was
immeasurable. They lamented.
They lost hope of victory. Their condition became like an elephant who lost his trunk, a bull who lost his horn, a
person who lost his brain, a wiseman devoid of knowledge of the Vedas, a U.S. citizen who lost his job and is average. The
Daityas became like a wife separated from a loving husband, a pointless arrow, efforts of a luckless fellow, long life of a
person devoid of noble deeds, like Vedic knowledge without Vedic lifestyle, projects without sufficient funds, bragging to
do a thing without courage, following religious principles without understanding. Just as these people look worthless
same way became the Daityas without Shukracharya.
When Andhaka saw his soldiers in this hopeless condition he came closer and began injecting some words of
strength through the syringe of his mouth. He spoke aloud.
"My dear soldiers, fame and glory is more delicious and enjoyable than barrens of life which already are without
it. Whose fame is blackened by the blots of escape from the battlefield is never qualified to have moments of peace in this
life. In fact this battlefield is an open door to heaven. Heaven is nothing but accumulated, intensified state of one's own
intensity. This war is the gateway. Since it is taking a direct confrontation with almighty Shiva every iota of our
awareness is required. Whatever we fail to accumulate the closeness of Shiva will do it. Therefore, girdle your loin. Let's
fight a vigorous one. Come on friends. This is a door out of transmigration's merry go round. Taking a dip in this sacred
pond you will need no other small ones as a bath in the river, charity and penance, even meditation. This battle itself is a
state of intensive meditation. Come join us. We ate, drank and enjoyed together. Let's join hands to die together too.
Don't be cowards, don't be traitors, friends, oh you are so dear to me. Die with me. Otherwise, when I'll be going to
heaven and you traitored me I'll spit on you." Soldiers were furious. They dropped hope of life and began to fight with all
their might.
They played their trumpet full and loud and plunged into a furious war. He created maya. As many drops of
blood fell on the ground that many powerful Andhakas rose up. The army of Shiva shot and shot all day long but only to
produce more Andhakas. Maya of Andhaka was so strong that even soldier's blood started materializing throngs of
warriors like them. They were equally powerful as the owners of blood. So billions of Andhakas and his warriors
surrounded the army of Lord Shiva.
Lord Shiva looked at Visnu. "We got to do something now." He mumbled. Then everyone saw a lady oozing out
of Lord Shiva's ear who grew with the speed of light. She became enormously large. She was dreadful and terrifying.
She was of mountain height with tree size legs and hands. Her mouth was like a huge valley. She was very hungry.
"My Lord, wow what a torture, rat of hunger is racing around in my belly. Give me food, give me drink." She
cried to Shiva.
"Yes, we have plenty of food for you. Just eat these wicked demons and drink their blood. Then only you will be
satisfied." Shiva said and smiled.
"Okay my Lord, that's wonderful meals. Thank you." She roared and leaped into the battlefield. She began to
gobble, chew and swallow in the thousands. She drank blood profusely. After eating billions of them, drinking tons of
blood she burped. It was as if a tornado hit the ground. Andhaka shook.

Now he alone was left on the battlefield. All are dead or have escaped. He was still retreating and still not
surrendering. He was not fighting ferociously anymore. His weapons were broken that now he was battling with his
claws, nails, fists and head. Shiva played with him for awhile. At last he charged his trident. It rose like a blaze of solid
flame. It pierced him from head to belly and returned to Lord Shiva.
"So here you are, troublemaker. Stay in trouble for awhile and learn some lesson." Lord said and smiled.
He grabbed his trident and shoved it on the ground. Trident stood rooted on the earth with Andhaka pierced
through it hanging on it.
All Celestials rejoiced. Song, dance and music resounded. Flowers showered. All people gave a hearty reception
to Lord Shiva. Together with Ganesh and Skanda he left for his abode. Parvati ran down. She waved around him a ghee
flame on a gold plate. A new festivity began.
Soon Indra ws recoronated and his righteous rule began...
By the will of Lord Shva, Sage Shukracharya was pushed into his throat. He fell on his belly where he saw a new
universe. It was expanded in millions of miles. It had oceans, rivers, forests, sky, heavens and all planets. He wandered
in whole bramhand. About one hundred years passed. He remembered his identity. He worried about his duties and
responsibilities. He searched for a passage to get out of there but as wicked man's eyes never find a loophole in the
character of enlightened devotee of Shiva so he never found a way out of there.
At last he took refuge in the lotus feet of Lord Shiva. He prayed him through mantras...
"O great Mahadev, O Lord of Lords, I offer my obeisances to you. Please be gracious to me. O green golden eyed
one, O blue neck one, O luminous like rising one, O cemetery dwelling one, O husband of Umaa, O visampate, O mightest
being, be merciful to me. I bow down to you."
As he completed this prayer, suddenly he saw an opening. The passage led him down through the navel, then
down below through the semen tube. Thus he found his way to get out through the Lord's penis. As he was dropped out,
he fell on the ground where Shiva and Parvati saw him.
"Wow, this is the guru of the demons. He came out from your private parts." Parvati said.
"Well, since he came out of there he can only be our son." Shiva said.
"Okay son, now you have a lifetime of four billion years, okay. As long as this earth, planets and space lives you
will live." Shiva and Parvati blessed Shukracharya.
"Now since you came out as my semen (known as Shukra in Sanskrit) your name will be famous as
Shukracharya." Shiva said.
"As you say my Lord. I am blessed having a privilege to be accepted as your son. I am delighted. I am thrilled."
He said, and left for his ashram.
Andhaka was hung upside down on the palm tree like tall trident of Lord Shiva. Rain came, he was wet.
