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Do something h&cca

about the traffic!


supported by
Local people, frustrated at
rat-running, commuter park-
ing, traffic volumes, and the
lack of safe routes and cross-
ings in Hotwells & Clifton-
wood are to try and find con-
sensus and build a Commu-
nity Traffic Strategy for the

Summer 2007
whole area.
A meeting of CHASE
(Cliftonwood & Hotwells Action
on a Sustainable Community) in
March, attended by over 30 peo-
ple, unanimously declined the

Published by Hotwells & Cliftonwood Community Association, 14 Hotwell Rd, Hotwells, Bristol, BS8 4UD
Council’s suggestion of painting double-yellow lines at intervals up Clifton Vale to
improve traffic flow. Instead, it was felt ‘chaos is the best line of defence’ and that
planners should focus on ways to reduce rather than enable rat–running and speed-
ing through local residential streets. James Smith of CHASE presented these views
and support for 20 mph speed limits and ‘Home Zone’ areas of traffic calming in
residential neighbourhoods to a meeting with Barbara Janke and senior Council Of-
With signs of a new mood of co-operation from the Council, the CHASE meeting
in April agreed to update the Neighbourhood Transport Plan, first published in
2002, by undertaking an area-wide survey of residents’ local journeys inviting all to
contribute their experiences of local streets and the effects of traffic on local lives.
The aim is to map a big sample of people’s routes and problems and use this map to
‘roadtest’ proposals. This will allow the creation of an area-wide action plan that
avoids pushing forward proposed improvements in one area that would only make
things worse in another.
Two of the winning ‘top ideas for Hotwells’ (Hotwells News, Spring 2007) - traffic
calming at the end of the flyover and reducing the width of Hotwell Road, may fit
well into the strategic vision of a safe and tranquil place to live!

We need your views to know what improvements will work

Traffic and parking have been major issues in Hotwells & Cliftonwood for decades
but many feel the pedestrianisation of the City centre in the 90s made things
worse for neighbouring residential communities. Re-development of Canons
Marsh is expected to cause further traffic chaos to streets near you sometime
soon (see Hotwells News, Summer 2005).
A CHASE proposal in 2002 to block Granby Hill, Clifton Vale and Ambra Vale to
through traffic revealed big differences in people’s reactions to traffic management

proposals. Discussions, at recent CHASE meetings, suggest that ‘softer’ meas-

ures like raised ‘road tables’ at junctions, signage and peak time restrictions are
more realistic and avoid the risk of residential neighbourhoods being ‘imprisoned
and divided’ by measures aimed at deterring rat-running.
We need you to fill in the enclosed ‘Sick of Traffic?’ questionnaire. By telling
us about just one local journey, you will help ensure that a coordinated strat-
egy can be developed to minimise the worst effects of traffic across the
whole area.
If you would like to see the 2002 Neighbourhood Transport Plan or want to access
an electronic version of the new ‘Sick of Traffic’ questionnaire you can download
Next CHASE meeting at The Bear on 19th June at 8pm
Community News
HOTWELLS & CLIFTONWOOD COM- Bristol Neighbourhood Planning Network
O117 9291883 This is a newly formed self help network of some 30 local groups, including HCCA,
with an interest in planning matters. The Network will enable the exchange of infor-
£18 per year is all it costs to mation, skills and experience to help local groups to be more effectively involved in
be entered into a monthly draw influencing planning decisions.
for a prize of £150 and 4 of
The Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 established a legal requirement
£25. Please complete the
bank standing order form be- for local authorities to produce a Statement of Community Involvement (SCI). Bris-
low and return it to the C.A. tol produced theirs in January 2006 after some consultation but without the in-
office, 14 Hotwell Road, BS8 volvement of any communities. An independent examination of Bristol’s SCI by a
4UD for attention of the 500 planning inspector resulted in the SCI being
Club Administrator. found to be “unsound”. It was therefore with- Argyle Place Park
drawn by BCC in September of last year.
Your full name and address
The HCCA is working, through the Network
to influence the content of a revised SCI. In
particular, work has recently been going on to
try and reach an agreed set of “ground rules”.
These rules would apply to the Council and
any promoter of a development.
Daytime phone no.
As a result of meetings over the last three
months 9 out of 10 of the ground rules are
now agreed and other aspects of a revised SCI
Bank name have been taken on board by the Council ‘s By the time you read this, chil-
officers. The HCCA will continue to try and dren of Hotwells & Cliftonwood
should (at last) be enjoying the
ensure a better opportunity for all to be in- brand new play equipment in the
Bank address
volved and to influence plans and planning de- Argyle Place Park, next to The
cisions to the benefit of the people of this Lion pub.
area. This has been a long time com-
Update on Cliftonwood Terrace ing but we'd like to thank the
sort code We are still waiting, and have been since Parks Department of the Council
account no. Christmas, for the Council to finalise the de- for supporting the community's
tails of the lease on the parcel of land below requests and finally coming up
with the goods.
Cliftonwood Terrace. When the Council has
Please pay the sum of £18 Many thanks, also, to the team of
done that we are ready to sign. Meanwhile, we local residents who have been
annually, beginning on have formed a not-for-profit company that will campaigning for over two years
____/ ____/ ____ and
hold the lease and we have also put in a bid for the play equipment in this
for the Breathing Spaces Grant. We will know park to be improved. Hopefully,
thereafter every year to Hot- in May if we’ve been successful in getting any children from toddler to teenage
wells & Cliftonwood Commu- money. We’ll keep you posted. will now have stuff to climb on,
On behalf of Cliftonwood Terrace Residents Asso- swing on, rock and roll on for
nity Association 500 Club Ac- many years to come!
ciation, Susan Haase-Derrett
count No. 61128809, Sort
Code 40-14-12, HSBC Bank,
24 College Green, Bristol BS1

