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Presented to Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for
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Pabelan Kartasura Sukoharjo


Reg. Number : 1967

: III (Third)


: Natural Science



This paper has been agreed by the counselor and admitted by principal of
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Bashir, M.Ag.


Mujiningsih, S.Pd.


‫ول ةاِب ق‬
‫و ة‬
‫وةةاِب إ هل لاِب هبلالل ه‬
‫ل ةاِب ة‬
‫ق ل‬
‫لاِب ة‬
‫ح و‬

Success is combination between instinct to see every opportunity and
capability to get it.

The preparation for tomorrow is doing work today well.

Do everything because of Allah.

Love you until my last time mom!  My amazing brother. . I'm gonna miss you sist. and everything you do. love. joke. Fauzi Mustika Subagyo who always give me the best advice. Thanks bro! you always make me proud. especially dedicated to:  My Dearest Dad. Thanks for your care. advice. and always supported me both of morals and materials. and understanding me as the way I am. Fahri Isa Maulana who always care and sometimes supported me both of moral and materials.  My best friend. Mrs. Mr.RESPECTFULL WORDS This paper. Love you dad!  My beloved Mom. Anny Niswati who always care. Hana septi Ariani.

and always given us the best advice to be provision for us in our future. who always pray. Bashir. S. All my friends. Thanks for togetherness. Mr. thanks for your times guidance. our best presidents who make our school as homey as our house. Without them. Mujiningsih. who always give us blessing and mercy. My roommate Winda. as my counselor. Fatmi. 3. 2. care. the best figure in this life. also my sisters in 7th grade until 5th grade of senior High School. the writer is sure that this paper would be impossible to be finished. In the making of this paper. and love me. My family. Then to our great prophet Muhammad SAW. there are so many people that helped the writer. M. All my teachers in Islamic Senior High School of Assalaam. Mrs. And especially for FERTUFEX and of . the most gracious and the most beneficent. as the principal of Islamic Senior High School of Assalaam. thanks for your pray sist. Thank you for you endless support! 5. and Bern. This scholarly paper entitled "The Law of Playing Music According to Madzhab Imam Syafi'i" is one of the requirements to join the final examination. you are like a beautiful fireworks girl! 6.PREFACE All praise be to Allah SWT. helps and kindness in finishing and completing this paper.Pd.Ag. Therefore the writer have so much obligated to thanks to: 1. 4. especially my teachers in Madrasah Aliyah Addiniyah all of you are my hero.

It would be grateful and nice if the wise readers would give the writer some correction and comment that might be more useful especially for the writer. …………… 2011 Writer. I promise I'll never forget it. and XII IPS 2 MA. Amin. Sukoharjo. . May it happen. I'll never meet someone like you girl! Thanks for the memory. Fahmi Ulil Azmi M. IPA 2 MA. Allah SWT always blessed us. The last. thank you so much dear! And thanks for all my friends in XII. the writer realized that many weakness of this paper in spite of the writer's effort to make the ideas in this paper easy to understand.course the great AQILAH.

............. 7 D........................................................................ The Method of Writing Paper................................ The Background of The Problems.................................................... The Purpose of Writing....................... The Formulation of The Problems............................................................................. iv PREFACE..................... v TABLE OF CONTENT..................................................................................... vii CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION.... 8 F......................................................................................................................TABLE OF CONTENT PAGE OF TITLE.............. 7 E... ii MOTTO............... iii RESPECTFUL WORDS...................................... i LEGALIZATION PAPER............................................................................................. 8 .............................. 1 A............................................. The System of Writing......................................................... 1 B............................ 7 C....... The Limitation of The Problems.......................................................................................................................................................

