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University of Hail

Department of English
Advance Writing

"Research Paper"

Preparation Student:
Majed Mohammed dokhi Alshammari

Dr. Professor Of Course :

{Zakaria Bani Salameh}

Problems In Translat


Maybe you think about translation What is a

Translation ? Translation is the transmittal of written text
from one language into another or you can say Translation
it is a tool that able to transfer one language to another in
order to get the meaning of passage or somethingThat
you want to translate. So translation it is not easy as some
people think read and translation words. Translation is
very important for who want to know other cultures and
traditions of country that own language But, There are a
lot of things when you started translation something that
is related to a specific subject. But this not problem what I
am looking for what I am looking for is How to
Translation Passage or even text ? Here is the
important thing is knowledge about subject that you want
you translation and comprehension that gave you ability
to translation foreign language what we called "TL" Also,
The translation not focus only on how to writing? But, It's
focus on reading and comprehension. In addition by using
some methods of translation. The grammatical have to be
understand for translate another language because, Other
languages not same English or Arabic because there are
differences between them not just in grammatical but also
structure of sentences ,vocabulary and cultural content.
These differences make life difficult for the translator. We
might be face language which is same our language SL
and TL for vocabulary, structure sentences and other
things that related to language. For example: English
speaking people German people have a lot more in
common because, they are closer to each other in
grammatical and vocabulary..etc.

Problems In Translat

What is a Translation ?
What are the major things that we have to know
when we translate text or speech..etc?
Why we are translate In a wrong way ?
What are the differences between languages ?
How can we avoid translate wrong ?
Can we say the translation base on knowledge
translator ?

The Translation has more difficulties especially if do
not have the knowledge about process of translation.
What should you to know is translation really difficult?
Is there any methods to guide translator to right
translation. Also I will Investigating in problems of
translation? Lastly. Is there any methods can help
translator to translation.

Problems In Translat

Already, We know what is translation

but we did not know much about it. So what is it?
Translation is the transmittal of written text from
one language into another. Let's say The text to be
translated is called the source text, and the
language it is to be translated into is called the
target language; the final product is sometimes
called the "target text" or "TL". Translation is
maybe a little bit difficult because, some of people
fell in mistakes but they are know realized; Why
because they are realized the methods of
translation and knowledge The important
knowledge is about target language. If we started
guessing about tools that help the translator to
translation any target language. Here is the first
main tools:

Reading comprehension ability in a

foreign language:
The important tool which is can help translator
ability to understand the language and culture
wide that help translator. But, This is not enough

Problems In Translat

for to be a good translator as I mention in

beginning of my research paper I said that you
cannot understand the target language if you do
not know about the foreign language even if you
are know the Techniques of translation this in not
enough for who wants to be a good translator. So,
you have to be a full understand meaning of
reading comprehension.

Knowledge of subject:
Also knowledge is a part of reading comprehension
but, Knowledge is a more than reading
comprehension about information and experiences
that knowledge including about the target
language but, the translator if he in this level of
knowledge or let say "educative" I think he will be
a good translator because, The translator have
more educative on specific Area that belongs to

Sensitivity to language (both mother

tongue and foreign language):

Problems In Translat

What is I am trying to say is something that maybe

some of you do not know what is sensitivity to
language? It Is the relationship between two
languages that means if we have similarities we
are closer to each other for example:
We are might be facing a similar in Phonological
"pronunciations". Also, We are probably facing
Grammatical But, here I mention the similar
grammatical in Sensitivity language because in old
languages are some of them are

Related to each other for Example: {Germanic

language they closer to English language
Because, in old English the Germanic people made
some occupation on some Area but, that does not
prevent people of English to use English Language
as standard language but, both languages has a
little bit of the same grammar and pronunciations .

Information on the culture of the foreign

That's why we have to include culture information
of foreign language. The culture not just know

Problems In Translat

about the people How are they live? Or How are

they speak?...! You might be confused because,
you know the culture is just name nothing else.
But, Let me tell you more about the word
"Culture" The culture means everything about
foreign language or If we talk generally about
Culture we defined it As The Areas of language
that belongs to a specific Language including all
Traditions - Native language "speakers"
Behavior Rituals Law morality
manners . So, all these information which are
belong to the information of Culture. You have to
be a good learner about these information of
foreign language even if we mean the word
"Culture" If we look for Example the
The first thing comes into our mind is 'People'
Because, They are who practice this tradition
whether Men or Women. Also the word tradition
comes by practice for something that people
usually comes like: clothes or sayings, food,
Wedding, Receive people, and more. As in the
case of the white wedding dress, which only
became popular after Queen Victoria wore a white
gown at her wedding to Albert of Saxe-Coburg.
The white wedding dress became very popular
when the Queen Victoria wore. But you might be

