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Holy Eucharist

Sunday services are 8 a.m. & 10:15
a.m. at
616 Stockell Drive, Eureka, MO.
Office: 210 S. Central Avenue, Eureka,
MO 63025
Phone: 636-938-3733

The Rev. Sally S. Weaver
Phone Numbers:
Home: 636-938-7773


The Rev. Rebecca Barger
Phone Numbers:
Home: 636-778-0799
Bishop’s Committee: Donna
Bernert, Sr. Warden, Bob Champlin,
Jr. Warden; Sally Hader; Sylvia Ahmad; Jack Lauless; Michael Booker;
Rich Mayfield; Sue Schmidt; Kevin
Broom; Kathleen McDonald, clerk;
Suzanne Jones, Treasurer
Convention Delegates:
Suzanne Jones; Kevin Selle
Alternate: Linda Doolittle

Annual Meeting
An Annual Meeting is held each year at
the end of January at which new Bishop’s Committee and Convention Delegates are elected.
St. Francis’ Episcopal Church is a mission of the Episcopal Diocese of

The Chalice is the newsletter of St.
Francis’ Episcopal Church, Eureka, and
is published at least 10 times per year.

Submissions for The Chalice are
due approximately the 20th of each
month and may be
e-mailed to the Office at

The Chalice
St. Francis’ Episcopal Church
Eureka MO
May 2016

Pastor’s Corner
We have peace with God through our
Lord Jesus Christ…God’s love has been
poured into our hearts through the Holy
Spirit that has been given to us. –
Romans 5:1,5 (reading for Trinity Sunday, May 22)

Where do you find peace with God through Jesus
Christ? Where do you experience love poured into your
heart through the Holy Spirit? I suspect each of us would
have our own individual answers to those questions.
There’s no single place or way of connecting with divine
peace and love.
In May, in keeping with long-standing tradition,
Tony and I are spending a few days with friends at “the
Trout Ranch.” For me the Trout Ranch is a place of connection with God. Just as the sun is rising, I walk into
cold, spring-fed water. Except for birds chirping and the
occasional slap of fishing line on water as a trout wriggles
on a hook, all is quiet. Impervious to human activity, the
natural world bears silent witness to the Creator. Amid
all that beauty, I feel wonder and gratitude for how divinely made all living things are.
I wish for you moments of divine peace and love,
wherever you find them. Thanks be to God!

Pastor Sally Weaver†

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I am aware of how my mind wanders. we speak frequently of finding stillness. encouragement. Putting Your arm around me. For seeing beyond the surface of my life To the child sitting at the mirror. difficult and necessary as that is. I was particularly drawn to the imagery of sitting before a mirror. As of late. I find renewal of energy spent and strength for what lies before me. I have begun to imagine my spiritual direction group holding my hand and walking beside me as I venture to that quiet place. When my thoughts settle down. That I might sense what is dear to You So that it might becomes what is dear to me… By Ken Gire from Windows of the Soul In my spiritual direction group. and such understanding. Give me eyes to see. I become more aware of God’s peaceful presence. the time alone.stfranciseureka. It’s a place I need to visit everyday. And speaking to me with such tenderness. welcoming silence and listening with our hearts for the voice of God—for we know that it is in a quiet mind that God’s still small voice will speak volumes to our soul. I can begin to relax a bit.” Anne Morrow Lindbergh Gift from the Sea Deacon Rebecca . Offering me something I need to receive. Help me to be aware of the pictures in my life That are everywhere around me and at all times Showing me something I need to see. ears to From the Deacon A Prayer for Awareness Thank You. The problem is more how to still the soul in the midst of its activities. Telling me something I need to hear. and healing comfort. Help me look beyond the surface of those pictures to see windows. God sitting there beside me. I have struggled with being quiet and still before God. “The problem is not entirely in finding the room of one’s own. Such compassion. The prayer by Ken Gire spoke to me and it reminded me of the blessings I receive from this group. wrapping me in loving and comforting arms. Thank You for sitting down beside me.The Chalice Page 3 www. O God. and a heart to receive What You are offering me through those windows.

part 2 Parish Administrator Pastor Sally is interviewing candidates for the parish administrator position. The parish administrator will work for 5 hours at 210 S. Thursday. . part 1 June 26 Islam. to 12:30 — select “Christian Education”. The complete Adult Forum calendar is on our website at www.m. Barbi remains the head of the Trinity Food Ministry (Pantry & Hot Lunch). We will have an opportunity to say goodbye to Barbi. Our current parish administrator.The Chalice Page 4 Adult Forum Schedule Adult Forums are held on Sundays from 11:55 a. Barbi Click. will be training the new person. Adult Forums April May 1 Commitment Sunday May 8 Moms in the Bible May 15 Our dreams for the next chapter May 22 Deaconess Anne House May 29 New Testament Archeology June 5 Mass in the Grass at Drewel Park June 12 Sustainable agriculture June 19 Islam.m. “Adults”. Tuesday. so we will see her on 5th Sundays (May 29) when we provide food for people coming to the Hot Lunch at Trinity Episcopal Church in the Central West End. Additionally. Central each Monday. and Friday.stfrancisereka.

