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Universidad de Oriente

Ncleo de Bolvar
Unidad Experimental Puerto Ordaz
Departamento de rea Bsica
Ingls II (094 - 1623)
Unit 3: Tourist services, Itinerary, Travel requirement.
Tourist services
These are the services one receives from tourist provider. Tourism and travelrelated services includes services provided by hotels and restaurants (including
catering), airline, travel agencies and tour operator services, tourist guide services and
other related services.
They are recognized as the provision of tourist services:
Hosting service: when provided accommodation or stay to tourist service users,
with or without provision of other complementary services.
Restoration service: when provided food to be consumed in the same
establishment or outside facilities.
Service information: provide information to users of tourist services on tourism
resources, with or without provision of other complementary services and guided
visits and help visitors nd what they need.
Service host of congressional events, conventions or similar.
Brokering service: to provide any travel services likely to be demanded by the
users of tourist services.
An itinerary is your travel plan, is a detailed plan for a journey, especially a list of
places to visit with information helpful to travelers. Where you will go and when you will
be there. If you make plans to fly to Paris from Beijing or take a train to Chicago from

Mexico City, you will need an itinerary. That means you will have a plan that displays
how you will get from point to point in your travels and when you will be at each point.

Important Travel Documents

Use this handy checklist to make sure you have all of your important papers for
your next trip. Visa, ID card, Passport, Travelers check, Boarding pass, Travel
insurance, Hotel voucher, Itinerary and Vaccination certificate.


Activity 1: Translate into Spanish the following vocabulary




Keep together

Boarding pass



Look around






Over there



Get up


Give you a chance to


Group entry ticket


Hotel voucher

Stay overnight

Hot springs


Id card





Vaccination certificate

Travel insurance


Travelers check

You are welcome to

Activity 2: Read the following tour guide speech and complete the notes on the
itinerary. Choose the correct answer.

Good morning. My name is Mercedes. I am your guide for the next few days on
your bus trip through Southern Peru. In a few minutes, well leave Lima and drive south
to Pisco. Well have lunch at Pisco, at the Hotel Belen. After lunch, at around 1 oclock,
well take a boat to the Ballestas Islands where we hope to see some flamingos,
pelicans, and sea lions. We wont land on the islands, but we will have drinks and
something to eat on the boat. At 5 oclock well meet up with the bus again and go onto
Nazca. Finally, well drive to the La Dunas Hotel for dinner.
I recommend an early night, as breakfast on Wednesday is at 6 a.m. After
breakfast, the bus will take us to Nazca Airport and well take a short plane trip to view
the Nazca Lines.
When you leave the bus, remember to take all your belongings with you. Are
there any questions?

South Peruvian tour itinerary!


Leave Lima by train / bus / plane


Have coffee / picnic / lunch at Pisco at the hotel


Take boat / plane to Ballestas Islands


Bus to Nazca / Las Dunas


Drinks / Dinner / Party at hotel


Get up / Have breakfast


Take bus / taxi to airport


Take plane / helicopter to see the Nazca Lines

When we describe an itinerary, we often use these phases.

Next ________

Then ________
After that_________

After lunch_______
At three oclock, ___


Finally ___________

Activity 3: Fill in the blanks using the words in the box below.
1. ________ here for 10 minutes. Please be back at the bus ___ 11:30.
2. Please _________________ to take all your belongings with you.
3. You are ________________ to take photographs outside, but please do not use
a flash inside the palace.
4. I have your group entry ticket. Please keep together until we are ____
5. The afternoon is _______. The bus ____________ again at 5:00 p.m.
6. _______________ stop in front of the palace so that ______________ take
7. Well _________________ here for one hour to give you a chance to and buy
8. __________________ back here at 3 oclock.
By -

Well meet



Well stop

You can


Will leave


Activity 4: Match the question to the answers. The first one has been done as an
1. How long will we stay here?
2. Will we have a guided tour?
3. Where are we staying tonight?
4. Where can I buy souvenirs?
5. Do I have time to climb to the top?
6. Can we take photographs?
7. Would you take a photo of us, please?
8. Where can I get a cold drink?

___ No, Im afraid you dont. Well only be here for ten minutes.
___ There are some good stores in the market behind the hotel.
___ Yes, but please dont use a flash.
___ Theres a bar over there.

About 45 minutes. Please return to the bus by 10:30.

___ Yes. The guide will meet us at the entrance.

___ Certainly. Ready? Say Cheese
___ At the Florida Hotel in the city center.

Activity 5: Work in pairs or small groups. Plan an itinerary for a group of tourists
visiting your area. Then, announce your itinerary to the class. Follow the
instructions below to help you talk through the itinerary.
1. Greet the tourists.
Good morning,
2. Introduce yourself.
My name is Im your guide for the next two days.
3. Say you are going to tell everyone the itinerary for the next 2 days.
4. Talk through Days.
First, Then,
5. Ask if there are any questions.
6. Tell the tourists to enjoy themselves.