Your signature


HCCA & Community Links
Community Links meets the Council
A group from Community Links, the section of the Community Association that O117 9291883
works for practical improvements in our area, has been to the Council House

twice this year for meetings chaired by Bar-

bara Janke. The group has set the agenda and Help for Hillsborough Garden Street Cleaning and
Cllr Janke has invited along the Council Offi-
Blocked Drains
cials to talk about matters of importance and
The standard of street
concern to the residents of Hotwells and cleaning was discussed at
Cliftonwood. our meeting with the
Communications and Office Space Council and concern was
expressed at the number
One of the main items on the agenda for all of
of blocked drains in the
these meetings and the issue which prompted area. It was established
our request for regular meetings with Cllr that drains should be
Janke and council officers was difficulties in cleaned once a year, but
With financial support from O2
reaching the decision makers in Bristol City Mobile, the Hotwells Pantomime this isn’t always possible
Council. Over the past few months, as a di- and Travis Perkins (who donated because of parked cars on
rect result of these meetings, there have been garden tools). A project to carry our streets.
great improvements in this area. Special men- out planting and other improve- If residents know of a
tion should be made of Ruth Owen, Cllr ments to the garden behind Hills- drain which needs atten-
Janke’s personal assistant, who has come up borough was able to start in tion, they should report it
to the city council, by call-
with contacts and also pursued various offi- March. Many thanks to all the ing 0117922 3838. In or-
cers. The officers who have attended the donors and to Brenda McLennan der for a direct response,
meetings have also opened up the lines of and others who worked hard to telling you when it is likely
make this possible
communication considerably and we now have to be dealt with. Make
good contacts in most council departments sure you get a reference
including housing, property, planning, and traffic. There is still a long way to go to number.
achieve total transparency and open communications, but the use of these meetings
to continue to meet and speak with the officers can only improve this over time. Plimsoll statue home-
Another hot topic at the moment is premises for the HCCA. This has been dis- less again
cussed at length in the meetings with Cllr Janke. After failed discussions with the Plans to re-site the statue of
Housing Department, we are now working with the Property Department of Bris- Samuel Plimsoll, removed
tol City Council and will let you know how we go. from the Portway because of
Wessex Water building
Traffic & Environment works, have changed.
The traffic section of the meetings has in our opinion been increasingly useful. Bar- It was hoped he would find a
bara has invited Colin Knight and Gareth Vaughn-Williams from the Traffic Depart- home outside the entrance to
ment who are both progressive in their thinking and willing, even dare we say the SS Great Britain but the
pleased, to hear ideas directly from the community. Trust changed its mind be-
We were recently asked to consult specifically on two issues, 20mph zones and cause they are carrying out
Clifton Vale passing places. Using the CHASE network and the Community Notice so many developments on
their site that they decided
Boards we were able to quickly respond with a decisive yes to the first and no to
they could not guarantee him
the second proposition. a permanent place. Chris-
We hope the officers found this “pre-proposal” consultation useful and time saving tina Raddon from BCC Prop-
for them. If so there is every chance that the process will be repeated. This early erty Services is now looking
dialogue can only be good for the community and by obtaining these views early for an alternative waterfront
on, good for policy development within the council by avoiding the “What idiot site. Let us know where you
thought of that? Haven’t they been and looked?” reaction to past initiatives. think Sam should go and
we’ll pass on the most popu-
Planning lar suggestions.
One of our main concerns has been the lack of any benefits from planning permis- Christina assures us that
sions granted for applications in or near our area. Bristol City planners can negoti- “he is safely tucked away
ate such benefits but we seem to be ignored. For example in the case of the grant- with the conservator so no
ing of permission to demolish the Megabowl buildings at Ashton Gate and erect a harm will come to him”
large number of flats, all the benefits offered by the developers, such as improve-
ments to Greville Smyth Park, have gone to communities south of the river, even
though the development will undoubtedly generate much more traffic in our area. 3
Activities and Info for Young People...
ES TRI CTION!! The following article is for anyone between the ages of 7-16 years old.
AG E R HCCA (Hotwells & Cliftonwood Community Association) has been running activi-
ties and clubs for young people in the area for over 15 years. At the moment, we run Kick Off Youth
Theatre on a Monday night and we are putting together a programme of summer activities. Further information
about both is at the bottom of this article. As an organisation, we represent the views and opinions of people living
in our area to local government and other organisations on a range of issues ranging from transport, parks and
green spaces through to the development of new buildings and much more. Our motto is “to make Hotwells &
Cliftonwood a great place to work and play”. We would like to hear from you about what you think is good in Hot-
wells & Cliftonwood and what’s not. Is it easy for you to visit your friends, do you walk, do you cycle, do you go
places by car? Is there enough to do in the evenings? What other facilities or resources would you like to see (e.g.
sports centre, skate park, hang out club etc)? What do you think about graffiti? Would you like to talk to the Coun-
cil, the police etc about what affects you and what you’d like to see happening in your city? Would you like to write
an article for this newsletter?
To respond to this article, you can either send an email to:
Send a letter to HCCA, 14 Hotwell Road, Bristol, BS8 4TR
Telephone 0117 929 1883 or leave a message on the messageboard


