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The Lord of the Rings (A2

A – Before you start
Answer the questions with a partner.
1. Do you like fantasy stories? Why (not)?
2. If so, which one is your favourite?
3. Have you read The Lord of the Rings or seen any of the films?
4. What do you know about the author J. R. R. Tolkien?
B – Listen and answer
Read these statements. Then listen (without reading) and write T (true) or F (false).
1. The Lord of the Rings has sold more copies all over the world than The Bible.
2. The first volume of the novel came out in 1954.
3. It was the first novel Tolkien had written.
4. Tolkien expected The Lord of the Rings to be a success.
5. The Beatles asked Stanley Kubrick to direct the film version of the book.
6. The screen version was filmed in New Zealand.
7. Tolkien grew up in Birmingham.
8. He became a professor of English Language and Literature at Birmingham University.
C – Read and answer
Read the article and answer the questions.
1. Why did Tolkien’s publishers divide his novel into three volumes?
2. What’s the connection between The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings?
3. Who did Tolkien write The Hobbit for?
4. Did he enjoy being a cult figure?
5. Which Beatle wanted to play the part of Frodo in the film version of The Lord of the Rings?
6. Why did Stanley Kubrick refuse to direct the film?
7. Why did the rock band Marillion have to change their name?
8. Where did Tolkien get the idea for the title “The Two Towers”?
D – Learn it! Use it!
Complete these sentences with words from the glossary. (You may have to adapt the expression in
some way; e.g. change the verb tense.)
1. The ________ of this country is very varied. There are mountains, forests, lakes and deserts.
2. Don’t go out in the cold without a coat! You’ll ________ pneumonia.
3. James doesn’t live in London any more. He ________ to a country village last year.
4. Will Tom Cruise ________ in another Mission Impossible movie?
5. Anne wanted to go on the school trip to Vienna but her ________ said it was too expensive.
6. _______ _______ the weather forecast, we’ll have snow tomorrow.
7. Rudyard Kipling said his unhappy ________ was a good preparation for his future as a writer.
8. Martin crossed the road when he saw us. I think he’s trying to ________ us.

Said rhymes with paid.E – Ready for the KEY English Test? (Paper 1. It’s a composition about The Hobbit. Lord rhymes with word. . R.when it was written. Month has the same vowel sound as one. Thanks a lot. so I can give it 9________ on Monday. G – Write about it Write about a novel you have read and enjoyed.whether a film version has been made. . Tolkien. If you manage to find a copy.why you enjoyed it. How 1________ you? I hope you and your family are 2________. Part 7) Complete the email. . 7. Would rhymes with good. 2. I’ll only need it for a 8________ days. Hi Luke. . Friend rhymes with end. Mention: . could I 7________ it? I can’t find my copy.what it’s about. 6.who wrote it. 5. 3. I’m writing 3_________ ask you a favour. let me know and I’ll 10________ to your house and collect it tomorrow afternoon. a novel written 5________ J. Two and too are not pronounced in the same way. . Sandy F – Check your pronunciation Are these statements true or false? 1. I 4________ to write a composition for my English homework. 4. Have you or any of your friends got a copy of 6________? If so. The first letters in honour and wrong are silent. Tower rhymes with hour. Write one word for each space. R. 8.

back 10. because their original name. Because he thought the book was ‘unfilmable’. F – The article says it isn’t as popular as The Bible. T 6. he didn’t. T 4. was the title of a Tolkien novel. The Lord of the Rings is the sequel to The Hobbit. it 7. 8. T 2. by 6. 4. F . F – He was surprised by its success. to 4. catch 3. Paul McCartney. childhood 8. 2. well/fine/OK 3. He said it wasn’t at all pleasant. C – Read and answer 1. T 7. T 5. He wrote it for his children. borrow/have 8. moved 4. F – He taught at Oxford University. T 8. 6. No. star 5. parents 6. F 6. T 7. F – He had already written The Hobbit in 1937. From buildings in Birmingham. T 8. are 2. have/need/intend 5. landscape 2. To avoid copyright problems. avoid E – Ready for the KEY English Test? 1. 4. Silmarillion. come F – Check your pronunciation 1. According to 7. 5. few 9. 7. 3. 2. 5. F 3. D – Learn it! Use it! 1. Because they thought it was too long.Answers B – Listen and answer 1. T 3.