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A. Match the picture correctly.

(10 marks)





















Circle either 2. 10 sow 5. mow point . coil The boys fear because they hear a sound at a hut near the house. boil A pair of hairpins is on the chair.has a big ear. (5 marks) 6. crow D. (10 marks) 1. low tow grow ‘ear’ words or ‘air’ words in the sentences below. grow I tear those papers without permission from my mother. Complete the words with ‘or’ or ‘ur’. 7.B. Choose the correct words. ( 8 marks) or c l f h t ch ur k f nn t t l ch s st f m C. join coin . 4. A big wolf8. throw bow crown 9. boil soil row oil 3. bowl The funfair is held in front of the airport.

Match the phrases.E. (5 marks) with my hand with my ears with my mouth with my eyes I can hear I can touch .

Match the phrases and write the sentence. 5. 4. . (10 marks) I enjoy drawing I enjoy gardening I enjoy cooking I enjoy playing piano I enjoy making origami 1. because I can draw my favorite things. because I can make many objects from pieces of p because I like to eat delicious food. 3. because I love nature. 2.F. because I like music.

G. I use watering can to water the I use wheelbarrow to move the plants. . I use rake to gather the leaves. things around. (4 marks) I use hole to dig a big hole. Write the sentence correctly.

She . 1 This my is sister. name loves to ----------------------------------------------------------2 ----------------------------------------------------------Her is 3 ----------------------------------------------------------- read. a kind She is She is a kind girl. (3 marks) Example girl. Re-arrange the words and write the sentences.H. Lily.

1. 1. 2. (7 marks) Fresh milk Soup noodles Cake Chicken rice Orange juice Cherry pie Food Drinks Desserts 1. 2. Put the food below in the correct group. 2. What is your favourite food .I.

Kudin. He decided to go to Haji Leman’s house. Kudin walked home hungry and sad.” said Alim. Kudin to a feast.” said Haji Leman. What happened to Kudin at the end ? _____________________________________________________ 5. There’s no more food. Both feasts were on the same day. Read the story and answer the questions. “ I’m sorry. There’s no more food. Haji Leman was a rich man. Alim invited his neighbour. ‘ I’m sorry. Alim was a poor man.J. Kudin arrived late. Kudin thought there would be a lot of food. What kind of person was Kudin ? _____________________________________________________ Answers :      Kudin was a greedy man. It was already dark. (5 marks) Kudin Goes to a Feast One day. What happened when Kudin went to Haji Leman’s house ? _____________________________________________________ 4. Who invited Kudin to a feast? _____________________________________________________ 2. Kudin. There was no more food left at Haji Leman’s house. He went to Alim’s house. Haji Leman also invited him to a feast. Kudin walked home hungry and sad. . 1. Whose house did Kudin decide to go? Why? ____________________________________________________ 3. Haji Leman and Alim invited Kudin to a feast Kudin decided to go to Haji Leman house because he thought there would be a lot of food since Haji Leman is a rich man.

K. (3m) My Friend my friend’s name is johan he is eight years old he is in year 2 bestari he studies at sekolah kebangsaan sri petaling he goes to school by bus . Punctuate correctly.