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Residents’ parking zone

planned for Cliftonwood h&cca

Following a consultation process COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION
which generated 13,000 responses,
Brunel bridge restoration
the Council Cabinet has now ap- in doubt

proved the introduction of residents’

Winter 2009
parking schemes in the parts of Kings-
wood and Clifton where there was
most support.
The eastern end of Cliftonwood between
Jacobs Wells Road and Hotwell Road is to
be included, while A CPZ for the rest of
Hotwells and Cliftonwood was rejected by
a majority of households. Views expressed
in the consultation have led to a reduction
in the annual permit cost to £30 (fixed for
3 years) and free permits for the first 50
visitors to any household. The Council
have given assurances that the schemes will The unique swivel bridge, designed by Brunel
aim to do no more than ‘break even’ and

Hotwells, Bristol, BS8 4QW

the revenue and costs will be subject to The agreement to construct the lottery
‘open book accounting’ so any ‘profits’ can funded Connect2 cycle path from Bristol to
be assessed. Nailsea has now been signed by the main
partners, Sustrans, Bristol CC & North
Somerset Council. It is planned to start
construction in May. Many people, including
members of the Brunel Swivel Bridge
Group, assumed the scheme would include
restoration of the historic bridge at Cum-
berland Basin to create a new pedestrian/
cycle crossing of the Entrance Lock. How-

Published by Hotwells & Cliftonwood Community Association, 3,Charles Place,

ever, consultants have advised BCC that
new and wider lock gate platforms would
be a cheaper and quicker option.
Both the Swivel Bridge and lock gates
would need to be closed to the public
when the lock is operated, but a locktop
crossing would also need to be closed for
Map showing area of Cliftonwood to be included up to one hour during ‘stop-gate’ tides that
in proposed controlled parking zone typically occur over 200 times a year. At
these times the entrance lock gates remain
There are fears among some residents that open to allow the tide to run in. Cyclists
this will herald a rolling programme of new and pedestrians would then need to find an
parking controls as the vehicles displaced alternative crossing, either via the Plimsoll
from one controlled area, start parking in Bridge (many steps) or the Junction Lock
adjacent streets and create a need for fur- Bridge (much longer and not traffic-free).
ther restrictions. In Cliftonwood, for exam- The Brunel Swivel Bridge is now widely
ple, Ambrose Road and the Ambras will fall recognised as an important monument but,
just outside the zone and pressure on this If the new walking and cycling path uses an