Kick Off is an informal group in which you get to make new friends, try out
lots of different types of theatre and performing arts (we’re doing, circus,
masks and clowning this term) and put together a show (either by helping out backstage or performing). By the way,
Kick Off Youth Theatre has people coming from all over Bristol so if you and a friend from Southville want to come,
you are both welcome!
“It’s g
Monday Night Term Time Only, r
other eat to see
4.30-6pm 7-11yrs old, peopl friend
“It’s g e s
6.30-8pm 12-16 yrs old ood m ’s perform and to wa
ing lo e et in ances tch
t s of
Hope Chapel, Hope Chapel Hill, activi g new peo ” - Alice
ties” p
Hotwells, Bristol - Eric le & do-
f.f.i. 0117 929 1883

Sports Day – for the whole family!
We know you want more sports in the area, so this is a start. A mixture of egg and spoon race combined with foot-
ball…suggestions and volunteers to organise this event are very welcome!


DES RES—Performing Arts Week Here is a list of websites that might be useful:
Bristol Activities Centre
Light the stage, make up the soundtrack, design the
Bristol Activities Centre has been successfully providing a
poster, build the set, perform, make the documen- range of outdoor and adventurous activities for young people
tary. A chance to get involved in all aspects of thea- and adults in the Bristol area for almost thirty years. Activities
tre and film making. The theme of the week will be include caving, kayaking, climbing, mountain biking and much
the city in which we live, what the lives of young more.
people were like in the past and what they are like Website tel 0117 353 2299
now. As with Kick Off Youth Theatre, everyone Young Bristol
from all parts of the city is welcome. Young Bristol works all over Bristol offering lots of activities
Further information on the Sports Day and Per- and ways to get involved
Website tel 0117 953 7921
forming Arts week will be available on the website
or email us at Our website lists all our activities including those for young
with “summer” in the subject line and we will put people, click on Young People to find out more
4 you on the mailing list to receive further informa- tel 0117 929 1883
What is HANDS
The Hotwells and Neighbourhood Day- J H THOMPSON
care Scheme has been running for over BA (Hons) DO MRO
25yrs and provides quality after school
and holiday care and activities for chil- REGISTERED OSTEOPATH
dren aged between 4 & 11 who live in the
local area, or attend Hotwells Primary 39 Oldfield Road
School. Hotwells
How does it work? BS8 4QQ
To register contact Jane Horgan (details below). Book in for a term or
for whichever days you want. Pre-pay at least a week in advance.
Couldn’t be simpler!
Tel: (0117) 927 2100

