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AN ENDURING ARMY RAIL CAPABILITY-FOR FULL SPECTRUM OPERATIONS The US Army Reserve EXPEDITIONARY RAILWAY CENTER seas the US Army Chief of Transporta- tion, heidensfied a requitement gap in the Army'Title 10 responsibiliy support the Geographic Combatant Commands (COCOMS) in the effective utilization of rail asa strategic multiplier throughous the Full Spectrum of Operations (FSO). This, perceived epi significant because a func~ tional analysis denified effective rail plan alysis, and advisemene asa Geographic COCOM requirement. Host nation (HN) support will un- doubredly become larger function of the ge0-strategic environment of the 2Istcen- tury. Because infrastructure and theater transportation are inextricably connected to the broader geo-strategic environment, the Chief of Transportation, Col Stephen Farmen, bas focused on modernizing US ‘Army Rail capabilities that can exploitand get the most from HIN resources within the transportation specteurn.! This effore has led to a force design update (FDU) that will provide the capabilities required for the contemporary operating environ. ment. The FDU was approved by the US Army Training and Doctrine Command's (LRADOC) Army Capabilces and Inte- gration Center (ARCIC). This mew rail force structure will au iment any COCOM’s effort with planning and advising on HIN rail uilization to ex |: 2010, when Brig. Gen, Ba Dorman ning, assessment ppand and expedite distribucion within the area of responsibility (AOR). This new de- sign will provide a fll spectrum capability inall phases ofan operation. In a period of