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Cliftonwood Garden h&cca

shares its secrets HOTWELLS & CLIFTONWOOD COM-


Formerly derelict land below Cliftonwood Terrace was opened to

the public for the first time in April. The following report is from supported by

Susan Haase-Derrett of Cliftonwood Terrace Residents Associa-

“We now have a lease from the
Council for 35 years. We were also
awarded a Breathing Places grant of
£10,000 to develop the land into a
wildlife area/garden. We still can’t

Summer 2008
quite believe our luck.
None of this would have been pos-
sible without your strong support.
So we want to say a huge THANK

Hotwells, Bristol, BS8 4QW

YOU to you all for this.
It took until the autumn before we General view of Cliftonwood Terrace Garden now
could actually get down on to the some of the undergrowth has been cleared
site, as it was so overgrown. At first
we were pretty overwhelmed, but little by little the garden has been taking
shape with the help of a wildlife garden specialist.
Since Christmas especially a lot has happened. We had help in clearing
some of the most obvious rubbish and in clearing paths so that we could
get a feel for the layout. We have
made the land secure by erecting a

Published by Hotwells & Cliftonwood Community Association, 3,Charles Place,

strong fence around it (there is a
40ft drop all along the far side) and
have planted a prickly hedge along it
with Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Dog
Roses etc. We’ve had steps put in
and the arch in the wall repaired,
making it look like the opening into
a secret garden. Recently we
planted two Field Maples, two Crab
The aim is to create a space for kids to play as well
as a wildlife habitat
Apples and a Wild Cherry”.

The last Sunday of the month between 11am -12 noon will be a time when anybody
who feels like doing some work on the land below Cliftonwood Terrace can come
along and contribute to making this a great space for all of us to enjoy. That’s 29
June, 27 July, 31 August, 28 Sept.

