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The Committee to Elect Joshua Farrell 48 Manning Boulevard + Albany, New York 12203 « (518) 966-2182 April 29, 2016 Hon. Carolyn McLaughlin Albany County Democratic Committee 10 Colvin Avenue, Suite 101 (via first class mail and e-mail) Albany, New York 12206 Dear Hon, McLaughl As members of the Albany County Democratic Committee (“Committee”) we write to ensure that the Committee's vote for the nomination of Albany City Court Judge is held in the most transparent and orderly manner possible. At the Committee’s May 4, 2016 meeting, we will be supporting Joshua Farrell who will be seeking the Committee's nomination for the office of Albany City Court Judge. One committee person will introduce a resolution to that effect, and it will be seconded by another committee person. We believe that the name of James Long will also be submitted to the members, which will require a vote between the two. While voting at Committee meetings is ordinarily by “viva voce,” you have the ability, as Chair of the Committee and in accord with Committee Rule Art. III, Sec. 6, to authorize a different voting procedure. Rather than a voice vote, we respectfully request that you authorize a roll call vote to be held. This voting procedure will ensure that each committee person's vote is properly counted in accord with our Rules, in an open and fair manner. As we are sure you are aware, Committee Rule Art. III, Sec. 6 explicitly requires "proportionate and weighted” voting for the Committee's Albany City Court Judge nomination, Because of recent redistricting, cach clection district must be assigned a weight corresponding to the Democratic enrollment in such district (Election Law Sec. 2-104). Committee Rule Art. VIII, Sec. 3, Paragraph 2, then identifies who may vote for such nomination: "Committee members representing the clection districts corresponding to such office." Because the Albany City Court's office is city wide, only the Committee members whose election districts are within the City of Albany may vote for the Albany City Court Judge nomination. Moreover, Committee Rule Art. Il, Sec. 3, further provides that appointed (ie. acting) Committee members "shall have no vote at a meeting of the County Committee." While our rules are not simple, they are thorough, fair, and ensure a transparent result. Only a roll call vote can possibly capture the complexity of such a vote. We, as Democrats, should strive for a transparent process that allows cach individual’s vote to be counted in accord with our Rules. Kindly confirm that voting for the Albany City Court Judge nomination will be conducted with a roll call vote, and limited to those elected, not acting, Committee members of the election districts in the City of Albany. Please e-mail your response to furrellforcitycourt@ in advance of the Committee's May 4, 2016 meeting. / rns VL EN poe Edward Hyde Clarke, Esq. “Leah Golby Committee Person, Ward 9 Committee Person, Ward 10 cc: Albany County Democratic Committee - Executive Committee Albany County Democratic Committee - Ward Leaders of the City of Albany Albany County Democratic Committee - Law Committee Chair, Cynthia LaFave