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1. Why should we consider the family as a blessing?

A blessing, as defined is a favor or GIFT that is bestowed by God, thereby bringing

happinesss. With this definition itself, it can be concluded that the family is truly the
greatest blessing given to us by God. It is through the family that we see most, if not all,
the fruits of labor and love, just like what the article said, the children in the family are
the greatest blessing. Of course it is not only the children that are the blessings to the
family but the husband or the wife, as well, to each other. In the family, each and every
person is a blessing to one another because we learn to see how much our worth is in the
family and the love that is brought in the family makes us appreciate and love oneself,
God and others more.

It is in the family that we learn how to love and be loved and love brings happiness and
understanding, and as defined, a blessing is something that brings happiness. Thus, a
family is considered to be the greatest blessing from God because it is in the family that
we see how God destined each of us to find someone, and make children that will make
our "lives" better and see the gifts of our life. It is through the family that we see the
beauty in loving someone unconditionally and make us more grateful for the fruits given
and the fruits bared in marriage.

2. In what way does treating the family a blessing preserve marriage?

Treating a family as a blessing preserves marriage because it is through valueing the
family that we see the essence and purpose of marriage. Nowadays, just as what the
article said, most marriages are not thought all through and instead of focusing on what
happens in marriage, most people are focused on what happens during the ceremony. In
this manner, most marriages end up in disputes or in a divorces because there is a lack of
loving someone unconditionally and understanding in the relationship.

When one sees that the family is a blessing from God, and sees God at the center of the
relationship, the whole purpose of the sacrament, as well as procreation is understood and
one can truly understand the whole purpose of marriage. With this understanding, trust,
communication, gratitude and sacrifice will be put into place in the marriage and it will
be not easy, of course, but will withstand the test of trials during the marriage because
one understands that marriage is a gift from God and is the greatest blessing given to us,
even more than any other material thing.

3. Why should faith in God and personal effort be crucial in a marriage?

When one says "I do" in marriage, it is not only making the vow to one another but
making the vow to God as well. As Edralin mentioned in the article, "a ccepting early on that a
happy marriage requires both faith in God and personal effort is crucial". Thus, a God-centered relationship and the
personal effort given in marriage is very crucial. Faith in God is important because it is through faith that we can
understand the purpose of our marriage and that there is more to marriage than sex or the feeling, but its purpose which
is for procreation. It is also through God that one can understand why marriage has its ups and downs - if there is a lack
of faith, the marriage can easily crumble down when it is put through a test but when one keeps God i n the center,
there will always be that trust and idea that things will work its way through because God gave you this blessing and
God has that plan for the husband and wife. Faith is also important because it is through it that we can see how the
hardships in marriage has its own fruits; marriage should not only involve trust with one another but trust in God as

Personal effort is also very cruicial, as it is through showing your partner how much he or she matters and how much
you are willing to put your efforts on him on her will show that you really value the person. As the article numerously
states, marriage is not easy, it is not a walk-through, but it is through the workings of the husband and wife that will
make marriage "smooth sailing" even when it is not. As I said, it is not only a vow to one another but to God - when the
vow is made during the ceremony, one vows to not give up on the marriage and do what he or she can to make the
marriage better. Effort is important because this is needed for communication and understanding, and for al the other
things done in marriage: it does not have to be by doing something difficult but as simple as asking your wife how the
day went or by opening the car door shows that there is still and always will be value in marriage and that doing
something for one another is not a burden but a blessing as well.

4. In what ways do divorce insult the sacrament of marriage?

Divorce insults the sacrament of marriage because divorce is the "easy way out" of the
vow that one made with God and with one another. Marriage is very sacred as there is
more to saying "yes" to spending your life with the person, but this is a commitment
made that you will love someone unconditionally, so this sacrament is not only for
staying with someone for a short period of time but your whole lifetime. The purpose of
this sacrament is for procreation, and with divorce, this just does not make the the
marriage sacred.
Divorce can give the person an idea to get married with another person, which of course,
is not right. It is not right to treat marriage as something as easy as getting out of it. It's
hard and it is something serious and sacred because of the essence that marriage is
founded not only with love but faith in God that marriage is a sacrament binding the
couple to love one another place God in the cetner of their marriage.

5. Give your personal insights about the article.

The article was very direct and on point with the numerous statements mentioned. I really
agree with what was written with the article in a sense that today, it is easier for someone

to get married and also easy for someone to get out of marriage through divorce. There is
more to marriage that loving someone and for what comes in marriage. It is a blessing
from God - the children and time spent with the family is a blessing from God and these
blessings should not be taken for granted. We may not fully see it, but the family is
definately the greatest blessing given to us because it is in the family that we can be loved
and love.

I also agree with the fact that each and every marriage should place God in the center
because it is through our faith that we can understand the sole purpose of what marriage
is and why we got married. It is also through having a strong faith that can also reason
out to having a stronger marriage.

Marriage, as stated, is not as easy as it seems and it will definately be a walk-through of

new expriences with your husband or wife but together, you can go far and you can go
strong. It was right for this article to state its point and also suggest ways (for couples
reading the article) on how to strengthen a marriage because nowadays most marriages
are rushed and not thought through. This should not how things be, it should be treated as
something sacred and serious because it is a lifetime committment.