...................... 17 C......................................................... 23 ................................................ The Law and Playing Music According to Madzhab Imam Syafi'i 11 CHAPTER III MUSIC ACCORDING TO ISLAMIC POINT of VIEW A. Conclusion...................... 13 B............................. 19 CHAPTER IV CLOSING A.. The Example of Music Instrument and The Kinds of Music that Probable to be Played.........................CHAPTER II LAW and DEFINITION of PLAYING MUSIC ACCORDING TO MADZHAB IMAM SYAFI'I A.................................... The Event that Probable to be play the Music....................................... The History of Music in Spreading Islam........... Suggestion............................ 22 B.................. 9 B..... Definition of Music Universally................................

playing music is an enjoyable thing. Then the opinion of imam Syafi'i is supported by Asy-Sya'bi from group of Hasan Al Bashri. Besides this. and so on. classic. harpa. Playing music also functions to practice the functions of cerebrum and cerebellum of humans when they play it. Meaning of his saying is many kinds of song which is accomplished by many thing that is forbidden by syara'. The kind of music equipment are: piano. one thing which is agreed do not make sexual desire and do not cause someone to forget to recitate to Allah and praying. pop. except if there is something bad from them. The Background of The Problems For a view of people who like music. said that in his opinion there is no one of the hijaz canonist hate to listen to the song. On the other hand it functions as a development tool for potential and creativity. sounds of music. It means that it is not contrast with the . cello. saxophone.BIBLIOGRAPHY CURRICULUM VITAE CHAPTER I PREFACE A. One of the canonist. imam Syafi'i. flute. for example: jaz. etc. who said that however that a song and playing music. The art which is listened by the music equipment is called instrumentalia art. r n b. drum. biola. guitar. there are many kinds of genre music.

ketika kembali dari perperangan seorang Jariyyah hitam datang menghampiri Rasulullah SAW seraya berkata "wahai Rasulullah SAW sesungguhnya aku telah bernadzar apabila Engkau kembali dengan selamat aku akan menabuh Duff dan bernyanyi di hadapanmu. ketika Umar ra masuk beliau langsung melemparkan Duff itu ke arahnya yang kemudian Jariyyah itu duduk. Rasulullah SAW bersabda "apabila kau telah bernadzar maka tabuhlah sekarang karena apabila tidak maka engkau telah melanggar nadzarmu". this circumstance is very clear. First Hadits : Diriwayatkan oleh Buraidah bahwa Rasulullah SAW hendak menuju perperangan. Kemudian Jariyyah tersebut menabuh Duff dan bernyanyi. it is impossible from beginning Rasulullah SAW probable it . Rasulullah said: Finish your promise. ketika Utsman masuk dia juga tetap menabuhnya akan tetapi ketika engkau masuk wahai Umar engkau lemparkan Duff itu". ketika Abu Bakar masuk dia juga masih demikian. And it is no problem if that song is demonstrated by music as long as it is not cause the desire. It is very strange if Umar ra's attitude shows as haram to play the music because if it is said haram. This hadits is the real fact that playing music duff or rebana is probable to be play.religion. Ketika Ali masuk juga demikian. Umar ra's attitude shows his tendency that he didn't like listening the duff or rebana. sungguh ketika Aku duduk. Lalu Rasulullah SAW bersabda "wahai Umar sungguh setan akan takut kepadamu. kemudian Abu Bakar ra masuk ke rumah Rasulullah SAW ketika Jariyyah itu masih menabuh Duff dan bernyanyi. Syaikh Al Albani also said that this hadits shahih in the Shahih sunan Tirmidzi. kemudian ketika Ali ra masuk dia masih menabuhnya dan ketika Utsman ra masuk dia juga tetap menabuh. Even though. Might not promise about something there is haram or adultery to Allah.. to be strong proof that playing duff or rebana probable to be played. (Hadis Sunan Tirmidzi no 3690) At Tirmidzi said in the hadis hasan shahih gharib. dia menabuh Duff.

