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DEL ROSARIO, Beatrice Camille G.

ZOO302 Assignment; Listing

July 20, 2014


Histological Stains

Immunohistochemical Stains

1.ExCell Plus

1.Periodic acid-Schiff reaction



The ExCell plus fixative is an alternative

to the 10% neutral buffered formalin. It
firms the tissue, and is able to have effects
of penetration as quick as the 10%

The PAS stain is able to stain up to

glycogen, mucus in cells, basement
membranes and brush borders of kidney
tubules and small or large reticular fibers
like collagen in connective tissues and

This is used in identifying atypical

fibroxanthomas in skin and malignant
fibrous histiocytomas in soft tissue.

2.Bouins 2000

2.Massons trichome


The Bouins 200- fixative is a replacement

for the Bouins fluid. Asides from it being
a fixative it is also used as a mordant agent
as well.

The Massons trichome stain is often used

to stain connective tissue.

The chromogranin stain is used as a

panendocrine marker since it is majorly
expressed by neuroendocrine tumors.

3.Karnovskys Fixative

3.Van Gieson

The Karnovskys fixative is used for

Electron microscopy. This used to fix the
lung tissue in animal inhalation studies.

The Van Gieson stain is often used for

staining blood vessels and the skin.

3.Epithelial Membrane Antigen


4.B*5 Mercuric Chloride Fixative 4.Azan

The EMA is helpful in diagnosis of the

extramammary in Pagets disease, eccrine
neoplasms and sebaceous carcinoma.

4. Prostate Specific Antigen


This B*5 fixative is used as for

hematopoietic and lymphoid tissues such
as lymph nodes, and also for gastric

The Azan stain is used for staining

connective tissue and the epithelium.

5.Ultrum II Fixative


5. Vimentin

The Ultrim II fixative is used for routine

and special stains.

The Giesma stain is usually used to stain

bone marrow and blood smears.

The Vimentin is used as a generalized

marker for mesenchymal tumors.

The PSA is an antibody used to recognize

primary and metastatic prostalic

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