Summer came, he was hot. Wind came, he was trembling, drying. Hundreds of years passed, he did not die. He kept
hanging on the top of that trident upside down.
His guru came and went over and over. He prayed for him, but there was no way out. It was Lord Shiva's rock
like will. He had to be purified. Cleaning process was going on. What poor Shukracharya can do. Shiva is in charge of
him now. He wants him to be cleaned up but to him each moment was a devastating, excruciating pain. But he bore it.
Mighty demon as he was.
As much power and intelligence you develop and do not apply them to search and realize the truth that much
hard and long labor you have to go through when your time comes. Because your programing becomes heavy, thick and
multi-knotted. Your prejuditions and conditionings have become as your very self. You cannot conceive of yourself
without them.
So cleaning process is very strong and hard and too long. Your grumbling, screaming and yelling will not do
much. That is why wealthy and smart countries suffer more than all others. Poor countries have only one pain, hunger
and survival. But rich countries have so many psychological pains which hurt hardest. The only way is cleaning.
Cleaning is going on on a large scale basis.
Lord Shiva didn't want Andhaka to die. He wanted him to live but be cleaned. So suffering - excruciating pain
was inevitable. He suffered, crucified upside down. Jesus was hung straight. Peter was hung upside down, but they died
soon. Look at this guy, he went on living hanging upside down in crucifixion for three thousand long, painful years. Then
his brain got straightened out. The devotion to Lord Shiva flashed in his heart like a ray of hope. He prayed and prayed
with one hundred and eight pastimeful holy names of Lord Shiva.
"O Mahadeva, O red cloth wearing Lord, O basis of all supernatural powers, O death of all deaths, O red faced
one, O husband of Chandika, O brilliant like one thousand suns, I bow down to you. Have mercy on me. Save me, save
me. I sinned against you. Now Lord forgive me." Tears streamed from the eyes of Andhaka.
When there is real devotion, whereever and when Lord Shiva was away or anyone was hard on anyone. He came
running and took him off the trident top. Then he sprinkled nectar on him. He placed him on the ground and said--"Three thousand long years you have been hanging upside down on my trident top crucified. You neither ate nor
drank. You suffered all results of your misdeeds. And by these one hundred eight names of mine you have earned so much
merits that you deserve a boon." So worry not now. Ask whatever you wish." Lord's compassion inundated.
Andhaka knelt down. With folded palms, trembling he spoke very humbly---

"My Lord, give me boon that anger from you, Ganesh, Skanda, Mother and ganas will be wiped out. Let me have
only motherly reverence towards all women of the world. Offer me a place among your ganas. Oh, how relaxed and
happy they are. I always wanted in childhood, but this severe karma I had to go through. This was a hurdle on the way.
Now that is gone. Please include me among your ganas. Let never ever demonicism rise in me. Let me not even
remember my past. Let me be your pure devotee." He begged.
Lord Shiva looked at him compassionately. He then like a flood of light remembered his past life and knew why
all these drastric incidents occured. He was glad now that was all over. Now the good days were at hand. He was
accepted. He was made in charge of a special section of the ganas.
Shiva and Parvati gave him a place below the hillside. He still lives there and does service to Lord Shiva. He
became a Celestial being.
"Holy Sire, wow, that is a fantastic power Shukracharya had. Bringing life to those who were already dead is so
incredible. He has then all the power of the world. He is almost next to God. How did he get that?" Vyasa asked and
Sanatkumar answered.
"Long time ago when Shukracharya was traveling around the world he came to Varanasi. He was so fascinated
seeing its beauty that he decided to settle there and meditate as long as it takes to satisfy Lord Shiva.
In the sacred place where there is a temple of Shukresvar Mahadev he planted a beautiful garden. He then made
a small gorgeous cottage. Nearby he dug a small forty by fifty foot pond. After landscaping it well he began to live in that
cottage. Lotuses and lilies bloomed in the pond alternately. Plumeria, tulasi, bilva, jasminum, humulus, mograw bloomed.
Roses,kadamb, malati, kaner, kunda, mandar, mango, bandhuk, kachanar andmany fragrant and fruity trees popped with
big flowers and ripening fruits. One hundred yards away he made a cow shed and housed a snow white cow with her baby
Shukracharya installed a gorgeous purified mercury Shivalinga by the side of his pond. He worshipped everyday
with sixteen itemed worship. He offered Lord Shiva a special paste made with a combination of camphor, musk, kankol
and aguru. He gave him a fragrant bath, then he gave him a special drink of milk, curd, ghee, honey and saffron. He
offered him each of the blooming flowers from his garden. Then he would feed him with kheer made with milk of his own
cow and sesame, lotus seeds and barley. He offered him pure water from a special small pond he had made just for him.
After worship Shukracharya would offer fruits and flower petals. Then in the joy of a new day he would dance
singing the sngs of Shiva's thousand names. Then he would sit in lotus pose and meditate on the sacred pastimes of Shiva
in one of his chakras.
Thus he spent five thousand long years. But Lord Shiva did not appear. He became worried. He didn't allow
depression nor hopelessness. He adoped a tougher meditation in which he made a yajna pit, kindled a fire, worshipped
and offered oblations of fragrant and healing herbs. He then smelt the perfume which rose in the smoke. This gave him
pure energy to survive. Surviving on the smoke he worshipped for another one thousand years.
