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Base Price Calculation and Computation online (wizard style) console:

Key features of web-console:

Web console will be in a wizard style that allows users to reset anything before moving ahead.
Web Console will start from upload utility and ends with View/download csv file.
At the end Result page of BP Console will comprises of three reports:
Computation snapshot
Approval Sheet
File for upload to EMC

Welcome page
Default current date (modifiable)
Start Button

Upload Page
UCX Contract Master (CONMAS)
MCX BhavCopy
NCDEX BhavCopy
NMCE BhavCopy


Green tag will flash for each successful upload along with replace file option by uploading another file.

This page will allow mapping UCX symbol against other exchange symbol.
This page will populate all Unique UCX Symbol from Contract master and allow user deselect any Symbol
for which Base price computation is not required to compute. By default all UCX Symbol will be selected
in checkbox with option to deselect.
This page will filter FUTCOM and any Contract expired on today/previous day from contract master.
This page will enlist UCX Symbol in rows form with option to select Exchange and then Symbol of that
Exchange through drop down view.
This page will retain values of Exchange and Symbol as per last used.
Format and page structure for web-page presentation:

This page will enable user to map UCX Symbol to Reference exchange symbol. Each UCX Symbol has to
have at least one reference exchange symbol however user may map more than one symbol (Multiple
Symbol) to a UCX Symbol.
User will make multiple mapping by redefining UCX Symbol in an available empty cell at bottom of the
page by using the drop down method. User defined mapping is a secondary mapping and it pertains to
multiple mapping of a UCX product hence all UCX symbol once mapped primarily.
This page will retain last image of mapped symbol against other exchange symbol and every time it allow
user to make changes if requires and confirm before moving ahead. In case of new product detected then
default value will be empty and it will prompt user to define mapping primarily. Without primary mapping
of symbol this step will not allow user to move ahead. User will be prompted with two option either to
ignore that UCX symbol for further proceeding or reconsider which means go back to drop down and
define mapping.

Confirm Reference

Reference logic works at product symbol level for reference contract look up.
System already knows from the last mapping step that what symbol to look up at other exchange.
Hence, the reference logic is to subtract UCX Expiry with each expiries of reference symbol one by one, if
the value returned by subtraction is between +15 to -15 then that UCX contract expiry will be mapped to
that expiry else loop continues.
It is simply to check reference expiry if it falls between a periods of 15 days ahead or back to UCX Expiry
to map the contract.
Further based on above reference contract criteria, this page will enlist all UCX contracts sorted on UCX
Symbol-Expiry with highlighting contract where reference contract prices are not available.
This step provides to user plenty of options to finalize reference prices. If User does not want to calculate
base price for a particular contract or any set of contracts then this page will provide option to deselect
the contract then that contract will be ignored for any further proceeding.
For all selected contracts User must provide a reference price. Reference prices for Base price calculation
will be only sourced by two ways:
1. Price Reference to a contract at other exchange.
2. Computation of ideal reference price based on other exchange closes prices using a method.
Format and page structure for web-page presentation:

Above is the illustrative snapshot for all contracts listing.

This page will facilitate user to change reference for any UCX contract no matter that contract got an
Auto-reference. If user wants to make a non-referenced contract to be referred with any contract of the
other exchange then this page will allow user to choose other Exchange, Symbol and Expiry in the same
row using dropdown option.
User can explicitly change reference for any contract even if it has got an Auto reference, defining new
price reference is just by selecting a reference contract in row.
If an appropriate mapping to reference exchange is not available then user may use radio button to shift
his choice to a computed price. User have to choose a method first for computation and refresh button
update price as reference price and computed result will appear, user may experiment with change in
method and see the price affect.
After this page User get option to see the all computed price on the screen.