.m. “Concerts on Central” Please put these Friday dates on your calendar: May 20 June 17 July 15 August 19 Those are the dates for “Concerts on Central.m. and enjoy one another’s company. along Central Ave. All tweens. We’re only there from 7-8:30 p.” a street party with food and music. St. providing free temporary tattoos to children. May 16 through Thursday. May 28: Flyer Blitz for Mass in the Grass May 29: Trinity Hot Lunch 1-3 p. teens.m. you’re only committing to 90 minutes. We’ll watch a movie.. May 19. 1-4 p. in Eureka. since they always share their bounty with the parishioners of St. Hope for a good catch. She and Tony will be fishing for trout in Rockbridge. so it’s a very gratifying ministry. We’ll have a sign-up sheet close to each event.m.stfranciseureka.m. we’re meeting at the Endangered Wolf Center at 7 p.Goin’ Fishin’ Pastor Sally will be away from Monday. Upcoming Youth Group Events Our next Youth Group meeting is Wed. May 20: “Concerts on Central” May 25: Crafter Outing to Missouri Botanical Garden May 25: Youth Group at Pastor Sally’s at 7 p. so that we have plenty of volunteers to apply the tattoos. in Eureka. eat potato skins.m. Pastor Sally and Tony . On Sat. Francis’ will be present.m.” Parishioners of St. June 18. The children love the tattoos.. Francis’. at Barb Sacco’s home May 7: Cinco de Mayo Pet Parade. May 25 at 7 p. MO. and their friends are always welcome to come to any and all Youth Group events. at Pastor Sally’s Upcoming Events May 1: Commitment Sunday May 3: Women’s Group meets at 6:30 p. Francis’ are invited to join us to learn about wolves and (hopefully) to hear them howl. 2575 Sunrise Dr. for a “wolf howl. .The Chalice Page 5 www.

Sylvia Ahmad June 19 . 723) May 1 . AMEN. worship on Sundays. Faith Under Construction. Be our guide and light as we discern how we can best support and participate in this campaign. (Laclede Groves. In your Holy name we pray. Lord God. 63119 Room 335. we have remained faithful to your call to ministry and by your grace.Sylvia Ahmad . we now have the property on which to erect a building where we can continue in the work and ministry you have set before us. we praise you for the blessings that we have received in our personal lives and as members of St. Martin's Episcopal Church Rides for Roger Shaw The following is the schedule for rides to and from the 10:15 a. 2016: Clergy Day at St. 723 S. Laclede Station Rd.m. 2016: Clergy Conference at Toddhall Retreat Center December 1.Kevin Broom for pickup and Cheryl Foster for dropoff June 5 . Clergy Conference Dates 2016 September 27-29. To make our dream of our own building a reality. Francis’ Episcopal Church Loving and gracious God. We ask your continued presence to be ever with us as we embark on our capital campaign. Bldg. we place our trust in you to be our steadfast companion and guide.Donna Bernert May 15 . Francis’ Church.The Chalice Page 6 Prayer for Capital Campaign “Faith Under Construction” St.

24. We pray for our clothes. We pray for the creator of Coca-Cola. 19. We pray for the children who need food. We pray for our New Church! Submitted by Kathy Regnier . We pray for our kitty cats. We pray for our 3 cats. 3.We pray for our stuffed animals. 6. horses and bunnies. 10. We pray for God and the Holy Spirit. We pray that we are free from tornadoes. 30. 12. 31. We pray for our endangered species. We pray to stop abortion. We pray that there are no snakes in our yard. dolphins. 15. 26. 28. We pray for people to achieve their goals. We pray for everyone! 32. We pray that there is no more rain to flood the roads and houses. 18. 27. 4. 2. We pray for those who suffer from illness such as cancer or diabetes. We pray for warmer weather. We pray that we live happy and healthy lives. 5. We pray for our cats that died.stfranciseureka.The Chalice Page 7 www. From the Kids’ Space Prayers of the Children: Youth Sunday April 17th 2016 1. We pray for the animals that need a safe and loving home. We pray for George Washington because he gave us freedom. 22. 7. That we have medicine to stop illnesses. We pray for dogs. 9. We pray for the flowers and trees blooming. 14. 13. 8. We pray for Jesus. 16. 23. 20. We pray for a great summer break. whales. We pray that we never go hungry. We pray for Abe Lincoln because he stopped slavery. 11. 29. 25. We pray for the sea lions. We pray that PoPo gets stronger. We pray to be kinder to our brothers or sisters. 21. We pray for our future president.