Then like radiating light of the morning sun Lord Shiva appeared from the Linga he was worshipping and stood
before him dazzling like a baby sun. As Shukracharya saw him he was thrilled from tip to toe. He felt as if sinking in the
sea of bliss. Tears came to his eyes, with folded palms, he spoke--"O my luminous Lord, O dispeller of darkness of illusions, O the owner of ambrosial glances, I offer my
obeisances. O sanctifier of the world, O sacred pastime performer, you reside in the deepest recesses of each individual yet
spread out everywhere in all forms, hence you are the sole reality and everything else, all forms and happenings are a
passing show of motion pictures. O cosmic screen, you are immaculately white, pure, Satchidanandam and upon you all
traditions of apparent history of the world, present and future are projected. Oh, the one single Truth, let me be unified
with you. In your love, in the joy of seeing I am already becoming one with you. Oh, how blissful it is..." Shukracharya
prayed thus and fell prostrate.
Lord Shiva lifted him with his both arms and spoke sweet and musical words. The shine of his teeth illuminating
all directions.
"Dearest one, your meditation is so grand I feel there is nothing which I cannot offer you. Take, I give you this
rare secret art of resurrection. With this science which I've recently created you are qualified to bear it. On whomsoever
you will apply it will shimmer with extra aliveness. Even if you apply it on a dead man he/she will come to life, healthy
and happy. Now this mrtasamjivani vidya is all yours. You alone will be knowing it and none else." Lord Shiva said and
gave him that luminous science of life and intense aliveness. Shukracharya took it stretching his both palms up front.
Great joy spread across his face as he felt Shiva's immeasurable love. His words echoed again--"Dear one, I give you a planet of your own. Look at that luminous star. That is now yours. Take your friends up
there and live for as long as the solar system lasts. You will be considered the great among planets. In your rise, in your
predominance whosoever will get married, go on a journey, start a new project will succeed. First, sixth and eleventh day
of the fortnight falling on your day -- Friday will become most auspicious. Whoever will accept you as your guru will
become highly powerful. They will have numerous sons and daughters.
"This Shivalinga you worshipped will be famous as Shukresh Mahadev. Those who will worship me here will
accomplish their desired goal. Those who will fast until dusk on Friday and use only water of your special pond and

worship me will attain immence masculine potency. His semen or ovum will have invincible strength. They will attain
clarity of mind and rise in high happiness." Lord Shiva went on pronouncing his boons. Then smilingly blessing
Shukracharya again, Lord entered into the Linga. This place is still there in India, in the city of Varanasi.
Shukracharya was absorbed in ecstasy. He spent a few days in the bliss of fulfillment, then an airplane arrived. It
was his own. It took him to his planet -- the distant star which shines early morning called Venus.
dedipyase divamane gagane hitay
lokatrayasya jagadisvar tannamaste
Shiva Puran 50:24
While the plane flew Shukracharya went on singing.
"Those who meditate on Shiva, those who speak of the pastimes of Shiva, those who listen to the stories of Shiva,
theirs is the life of success and glory. They cross happily the sea of suffering the world can produce."
"Holy Sire, please narrate unto me further the pastimes of Lord Bholenatha. His lilas are so fascinating. I hardly
wish to move." Vyasa ji requested.
Sanatkumar continued--Dear Vyasa, I mentioned the races originating from Kashyap. Listen again to this story about the race started
from his second wife Diti, in whose generation Hiranyakasipu was born. His son was Pralhad, whose son was Virochan.
His son was Bali and his son was Banasur.
Banasur was a great devotee of Lord Shiva, but the maya of Shiva plays games with everybody with no exception
at all. But this is also a cleaning and brightening process to you. You are closer and more intimate to Shiva when you
pass the test, and Shiva is glorified. The world achieves a history to remember and to watch one's step, a psychology to
uplift oneself from pathological conditions, an amazing tale to tell to the next generation and of course a wonderful object
to meditate upon. When your yoga practice is going tough, when you have a hard time to curb and organize your mind to
focus on Absolute Bramha, then these pastimes of Shiva are the solace. They shelter your mind. They are a safe
Banasur was a mighty son of King Bali. Bali has reserved his place to become Indra after the present one whose
name is Purandar. He has completed only twenty-eight cycles of 4.32 million years of four Ages from its seventy-one
Nowadays, Pralhad, Maya, Bali and Banasur have been provided their own states in Atal, Sutal, Vital and other
planes of the subterranean regions, but Earth always has been an attraction to all of them. First, because they were born
here. Secondly, it is the only planet you earn a bank balance to stay anywhere in any plane of Existence in the whole
bramhand or go beyond. Third, here alone is the freedom to cross the merry-go-round of transmigration and therefore
enlightened beings are born again and again. And since the lifetime here is so short in comparison to them that they are
always afraid if they miss to see and meet with someone who is born, grew and spread the perfume of his enlightenment
and left a gorgeous history. For people in other planets only to repent and feel miserable.
The only way to not miss an opportunity is to keep visiting the Earth, but natural law of the planet Earth bans
their staying overnight as soon as the fourth Age, Iron Age, begins which has already started 3000 BCE. They starve to
visit and stay here when a special incarnation of God takes place on the Earth. One such time was five thousand years ago
when Lord Krishna was born.
Those days, Banasur and his family had settled in the Himalayan region. He had inhabitated a new city on the
hilltop called Sonitpur. He was so powerful that soon a big empire was established around him. He was proud, intelligent,
generous and a big donor. Whomsoever he fought he won. His wife, sons and his lovely daughter Usha had a most
beautiful palace. It was highly protected and guarded. While minister Kumbhand served Bana, his daughter Chitralekha
served Usha. She was the greatest artist of her time. The family would often go for walks, rides, hikes or skiing in various
places of Himalayas.
The cool crisp air, green grass carpeted mountains and valleys, blooming flowers and their fragrance enlivened
their heart. They were happy.