Times & Prices Trinity Day Centre

If you are 60+, and would like to meet
After School Club new friends in a warm and friendly
Mon-Fri atmosphere – come and try us for
3.30-6pm- £7 free!
We provide:
Holiday Club Minibus service for those in Red-
8.30-6pm-£16 land, Kingsdown, Cotham and Hot-
wells areas
Three course meal
May half term Daily activities
The club will be open for the May holiday with a week of exciting activi- Chiropody/shopping trips
ties, including several structured events to be run by external facilita- Tuesday – Friday 10am - 3pm
Tel : 0117 9838878
tors. A full programme will be published shortly.
Holy Trinity Church, Hotwell Road,
Please note that the May holiday scheme will not be operated on a Hotwells, Bristol, BS8 4ST
drop-in basis. Places can be secured by pre-booking only and will be
offered to all Registered HANDS users first.

Summer Holidays
HANDS will be running in the summer holi-
days and offering a range of exciting activi-
ties. Some of these may be facilitated by
HCCA and include drama and video work-

3rd July at 7.30pm in the school hall.
Everyone is welcome to come along and support this vital community
Contact details:
Jane Horgan 0117 9268372
Clare Worall 0117 9252955

Celebrate Summer in Hotwells!
Mini Street Festival
On the afternoon of Saturday 16th June, Albemarle Row in Hotwells will once
PRINTS again be the venue for Art on the Railings from 1 to 6pm. This open air art
exhibition and street party, now in its third year, is organized by and for local
people and features work by Bristol based artists.
This year’s theme is ‘Greening the Street’ and the event will be bigger and bet-
ter than ever. Albemarle Row will be closed to traffic, live music and street
theatre performances will be held throughout the afternoon and there will be a
ceilidh with bar from 4 to 6pm.
There will also be various ‘green themed’
4UB TELEPHONE 0117 929 2527
activities – DIY chalk drawings of plants all
TUES-FRI 10AM—4.45PM Sat. 10AM— over the road, an exhibition of ‘nano gardens’
(bring along your own mini garden on a
plate) and general fun for all the family. And
don’t forget to visit the Hotwells School
Summer Fair next door on the same after-
noon (see below).
For more info contact

Hotwells Primary School

Summer Fair
Hotwells Primary School invites you to the
biggest and best summer fair yet!
Put the 16th June in your diary, for this year Hotwells School will be playing
host to Bristol Zoo, Herbie the pony and those usual favourites, penalty shoot
out, tombola, face-painting, fabulous food, groovy music from Bristol Brass
Specialist in Floor Mainte- Consort, various stalls and lots more.
nance, Carpets, Windows and
Daily Entry to the fair is just 20p and you’ll find plenty to entertain you and the chil-
Office Cleaning. dren all afternoon. Visit the school website
Fully Insured for more information. Open at 2pm – 4pm.
G. J. TREASURE The money raised from this year’s event will go towards audio visual equip-
ment for the school hall which is the school’s current fundraising project. If
you would like to be involved in fundraising for the school, or your company
5 Britannia Buildings would like to offer sponsorship, advertising or a donation for either the school
Merchants Road
fair or the annual school fundraising evening event in July,
Bristol BS8 4QD please contact Kate Strange via the school email
Tel: (0117) 9290578 Fax: 9144316

Sui Generis
Hotwells Pine Hair & Beauty
EST. 1985
Large selection of garden BS8 4SF
furniture now in stock!
Telephone/Fax: 0117 92737 00 0117 925 3611
253 Hotwell Road, BS8 4SF
Events and Activities