Therefore. I know that our building planners are doing everything they can to make sure our building is a safe and healthy place for us. but I’m not worrying about it yet. I can dream about a children’s garden with pathways wide enough for strollers and wheelchairs. animals. I’m also not worrying yet about the fact that there is no money budgeted for landscaping. I can picture growing pumpkins and watermelons that our kids can enjoy and have plenty left to share with kids who eat from the Eureka pantry. Francis’ and I can picture wild spaces. I’m not sure at all how or even if we can make up for the environmental changes we will wreak on Eureka. and insects will have a safe place to live. we can’t start building and growing. it also means that I can go on dreaming. too. for our neighborhood. One night I had a dream that another parish gardener came to me with a plan for raised beds made of stone in three interlocking circles. But I still dream about seeing redbuds in bloom from the church windows. For me. about the parish grounds. we don’t know where any gardens will be. I know that we will not be buying well-established springflowering trees. where plants. When we move beyond dreaming to planning. this is a blessing. No site plan means we don’t know where on the grounds the building will be. (Continued on page 16) .The Chalice Page 8 Earthy Soul by Kathleen McDonald As I write this article. there is no site plan yet for the new church. No matter what my personal dreams are. We can’t plan. In my unrestricted dreaming. I can think about raised vegetable beds that will help those of us who can’t kneel down and who really miss the ability to play in the dirt. In here we grew the fragrant herbs that offered their own incense to the Trinity and also seasoned food for ourselves and our neighbors. without practical restrictions. I can picture the utter excess of ripe tomatoes and enough zucchini to make chocolate zucchini bread for everyone! I can picture orderly green spaces that welcome newcomers to St. And although there’s a certain frustration in that. then I’ll think more practically. and for future generations.

The Chalice Page 9 .

dry cereals. but let us also work together as if everything depends on us. jelly. soaps. dental items. puddings. canned pasta meals.missourinet. always needed items — paper and sanitary nearly-30000-missourians-couldlose-food-stamps-april-1/ Please remember the food pantry when you shop: peanut butter.” ." Read more at http:// www.The Chalice Page 10 Red Wagon May Birthdays & Anniversaries Jack Lauless May 7 Laura Hoffner May 10 Kyra Jordan May 12 Max Starbuck May 14 Laura Dick May 17 Sylvia Ahmad May 20 Abby Jones May 20 Phil Barger May 25 Tim Jones May 25 Vernell Rasmussen May 28 Jack Doerr May 29 Gina Nessel May 30 Patti & Skip Moreland May 6 Arlene & Bob Underwood May 30 "Thousands of needy Missouri families receiving temporary state assistance are also expected to lose those benefits due to shorter welfare time limits adopted last year by the Legislature. individual packs of fruits. Also. For This Time in Our Common Life “Let us pray knowing that everything depends on God our Father. etc. instant oatmeal packs. canned meats. applesauce.

Not only can you read the Scriptures appointed. St. We close each session at 6:05-6:15 p.The Chalice Page 11 www. If you have items for any of these publications. there’s a brief explanation of each passage. Clicking on this icon brings up the Bible readings for the upcoming Sunday. whether weekly or once in a while. Centr al) we gather for . those who haven’t joined us yet. June Calendar & Worship Schedule The deadline for the May newsletter. at the parish house (210 S. Francis’. Central) we study the Bible readings appointed for the upcoming Sunday. Fridays at 10 a.stfranciseureka. with New Zealand Night Prayer. and the world. www. Items not received by that date may not make the publication. This is a good and easy way to prepare for what you’ll hear at Sunday morning worship. Francis’ Neal & Tom Friends of Pastor Sally & Tony Kayla Granddaughter of Annie Rayman Leah Friend of Sylvia Ahmad Lynn Cheryl Foster’s dad Mark Anne Booker’s father Darla Paul Becker’s wife The homepage of our website. All are welcome. at the Parish House (210 S. We pray for the people of St. please send or e-mail to Barbi Click in the parish office (stfranch@sbcglobal. now contains the icon shown here.m. the needs of our “Preparing for Sunday” Prayer List The Barger Family Parishioners Nick Parishioner Roger Parishioner Sylvia Parishioner Roger Parishioner Tom & John Sons of Paddy Wrob Billie Jerry Smith’s mother Horst Brigitte Jung’s brother Roberta Carly Champlin’s sister Gwen & Rhonda Rosie & Ernie’s daughters-inlaw Joe Son of Donna & Joe Bernert Carol Daughter of John & Sue Schmidt Tim Friend of calendar & worship schedule is May 20. those on our prayer list. Please join us for this meeting whenever you can. Francis’ Spiritual Offerings during the Week Mondays from 5:30-6:15 p.