area may increase as a result. alternative route, the ambition of restoring

it to full working order seems a more re-
The other potential problem that has not mote possibility. Since the restoration esti-
been fully quantified is the effect of reduc- mate is similar to Bristol's entire contribu-
ing parking bays in the controlled zone to tion to the path construction one can un-
what is legal and safe. At present, much of derstand why this view has prevailed. How-
our area has cars parked on both sides of ever, it would be useful to see breakdowns
narrow streets and sometimes on the of the two cost estimates. A significant
pavement. A recent incident when a fire proportion of the Swivel Bridge costs may
engine was unable to drive down Clifton- relate to structural repairs and repainting
wood Crescent to reach the scene of a that need to be done in any case to pre-
vehicle fire, illustrates this problem. serve the bridge for posterity.
David Neale & Ray Smith 1
Community News
HOTWELLS & CLIFTONWOOD COM- New Administrator and existing work HCCA does in campaign-
MUNITY ASSOCIATION Anna Wilson our very able administrator ing for service improvements from BCC.
O117 9291883 for two years, retired at the AGM to pursue Neighbourhood Partnerships are given a
her career as a filmmaker. She has made a small annual amount of funding (£5,000 per
huge contribution to HCCA and will be ward ) and we have a dedicated officer in
Wessex Water greatly missed. Most recently, she was piv- the City with the job of steering it along.
You have probably seen and otal in organising the West Bristol Arts Trail Our local Councillors are also involved. If
heard heralded in the media which was such a huge success. you are interested in working with the
that Wessex Water has fin- Rosemary Stibbon, a long term CA member Steering Group or on one of the Working
ished the tunnel between and volunteer will be taking over the reins Groups (yet to be defined) then contact
Frogmore Street and Wood- and plans to work from the Charles Place or leave a mes-
land Road which will carry office for two days a week. sage with the office and we can give you
the final piece of sewer in more details.
their extensive underground AGM Ray Smith
network. Not such good Some 40 people came to this year’s AGM in
news of Wessex Water’s Trinity Church to hear reports of our vari-
ous activities. Ariaf Hussain from Bristol Hope Centre Poster Collection
progress on the Hotwell
Road site. The latest esti- City Council talked about Neighbourhood finds a home
mate from the Site Manager Partnerships (see below). Following on An exhibition at Create Centre over a year
is that work won’t be com- from the front page article in our last edi- ago uncovered a unique collection of post-
pleted until May 2009! tion, we spent some time considering how ers from the 20 years of Hope Centre as a
the Section 106 monies that are due, as a community arts venue. Now this has been
Blocked drains result of new building developments, might handed over to The University of Bristol
Yes, yes, we know – there be spent for our benefit. Here are some of Theatre Collection which is a registered
are still a number of blocked the ideas: Museum. The collection can be accessed by
drains in the area (and all ► Knock down the brown shed oppo- contacting the Keeper at the Dept. of
round the City for that mat- site the Mardyke steps, provide a Drama, Cantock’s Close BS8 1UP
ter). Some of them have pavement and smarten the area.
been blocked solid for sev- ► Prepare a master plan for space un- The future of the CA
eral years and we are now der the flyover. You will have seen in the last edition
told by Bristol City Council ► Plan for a community centre. that from last April we now no longer
that they cannot be dealt receive money from Bristol City Coun-
with using the normal equip-
► Introduce traffic calming measures
and/or residential speed restrictions. cil to support our work and we must
ment and that their contrac- consider how we carry on as a Com-
tor, Carillion, will have to ► Subsidise ferries and allow bus passes munity Association. We have office
deal with them. Often the to be used on ferries.
premises and a part-time worker. With-
underground pipes are dam- ► Provide improvements to footpaths out money from somewhere this is un-
aged and substantial work is in the area, e.g. handrails. sustainable in the longer term. We are
required to get them back ► Create or plan for Home Zones in therefore going to consider, in the new
into working order. It is all the area. year, how we should adapt to the
