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1. Select a workplace. This can be the whole workplace or a separate section of
2. Identify at least six (6) safety and health hazard, including two (2) health hazards
at this workplace and discuss the techniques used to identify each of these
3. Estimate the safety and health risks from each and every one of these hazards.
4. Priorities these hazards based on their risk rating and determine the most critical
safety and health hazards. List and arrange 6 of the hazards identified according to
the critical levels of risk.
5. Suggest and discuss the control measures to eliminate or reduce the risks of both
critical hazards.
6. Suggest recommendation of review program on control step mention in #5 to
ensure the effectiveness of managing the safety and health at the workplace.
1. Report shall be type in Bahasa Melayu or English.
2. The fonts used must be Times New Roman size 12 and using 1.5 spacing.
3. The left and right margins must be 2.5 cm, while top and bottom margin must be
3 cm and formatted in A4 sized paper.
4. The report must have standard front cover printed in blue color paper.
Students should prepare a report based on format given below
1. Abstract
a. A short summary of your assignment background, report objectives,
method used and result obtained, suggestions and control measures
recommended to benefit the safety and health at workplace.
(10 marks)
2. Introduction
a. Brief descriptions of workplace choose by your group. The description
must include the activities, work process, work environment and task
carried out at the workplace and hazard associated with the activities.
(10 marks)

References a. Ed Ferrett. Example: i. State the objectives of the report. Recommendation a. Result and Discussion a. Rationalize your choice for the most critical hazard (1 safety hazard and 1 health hazard) c. (20 marks) 5. List all references used in this report.3. Discuss the benefits of the recommendation in subsection (a) and (b). Explain in detail methods of risk assessment (risk estimation and risk evaluation) on identified safety and health hazards. title. Website reference Date: 9th January 2013 (5 marks) . Objective a. Identify and explain in detail the proposed control measures (preventive and corrective) for each critical safety and health hazards. Book reference Phil Hughes. Identify and explain proposed review program on the effectiveness of the proposed measures in subsection (a). (30 marks) 7. b. b. Personal Protective Equipment. OSHA 1994 http://www. Explain the impact of the most critical safety and health risks identified to organization. (5 marks) 4. c. publisher and year should be stated. Method a. List at least six (6) hazards including two (2) health hazards. Use one sample each for safety and health hazards respectively in the assessment. Identify and explain three (3) methods used to identify safety and health hazards at the workplace. Prioritize the hazard based on their risk rating. Fourth Edition ii. (20 marks) 6.osha. NEBOSH. Introduction to Health and Safety at Workplace. b. Information such as author’s name.

Method c. . Introduction and objectives of report Findings and discussion d. Presentation will be done on the date stated in #1. Report submission: Week 7 2. Presentation will take 15 minutes each group (10 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for Q&A). 3. Presentation will be based on your project and your knowledge in this subject (DAY10102 – Occupational Safety and Health). Please submit softcopy of report together with presentation slide to nryati@uthm. NOTES 1. Presentation must use Microsoft Office Power Point.PRESENTATION 3. Recommendation 2. The presentation should contain the following: a.