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Arizona — Desert Storm 34 Flex Defense DEFENSIVE FRONTS AND BLITZES °o ws T N s #* NOTE: COULD. USE "FLOP G" AS A CHANGE UP IS/A: Tight shade away from call or Key: Guard/ball i 1 away from call Key: Tackle/ball ttack Rey: Center ball Charge: Base attack eee ee Guard ball esponsibslity: Responsibility: Charge: Flop - explode Won Flow to “B" Gap Center/Flop sep Figw Seay coliepse Flow away-Collapse G attack Rush "B" Ga [Responsibility : Contain rush ae : Run: Flow to "A" Gap Flow away squeeze Pass: Rush "A" Gap Tight 7 on [ssa is Flop over TE side and line up Backfield outside T.E. Inside flow thru on L.0.8. shoulder of line triangle ™ Responsibilities: |Resp esponsibilities: Run: Play Eagle Play Okie Fill ioe 1 linebacker linebacker Gap-Physica: = reevcaiien Play cover- chase on with refer- action away oo point P Play erred: ‘Ops. age calle wath refer~ ence point drops. force/visual