Ali ra. sampai salah seorang dari mereka mengucapkan syair yang berbunyi…"Diantara kita telah hadir seorang Nabi yang mengetahui hari depan"…Maka Nabi SAW bersabda "Adapun syair ini janganlah kamu nyanyikan". eventhough Rasulullah said no. sedangkan Rasulullah SAW terhalang dengan tirainya. dan Usman ra. juga diriwayatkan dalam Shahih Ibnu Hibban no 5878). Second Hadits : Diriwayatkan dari Rubayyi' binti Mu'awwidz beliau berkata "Rasulullah SAW datang. Prophet forbid the words in this poem because only Allah knows about future. Abu Bakar melarang keduanya sehingga Rasulullah SAW membuka tirai sambil bersabda "Wahai Abu Bakar biarkanlah(mereka bernyanyi) karena hari ini adalah hari Id(hari raya)". Umar ra's attitude must be his tendency of him self. this statement is not right. Third Hadits : Dari Aisyah ra Suatu hari Abu Bakar ra masuk ke rumah Rasul SAW disana ada dua jariyah yang sedang bernyanyi dengan memainkan rebana. mereka terus bernyanyi dengan syair yang mereka kuasai. he knows that playing music is haram. This hadits also notice that playing duff or rebana is probable to be played. Bukhari already notice this hadits in the chapter Dharbal Duff Al Nikah wa Al Walimah (hit the tambur during the wedding party). This circumstance based on taqrir or the silents of prophet when jarriyah playing duff. It is very funny of Umar ra's opinion. pagipagi ketika pernikahan saya kemudian Beliau SAW duduk dikursiku seperti halnya kau duduk sekarang ini di depanku. Because of that.include Abu Bakar ra. Prophet said : "This poem please don't be sung by you" this is refer to the poem which said : "Between us already came a prophet who knows about future". (Hadis Shahih Bukhari dan Shahih Muslim sebagaimana disampaikan Syaikh Al Albani dalam Ghayatul .(Hadis Shahih Bukhari Kitab Nikah Bab Dharbal Duff Al Nikah Wa Al Walimah no 5147. mereka sudah biasa bernyanyi.dengan menyanyikan lagu-lagu balada orang tua kami yang syahid pada perang Badr. kemudian aku menyuruh para Jariyah memainkan Duff.

Second. Because of that there is no reason which said playing music is something that haram. in this hadits also get an impression there is suggestion or entertainment in the wedding party. and it is a wrong statement. playing music probable to be played when promise and wedding party. Impossible if our prophet probable something that haram. How is it probable something that haram become halal because of holy day?. This circumstance is the real fact from prophet's words "let it away". Moreover. At least. First. Eventhough. the opinion of a few people playing music only probable in the holy day and not in another day. it is the real fact in the both of hadits before.(Hadis dalam Shahih Ibnu Hibban no 5875 semua perawinya tsiqat). Kemudian Beliau SAW bersabda lagi "bukankah di kampung ini kampungnya orang Anshar yang mereka itu sangat menyukai nyanyian". Fourth Hadits : Diriwayatkan dari Aisyah ra yang berkata "di kamarku ada Jariyyah Anshar kemudian aku menikahkannya maka Rasulullah SAW masuk pada hari pernikahannya itu Beliau SAW sama sekali tidak mendengar nyanyian ataupun lahwu(permainan) kemudian Beliau SAW bersabda "wahai Aisyah apakah engkau tidak memberikan nyanyian untuknya?". This hadits also be the base that playing music (gendang or rebana) are probable to be played. in the holy day is not probable to do something that haram. is it meaning with another holy day isn't it?. this circumstance prove that playing music not haram because prophet Muhammad SAW probable to play it in the wedding party. Fifth Hadits : .Maram Takhrij Al Halal Wal Haram Fil Islam hadis ke 399Al Maktab Al Islami Al Ula hal 227).