Town Green Application for Cliftonwood Community Garden

This open space at the end of Ambra Vale East has no registered owner. Local
residents Don Egginton and Dave Brockington have now submitted a Town Green
application to the City Council to have it formally registered as a public open
space. It was bombed during the war and local people created a garden there in
1980. To qualify for Town Green status, the applicants have to show evidence of
regular use of the land for at least 20 years, unopposed by anyone claiming own-
ership. Don and Dave have gathered about 150 statements in support of the ap-
plication. The consultation period for objections to be raised has now expired and
the matter should be considered by the council Open Spaces Committee soon.
Community News
HOTWELLS & CLIFTONWOOD COM- Hotwells School reunion Safer Cycling Campaign
MUNITY ASSOCIATION On 25 April around 40 former pupils of Sue Passmore and Richard Yule, the Police
O117 9291883 Hotwells Primary School attended a reunion Community Support Officer are working on
at the school. The oldest attendee was 93 this as a response to complaints about cy-
and there were a whole range of ages from clists causing accidents by cycling illegally or
Website Messageboard the 30's upwards. Many of the older former dangerously. The main concerns, from the
The online messageboards at pupils remembered when the school was police point of view are: rigidly separated between boys and girls and ► cycling on pavements
forums.htm the year 5 block was a metal and wood ► riding without lights
has not been widely used. One work shop. Many former pupils are still local
of the main problems is the but some travelled from London to attend. ► jumping red traffic lights
number of spam registrations by They were given tours of the school by
people with no local connec- These are all subject to an on-the-spot fine,
Jenny Taylor, the current headteacher, and
tions. This is an annoyance that
year 6 pupils. Current pupils filmed the for- but they are interested in working with
obviously puts off genuine users other organisations like the Cycling Forum
and creates a constant mainte- and Lifecycle to encourage people to cycle
nance problem for the board more safely rather than prosecuting them
for cycling badly. At a Community Links
We would like to apologise for
these problems and assure peo- meeting, the point was raised that the lack
ple that we are actively looking of safe cycle routes locally, particularly the
for a solution. If anyone has way in which routes fail to join up along the
any relevant skills or time to Hotwell Rd, meant that many cyclists use
help manage the site, please pavements to avoid danger. Richard recog-
contact the HCCA office. nised that cyclists could be unjustly ticketed
due to lack of provision. The police want to
Open Air Cinema approach it sensibly and not start an anti-
Another movie screening in the
cycling campaign!
Argyle Place Park, next to The some of the old Hotwellians at their reunion with
Lion pub in Cliftonwood is current headmistress Jenny Taylor
planned for a Saturday in early
September. the film title is still
to be decided. If anyone would mer pupils talking about their experiences at
like to help with the organization the school, and it is hoped that an enduring
of this year's event, please con- archive can be created. Anecdotes included
tact Emma Peddie on 923 the time in the twenties when Hotwells pu-
0343. pils had their PE class on the downs inter-
rupted by escaped monkeys from the Zoo
Sui Generis Hairdressing which they had to help recapture - and pu-
wins training award pils listening to drunken sailors singing in the
Sui Generis Hairdressing on pub at the bottom of Granby Hill during
Hotwell Road have been
lunchtime before being dragged back to
awarded the prestigious NVQ
level 2 Star Salon of the year school by a teacher (the pupils , not the
award, at the recent Reflections sailors, obviously)!
Training Academy MOTIV8 Bill Maryon
generous provision for
awards. in recognition of the cyclists on Hotwell Rd!
support and training given to
their stylist’s. This commitment
to training and the highest stan-
dards in hairdressing has also Hotwells School Garden
led to a nomination for the Any green fingered grandparents out there with time on
Learning Skills Council Appren- their hands who'd like to teach the younger generation
tice Employer of the Year. about growing fruit and veg? If so, Hotwells Primary
Company Director’s Tim & School would love to hear from you. We have a small
La’Vern Wills are delighted to kitchen garden in the school grounds which is run by a
have received this recognition group of parent and other adult volunteers. We work
for all the hard work put in by with small groups of children - sowing seeds, planting,
every member of the team. weeding and watering - either on Wednesday or Friday
afternoons from about 1.30 to 3.30pm. We're looking
Hotwells & Cliftonwood C.A. for more adults to help out, so if you don't mind getting
3 Charles Place muddy hands, and like to see the happy children's faces
Hotwells, Bristol, BS8 4QW as they discover worms, watering cans and the wonder
tel: 0117 9291883 of growing plants, why not come and join us! For more
e-mail: details contact Emma Peddie on 0117 923 0343.
2 uk
Community News
Residents’ Parking plans Bristol Development Framework
There is to be some small extension of the HCCA commented on Bristol City Council’s O117 9291883
Central area Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) “preferred options” paper in mid February.
most notably on Spike Island, which will take This focuses very much on South Bristol.
effect shortly. It is happening in our area and Because the paper is so broad and vague it Emergency access
will be affecting many unconsulted residents was difficult to respond in detail. However, Bill Maryon of Belle Vue Cot-
both in and just outside the proposed exten- the HCCA made 5 particular points. tages writes; “unfortunately on
sion. It will come all the way along Spike Is- • The legibility of the document is terrible two occasions in April I had to
land to the caravan park and up to Jacobs call an ambulance for myself
and needs almost wholesale change to make
Wells Roundabout on the other side. Surely in the early hours. The first
it understandable. time, the vehicle could not get
we should challenge piecemeal reactions and
seek to secure a coherent package and resist
• There is nothing to indicate the impact into Belle Vue Crescent be-
of development in South Bristol, on areas cause of vehicles parked awk-
any extension of the central CPZ until we wardly and the paramedics
such as ours. This is particularly important to
can see the wider CPZ plan? Richard Walker arrived about 10 minutes later
us as we envisage access to the M5 funnelling
than they may have done. A
through this area.
car then had to be called to
• There is no evidence of joined-up think- take me to hospital. On the
