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Traders unite to

promote Hotwells h&cca

Following a meeting in the Plume of We would like to thank the many local resi-
Feathers on July 24th a group of trad- dents and organisations who have sup-

supported by
ers have decided to set up ‘Hotwells ported our application to lease the land.
Traders Network’ to represent the Once the legal formalities have been dealt
interests of businesses in Hotwells & with, we will let you know about how we
Cliftonwood. plan to improve the area for wildlife and
Research done on behalf of HCCA by con- humans.
sultants Vivid Regeneration has shown that Watch this space!
traders in our area would benefit by having Nigel Derrett, Cliftonwood Terrace Residents
better access to the specialised BCC Retail Assoc
Development Team and the Retail Forum
Brunel Swing Bridge

Autumn 2006
Published by Hotwells & Cliftonwood Community Association, Hope Chapel, Hope Chapel Hill, Hotwells, Bristol, BS8 4ND
which exist to foster the development of
small businesses. The group has already The bridge parked on the dockside in
started to work on some ideas and make the shadow of the Cumberland Basin
contact with other agencies concerned with flyover, in spite of its modest size, is a
planning, promotion and tourism. The next historic Brunel
meeting of the Network is at Shoots Res- design.
taurant on Monday October 2nd at 6 pm. Although it has
Anyone working in a business in the area not swung for
(not just retail) is welcome to attend. many years it has
been maintained
by the Docks
Cliftonwood Lower Green engineer and
Good news! - Bristol City Council now a small
have agreed to lease the land below group of enthusi-
Cliftonwood Terrace to the residents asts has emerged
of the Terrace for 35 years. This means to try and re-
that we are able to preserve this last pocket store it to full
of green land as a wildlife area for the bene- working order. A
fit of all the local community. wide, flat route across Cumberland Basin
would be a great benefit to families with
children and cyclists to avoid the hazardous
lock gate or the spiral steps up onto the
main bridge. It would also be a boon for
events like Ashton Court Festival or the
Balloon fiesta now that the Suspension
Bridge closure at these times seem likely to
be permanent. Tentative approaches are
being made to the Heritage Lottery Fund
but the support of the City Council as own-
ers is crucial to raising funds. For more
The Green -A wilderness now but potentially a information or offers of help contact David
resource for the whole community Neale Tel: 01275 392336