The spreading of Islam by music. dinyatakan hasan oleh Syaikh Al Albani dalam Shahih An Nasa'i). the author limit : The law of playing music according to madzhab imam Syafi'i. that is when the wedding party. Formulation of The Problems What is the law of playing music according to madzhab imam Syafi'i? How is the spreading of Islam by music? . This Hadits also be the base of ability to sing because Rasulullah's friends also listened to the song. kemudian aku bertanya "Apakah kalian melakukan semua ini padahal kalian itu sahabat Nabi SAW?" Abu Amir berkata lalu keduanya menjawab "duduklah. akan tetapi jika tidak pergilah sungguh kami telah diberikan keringanan untuk bersuka ria selama walimah pernikahan"(Hadis Sunan An Nasa'i Bab Al Lahwu Wa Al Ghina 'Inda Al 'Arus hadis no 3168. The point of view of playing music according to madzhab imam Syafi'i. jika engkau suka dengarkanlah bersama kami. The genre of music and the event that is probable to playing music. they said that the Messenger of Allah has provided assistance in this matter or has been authorized by the prophet. When asked why. The Limitation of The Problems In the writing of this scholarly paper.Dari Amir bin Said dia berkata "Aku masuk ke rumah Abi Mas'ud dan Qardhah bin Ka'ab dan diantara mereka ada beberapa Jariyah yang sedang bernyanyi. listened the songs whereas they are companions of the Prophet Muhammad. A.

the formulation of the problem.What is the point of view of playing music according to madzhab imam Syafi'i? What is the genre of music and the events which are probable to play music? Purpose of Writing To describe the law of playing music according to madzhab imam syafi'i. the spreading of it in Islam. To understand the spreading of Islam by music. and the example that is probable to play it. this chapter contains the background of the problem. this chapter contains the explanation detailly about the law of playing music. the limitation of the problem. this chapter contains the definition of music universally and the point of view of playing music according to madzhab imam Syafi'i's madzhab. the writer uses thematic method and references. The Systematic of Writing Chapter I. To understand the genre and the events of music that is probable to play it. . the method of writing paper. Chapter III. The Method of Writing Paper In this scholarly paper. E. Chapter II. and the systematic of writing. To describe the point of view of playing music according to madzhab imam syafi'i. the purpose of writing. F.

. chapter II. and the suggestion in order that we know the law and everything about music. and chapter III.Chapter IV. this chapter contains the conclusion from chapter I.

And music is the most abstractive art. The meaning of the music here is the music that has a regular rhythm and tone of an orderly. even education.CHAPTER II THE LAW AND THE DEFINITION OF PLAYING MUSIC ACCORDING TO MADZHAB IMAM SYAFI'I efinition of music universally Music is the art which is related to the equipments of music and rhythm which is caused by them. and theoretic of art. rhythm. "Beat affects the . Aristoteles said that music had an ability to comfort the depressed heart. the way to make not and study the kinds of music genre. On the other hand. which is explained before. entertainment. The music art contains the way to play the music instrument. Music has three important parts of the beat. not a tone of "tilt". is the art which is listened by the music instrument. and harmony". This music art can stand alone as instrumental art (without vocal). educater. A child who used to listen to the music. music really affects people's lives. it is used to many importance's. It was learned by many scientists. especially the classical music effects the development of IQ (Intelligent Quotient) and EQ (Emotional Quotient). had a creative therapy and to grow the patriotism soul. the IQ and EQ will develop more than the other children who are rarely to listen to the music. and it can join with vocal art. says Ev. many religions. Andrew Christanday in a music college. and it is also the reality of physics from the sound that has many advantages for helping the education of personality of someone. like tradition. Instrumental art. The research proves that music. custom.

And has been shown. Two plants of the type and age are placed in different places. freshly. mom usually chooses music especially classic to be put on her stomach. One of them placed close to the speaker (speakers). while affecting the spirit of harmony". affecting the rhythm of the soul. which presents rock songs slow and heavy rock.body. a musician and educator said " The basic of classical music in general comes from the rhythm of the human pulse that plays a major role in brain development. Andreas Christanday said that " Music that good for human beings it can balanced between beat. . the formation of soul. and harmony. while plants near the singers beautiful songs growth. A biophysics have done an experiment on the influence of music to life. and rain is very beautiful natural music. rhythm. Until the age of 4 knows. beautiful songs that many hospitals broadcasts. Plants near the singers rock songs became withered and died. Quadrant B and C in the brains of children will grow up to 80% with the music. how the music influences of nature to human life. For example pregnant. Research shows. In recent days there are very striking differences. the roar of the wind in the mountains. that is a prove that music really affect the lives of humans beings. The universe is created by nature a very beautiful music. while other plants are placed close to the speakers that broadcast the songs are beautiful and rhythmi cally regular. character and even human fresh". Even overseas. classical music composition containing tone fluctuates between high and low tones tone will stimulate quadrant C in the brain. Grace Sudargo. Thundering waves of the sea. And Ev. and bloom.

