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COMPETENCE 2: Understand orders and be understood in matters
relevant to watchkeeping duties

For Panel Review, Evaluation, Validation and Revision


How would you unload compressor works?

a. Controlling pressure
b. Closing suction valves
c. Bypassing compressed gas
d. Controlling the temperature

How should the centrifugal pump be started?

a. Valve half opened
b. Suction valve closed
c. With entry valve opened
d. With discharge valve closed
3. What does the common use of Freon in a refrigeration system
corresponds to?
a. Brine system
b. Direct system
c. Ammonia system
d. Air conditioning system
4. Which of the following properties is present in all compression system
a. Volatile
b. Non-toxic
c. Non-acidic
d. Low boiling pressure

5. Kinetic energy is the energy the body due to its_______.

a. Motion
b. Position
c. Horsepower
d. Temperature
6. What determines the size of the discharge ring used in a lube oil purifier?
a. Viscosity of the oil
b. Specific gravity of the oil
c. Sediment content of the oil
d. Moisture content of the oil
7. Allows a sample to be drawn off boiler to measure the density of water
a. Drain cock
b. Alkalinity
c. Salinometer
d. Salinometer cock
8. What is required from an exiting current?


To build up dead circuit

To create magnetic field
To excite synchronous motor
To build up voltage in the battery

9. What is the expected result from a supercharged diesel engine?

a. An increase in ignition lag
b. An increase in engine horsepower
c. An increase in lube oil consumption
d. An increase in specific fuel consumption
10.Which air intake system will result in the lowest specific fuel
a. Roots blower
b. Pistons blower
c. Turbo changer
d. Natural aspiration
11.Which part is the inter poles or commutating poles are connected in
compound DC generators is series with?
a. Armature
b. Shunt field
c. Series field
d. Armature but in parallel with each other
12.The space above the grate just below the boiler shells in which the fuel is
a. Crate
b. Ashpit
c. Blower
d. Furnace
13.Where is the highest decrease in the temperature of a refrigerant?
a. At the receiver
b. At the condenser
c. At the evaporator
d. At the expansion valve
14.What will happen if the delivered air pressure is high ?
a. Compressor will stop
b. Solenoid valve will close
c. Expansion valve will close
d. Compressor will remain running
15.Why should the engine and boiler rooms be kept clean and free from oil
a. To avoid paint damage
b. To maintain cleanliness
c. To reduce oil consumption
d. To reduce danger of fire and risks of sliding

16.What is the wrench size of a 4 nut?

a. 3 / 4
b. 10/24
c. 1 and 2
d. 1 and 4
17.What does the scleroscope determine ?
a. Hardness of the metal
b. Thickness of the metal
c. Brittleness of the metal
d. Crack of the metal
18.What should you NOT use in cleaning scavenging manifold?
a. Scrapers
b. Diesel oil
c. Open light
d. Safety flashlight
19.What is the purpose of quipping waste boilers with vents on water
a. Prevent air locks
b. Remove sediment
c. Release excess pressure
d. Allow for feed water treatment
20.The process of removing exhaust gases from a cylinder with the aid of a
a. Aspiration
b. Scavenging
c. Forced draft
d. Turbo charging
21.What causes a diesel engine exhaust temperature to run abnormally
a. Load too light
b. Injection timing too early
c. Compression ratio too low
d. Engine may be overloaded
22.How is work conveniently expressed?
a. In kilogram meter
b. In pounds per minute
c. In kilograms per minute
d. In foot-pound minute
23.What is the most probable cause of cracking noise in a centrifugal
a. Cavitation
b. Excess speed
c. Insufficient speed
d. Excessive net positive suction head

24.What tool is used to prepare copper tubing for fittings?

a. Spreader
b. Stretcher
c. Belling tool
d. Flaring tool
25.Which of the following is the top priority when entering an enclosed
A. Prepare a compressed air breathing apparatus (CABA)
B. Comply with the checklist of ENTERING AN ENCLOSED SPACE
C. Measure oxygen content
D. Ventilate the tank
Answer: A

26.The davit-launched life craft required to be carried onboard cargo ships is

arranged that to boarded by its full complement of persons is not more
the ____minutes.
A. 10
B. 12
C. 3
D. 5
27.Why do we have to have an international shore coupling onboard ?to be
able to ..
A. Connect the fire lines ship/shore
B. Connect the cargo hoses to shore
C. Connect the bunker hoses to ship/shore
D. Connect slop lines ship/shore
Answer: A
28.How many power supply emergency sources are required for firedetection and fire alarm system?
A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. None
29.The emergency fire pump is in accordance with good seamanship and
precautionary routines run and tested weekly. Routine checks and
maintenance are normally carried out by dedicated personnel. to ensure
safe and appropriate operation of the pump would y
A. In case of accidents it is important that a wide ranged of personnel
must be permitted and trained to
B. Operate the pump

C. To ensure safe operation of the emergency pump only dedicated

personnel be permitted to operate the pump
D. Only senior engineers should operated the emergency pump. Only
senior Deck officers should operated the emergency pump.
Answer: A

30.Which of the following actions will most effectively prevent fire in a cabin?
A. Ensuring that all persons avoid smoking in bed.
B. Request people to refrain from smoking.
C. Removing all ashtrays.
D. Install fire detecting device
Answer: A
31.The high-velocity fog tip used with the all purpose fire fighting nozzle
should always be___.
A. Attached by a chain
B. Coated with heavy grease to prevent corrosion
C. Painted red for identify as emergency equipment
D. Stored in the clip at each fire station
32.How is the external flotation bladder of an immersion suit inflated?
A. It is inflated by a small CO2 bottle that is automatically tripped when
the front zipper is at the top or zipper track
B. It is inflated by a small CO2 bottle that is manually tripped
C. It is inflated by blowing through an inflation tube
D. In inflates by sea water bleeding into the flotation bladder and
reacting with a chemical there in
Answer: C
33.What is EPIRB an abbreviation for?
A. Emergency position indicating radio beacon
B. Emergency position indication radio buoy.
C. Electronic purpose if rescue begins
D. Electronic pressure indication radar buoy.
Answer: A
34.The operating cord on an inflatable life raft also serves as a______.
A. Lifeline
B. Painter
C. Drogue
D. Marker
Answer: B

35.The carbon dioxide cylinder of a fixed fire extinguisher system may be

located inside the protected space if the quantity of CO2 required to
protect that space is not more than_______.
A. 300 pounds
B. 400 pounds
C. 500 pounds
D. 600 pounds
36.What does SART signal look like ?
A. It transmits SOS and the vessels name and person in slow speed
morse code
B. It will appear in a radar units PPI as a line of dots radiating outward
with the innermost dot indicating the SARTs position
C. It will appear on a radar units PPI as a line of dots radiating outward
with the outermost dot indicating the SARTs position
D. None of the above