Pooles Wharf wins award


Trevor George says ‘on the spur of

the moment I entered our Pooles
Wharf Court formal garden into the
Bristol-in-Bloom competition
"Community Garden" category, and I
was informed by letter that we have
won the that category and will be pre-
sented with a 'Gold Certificate' at
some, as yet, undecided time’.
Congratulations to everyone at Pooles Wharf and thanks to Trevor for the photo.
How about some more entries from our area next year? Let’s have some seri-
ous competition!
Community News
Reader’s Rant - Parking
COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION The Community Association is leaving its
O117 9291883 office in Hope Chapel at the request of Hope Community Church. This is because
the Church is expanding its activities and
Tenants Representation needs additional accommodation. Both or-
Vacancies exist for Council ganisations recognise the importance of
tenants to sit on the Area Hope Chapel as the only large space avail-
Housing Committee where at able for events and meetings, and the
present there is no represen- Church has offered assurances that the
tative from Hotwells. There is community activities currently using Hope
an annual budget for Environ- Chapel can continue, despite the C.A. not
mental Improvements and if having a permanent presence in the build-
there is no voice to speak up ing. These include the Youth Theatre, the
the money will be spent else- annual Pantomime and other ad hoc events We all know the problems, but what
where. Meetings are on the that need a large public hall. A number of to do about them? Residents parking
last Wednesday of every other clubs and classes attended by local is being mentioned again, but I sus-
month at 7.00pm at the Ten- people also use the building. pect any scheme would merely make
ants Resource Centre, Red- Silas Crawley, Pastor at Hope Chapel says life more difficult for us. 1) Parking
cliffe Hill. Expenses will be bays would get marked out, which
“From October 1st Hope Chapel will be
paid. If you are interested or would reduce the number of spaces
open from 7am to 11pm daily. A member
want to know more please (look at the Church Lane/Cliftonwood
of the church will be on duty to welcome
contact Roger Allen, Tenant Road markings). 2) Some local road
anyone into the building. All bookings will
Participation Officer are already overfilled by residents’
be free of charge and can be discussed with
Tel: 0117 903 9859 Email: cars. Look at Ambra Vale East,
Alex, bookings manager, with priority being where even more houses are being
given to local community events”. There
turned into multi-occupancy. 3) The
are plans to open a café and, next year, part
present congested and often illegal
Is anyone in Hotwells of the crypt will be opened up as an area
parking works as an excellent traffic-
and Cliftonwood inter- for youth activities.
calming device - I think that’s a
ested in making up a The Community Association, has been
clear important benefit. 4) Residents
team in next year's 2007 looking for an independent base some-
parking will not come cheap. I’m
Dragon-Boat Racing for where in Hotwells which is large enough
quite happy to pay for a clear benefit,
for small groups to meet as well as provid-
Charity? but I think parking will simply become
ing a permanent office. We are hopeful that
It costs around £50 per per- more difficult - residents’ parking is
somewhere will be found by November merely a licence to hunt for a space.
son to enter (or more) which
when we need to leave Hope Chapel. I’m well aware that the Harbourside
goes to a nominated Charity.
The next race is on Sunday development might make our parking
1st October 2006, but is fully HCCA Administrator worse. However, in the context of
booked, but please watch Heather Angel who has proved a versatile residents’ parking, bear in mind that
the race and imagine your- and dynamic worker for HCCA is, unfortu- Harbourside residents would still be
self on one of those seats. nately moving to London which leaves us entitled to park in our streets. It
Be inspired! For more info with a vacancy which will, hopefully be filled seems very odd to me that the Coun-
see by time you read this. Thanks to Heather cil has a policy of discouraging the for her support and we hope she doesn’t provision of parking spaces in new-
dragon_boats.htm miss life in ‘Bristle’ which, of course, she is build at a time when the public trans-
only leaving under duress! A new adminis- port system is in a shambles.
trator, Sarah Adamczuk, will join us early Don Egginton
Hotwells Pharmacy
in October
After a period of uncertainty
when the opening hours of
the pharmacy in the back of PAULA SPIELMAN
the Hotwells Off-Licence Paula Spielman, who died recently, moved with her husband John into Dowry
seemed to be very limited, Square. However, few people will know about Paula’s generosity to the commu-
we have now heard the good nity through the Spielman Charitable Trust, as it was something she always wanted
news that it has been taken kept private. For many years she stood surety for major events such as Book-
over by the Co-op and will be samazing, the trilogy of Community Plays and the photographic exhibitions about
open Mon-Fri. 9am to 6pm Hotwells. Miraculously, we never had to take advantage of her kindness although
with Charlie continuing as the she did give us the money to buy recording equipment and a video player. Without
pharmacist in charge. Mean- the financial security she provided we could never have taken the financial risks of
while, the convenience store putting on such major events. Typically, at her funeral, absolutely nothing was said
itself seems to have now about her huge generosity, but I just wanted to make sure that everyone in Hot-
closed. wells knows what she did for us. Sue Stops
Art on the Railings
On Saturday 17th June, the artists of Hot-
Will Timmins on harp and ceilidh band
Gypsy’s Kiss. Next year, we hope to
make this event even bigger and better by COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION
wells and Cliftonwood put on a terrific O117 9291883
open air exhibition on the railings of Albe- closing the road for a proper street party!
marle Row on the same afternoon as the
Hotwells School Summer Fair. Paintings Argyle Place Park Playground Plastic bottle recycling
ranged in style and size from the very Improvements We believe that agreement
large – huge acrylics and a piece made Progress is being made (slowly) in reaching has been reached to place a