ing or working with the neighbouring au- second occasion the ambu-
thorities of North Somerset and South lance got to the end of Belle
Gloucestershire Vue Cottages but took 5 min-
utes to get out because of
• Appendix B of the document gives a pro- cars parked on the turning
posed retail hierarchy. This lists Hotwells at circle made the exit very diffi-
the very bottom of the list with no proposed cult. Both times the paramed-
designation. ics were able to help me in
situ before the situation be-
• We have stressed the need for environ- came life threatening, but of
ments for people not just for traffic and have course this may not be the
pointed out that there is nothing about cycle case for somebody else in the
Ambra Vale illustrates the problems a CPZ aims to and walkways as part of the strategy for re- future. I'm not sure what can
ducing car usage. be done but it is a potentially
has already raised an objection in writing to HCCA is not alone in being critical of the dangerous situation. Finally, a
officer Gary Frith, it would be great if others document. In fact most, if not all, members of public thank you to all those
Bristol’s Neighbourhood Planning Network who have helped me with the
could do the same!
kids and domestic chores
In addition two roughly concentric “rings” (BNPN), to which we belong, have been criti-
while I have been in hospital/
have been identified as possible areas for cal in one way or another. We are working incapacitated”
Residents Parking. These extend around the hard with our BNPN colleagues to try and
central area and obviously cover many ensure that Bristol’s submission to central
The Lion needs your
neighbourhoods, N,S,E & W. Government is a much improved document.
The intention is to deliver a consultation More information can be found on Bristol Andy, landlord at the Lion
document to all homes in these two rings City Council’s website says they are finding it tough
during May. This will NOT be a proposal for bdf. and also on the BNPN website at to survive, especially with the
a detailed scheme or indeed any particular If you have any com- temporary traffic restrictions in
scheme. It will be an invitation to express an ment about the plans we would like to hear Cliftonwood. The Lion has
interest in having a scheme (terms to be de- from you. Dennis Gornall undergone more exciting
fined) in your area. When replies are re- changes recently including a
complete repaint and brand
ceived areas producing the most positive Destination Bristol new flooring. There is also
interest will be selected for further consulta- Following the recent debate about the threat
the fantastic addition of a new
tion on the details of a possible scheme IN to Hotwells identity your Community Asso- pub sign, commissioned by
THEIR AREA. If areas produce few or nega- ciation has joined the tourist organisation local artist Kate Edmonds. Go
tive responses they will not be taken for- ‘Destination Bristol’ which is supported by along and see the great new
ward. many of the City’s hotels and tourist attrac- look and support this lovely
Thus when the consultation comes do not tions. We hope this will give us access to local pub and restaurant.
ignore / bin /recycle it. CHASE will call a better resources and expertise to promote
Hotwells Cinema
meeting to formulate a response but this will Hotwells as a destination in its own right for
Someone who is writing a
be no substitute for individual expressions of visitors to Bristol. This also ties in with our book would like to find any
interest. As most of you know, councils jus- other initiatives like producing a tourist bro- pictures of this cinema that
tify their every move with survey statistics chure and the Traders Network. Destination used to stand in Hotwells
these days so if we want this to proceed (on Bristol operates the website Road and was destroyed in
any basis) we must get over the first hurdle. which has links to a the blitz. If you have anything
If we hear any more on timing we will let you wide range of online resources for anyone of interest, please contact the
planning to do things in the City. CA office and we’ll pass it on.
all know.
James Smith Ray Smith
THE DEBATE: Do we need a Community Centre?
The Hotwells and Cliftonwood Community Association currently operates out of an office
in Charles Place and despite this rather diminutive arrangement, still manages to repre-
sent, serve and develop our community to its best ability.
However, Charles Place hasn’t always been the home of the
HCCA and many readers will remember when the Hope Centre
was the base for the association. With this dedicated HQ, the
range of services and activities that the HCCA was able to offer
during this period was greater than at present.
With this is mind, should Hotwells and Cliftonwood Community
Association be looking toward to a future in a new home where
it can continue to grow and build on the achievements it has re-
alised in the past ten years - when it hasn’t had a dedicated cen-
The purpose of this article is to open the debate up to every-
one living, working or simply enjoying the area – old and new-
comers – to find out what we all would like to see in the future
of the association and Kick-Off Theatre Group session April 2008
THE BACKSTORY the area at large.
Is a community centre a good idea? If so, what sort of space is
The HCCA was founded in 1972 and is
needed and where? Or, does the community need something
one of the longest established and best
known community associations in the different? In this case, what might that be?
Run by and for the people of Hotwells
and Cliftonwood, the HCCA exists to Contact the HCCA with your thoughts and ideas:
improve the quality of life for those who
live and work in Hotwells and Clifton- What would you use such a space for? Perhaps an early
wood through groups such as CHASE, years group, to hire out for a party, or to stage a play or
Community Links and Open Spaces exhibition. What new activities could be introduced to the
who look after traffic and travel; local area with the addition of this space? Or perhaps you feel
services and new projects and planning. that the area is already well served with venues?
The HCCA has always had a strong
artistic focus. Many people will remem-
ber the markets, gigs and exhibitions at Whatever your thoughts, please register them by calling the asso-
the Hope Centre and since moving from ciation on: 0117 9291883 or emailing at:
there the association has continued this Or, writing to: Hotwells
commitment with projects such as: Art and Cliftonwood Community Association, 3 Charles Place, BRIS-
on the Railings; The Hillsborough Gar-
den Project and the Kick Off Youth TOL, BS8 4QW. We will gather everyone’s opinions in time for
Theatre. the next newsletter and see what we can do to make it happen
and to help move the HCCA into its next, new and exciting era.
Jayne Marshall