On one such journey they visited Lake Manasarovar. Tents and camps were made. The place was decorated and
a picnic table was set. Delicious food was being cooked, but Banasur had something else in his mind. He took a good nice
bath in the sacred lake. In the most scenic spot he installed his Shivalinga and he worshipped him with great devotion.
He offered beautiful lotuses and sweets. He performed arati with ghee flame and then became so ecstatic that he began to
It is obvious when you begin to move your limbs in joy, more and more joy starts coming on you. So much joy
comes that you are completely taken over. It happens in any kind of music, whether pop music, satanic music or Hare
Krishna people's music. Banasur was dancing. All purity, serenity and divinity of the Himalayas was poured on him. He
was flooded with emotion. He was thrilled... his hair stood on end, his eyes were shedding tears of devotion and he was
singing songs of love of Lord Shiva. Swinging his hands up in the air, levitating, jumping, hopping, shouting according to
his demonic background, Banasur was enjoying so much that it went on for hours. His shouting and enjoying became so
loud that his wife, daughter and soldiers also moved to a distant place and stuffed their ears with cotton balls.

Banasur's wild dance had a happy ending. Mount Kailash was nearby. Going by this way, Lord Shiva and
Parvati were on their morning walk across the valley -- making a surprise checking or surprise visit to the fortunate
mystics. Lord Shiva looked and looked at this strange sight. And as he is of a God of unpredictable satisfaction, no one
can say or think of how he will be pleased and satisfied.
Well, here he was pleased and immensely pleased. He appeared before him. Banasur fell at his feet prostrate and
lo, Lord Shiva's musical words echoed, "Ask for benediction."
"My Lord, if you are pleased for now, please make your residence on the surburb of my capital. I want to have
you in my city. Oh, how wonderful it would be to see you, my ever guardian angel." Banasur requested.
"So be it." Said Lord Shiva who does not know to back out. Now Lord Shiva began to reside on the outskirts of
the city along with Parvati, Ganesh and selected ganas. A huge, marble, gold, sapphire made temple was shining with a
trident flag flying on top. Sparkling like the milky way, snow or camphor, this abode of Shiva illuminated all directions.
It was more like a palace less a temple, but it perfumed captivatingly.
Years passed. Sonitpur empire flourished in leaps and bounds. How can anyone dare to fight who has Lord
Shiva as personal protector. Hence the merry-go-round continued -- eating, drinking, enjoying doing something over and
over. Time was spent uneventfully.
When you wear the best, costliest, glittering clothes and ornaments, you feel like going outside and showing it to
others as well as yourself. When you have power you feel like doing something. When you are bubbling with energy and
there is nothing else to do, nobody to fight, then power seems to be like killing to yourself.
Something happened to Banasur. He saw nobody to fight and win. How long he will go on doing push ups in the
gym. He felt bored, tired and fed up. When your consciousness is on a lower platform and you have the most precious,
topmost person in your possession, you fail to admire and respect. You become almost so insensitive or kind of blind that
you may at times challenge the very source whom you always adored.
Banasur went to Lord Shiva one day. "My Lord," he began disrespectfully. "I have so much power in my hands,
and because you are almighty and my guardian angel nobody dares to confront me. Now my power is out of use since a
long time. My hands feel like a burden. They are itching to fight. Since no one is there in the world, better you give me a
chance. Come on, let us wrestle, my Lord."
Hearing his disrespectful words, Lord Shiva felt upset. He laughed aloud and said--"O puffed up idiot demon, fie upon you. Being my own devotee you are challenging me to fight. Since it is
against the common rule of nobleness for a master to fight with his servant, I will give you a rememdy to your swelling
boil of vanity. Soon some great person is going to come right in your capital and he will cut your hands. He will smash
and crush down all your pig fat ego and humble you down. Then you will attain the quality of a gentleman."
"Wow, when is that going to happen? O Lord, that is a great blessing of yours. I will be looking forward to that
day, but how long, when?" Banasur instead of being ashamed or afraid, felt excited and curious. He asked, "When will
he come?"
"Don't worry about that thick-headed rogue. Take this flag, set it on top of your palace. When it automatically
falls, be sure the hero is up here." Lord Shiva materialized a huge shining flag and handed it over to him and added--"Now, get out of here."
Banasur took the flag and walked away, bowing himself down. He came to his palace and brought a staircase and
set it on the rooftop by himself. It was flying high and was seen from everywhere. The news about the story of the flag
spread. Citizens felt afraid of some drastic invasion on the day of the fall of the flag. Everyone watched. Banasur came
out every morning and looked at how is the flag, but it was always up there flying high kissing the sky until that special
one day.
Everyday Banasur would come out of his palace and look at the flag. Ministers, mayors, citizens too, with
expected danger looked at the flag many times in the day.
Banasur had a daughter, whose name was Usha. He loved her very much that he give her all the best gems he
had and the best part of the palace to live in. She lived lavishly.
One night when she slept, she began to dream. In the dream she saw a most handsome, fascinating young man of
her age. With a flow of spontaneous love of teen-agers, both were endeared to each other. They were walking hand in
hand, talking lovingly, looking at each other's faces in the lush green forest. His perfume, his gestures, his touch thrilled
her and with passion and love she embraced him again and again. He too was enamored and thrilled with love.
Suddenly her dream broke. Sitting on the bed filled with innocence of her teens she looked left and right and
cried out, "Oh my dear! O beloved of my heart! Where have you gone...?"
Her friend Chitralekha heard her. She went closer and asked her intimately and Usha said, "I saw a beautiful
young man. He had long arms, big beautiful eyes and long hair, wearing a golden silk he was walking with me. We were
deep into kissing each other. Suddenly I awoke and I lost my beloved. My friend, I shall marry only with him. I cannot
live without him." Tears came to Usha's eyes and she started crying.