from recycled wood – to the very small – agreement over the final design for new plastics recycling container
Hotwells School childrens’ Cornish fishing play equipment in Argyle Place Park, at the Create Centre but the
scenes in the style of Alfred Wallis. And Cliftonwood. The Council have agreed to timescale is uncertain. Note,
the artists ranged in age from the very fund the project and after receiving pro- the recycling bins at Create
young – toddlers from the Hope Chapel posals from various suppliers over the last are a mixture of public and
toddler group – to the considerably older year, one company has been chosen. Dur- private, which can lead to
– members of the Trinity Church Day ing this summer, a group of local residents confusion. You can dispose
Centre. Musical entertainment was pro- have been working closely with the Parks of cans and bottles in the
vided by the Bristol Brass Group, the Bris- Dept. and the chosen supplier to make appropriate containers but
tol Music Group’s wind quintet, the Hot- sure that the design meets the residents’ the cardboard container is for
wells School Choir, Pete Airey on guitar, wishes – as revealed by the results of the private use by Create. If you
questionnaire sent out in spring 2005. have too much cardboard to
The challenge has been to avoid over filling put out with the black box
this very small park with too much equip- you will need to take it to one
ment, as well as providing kit which suits a of the Council recycling cen-
wide age range – from toddlers to teenag- tres.
ers – and also to provide more seating and
better landscaping of under used areas. AIDS/HIV Support
The final design scheme, which is about to Bristol City Council provide
be sent for planning consent, should meet a specialist team of Social
all those aims. If all is well, the park make Workers, and a Support
over should take place sometime this au- Worker who provide ser-
tumn. vices to people living with
HIV infection, AIDS, and
their Carers.
Refuse and Recycling Collections Anyone wishing to make a
referral to the team or refer
For anyone still confused about the Remember there is the option of buying a
themselves should contact
new collection arrangements the fol- green bin for garden waste such as grass Bristol Care Direct on 0800
lowing information has been supplied and cuttings. For just £21, you can buy a 444 000.
by the Council: garden waste wheelie bin and for 55p a
Bristol City Council has introduced new week (£29 a year) it will be emptied on
kitchen, cardboard and garden waste col- collection day. There are also compost bins More better ways to
lection services in your area. available at £14 plus £3 delivery. travel
You should have received a brown 5-litre Subsidies are available on both the green Our guide to public transport
kitchen caddy that can be used to put food bins and compost bins. Collections will be: in the last edition omitted the
waste in. Food that can be put in this caddy very useful 500 bus service
includes: Every week which is subsidised by Bristol
Black box (Recycling) CC and operated by Buglers.
Brown kitchen waste bin It runs on a loop from Mer-
eggs, fish, meat, bones and Cardboard folded and placed by kitchen
dairy products chants Rd-Cumberland Rd.-
bin T em ple Meads - Centre-
vegetables, tea bags, salad Green garden waste bin (optional) Broadmead-Hotwells using
and fruit Every other week an experimental low-pollution
bread, cereal, pasta and rice Black wheelie bin for rubbish vehicle. The frequency is
If you have any questions, please contact around 20 mins. but there
Householders should also have received a Bristol City Council on 922 3838 or visit are currently no Sunday or
lockable, brown food waste bin to be kept our website at evening services. Use it or
outside their home into which they can put recycling. lose it!
the food waste from their kitchen caddy. Don’t forget you can ask for a Waste
Food can be wrapped in newspaper and put Doctor to visit and give you advice on
in this bin. No plastic should be put in the new services. Please call us on the
this bin above number.
Tell us your top ideas to make Hotwells and
Specialist in Floor Maintenance, It’s competition time! We are looking for the three best ideas
Carpets, Windows and Daily
Office Cleaning. for improving our area. Knocking down the flyover would be a
Fully Insured good start, you might say but what we are looking for is a bal-
ance between what would be of most benefit and what is realis-
tically achievable.
G. J. TREASURE For example, money for various Council-sponsored projects has to be spent in
a particular financial year, or it disappears into the general melting pot for fu-
5 Britannia Buildings ture use. It ‘s often hard to predict how much money will be needed, and
Merchants Road sometimes funds that have to be spent very quickly become available towards
Bristol BS8 4QD
the end of the financial year. Council officials are usually able to find small pro-
jects to use this money, and will where possible consult communities, but
Tel: (0117) 9290578 Fax: 9144316 sometimes the resulting projects are not quite what a community had in mind.
If we had a list of projects that we in Hotwells and Cliftonwood would like to
see, then, when the opportunity arises, money available could be matched
against ideas on the list. This way we might end up with something the commu-
nity has considered a need, rather than scratching around at the last minute for
The sums involved are quite small, and any public works are usually quite ex-
pensive - planting a tree can cost up to £300, for example. Other things that
might rate high on the ‘achievability’ scale range from strategically-placed lines
of bollards, posher versions of lamp posts, and undergrounding of telephone
Other projects might be more ambitious
and expensive but make a big-
ger impact that benefits
more people and be Now that the
worth pursuing over a pavement has
longer timescale. been relaid,
how about
e planting
Hotwells Pine Here’s a random selection som
of ideas to agree or dis- round the be
EST. 1985
agree with or perhaps de- tiful trees on
Dowry Parad
Bristol velop further:
Telephone/Fax: 01179 27 37 00
253 Hotwell Road, BS8 4SF
At th
e bo
Hill, t
exciting new a pat tom of J
worn h has oy
range of lamps the g diagonal been
r ly
now in stock! want ass. Clea across
here to cross ly peopl
, t e
put i so why n he grass
aved ot actual
Sui Generis path

