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Hawaii – Yoga Paradise (A2

A – Before you start
Answer the questions with a partner.
1. What do you know about yoga?
2. Have you ever practised it?
3. What sport(s) do you normally associate with Hawaii? Why?
B – Listen and answer
Read these incomplete statements. Then listen (without reading) and complete them.
1. Wanderlust O’ahu is a festival that combines yoga, music and ________.
2. The first Wanderlust Festival took place in the year ________.
3. Hawaii became a state of the USA in the year ________.
4. _______ _______ was born there in 1961.
5. The festival takes place at the island’s ________ Shore.
6. For music lovers, there are lots of ________ and classes.
7. At the festival, you can learn to play a traditional Hawaiian ________.
8. Apart from the Wanderlust festival in O’ahu, there will be Wanderlust summer festivals in the
USA, Canada and ________.
C – Read and answer
Read the article and answer the questions.
1. How many Wanderlust festivals will there be this year?
2. How long will Wanderlust O’ahu last?
3. Where is Hawaii situated?
4. What does the article tell you about O’ahu?
5. What important surfing events take place on O’ahu in winter?
6. What other sports can you practise there?
7. What happens at the Speakeasy?
8. What is mo’olelo?
D – Learn it! Use it!
Complete these sentences with words from the glossary. (You may have to adapt the expression in
some way; e.g. change the verb tense or change from plural to singular.)
1. I can never sleep late because my dog wakes me up at ________.
2. The canal area of London is _______ _______ Little Venice.
3. _________ are reptiles with a hard shell.
4. Our neighbour’s got two dogs. One is very small but the other one is ________.
5. The new history professor is very good. His ________ on the First World War was excellent.
6. Tom’s just got back from China. Last night he ________ some of his experiences there.
E – Ready for the KEY English Test? (Paper 1, Part 5)
Choose the best word for each space.
The North Shore is the coastal area of the Island of O’ahu, 1________
(from/through/between) Ka’ena Point and Kahuku Point. It is home to some of the world's
________ (finer/finest/most fine) beaches and bays. Professional surfers and surfing fans come here
________ (since/during/while) the winter months 4________ (to/for/because) take part in the the
three competitions 5________ (who/where/which) make up the Triple Crown of Surfing. The waves
at the famous surf spots of Waimea Bay, Pipeline, and Sunset Beach can be as high 6________
(so/like/as) 30 feet. However, the water is calm for the 7________ (rest/left/other) of the year and
perfect for 8________ (swim/swimming/to swim) and other water sports.

what you can do there.F – Check your pronunciation One of the four words in each group has a different vowel sound. wine massive island climate G – Write about it Write about a festival that takes place in your town or area. . third surf diverse warm 4. Which one? 1. .when/where/how often it takes place.what kind of festival it is. Mention: . yoga most known canoe 2. took food beautiful future 3. .

It’s the ancient Hawaiian tradition of recounting stories to preserve them for future generations. concerts 7. to 5. film makers. It’s the third biggest island in Hawaii and it’s the most populated. There will be nine. It’ll last for four days [ed. etc. finest 3. canoe 2. swimming F – Check your pronunciation 1. 1959 4. 2009 3. recounted E – Ready for the KEY English Test? 1.] 3. which 6. as 7. lecture 6. D – Learn it! Use it! 1. Australia C – Read and answer 1. massive 5. surfing 2. There are lectures from prominent people: musicians. It has a warm climate and there are beautiful beaches and enormous volcanic craters.Answers B – Listen and answer 1. during 4. Barack Obama 5. warm 4. 4. 6. It’s in the central Pacific Ocean. yoga teachers. You can go kayaking and canoeing. known as 3. 2. 5. rest 8. 7. took 3. or do yoga or aerial yoga. massive . instrument/ukulele 8. 8. sunrise 2. North 6. There are three big surfing competitions. Turtles 4. between 2.