"Who was it; have you seen him before somewhere?" Chitralekha asked.
"No, I have never seen him except in my dream tonight." Usha replied, her eyes red and tears dripping.

Chitralekha then drew pictures of so many persons of young age but Usha saw each one and said, "This is not
him." At last, she drew a yadav warrior's figure and Usha coming closer said, "He looks similar but he was very young."
At last she drew Aniruddha.
Usha jumped up shouting, "This is him! Oh this is him!"
"Wow, he is the grandson of Krishna the great. They live in Dwarka. Although it is most difficult to do, but in
friendship I will do it for you." Chitralekha assured.
She started practicing yoga and one night she flew through the sky. Chitralekha entered the city of Dwarka and
then entered Aniruddha's palace invisibly. She saw he was fast asleep. She picked him up, bed and all, turned it invisible
and again flew through the sky... No one saw her returning to Usha's palace. Inside her secret apartment she dismissed
invisibility as Usha's eyes widened with immense surprise. Her beloved was right there before her, in front of her, and a
wave of immense joy thrilled her. Tears of love came to her eyes as she immersed in ambrosial embrace. Aniruddha was
surprised, but as he saw this astoundingly beautiful girl mad in love with him, embracing him, her rosy touch made him
forget everything. He was lost in love of her.
Chitralekha felt fulfilled and overjoyed. She arranged the apartment in a way that it became inaccessible to the
male guards and elder persons of the royal family.
Usha loved him madly. She feasted him delicious meals, dressed him, combed his hair. They showered together,
slept together and walked together hand-in-hand in the cozy areas of the rooftop gardens.
Somehow security officers saw him one day and they also observed Usha does not look like a virgin any more.
They reported the matter to Banasur who became highly offended. The corruption of his most dear daughter's character
was unbearable to him. At once he stood up and walked into Usha's palace and went straight into her bedroom. He found
a most handsome youth playing chess with his daughter. Both were happy and off n' on would smile and embrace each
He stared with his red hot eyes and indicated his warriors to get him. Aniruddha felt the air of great danger and
he jumped up and stood in a pose of mallayuddha (5000 year old original form of karate and akido, etc.). Ten soldiers of
Banasur advanced towards Aniruddha knowing that he knew the art of karate. As they positioned and attacked, within
five minutes they were fallen unconscious by the kicks and fists of Aniruddha. Banasur was even angrier as he saw all his
ten lions are dead, yet Aniruddha does not have a scratch on him. He called ten thousand terrible soldiers, tested and
proven in the toughest of all times, but they did not last too long. Aniruddha somersaulted over and over and got hold of
his favorite weapons and killed them all.
Banasur became mad with anger and he went on sending troops. Aniruddha
went on killing all of them.
Banasur came to see the fight. Aniruddha spotted him on the back of his golden chariot and rushed on him. He
somersaulted and landed right on his chariot and lo, kicks and slaps and fists began showering on Banasur. He became
invisible which was the birth gift power in his race. Then remaining invisible he threw a trap of serpents called -nagapash. Aniruddha was caught in the net and he was arrested. Now Banasur appeared laughing with immense cruelity
he yelled at his ministers an order--"Go and dump this rascal into the dungeon and kill him mercilessly as he corrupted my loving daughter."
"His Majesty, I don't see any point in killing him. His death according to his aura is nowhere in the near future.
Look at his power. Single handedly he killed so many of our selected and trained warriors. Look, even though he is
trapped and constantly being bitten by serpents he is still looking at us as if we are trash to him. He must have the grace
of Lord Shiva or Visnu. I don't know, but I know well we should not kill him but keep him in the prison." Kusmand
advised and Banasur approved.
Aniruddha was taken and put in the prison, Banasur said, "Stupid little kid, now you see my power. You must
bow down to me and ask for pardon or you will suffer endlessly."
"Filthy little monster, what for you are king if you are such an idiot who can't understand a warrior's lifestyle.
Expression of timidness or lack of pride is worse than death. I only know win or die. Do you understand? Now get out of
my sight." Aniruddha scolded him.
The verbal attacks of Banasur and Aniruddha continued for a long time. He was amazed but he got very angry.
Cursing him aloud he walked away.
They were afraid of the power of Aniruddha so they left him in a high security prison bound with serpents who
wrapped him from all sides. Sitting in his cell all alone in the midnight, Aniruddha began to pray Mother Durga--"Aum aim hrim klim chamundayai vichche. Mother, O Mother, come to me. See, how I am bound by these
poisonous, furious serpents. I am pained by their bites. Poison is spreading in my body, please come and save me."
Right then a reddish light spread in the cell and Mother appeared illuminating the heart of Aniruddha. She stood
before him smiling and spoke to him. Then she began shooting arrows on each of the serpents. They began falling on the
ground one by one turning into ashes. Aniruddha was free. She touched him and he was healed and then she asked--"If you wish to go back to Dwarka I can take you there right now."
"Mother no, don't do that, I love Usha. I want to go back to her." Aniruddha said.
"In that case you will have to wait until your Lord Krishna comes." Mother told him.
"But, I want to be with Usha -- right now. Where is she, how is she?" He asked.
"She believed in your martial arts. She hoped you will be victorious. She waited, but when you were unjustly
arrested she fainted. She is still in an unconscious state under the care of the Royal physicians."

"Mother, I want to be with her. I love the way she loves me. Her luny love is the most precious and treasured
asset of my life. Take me to her or her to me." Aniruddha requested.
"In that case, I shall arrange for your being together, but stay in trouble until your grandfathers arrive." Saying
thus, Divine Mother vanished.