Hair & Beauty




0117 925 3611

Cliftonwood a better place to live
ll road
Specialist Recruitment and Career
Advisers to the Legal Profession
o tw e hy
the H uare w
Where st Dowry Sq so many Career Counsel specialises in introduc-
pa e
round re have to b lay- How about so
me funds for ing high calibre lawyers to the leading
o es th e ? C o uld the is a proper Ho commercial law firms in Bristol, Cardiff
d c th
f tarma educe twells Carni- and the South West.
acres o proved to r e, calm val? Close A
lbemarle Row For a confidential career discussion,
im ac
out be sary road sp the envi- to traffic and please contact Andy Curtis on 0117 927
s ve have a big 7636 or at :
unnece ic and impro ho live street party,
in conjunctio
ff w n
the tra for people oad. Per- with the scho
ol? We have
m e n t bu r
s y na had two ‘Art Alternatively, to find out more about
ron to this rees betwee d. on
ings’ events in the Rail-
Career Counsel and our services visit:
ce n t
adja of t r oa
screen e main Albemarle
haps a layby and th otwells Row and clo
sed Clifton
d H
reduce a benefit for Bristol Vale two year
s ago for
s t to
Not ju tter gateway est. ‘Streets for P
eople’ day. A
Ali Burrows, MSTAT.
e w
but a b rs from the this experienc
e needs to
for vis be brought to
gether to TECHNIQUE
make a specia
l occasion fo &
the whole co r
mmunity. SING RAGA.
Evening group
Starting 21st Sept.
0117 987 2989

Residents of 1, Britannia Buildings, Merchants Road,
the flats by Ja Bristol BS8 4QD
Wells Roun cobs
dabout have
the need for mentioned
a pedestrian
over Hotwe cr
ll Road to th ossing
side. This ro e harbour-
ad is incredib
to cross mo ly
st times of d difficult
there is hou ay .
sing all along Now
Hotwell Road this end of
path all the and the prosp
way into the linking up w ect of
Centre, this ith a har
idea seems ve bourside foot-
ry worthwh