Exhibition at the CREATE Centre in October

All being well, depending on funding, there will be an exhibi-
tion telling the story of the restoration of Hope Chapel in the
1970s. Its life as Hope Centre, a vibrant community resource, gentle yoga
will be celebrated before it reverted to use as a Chapel classes:
again. The story will be told in pictures, posters and pro-
grammes. It will be an 'I remember that' occasion and an op-
portunity will be taken to enjoy pictures, puppets, costumes Monday, Pavey House, Clifton 6-7pm.
etc. from the legendary pantomimes as well as showing the Wednesday, Hotwells Primary School
diverse use of the building by the community.
This will be a 'not to be missed' inclusive experience which Tel: 0117 9542212
will be enjoyed not only by local people but by the wider audi- or 0117 9512371
ence in Bristol who enjoyed and supported memorable
events which took place there.
Permanent Part-Time
Job Vacancy
What’s on - May to September 2007 Office/Admin person required for our
small friendly Kingsdown based busi-
ness. Hours flexible - circa 12 hours
Art on the Railings +School Fair– June 16th (see P.6) per week.
Must be computer literate and simple
book-keeping experience would be
Tables Together is back! - 22nd June useful. Good rate of pay for successful
Have a few drinks and a meal in the company of other local people. Some applicant.
Telephone Judy Williams,
you may know, some you may not. All are welcome
The Soundbeam Project Ltd.
Next Date: Friday 22nd June, at La Demi Lune (The Spring Gardens} 188 0117 973 8024
Hotwell Road Arrive for drinks in the garden from 7pm and eat later. Es- If you would like to know what we do
sential to book direct on 927 7112. F.f.i Mark / Marian 929 4646. See you our website is:-
there !

'Lazy Sunday' at Greville Smyth Park 1st July 3-7pm

Live music, café, barbeque, children's activities, massage...FREE. All pro-
ceeds to Friends of Greville Smyth (FROGS).

Ashton Court Festival– 14th-15th July

Harbour Festival-27th-28th July hotwells veterinary
Bristol International Balloon
Festival -9th-12th August OPENING TIMES
Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri 8am - 6.30pm
Wed 9am-1pm

Bristol International Festival 4 Merchants Road

of Kites and Air Creations Hotwells, Bristol BS8 4PZ
1st-2nd September Tel: 0117 927 6394 For more information on our membership
Fax: 0117 927 7926 packages please phone one of our
surgery by appointment membership advisors on
Harbourhead Community Meeting 22nd 0117 9102 880
May, 8pm, The Nova Scotia

The Bear de
great hospitality in the heart of Hot- elc
wells om
real ales & home-cooked food e
served mon-fri (12.00– 3.00pm)
Sunday lunches (12.00-4.00pm)

home of the famous Bebop

Club -every Friday night
large function room with bar 261-263 Hotwell Road, Bristol BS8 4SJ
tel: 0117 987 7796 fax: 0117 987 0380

Hotwells & Cliftonwood C.A. Security
14, Hotwell Road Anti-Social Behaviour—24 hour action line – this is
Hotwells, Bristol, BS8 4UD council run but they keep records and this can be used
by the Police to take action – 0845 605 2222
tel: 0117 9291883 Incident Line - Please report any incidents to the 24
e-mail: hour police line 0845 456 7000
Web site: Nick Shaw is our local Beat Manager based at Red-
land Police Station tel 945 4453.
Bulletin board: Susan Passmore is our local PCSO tel 945 4455
Contact Nick or Susan regarding any community polic- ing issues
Bobby Van Scheme – Free police security assess-
ments for the over 65s
0117 927 7777

H&CCA Management Committee Transport

Dennis Gornall (Chair) Personnel Bristol Ferry Boat Company – 0117 927 3416
Brenda McLennan (Treasurer) Projects E mail :
Ray Smith Communications & Traders Network Website :
Mike Timmins Open spaces
Rachel McNally Events, Youth Theatre Bristol Dial-A-Ride – door to door bus service for any
James Smith CHASE person for whom for whatever reason public transport
Emma Peddie School Liaison is not accessible. The cost is about the same as public
Pauline Barnes Community Links transport. If you have a concessionary pass you can
Sandra Fryer Planning use this to travel at half fare.
Trevor George Bulletin Board 0117 939 5525 Minicom 0117 9395525 .
Rosemary Stibbon (elected Nov. 2006) E mail:
8 website –

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