"Oh Mother, why we have to go through all these?" He thought.
"To go through the karma made by this non-Vedic relationship and that is all. You will get pure. Don't worry."
Sound came from inside.
Four months passed in Dwarka searching for Aniruddha. They did not find any clue until one day, Sage Narada
came to the Royal assembly and conveyed the news of Aniruddha's kidnapping by a yogini friend of Usha and their love
for each other. Banasur's fury and battle and Aniruddha's arrest. They were shocked on this bad news. King Ugrasen
ordered to attack Banasur's capital and rescue the child with the baby.
Twelve akshouhini army marched, conducted by Pradyumna, Yuyudhan, Gad, Samba, Saran and of course
Balaram and Krishna. They rushed like a storm and surrounded the capital of Banasur and they tightened their grip as if
going to crush the demons.
Banasur heard the news and as they marched to confront the opponents, they saw with shock that the flag was
lying broken in pieces. Banasur was concerned ever since his confrontation with Aniruddha and now the young man
happened to be grandson of the famed Krishna. He was worried and he requested Lord Shiva to join the army.
Lord Shiva is known as Lord of Innocence along with his avadharadani nature; he agreed. Now along with
Banasur's army, Lord Shiva, Skanda, Dakini, Betal, embodied diseases, ghosts, goblins, knowledge monsters and rolling
demons also marched. War music echoed. Both armies stood before each other facing face to face. Lord Krishna saw
Lord Shiva and ran down on foot and eulogized him with joined palms and requested-"My Lord, you are self effulgent beyond the reach of attributes of nature. Those whose intellect has become
idiotized by your alluring potency they keep on suffering, stumbling, slipping, colliding and breaking their heads with
relationships of worthless people who have no search for Truth. Obtaining this human life those who do not strive hard to
accomplish love towards your lotus feet are pitiable and self cheaters. One such idiot is this Banasur. Exhibiting
momentary love by the art of dance, imitating your favorite Tandav dance he happened to please you. Because of your
innocence, immensely he fooled you to manipulation. I cannot bear your being exploited by this rascal through your own
boon. I know you have cursed him upon his puffed up, blind dishonor to you. That is why I came here and I wonder how
come I am seeing you here. I want you to allow me to straighten out this Banasur for you." Krishna said.
"Dearest Krishna, you are right. I admire your concern regarding manipulation of my boon. I thank you that you
came to materialize my own given curse, but dearest one, I am always bound by the love of my devotees. Therefore I can
not retreat from the battlefield. It is okay for you to fight with me. It is just a play. Beautiful history it will make to
explain the fantastic mystery of life and existence." Lord Shiva said.
Krishna was surprised and he began smiling. He revered him for his nature. He returned to his chariot and
ordered his driver Daruk to announce war.
Music echoed from both sides. Krishna was fighting with Lord Shiva, Pradyumna was fighting with Guha,
Banasur was fighting with Satyaki. Samba was fighting with Banasur's son. Kumbhand was fighting with Balaram.
Mahesvar fevers were fighting with Vaisnava's fever. Krishna and Shiva's battle was so beautiful that Bramha, Indra,
gandharvas came to see it. Their planes crowded the sky and they were showering flowers. At last Krishna shot on Shiva
jimbhanastra by which he fell in a long swoon on his chariot.
Soon Krishna spotted Banasur and challenged him for a dual. They fought for hours. In this fierceful fight
Banasur lost his chariot and fell down on the ground. All his hands felt weak for the first time in his life. His weapons
were broken in pieces. As Krishna rushed upon him to kill him his mother Kotara came running naked. Krishna turned
his face as it is not pious to look at a naked woman. Banasur found an opportunity to escape into the city. All his hands
were sore. He healed his wounds and feeling relief, then again he came to the battlefield riding on a new, stronger chariot.
Three headed fever with terrible faces of vat, pitta and kaph charged Krishna's fever. They fought for a long time.
At last he was dashed and dragged on the ground. He managed to slip out and approach Krishna praying and begging for
protection. He gave with the condition that whosoever meditates on their dialogue he will not dare to trouble him/her,
which he promised.
By now Banasur had come. He was ferocious and now he wanted to kill Krishna, but Krishna is not so easy to
win. He got the upper hand over him and shot umpteen arrows which went on chopping off his hands. It is said he had
one thousand hands. Krishna hurled his discus which began chopping all of them off and on top of that, Krishna ran
down to cut off his head. Right then Lord Shiva came out of his yawning swoon and ordered his charioteer to rush to the
spot of the dual. He did.
Lord Shiva saw all the hands of Banasur were cut off and fallen all over the battlefield. Only four hands were
left. He was gasping and in his last moments of life. Krishna had already released his discus to chop off his head.
Banasur was in a complete exhausted and hopeless state. Shiva intervened--"Dear Krishna, halt, stop the discus. Banasur has now seen a far greater power than himself. He is humbled up.
He is amply punished. Now leave him. I have given him a boon to live for one full kalpa. It must come true."
"I agree, thank you my Lord for reminding me. I have already given a boon to Pralhad that I will not kill anyone
now in his dynasty. I was just playing and waiting for you. Take him with you now."

"Banasur, what are you looking prostrate down to Lord Hari. He is none else but my ownself. He is your lifegiver
as well as teacher of the most needed lesson." Shiva ordered.
Banasur ran shedding tears of devotion with joined palms and fell down at the feet of Lord Krishna. He begged
pardon. Krishna, Balaram and the entire party came together. They forgave him.
All of them were invited into the capital. Citizens hurried to see Lord Shiva and Krishna together, the most
treasured moment of history. Banasur sat them together on one throne and then worshipped them with great devotion.