Then what is the law for playing music instrument like guitar. famous hadits canonist agreed with the Imam Syafi'i's opinion about the law of playing music in his book Dha'if Al-Adab Al-Mufrad agreed with Ibnu Hazm's opinion in his book Al-Munhalla which said that hadits which consider that . there is one of music instrument which is explained clearly in the hadits it is ad-duff or alghirbal or rebana. Especially they agree more with Nasharuddin Al-Albani who said that all of the hadits which is not permited the music instrument like flute. Imam Ibnu Hajar in Taghliqul Ta'liq. Ash-Shan'ani in the Tanqihul afkar and Taudlihul Afkar also Syaikh Al-Islam Ibnu Taimiyah and Imam Ibnu Qayyim. rebana. Some of the canonist said that they are sahih like Ibnu Shalah in his muqadimmah ‘ulumul hadits. In contrary Syaikh Nashiruddin Al-Albani. etc? The answer are textually (nash). piano. and beating the rebana while playing the shield and the guns at the holy day is mubah (probable).The law and playing music according to madzhab Imam Syafi'i Syafi'iyah canonist like Al-Ghazali explained in the Ihya Ulumuddin's book that nash-nash syara' has shown that singing. drum. As-Sakhawy in the Fathul Mugits. The other music instrument or ghirbal. Imam An-Nawawi in the AlIrsyad. and so on are dhaif. That's why the holy day is meant for the other days like circumcision and the other happy days which permit the syara'. Imam Ibnu Katsir in the Ikhtisar ‘ulumul hadits. etc. the other canonist has different opinion. because that day is the happy day. some of them said that it is halal and some of them said that it is haram. dancing.

women. so it is proved that they are halal or probable instrument is haram (Syaikh Nashiruddin Al-Albani. and other problems which brought us to maksiat. and so that their selves are more protected and pure. there are nash which permit someone to sing. On the other hand it needs to make it clear that Islamic sociality at the Rasulullah SAW period. To defend Islam and widen it is needed much opinion and trying. even Rasulullah asked him to find the singer. Dha'if Al-Adab Al-Mufrad. But playing music and singing are probable to do. it should be understood because usually this circumstance must be followed by drinking brandy. In the hadits book. they are : a simple life and jihad fii sabilillah. as it is explained before that is signed by two characteristic. the arabian's song for giving the spirit to his camel. and song) even enjoy it. with arrangement he was not afraid will be wrapped in fitnah. mother's song to make the baby be calm and the song's at war. Ibnu Hajar also picked out from Imam Nawawi's and Imam Syafi'i's opinion and said that. At the Rasulullah's period there was someone who song and Rasulullah permitted him. Ibnu Hazm also said that : "If there is no classifying from Allah SWT and Rasul about something we talked about it (in this case. page 14-16). according to Imam Awza'iy are sunnah. For example the songs at working like lift up the heavy stone. So. in order that is no time for happy. they are song and playing music). and playing . singing and playing music are forbidden but possibility. make the beautiful art (music art. Al Manawi said in his book Asy Syahrul Kabir that according to Imam Syafi'i opinion which state that : "playing music or singing are makruh tanzih it will be better to be left than have to do it. dance.

circumcision receive the guest who has just come. .music instrument but the permition which is explained in the nash-nash are wedding party.