OTHER MATTERS FOR THE COMMITTEE: None at this time. This amount is covered by the funds in the separate building checking account.375 $ (20.825 11. Suzanne Suzanne Jones. COMMENTARY: Please note that the excessive deficit amount noted as the bottom line in the March expenses is related to the amount paid to Church Development Services for continued plans.86 35.99 121.653.438.521 33.686.04 30.263 53. related to the church building project.716 $ Checking Account—Rockwood Bank Balance in Diocesan Investment Trust Custodial account held by the Diocese St.97 12. Respectfully submitted.275 28. Francis’. Treasurer .985 12 $ 13.The Chalice Page 12 Financial Update — March 2016 Actual for Budgeted for March 2016 March Total Income Total Expenses Difference $ 33.510. etc.77 24.929.70 331.326 $ 8.307. Pastor Sally values input and is happy to have a conversation at any time about St.805 $ (160) $ 11.341) YTD 2016 Actual $ $ 18. talk to the Vicar. and does not directly impact our regular budget. Francis Building Account Vicar’s Discretionary Account Land Costs—602 Brewster Total $ YTD 2016 Budget 67.33 If you have further questions.

Wednesday. St. Barbi is looking for other part-time work that will help her continue working in hunger ministries. This leaves Pastor Sally covering on the other days for administrative work for the parish. Kevin Broom. Parish administrator position Currently parish administrator Barbi Click works for St. After some unnerving technical glitches. The budget is already set to cover this.The Chalice Page 13 www. Donna Bernert. Thursday and Sunday. Francis’ Eureka April 17. 5 hours a day. Pastor Sally needs consistent support. Donna Bernert. Francis on Monday and Friday. 2016 Members Present: Sylvia Ahmad. Due to a generous gift from some parishioners. they are networked with one another and with the new copier. An ad has been placed in the Current and Sally has already received several resumes. Sue Schmidt. Pastor Sally will need to say ‘no’ more often. Motion Donna Bernert Second Kevin Broom Approved all Treasurer’s report Treasurer’s reports Suzanne Jones sent these to the committee electronically. Approval of March financial Bishop’s Committee Minutes. Deacon Rebecca Barger Opening business The meeting opened with prayer offered by Deacon Rebecca . which enables her to run the Trinity Hunger Ministries on Tuesday. Sally Hader. “Faith under Construction” – May 1 is Commitment Sunday Church Architecture and Allied Arts – Two members of this newly-formed committee joined us today for worship and for Adult Forum. four days a week. Jack Lauless. Kathleen McDonald. Bob Champlin. the office has three new computers. 210 S. In order to accomplish all that is at hand. This is a new stage of growth for all of us. Deacon Rebecca and Pastor Sally. Central – new PCs. Motion to accept pending audit: Michael Booker Second: Rich Mayfield Approved by all Vicar’s report Clarifying the Vicar’s role Pastoral Care ALWAYS a priority. Rich Mayfield. especially to tasks that do not require the Vicar to be in charge. Pastor Sally Weaver. This was followed by the sharing of joys and concerns Approval of Feb 27 & Mar 20 minutes as amended: The 3/20/16 meeting minutes have been amended to reflect that the persons who would attend the 3/31/16 meeting with the Bishop would include Bob Champlin.stfranciseureka. Michael Booker. (Continued on page 24) . Suzanne made explanations of what might be causing any confusion and made everything clear.