He brought Aniruddha and Usha. He apologized for his rude treatment and married them together. The Royal
assembly was decorated well and all sitting together were Krishna, Shiva, Balaram, Satyaki. Everyone was very happy
and they asked, "Banasur, we want to see your dance."
Immediately his eyes twinkled and gleamed. He was full of joy as he stood up in the middle of the assembly.
Moving his limbs, hitting his foot on the floor, waving his hands in the air, he began to perform the Tandav dance. He was
playing music by his mouth, moving his brows, waving his head expressing thousands of feelings. Thus with this fantastic
dance he pleased everybody. Even Aniruddha and Usha looked at each other and shouted, "Bravo!"
"I am so pleased by your dance, O Banasur, ask for benediction." Lord Shiva said.
"Thank you so much Lord, please give me a boon -- Let my wounds be healed instantly. Let Usha's son be my
successor. Let Lord Krishna also love me as you do. Let no more demonicism rise in my heart at any time. Let my heart
remain full of your love to the brim. Let my love stay extended to all devotees of Shiva and kindness to all else." Banasur
requested as tears flew from his eyes.
"So be it. You got it." Shiva and Krishna both announced. "It is a long time now, Banasur, Lord Krishna and the
party would like to return to their home. It is now time to give a farewell to your daughter," Lord Shiva said.
Banasur arranged for a hearty farewell of Usha and Aniruddha. He offered gold chariots, horses, elephants and
maids with millions of dollars of dowry. He embraced Usha and Aniruddha over and over and helped them ascend the
chariot. He clasped the lotus feet of Krishna and cried with devotion.
Krishna and Shiva were embracing each other over and over. Citizens were showering flowers, popped rice,
kumkum and waving ghee flames. The procession went on. They feasted their eyes with the astoundingly beautiful couple
of Usha and Aniruddha and the dazzling heights of supremacy in Shiva and Krishna riding on the same one chariot. The
war army returned to Dwarka as a wedding party.
"Dear Vyasa," Sanat Kumar continued. "When Mahisasur was defeated in the battlefield and killed by Durga
Devi, his son Gajasur burned with anger. He decided to revenge. He performed such a ferocious penance that all worlds
began to burn. Celestials approached Bramhaa ji and requested for a solution and Bramhaa ji appeared before Gajasur.
"I will not be slain by any man or woman whom passion of lust has ever taken over. Make me powerful and
invincible among the rest." Gajasur requested Bramhaa as a boon to stop the blazing meditation. He okayed.
He wasted no time and began occupying all the lands and then planets his father owned before. Not only this, he
came to gorgeous Kashi and began to persecute people there. They cried for Lord Shiva's help.
"Hum, is this so, then he will go through the consequences." Lord Shiva the absolver of the very embodiment of
the sex god, Kama, leaped on Gajasur. Gajasur too levitated above in the sky. A terrible battle continued. At last the Lord
shoved his trident through the chest of that demon, and then into the earth, and left it just like that.
There was no other way. Like Andhakasur, he cried, yelled, screamed and suffered through the terminal pain but
by and by he was straightened out. His meditation went deeper into trances of devotion. He praised the Lord. Obviously
Lord Shiva was pleased and gave him boons--That his body now purified by the fire of suffering, while sticking on his trident, turned into tapas was now
sacred. Let it assume a linga form and be worshipped as Krittivasesvar. It will be absolver of all karmas and boaster of
spiritual progress. He will wear his skin as one of the outer garments.
Sanat Kumar continued again. "Dear Vyasa, in the beginning of our White Boar Cosmic Day when Hiranyaksa
was killed by Lord Varah and Hiranyakasipu was still deep into penance, Dundubhi Nirhrad rose into power. He assured
Diti that he can do what nobody has been able to do yet.
After a prolonged brainstorm with his friends he came to a decision that it is the bramhin and priestly wisemen
who perform yajna everyday and the Celestials are fed and thus they survive. If he destroys this community, all will be
well. Celestials will naturally meet their death since no other kind of food has been assigned to them by Bramhaa ji.
The international center for these wisemen was Kashi, so he went to Kashi and began destroying the very roots of
their culture as well as their life.
When these bramhins would go into the dense forest to pick up fuel for their yajna he would appear there in the
form of a wild beast and devour them. When they entered the river and ponds to bathe this demon assuming the form of a
crocodile or tortoise would eat them. When they were sleeping in their homes at night he would assume the form of a
hungry tiger and kill them.

Through yoga he would multiply himself into millions of forms and appear in millions of places and begin his
large scale, wholesale destruction of bramhins. It went on.
It was a Shiva-ratri night. A Shiva-conscious devotee had just completed his worship and was sitting deep in
meditation. He had a firm resolve to have darshan of Lord Shiva. Before he worshipped he had pronounced Shiva
Kavach (Shiva armor mantras) and thus he protected himself well. He was deep in trance and nobody around to guard.
Now when Dundubhi Nirhrad, in the form of a tiger, came to attack him he felt a great jerk and as if hit by an
electric current he was thrown back. He was surprised, but he was not one who accepted failure so easily. He was one who
tries and tries harder and harder again. Each failure was a new challenge. He backed up, ran and leaped on the devotee
still entranced and oblivious of what was happening. This time he opened his claws to tear him into pieces and leave him
beyond recognition, but Lord Shiva seated in the Shiva linga before him could not bear his evil attempt. When he jumped,
this time Lord Shiva instead of throwing him with a jolt, materialized himself and like lightening flung himself into a
huge, gigantic form and grabbed him in his armpit. The demon was like a cat being crushed every minute. He began to
cry with pain. He roared and roared a deafening roar which trembled the earth and sky. Entire Kashi ran to see what was
happening. Upset with his dreadful scream, Lord Shiva then dashed his fist on his head. As if a thunderbolt stroke
against a huge rock, another deafening sound, and the demon's head cracked and fell into a thousand pieces.