very frustrating, but we will ► Floodlight Holy Trinity church as a changed circumstances.
continue to press the Council landmark building in the area. Currently we see three possible op-
to deal with the problem. tions:
Pauline Barnes ► Hold the money in a Community
Chest for use on small projects. 1. Rely entirely on volunteers and try
500 Club Lottery Draw Your CA will be looking at the ideas and will and keep an office using our income
December 2008 open a dialogue with the Council as to the from the 500 club and any other small
best option/s. If you have other ideas please grants and donations.
1st Prize £150 let us know as soon as possible. 2. Revise our constitution to create a
272 – C Sharp Dennis Gornall membership by subscription, either on
2nd Prize £25 a household or individual basis
434 – No Winner Neighbourhood Partnership 3. Consider extending our boundary
3rd Prize £25 This is the new scheme to enable the Coun- to become a Clifton wide association if
90 – No Winner cil to consult directly with neighbourhoods such an enlarged CA would get either
4th Prize £25 in the City about issues that affect them. funding or premises, from the City
210 – S Wilkins There are 14 Partnership areas, each made Council.
5th Prize £25 up of 2 or 3 electoral wards. Cabot has If you have any ideas or views, strong
36 – H Di Giovanni been joined with Clifton and Clifton East or otherwise about your Community
and several people from HCCA attended Association’s future please contact us.
Help us reach 500 members the inaugural meeting on Nov. 25th at the We need you to help shape these im-
and every draw will produce Council House. There is no formal mem- portant decisions for the benefit of all.
5 winners! bership as yet and we may find overlaps Dennis Gornall
2 between our Neighbourhood Partnership
Community News
First year of the Secret Garden What’s going on in the Docks?
In the past year the land below Cliftonwood While crossing Junction Lock by the Pump O117 9291883
Terrace has been transformed into the begin- House at Cumberland Basin you may have
nings of a community wildlife garden. wondered whether the decrepit 140 year-old
With the help of the Breathing Places lottery wooden lock gates at that end of the basin Newsletter Delivery
grant we cleared away rubble and rubbish and would work if ever they were needed in an At the AGM a number of
had paths made throughout the land. The site emergency to maintain the water level in the people kindly volunteered to
was made secure by putting up a strong fence floating harbour. Well the official answer is plug gaps in the delivery
all along the sheer drop towards the Hotwell probably not, which is why there is £4m of service for this newsletter
Road and a prickly hedge planted along it. work in progress to replace the lock gates but we still have one or two
Steps were made at steep sections and the and install new hydraulic power packs to con- rounds with no regular sup-
arch into the wood was painstakingly and trol the gates, sluices and paddles. Each of port.
beautifully repaired. We have started planting the existing gates weighs 80 tonnes and will Cornwallis House
trees: A Wild Cherry, two Field Maples, two be replaced with new steel gates being fabri- Crosby Row
Crab Apples and a Pear Tree. cated in The Netherlands. The new ones will Hotwell Rd –S. side
With huge help from the neighbourhood weigh in at a much handier 50 tonnes. How- Oldfield Rd/Sandford Rd
we’ve cleared masses of Brambles, Bindweed, ever it seems no one knew what the hinges The reward for doing this
and Buddleia. Every month supporters have look like so the old gates were encased by a job 3 times a year is being
specially-made ‘limpet’ coffer dam to inspect the first to read the latest
these secretive parts in the dry before the news and a healthy walk in
new gates could be completed. the open air (maybe not the
This is Phase I of a 3 phase programme of case in Hotwell Rd).
renewals at Cumberland Basin the Underfall If you can spare us some
Yard and Netham Lock costing the City time please ring the CA
Council £11 million in total. office or e-mail:
Let’s hope all goes to plan and the work is
finished by May as promised. Otherwise Junc- admin@hotwellscliftonwood
tion Lock may join Wessex Water on the
Portway in the infamous annals of perma-
nently unfinished engineering projects. Plimsoll Statue
For more information see: Since nefarious Wessex Water banished Samuel
turned up with shovels, secateurs and energy releases/2008/dec/repair-and-replacements- Plimsoll from his lonely
to help create the garden. and we would like works-on-bristols-historic-docks.en perch on the Portway we