Or you can register the morning of the parade. If you can. especially when it involves our pets and warm weather. took up the task of seeing that her mother’s dream of an annual day of commemoration was established. Anna’s efforts to reverse this movement were unsuccessful. This service was the starting point from which Anna (and a team of friends) worked in order to inaugurate a national Mother’s Day. Anna passed away in 1905 and it seemed that her dream died with her. please wear your St.4:00 p. join us on May 7th for fun with Fido and Fluffy.m. This year’s Pet Parade and celebration will include Pet Blessings by our own pet-loving Pastor. disappointment and overwhelming bitterness. 1914. Eureka’s annual Pet Parade will surely be more fun in May than it ever was in February or March! If you want to enter your pet in the parade. Francis’ t-shirt or jacket. 1:00 . Origins of Mother’s Day were founded on reflection. She never married nor had any children of her own. Jarvis filed a lawsuit in order to stop this trajectory. She suffered great financial loss as well as declining health in her later years from severe poverty. devoted daughter of Mrs. Anna Marie Jarvis passed away in 1944. Ms. St. gratitude and prayer The celebr ation of an annual Mother ’s Day began as a dream of Anna Reese Jarvis in the late nineteenth century. Congress.S. May 7th. With or without your pet. Mother’s Day had become so commercialized that Ms. Anna Marie Jarvis. and free St. 1908.The Chalice Page 14 Eureka Chamber of Commerce Cinco de Mayo Pet Parade Saturday. On May 8. Anna Reese Jarvis. Less than a decade later. Francis’ loves to party with our neighbors. Jarvis arranged have a Mother’s Day service held at her church in Philadelphia on May 10. the resolutions successfully passed both houses of U. you can pre-register ($5 per pet) by calling the Eureka Chamber of Commerce at 636-938-6062. However. Mother’s Day essentially went out of the church and into the stores. . Francis’ medals to give away to neighbors and pets. assigning the second Sunday of May as a national day of honor for mothers. Her intention was for a God-centered service of reflection and quiet prayer in gratitude for the work and service of all mothers.

We conclude by 11:30 am. Francis is a community of invitation. can you spare a couple of hours for St. Central Avenue.The Chalice Page 15 www. If you have questions are interested in helping with this ministry.stfranciseureka. welcome and hospitality! Invitational Ministry Schedule for May-June Invitational ministry is resuming for the summer months. Francis’! Saturday. On Saturday mornings (weather permitting). 2016 Friend. we gather at 9:30 am at the Parish House. May 14 May 21 Pastor Sally Suzanne Jones Jack Lauless Linda Doolittle June 4 June 11 June 18 June 25 Steve Strathearn Deacon Rebecca Pastor Sally Suzanne Jones John Schmidt Jack Lauless Linda Doolittle ***To be determined .5676) know. We anticipate wrapping up at about 11:30 am. Francis’??? There will be a flyer blitz to promote St. Francis’ Mass in the Grass on Saturday. May 28. May 28. We will gather at the Parish House (210 S. The top 5 reasons why you want to help: No doorbell ringing! The more the merrier and the quicker we complete our task! Enjoy taking an easy walk on a spring Saturday morning! Because you  St. please let Deacon Rebecca (713/515. Eureka) at 9:30 am to organize then divide and conquer.

grow and thrive. Francis’ friends on Wednesday. check with Donna Bernert or Sue Schmidt. healthy things grow in our state. aka Shaw’s Garden. at the Parish House and carpool for convenience. May 25 for an outing to the Missouri Botanical Gardens. We’ll meet at 10 a. Delicious. In the meantime. Delightful things grow here. I’m dreaming big. We’ll find a way to be sure that our ministries to our neighbors and our neighborhood. Beautiful things grow in our state. Bring your family and friends. as well. to our children and ourselves will seed. Kathleen McDonald .m. They may get hooked on us — or at least enjoy the fresh air and a good lunch in a beautiful setting. God’s life is abundant. (Continued from page 8) God’s love is abundant.The Chalice Page 16 Early Summer Afternoon in the Garden What better time than May for a walk in the Garden? Join your St. They will grow and praise God for us and through us. ALL are welcome. For more information.

and of being exiled from his own childhood by the Cuban revolution. heartbreaking. lunch at Llewellyn’s Pub in the Central West End. June 16th 6:30 . Louis County Library.The Chalice Page 17 www. spouses. This book is available electronically. Anheuser Busch Brewer y Tour. any adult who would enjoy it. . on disc or in print from both Amazon. New Cathedr al. com and from St. Carlos Eire was one of 14. a wry. St. Char les and lunch (Chr istmas shops and Lewis and Clark Discovery Center) These activities are open to anyone who would like to join us--friends. Chocolate.stfranciseureka. Old Cathedr al. His life until then is the subject of Waiting for Snow in Havana. Francis’ Book Group Save the Date Check out the book! Waiting for Snow in Havana by Carlos Eire Thursday. intoxicatingly beautiful memoir of growing up in a privileged Havana household Crafters’ Outings Calendar 2016 May 25: MO Botanical Gar dens and lunch on the ter r ace June 29: St Louis City Libr ar y Tour. his parents left behind. lunch in the Biergarten July 27: Chocolate. November 30: Old St. at the age of eleven.8:00 at the Parish House Open to all In 1962.000 children airlifted out of Cuba. Chocolate Tour and lunch at Ikea August 31: Movie TBD and lunch September 28: Kimmswick and lunch at The Blue Owl October 26: Chr ist Church Cathedr al.