CHAPTER III MUSIC ACCORDING TO ISLAMIC POINT OF VIEW istory of music in the Islamic spreading The Islamic society in the rasulullah's period was not a productive period about art. muslimin group begin to recognize the Persia music. developed into colorful music as fast as the development of Islamic government at the Umayah's period. The productive period in the muslimin group has just existed when the Islamic area was wider than before. The beginning. Romawi music. From the two cities. the Islamic art spreading reached the top of gilt at the Umayah's period until the Baghdad city is placed as the center of world civilization finally. the activities of Persia and Greek art . At that time Madinah and Damaskus became the center of Islamic culture. At that time muslimin group have joined with many kinds of ethnic that each of them had many kinds of culture and art. The lyrics that are used by Sunan Gunung Jati contain dakwah (speech) about Islam. which is used by Sunan Gunung Jati to spread the Islam in the java island. At that time art was not only as the entertainment. Even some of music instrument which is used by many people in the world now come from the world of Islamic art and a lot of Arabic world artist's creation which became the reference for western and the other hemisphere. Arabic music which very simple at the beganing. So. etc. but also as the general knowledge which is investigated and the part of praying order in Islam. The kinds of music that was used to spread the Islam is gembyong.

This development of music art in this period is not relased from the language into Arabic language. The Islamic civilization not only from the famous musician like Sa'ib Khatir (683M). Persia. In fact the process of Islamic spreading entire jazirah Arab. in the beginning of music development. Ishaq Al-Mausili (767M-850M). The musical school which is good and high qualified is built by Sa'id Abdul Mu'min . not only Junior High School but also Senior High School. The kingdom built the musical school in many cities and areas. the custom of instruction and the playing of music more developed at the Abbasiyah. music is considered as the branch of mathematics and philosophy. Some of khalifah Abbasiyah (650M-1256M) support the author and musician. and also Al-Kindi (800M877M). Tuwais (710M). until India is full of music culture. Beside. It is also called the Islamic civilization by the book which is written by Al-Kindi is the first book which recognizes the word musiqi. Turki. According to Hasmy's expert in his book the history of Islamic culture. Mainly when the government of khalifah Al-Ma'mun. Music art develops so fast in the dinasti Abbasiyah period. Al-Isfahani (897 M-976M) in the Al-Aghani's book list many kinds of achievement of music art in the Islamic world. But also heir many kinds of music instrument that is heired the Islamic musician in the khalifa's period and then it is developed by Europh musician after renaisans. Although there are two opinions which is opposite about music which permit and not permited in islam. On the other hand the supported from the leader to the musician and the poet makes the music art more interesting. Ibnu Mijjah (714M).music book's translater into Arabic language incessant.

(passed away in 1294M). Hadad Alwi are proper to get the appreciation. One of the author of Islamic music theory who is famous is Yunus bin Sulaiman Al Khatab. opic. but also in the system and it is technician. but also as the part of general knowledge which is learned by scientific theories. Ishak bin Ibrahim Al Mausuli is also sucsess to correct the music of arab Jahiliyahwhich a new system so that he is called Imam Al-Mughaniyinn (the king of singer) there is also famous muslim mathematician. Became an ordinary thing in the musical show in Indonesia. snada. . Then. angklung as defens the traditional culture and Islamic culture are not the easy thing in the middle of western pop era that does not attent and destroy Islamic character the appearance of desire showing. The kind of art's using as the Islamic spreading medium which is accordied in the sundanese which has the traditional instrument. They also arrange new musical book and make the addition completion. there is Khalil bin Ahmad makes the book of musical theory of "not" and rhythme. Al-Kindi who arrange 15 poems about music. who is listed as the first musical author in islam. The artics and instructor of music exist in Islamic world shows that Moslem society see the music not only as entertainment. group of music and the Islamic musician nowadays like debu. the existing of some genre. the immoral lyrics till the alcohol. Became the reference of Europh musician. and phylosoper. Even Al-Kindi is the first person who mentions the word musiqi in his books title. Because of that. The book's author who passed away in 785M. and make a progress not only in the instrumental equipment.