The devotee now opened his eyes. He saw Lord Shiva still holding a huge tiger in his armpit and thousands of
people assembled outside his ashram. He understood. He prayed and fell at the lotus feet of Lord Shiva and so did all the
citizens of Kashi.
"Whoever O citizens, will visit this place and see me in Vyaghresvar Mahadev form, I shall eliminate all his
troubles. Any warrior who enters the battlefield remembering this episode will be victorious. Anyone listening,
discoursing, meditating on this pastime of mine will accomplish the fruit of his most awaited fulfillment of desire." Lord
Shiva said. His words echoed and re-echoed in and throughout the vacinity.
Citizens thrilled and filled with joy, shouted, "All glories to Lord Shiva Mahadev..."
"Dear Vyasa," Sanat Kumar began. "Now listen about Kashi's most famous Kandukesvar Shivalinga. It is
situated near Jyesthesvar Colony, visited by throngs of pilgrims every year.
Vidal and Utpal were the names of those two demons. They had received boons from Bramhaa ji not to die or
invincibility from all men. When their rise became torturous to the pious and monstrous to themselves, Narada made a
visit to the palace of the demons. They were youngsters and famed women hunters of their time. They loved to talk about
beautiful ladies. They had organized beauty pagents, beauty contests and sex publications. Now they asked Narada about
the most beautiful lady he ever saw. Narada told them there was one when he was invited by her father to see her palm
and tell her future. He told them he never saw a more beautiful girl than her in all his life of a couple billion years.
They were fascinated and asked more, but Narada said he was too busy and in the middle of an important journey.
He met them only because they were on his way. Her name was Parvati and she lives with her husband in Varanasi/Kashi
these days, and he left.
They came to Kashi and inquired about her. They knew she came daily on the banks of Ganga river to play
baseball every evening. Both friends assumed the form of ganas (Shiva's attendants) and enjoyed the sport while floating
in the sky. Everyone was freely invited to join the game or watch, whichever they like. Many ganas were sitting around
the arena, many floating in the sky, many sitting in the trees. This couple preferred floating. They saw Lord Shiva,
Parvati, Vijaya, Krittikas and many family members had worn their sport clothes and were playing a wonderful game.
They were amazed and almost swooned looking at the beautiful face of Parvati. They were excited. Their heart lured to
obtain her.
Parvati, Vijaya, Shiva and ganas were hitting the balls and running around. Laughing, happily looking, enjoying
playing with Shiva, they seemed fulfilled. As Shiva looked up he recognized these two demons as their eyes were nondevoted. They were fascinated and impatient to grab Parvati and fly away. Shiva looked at Parvati. Both ran after the ball
and Shiva held her hand and whispered into her ear. She looked up and recognized in an instant.
Then as they turned, Shiva went right and Parvati left, running, running after the ball to grab it. Demons saw the
good chance to get her. They were hovering above her and as they made an effort to grab her, right then Parvati got the
ball and held it in her hand. She looked up and hit the ball on the couple. As the ball hit hard on Vidal, he died, but the
force of the ball's hit created such an electric momentum that his corpse hit hard on Utpal. He too died instantly and they
both fell like two huge mountains.
Now the ball fell on the ground and turned into a Shivalinga. This Shivalinga became famous as Kandukesvar
Mahadev. It is still one of the most scenic spots in Kashi. Although thousands of years have passed, millions of times
temples have been constructed and become old and regenerated, but the power which Shiva and Parvati infused in this
Linga is said to be still existing in this LInga."
Bramhaa ji said, "O Narada, thus I described to you the holiest of all holy narrations of Shiva's pastimes. This is
the yuddha (battle) section of Rudra Samhita of Shiva Purana.
Knowing and understanding this evolves into attainment of joy in the material world and enlightenment at the
end of life.

Suta ji said, "O Shounak ji, O eighty-eight thousand sagacious holy men, thus I have described unto you the
dialogue of Bramhaa and Narada as told by the great master Sanat Kumar to my spiritual master, Sri Vyasa dev. I hope
you enjoyed it."
Hearing the words of the great master Suta ji, Shounak and eighty-eight thousand assembled Sages on the
extended, lush green grass, carpeted Naimisaranya's Ganga bank became thrilled and captivated.
Great love of Lord Shiva rose in their heart and they all became uplifted into the paramount bliss of Shivaexperience in Shiva-consciousness. Eight symptoms of devotion appeared in their limbs and they remained seated while
entranced and blissed out.
A fragrant, fondling, cool breeze blew; birds chirped, cuckoos cooed, peacocks danced and golden deers leaped
around and in the far distance some song of the Celestials echoed. Silence spread and engulfed the entire world.
Everything became calm, serene, placid and divine.
In this silence, Lord Shiva's presence became more and more manifest. The meditation forest echoed the
manifestation of Shiva and spread its perfume all over the world. Wherever devotees of Shiva were meditating they
became Shiva-Enlightened.
Sun began setting and the nearby tent town was bathed with the departing reddish rays of the sun. Yajna area
was lit as if reminding them, "O dear Sages, O take an evening dip into holy Ganga and come... come to me. Let us do an
evening yajna and rest tonight so that you would be able to join another discourse of the fantastic sermon tomorrow.
Come, Sages come..."
Here ends the Yuddha Section
of Rudhra Samhita
of Shiva Purana