the Bishop’s Committee meetings. Amen. our thoughts. a safe harbor and a beacon of the light of Christ. please see the bulletin board in the lower level of the Lodge. renewal. our words. Francis’ We pray for the witness. Francis’ finances. and the Vicar’s activities. Make St. There you will find two month’s worth of:     Bishop’s Committee meeting minutes Monthly financial reports Treasurer’s commentary Vicar’s activity reports Prayer for St. infuse us with your love. Francis’ In-Depth If you would like more details about St.The Chalice Page 18 Sunday Worship Attendance Statistics 2015 2016 Maundy Thursday 21 29 Good Friday 22 22 The Great Vigil 31 21 Easter 129 125 2 Easter 57 75 3 Easter 50 64 4 Easter 71 69 5 Easter 61 68 St. . Enable us to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to all whom we meet through our actions. Francis' Church a place of invitation and welcome. Living God. and growth of our parish family.

minced 1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper (optional) 2 tablespoons water 1 cup shredded part-skim mozzarella cheese. until the cheese starts to brown.) 3. divided 3/4 teaspoon Italian seasoning 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon ground pepper Directions: 1. Bake on the lower rack for 10 minutes. garlic and red pepper (if using).to 3-pound spaghetti squash. 4 servings | Active Time: 30 minutes | Total Time: 40 minutes Submitted by Sylvia Ahmad . Microwave. about 2 minutes. 2. stirring frequently. until the broccolini is tender. halved lengthwise and seeded 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil 1 bunch broccolini. add 2 tablespoons water. heat oil in a large skillet over medium heat. on High until the flesh is tender. top with the remaining 1/4 cup mozzarella and 2 tablespoons Parmesan. 40 to 50 minutes. about 10 minutes. Add broccolini. for 2 minutes. Stir 3/4 cup mozzarella. Italian Recipe of the Month Spaghetti Squash Lasagna with Broccolini Ingredients:             1 2 1/2. Bake in a 400°F oven until the squash is tender. preheat to 450°F. Meanwhile. stirring. (Alternatively. Divide it between the shells. place squash halves cut-side down on a rimmed baking sheet. Transfer to a large bowl. 2 tablespoons Parmesan. uncovered. 3 to 5 minutes more. chopped 4 cloves garlic. cook.stfranciseureka. 4. turn the broiler to high and broil. salt and pepper into the squash mixture. divided 1/4 cup shredded Parmesan cheese.The Chalice Page 19 www. Place squash cut-side down in a microwave-safe dish. watching carefully. Position racks in upper and lower thirds of oven. Move to the upper rack. Use a fork to scrape the squash from the shells into the bowl. Add water and cook. Place the shells in a broiler-safe baking pan or on a baking sheet. 5.

help to provide fresh vegetables to the pantries. our neighboring parish. Francis’ will be working the beds and harvesting produce to feed the clients of the Eureka Food Pantry and the Circle of Concern food pantry in Valley Park. the gardeners of St. With an eye to the future (please see the Earthy Soul column on p. Clients have grown to like all the kale we can grow. Sylvia Ahmad. as well as spinach. again this year. and our leader will be Leslie Lenz. the green growers still need your prayers for just the right amount of rain. or John Schmidt. We will. Thank you! mrs. on dedicated days. or for a few hours sometime during certain weeks. 8 ) we will be better organizing and growing our team this year. which means that: St. This should prove a big relief for all! If you would like to be of help in the garden. and by Kathleen McDonald . Martin’s. beans and peppers. tomatoes. squash of several kinds. The Wildwood West Community garden has grown and thrived for the past few years.The Chalice Page 20 St. Francis’ volunteers can plan around their own vacation schedules St. Francis’ has been a constant part of that success.mcbooks@gmail. but also a member of St. please see Kathleen McDonald. who is not only a certified Master Gardener. Note: If working in the garden is not your best talent. or your favorite activity. Francis’ Ministries: In the parish In the world In the Diocese Greening Our Food Ministries For our fifth and final year working in the community gardens at the Wildwood YMCA. This year we’ll be working exclusively in the beds dedicated to the pantries. Francis’ volunteers can work alone or in pairs. even for a limited time.