Sui Generis Hotwells Pine

Hair & Beauty EST. 1985


4SF Quality Garden
0117 925 3611 Telephone/Fax: 0117 92737 00
253 Hotwell Road, BS8 4SF
West Bristol Arts Trail

Detail from engraving ©Trevor Haddrell

We now have over 100 individual artists working in all types of media from painters to poets, showing
work in homes and other venues throughout Clifton, Cliftonwood, Hotwells and Spike Island.
It’s shaping up to be a fantastic weekend so put the dates in your diary now!
♦ 17th October 6pm-10pm, Launch Event, The Hope Chapel, an evening of film and music. Screening
by local artists, live music and a bar! Free Entry
♦ 17th Evening, Launch event, The Clifton Club- details to be confirmed.
♦ 18th & 19th 11am-5pm Art of all sorts being shown throughout the area- all free entry!
♦ 18th & 19th evenings, music, poetry, performance and film screenings in café’s and bars throughout
the area- details to be confirmed.

Our aim is to ensure that we have a real community event. Local Artist, Trevor Haddrell, has provided
these fantastic prints to use on all publicity for the trail. Many participating artists have volunteered to
help with publicity, design and distribution, and we welcome any other support from members of the

We will be promoting the trail as a ‘car free’ trail and including walk and cycle routes and public trans-
port options to minimise inconvenience to local residents and to promote the lovely walks and views
we have round here.

The deadline for artists who want to appear in the catalogue has closed, but if you are desperate to
show your work, we can provide signage and web links for a small fee.

If you would like to get involved in helping with the Art Trail, please contact Anna We are particularly interested in musicians and bands who’d like to
perform during the weekend and venues who’d like to host them!
Anna Wilson

Detail from engraving ©Trevor Haddrell 5

Thinking about learning Bristol Care & Repair
to drive? Then why not Of the 7000 people that we help every year, only 0.2% of our enquiries have been
call..... from residents of Hotwells and Cliftonwood.
I asked an active member of the community, Brian Ducket, Vicar of Hotwells Holy
Trinity Church his views on the matter, for him it’s all about getting the word out.
MIRACLE He said: “It’s a very good thing that you are doing, but awareness needs to be raised
of this service so that people can use it.” He’s right. Most people tell us that it was a
friend or neighbour who recommended the service to them.
Driving School So, here’s a summary of what we do:
♦ Large repairs and adaptations: No more cowboy builders. We can help
DSA Approved Driving In- you to identify what needs
structors to be done and oversee the
work carried out, minimis-
Driving Theory Training ing your worry.
♦ Small repairs and adapta-
High Pass Rate tions: A skilled handyperson
team will carry out a range
Dual controlled training of essential repairs and ad-
vehicle aptations at a low cost.
♦ Help in urgent situations:
All abilities catered for We can act quickly if your
absolute beginners, refresh- home is unsafe, or if you are
ers & the extremely nervous! in hospital and work is Two of our handypeople fixing a handrail to enable
needed on your home be- easier access to the garden
‘Pass Plus’ Registered fore you can be discharged.
♦ Advice on Housing Options: Practical support and advice if you are thinking
Block booking discounts avail- of moving to a home that you will find easier to manage.
able If you live in your own home and are over 60 or have a disability, whatever your
income, we may be able to help with repairs or adaptations to your home.
Contact us on: 0117 954 2222 or email:

19 CHURCH LANE CLIFTON Join The Transition Movement
Every so often a new social movement catches our imagination,
and right now Transition initiatives are spreading across the UK, at
a phenomenal rate. Each month a new group gets going, and
that’s what is happening right now in Hotwells and Cliftonwood!
So what, is this new and exciting movement? It is all about how we make the
transition to life beyond our current dependence on oil and how we manage
the challenges of climate change in ways which enhance our lives.
So rather than feeling hopeless, the Transition movement encourages us to see
ourselves and our community as providers of solutions rather than the source
of problems. It’s a hopeful and optimistic approach to how we may live in the
future. And it’s not about waiting for the government or the local council to
The Lion by Kate Edmunds act. Right now about 10 local groups across the city are taking small but im- portant steps towards positive change.
Of course different communities respond in different ways, supporting each
BS8 4TX Tel 01179 268492 other, drawing on each others skills and knowledge, valuing the different con-
Your local needs you !!!
For those that have still to
tributions we can all make. And feeling less isolated in our search for personal
discover Clifton's best kept se- and community-wide solutions is all part of the Transition philosophy.
cret! As a first step we’d like to invite you to a showing of the award-winning film A
Why not pop in and say hello to Crude Awakening which asks the tough question, “What happens when we
us, enjoy our newly refurbished run out of cheap oil?” on
surroundings and superb food Thursday 5th. June, from 7.15 to 9.30pm at Trinity
& wine. Church Hall, Clifton Vale, BS8 4ST. The film will be followed by a
We hope to welcome all our
short discussion and an introduction to the Transition movement.
local residents soon!

