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Date- Sheet for the B.A.-2ND SEMESTER (Exam Code: 0002) (Regular/Reappear)
Examination commencing w.e.f. 6th May, 2016
TIME OF EXAMINATIONS: 9.00 a.m. to 12.15 p.m.
(The candidates must be on their seats at 9.00 a.m. sharp as per date-sheet below. The answer-books
with Optical Mark Reader (OMR) front covers will be distributed at 9.00 a.m. 15 minutes time in the
beginning of each paper is budgeted for filling up the OMR Sheets properly under the instructions and
supervision of invigilators. The question paper will be distributed at 9.15 a.m. sharp and the
examination will continue till 12.15 p.m.)
MAY, 2016
6th, Friday
7th, Saturday
10th, Tuesday
11th, Wednesday

12th, Thursday

Environment & Road safety Education (0104) (Common to All Semester & B.A./B.Sc.-3rd Year)
(Time of Examination: 2:00p.m. to 3:45p.m.)
History (History of India 1200-1750 A.D.) (0124)
Mathematics (Paper-I: Solid Geometry) (0143)
English (Compulsory) (0101) (For B.A. only and same for Shastri, 2nd Semester)
Sanskrit (Paper: Katha, Niti Avem Vyakaran) (0112)
Agriculture (Paper-B: Agricultural Economics and Agronomy) (Theory) (0115)
Ancient Indian History, Culture & Archaeology (Paper: History & Culture of India From the
Mauryas to 319 A.D.) (0116)
Geography (Paper-III: Physical Geography-II: Climatology & Oceanography) (0122)
Physical Education (Theory) (0137)
Psychology (Paper: General Psychology-II) (0138)
Geography (Paper-IV: Cartography-II) (0123) (Only for USOL Candidates)
Advertising, Sales Promotion & Sales Management (Paper-II: Advertising-I) (0165)
Computer Applications (Paper-B: Application Software) (0166)
Functional English (Paper: Writing-Communication Skills & Study Skills) (0167)
Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics (Paper-II: Meal Management & Food Micro-biology) (0168)
Electronic Equipment Maintenance (Paper-II: Electronic Devices & Circuits-II) (0169)
Foreign Trade Practice & Procedure (Paper-II: India’s Foreign Trade) (0170)
Industrial Fish & Fisheries (Paper-II: Fish Anatomy and Capture Fisheries) (0171)
Instrumentation (Paper-II: Mechanical Measurements, Basic Electronics & Electronic
Instrumentation (0172)
Mass Communication Video Production (Paper-II: Media Scene in India and Media Script
Writing) (0173)
10) Office Management & Secretarial Practice (Paper-II: Shorthand) (English) (0174)
11) Seed Technology (Paper-II: Seed Production, Plant Breeding & Crop Improvement) (0175)
12) Food Science & Quality Control (Paper-B: Principles of Food Preservation & Packaging) (0176)
13) Functional Hindi (0177)
14) Tax Procedure & Practice (Paper-II: Income Tax Law and Practice-II) (0178)
15) Industrial Chemistry (Paper-B: Material and Energy Balance) (0179)
16) Principles & Practice of Insurance (Paper-II: General Insurance) (0180)
17) Industrial Microbiology (IMB-201: Fundamentals of Microbiology-II) (0181)
18) Early Childhood Care & Education [Paper: Health Care (from Birth to early Childhood)] (0183)
19) Information Technology (Paper-B: Computer Programming Using C) (0184)
20) Fashion Designing (Paper: Fabric Study and Design Concept) (0185)