who is an 602 Brewster Rd. I. have extensive experience with new construction. if I had not gone to church for nourishment.: Property Update Clark Davis and Rick Kuhn. who is a general contractor. Meanwhile. I cannot recall the entire menu for a single one of those meals. I would be physically dead today. If my wife had not given me these meals. In that time my wife has cooked some 32. and Rick. Why Go to Church? A Church goer wrote a letter to the editor of a newspaper and complained that it made no sense to go to church every Sunday. believes the incredible & receives the impossible! Thank God for our physical and our spiritual nourishment! IF YOU CANNOT SEE GOD IN ALL.The Chalice Page 21 www. Likewise. April 29. E.stfranciseureka. B. sidewalks.. He wrote: "I've gone for 30 years now. Much to the delight of the editor. YOU CANNOT SEE GOD AT ALL ! B. This will show us where the building. I can't remember a single one of them. I would be spiritually dead today!" When you are DOWN to nothing. the preachers and priests are wasting theirs by giving sermons at all". for the life of me. But. This includes items such as what the exterior facade will look like. God is UP to something! Faith sees the invisible. but for the life of me. I think I'm wasting my time. But I do know this: They all nourished me and gave me the strength I needed to do my work.000 sermons. and in that time I have heard something like 3. L. etc. simply means: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth! Submitted by Bob Champlin . it went on for weeks until someone wrote this clincher: "I've been married for 30 years now. will sit on our property.000 meals. They will share their insights and recommendations. Clark. parking lots. members of Bishop Smith's Commission on Church Architecture and Allied Arts. The next task is to give Church Development Services our list of desired materials and finishes. So. etc. Church Development Services has contracted with a civil engineer to create a site plan. what the flooring will be in all the various spaces. This started a real controversy in the "Letters to the Editor" column. are meeting with our committee and task force chairs on Friday. the roofing material.

April 17 .The Chalice Page 22 Youth Sunday. Demolition of buildings on 602 Brewster .The Chalice Page 23 www.

worship service will be held at the Lodge. “Mass in the Grass” – Drewel Park – June 5 at 10:15.The Chalice Page 24 (Continued from page 13) Property update In the March 31st meeting. we will invite the Bishop to attend and lead as he mentioned that he would like to do. make some adjustments. This was discussed during an open meeting in Adult Forum and was not further addressed in the BC meeting. Acts readings in various languages. Strategic plan — needs to come back into discussion by the BC.9m from the diocese.m. Subcontractor Brandon Harp will do this for CDS and give that to us. April 21. Deacon Rebecca has prepared a schedule for the Invitational Ministry summer season. Civil engineering fees of $35. Vicar’s Forum – property update – April 24 May 15 Dreams for the building Concerts on Central – These begin on May 20.m. Closing business Temperature check Closing prayer Next meeting: Sunday. On Thursday. rather than the in-ground baptismal pool previously recommended. We decided to address this at length during our June meeting of this year. Sally Hader will contact Eureka Parks and Rec to see if we are still able to staff the children’s craft booth. It will show where the building will sit on the land. Emmanuel Webster Groves. The regular 8 a.4:00 Meet at PH at 12:30 Invitational ministry begins May 14th. Brandon Harp. about the legal details and the logistics planning and opening a of the preschool. Whenever we are ready for groundbreaking.000 are budgeted within the $1. Pentecost – May 15. Jack Lauless and Pastor Sally will be the first team out for the season. Pastor Sally and Linda Doolittle will meet with Al Ludwig. Medallions and blessings. site engineer – Civil Engineering Design Consultants. June 19th Upcoming Cinco de Mayo pet parade – May 7. Table and booth. May 15 Submitted by Kathleen McDonald . Collated Materials & Finishes sheet. Newcomers dinner: May 21st at Sue and John Schmidt’s @ 6:30 p. Groundbreaking – Bishop on local vacation/sabbatical mid-May to mid-Aug. 1:00. Bishop Smith listened to the parish’s concerns and agreed that a large but moveable Baptismal Font would better serve the parish.

Louis Library.stfranciseureka. “Faith under Construction”  May 7 – Cinco de Mayo Eureka Celebration   May 15 – Pentecost May 15 – “Our Dreams” at Adult Forum  May 16 through 19 – Vicar’s vacation   May 18 – Tutoring weekly ministry breaks for the summer May 20 – Concerts on Central  May 25 – Parish-wide outing by Crafters – MO Botanical Gardens  May 28 – Flyer blitz for Mass in the Grass  May 29 – Memorial Day honored May 29 – Trinity CWE hot lunch ministry   June  Invitational ministry  Growing Green community garden   Diocesan 2017 budget request due June 10 Luau at Becky and Wade Hall’s  Jun 5 – “Mass in the Grass” at Drewel Park  Jun 9 – Book Group  Jun 10-15 – Vicar’s vacation Jun 17 – Concerts on Central    Jun 29 – Parish-wide outing by Crafters – St. Anheuser-Busch brewery Adopt-a-Highway – date TBA .com Planning Calendar May May  Invitational ministry resumes Growing Green community garden  May 1 – Commitment Sunday.The Chalice Page 25 www.