Review—The Hotwells Pantomime
Snowella and the Dwarfs a glorious (light) satire on current fads: excessive dieting,
fitness training, celebrity cooking, even family history research, delighted full houses as
the Hotwells Community Panto continues to do, year after year..
The witty script had just the right amount
of innuendo to render it always suitable
for a family audience: ‘I wish I had a hand
in his lunch-box‘ delivered with ingenuous
charm by Snowella was as smutty as it got
- with the exception of the chorus num-
ber ‘You won’t believe what we find down
the drains’ which was truly touched with
The show took off with brio upon the
entrance of a fine,well-stacked chorus
raising the roof with ‘Food, glorious food’
- platter upon platter piled high: props and
costumes were amazing throughout: Ikea flat pack mirror with its puppet persona, not
afraid of answering back; bats that lent a hint of danger to the forest peopled by small
creatures(the children); the angel chorus on swings, with wings, halos, clouds and a
whole host of musical instruments, ascending and descending.
Characterisation was superb throughout. In a production that was totally an ensem-
ble piece in the true sense of the word, where every contribution counted to make a
community success, it would be invidious to pick out individuals; it was great to see so
many teens involved, so many able and willing dwarfs that the team could not be lim-
ited to seven; there were plenty of laughs, audience participation in I’m My Own
Grandpa sung with open-throated gusto by Vernon the Veg, as well as other sweetly
sung solos and duets in the right places, accompanied by the legendary and talented
Hotwells Pantomime Band. A five star performance, as ever was.
Marion Reed

June 5th 19.15 Transition Bristol Meeting Trinity Rooms, Hotwells Rd
June 12th 18:00 Community Links meeting
June 29th 11:00 Garden working party Cliftonwood Terr.
June 22nd Bristol’s Bike Ride Various Venues Maya’s
July 27th 11:00 Garden working party Cliftonwood Terr.
Aug 1-3 Bristol Harbour Festival Harbourside gentle yoga
Aug 7-10 International Balloon Fest. Ashton Court
Sept 13th Doors Open Day Various venues
Sept 14th Bristol Half Marathon City Centre Monday, Pavey House, Clifton 6-7pm.
Sept 19-21 The Bristol Festival Lloyds Amphitheatre Wednesday, Hotwells Primary School
Oct 17-19 West Bristol Arts Trail Various venues
Tel: 0117 9542212
or 0117 9512371
13th Clifton Wood Crescent and
Southernhay Crescent street
party. Kick-Off Youth Theatre
Keep Saturday July 5th free for the Fun will be staging a performance of
starts at 2 pm and continues with dancing Police Play written for them by
in the street til late. There’ll be more live
Sam Berger on Monday 14th or
music this year, to add to the traditional
line up of bouncy castle, magic shows, Monday 21st July at 5pm at the
stalls, competitions, bar and evening bar- Hope Community Church. For
beque. The street will be car free until 4 more details please contact the
pm on Sunday CA office nearer the time. 7
∗ Class 4 & 7 MOT bays (2)
J H THOMPSON ∗ Latest diagnostic equipment
∗ Fully qualified mechanics, quality
BA (Hons) DO MRO control and chief mechanic
∗ Manufacturer genuine parts or
REGISTERED OSTEOPATH quality non genuine
∗ Free collection and delivery
39 Oldfield Road ∗ Free wash and vacuum
Hotwells ∗ Evening vehicle servicing (by nego-
BRISTOL Servicing - MOTs - Repairs tiation) ∗ All vehicles serviced to 3.5 tonne

Tel: (0117) 927 2100

Volunteers Needed
Cumberland Basin area
Do you like working with chil-
Would you like to improve their
Do you have one or two days
spare each month?
Phone Lifeskills on 9224511

Hotwells & Cliftonwood C.A.
3 Charles Place Specialist in Floor Mainte-
Hotwells, Bristol, BS8 4QW nance, Carpets, Windows and
tel: 0117 9291883 Daily
co-ordinator: Anna Wilson Office Cleaning.
e-mail: Fully Insured
5 Britannia Buildings
Bulletin board: Merchants Road Hotwells
forums Bristol BS8 4QD call
Tel: (0117) 9290578 Fax: 9144316 0117 973 7132
H&CCA Management
Dennis Gornall (Chair) Per-
Brenda McLennan (Treasurer)
Projects Open for Dinner
Ray Smith Communications & Wednesday to
Traders Network Saturday all year
Mike Timmins Open spaces round. For special
James Smith CHASE bookings and en-
Pauline Barnes Community quiries, please call
Links Coral on:
Sandra Fryer Planning 07971 812540
Trevor George Bulletin Board
Rosemary Stibbon

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