to thank everybody for their help. It has been have been trying to keep
a delight. Local History Society planned track of him in the faint
The garden is used by the neighbourhood: A new Local History Society covering Hot- hope he might someday
children’s birthdays have been celebrated, wells, Cliftonwood and Clifton will be return to Hotwells. This is
dens have been made, picnics held, walks launched in 2009. A small working group has the latest from Christina
been had and dogs aired. The foxes are still been busy gathering information about the Raddon of the City Council:
there, and so are squirrels, and a huge variety mass of archival material which exists. Some
of birds. It has truly provided Cliftonwood of it is safe in the Record Office, like the re- We did find a potential new
with a breathing place. cords of the Merchant Venturers. Other in- location for him as part of
Next year, probably starting again in March, formation doubtless in attics and cupboards in the new Redcliffe Wharf
we will continue to have working parties on people’s homes. It is hoped to produce a ref- development, a stones'
every last Sunday of the month, 11am – 12 erence list before the launch, to serve as a throw away from where he
noon. This year has given us a feel for how resource for anyone researching the rich his- was born, but I understand
much work it takes to keep the garden under tory of our area. this has recently fallen
reasonable control. We are very grateful for If you have anything of interest about, garden through. So we have had
all the help and goodwill we have received. societies, football teams, pub groups or what- several disappointments
Susan Haase-Derrett ever; DON’T GET RID OF IT before talking now due to the amount of
to the group. So much has already gone and development going on
Town Green Application we don’t want to lose any more. along the waterfront. I think
The final Bristol City Council determination there might be the possibil-
Contact: Sue Stops, 9 Freeland Place, Hotwells,
on whether to register the "Clifton Wood ity of the Museum of Bristol
BS8 4NP or e-mail the HCCA office
Community Garden" (at the junction of taking him (which is where
Watch out for details of the first meet-
Ambrose Road and Ambra Vale East) will take he rightfully belongs as he
ing which will be of general interest to
place at a meeting of the Council's Rights of came from one of the Mu-
Way and Greens committee on 19th January at seums - and should never
2.00pm at the Council House. Please come Sue Stops
have been placed outside).
along and offer your support if you are able.
A Hearty Hotwells and Cliftonwood!
The buoyant good health of the arts in our area was Hello, me old China!
well demonstrated by the participation in and enthu- The Bristol China Company,
siasm for the first West Bristol Arts Trail held on based in Pilning with a factory
18th-19th October - and the success of the weekend shop in Clifton, on Vyvyan Road,
has only served to further consolidate this. Since was established in 1979. The
then, Hotwells and Cliftonwood have seen additional company produces beautiful Eng-
artistic developments by way of the opening of a ma- lish fine-bone china tea-sets and
jor new Bristol gallery on Hotwell Road and the lovely chintz patterned gifts, such as mugs and trinket boxes.
takeover of the Bristol China Factory by a fellow David Thornley of Hotwells recently took over the running
Hotwellian, suggesting that we truly do live in a of this 30 year old Bristol business with his wife, Fran. David
hearty area. studied at Stourbridge College of Art and Bristol University
The arts trail weekend opened with a party on Friday eve- and has exhibited his work at Liberties of London, Brierly
ning at Hope Chapel. Settees and candles set the scene and Hill Glass Museum and locally at the RWA and the Bristol
allowed everyone to relax and experience the music, film Guild. We wish them all the best with the new venture.
and animation on show. On Saturday morning, the area Jayne Marshall
awoke to find perky red balloons and stylised placards had
magically flourished outside houses overnight. These mark-
ers lead visitors into venues where a variety of artistic me-
dia, from sculpture and painting, to photography and even a
satirical slide show were on view.
For once the weather was kind and the autumnal feel suited
the area with its abundance of colourful trees. Widespread
publicity for the event throughout Bristol meant that some
venues saw up to 1200 visitors over the weekend, with an
overall average of 350 new fans for each artist.