Send a description of your project ideas to the Community THE SHOOTS

Association office or by e-mail to :
Explain why you think the idea is important to the community.
Including photos or drawings we can exhibit may help to rein-
force your proposal. Let us know if you need help with pro-
ducing these. Closing Date October 31st. FLOATING BAR & RESTAURANT
We will display all the ideas at the C.A. Annual General Hotwell Road, Tel:0117 9250597
Meeting in November and ask everyone present to vote for not just for special occasions!
open Mon-Sat from 6pm and Sunday lunch
the best three. Each of the lucky winners will receive a year’s from 12 noon. Why not just pop in for a drink
free subscription to the 500 Club and a commitment from the in our large bar with views of the docks

Community Association to include the projects in our commu-

nity development plans for next year.
Meet Your Neighbour Sheila Mary Graham —singer & artist

Sheila Mary has lived in Cliftonwood for 30years. I met her at the Trinity
Church lunch club which she attends once a week. She told me of her pro-
fessional life as a singer, performing for the rich and famous in venues as
disparate as Goodwood Races, The London Savoy and Richard Branson’s
boats -but how did this happen ?
She had an unsettled early life with no
knowledge of her father and was aban-
doned by her mother who was “a good
time woman known as the Duchess” so
she was brought up by her grandparents.
She subsequently married Bernard Staig
Graham and they had a daughter Harriet
and a son Justin in the early 1970’s.
Bernard gave Art classes, but although
Sheila was too shy to join in, neverthe-
less had her own one woman show in
Plymouth, as a result of which she was
offered exhibition space at the Wood-
stock galleries in London’s Bond Street.
Sheila couldn’t afford the £100 needed- a lot in the 1960s, but subsequently has had 3
line drawings exhibited in the Royal West of England Academy. She still enjoys draw-
ing as a hobby and has succeeded in selling some of her work.
Sheila’s other talent as a singer only began when she was 40, in 1988. Having heard a
song on the radio called “I’m going shopping with you”, she learnt it and sang it at one
of Bristol’s hotels where her subsequent partner David Clifford had a seventeen piece
band. After that gig they decided to go it alone, which involved busking in Bath, Yate
and Wells, where the Dean used to put money in their box! A Corporate director
spotted them and gave them a gig at Wookey Hole where they entertained the whole
of the management, including Laura Ashley and her husband, who ended the evening
by telling dirty jokes in French over Sheila’s microphone! After that they played two
nights a week in Bristol’s Wild Oats restaurant where they were paid £5 each. A rise
was given in the form of a £5 lunch voucher! One evening, film director David Hop-
kins came in and asked them to play in a film, based on Shelley’s novel Zastrozzi for
which they were paid the handsome sum of £500 each. They played three times at the
Thornbury festival and seven times at the Marlborough festival. Some Saturdays they
had three gigs, mornings busking, midday weddings and an evening party or two. Sheila
recalls an embarrassing incident when she had been performing at the Queens Hotel
at Cheltenham on a stage lined with pot plants – and she had been told to walk down
steps into the audience but on doing so knocked most of the plants over on to the
dance floor!
Other bookings included Henley Regatta-a regular for
seven years, twice at Ascot, London hotels including on fishy business!
the roof of the Ritz for BMW as a corporate booking
for which they were paid £300, the Savoy, almost every
stately home in Gloucestershire, a house party for one
of the Queen’s ladies in waiting- (no pay, just food!)
They auditioned other acts all day for 7 days in the late
1980’s to be chosen for HTV’s “The Weekend Starts
Here” and London Morning Breakfast Show. They
played for lots of charities and free of charge for at
least two a year and once auctioned themselves for
£150 for the RNLI. The unusual site of this
A pleasant recent booking was playing for Judith the heron on the roof of a
Vet’s wedding where Fido their dog sat in their drum house in Hope Square was
box! obviously disconcerting for
the seagulls which took it in
However, after this full and active career Sheila has turns to ‘dive bomb’ it. I
decided to retire from singing, but her daughter Har- suspect it was interested in
riet seems to have inherited her mother’s talent and the ornamental garden pond
made Sheila proud to hear her performing at the Festi- below. Fish keepers beware!
val of the Sea. Helen Smith Ray Smith