The Chalice Page 26 .

IL in the evening Sat. Adopt-a-Highway—April 23 . Jun 18 -.. Oct 19 -. Wed. 2575 Sunrise Dr..and high-schoolers and their friends are always welcome at every gathering.. It's at 7 p.Laser tag at The Edge in Belleville. We'll invite all of St. at Pastor Sally's.7 p. Wed. Time to be determined.we'll cook dinner at the Ronald McDonald House for the families staying there while their children are in the hospital.m. Sat.. Aug 13 -. 2575 Sunrise Dr. -. Francis' to join us for a wolf howl. Wed.Endangered Wolf Youth Group Schedule of Events Here’s what is planned by our Youth Group. Sep 7 -..m. All middle.m. May 25 .stfranciseureka. Francis' to join us at the Museum of Transportation on Barrett Station Rd. July 20 -..7 p.The Chalice Page 27 night at Pastor Sally's. Wed.We'll invite St.

Torchbearers Annette Carr Jack Lauless Sue Schmidt John Schmidt Jerry Smith Bob Smith Carly Champlin Arlene Bob Champlin Underwood Barb Sacco Altar Guild Linda Doolittle Kathleen O’Reilly Linda Doolittle Jerry Smith Linda Doolittle Jerry Smith Brigitte Jung Sue Schmidt Brigitte Jung Jerry Smith Greeters Sue Schmidt Annette Carr Sue Schmidt Annette Carr Sue Schmidt Annette Carr Sue Schmidt Annette Carr Sue Schmidt Annette Carr Usher Rich Mayfield Bob Smith Michael Booker John Schmidt Bob Champlin Tellers Rich Mayfield Arlene Underwood Bob Champlin Rich Mayfield Bob Smith Suzanne Jones Arlene Underwood Bob Champlin Rich Mayfield Bob Smith Eucharistic Visitor Paddy Wrob Kevin Selle Sally Hader Kathleen McDonald Paddy Wrob .The Chalice Page 28 May 2016 WORSHIP LEADERS SCHEDULE Ministry MAY 1 MAY 8 MAY 15 MAY 22 MAY 29 Lectors Michael Booker Paddy Wrob Tim Booker Bob Smith Kevin Selle Kathleen McDonald Michael Booker Kathleen Barb Sacco McDonald Bob Smith Intercessors Michael Booker Paddy Wrob Sue Schmidt Bob Smith Kevin Selle Kathleen McDonald Michael Booker Kathleen Barb Sacco McDonald Bob Smith Chalice Suzanne Jones Michael Booker Kevin Selle Barb Sacco Kathleen McDonald Acolyte Katie J. Kathleen McDonald Rich Mayfield Amanda B-M Katie J.

com May 2016 @ St.stfranciseureka.The Chalice Page 29 www. Francis’ Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 Commitment Sunday 8 am HE 9 am Choir Practice 9:30 am Property 10:15 am HE 11:15 am “Faith Under Construction” Brunch 2 5:30 pm Prayer Group 6:30 pm Worship & Music 3 6:30 pm Women’s Group at Barb Sacco’s 4 1 pm Crafternoon 6:30 pm Tutoring @ Lodge 5 6 9 am Staff Meeting 10 am Bible Study 7 1 pm Cinco de Mayo Pet Parade 8 8 am HE 9 am Choir Practice 9:30 Property 10:15 am HE 11:55 am Adult Forum 9 10 11 1 pm Crafternoon 6:30 pm Tutoring @ Lodge 12 4:30 pm Executive Committee 13 10 am Bible Study 14 9:30 am Invitational Ministry 15 Pentecost 8 am HE 9 am Choir Practice 9:30 am Property 10:15 am HE 11:55 am Adult Forum 12:45 pm Bishop’s Committee 16 17 18 19 20 10 am Bible Study 7 pm “Concerts on Central” 21 9:30 am Invitational Ministry 6:30 pm Newcomers’ Dinner at the Schmidts’ 22 8 am HE 9 am Choir Practice 9:30 am Property 10:15 am HE 11:55 am Adult Forum 23 5:30 pm Prayer Group 24 6 pm Communication & Marketing 26 27 10 am Bible Study 28 9:30 am Mass in the Grass Flyer Blitz 29 8 am HE 9 am Choir Practice 9:30 am Property 10:15 am HE 11:55 am Adult Forum 1:30 pm Trinity Hot Lunch 30 5:30 pm Prayer Group 31 5:30 pm Prayer Group 1 pm Crafternoon 5:30 pm Prayer Group 25 10 am Crafters to MO Botanical Garden 7 pm Youth Group @ Pastor Sally’s .