Problems In Translat

ask me why you say the something people

practice? Let me tell you that any prince or queen
they have regime which is anything falls under
information of culture above; We see that is
suitable for our traditions we can say it is a part of
our traditions. So, traditions is important for who
wants to be a good translator because, we might
be facing a Passage or Speech of Prince or
Author about (Culture) in this case we do not
know; What are the traditions of foreign language.
Simply, [Every Language Has Traditions] So, do
not you think there are some of languages are not
has traditions.
If you are continue and practice like this way
I promise you that you will get what you are
deserve for to be a good translator because,
The translation not only focus on writing to
another language, But It's more than one
shelf of information because, we are facing
foreign language which is another language
not exist in our language. So, It is not
difficult if someone has all information about
foreign language.
The translator does he can translation without any
mistakes? The answer will be yes, he can. But,
There are some of people who translation with a
full of mistakes especially The Target Language

Problems In Translat

is Unknown that reason why some of people fell

in some mistakes. The important thing is
background about the TL if you do not have
background in this case you cannot do anything
especially, Writing just nothing else. Also I noted
that some of people fell in grammatical mistakes
especially: Noun, Adjectives, VerbAnd
others. They translate it into their language and
they see the TL is same our language So, They
focus on grammatical translation. But, This is not
enough for you as a translator. Because,
Translation has more than properties whether if it's
Grammatical, Spilling, Meanings, Vocabulary..etc.
Some of beginners who translation the target
language into his language. Due, That he thinking
his language it is only one who can translate it.
But this is not truth at all. Because, language differ
than language also because, all language follow
a specific methods or Standards Because of
that, Language is differ than any language.
There are a lot of differences between any two
language a few of some languages are similar. But,
Not similar as much as all there are some of
similarities like for example: Sounds, Spilling,
Grammatical. Be careful, there are differences
between languages and closer between two as I
said Previously, Germanic/English,There are
relationship colonization of old languages because,
Language impact upon each other through wars.

Problems In Translat

So, If there are any similarities will be always

During wars or let say during impact of languages.
Otherwise we cannot say today there is a similar.
These similarities cannot started now because,
Languages are used since that languages born.
After all these information I will tell you that
translator can avoid mistakes by using some of
methods can help him the first one:

Knowledge covering a wide cultural

Why did I started with the word " Knowledge
Covering"? Because, It's very important to know a
wide Cultural for many causes one of the causes is
live language that you to know language increase
your knowledge in order to be the one who same
native language. Also that help you improve to
writing more words which are related to native
language specially who speaks these words. It's
good thing to be you the one who control his

High reading comprehension:

Reading is really differ than any methods of
translation because, if you are a good reader you
will be a good writer even in translation. Some of

Problems In Translat

translators who do not have much vocabulary; Of

course, They lose their translation and all words
are full of repeating .The Vocabulary is important
because, They are component of translation. I will
remind you again do not lose you translation if you
are translator or writer build you translation with
a many of vocabulary because, Many Words are
like: Drawing Landscape

Graphic/ Majed Mohammed (Impact Reading)

Use of translation procedures and


We use methods which are strategies that can

help us to translate these strategies and
Procedures it's like tools; As I said Previously,
Anyone who became translator he have to be walk
Problems In Translat

through strategies in order to make his translation

clear and concept. All translators walk through
methods and strategies We know they are not the
same methods because, Translation is differ than
other translator; At the end all of them using what
we are called "Methodology".

Ability to translation:
Are you able to do this translation or not; Question
might be is really difficult for you and easy for
others. The Peak of translation is the word
"Ability" If you are control your translation this will
guide you to the right place as we know the sorts
of ability especially Patience If you are lost this
sort of ability you will lose everything that comes
in your mind. The translation not focus also only
how to design translation? It focus on how to
create your own words through reading about
information of TL . The ability including:
1.Target language knowledge.
3.Understand the language culture.
4.Spoke the language.
I use the word knowledge because, It's base on
translation knowledge is important it's like speak
with someone like with French If you do not know
the language you cannot communicate with him.

Problems In Translat

As here we cannot translate language if do not

have knowledge about the TL.

Problems In Translat