At Hope Chapel, open for Arts Trail refreshments, even

the cakes came out all artistic!

A Buena Vista for Hotwell Road

We warmly welcome to Hotwells, one of the largest inde-
pendent art spaces in the South West and a new gallery:
A busy scene at the Clifton Club during the Arts Trail The ethos behind the gallery is to champion new art and
artists and bring a refreshingly informal approach to the way
The success of the trail means that there is a definite will to one can view and buy art. Every-
one is wel- come from the
go forward and hold further trails here in the future. Con-
keenest collec- tor, to those who
structive feedback from artists and organisers also ensured just happen to be passing by and
that the successes of 2008 will be built on and used to im- fancy a look.
prove, year on year. So all that remains to be said for this Gallery owner Nick Waugh is
year is well done Clifton, Hotwells and Cliftonwood and pleased with the choice of loca-
many thanks to everyone who participated, through atten- tion for the gallery: “The re-
dance, exhibition, organisation – or all of the above! sponse from the local commu-
Do you know anything about this family? nity has been tremendous,. The position of the gallery pro-
A group of Belgian people are trying to trace the family of a WW2 vides a great shop window for the many people coming in
pilot, a memorial was erected in 2008 and they would like to con- and out of the centre. We hope to continue to provide art
tact the family. Paul Fraser Collis age (24) was with 40 sqdrn RAF
and came from Cliftonwood, He was killed on the 12/10/1941. His
that entertains and entices people into the gallery and I hope
parents were Hugh Henry Fraser Collis and Gladys Olive Collis. we can bring even more people to Hotwells”.
Paul Fraser Collis was married his wife's name was Joyce Mabel The work View exhibits changes every month or so and
Collis. showcases a rich mix, including what Nick likes to call ‘big
Any help would be most appreciated. Please contact Leslie Green
art’ - so expect an ever-changing window each time you walk
on 07941206478 or 01934-633305
or email down Hotwells road! A new show is open from January 3rd.
Rapid Transit gains momentum
If all the discarded proposals for revolutionary public transport systems in Bristol were dumped in the Floating
Harbour we would probably be able to build a nice motorway over the top to replace all that useless water
(actually Prof. Buchanan thought of something similar in 1963). The Avon Metro, the Supertram, BER , LRT
and ULR have come and gone with the ups and downs of Government policy and local politicking but still
nothing has actually appeared on our streets.
The latest BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) scheme promoted by the West of Eng-
land Partnership should capture our interest more than most because, after
proposing a route along the Bristol to Bath cycle route which stirred up a
storm of opposition that came as a surprise to no one except the West of
England Partnership apparently, it is now really keen on pioneering the first
line from Ashton Vale to the City Centre, right through our patch. In fact,
the glossy consultation document includes an imaginative picture of a tram
station on Cumberland Road at Spike Island (left).
Promoters of the rival ULR (Ultra Light Rail) scheme are fighting a rearguard
action but it seems the odds are stacked against them because the Govern-
ment will pay more to subsidise a Bus than they will a proper Tram running
on rails regardless of the actual merits of one or the other. Those of you
who have been to one of the consultation sessions about BRT or seen the
publicity may concede that the BRT vehicle may live up to its’ name when
following a dedicated route alongside the existing rail lines from Ashton
Gate to Prince Street but when an 18m long 30 tonne bus hits the streets
and the jams of central Bristol, it seems less likely to be ‘rapid’ than a nippy
FirstBus double-decker. ULR enthusiast Keith Hallett points out that a rail-based tram would use one third of the fuel and
generate one third of the pollution and be far more reliable than an equivalent rubber-tyred vehicle. He states the tram sup-
porters’ case bluntly:
“The choice is yours; you, the people. Do you want lots of fancy
but empty buses while you continue to stick to the car as your pre- ...Meanwhile, in South Bristol
ferred commute? Or would you leave the car at home and take SAVE THE MALAGO GREENWAY – SIGN THE ON-LINE
the tram to work? Trams is what I want, what Bristol people de- PETITION
serve after years of promises about trams and years of suffering Concerned residents of Windmill Hill are running a campaign
the lousiest bus system in the country”. to oppose Bristol City Council’s (Central Government’s) pro-
Transport campaigns in Bristol have become a passion. A posed scheme to use the Malago Greenway for a rapid tran-
sit route to ferry people in from the (to be constructed)
meeting of the Transport for Greater Bristol Alliance at Jurys
th Whitchurch Park and Ride to the centre of the City. BRTs
Hotel on December 9 unearthed literally dozens of organisa- require a minimum of 11 metres width. This would entail
tions campaigning for better buses, better trains, more bikes concreting/culverting over the Malago stream and the com-
or transport integration. The core mission of TGBA is to urge pulsory purchase of some properties. Some residents would
Bristol and the 4 districts in the Bristol travel to work area to find a BRT vehicle passing right outside their back doors
form an Integrated Transport Authority to manage strategic every 3.5 minutes. In addition, it would mean the loss of the
planning. The new Local Transport Act makes this a possibil- only bit of green space remaining in the immediate area.
ity and Bristol councillors have given it their support. The 4 This is used as a place for play and by local adults and chil-
dren to get to work/school on foot and by cycle and is also
outlying districts seem more reluctant to climb aboard.
rich in wildlife. For more information/ BRT documents and to
For further information on BRT see: sign the online petition see the website: Rosemary Stibbon
Ray Smith

