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IBM Storage

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The IBM Storage product portfolio includes disk, flash, tape, NAS storage produc
ts, storage software and integrated solutions. IBM s approach is to focus on data
management. According to IBM, the company's storage portfolio helps businesses l
ower costs, increase the speed of accessing data, and secure the safety of their
data. This approach improves "data economics" for business critical needs, data
intensive solutions, or for companies that want to start with a smaller solutio
n that can grow as needed.[1]
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IBM Spectrum Storage
IBM Spectrum Accelerate
IBM Spectrum Scale
IBM Spectrum Virtualize
IBM Spectrum Control
IBM Spectrum Protect
IBM Spectrum Archive
Flash Storage
IBM FlashSystem V9000
IBM FlashSystem 900
IBM FlashSystem V840
IBM FlashSystem 840
Other flash storage capabilities
Disk Systems
For enterprise workloads
3.1.1 DS8000
3.1.2 IBM XIV
3.1.3 SONAS
For entry and midrange workloads
3.2.1 Storwize Family
3.2.2 DCS3860
3.2.3 DCS3700
Tape and virtual tape systems
For enterprise workloads
4.1.1 TS4500 Tape Library
4.1.2 TS3500 Tape Library
4.1.3 Tape drives
For entry and midrange workloads
4.2.1 Tape libraries
4.2.2 Tape drives
4.2.3 Virtual tape libraries
Other storage products and capabilities
IBM SmartCloud Storage Access
Active Cloud Engine
IBM Easy Tier
Withdrawn systems
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IBM Spectrum Storage [edit]
IBM Spectrum Storage portfolio can centrally manage more than 300 different stora
ge devices and yottabytes of data. This device interoperability is the broadest
in the industry incorporating both IBM and non-IBM hardware and tape systems. IB
M Spectrum Storage can help reduce storage costs up to 90 percent in certain env
ironments by automatically moving data onto the most economical storage device e
ither from IBM or non-IBM flash, disk and tape systems.
IBM Spectrum Accelerate [edit]
IBM Spectrum Accelerate offers grid-scale block storage with rapid deployment tha

t helps speed delivery of data across an enterprise and adds extreme flexibility
to cloud deployments.
The functionality of Spectrum Accelerate is fully based on the IBM XIV, a high-e
nd disk storage system designed to provide consistent and predictable performanc
e, high availability and simple manageability. IBM Spectrum Accelerate and XIV r
un the same base software stack and interoperate with features such as managemen
t, remote replication and volume mobility.
IBM Spectrum Scale [edit]
IBM Spectrum Scale is flash accelerated, industrial strength, highly scalable sof
tware defined storage that enables global shared access to data with extreme sca
lability and agility for cloud and analytics. The product is very widely used in
both commercial and academic environments [reference needed]. It has a long his
tory going back to the mid 1990s. It was formerly known as GPFS before IBM re-br
anded all storage products in 2015.
IBM Spectrum Virtualize [edit]
IBM Spectrum Virtualize industry-leading storage virtualization enhances existing
storage to improve resource utilization and productivity to achieve a simpler,
more scalable and cost efficient IT infrastructure.
The functionality of IBM Spectrum Virtualize is provided by IBM SAN Volume Contr
oller. IBM Spectrum Virtualize is a block storage virtualization system. Because
the IBM Storwize V7000 uses SVC code, it can also be used to perform storage vir
tualization in exactly the same way as SVC. Since mid-2012 it offers real time c
ompression with no performance impact, saving up to 80% of disk utilization. SVC
can be configured on a Stretched Cluster Mode, with automatic failover between
two datacenters and can have SSD (Solid State Drives) that can be used by EasyTi
er software to perform sub-LUN automatic tiering.
IBM Spectrum Control [edit]
IBM Spectrum Control provides efficient infrastructure management for virtualized
, cloud and software-defined storage to simplify and automate storage provisioni
ng, capacity management, availability monitoring and reporting.
The functionality of IBM Spectrum Control is provided by IBM Data and Storage Ma
nagement Solutions.
IBM Spectrum Protect [edit]
IBM Spectrum Protect enables reliable, efficient data protection and resiliency f
or software defined, virtual, physical and cloud environments.
The functionality of IBM Spectrum Protect is provided by IBM Backup and Recovery
IBM Spectrum Archive [edit]
IBM Spectrum Archive enables you to automatically move infrequently accessed data
from disk to tape to lower costs while retaining ease of use and without the ne
ed for proprietary tape applications.
The functionality of IBM Spectrum Archive is provided by IBM Linear Tape File Sy
stem. IBM Spectrum Archive works in conjunction with LTO tape technology to simpl
ify accessing data stored on an IBM tape cartridge. It allows users to run any a
pplication designed for disk files against tape data without concern for the fac
t that the data is physically stored on tape.[2]
IBM offers four options:
IBM LTFS Single Drive Edition - access and manage data on a standalone tape driv

e as if the data were on disk

IBM LTFS Library Edition - access and manage data on single or multiple cartridg
es in a tape library
IBM LTFS Storage Manager - manage both online and offline files in IBM tape libr
IBM LTFS Enterprise Edition - run applications designed for disk files from tape
Flash Storage[edit]
IBM offers a range of dedicated flash storage systems and flash storage capabili
ties in a number of other systems and solutions. In April 2013, the company anno
unced a plan for a $1 billion investment in flash storage research and developme
nt to continue to enhance these capabilities.[3] IBM acquired flash storage syst
em maker Texas Memory Systems in 2012.[4]
The product line-up was renewed in January 2014 with the announcement of the Fla
shSystem 840[5] and in February 2014 with the announcement of the FlashSystem V8
40.[6] Both products were improved in May 2014 with new entry level capacity poi
nts and with iSCSI support added to the FlashSystem 840.[7] In July 2014, IBM an
nounced the FlashSystem V840 with increased performance and capacity.[8] IBM Fla
shSystem products are covered under warranty against flash wear.
IBM FlashSystem V9000[edit]
IBM FlashSystem V9000 is a 6U rackmount with up to 57TB of usable storage capaci
ty. The system supports a wide range of advanced data services such as IBM Realtime Compression and external storage virtualization. With scalability up to 456
TB of usable capacity (over 2 PB of effective capacity when using Real-time Comp
ression), FlashSystem V9000 is targeted for mixed workload environments.
IBM FlashSystem 900[edit]
IBM FlashSystem 900 is composed of IBM enhanced MLC flash technology. The system
is a 2U rackmount unit with up to 57TB of RAID-5, usable storage capacity. The
system supports a high-availability architecture with redundant and hot-swappabl
e components, IBM optimized ECC, IBM Variable Stripe RAID, and two-dimensional f
lash RAID for data protection. With read IOPS of 1,100,000 and write IOPS of 600
,000, FlashSystem 900 is targeted for OLTP and OLAP databases.
IBM FlashSystem V840[edit]
IBM FlashSystem V840 is a 6U rackmount with up to 40TB of usable storage capacit
y. The system supports a wide range of software-defined storage services includi
ng: Real-time Compression, external storage virtualization, snapshots, replicati
on, IBM Easy Tier , VAAI, and thin provisioning. FlashSystem V840 is targeted for
workloads that need high velocity data access and advanced storage services.[9]
IBM FlashSystem 840[edit]