Events and Activities

come and dance

Great live music At Polish club 8.00 - midnight,
50 St. Paul’s Road, Clifton
Quarter Daze is a new venture. We are creating an op-
portunity 4 times a year to dance and meet in a fun and
friendly environment.
22nd September: Los Bambinos
14th December: The Madness of King George
Tickets £7 on door, £5.00 in advance
Non-profit making. 120 tickets per event only
Further information:
Advance tickets from: Quarter Daze, 1 Britannia Blds. Mer-
chants Rd, Hotwells, BS8 4QD, Tel: 0117 9259009

Hotwells Primary School Christmas Fair

Come along to Hotwells Primary School, Albemarle Row, on Sat-
urday 9th December from 2 to 4pm to buy all your Christmas
gifts. Presents to suit all purses and ages – including stocking
fillers, plants and bulbs, jewellery and crafts. Lots of fun ac-
tivities to entertain the kids, too. And don’t forget to buy your
Christmas tree here – on sale in the playground. If you'd like
to book a stall contact Morag Massey on 01275 393 675 or




TELEPHONE 0117 929 2527
TUES-FRI 10AM—4.45PM Sat. 10AM—5PM

AVON GORGE ∗ Class 4 & 7 MOT bays (2)
CRUISES ∗ Latest diagnostic equipment
See Brunel’s Suspension Bridge from ∗ Fully qualified mechanics, quality
a different angle! control and chief mechanic
Summer and Autumn series of public trips. ∗ Manufacturer genuine parts or
Evenings with ferryman supper to see Clifton Suspension
Bridge’s new lights, and daytime cruises quality non genuine
with or without wildlife commentary.. ∗ Free collection and delivery
∗ Free wash and vacuum
∗ Evening vehicle servicing (by nego-
Servicing - MOTs - Repairs tiation) ∗ All vehicles serviced to 3.5 tonne
For dates & fares check out our website on
167-171 Hotwell Road, Hotwells, Bristol, BS8 4RY tel: 0117 907 8801
Or call us: 0117 927 3416 / email:

The Bear de
s we
great hospitality in the heart of Hotwells l co
real ales & home-cooked food me
served mon-fri (12.00– 3.00pm)
Sunday lunches (12.00-4.00pm)
barbeques in the beer garden
home of the famous Bebop
Club -every Friday night
large function room with bar
261-263 Hotwell Road, Bristol BS8 4SJ
available for all occasions tel: 0117 987 7796 fax: 0117 987 0380

Hotwells & Cliftonwood C.A. Security
Hope Chapel, Hope Chapel Hill, Anti-Social Behaviour—24 hour action line – this is
Hotwells, Bristol, BS8 4ND council run but they keep records and this can be used
tel: 0117 9291883 by the Police to take action – 0845 605 2222
Web site: Nick Shaw is our local Police Constable based at
Redland Police Station
Bulletin board: 0117 945 4453. e mail –

Hope Chapel – to book the hall for meetings par- Bobby Van Scheme – Free police security assess-
ties etc – 9215271 ments for the over 65s
0117 927 7777

H&CCA Management Committee Transport

Ray Smith (Chair) Newsletter & web site Bristol Ferry Boat Company – 0117 927 3416
Dennis Gornall (Secretary) Personnel E mail :
Brenda McLennan (Treasurer) Projects Website :
Mike Timmins Open spaces
Rachel McNally Events Bristol Dial-A-Ride – door to door bus service for any
James Smith CHASE person for whom for whatever reason public transport
Faruk Choudhury (elected Nov 2005) is not accessible. The cost is about the same as public
Emma Peddie School Liaison transport. If you have a concessionary pass you can
Pauline Barnes Community Links use this to travel at half fare.
Sandra Fryer Planning (elected Nov 2005) 0117 939 5525 Minicom 0117 9395525 .
Trevor George Bulletin Board E mail:
Andrew Curtis (elected Nov 2005) website –