BA (Hons) DO MRO


39 Oldfield Road

Tel: (0117) 927 2100

The Hotwells Pantomime
how people in tights have an audience in stitches
It began with ‘Cinderella’, staged at the relatively
new Hope Centre in 1980. 28 pantos later, quite how  Work together -With a different writer for each
it started is long forgotten but the early shows, as scene, a team of editors is all-important to grind off the
well as events like Music Halls, barn dances and once, rough edges between different styles and characterisa-
even a Circus (don’t ask) helped to raise funds for the tion. No room for big egos here!
Community Association.
Here’s one view of the key lessons that have helped to keep
 Give everyone a chance - By the start of January
a more-or-less complete script is ready for the casting
this special institution alive so long. meeting. We read it, then every-
one writes what they would like to
 Keep it local - From the do on a slip of paper and another
start, the Hotwells Pantomime small group works out who does
was devised from scratch and what, based on those preferences.
performed each year by local By tradition, there are a number of
people. If you turn up for the established groupings – the female
first reading you are very likely chorus (the ‘Ambras’ after their role
to get a role of some kind (but as the ‘Ambra Veils’ in a long forgot-
perhaps not the Dame first time ten Aladdin), the male chorus, the
round). teenagers, the younger children as
well as the musicians under the di-
 Use all the skills - every- rection of maestro Sue Otty. New-
body can do (or learn) some- comers are always welcome.
thing of value; making cos-
tumes, set design and con- 
Discipline! -Rehearsals hap-
structing scenery and props, pen at Trinity Rooms through Janu-
choreography, singing and mu- ary and February. We now have a
sic-making, stage management Director , Gill Loats and Producer
and more. Many a rookie actor Amanda Webb which is a good ar-
has been bitten by the perform- rangement given the challenge of co-
ance bug at the Hotwells Panto ordinating the efforts of up to 70
and discovered a new talent. people onstage and off.
Climactic scene for the ‘Ambras’ chorus in the 2003
production of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ The show runs for 4 nights and
 Do it at the wrong time every year there are disappointed
- Our pantomime happens in March rather than the people who left it too late to buy tickets. The Pantomime
traditional December. The organisers reasoned that raises around £3,000 to support local community projects,
December is a fraught month to try and rehearse and helped by Hope Community Church which allows us to use
January/February is when we really need a laugh and and the Hall for free.
a good reason to get out of the house! Ray Smith

 Learn the trade -The Panto countdown starts in

This year’s Hotwells Pantomime is
November with a planning meeting. Out of that will
come a short plot summary and a description of the
main characters. We have done nearly all the classic Babes in the Wood
panto stories at least 3 times but every script is com-
pletely original. Panto writing is a tricky business. It’s At Hope Chapel, Hope Chapel Hill
always best to keep it simple and write visually. Clever March 4-7th at 7.30 pm
dialogue not linked strongly to action sometimes reads
well on the page but doesn’t work on the stage. get your tickets early!

Maya’s Sui Generis

gentle yoga Hair & Beauty

classes: 255 HOTWELL ROAD,

Monday, Pavey House, Clifton 6-7pm. 4SF
Wednesday, Hotwells Primary School
Tel: 0117 9542212 0117 925 3611
or 0117 9512371
DIARY Discerning Ears
Wed Jan 10:45 Mother & Baby Hope Chapel Following a successful gig on Dec. 5th
14th—Mar shared exercise class contact: Kirsten the next of a planned series of “quirky,
4th Rees—t: 07920 032 513 quiet, quality” music sessions. have been
booked at the Lansdown on Friday 30
Mon 19th 18:00 Community Links 3, Charles Place January and Friday 27 February . Among
Jan meeting other acts, the 30 January session will
Mon 19th 14:00 Cliftonwood Town Council House, feature the gorgeous celtic jazz of Sen-
Jan Green determination College Green sorium, led by Colin Tully, composer of
the soundtrack for “Gregory’s Girl” and a
Thur 22nd 19:30 Transition Hotwells & Trinity Church regular member of John Martyn’s touring
Jan Cliftonwood Mtg. band. Watch out for posters on the
Thur 22nd Slapstick Festival Watershed, Arnolfini, HCCA noticeboards or phone Henry
- Sun 25th Shaftoe on 92 92 983.
Colston hall
Fri 30th ‘Discerning Ears’ Lansdowne pub. New shops in Hotwells
Jan Concert Apart from the View Gallery (see page
4) we welcome two more new ven-
Mon Feb 19:30 HCCA Trustees Mtg. 3, Charles Place tures to add life to the Hotwell Road.
2nd The Off-Licence (lately the Co-op
Pharmacy) has re-opened as a handy
Fri. 27th Discerning Ears’ Lansdowne pub.
convenience store.
Feb Concert The Shiraz Restaurant has opened
for dining with a Persian theme.
Wed Mar. 19:30 Hotwells Pantomime Hope Chapel
Also note: Masters Garage has moved
4th– Sat across the river to Ashton Vale Rd (see
Mar. 7th ad. on page 8)