) (0103) (For B. Saturday 16th. THESE WILL BE OF A MATERIAL ON WHICH NOTHING CAN BE WRITTEN SUCH AS CELLULOID.D. 1400 A. /B.-2nd Semester) (9.2016 To 02. SCANNER PEN SCANNER/CAMERA OR ANY SUCH ELECTRONIC/DIGITAL GADGET ETC. Grammar in Context and Creative Writing) (0106) 3) German (Paper: Summary) (0107) 4) Hindi (0108) 5) Punjabi (0109) 6) Urdu (Paper-Prose and Poetry) (0113) 1) Punjabi (Compulsory) (0102) (Same for B.A. to 12. 3) 4) 5) EXAMINATION OF ADD-ON-COURSES (Certificate Course) WILL BE CONDUCTED ON 28./B.04. Microbial & Food Tech/Fashion Designing & Shastri. Com. Tuesday 25th.A.2016 Prof. Parvinder Singh Controller of Examinations (Copyright Reserved) .05.00 a.m. 2016 13th. Friday 30th.A.-2ND SEMESTER (Regular/Reappear) DATE & DAY SUBJECT/PAPER/CODE NO MAY./B.m. Wednesday 27th. Friday ELECTIVE SUBJECTS: 1) 2) 14th.2016 (PAPERI) & 30.05.15 p. Monday 17th.Sc. 2nd Semester) 2) History & Culture of Punjab (History & Culture of Punjab from Mauryan Times to 1200 A. Strategic Aspects) (0117) 3) Economics (Paper: Macro Economics) (0118) 4) Education (Paper: Education & Human Development) (0119) 5) Fine Arts (Paper: History of Art) (0120) 6) History of Art [Paper: Study of Western Painting & Sculpture (from the earliest times to c. Thursday 20th. STENCILS CUT IN ANY TYPE OF PAPER OR CARDBOARD WILL.) NOTE: 1) THE PRACTICAL EXAMINATIONS WILL BE CONDUCTED FROM 26. CANDIDATES CAN USE COLOURED PENCILS FOR DIAGRAMS IN SCIENCE SUBJECTS. Wednesday 19th. TRANSPARENT OR OPAQUE SHEETS OF PLASTICINE ETC. THIN TIN.A. Hygiene and Health) (0126) 3) Philosophy (Paper: Logic) (0133) 4) Public Administration (Paper: Indian Administration) (0135) 1) Music (Instrumental) (Theory) (0130) 2) Women’s Studies (Paper: Status of Women in India-I) (0140) 3) Environment Conservation (Paper: Soil and Water Pollution) (0188) 1) Journalism and Mass Communication (Paper: Introduction to Mass Communication-II) (0129) 2) Music (Vocal) (Theory) (0131) 3) Police Administration (Paper: Indian Constitution) (0136) Mathematics (Paper-II: Calculus-II) (0144) 1) Adult Education (Theory) (0114) 2) Defence & Strategic Studies (Paper: International Relations. DETAILED DATE-SHEET OF THE SAME WILL BE NOTIFIED SEPARATELY.INSIDE THE EXAMINATION HALL WHICH IS PUNISHABLE WITH DISQUALIFICATION FOR PERIOD OF TWO YEARS WITH THE SUBSEQUENT EXAMINATION.D. General.) and Theory and Principles of Art Appreciation] (0125) 1) Political Science (Paper: Political Theory-II) (0134) 2) Statistics (Paper-103: Probability Theory & Descriptive Statistics-II) (0141) 3) Applied Statistics (Paper-B: Probability) (0142) 1) Music (Tabla) Paper-B (Theory) (0132) 2) Mathematics (Paper-III: Theory of Equations) (0145) 1) Human Rights & Duties (Human Rights: International Dimensions) (0127) 2) Indian Classical Dance (Theory) (0128) Introduction to Computer Science (Additional Optional) Module Paper-IB: Office Management Tools (0163) (Same for B. Tuesday 18th. 2) THE CANDIDATES ARE NOT PERMITTED TO CARRY ANY COMMUNICATION EQUIPMENT SUCH AS MOBILE PHONE/PAGER.2016. Monday English (0105) French (Paper: Written Comprehension & Expression. Chandigarh: 160014 Dated: 12. Monday 24th.04. ON NO ACCOUNT BE PERMITTED. WIRELESS SET. Saturday 23rd.a. Sc.05.2016 (PAPER-II).-2- B. Friday 21st. Only) Sociology (Paper: Sociology Stratification) (0139) Computer Science (A02: Computer Fundamentals & C Programming) (0156) 1) Gandhian Studies: Gandhi in Freedom Struggle-South Africa and India (0121) 2) Home Science (Paper: Family Resource Mgt. CANDIDATES OFFERING GEOGRAPHY ARE PERMITTED TO USE STENCILS OR OUTLINE MAPS.