The using of this opinion make the Javanese and Madura's gamelan different from the Balinese's gamelan which defense as the Hinduism gamelan. but also rebab make the archipelago art colorful by added as the follower the gamelan which start to develop in Java. the music instrument that are origine from Arab. According to the poet and the investigator of islammic art. Rebana is made of the wood and parkamen until now. rebana is still used in some hemisphere when they play music. Rebana. Abdul Hadi clarifies. named Raden Mas Said had the ability to make the song for Islamic dakwah's support is not hesitated. The development of music and music instrument are supported by the activity which is usually held in the palace. Abdul Hadi WM. The kind of blues music is . The content of the poem also contain the Islamic value and many good suggestions. Not only rebana. that is nay instrument. also adapted by western. kasidah. rebana become the most dominant popular music instrument which make the Islamic art and Arabic smelled like terbangan. The ilir-ilir and dandang gulung song are the prove of his ability to arrange the poem about islam in Java. Sunan Bonang and Sunan Kalijaga applied the sufi's esthetic in the using of gamelan instrument. and hadrah. In the desert. the using of rebbab in Javanesse gamelan sign sufi's music. gambus. The influence of islam seem from the using of rebana and the addition of Arabic language in its poem. Sunan Bonang make the gamelan as the support of tafakur and tajjarud from the block of materialist world. The canonist.The example of music instrument and the kinds of music that probable to be played in Islam.

gendang. seruling. playing music is probable in the Islam and most of canonist. At the beginning. drum. saxophone. the music instrument like guitar. Sunan Bonang make the gamelan as the support of tafakur and tajjarud from the block of materialist world. First. success to make sure or believe the public that use has the relation with Moslem tradition in West Afrika. and all of music instrument which are not probable according to Islamic syari'at and which are probable is only Rebana. But there are requirements which have to be held in order to play the music is not haram when it is played. it is the song which the lyrics and . kolintang. To make approve the relation between American blues music with Moslem tradition. The Event that probable to play the music. Based on the fact.rooted from the Moslem tradition. also researcher at Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture at New York. The using of this opinion make different the Javanese gamelan and madura with the Balinese gamelan which defense as the Hinduism gamelan. the public in Paman Sam country do not believe it. This rebana without the little bel existed in the Rasulullah's period which were played by the human (who were not baligh/adult) at the holy day or the wedding. one of them which is listened to the public who are attending in the room of Harvard university is adzan. diouf played the two recording. gamelan. clarinet. So. Rebana which is probable to play is only the Rebana which do not have the little bel in its side as the clarification of some canonist. But a writer and scientist.

Rubayyi said that "Rasulullah came to his house at his wedding. some people from the jariah play the rebana soon then they were humming for they parents who are syahid at the badar war. At the Rasulullah's period. Continue your song On the other hand. the events which are probable to play the music are in the holy day like circumcision or the wedding. Then Rasulullah sat on the carpet. hadits from An-Nasa’I Qurazah bin Sa’ad (he is tabi’i) that has ever written about what was happen at a wedding. He said “I entered the Qurazah bin Ka’ab and Abu Mas’ud Al-Anshari’s house.‫لنتق يولل ي نهنكنن ا‬ Leave that saying. So I asked : . Also the singer has to wear the clothes correctly and like the Islamic syariat. there was Rasulullah SAW between us and he knew what will happen tomorrow But Rasulullah said : ‫ن‬ ‫ نو ق يولل ي نكنم ا قكينلت نتقيو لينن‬. Tirmidzi. Many thing that is clarified above are one of the most important from the culture of playing music. As the hadits from Bukhari. Suddenly one of them said. after that. and the others from Rubbayi' binti Mu'awwiz ‘Afra. The last the current event which is probable to play the music. Suddenly some servants (Jawari) began to sing.the not do not contain the desire. Ibnu Majah.