Transition Hotwells & Cliftonwood The 500 Club - Make it your New
Garden Share we have formed a sub-group to promote the growing
Year’s resolution
of veg in garden space. It is probable there are many of us who have a
So you mislaid that little card in the last edi-
patch of garden that could be productive, but for a variety of reasons
tion of Hotwells News inviting you to join the
find it difficult to get round to cultivating it. Our idea is that we intro-
500 Club, or the cat ate it or the baby was
duce those that would provide labour and knowledge with garden own-
sick on it, or maybe you just thought £18 a
ers who provide a space. The resultant harvest is shared. Any takers?
year was just not worth your attention? We
Next Meeting – A talk on Energy Saving in the Home - 22
know you have lots of other things to worry
January 2009, 7.30 pm at Holy Trinity Church , Clifton Vale.
about (the traffic, the crime, the building
Martin Fodor will talk on energy-saving tips that could help make the
developments, the local economy, the
place where you live an ‘Ecohome’. Martin has worked on sustainable
neighbours who you never meet) so we are
construction and development issues, energy and climate policies and giving you another chance to try and make
has a background in waste and recycling services, and environmental things better for you and for everyone in
education. your neighbourhood. Just e-mail or phone
Come and join us for an interactive discussion with slides and back- the office with your name and address and
ground information on how to save energy and reduce those bills. AND we’ll send you the form to apply.
hear how the THC Garden Share group is developing.

Open for Dinner

Wednesday to Sat-
urday all year round.
For special book-
ings and enquiries,
please call Coral on:
07971 812540

0117 973 7132
Specialist in Floor Maintenance,
Carpets, Windows and Daily
Office Cleaning.
Fully Insured

5 Britannia Buildings
Merchants Road
Bristol BS8 4QD

Tel: (0117) 9290578 Fax: 9144316

∗ Class 4 & 7 MOT bays (2)

∗ Latest diagnostic equipment
∗ Fully qualified mechanics, quality
control and chief mechanic
∗ Manufacturer genuine parts or
quality non genuine
∗ Free collection and delivery
∗ Free wash and vacuum
∗ Evening vehicle servicing (by nego-
Servicing - MOTs - Repairs tiation) ∗ All vehicles serviced to 3.5 tonne

54 Ashton Vale Road, Bristol, BS3 2HQ tel: 0117 9638288 Volunteers Needed
Cumberland Basin area
CONTACTS Advertise here to reach Do you like working with children?
2,500 households in Would you like to improve their
Hotwells & Cliftonwood C.A. Hotwells & Cliftonwood safety?
3 Charles Place, Hotwells, for as little as £30. Do you have one or two days spare
Bristol, BS8 4QW Contact HCCA office each month?
tel: 0117 9291883 for details Phone Lifeskills on 9224511

co-ordinator: Rosemary Stibbon

Web site:

Management Committee
Dennis Gornall (Chair) Personnel
Brenda McLennan (Treasurer) Projects
Ray Smith Communications & Traders
Mike Timmins Open spaces
James Smith CHASE
Anthea Bruges Community Links

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