circumcision. and the fighter from Badar war. holy day. and the other days. There was probable for us to hold the entertainment (song) at the wedding party. If you didn’t want. Most of canonist and the opinion that singing and playing the music instrument are probable. which do .‫ الددقف‬: ‫للن نوالنحنرالم‬ ‫نف ي‬ The differsign between halal and haram (at the wedding) is (announce it with) playing rebana and singing. go out. rebana.‫ اليجليس الين لشيئنت نف ايسنميع نمنعنن ا‬:‫نفنق انل‬ ‫لننن ا فلى اللليهلو لعينند القعيرلس‬ Both of them are Rasulullah’s friend. but at the current event like wedding party or circumcision. The specific music instrument for that event are like gendang. Maliqiyah canonist said that the music instrument that is used to play at the wedding party are probable. Playing music is mubah once again.‫ص الحنب انرقسيولل ال )ص( نولمين انيهلل نبننيدرر‬ ‫انينقتنم ا ن‬ ‫ص‬ ‫ نوالين لشيئنت إليذ نهيب نقيد قرخخ ل‬. but it is only at the wedding party. bin Hathib that Rasulullah said : ‫صقل نم انبينن النح ن‬ ‫صيوقت فلى الخننك الح‬ ‫ نوال ل‬.‫نوقييفنعننقل نهنذالعينننندقكيم‬. Imam An-Nasa’I also wrote at the chapter ‘announce the wedding with sound (song or rebana) which is written from M. “why did you do like that?” Qurazah answered “Sit if you want” lets listen this song together.

gendang and many others that are almost same. . seruling.not used genta. seruling. and thrumpet. like gambus. Even sunnah to sing the Al-Qur'an ayat when read it but it does not change the law to read it. Hambaliyah canonist said that it is not probable to used the music instrument. And then song is probable.

there is not a nash from Al-Qur'an even sunnah Rasulullah which are not probable properely. There are nash-nash (dalil) which become the reason by some people who are not probable the song art and music are not the proper dalil. so that the case is bathil from sanad's view. Because of that no one who has to be followed except Rasulullah SAW.CHAPTER IV CONCLUSION Conclusion The conclusion from the scholarly paper which has theme The Law of Playing Music According to Madzhab Imam Syafi'I is listening and playing musik instrument even singing are mubah if there is not a dalil syar'I which shows that singing or playing music instrument with or without song. if it is based on nash even one of interpretation. All of hadits which are used by some people who are not permit the music instrument and song are dhoif or maudu' (in origine and weak) So. Some of them said that the thing is makruh and the other said that it is mubah. He is permit it. Some of canonist. Rasul's friend and tabi'in who are not probable a part or all of them because they mean it from some curren nash. As it is clarified there is not a dalil which shows this case properly. Even hadits sahih (most of them) show the permission that singing in every hadits which is written even ayat which is used to show that it is haram. Imam abu Bakar Ibnu Al-Arba'I said "there is not a dalil in the Al-Qur'an and sunnah Rasul which are not probable to singing and playing music. also bathil from I'tiqad's view. .

Although there are some hadits which are true and acceptable. Even this opinion is supported by many Rasulullah's friend and tabi'in. a Moslem has to understand that only Rasulullah who are probable to be figure in everything. Rasulullah SAW or canonist about who are probable to be followed. even the spreading of Islam is supported by music that has been done by sunan Kalijaga and sunan Bonang (like the song of ilir-ilir and dandang gulo). Because of that we have to ask. We should not be doubt to play the music because there are many dalils that become the basic. . In there society. who are probable to be followed. even Rasulullah. Suggestion We are probable to play and listen the music because some canonist permit it. but it can't be hujjah. We are probable to play and listen the music with requirements that it does not invite the desire. there is not a different opinion between Madinah's residence which is the habitat of Rasulullah's friend and that time. We are also permited to play the music if it contain advantages and does not contain badness. For example as Imam Ibnu An Nahawi said in his book al umdah that it is written about a singing and listening music is halal from some Rasul's friend and tabi'in. Before that they associate with Rasulullah SAW.


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